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This is what I published in January. I confirm my fundamental view - newspapers are political weapons, propaganda machines being used to manipulate us, just like the rest of the Main Stream Media, i.e. Television, wireless, film, magazines and Books. For earlier offerings go to 2016 or contact me at Mike Emery

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"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."
Lord Acton quoted
Think e.g. of Blair, Brown, Bush, Cameron, Merkel, Obama, Netanyahu, Strauss-Kahn
Blair Is A War Criminal On The Run

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31 January 2017
On this day in 1606 Guy Fawkes was hanged. He is the last man to enter Parliament with honest intentions. They are thieves and liars to this day.

Main Stream Media Hate Steps Up
Yes, the Media are Propaganda machines with an agenda. Yes they hate Don. They hated Richard Nixon too. Remember the major campaign against Tricky Dicky? What did they have to say about Obama, the War Criminal flooding America with Third World parasites? Nice things only; the truth came nowhere but then of course Obama is black. Then was another storm of hate against Ken Starr because he was investigating Bill Clinton's crimes. Pat Buchanan explains The First Firestorm; it won't be the last.

NB Don is not blocking Islamic countries e.g. Indonesia; he is blocking terrorist countries & war zones.


Don Sacks Attorney General And Immigration Boss
President Donald Trump has fired the acting Attorney General after she refused to defend his controversial immigration order. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Daniel Ragsdale was fired just two hours later without explanation. Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, a Democratic appointee, was accused of 'betraying' America after she directed Justice Department attorneys not to defend Trump's so called 'Muslim ban' on Monday. She said [ claimed/alleged/pretended - delete to taste - Editor ] she was not convinced the order was lawful..........

Senator Ted Cruz, once Trump's presidential candidate rival, has defended his decision to fire the 'lawless' Yates saying the president was 'exactly right.' 

After eight long years of a lawless Obama Department of Justice, it is fitting - and sad - that the very last act of the Obama DOJ is for the Acting AG to defy the newly elected President, refuse to enforce the law, and force the President to fire her,' he wrote on Facebook.

He added that Yates joined the 'ignominious succession' of Attorneys General, from Eric Holder to Loretta Lynch, 'who put brazen partisan interests above fidelity to law.'

'Yates' lawless partisanship highlights why the Senate needs to act now - and Senate Democrats should end their extreme political obstruction and delay - and confirm Jeff Sessions immediately.'
Yates understands the law, when she wants, if she wants. She knows about Conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline & Mutinous assemblage while Ragsdale is learning. They should be given fair trials for Treason and shot but Don is merciful.


Six Pakistani Paedophile Perverts Convicted Of Raping English Girls In Rotherham
Six more Pakistanis imported by Blair, Brown, Cameron & others of the Enemy Within are thrown to the wolves. The police who chose to ignore wholesale Rape in Rotherham & the politicians who allowed it as a quid pro quo for Vote Rigging walk free.


Third World Racist Hate Preacher Given £123 Thousand To Fight Deportation
Hani al-Sibai  has been described as a ‘key influencer’ of the extremist Ansar al-Sharia movement which is alleged to have recruited Seifeddine Rezgui Yacoubi who gunned down 38 tourists, among them 30 Brits, in Tunisia in June 2015 [ See 2015 Sousse attacks ]..................

The Hate Preacher arrived in Britain in 1994 as an asylum seeker. Owing to his involvement with Egyptian terror group Islamic Jihad in his native Egypt, the Hate Preacher was refused asylum two years later and jailed awaiting deportation for one year before being released on the grounds of ‘human rights’.........

He has remained in Britain ever since, residing in a three-storey £1million house in West London with his wife and children receiving an estimated £48,000 a year in benefits and given a car worth £16,000.
If he hates us so much why doesn't he go back to whichever ghastly Hellhole he came from?


Third World Parasites In Switzerland Use Dole To Fund Holidays Back Home
Tens of thousands of nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees in Switzerland are using their welfare payments to fund extended holidays back home in the countries from which they supposedly “fled in fear of their lives,” it has emerged.

An investigation carried out by the Basler Zeitung (BAZ) newspaper revealed that more than 45,000 invaders pretending to be refugees have traveled back home in the past few years.............

All of the invaders, the BAZ reported, have been given travel vouchers by the authorities which allow them to travel in and out of Switzerland.......... The BAZ revealed that “thousands of permits” had been issued for travel abroad, and between 2010 and 2014, a total of 46,213 such “permission to travel” applications were submitted for travel abroad by so-called refugees. Of that number, the BAZ added, 45,080 were granted. 2016 has been no exception to this rule...........

In fact, the paper said, “refugee money is a major source of income for Eritrea.”
More Third World parasites, more fraud.


HBOS Banker Stole £245 Million
It was with a little help from his friends. They had lotsa fun spending it. You might wonder from the mugshots how they ever got off the dole queue.


30 January 2017
On this day in 1972 men of  1 PARA killed 13 men and boys of fighting age in Ireland. No weapons were captured. The IRA call it  Bloody Sunday; they found it a very useful propaganda tool. An unsympathetic look is at On This Day 1972: Bloody Sunday, Derry, N. Ireland The first shots were fired by McGuinness.

Enemies Of Brexit And Democracy Named
Below Guido introduces his list of MPs who have indicated that they will vote against Article 50. Our spreadsheet includes a column showing how each MP’s constituency voted in the referendum, quite a few are bravely planning to defy their own voters – those Welsh Labour MPs can expect a major UKIP challenge in 2020. LibDems Norman Lamb, Greg Mulholland and John Pugh are not on the list because they abstained from the last Article 50 vote and oppose Tim Farron’s position. Ken Clarke is the only Tory who has signalled an intention to vote against Article 50.
MPs are there for their constituents, in theory. The reality of Representative Democracy is rather different. Bribery is part of it. So is blackmail. The SNP have another opportunity to make themselves a nuisance so they are taking it.


US Judge Blocks Deportations Under Trump's Muslim Ban
A federal judge has blocked part of President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration, ruling that  travellers who have already landed in the US with valid visas should not be sent back to their home countries. Lawyers  had filed a legal case in response to the order that includes a  90-day entry ban on citizens of seven Muslim-majority nations.

US District Judge Ann Donnelly's ruling  late on Saturday concerns dozens of people who were detained at US airports following Trump's actions............... The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which had filed a class action lawsuit against the ban, hailed the temporary stay of execution as a victory.
Al Jazeera isn't pleased about this one. It does show that Don is serious. If he were very serious he would stop Illegal Immigrants getting the dole, legal jobs, driving licences etc.


Netanyahu Approves Of Donald Trump's Mexico Wall 
Netanyahu did it to keep Third World parasites out. It worked for him so why not Don?


Third World Rapists Have Fun In Cologne - Feminists Refuse To Talk About It
Regardless of the background of the men who carried out the attacks in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, it is a pretty horrific story. A series of sexual attacks took place in the city centre by a group of around 1,000 men. More than 150 women have filed criminal complaints, three-quarters of them for sexual assault. Two cases of rape have been reported. It is the kind of story that should make headlines – and should provide ample fodder for writers who like to tackle feminist topics head on. After all, surely this is the very definition of ‘rape culture’? And if the actual attacks aren’t enough to merit a reaction, then how about the suggestion by Cologne’s female mayor that women should adopt a ‘code of conduct‘ to prevent future assault. Is that not the very definition of ‘victim blaming’?
Feminism is used by Marxists to make trouble among our womenfolk. Racism is another of their single issue causes; an excuse for importing millions of Third World parasites to cause Ethnic Fouling, to cause crime, to destroy Western Civilization. So one lot of trouble makers leaves other issues alone. Is this an aberration? No, it is normal practice - see e.g. Feminism and Rape.


Racist Jew Funds Immigration Protests
Billionaire liberal activist George Soros is helping fund the airport protests against President Donald Trump's executive order to ban refugees from war-torn Syria indefinitely and suspend visas from seven countries for at least 30 days, as PJ Media reported Sunday...........

This tweet's photo showed protesters fighting deportations, ironically, by saying the first lady should be deported. 
The Jew, Soros is a Racist, an anti-White racist but a racist none the left. Being able to pass himself off as a white man makes him more dangerous. Soros uses his money as a weapon against Western Civilization. See e.g. Why I’m Investing $500 Million in Migrants. He may very well be funding Criminal charities like Médecins Sans Frontières which are major players in the Illegal Immigration industry.


Six Islamics Killed In Quebec Mosque
Awful, isn't it? They are supposed to be the perpetrators, not victims.
Update: The perps were Arabs, the bad tempered sort - see Quebec Massacre Suspects Are Arabs. Of course the Main Stream Media hoped they would be Canadians or, at least White Man. Now they can't feed us the Propaganda, their anti-white Racism lies so their story  will disappear down the Memory Hole and Trudeau will shut up about it.


Third World Surgeon Operates - Third World Surgeon Kills
A children's heart surgeon at the centre of a hospital scandal over high death rates has been struck off the medical register over his ‘reckless disregard’ for patient safety. Consultant cardiologist Nihal Weerasena, 63, was found guilty of ‘serious and persistent’ misconduct in relation to six cases between 2008 and 2012, including at least two which involved the death of a child..........

Leeds General Infirmary referred 25 cases to the General Medical Council for its investigation. Lawyers are involved in another 14 cases...........

Now it has been claimed that the trust covered up mistakes by Mr Weerasena to keep open the unit, which brings in £20 million a year........

Concerns were raised about the Sri Lanka-born surgeon in 2005. After an investigation, he stopped doing three procedures on young children. But a document reveals concerns were still being discussed in 2011 and he continued operating until February 2013.
Why did the hospital refer cases? They knew the facts. See the face and wonder why he ever got the job.


Pakistani Surgeon Investigated For Defrauding NHS
A senior NHS surgeon is being investigated by police over claims he carried out unnecessary surgery – costing the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of pounds. Orthopaedic surgeon Mohammed Suhaib Sait, 54, is being probed by his employer BMI, England’s largest private hospital chain, which also treats NHS patients..........

The BMI Hospital, Fawkham Manor in Longfield, Kent, which treats both NHS and private patients, suspended the surgeon in July 2016. He had already wound up both companies he runs..........

But since last year, doctors’ regulator the General Medical Council has stated that he is not allowed to see women alone in consultations without a chaperone.
The Mail's readers comment with unwonted subtlety; they take the point.


Hard Left Politician Running For President In France
Marine le Pen of the Front National will see him off without raising a sweat. Some of his bright ideas sound good. The 32 hour week is a distinct improvement on 35. Legal cannabis. Paying people whether they work or not. Who gets to pay? Not me so no worries.


Vote For Obama Again?
Are you crazy or something? See the poll results; see the answers.
Yes – Barrack Obama is a great President and better than the choices we had in 2016.
5748 - 6.14%
No – He was a terrible President and I can’t wait for him to leave office.
87882 - 93.86%


29 January 2017

Alien Enemy Of Brexit Gets Death Threats
Anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller may be forced to leave the UK by vicious deaths threats [ allegedly ].

Police are investigating 22 cases of intimidation of the former model, 51, who successfully challenged the authority of the government to invoke Article 50..........

Mrs Miller was the lead claimant in the legal case after she privately engaged the City law firm Mishcon de Reya to challenge the government's authority.
Miller is a Sikh from Guyana fronting for her old man, a Jew. Does she care for England? Does he? Somehow I doubt it but he is using her as a cut out, hiding behind her skirts; she gets the abuse.


Irish Abuse Inquiry Reports
Campaigners and victims of historic child abuse in Northern Ireland have welcomed the 'long-overdue' findings of systemic failure outlined in the Historical institutional Abuse Inquiry report. Margaret McGuckin, who has been the public face of the campaign for survivors of historical institutional child sex abuse, said it has taken a lifetime for victims to get justice...........

"When we spoke out about the abuse no one would believe us at the time because we were children and it was continually covered up but at least now the world finally knows the truth............

Meanwhile, high-profile former army officer Colin Wallace, who declined to assist the inquiry, has criticised its findings. Colin Wallace, who served in Northern Ireland between 1971 and 1974, had been a leading voice in claims about an alleged cover-up by intelligence services of sex abuse at the former Kincora Boys' Home - which the HIA rejected. He said: "I feel the victims have been let down yet again, as they were by previous inquiries."
So an inquiry into Paedophile perversion can be done. The 2014 Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry is still going on, after a fashion three years later, or is it? But then it is like Colin Wallace's problem with Kincora; it is political. Lots of politicians and police in Rotherham want to stay out of prison. The other big issue is that Labour NEEDS Pakistanis to do the Vote Rigging for them.


Black Pervert Imported By Her Majesty's Government Attacks In Lewisham


Israel's Prime Minister Is Deeply Corrupt
The previous one, a lifelong thief is doing six years. This one is just as bent.


28 January 2017

Merkel Makes Moves
Germany yesterday paved the way for a trade war in the aftermath of Brexit by demanding that the EU quickly wraps up a dozen deals around the world. In a sign that Europe's main economic power is concerned about the close ties between Theresa May and Donald Trump, it called on Brussels to begin a deal-making spree.

The timing of the intervention by Germany also highlights growing diplomatic tensions between Angela Merkel and the new US President as her officials issued a veiled criticism of his trade approach. The German chancellor is understood to be increasingly frustrated by her inability to engage or open up channels of communication with Mr Trump.
Merkel is an enemy of England, one full of hate but then she is an enemy of Germany too. She imported well over a million vicious Third World parasites; she will do more damage than Adolf Hitler.

The face is the mirror of the soul.


BBC Frontwoman Attacks Donald Trump - BBC Loses.
Don made it look easy.


BBC Frontwoman Attacks Marine Le Pen - BBC Loses
took the war to the enemy. Kuenssberg, the BBC apparatchik is an insolent Left winger.


Monty's Driver Murdered & Robbed By A Black In Camberwell
Cheryl Weatherly, manager for Norfolk House care home where Mr Bacon was taken after the attack, said: 'Mr Bacon talked to staff about the assault on himself and displayed a bitter outlook on his assailant and where he had come from [ The West Indies perhaps? - Editor ].
This sad little story was run by several Main Stream Media operations but they all kept quiet about the perpetrator's colour. Marketing Race hatred is policy and crime when the perpetrators are English or white. Blacks get a pass. He fought to save England; politicians like Blair & Cameron are betraying it.


Hispanic Achieves Vermont Capital's First Murder In Nearly A Century


Kremlin Unveils Its New 1,500mph MiG M-35 Fighter Jet
The Mikoyan MiG35 has been around in various incarnations since 2009. NATO calls it Fulcrum-F. The avionics have been improved. At $29 million apiece could you afford one?


27 January 2017
On this day in 1945 Auschwitz concentration camp  was captured by the Red Army. Jews use the date as Holocaust Memorial Day. Jews at the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust  whine about massacres in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur. but ignore their War Crimes against Gaza. Why do their alleged 6 million matter more than 16.5 million they murdered  by Holodomors in the Ukraine? They are not saying.

Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, isn't it? Norman Finkelstein, a Jew explains Holocaust Memorial Day.

Ugly Jew Threatens Donald Trump
Donald Trump is making a “mistake” by continuing to have an “adversarial relationship” with CNN because that network “shapes [his] perception in capitals around the world,” the chief Jew in charge of the media giant has warned.
Jews like power, especially behind the scenes - power without responsibility. This oaf is another Zionist crazy who could do with a good dentist. Zucker runs CNN Worldwide


Daily Mail Markets Holocaust® Story For Jews
At Auschwitz concentration camp near Krakow in Poland, now a museum and memorial to the million people murdered there by the Nazis during World War II, the corridors are lined with thousands of photographs taken by the SS guards of each inmate on arrival.................

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day.
The Mail doesn't mention that Zionist crazies of the World Jewish Congress, the Claims Conference etc. have used the Holocaust® Racket to extort billions. See e.g. Jews With Light Fingers Took German Mugs For €63.2 Billion. It was all tax free, a distinct bonus. Most of it was stolen. Tex Banwell was in Auschwitz; it didn't do him any great harm. He rejoined the British Army after the war.
PS The Telegraph is at it too - see Survivors remember Auschwitz liberation


Invader Crime Shakes Graz, Austria
The number of violent assaults and criminal attacks in the Griesviertel region of Graz, Austria, have risen from none to “several a week” since the arrival of the fake refugee invasion in the town, new figures have shown.

According to a report in the Kleine Zeitung
(Raubüberfälle im Griesviertel häufen sich, “Robbery raids in the Griesviertel are increasing), there are now “several incidents” every week.

The newspaper described one recent incident in detail: two Austrians walked past a group of Afghans standing outside a restaurant in the Griesgasse in the city. The Afghans suddenly attacked, and beat the Austrians, robbing them of their cell phones and other personal items. Three of the Afghans were identified and arrested: two are still in custody, as they have both been convicted before. One, a 27-year-old, has prior drug offenses, and another, a 21-year-old, has two robbery convictions.......... The perpetrators are always from “migrant groups of different nationalities,” an investigator confirmed........

The newspaper quoted local sources as saying that Innsbruck is struggling with a serious “North African crime wave” and the authorities are struggling to get rid of them because most of the invaders do not have identification papers.
Well over 90% of these Third World parasites are men of fighting age, imported to use in Trojan Horses.


BBC Using Pakistani To Attack Jayne Senior After She Exposed Paedophile Perverts In Rotherham
Jayne Senior has accumulated many enemies as a result of her role in exposing the cover up of child sexual exploitation in Rotherham. That she should be hated by the bureaucrats at RMBC and cold shouldered by other members of the Labour group on the council was only to be expected.

The criticism she has faced from a group of survivors whom she formerly helped was a little more surprising. But one thing no one could have predicted was that she should targeted for a takedown by the BBC in the form of “Look North”.

“Look North” began work some months ago on a programme aimed at discrediting Ms Senior and the former “Risky Business” project that she helped to lead before it was “taken in house” (i.e. shut down) by RMBC.

Lest readers suppose that I am merely surmising the motives of the programme makers they should know that Gaggan Sabherwal, apparently the lead journalist for the project, confided to one of my sources her intention to “get Jayne”........

Nevertheless the question arises as to why the BBC would wish to discredit Jayne.........

When practiced by a public service broadcaster licence fee payers are entitled to ask why their money is being spent on attacking whistle blowers rather than investigating the perpetrators...........

A survivor invited to comment branded Look North’s attempt to discredit Risky Business “a disgrace” saying “Risky Business was our lifeline.”
The BBC is a Propaganda machine with an agenda. Marketing Feminism, Racism, that is anti-English racism of course as well as Homosexuality is policy. It is why they protected Paedophile perverts like Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Ted Heath, 'Lord' Janner etc. So the perversion & Pakistani aspects come together as one target. QED.


Black DOA In Leeds
When they do it to each other it is less of a problem. It is what happens in Chicago where pistols are also 100% illegal; blacks commit three murders out of every four.
PS The police have taken a prisoner but they are not saying that he is black.


26 January 2017

Royal Navy Warships And RAF Jets Follow Russian Aircraft Carrier Past The White Cliffs Of Dover Once Again As The Vessel Returns From A Brutal Bombing Campaign In Syria
Vladimir Putin's huge aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov skulked [ sic ] past the white cliffs of Dover today closely escorted by the Royal Navy as it sailed home to Russia after its bombing campaign in Syria.

A squadron of RAF Typhoon warplanes were deployed to monitor the ageing Soviet-era vessel from the air as it passed menacingly close to Britain accompanied by the nuclear-powered cruiser Pyotr Veliky and support ships.

The flagship – branded the 'ship of shame' [ By whom? A twerp called Fallon it seems. Why? Political fairy stories. - Editor ] - entered the UK 'area of interest last night' and is due to pass the white cliffs of Dover at around lunchtime today.......... 

The vast warship last came close to Britain in October on its way to its deadly mission. It crew was accused of an 'indiscriminate' bombing campaign in support of Syrian Bashar Assad. Two Russian planes crashed while attempting to land on the ship after returning from sorties.
The fact that Fallon and other murderous thugs of Her Majesty's Government sent the Royal Air Force to attack Syria is duly ignored. Their War Crimes are like Blair's, Brown's, Bush's, Cameron's & Obama's but not Netanyahu's - he is far more vicious.

She is a biggie. Her aircraft have folding wings so it is easier to pack them in.
PS Russian aircraft carriers have aircraft to carry unlike our own beloved Royal Navy for next few years. Those F35s will turn up eventually; they might even work.


Sergeant Blackman Gets Support From A Surprising Source
When the sudden, savage hurricane of firing had stopped, several bodies lay in the 'kill zone' on the forest floor. On closer inspection, the ambush party from 42 Commando Royal Marines found two of the enemy casualties alive but hideously wounded. The officer in charge was still a teenager.

 An Old Etonian and first-class scholar, he should have been at university but instead found himself 6,500 miles away on National Service in the Malayan jungle fighting a communist insurgency. 

By that day in 1952, frontline action in the tropics had already taught Second Lieutenant Neal Ascherson much about life. But this particular incident towards the end of his tour of duty was to provide him with one of the very hardest lessons of war. And it would leave a memory that haunts him to this day. 

'I went forward and found two men hideously wounded, unconscious but still just moving,' Ascherson writes in today's Times newspaper.

'One had his brains flowing out of his skull. The rib-cage of the other had been blown away so that his heart and lung were hanging out. I don't remember a moment's hesitation or doubt about what to do: I pointed my carbine and put them both out of their misery.........

Acting Colour Sergeant Alexander Blackman, a veteran of five tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a man described as a 'superb soldier' by his superiors, killed the wounded Taliban fighter with a bullet to the chest.

The incident was captured on video by one of Blackman's men. The video subsequently fell into the hands of the British police and Blackman was arrested........

In December 2016, the CCRC decided that there were no fewer than three grounds upon which the Blackman case was potentially unsafe and should be referred back to the Court of Appeal.........

He [ Ascherson ] is also the author of a number of books, mainly on Eastern Europe, and still lectures on archaeology. He is as far from being a Right-wing reactionary as it is possible to be. No, Ascherson is an archetypal British liberal intellectual.
The Daily Mail's coverage is good; they can when they try. Neal Ascherson is an arrogant Marxist rogue who got this one right. Having been there makes a difference.


'It Was A Living Hell': How Four Generations Of One Family Learnt To Cope With The Horrors Of Auschwitz 
The Telegraph is marketing the Holocaust® Story, the story that Jews have used as an excuse for their own Ethnic Cleansing, their own mass murders, their own Genocide, for murdering people in Gaza. The Quislinggraph will not find space to tell us that Jews With Light Fingers Took German Mugs For €63.2 Billion And Still Rising - see e.g. $63.2 Billion. Nor will they point out that most of the loot [ tax free of course ] was stolen by the World Jewish Congress, the Claims Conference & other thieving rogues.


25 January 2017
We have 11 shopping months to Christmas

Attack On Brexit And Democracy Set Up By Aliens
Brexit was real Democracy, the voice of the people as distinct from Representative Democracy, a very different kettle of fish. As Gilad Atzmon told us Jews Can Buy All Western Politicians For Less Than One Main Battle Tank. I suspect that our politicians aren't that cheap but, yes they are bent.

The legal attack was fronted by Gina Miller, a Sikh from Guyana & Deir Dos Santos, a barber from Brazil. Lurking behind the scenes is the Jew Alan Miller, husband Mk III of Gina M - see Jew Used Third World Alien To Front Attack On Brexit And Democracy. This may well be why Jews like Mishcon de Reya & David Pannick are being used in court.

The Supreme Court split 8 to 3 on this one; thereby displaying their contempt for democracy and proving law is not involved, just their prejudices. NB The head wallah, Neuberger, is a Jew of authoritarian bent who misapplies the law when he thinks he will. Hale & Kerr are just as bad. Lords Carnwath, Reed & Hughes got it right.

The whole thing is a crap shoot. Albeit the Law And Religion Round Up 18th December casts light on the proceedings.

Our trouble maker is a sour faced rogue full of hate.

See her gloat after defeating England - pro tempore.


Donald Trump Gets To Grips With Third World Immigration
Banning imports from seven Islamic Hellholes is a step in the right direction. Making it illegal to hire them would mean that he is serious and cause major disruption. Employers use Hispanics as cheap labour. They could go broke without them. Doing that one by stages is the approach.


Pakistani Stole £113 Million By Fraud
A policewoman and her bank worker husband appeared in court today accused of laundering cash from Britain's biggest ever cyber fraud. Manpreet Shergill, 33, who was attached to the Met Aviation Policing Command, allegedly helped to launder proceeds from the £113m 'vishing' scam masterminded by Feezan 'Fizzy' Choudhary. Victims were contacted by scammers claiming to be from the Lloyds anti-fraud department who would dupe them into revealing their account details. These were then plundered of vast sums of money which were transferred through various accounts supplied by corrupt bank employees before eventually being withdrawn from banks and ATMs - often just hours after the original fraud.

Fizzy, from Glasgow, made so much money he was able to send a team of valets to Lahore to polish his fleet of Porsches.........

The couple, of Slough, Berkshire, were released on conditional bail until a further preliminary hearing at Southwark Crown Court on 20 February.
Giving them bail makes it easy for them to flee the country.


Jury Retires To Consider Five Pakistanis Charged With Paedophile Perversion
The link is broken but see Five Pakistanis On Trial As Paedophile Perverts


Welfare Dependency Can Be Bred Out
Adam Perkins’s book, The Welfare Trait, was published in December to little fanfare and barely reviewed. But last month, after a talk the lecturer in the neurobiology of personality was due to give at the London School of Economics was cancelled, Perkins’s arguments have provoked a small-scale media storm.

Several disability groups planned a peaceful protest before the talk, after which they planned to listen to Perkins’s speech and engage in debate with him. Perkins claimed he had been “no-platformed”, while the Daily Mail and the Spectator said he had been silenced for “daring to tell the truth” about the welfare state..........

[ He says ] If you’re born into a welfare household there’s a risk of personality damage.
The Guardian's headline fails to convince. Adam Perkins’s view that idleness causes personality changes is based on weak data, albeit sounding plausible. It is an issue produced by the Welfare State, that came by way of the Beveridge Report in 1942; it created the Poverty Trap. It is too easy for the idle to get out of the habit of work even if they ever had jobs. To give Beveridge credit he understood poverty trap problem but failed to sort it out. Recall that William Shockley, he of transistor fame was concerned about people on the dole producing worthless children while the talented were too busy to be able to breed more brains. He was abused by the usual suspects but he was right. NB See the next one.


Having A Job Is Bad For You
It can drive you mad. Stress kills.


24 January 2017

Boy Of 15 Complains About Being Sexually Abused By His Teacher
So she was banned from schools. Some boys don't know when they are lucky are fussy/hard to please/ungrateful. Of course if the teacher had been a man and his 'victim' a girl he would be in prison while we would have been outraged not amused or envious. Sexual equality? Not with Feminists meddling.


23 January 2017

Church of England Bishops Plan To Turn A Blind Eye To The Sex Lives Of Gay Clergy
The Church of England is considering plans to turn a blind eye to the sex lives of gay clergy in bid to avert a growing rift over its treatment of homosexuality. Under the current system, gay members of the clergy are asked to be celibate, change jobs or seek a promotion to become a bishop when they are ordained.............

But Ben Bradshaw, a Labour MP who is in a civil partnership, criticised the policy for shrouding homosexuality in secrecy as clergy would still be expected to be celibate.
The Church of England is, so to speak coming out by admitting that it allows Homosexuality in breach of the Ten Commandments, in particular the seventh; Thou shalt not commit adultery. That goes double for perversion. It was why God smote Sodom and Gomorrah. Clergy who will not live by Christian principles are taking money under false pretences; this is crime. See Section 15 of the Theft Act 1968 regarding  obtaining property by deception.

The BBC will be delighted by this bit of bad news because it brings nearer the day when they will be able to market Bestiality as an alternative life style.


Jews Annexing More Land In 'Israel'
Without fanfare, Palestinian arch-rivals Fatah and Hamas announced last week that they intended to set aside years of power struggles to begin in earnest the process of forming a unity government...................

Israel has lost no time in preparing for the future, one in which peace talks and a two-state solution look obsolete. The new order is being crafted at Amona, a small settlement the courts have ruled is in violation of Israel’s own laws because it is built on privately owned Palestinian land. All settlements are illegal according to international law.........

Separately, ministers are rallying behind legislation to annex Ma’ale Adumim, a large settlement east of Jerusalem in a strategically vital location in the West Bank. If approved, this would be Israel’s first formal annexation of territory since the Golan 35 years.
Zionist crazies are cunning, corrupt, vicious & determined Racists, thieves, slave traders etc.


22 January 2017
This day in 1905 was Bloody Sunday, a massacre of protesters who went to see the Tsar of All the Russias at the Winter Palace and ask him for his help. He was not there at the time. See Bloody Sunday and the 1905 Revolution. It was set up by Father Gapon, a paid agent provocateur of the Okhrana, the Tsarist internal security police. It caused the Revolution of 1905.

Third World 'Refugee' Was A Lying Thief Fornicating With A Married Charity Boss
To those who crossed his path in the Calais Jungle, he cut a sympathetic figure as a young Syrian refugee hoping to cross the Channel to start a new life free from fear and persecution. With his easy charm and near-perfect English, Mohamed Bajjar bridged the yawning gap between the refugees and the British volunteers trying to help them.

Before long, the 27-year-old had become a leading light within one charity, Care4Calais, and a near-constant presence at the side of its married founder, Clare Moseley. Their relationship, it was reported this week, became romantic and he and 46-year-old former accountant Mrs Moseley embarked on a year-long affair while he worked as her translator and bodyguard.

The liaison, which is said to have ended acrimoniously this month with Mrs Moseley accusing Bajjar — known as ‘Kimo’ — of trying to con her out of thousands of pounds, has embroiled the charity in a highly damaging scandal, not least because of its strict ‘no sex with refugees’ policy.
The Arab is a corrupt rogue from the Barbary Coast where Slaving was a just a business opportunity; now they are smuggling them north instead. She is a fool driven by lechery and Pathological Altruism assisting in Ethnic Fouling.
PS The Wikipedia has not written up this tale of corruption and evil.


Why Jews Want Anti-Israel Immigrants
The Main Stream Media predicts Donald J. Trump will appeal for “national unity” in his Inaugural Address this Friday, but they’ve been mistaken before. One way he could wrong-foot the Narrative: by announcing an immediate pause in “refugee” admissions, currently surging, to be followed by a zero quota for the next fiscal year—something that, by a legal quirk, he has absolute authority to do. There would be hysteria, in which the major Jewish organizations would, almost certainly, join. My question: why would they do that?.................

But what rational calculations might lead Jewish organizations to promote the refugee invasion of Europe?

As reflected in their statements, first and foremost is the perception that racially-conscious, racially-homogeneous Germany turned against Jews during the National Socialist period; and that other European and European-derived countries (such as the U.S.) failed eagerly to accept Jewish refugees. Lack of racial/ethnic homogeneity in diaspora countries is therefore seen as making Jews safer (see, e.g., here, p. 246)...................

The only real cloud on the horizon: the possibility that Leftist political parties, powered by non-Whites and White Social Justice Warriors, will become hostile toward Israel. Thus Muslims in the UK typically end up making alliances with White Leftists critical of Israel. The Labour Party is now dependent on MSM power, Muslim votes and Jewish donors—but Jewish money has been deserting as Labour takes an ever more critical view of Israel............

Notice that such a shift in Jewish attitudes on immigration would not be the result of low-level street crime and occasional acts of terrorism, but because of a possible loss of political control—because Muslim votes are having an effect on nationwide policy that affects Jewish interests.

To the Jewish Establishment, that is indeed very worrying.
In short, Jews hate us and fear us more than the Third World savages they are importing.


21 January 2017
On this day in 2009 Jews left Gaza and the 1300 dead that they murdered. The Satanic State proved its evil.

 Donald Trump Is Inaugurated Not Murdered And Acts On Day One
President Donald Trump wasted no time getting to work on Friday night, heading straight to the Oval Office where he signed his first Executive Orders since arriving at the White House.......

He has already made changes to the Oval Office decor, swapping its formerly crimson drapes for gold curtains and putting back in its former place a bust of former British prime minister Winston Churchill. Later, he attended three inaugural balls with the first lady before spending his first night at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Don has started well. The haters are full of hate but they didn't succeed in getting him killed, not yet. He could make the world a better place.


Inauguration Crowds Highlight US Racial Divide
Comparisons between Donald Trump and Barack Obama inauguration crowd sizes ignore the fact that Washington D.C. is more than 70 percent black—and that 92 percent of blacks voted for Hillary Clinton.

While almost the entire city turned out to support the Obama inaugurations, they almost all boycotted the Trump event,...........

As the Trump inauguration got under way, it quickly became clear that the majority of the hundreds of thousands strong crowd who turned out for Trump were whites who had come from outside the city.
The Main Stream Media trod lightly on the rioting and totally suppressed the racial angle. White Men voted for Don. Blacks and Left Wingers voted against him; it is that simple; just like Brexit really.


Marine Le Pen Says Vote Against European Union
French far-right [ sic ] leader Marine le Pen calls on Europeans to 'wake up' and follow the examples of Brexit and Trump's election............

Le Pen told several hundred supporters in the German city of Koblenz that Britons' vote last year to leave the European Union would set in train a 'domino effect'. Speaking to loud applause, she said: '2016 was the year the Anglo-Saxon world woke up. I am sure 2017 will be the year the people of continental Europe wake up.' Le Pen, head of the anti-EU, anti-immigrant Front National (FN) and seen by pollsters as highly likely to make a two-person runoff vote for the French presidency in May, has marked out Europe as a major plank in her programme.........

Several leading German media have been barred from the Koblenz meeting, which is being organised by the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF), the smallest group in the European Parliament, in a year when the parties are hoping for electoral breakthroughs.
I would vote for her, no problem. Really Read what the Daily Mail says and how it says it then look at How To Frame A Patriot.


Melbourne Murderer Is An Islamic Kurd
The early Main Stream Media allegation that he was a lunatic, not a terrorist were fraudulent.
The perpetrator of the car ramming terrorist attack carried out in Melbourne, Australia, on Friday, January 20, has been identified as a legal immigrant Muslim Kurd using a Greek-sounding name. Dimitrious Gargasoulas, also known as James “Jimmy” Gargasoulas. revealed his racial origin in a post on Facebook where he said that he was “greek islamic kurdish” [sic]............

Whatever the case, Gargasoulas had just been arrested the weekend before for a number of violent offences, including assault and car theft.........

The car ramming attack is the latest in a number of similar incidents, all proposed and encouraged by ISIS in a recent issue of its magazine Rumiyah. Other prominent such attacks have taken place in Nice, France, and Berlin, Germany...........

Victoria’s police chief commissioner Graham Ashton was also quick off the mark to deny that there was any terrorist link to the attack, even though the suspect had not even been questioned and was still in the hospital when the denial was made.
Another day, another Third World thug, another four murders. The Daily Mail is just one lot of liars pumping out Disinformation. The Australian? Well the owner is Rupert Murdoch after all.


Rich Black Murdered Black Whore
Import blacks, import problems. it is Her Majesty's Government policy. What is Theresa May doing about it? Not a lot.
PS The  Daily Mail used a fraudulent picture to make her look white.


Why Did  Women Vote For Trump - A Marxist Doesn't Know
Despite his boorish chauvinism, Trump won with the backing of the majority of white woman voters. An unthinkable outcome? Not if you've followed the Tea Party.......

The bitter truth for those women’s rights groups is that women were pivotal to Trump’s success: exit polls revealed, among white women, that Trump secured an outright majority of 53 per cent. How could this happen? What sort of women made it possible? And what sort of role will they play in the incoming administration, and indeed in Trump’s America?


20 January 2017
On this day in 2017 Donald Trump gets to be the President of the United States of America or murdered or both. Given the level of hate among the Left Wing death is possible. A good sniper with a rifle chambered .50 cal Browning sounds about right.
On this day in 1933 naughty little Adolf got to be the Chancellor of Germany; an unfortunate coincidence of dates.
On this day in 1948 Gandhi got sorted out by some Hindu twerp; another unfortunate coincidence.

The Real Obama Legacy - Inciting Black Hate & Black Racism
Obama was voted into office on the promise of “Hope and Change,” and chief among the many hopes for many voters was that there would be a dramatic improvement in race relations. This did not occur. In fact, Gallup polls showing historical trends found that racial attitudes for both Blacks and Whites were substantially worse after nearly 8 years of Obama than prior to that. Importantly, the drop off really began in 2013, after Obama’s reelection.

Similarly, Washington Post-ABC News poll, taken in July, 2016 found 63% seeing race relations as “bad,” with a majority believing they are getting worse. Again, we see major changes in the last 2-3 years.
Why did Obama make things worse? Because Obama Is A Racist full of hate; one by a black out of a Marxist slut. Recall e.g. the blacks rioting in Ferguson. You doubt? Have a look at Grasping For Change on America’s Most Violent Streets – We Must Stop The Killing - the Guardian admits begrudgingly that it is blacks killing each other.


Trump Broadside Stuns Europe
Angela Merkel is pressing for a meeting with Donald Trump after he caused “astonishment and agitation” among European leaders with broadsides at NATO, the EU and the German chancellor herself.

Mrs Merkel has been unable to arrange an appointment with Mr Trump in New York or Washington and has spoken to him only once. In an interview with The Times published yesterday the president-elect praised Brexit and predicted that other nations would follow suit. He criticised Mrs Merkel for the “catastrophic mistake” of letting in more than a million “illegals” over the past two years........

The Kremlin said yesterday that it agreed with Mr Trump’s assertion that NATO was “obsolete”. Dmitri Peskov, President Putin’s spokesman, said: “NATO is truly an anachronism, and we agree with this. We have long been expressing our views on the organisation, whose systemic objective is confrontation.” The military alliance was not “pursuing the ideas of stability, sustainable development and security”, Mr Peskov claimed.
Annoying Merkel is a big point in Don's favour.


Big Agenda - President Trump's Plan to Save America
Is a book by David Horowitz, a Marxist Jew who changed saddles. His publisher tells us that
The 2016 election battle is over. Donald Trump is to be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. And he will soon radically change America forever! So claims David Horowitz in his just-released bestseller "Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America."

He also reveals that Barack Obama will try to create a “government in exile” to stop Trump. Horowitz warns that the enraged Democrats will never accept defeat. They will lie, cheat, and steal to delegitimize Trump’s presidency. They have already started!
Mr Horowitz is on the right lines.


Is This How Democracy Ends?
This malicious drivel comes from a Marxist patter merchant, one called David Runciman; he hates Don. Is Runciman stupid enough to believe this rubbish or does he think we are? The worrying aspect is that the twerp is teaching England's best and brightest at Cambridge.


New President, New World Says Pat Buchanan

A better man than Runciman approves big time.


19 January 2017

Africans Paying Thousands to Invade America
Africans pretending to be refugees are paying thousands of dollars to fly commercial airliners to Sao Paulo in Brazil and Quito in Ecuador—and then thousands more to smugglers—to invade America through Mexico, it has been revealed.

One invader interviewed by Reuters revealed that he had reached Mexico in December, after a four month journey that included a flight from Somalia to Brazil, and then across seven countries on bus, boat, and foot. He has spent US$10,000 so far, hiding dollar bills in his underwear and socks...........

There they join the hundreds of thousands of Central Americans, who, fleeing their own self-created crime-ridden economic disaster zones, have been pushing north for decades to live off white America.............

Now, hundreds turn up every day, and last year, between 150 to 700 African invaders arrived every day at Tapachula, with a total of 19,000 for the whole year, according to Mexican government figures.............

The route followed makes it clear that these Africans are not refugees by any definition of the word, but simply illegal immigrants seeking to parasite off any country which is still majority white, as is the case with the ongoing invasion of Europe across the Mediterranean Sea.
Obama allowed Illegal Immigration. He wants illegal immigration. Obama is a black Racist but Donald Trump must be better. The fact that so many Subversives hate him is clear evidence.


Four Out Of Five Criminals In Copenhagen Are Third World Parasites
They are largely Gypsies & Nigerians. Of course the Main Stream Media are eagerly ignoring the truth because they are Propaganda machines controlled by the enemies of Western Civilization.


Indonesia Deporting Third World Invaders
The Republic of Indonesia has started with a large-scale program of expelling all illegal immigrants it finds within its borders, with immigration officials conducting mass raids and arrests all over the country.

Data from the Indonesian Law and Human Rights Ministry’s Directorate General of Immigration revealed that in 2016, 7,787 foreigners, 1,837 of whom were Chinese, were punished for violating immigration regulations.

In one of the latest raids, almost 100 foreign prostitutes were arrested in West Jakarta in the first week of January after immigration officers raided nightclubs, karaoke bars, and boarding houses.
Governments can deport Illegal Immigrants if they want. Various western government do not want. They incite illegals using bribery and leaky borders.


18 January 2017
On this day in 2009 Jews declared a ceasefire in the Gaza Massacre. Jews murdered over 1300 Palestinians trapped in a little enclave as a way of buying votes for the Israeli Prime Minister, Olmert, a life long thief. It worked but then they put him in prison for fraud. Jews used artillery to drop White Phosphorus rounds on a UN school in Gaza. See Satanic State for more and better details. They followed up with complaints about being hated, about Anti-Semitism. Are you all broke up about their hard luck stories?

Theresa May Throws Down The Gauntlet
Furious EU chiefs tonight hit back at Theresa May's threat to walk away from Brexit talks if Brussels refused to offer Britain a good deal in divorce talks. In an historic speech that will define the UK for generations, the Prime Minister vowed to take the country out of the European single market. She insisted controlling rampant immigration is a red line - and made clear Britain will no longer tolerate being bossed around by European judges.
It sounds good to me. Recall that we "joined" the European Union by Treason At Maastricht. We have our Right Of Revolution as well as our Right Of Secession.
PS Her choice of trousers is rather less impressive.


Gunman Captured After Killing 39 In Istanbul Massacre
Istanbul nightclub attack: Man suspected of killing 39 in New Year's Eve massacre captured by police
Turkish authorities have captured the alleged gunman who killed 39 people in an Istanbul nightclub on New Year's Day, an Uzbek national they said was trained in Afghanistan and had acted on behalf of ISIL. The suspect, named by Istanbul Governor Vasip Sahin as Abdulgadir Masharipov, was caught in a police raid late on Monday in a hideout in an outlying Istanbul suburb after a two-week manhunt. 
He did well. Shooting for keeps is nothing like the Hollywood version of reality. The next one proves it.


Glasgow Man Shot After Beating Murder Rap
Glasgow thugs aren't stupid enough to swallow the verdict but they can't shoot straight. Nor can blacks - see the next one.


Eight Shot As Blacks Celebrate Peace On Martin Luther King Day
A day of celebration was marred when eight people were shot and several others injured during a stampede to get out of Miami-Dade’s  Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park, on a day when the civil rights icon was honored across the country. Police had two people in custody and had recovered two weapons within an hour of Monday’s gunfire.
A commentator suggest firearms training; it would improve the number of kills. Another offered to give ammo to help things along.


Obama Is The Worst President Ever
A priest explains. As Obama knew, real power is the power to abuse power. The damage he did, with malice aforethought lives on forever.


Obama Made Millions In The White House
Barack and Michelle Obama each leave the White House as multi-millionaires, and reports suggest they could make up to $240 million more as they cash in on post-presidency opportunities. President Obama’s current net worth is $12.2 million while the first lady is worth $11.8 million, according to

The Obama’s reportedly made $2,656,902 the year he became America’s first African-American president, significantly more than when he was earning $80,000 in salary from the Illinois State Senate and $32,000 from the University of Chicago Law School, where he was a professor, according to

By 2007, Obama had earned [ sic - paid is the right word - Editor ] more than $3 million in book royalties. He also added more millions to his name when he acquired a financial fund worth between $1 million and $5 million that same year.
Is all of this money "earned" or post-dated Bribes?


Black Racist Abuses Mixed Couple Alleging That White Women Are Not Human
'You couldn't find no black woman?' The shocking moment a racist man hurls abuse at interracial couple as they eat and asks whether white women are 'even humans' A shocking video has emerged showing an couple being racially abused as they shared a meal at a restaurant. The couple, a black man and a white woman, were approached by an 'interviewer' who appeared to be trying to subtly record the conversation...........

'What was it that made you that weak - that you'd get on your knees and bow to this less of a female - that's lesser than a black woman in every way.'
Will the [ American in this case ] police hunt this Racist down? They did it with poor little Emma West then put her in a lunatic asylum without the nuisance of having a trial but then Emma is an Englishwoman. The law doesn't apply to Blacks, not when the Crown Prosecution Service is being corrupt as usual.


17 January 2017
On this day in 1991 Desert Storm kicked off with air strikes

Theresa May Gets A Grip
Theresa May will promise a clean break from the EU today – ruling out any deal that ‘leaves us half-in, half-out’.

Setting out her detailed plan for Brexit, the Prime Minister will reject partial or associate membership in favour of a ‘brighter future’ outside the Brussels bloc.

Her 12-point plan will see Britain regain full control over borders and quit both the single market and European Court of Justice. She will insist the UK can become a great, outward-looking trading nation................

‘The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union. My job is to get the right deal for Britain as we do.’ 
Theresa May was keeping very quiet. Now it seems that she has been thinking to some purpose. Private Eye told us that there was turmoil behind the scenes. They are not always right. It doesn't have to be difficult. Flexcit is one, entirely sensible approach. Getting rid of bad judges i.e. malicious foreigners willfully misapplying law is very good.


Chancellor Shocks Germans Regarding Brexit
While our own newspapers made a lot of intimations that Theresa May's much-anticipated speech on the matter tomorrow will make it clear she is prepared for the UK to leave both the European Single Market and the Brussels-negotiated Customs Union, that German paper had a remarkable on-the-record interview with the Chancellor Philip Hammond......

But in his interview for Welt am Sonntag, Mr Hammond dashed the hopes of those who saw the Treasury as a drag anchor against what might be called the Full Brexit. He insisted the leaders of the EU ‘need to respect the British people’s sense that our history and destiny is an engagement with the rest of the world . . . historically we have never been a nation that was focused on continental Europe’..........

He went on to warn that Germany will pay a high price if that happened: ‘I think Mercedes-Benz and BMW and Volkswagen would also like to sell their cars in the UK market without tariffs. Germany’s biggest bank has a large operation in London and I assume it would like to continue that operation.’
It's coming together. Good news for once.


Pakistani Who Murdered Her Daughter Sentenced To Death
Blair, Brown, Cameron & other traitors imported most of them to Rotherham to Rape English girls instead.


Rolls Royce Buys Off Bribery Prosecutors With A £671 Million Bung
That's enough to buy a lot of champagne, caviar, dancing girls, to fund pleasant retirements etc. The whole thing is a nonsense. But take the point that the share holders take the hit while the perpetrators walk away laughing.


16 January 2017
On this day in 1919  16 January 1919 Prohibition began in America; it failed.
16 January 2017 is the Very Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Day. Take the Doctor Martin Luther King Quiz to learn whether you are a "good person". A high score means you know too much; that the Brainwashing didn't work.

Daily Mail pretends Martin Luther King Was Not A Vicious Fornicator
This is routine pro-black, anti-white Propaganda and a pack of lies. Of course the FBI is deeply corrupt but King was a black Racist bully who liked beating up white whores - after slaking his foul lusts.


Theresa May Will Take Back Control Of Our Borders
For months, Theresa May  has remained tight-lipped about her priorities for leaving the EU, rarely offering more insight than Brexit means Brexit.'

But that will all change in a landmark speech this week in which she is expected to outline that Britain will leave the single market and customs union, if that is the only way to regain control of our borders.

She risks creating a void in the Conservative Party by effectively opting for a 'hard Brexit', which many senior figures, including Tories, fear will be detrimental to the economy.........

It will also come as a blow to other countries on the continent after the EU's chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, admitted earlier this week that a 'special relationship' was needed with London in order to maintain financial stability for other bloc members.
This is good news if it is true. Does this mean that Mrs May is going to sort out Illegal Immigration by Third World parasites? It would be wonderful news but she has passed some bad law; corrupt Libel Law for one. Sean Gabb comments on her chosen path, her evil - British Politics Waiting for the Revolution. Why would it be good News? See the next one.

Salus Populi Suprema Lex
Salus populi suprema lex is a Latin legal maxim that means welfare of the people shall be the supreme law. The maxim tends to imply that law exists to serve the common good. It means e.g. that encouraging mass Immigration by Third World parasites is a breach of good government and Treason to boot.

Pat Buchanan explains European Future


Black African In Australia Murders Her Three Children Due To Witchcraft
She proves that importing Third World aliens is a disaster. Sadly she has four more children to pass on her genes.


Black Health Tourist Steals £350 Thousand From Us
Then she made off to Nigeria so that is money down the drain.


15 January 2017
On this day in 1919  Rosa Luxemburg, a Jew and communist subversive was killed in Berlin. Tobias Langdon, an honest man tells us in Reflections On Red Rosa that she was not, perhaps inherently vicious. Karl Liebknecht came unstuck too. They were trying to create the Soviet Socialist Republic Of Germany. See the March Action for more and better details.

Swedish Government Pretends It Will Act Against Ethnic Criminals In Malmö
STOCKHOLM, Jan 13 (Reuters) - Sweden pledged on Friday to end a surge of gang violence in the southern town of Malmo as the latest in a string of shootings left a 16-year old boy dead.

Home Affairs Anders Ygeman said the government will do everything in its power to break the spiral of killings which have rocked the country's third biggest city, which has just under 300,000 people.

Over the past two weeks alone, the town has seen five shootings, of which two were fatal. While there are no official statistics on homicides in Malmo, local media has counted 12 in 2016, a record high and around three times more than London's murder rate.
The Swedish government is full of Altruism and fools. Recall that the Nobel Prize Committee routinely gives its peace prize to War Criminals like Obama & Menachem Begin, a terrorist Jew. They created the problem; they flooded Malmö with vicious Third World parasites. They created a "humanitarian superpower". So Swedes are the victims of Pathological Altruism.


Jews Must Extend Ethnic Cleansing Says Israeli Politician
The Jewish Home party leader made the appeal for annexation a day after the Obama administration officials upbraided Israel for plans to build up to 300 housing units in the West Bank settlement of Shiloh to compensate homeowners in the nearby outpost of Amona ahead of its court-ordered evacuation and demolition in December...........

The “dream is that Judea and Samaria will be part of sovereign Israel,” Bennett said at a memorial event for settler leader Hanan Porat, according to Hebrew media reports. “We must act today [to make this a reality], and we must sacrifice.”.........

“As Hanan said, we have no right to divide the country,” added Bennett, whose Orthodox-nationalist party firmly supports the settlement enterprise and who has previously called to annex Area C of the West Bank, which constitutes some 60 percent of the territory, where most settlers live and where Israel maintains full security and civilian control.............

Justice [ sic ] Minister Ayalet Shaked also said earlier Thursday a harsh US condemnation of Israeli building plans in the West Bank was “disproportionate,” and called for increased settlement construction.
Who does Bennett want to sacrifice? Try Palestinians; after all they are only Untermenschen [ the Nazi term for subhumans ]. Of course when naughty little Adolf annexed the Sudetenland it was bad; when Jews annex more of Palestine it is good. After all they are God's Chosen People, even one might say a Light Unto Nations.


Illegal Immigrants Drown Off Libyan Coast
A migrant ship carrying around 100 people has capsized in the frigid waters off Libya, aid groups said. Only four survivors were rescued from the freezing waters after hours of searching, the groups added. Eight bodies were recovered but poor conditions were hampering the search taking place 30 miles off Libya's coast, Italy's ANSA news agency reported.

Flavio di Giacomo, Rome spokesman for the International Organization of Migration, said four people had been rescued out of an estimated 110 aboard. ...........

On Friday, around 550 migrants were picked up from four inflatable dinghies by Italian coastguard vessels, an Italian naval ship, an NGO boat and a merchant vessel.
The "aid groups", the "NGOs" are criminal organisations smuggling Illegal Immigrants into European. One such "Charity" is Save The Children. It sounds well meant; it isn't. Compare the reality of what they are doing to Western Civilization with what Ayalet Shaked says about illegal immigration from Africa to Israel; that it poses a threat to the state and also involves severe economic damage.


Daily Mail Markets Illegal Immigration Lies
The Railway Children: Frozen and forlorn, the shocking fate of youngsters living in the icy wreck of a Serbian train carriage... on the new front line of Europe's refugee crisis................

Charities estimate that up to 2,000 migrants and refugees – many of them minors – are clustered around this derelict railway depot in central Belgrade as Serbia becomes a new front line in our continent’s long-running migration crisis.

These were child refugees and migrants from Afghanistan, sent by their families to seek new lives away from the conflict, chaos and poverty engulfing their own country. The youngest said he was just 13..........

Doctors with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) told Mail On Sunday's Ian Birrell that they had treated ten incidents of frostbite, some serious, during the past week and that almost half the cases in their emergency clinic were people aged under 18.
The Mail is marketing the Propaganda & lies fed to it by Médecins Sans Frontières, a criminal organisation which does wholesale people smuggling. The Mail does not mention that the United Nations are helping deport 'refugees' from Pakistan back to Afghanistan, a 'safe' country. The overwhelming bulk of these invaders are men of fighting age.
PS The Mail's readers are sympathetic but they know that we have no Moral obligation to them; that they are parasites on the make.


14 January 2017

German Main Stream Media Market Neo-Nazi Fantasy 
“Neo-Nazi Underground” Fantasy
Claims by the Deutsche Welle (DW) news service—now syndicated across the world—that “hundreds of neo-Nazis have gone underground” in Germany and are preparing “terrorist structures,” is a fantasy based on distortions of official figures and a deliberate misinterpretation of a single far-left researcher’s comments.

The original DW report, titled “Hundreds of neo-Nazis in Germany have gone underground,” published on January 9, 2017, started the nonsense with the completely unfounded claim that hundreds of people had gone “underground.”.............

There is, therefore, no justification to claim that even the 92 “politically motivated offenses” are “terrorists” or “potential terrorists.”.........

This sort of fantasy is regularly rolled out by the controlled media in its efforts to justify ever-greater restrictions on legitimate political parties and people who oppose the mass Third World invasion of Europe.
Deutsche Welle is on the extreme Left of the Main Stream Media, in other words a Propaganda machine run by liars with an agenda just like the BBC, the outfit that markets Homosexuality, Feminism & Racism. Of course the Beeb only does anti-English racism. See e.g. Christmas Greetings From The BBC - England's Leading Propaganda Machine.


13 January 2017  

Jews Attack Syrian Airfield 
Arabs are not amused. Albeit they are getting used to being murdered by various foreign War Criminals like Cameron & Obama [ the one with a  Nobel Peace Prize ]. Now it is Netanyahu, a vicious thug.
PS The Daily Mail has written it up as: Arabs allege. However 21st Century Wire takes it as truth - see Israel Violates Syrian Airspace, Bombs Ammunition Depot in Mazzeh, Damascus


Soros Lost $1 Billion On Donald Trump Stock Market Rally
George Soros lost nearly $1 billion as a result of the stock-market rally spurred by Donald Trump’s surprise presidential election, the Wall Street Journal reported.

But Stanley Druckenmiller, Soros’s former deputy who helped him score $1 billion of profits betting against the British pound in 1992, anticipated the market’s recent climb and had sizable gains, the newspaper reported Thursday, citing sources it didn’t identify.
Soros is a Jew, a rich Racist Jew full of hate. He wants Western Civilization overrun with Third World parasites but not, of course Palestine, the Stolen Land that he calls Israel. It's Ethnic Fouling for us and Ethnic Cleansing for them.


12 January 2017

Christmas Greetings From The BBC - England's Leading Propaganda Machine

The BBC is run by the wonderful people who incite Racism when Englishmen are accused but ignore it when real Racists i.e. Pakistanis or such like murder one of ours. They are very good at protecting Jimmy Savile, Ted Heath, 'Lord' Janner & other Paedophile perverts. They like Disinformation & Tax evasion.


MI6 Man Claims He Didn't Have Fake News On Donald Trump
A former British spy has vanished after being named as the author of a 'dirty' file smearing Donald Trump and fled his £1.5million mansion in fear telling his neighbour: 'Look after my cat.'  

Ex-MI6 agent Christopher Steele has been named as the author of the salacious Russian dossier containing outlandish claims about Donald Trump's sex life and bizarre footage allegedly held by the Kremlin's blackmail unit.

The 35-page briefing, which is littered with spelling mistakes, includes an unsubstantiated and far-fetched claim Trump watched prostitutes perform a 'golden shower (urination) show' in the Presidential Suite of a Moscow hotel.
Recall that Blair arranged fraudulent reports from MI6 as an excuse to invade Iraq and murder thousands. Believe this tosh? NO! It is just proof that Left Wing rogues are liars as well as bad losers.
PS You might care to look at “Their [ CIA ] ability to falsify is unlimited” Douglas Valentine provides background for understanding “USIC v Trump” and decide which bits make sense. A fair amount is rubbish.


Obama Threatens Russia With Tank Build Up In Germany
The deployment marks the start of a new phase of Operation Atlantic Resolve, which foresees the continuous presence of an American armored brigade combat team in Europe on a nine-month rotational basis. The mission is meant to help allay [ alleged ] concerns from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and other NATO allies over an increasingly unpredictable and bellicose Russia.
PS Obama is a war criminal [ Another of them with a Nobel Peace Prize ] trying to make problems for Donald Trump.


11 January 2017
On this day 2002 the first prisoners arrive at GITMO - see Five Years of Infamy: Close Guantánamo! NB Obama said he would close it. Fifteen years later it is still flourishing.

Pakistanis In Court Charged As Paedophile Perverts
THREE men charged with a total of 15 offences of indecent assault against a child in Rotherham as part of an investigation by the National Crime Agency (NCA) have appeared before magistrates.

Riaz Makhmood (38), Sajid Ali (37) and Zaheer Iqbal (39), all from Masbrough are accused of assaulting a girl aged under 14 between June 1994 and June 1995.
Now, years later the police are prosecuting the occasional Pakistani Pervert. What of the police who colluded with politicians in letting them get away systematically Raping English girls? They are walking the streets, laughing up their sleeves. The evidence of their idleness, at the very best, the ugly reality of their Perversion Of The Course Of Justice is being forgotten; it is going down the Memory Hole. The victims are only daughters of the Proles, the peasant masses.


10 January 2017
10(?) January 49 BC Julius Caesar  crossed the Rubicon in 49 BC.
10 January 1776 Publication of Common Sense [1] a pamphlet by Thomas Paine in 1775–76 advocating independence from Great Britain to people in the Thirteen Colonies. Written in clear and persuasive prose, Paine marshaled moral and political arguments to encourage common people in the Colonies to fight for egalitarian government. It was published anonymously on January 10, 1776, at the beginning of the American Revolution, and became an immediate sensation.

Jews Deserting France
Another 5,000 Jews have left France to live in Israel in the wake of a spate of Islamist attacks on the community. Daniel Benhaim, from the Jewish Agency of Israel, said that insecurity had been a 'catalyst' for many Jews who were already thinking of leaving.

The figures were revealed as France marked two years since attacks on the Charlie Hebdo Massacre magazine offices and on a Jewish supermarket in Paris, where four shoppers were shot dead........

The 5,000 departures in 2016 add to the record 7,900 who left in 2015 and 7,231 in 2014. In total, 40,000 French Jews have emigrated since 2006, according to figures seen by AFP.

It was shocked in 2006 by the kidnapping and brutal anti-Semitic killing of a young Jewish man, Ilan Halimi, in the Paris suburbs, which was followed by a shooting in a Jewish school in the southwest city of Toulouse in 2012.
Jews infiltrate a country, get themselves hated then pretend they are victims when people react. The Mail's readers seem sympathetic but then they haven't taken the point that Jews have caused the monstrous flood of Third World parasites being used to destroy England & Western Civilization generally. One perpetrator is the Jew, Soros using his money to finance e.g. Save The Children, a criminal organisation smuggling thousands of blacks under the pretence of being a Charity.


Jews Bottle Out As Palestinian Hero Does A Suicide Attack
A Truck Driver Killed Four Jews In Jerusalem knowing that they were armed, that he would die. He even backed up over them to make sure. The interesting part is that the Jews, all carrying M16s ran. They are all about when it comes to murdering women and children but a man of courage is another matter. The Israel "Defence" Force claims that it goes in for Purity of Arms but it is the world's only army that kills children for the fun of it - see e.g. Jews Murder Children For Laughs.


German Rescues His Daughter From A Syrian Rapist Imported By Merkel
A German father is being hailed as a hero by police after rescuing his daughter from a refugee rapist and then turning the suspect in. He then held him down with his body while calling police and an ambulance on his mobile phone.

A patrol car raced to the scene and took the 'heavily intoxicated' Syrian into custody. He is facing charges of assault and attempted sexual assault. The victim was taken to a local hospital for treatment but later released.

The 23-year-old had been to a disco with friends the previous evening, could not find a cab at 5.30am on Sunday morning to get home so began the two mile walk to the house she lives in with her parents.

The girl called her father when she began crossing from side to side of the road, each time her would-be attacker trailing her.

Her attacker, 23, is understood to live in an asylum seekers' home in Kleve 'This man in a hero,' said police. 'He saved his own daughter from something terrible happening to her.
The police are on side, which is good news. Merkel isn't of course. She is evil:-

Merkel is an accessory before the fact in this case and thousands of others as well as being an enemy of Germany. Merkel will do more damage than naughty little Adolf.


9 January 2017
9 January 1905 [ Julian Calendar ] was Bloody Sunday led to the 1905 Russian Revolution, which the people lost. It happened in St. Petersburg, when demonstrators marching to present a petition to Tsar Nicholas II were shot by the Imperial Guard. The event was organized by Father Gapon, who had collaborated with Sergei Zubatov of the Okhrana, the Tsarist secret police, to create workers' organizations and thus an agent provocateur.

Paris Police Discourage Third World criminals
Police in Paris are threatening the lives of homeless migrants by stealing their blankets as temperatures drop to freezing, a leading international aid agency claimed today. It is all part of a campaign of harassment aimed at getting unwanted foreigners off the streets of the French capital. 

Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières) said in a tweet: 'The police should stop confiscating the covers of migrants sleeping on the streets of Paris.

'These unacceptable practices put the life of migrants in danger: teams from Doctors Without Borders had to look after eight people [ black criminals in fact - Editor ] close to hypothermia.'..........

'A lot of the raids take place just before sunrise, when temperatures are at their lowest,' said a local charity worker.
Médecins Sans Frontières is a criminal organisation importing thousands of Third World parasites, endangering their lives. Their objective is Ethnic Fouling followed by Genocide. You doubt? Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself. Notice that they are ALL men of fighting age.


Blacks Invading Canada From America
Hundreds of Africans are illegally crossing the unprotected U.S.–Canadian border near Pembina, North Dakota—and claiming “asylum” in Canada, even though there is no reason to “flee” the U.S. except possibly for better welfare handouts north of the border. This latest—and nearly unbelievable—scam has come to light with a sudden surge of Africans being intercepted by the Canadian authorities near Emmerson, Manitoba, over the past few weeks.

According to a report by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), “hundreds” of Africans have entered Manitoba near the Emerson border crossing in an attempt to get asylum in Canada.

The invasion has apparently been proceeding for some time, but has only come to public attention with the news that two blacks from Ghana were hospitalized in Winnipeg after getting frostbite while they wandered around, lost, on Christmas Eve morning on Highway 75 near the Canada–U.S. border.
Canada has been taken over by Socialist rogues whose policy is Ethnic Fouling then Genocide, attacking the White Man.


Truck Driver Kills Four Jews In Jerusalem
So they killed him; he knew they would. He had the courage of despair. He knew the ugly truth; that Jews are worse than Nazis. Jews robbed him and his; they took Palestine, the Stolen Land that they call Israel.


Netanyahu, The Prime Minister Of Israel, The Stolen Land Investigated For Taking Bribes - Again
Netanyahu is a Jew, liar, thief, mass murderer & War Criminal; some things don't change.


8 January 2017

Jews Attack Deputy Foreign Secretary
Astonishing undercover video captures diplomat conspiring with rival MP's aide to smear Deputy Foreign Secretary  The Israeli Embassy made a shocking vow to ‘take down’ Boris Johnson's Foreign Office deputy, a secret film reveals today.

The bombshell footage, covertly filmed in a London restaurant and obtained by The Mail on Sunday [ i.e. given to it by Al Jazeera ], shows a senior diplomat making the astonishing threat to target Sir Alan Duncan.

Extraordinarily, he is egged on by a senior aide to another Conservative Minister, [ the Jew ] Robert Halfon. The video comes in a film claiming to expose the way that the Israeli government has ‘infiltrated’ [ the 'Mail' is pretending it does not believe the 'truth' - Ed. ] ] both the Conservative and Labour parties via its embassy in the UK, using secret cash and covert support.

Further footage shows the Israeli diplomat, intelligence expert Shai Masot, telling senior Labour MP [ & spendthrift ] Joan Ryan that he has obtained ‘more than £1 million’ to pay for  sympathetic Labour MPs to visit Israel.

Mr Masot also mocks ‘crazy’ Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and his ‘weirdo’ supporters [ Fair one ]. Footage shows pro-Israel Labour activists discussing the Jerusalem government’s secret role in backing their activities.

Last night it emerged that Israeli ambassador Mark Regev had made a full apology to Sir Alan for Mr Masot’s ‘completely unacceptable’ comments.

And a spokesman for Boris Johnson said: ‘The Israeli ambassador has apologised and made it clear to us that these comments do not represent the views of the Israeli Embassy or government. [ He lied in his teeth - Editor ]’..........

Senior Tory MPs have condemned the apparent threat to ‘take down’ Sir Alan – who has been critical of Israel and who is described in the secret footage as causing ‘problems’ – and called for a Downing Street inquiry...........

 But [ the Jew ] 'Lord' Stuart Polak, senior director, of the Conservative Friends of Israel Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI), said last night: ‘It is utter nonsense to assert that any UK political party is taken over by any organisation [ He lies but then he is a Jew - Editor ].

‘The Friends Of Israel groups do their job of educating their members about the complicated issues in the Middle East. The Israeli Embassy represents Israel in a professional manner. ‘To suggest they are involved in anything sinister is poppycock.’....................

An undercover reporter and hidden cameras tracked Mr Masot across Britain as he held secret talks with figures from CFI and its Labour counterpart (LFI).

His apparent threat to ‘take down’ Sir Alan was made a month later at the Aubaine restaurant, directly opposite the Israeli Embassy in Kensington, West London, where Masot is based. Also present was Maria Strizzolo, senior aide to [ the Jew ] Education Minister Robert Halfon, former political director of CFI..............

Behind this inconsistent and concerning attitude lies a serious and troubling problem. British foreign policy is in hock to Israeli influence at the heart of our politics, and those in authority have ignored what is going on.
Congratulations to Al Jazeera for doing some real investigating. See their report at Israel’s Parliamentary Plot Against UK Politicians. The Daily Mail's version is a mealy mouthed offering, one hedging round the truth - see  Jews Attack Deputy Foreign Secretary. For Zionist crazies it is business as usual. Recall that they attacked Brexit because they like meddling in our affairs. See e.g. Jew Used Third World Alien To Front Attack On Brexit And Democracy. It is also the case that Lloyd George 'gave' Palestine to Zionist crazies as bribe to get America into the First World War. The damage he did is destroying world peace, causing wars that Jews wanted, killing thousands etc.

One small pay off is the proof that Alan Duncan is not a Traitor; it is not something we can say about many politicians. The enemies include:
Maria Strizzolo [ a traitor, enemy alien or both? ] was on Twitter - see Maria Strizzolo (@MariaStrizzolo) | Twitter Now it is gone, like her. She might well be hiding in Palestine.
Robert Halfon - Jew and traitor
Stuart Polak - Jew
Mark Regev
- Jew
 Boris Johnson - cross breed - panders to Jews 
Theresa May
panders to the chief rabbi of England

Haaretz, a paper run by Jews in Palestine, the Stolen Land admits the truth - Israeli embassy official caught on camera discussing 'taking down' British lawmakers
PS You can see Al Jazeera's series on line starting at 22.30 on 15 January,


Break Up Of The EU Is Possible After Brexit, Warns German Deputy Leader And Rival To Angela Merkel
A warning or cause for celebration? Marine le Pen will be pleased. Frauke Petry [ of Alternative for Germany ] too. Then there will be Beppe Grillo of the Five Star Movement. Do not forget Viktor Orbán of Hungary. There are their millions of disgruntled voters. They know that Merkel & too many others of her ilk are traitors destroying Europe & Western Civilization.


French Court Allows Illegal Immigration
Claiming that a university professor from Nice who was captured with three Eritrean women in his car acted “to help persons in distress” is  Altruism gone wrong; claiming the Moral high ground is Pathological Altruism.


Man Bites Policeman - Policeman Turns Nasty
The copper didn't know he was on camera. Whoops; lying his way out of it will not be quite so easy as usual.


Washington Post - We Lied About Russian Operation Hacking The US
A Main Stream Media operation lied. Routine. It admits it? Unusual. Apologises? Rather special. Was anyone silly enough to believe them in the first place? Perhaps but not many.
PS The article is, perhaps more confused than confusing.


7 January 2017
7 January 1940 Food rationing was established in the UK - see Rationing in the United Kingdom ex Wiki . It carried on until July 1954, nine years after the war. That was our reward for voting Labour into power.
7 January 2015 Charlie Hebdo Massacre got 4 deeply unpleasant Jews & 8 others.

Trump to Be Deposed This Week in José Andrés Lawsuit
President-elect Donald Trump is [ allegedly ] set to be deposed sometime this week in his ongoing legal battle against celebrity chef José Andrés, a lawyer representing Trump Old Post Office LLC, a development company that's part of the Trump Organization, confirms to ABC News.............

Trump filed a $10 million breach-of-contract lawsuit after Andrés pulled out of a deal to open a Spanish-themed restaurant at Trump International Hotel in D.C. shortly after Trump launched his presidential bid. Andrés argued that Trump's comments on the campaign trail about Hispanics were disparaging and made it difficult to operate a successful high-end Spanish restaurant. Andrés, who immigrated to the United States from Spain, is a naturalized U.S. citizen.
The headline is verbatim and a nonsense. Don has a disagreement with some foreigner. So what? So it gets sorted. It's just another attack by bad losers, Marxists Feminists etc. A Woman Alleged Paedophile Rape By Don a couple of times. That was about money, a multimegabuck shakedown that didn't work.


6 January 2017
6 January is Epiphany, when the God the Son was revealed as a human being in Jesus Christ. It is also the Twelfth Day of Christmas; the beginning of Carnival which lasts until Mardi Gras or Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday which is the beginning of  Lent.

Black Racists Torture White Lad
Chicago Torture Video: 4 Charged with Hate Crimes, Kidnapping
Four suspects have been charged in connection with the attack on a special-needs teen that was streamed on Facebook Live.

Jordan Hill, 18; Tesfaye Cooper; 18; Brittany Covington, 18; and Tanishia Covington, 24, have each been charged with a hate crime, felony aggravated kidnapping, aggravated unlawful restraint and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.
Hill, Cooper and Brittany Covington also face charges of residential burglary. Hill also faces charges of possession of a stolen motor vehicle. Video of the torture has stunned the country, not just because of the graphic abuse, but because of the comments made by some of the assailants.

F*ck Donald Trump!”!” one attacker shouted in the video. “F*ck white people!”

One assailant slashes his sweatshirt with a knife. The young woman streaming the abuse on Facebook Live repeatedly turns the camera back to herself.
Blacks can't possibly be Racist, can they? They can and are. See the faces, know the hate, know the guilt. The Main Stream Media market Black Hatred. The media and Marxists  in the Education industry succeed big time. NB The Daily Mail reported it - its reader really take the point; the Guardian pretended that it didn't happen.
PS Facebook Abused For Being 'Slow' In Censoring Torture Video - the accusation will be that they didn't conceal crime because the perpetrators are black. Of course if they had been white the accusations would been reversed.
PPS Learn how to prosecute these Racist swine - Prosecuting Black Racists


Police Kill Third World Drug Dealer - Family Whine About It
He could always have gone back to Turkey, the Hellhole he came from. They made the world a better place on this occasion. The Mail's readers are pretty relaxed about it.


5 January 2017

Third World Parasites Paid Directly By Her Majesty's Government
The U.K. Government’s “foreign aid” program has handed out over £1 billion (US $1.23 billion) in cash, paid directly into personal bank accounts, of at least 9.1 million people in 14 countries, including Pakistan, the Yemen, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zimbabwe since 2010, an investigation by the Daily Mail has revealed.

The cash handouts work through state-administered welfare systems in the 14 Third World states, where recipients are given debit cards and can draw cash at will from auto banks in their countries—with no control at all over what it is spent on.

The Daily Mail report went on to reveal that Pakistan—which has three nuclear power plants, its own nuclear weapons, a $6 billion space program which has three satellites in orbit, and which has a Gross Domestic Product of US$271 billion (the 41st largest in the world and second largest in South Asia), is the main beneficiary of this astonishing U.K. taxpayer-funded cash handout.............

The Daily Mail revealed that currently around 235,000 families are given the cash through the “Benazir Income Support Programme” (BISP), a government-run welfare department, which is a beneficiary of the U.K.’s Department for International Development (DFID)..........

The cash handout budget has soared from £53 million in 2005 to an annual average of £219 million in the period 2011 to 2015, in a program which Nigel Evans, a Conservative Party MP, described as nothing less than “exporting the dole.”

While 90 percent of the recipients get their cash handouts through bank cards, fully 10 percent are given the money in cash in envelopes at their local post offices, the Daily Mail went on to report.

In addition, the newspaper found evidence of wide scale corruption in the program’s implementation, with many of the recipients only being given their bank card after they had paid “kickbacks to officials.”

Furthermore, Pakistani newspapers reported last year that a nationwide probe had been launched after a “growing number of complaints about fake accounts and alleged corruption from project staff. Seven employees have been suspended on corruption charges and 125,714 suspicious accounts have been suspended.”
Deeply corrupt or allegedly deeply corrupt? To ask the question is to know the answer or be willfully blind. NB the Secretary of State for International Development is Priti Patel, a loud mouthed insolent Third World undesirable with the in depth understanding of brown envelopes, introduction commissions, fraud etc. that go with being Indian. She would doubtless allege that she is not guilty of Fraud, in particular Fraud by abuse of position. In reality she is part of the New Corruption & above the law.
PS Patel pretends to care about helping the poor. See e.g. Priti Patel warns taxpayers' money being wasted or Priti Patel sets out new vision to stop international aid budget being stolen. Who gets the bungs? People who vote in English elections? Is it Bribery to pay for Vote Rigging in Tower Hamlets & other ethnic enclaves.


Parliament Making Bad Law To Protect Bad Men & Suppress Free Speech
Section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act threatens the survival of journalism that exposed scandals such as Rotherham.

In the sound and fury surrounding the debate over regulation of the press, it is easy to lose sight of the many hoops that journalists already have to jump through to break the biggest stories................

Theresa May publicly praised The Times for its work on that case yet in the near future her government may enact legislation that would choke all future investigations. Those who claim that they seek to punish newspaper wrongdoers may instead succeed in muzzling us all, permanently. Lots of people hate journalists. To the far left we are the loathed lackeys of the capitalist MSM (mainstream media); to the alt-right, a hated symbol of the liberal elite. Both extremes agree that we are all “lying scum”..............

I won’t rehash those. My concern, should the government trigger section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act 2013, is its likely impact on investigative journalism. Under section 40, any newspaper that declines “voluntarily” to join Impress would be forced to pay its opponent’s legal costs in any claim brought for libel or breach of privacy, even if it won the case...............

Since early 2011, The Times has published a series of articles about a hidden pattern of child sexual exploitation involving groups of men and young teenage girls in English towns and cities. We also addressed the repeated failure of child protection authorities in Rotherham to tackle the targeted grooming and pimping of children in the town.

For more than two years, the local council and South Yorkshire police remained in a state of almost complete denial [ Actually a determination to ignore wholesale Rape by Pakistani Perverts - Editor ]. The dam was breached in August 2013 when, on our front page, we told the story of one Rotherham girl and named a man, Arshid Hussain. We accused him of being a serial abuser of children. He had not even been questioned by police about such offending let alone charged with any offence.

The story triggered such outrage that it forced the council to order the independent inquiry by Professor Alexis Jay which found that 1,400 Rotherham girls were subjected to grotesque abuse from 1997 to 2013. It also prompted a criminal inquiry that led in early 2016 to Hussain’s conviction for multiple sex offences against under-age girls. He was jailed for 35 years but is seeking leave to appeal.
The Times exposed evil in Rotherham; the systematic evil of Pakistani Perverts imported by Her Majesty's Government. This is HMG's response. Any criminal embarrassed by a newspaper with a lawyer running a case on speculation; No Win - No Fee will be able to screw the paper regardless. Lawyers will be there like flies on the proverbial. Shiner, a crooked shit on the make would have been happy to do it; he has already defrauded the tax payer out of millions using IHAT. But at the moment his real concern is staying out of prison.


4 January 2017

Third World Thug Imported By Merkel Plotting Murder Captured In Germany
Yet another refugee-terrorist has been arrested in Germany for planning a series of car bombings in at least four European countries involving a plot to repaint at least eight vehicles to make them look like police patrol cars.

“Hasan A.” made contact with an ISIS handler in Raqqa, Syria—the “capital of the Caliphate” via the Telegram cellular instant messaging service to hatch the plan. Officers from the German anti-terrorist police arrested the 38-year-old nonwhite invader after raiding his government-subsidized apartment in the Burbach district of Saarbrücken in the early morning hours of December 31.

When his cell phone was seized, police were able to secure “comprehensive chat protocols,” which entailed ISIS sending €180,000 to fund the attack,  prosecutors in the state of Saarland said............

The invader has not denied the plot, but now says that he made it up in order to try and get ISIS to give the money to his family in Syria.
Pretending to be a thief rather than an incompetent murderer is a fall back position. He might even be telling the truth but Merkel wants parasites like him. She hates Germany & Germans whence her Treason.


Five Pakistanis On Trial As Paedophile Perverts
THREE brothers and two other men have gone on trial for historic child sexual exploitation (CSE) offences.

The five men have been charged with a total of 23 CSE offences, including one joint charge of false imprisonment, which allegedly took place in Rotherham between 1999 and 2001. The men deny all the offences.

The defendants.....:-
Basharat Dad, six counts of rape, two counts of sexual intercourse with a girl aged under 13, five counts of indecent assault and false imprisonment.
Nassar Dad, two counts of rape, two counts of sexual intercourse with a girl aged under 13, two counts of inciting indecency with a child and false imprisonment.
Tayab Dad, rape.
Matloob Hussain, charged with sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of 13.
Mohammed Sadiq, charged with sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of 13.

The offences relate to two girls who were aged 12 to 14 years-old.

“The girls also had in common that they were young teenagers growing up in Rotherham and were sexually exploited by a number of men, they were vulnerable young girls given alcohol and cannabis and told to perform sexual acts,” said Miss Drake.

The trial is due to last six weeks.
That this trial will be dragged out to more than a week is a disgrace; one that keeps lawyers off the dole queue


3 January 2017
On this day in 2009 Jews invaded Gaza - see Gaza Massacre I it was lotsa fun for the perpetrators
While in 1521 AD Martin Luther was excommunicated by the Catholic Church

Third World Rapists Attack In Germany On New Year's Eve
New Year’s Eve Sex Attacks in Germany
At least 129 nonwhites posing as refugees were arrested across Germany over New Year’s Eve as a massive German police presence struggled to contain thousands of invaders who converged on the streets of Cologne, Frankfurt, Essen, Dortmund, Hamburg, Hannover, and Düsseldorf.

A massive police action prevented further attacks as mobs as big as 4,000 (in Cologne) and 1,900 (in Frankfurt) swarmed into the city centers.............

The Bild newspaper reported that despite the police’s efforts, sex attacks by nonwhite invaders still took place, and at least 14 German women aged between 18 and 26 were attacked on New Year’s Eve.

Police spokesman Timo Zill described the perpetrators as “southerners, Arabs, or North Africans.” The “southerners” (südliches) description is used by German police to describe North Africans.

Zill said that in total, about 4,000 “migrants” gathered in Cologne, and their “mood was aggressive.” Many attacks had taken place right in front of police officials, he added.

Police in Cologne were heavily criticized by race-denying leftists after using the term “Nafris” on Twitter to describe the opening stage of their action to stop a repeat of the previous year’s mass sex attacks. “Nafris” is short for “North African intensive offenders.”.............

Wurm added that the police had only concentrated on suspects already known to the authorities for criminal behavior, and that the preventative action was taken “to avoid expected crimes from occurring.”.

According to Focus, the same “phenomenon was also observed in other German cities: North Africans were particularly aggressive in Hamburg and Hannover. In Frankfurt am Main, the police counted up to 1,900 people who had been in small groups, but also in cities like Essen, Düsseldorf, and Dortmund.”

At least 14 sex attacks were reported in Hamburg, with the attackers being identified as Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans, and an Eritrean.
Notice that Left Wingers, Socialists, Marxists & others of the Lunatic Fringe object to hearing the truth about Third World criminals.


Pakistanis Raped Hundreds Of Girls In Sheffield
More than 200 allegations of children being raped in Sheffield have been reported to police in the last three years.

The figures for 2013 to 2015 reveal 190 occasions where girls aged under 16 are alleged to have been raped, with a further 36 incidents involving boys of 16 or 
younger. The overall number of rape cases in the city has more than doubled between 2013 and 2015, the Star’s Your Right To Know campaign can reveal.

In 2015, a total of 298 rapes were reported across the city – up from 133 in 2013 and 253 in 2014.
This report, taken in isolation doesn't justify the headline but the political reality that protecting Pakistani Perverts from justice is policy does. Notice too the difference between "girls" the total number of victims. The Mail isn't so keen on perverting the truth; See the next one.


Pakistani Perverts In Rotherham Prostituted English Girls
A woman who lost her childhood after being groomed by an Asian sex gang from the age of 11 has revealed how she was forced to have sex with five men at a time.

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons and is now in her thirties, was attacked by the notorious Hussain brothers who abused girls across Rotherham and also ferried her across the country to be raped by other men.
The case is settled but the victim has chosen to talk. Money rides on it? Perhaps. See The Sun.


Blacks Invaders Attack Spanish Border In Ceuta
Thousands of violent Africans attempted to storm the Spanish enclave of Ceuta in Morocco on New Year’s Day, attacking Moroccan and Spanish police with such ferocity that ten officers were badly wounded and one lost an eye.

A mob estimated to be between one and three thousand strong tried to jump over the double fence which surrounds the enclave—Europe’s only land border with Africa. Thousands of Africans, fleeing their self-created economic disaster nations—regularly congregate around the enclaves in the hope of breaking in.
Making the fence electric would be effective; so would shooting on sight. One very useful tactic would be to stop bribing withe free houses, free medicine, free education & free dole. Blair, Brown, Cameron and now Theresa May aren't stopping; it follows that they want them, that they are Traitors, enemies of England.


Unprecedented - President to Enter White House Facing Child Rape Trial
That's the story according to Veterans Today. Perhaps it is unprecedented. It definitely was when the previous inmate arrived. Obama used a Forged Birth Certificate because he was foreign born & therefore an illegal president. The Puppet Masters wanted him; they got him.
PS Snopes alleges that charges have been brought and dismissed twice. It goes lightly on the other alleged perpetrator, Jeffrey Epstein, a rich Jew and Paedophile pervert. So does VT.
PPS Veterans Today is looking more like a corrupt Propaganda machine by the day.
PPPS Don married a beauty queen, why bother with rape?


2 January 2017

Royal Navy Rescued 15 Thousand Illegal Immigrants In 18 Months
Royal Navy sailors have rescued nearly 15,000 migrants from the Mediterranean and dropped them off in Europe, figures show.

Marines armed with SA-80 assault rifles have also smashed up and burned 110 smuggling gang boats during their 18-month migrant mission.

The commanding officer of HMS Enterprise, one of the ships given the job of rescuing migrants, has praised the work done by his sailors.

Commander Philip Harper said: ‘Over the last year and a half my ship has rescued thousands of men, women and children at sea. 

'It has dented the activity of criminal groups. It has been humbling to see my sailors come to the aid of innocent [ sic ] souls in danger, and carry out their roles with professionalism.’ [ He is suffering from a severe lack of Moral Courage - what the Royal Air Force calls LMF, short for Lack of Moral Fibre but telling this sort of Political Correct fib is worth Brownie points ] ...........

Tory MP Peter Bone said: ‘It is quite right that we rescue people in peril in the sea and the Royal Navy is doing a terrific job. ‘However, we need to go after the trafficking gangs. If you can stop it at source then you end this evil trade.
If Peter Bone wants to deal with trafficking gangs he could start with Helle Thorning-Schmidt, lately prime minister of Denmark and now running the "charity" calling itself Save The Children. They have imported thousands of Third World parasites. She will get away with wholesale smuggling because she is a friend of Cameron & Obama; she is above the law.


1 January 2017
1 January is New Year's Day

School Forced To Cancel Classes After Black Pawns £24 Thousand Worth Of Computer To Fund Addiction
The Mail very tactfully does not say that the perpetrator is black. That would be "Racist" Of course if an Englishman had been the perpetrator it would have been different. The story is not a big deal but it is instructive, telling us about the Third World wasters being imported by corrupt politicians pandering to the Puppet Masters in Tel Aviv.


Gunman Kills 39 In Istanbul Night Club
Getting 39 kills and 69 wounded is good shooting. It was an opportunity for the Armed Citizen to take a hand. He might well have stopped it happening in the first place.

Notice that one policeman with a Kalashnikov has the safety off; an incompetent amateur. One female security guard had a pistol. When it mattered she didn't use it. She failed, she died.


31 December 2016
31 December is New Year's Eve
On this day in 1999 Vladimir Putin became the acting President of Russia; a very good one too. Russians say he is the best ruler since Peter the Great.
Scotland has Hogmanay their celebration of the New Year



31 January 2017
On this day in 1606 Guy Fawkes was hanged. He is the last man to enter Parliament with honest intentions. They are thieves and liars to this day.

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Her Majesty's Prime Minister Picks His Nose In Parliament
Brown is a plebeian oaf and a spendthrift swine to boot. The poor Queen has to deal with the man. Does he wash his hands first? See it in glorious Technicolor® if you have the stomach for it. Then watch him clean his fingers on his tie.

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