Illegal Immigrant Housing


See the Tenancy Agreement - NB Its security classification is SECRET - Secret Tenancy Agreement

Exposing the anti British discrimination within the UK.

Asylum seeker housing

When we published a document last year showing the Tenancy Agreement between the Home Office and private landlords we were accused by our opponents of lying and fabrication.

The documents below in our possession come from Bury Metropolitan Borough Council, one of the ten Greater Manchester Authorities, and one of the top destinations for asylum seekers arriving in Dover and London.

Dream house with all the trimmings

We have received hard facts that asylum seekers get handouts that Britain's poor can only dream about.

We have an insurance claim detailing a burglary of one of Bury councils houses set aside for asylum seeker occupation. The flat was vacant at the time of the burglary in February 2003.

No wonder Britain is the number one destination for Middle Easterners, Asians and Africans. No wonder they pass through up to a dozen different safe countries to arrive on our shores. The taxpayers of Britain are being fleeced by our own government to provide a welcome that a British soldier invalided out of Iraq could only dream of, what our destitute pensioners can only imagine, what those thousands living rough on the streets of our cities can only wish for.

See these documents for yourself. Let your family and friends know what those claiming asylum in Britain get for free, while the rest of us have to do double-shifts and extra overtime just to make ends meet.

  Garden Tender Document Lawn cutting and tidying
  Garden Control Document For contractor to complete
  White goods list Complete with serial numbers, these are pages 1 & 2 of a 22 page featuring a complete list of properties.
  Insurance claim Items stolen including bedding and kitchen utensils.
  Purchases Not just bedding and crockery but a nice smelling house to welcome the asylum seeker. Air fresheners, first aid kits and even one orthapedic mattress were bought by Bury council for their asylum seeker homes in April 2004.
  Absconder Not all asylum seekers are happy with the free homes provided and this report tells of one unhappy lady who absconded from her property.
  Inventory A complete inventory checksheet provided by NASS for a typical 3 bedroomed house.

You will need Adobe Acrobat to view these documents.

NB. We have masked the individual house numbers to reduce the risk of theft from any property belonging to the council which may be lying unoccupied. The fact that so many expensive items are lying in empty houses, when tonight as temperatures plunge to below freezing in January and thousands of homeless will be sleeping rough is of course a scandal in its own right.


Illegal Immigrants Will Take half Of All New Houses [ 5 December 2015 ]
Migrants will take half of all new homes in Britain So many migrants are flooding into the UK each year that we need to build an astonishing 95,000 houses just to accommodate them, according to Government estimates. 

The revelations make a total mockery of David Cameron’s much vaunted pledge to bring net migration down to the tens of thousands and will raise fears that young British families may [ will in fact ] miss out on the chance to get on the housing ladder. 

It could  [ will in fact ] also mean that millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money is spent helping new arrivals to buy houses at the expense of those who have paid into the system for years through tax contributions.

Ministers have pledged to build a million new homes in England by 2020 at a rate of around 200,000 a year to try and combat an acute housing shortage fuelled by buy-to-let landlords.
Cameron claims that he will try to reduce Immigration. He lied. Cameron claimed that he was going to give us a Referendum about leaving European Union. He lied about that.

These are just a few of the parasites coming to live off the dole and Rape our daughters. Of course Her Majesty's Government let them do it in Rotherham because they want England destroyed by Ethnic Fouling followed by Genocide. Politicians are controlled by the Puppet Masters.
PS Confirm the fact by looking at 636,000 migrants arrive in UK in ONE year


Housing Shortage Caused By Illegal Immigrants Given Preference By Her Majesty's Government And Treason [ 31 October 2016 ]
Ministers are planning a new wave of prefabricated homes in a drive to solve Britain's housing crisis. More than 100,000 pre-packed 'modular' homes could be constructed as the Government looks at ways to meet its target to provide one million new homes by 2020, according to reports...........  

It comes as the influx of migrants is being blamed for the crisis, with 30,000 new social housing lettings given to immigrants in 2015, according to Government figures.

Pressure group MigrationWatch - chaired by Lord Green of Deddington, said the crisis and its costs would continue to grow unless a 'sustainable' level of migration is achieved. A statement on its website said: 'There is a long standing controversy over the granting of social housing to immigrants.........

'However, priority for social housing is largely determined by need and so some ‘high need’ immigrant families will gain access to housing over longer standing local residents deemed to be of lower need. This can be contentious.'
Third World parasites get preference over honest English families. Illegal Immigrants get even more preference. Illegal Immigrant Housing is better than any English family would get. This fact is classified SECRET.


Black Parasites Getting £44 Thousand Dole Get Large Four Bedroom House While English People Get Nothing [ 31 October 2016 ]
A family-of-ten who receive an estimated £44,000-a-year on benefits who previously claimed to have been ‘neglected’ have been moved to a £425,000 ‘dream’ house.

Father-of-eight Arnold Sube and wife Jeanne have moved their brood into the home in Milton Keynes after previously complaining about their ‘cramped’ three-bed home in Luton.

They even turned down three moves to bigger homes and were presented with an ultimatum to accept another house or be made homeless by Luton Borough Council.
The huddled peasant masses are not amused by this comedian. They should ask who let them get away with it.



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