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The Welfare State was brought in to help the honest poor. At all events that was the theory. Now it helps the idle poor, the determinedly idle poor, Third World foreigners on the make, Illegal Immigrants who flock to England to become idle and any other free loading parasite you can think of. Of course this system is not merely appallingly expensive; it needs people to run it. They form another burden on the tax payer. Indeed they are a large part of the greatest burden we share. It began with the Beveridge Report of 1942 which created the Poverty Trap. It is not just the fault of Beveridge but he drew up the basic plan.

Her Majesty's Allegedly Loyal Opposition which was until recently Her Majesty's Government extorted some 80% of the honest working man's pay. The largest lump of which goes to the dole system in one way or another. See Tax 2010 for what they admit to. Whether the new lot will be any better is to be seen. It is probably no more than a forlorn hope. You just might feel that the point of the welfare industry is to grant Labour governments the power to bribe voters, especially Third World lay abouts with Illegal Immigrant Council Houses,  to give them power through Vote Rigging. This is not to say that The Tories are any less corrupt. Its just that they pander to a different constituency.


Criticisms of Welfare ex Wiki - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criticisms_of_welfare
In his book, The Servile State, English political writer Hilaire Belloc makes his case for the natural instability of pure capitalism and discusses how, as he believes, attempts to reform capitalism will lead almost inexorably to an economy where state regulation has removed the freedom of capitalism and thereby replaced capitalism with what he calls the Servile State. He believes that this servile state shares with ancient slavery the fact that positive law (as opposed to custom or economic necessity by themselves) dictates that certain people will work for others, who likewise must take care of them, and so the welfare state may lead to a kind of serfdom, in which one group works to support another group that does not work.

Some conservatives in the UK claim that the welfare state has produced a generation of dependents who, instead of working, rely solely upon the state for income and support; even though assistance is only legally available to those unable to work or who being without employment are unable to find work. The welfare state in the UK was created to provide certain people with a basic level of benefits in order to alleviate poverty, but these conservatives believe that it has been expanded to provide more people with more money from the state than it can ideally afford.[1][2]

Some feel that this argument is demonstrably false: the benefits system in the UK provides individuals with considerably less money than the national minimum wage, but people on welfare often find that they qualify for a variety of benefits, including benefits in-kind, such as Housing Benefit, which usually make the overall benefits much higher than basic figures imply.[3][4]

Some British conservatives, such as Conservative Party co-chairman Sayeeda Warsi, also criticise the "'something for nothing' culture" of the welfare state, claiming that the high extent of the welfare state "discourages the unemployed from finding jobs".[5] 55% of people in England and 43% of people in Scotland believe that "benefits for unemployed people are too high and discourage them from finding jobs".[6]
This article is better than one might expect. Hilaire Belloc's book, The Servile State comes in for mention and comment. Albeit words like claim, believe, allege should ring alarm bells - see Words as Propaganda Tools for more on the point.


Positive Law - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Positive_law
Seems to be man made law, as distinct from good law. It is also not Natural Law.


Natural Law - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural_law
This translates as the laws of nature, such as the law of gravity. One that is inherent in the real world, in human nature too.



Dole Fraud Is A Major Industry [ 10 January 2016 ]
EU court entertained bogus case on welfare rights
At first glance, the case of Bogdan Chain v. Atlanco Ltd., heard on 12 March 2015 at the European Court of Justice, seemed like any other. The case involved a Polish man, a Dublin-based international recruitment company, a Belgian legal firm, and two Cypriot-based lawyers. But this was no ordinary case............

In November 2014, we set about finding the man named as the applicant in the case. It took us several months to find him, eventually tracking him to his home in Stalowa Wola, an industrial city in southeast Poland..........

He was truly shocked when we told him of a European Court of Justice case in his name. He had no knowledge of this case, had not initiated any legal proceedings and had not engaged or instructed any legal representatives to act his behalf........

The defendant in this case was Atlanco, an international recruitment company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland but registered in Nicosia, Cyprus. Atlanco was one of a myriad of subsidiary companies of the Dublin-based parent company, the Atlanco Rimec Group.

Founded in 1994 by Irish entrepreneur Michael O’Shea the Atlanco Rimec Group grew into one of the leading recruitment agencies in Europe and had, at its peak, over 50,000 workers on its books. Atlanco’s business model was straightforward - bidding on Northern European contracts at Eastern European rates - and dispatching workers from lower-pay unemployment blackspots in eastern and southern Europe, particularly from Poland and, more recently, from Portugal.........

The Irishman now residing in Geneva has been described in Ireland’s rich list as a “low profile private equity baron,” with an estimated personal wealth in excess of €60 million. Notably, O’Shea was secretary and director of Atlanco when proceedings commenced in Chain v. Atlanco.
Various lawyers are corrupt, thieves and liars. O'Shea is another Capitalist Swine, a shit on the make but he will walk away laughing. It all sounds uncannily like the thieves who ran the Al Sweady Job, costing the tax payer millions - again.


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