Rotherham is in the North of England, not merely past the Thames but the Watford Gap too. In fact it is not quite up to Hadrian's Wall, the end of civilization but it is close. The wall was built to keep invaders out. Now they are coming from the South with the active collusion of Her Majesty's Government, Her Majesty's Allegedly Most Loyal Opposition, the South Yorkshire Police & Treason. The results of Pakistanis include corruption to say the obvious. There is also wide ranging, systematic Rape because Third World ethnics are allowed to abuse English girls, again as a matter of government policy. Then there is the matter of Ethnic Cleansing. Pakistani thugs are putting the frighteners on an old Englishwoman of 84. Does anyone care? No, apart from the British National Party. To see something about their general behaviour look at Islamic Criminals. NB the MP, Denis MacShane is a thief while the relevant 'Lord' is Nazir Ahmed, Baron Ahmed of Rotherham. Ahmed is a Racist & killer. They were helped by the collusion of Sue Berelowitz, a hostile Jew. The reason why Rotherham council pandered to them is the pay off. Labour needs Vote Rigging to retain power.

PS Her Majesty's Government is now doing a report, 2014 Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry which is designed make sure that the guilty walk free.
PPS The police & politician cover-up was broken by a social worker, Jayne Senior And The Times
PPPS One policeman who succeeded in knowing nothing about anything was 'Sir' Bernard Hogan-Howe, a Racist crook who helped Nazir Ahmed, Baron Ahmed of Rotherham stay out of prison.
PPPPS See the Chief Constable Pretending That He Might Get Round To Doing Something About Mass Rape and see Keith Vaz, another Pakistani going easy on him.
UPDATE: The Wiki has an article at Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal.
PS Rotherham abuse scandal Who was in charge? - Who pretended not to know? Who wanted Pakistanis for their Vote Rigging?

Just what has happened to the politicians and police who set up Rape as the Pakistani Perverts running wholesale Vote Rigging that kept the Labour Party in power? Not a lot. Business as usual. Corruption as usual.

Unless they don't;
Pakistani rapists matter;
English people don't.



Rapes For Pakistani Votes - Labour Bribes Hit New Low

The fact that the relevant MP was a thief called Denis MacShane is interesting. You might not guess from the name that he is a Pole, one who panders to Jews, which will be why he got into Parliament. More on him at Malevolent Parasite, High Voltage Hate - Hypocrisy On Free Speech & Rotten in Rotherham - Denis MacShane, Doublethink and the Coming Slave-State. This crime wave was known due to the Rotherham Report 2004 & earlier.

Then there is the current MP, Sarah Champion who has just been reelected with an increased majority. She chooses to allege that White men are the main culprits nationwide. She is a corrupt liar.

Is it just coincidence that Rotherham's other claims to fame are the local growth industries, Pakistani Perversion and Illegal Immigration? Perhaps, but I doubt it. See e.g. Pakistani Paedophiles Abused At Least Fourteen Hundred Children In Rotherham or the Rotherham Report. Then there are the Honour Killings, which make life more interesting. They are not all Pakistani but they do get Main Stream Media cover ups. They have their funny little ways but we must tolerate them because Her Majesty's Government wants them flooding England. Is any of this new? No - see Pakistani Rape Epidemic on the point.

Perpetrators include:-
Nazir Ahmed, Baron Ahmed of Rotherham,
Jahangir Akhtar

Sue Berelowitz

Denis MacShane

Roger Stone
Sarah Champion
Alan Buckley - Labour Whip, Labour Enforcer Of Silence


Casey Report covers periods of 1997- 2009 and 2009 - 2013
Jay Report     covers Exploitation in Rotherham 1997 - 2013

Those Who Knew
Councillors attended a seminar on perversion on 2005 then did nothing. Various officials went on Common Purpose indoctrination courses - see Ex-head of kid's services sent on training while children were abused

National Child Protection Inspection Post Inspection Review
- If it reads like a whitewash, smells like one, it probably is one.
Barnardo Report
NB Barnardo manages to report with out ever mentioning Asians or Pakistanis. 

Number Of Victims Is Around 2,000
The official report was being judicious, not exaggerating.


Pakistani Taxi Drivers Are THE Rotherham Rapists
But they are still out there running taxis, ruining girls, laughing up their sleeves while English politicians & police let them.


Rotherham's Marxists Meeting To Discuss Election Disaster On 2 June 2015
Labour betrayed 1,400 English girls for the sake of Pakistani votes. Go and see how Rotherham Bolsheviks intend to make matters worse.
PS Their previous meeting to discuss their hatred of UKIP managed to ignore Pakistani Perversion.


Mike Cuff Was Told In 2005
Cuff claims he didn't know. Rotherham employees stole paper from an investigator. They were full of hate.


The BBC Asks The Right Questions - Allegedly
It does not tell us any of the answers or even many of the questions but it does admit en passant that the perpetrators are 'mostly' Pakistani. BBC corruption, BBC anti-English Racism as normal.


Rotherham Stole Children Of UKIP Parents
Rotherham is run by Racists, anti-EnglishRacists but Racists none the less. This nasty little affair took place while Rotherham was actively protecting Pakistani Perverts who were raping at least 1,400 English girls but before their evil came to light.


Pakistani Collectivist Culture Was At The Root Of The Rotherham Pathology
Professor MacDonald is at his perceptive best. All Pakistanis knew what was going on in Rotherham, not just some. English rapists have to keep very quiet about their deeds unless they want to go to prison. Pakistanis are just as keen on Mesirah, the code of silence used by the Jews who protected the world record thief, Madoff.


Rotherham Report On Pakistani Paedophile Perversion
Professor  Jay tells us that at least 1,400 children were  abused. Are the perpetrators going to face justice? Not a chance - apart from a few who were thrown to the wolves.


Rotherham ex Wiki
Rotherham is a town in South Yorkshire, England, which together with its surrounding settlements form the Metropolitan Borough of Rotherham, with an estimated population of 257,700 in 2011. It lies on the River Don, at its confluence with the River Rother, between Sheffield and Doncaster. Historically within the West Riding of Yorkshire, Rotherham is 6 miles (10 km) from Sheffield City Centre and forms part of the Sheffield urban area.
It manages not to sound very attractive, before you account for the foreign crooks imported by corrupt politicians.



Cyril Smith
Was big in politics, big in girth, big in little boys, big in Paedophilia. He was the MP for Rochdale, lucky them. He walked [ make that waddled ] because the Director of Public Prosecutions was corrupt.


Islamic Sex Abuse Trial - Two More Pakistanis Convicted [ 8 November 2010 ]
TWO more men have been found guilty of sexually abusing three teenage girls and three others have been cleared of similar charges at the end of a seven week trial at Sheffield Crown Court. It brings the total of convicted defendants to five out of the eight on trial. They were all remanded in custody before being sentenced tomorrow. Razwan Razaq (30), of Oxford Street, Clifton, was found guilty by a jury of having sex with two 13-year-old girls in 2008. His 24-year-old brother Umar Razaq, of the same address, was found guilty of sexual activity with a 13-year-old and not guilty of raping a 16-year-old. The jury also found Mohammed Zafran Ramzan (21), of Broom Grove, Broom, guilty of raping a 16-year-old girl and twice having sex with her 13-year-old cousin. He was found not guilty of two further counts of rape.

Adil Hussain (20), of Nelson Street, Rotherham, was found guilty of under-age sex with a 13-year-old, but acquitted of three other sex abuse charges. Mohsin Khan (21), of Haworth Crescent, Moorgate, was convicted of one charge of under-age sex with a 13-year-old and found not guilty of two other charges of sexual activity with the same girl. Khan and Shazad Akbar (23), of Shirecliffe Lane, Shirecliffe, Sheffield, were both cleared of four joint charges of rape on a 16-year-old girl. Saeed Hussain (29), of Hatherley Road, Eastwood, walked free after he was acquitted of two charges of inciting a 13-year-old to have sex with other men.
Shalzaad Hussain (22), of Clough Road, Masbrough, also walked free after the jury cleared him of one count of sexual activity with a 13-year-old.
Was this one all over the nationals? Not a chance. The main stream media are a propaganda machine, delighted to blacken an Englishman's name but covering up for vicious swine like these. The Yorkshire Post tells the truth though.

Moshin Khan                     Razwan Razaq                    Umar Razaq


Pakistanis Murder English Girl In Honour Killing [ 19 March 2012 ]
Laura Wilson was just 17 years old — a happy but headstrong girl whose love story across the racial divide would have a tragic ending.......... Laura’s Asian boyfriend, Ashtiaq Ashgar, also 17, was born in Britain but when Laura challenged his family’s traditional cultural values by confronting them with details of their relationship, she had to be silenced. One night in October 2010, Laura was lured to the banks of a canal in Rotherham in South Yorkshire, where Ashtiaq attacked her before throwing her into the water. He was subsequently arrested and found guilty of Laura’s murder last June and sentenced to 17 years in prison.
This article is advertising for a BBC programme. The Beeb is part of the problem. It is run by Invisible Enemies using Feminists & Homosexuals to incite Third World Immigration. It is Culture War. Their objective is the destruction of England by Genocide

Victim                                                    Perpetrator - a scruffy little swine


Pakistani Lord Offers £10 Million To Put Blair & Bush On Trial [ 18 April 2012 ]
Muslim peer’s ‘£10m to capture Obama' was actually a legal fund to put Blair on trial. Britain’s first Muslim peer has offered to set up a £10million legal fund to bring Tony Blair before the International Court of Justice in the Hague. It had been reported initially that Lord Ahmed of Rotherham put up the cash as a ‘bounty’ for the capture of U.S. president Barack Obama.....

He is heard saying in Urdu: ‘Even if I have to beg in Haripur, Pakistan, the U.S. or Britain, even if I have to beg, I am willing to raise and offer £10million so that George W Bush and Tony Blair can be brought to the International Court of Justice on war crimes charges.’ Pakistan’s Express Tribune newspaper said the peer was responding to an American reward for the capture of a prominent Pakistani radical, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, who has been linked to the Mumbai terror attacks of 2008. Labour chiefs suspended Lord Ahmed on the basis of the Obama claims.
This sounds like a good move to me although he was just playing to a bunch of Islamics in Pakistan. Blair Is A War Criminal being harboured by Her Majesty's Government. He thinks he is above the law. In practice he is right. Bush is just as bad, a tool used by Jews.


Pakistani Paedophiles Helped By  [  26 September 2012 ]
A 13-year-old girl who told police how she had been groomed and raped by an Asian sex gang wrote a harrowing letter to herself at the age of 14.

In the letter addressed to her alter-ego Michelle, she wrote, 'I feel like the asians really hate me even when they say they love me'.

The girl, who told police about the rape that took her virginity and the time five men queued outside a bedroom to demand sex from her, added, 'They took all my dreams and my life away from me.'.....................

Police have never charged anyone in connection with any sexual offence against Amy. Before the girl spoke to officers in 2003, South Yorkshire police already knew of a crime pattern involving the sexual exploitation of young teenagers in Rotherham by a group of offenders, largely of Pakistani heritage. The news comes as research, reports and case files revealed police turned a blind eye to allegations of sexual abuse of white girls.

Confidential documents have revealed the scale of sexual exploitation of young white girls in Rotherham, South Yorkshire And it was claimed council officials were desperate to cover up any racial link to the abuse of young girls.

The research shows that a string of warnings dating back as far as 2000 were ignored by the authorities. In many cases, police action was taken only against the victims...........

According to previously confidential documents seen by The Times, police in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, found evidence of thousands of similar crimes and described ‘networks of Asian males exploiting young white females’. The groups were reported to have trafficked victims to cities including Bristol, Manchester and Birmingham. Despite this, just two prosecutions of groups of men for sexual abuse have taken place in South Yorkshire since 1996. Since the revelations there have been calls for a public inquiry into the sex grooming by gangs and the trafficking of girls.
Police pander to Pakistani perverts because police pander to corrupt politicians, traitors who hate England.


Four Pakistanis Murdered Woman Possessed By Demon   [ 26 September 2012 ]
Husband and his parents jailed for life for murder of pregnant bride they held down and suffocated because they thought she was 'possessed'
A man and three members of his family were jailed for at least 56 years yesterday after being convicted of murdering his pregnant wife claiming she was possessed by evil spirits.

One of the four smothered 21-year-old Nalia Mumtaz while the others held her down, apparently in an attempt to drive out the ‘jinn’ spirit from her body.

The killers included her husband, Mohammed Tauseef Mumtaz – who later claimed she suffocated herself – his parents, Zia Ul-Haq and Salma Aslam, both 51, and his brother in law Hammad Hassan.........

 The four were convicted in July following a three-month trial after a jury ruled they had deliberately smothered her. Mr. Justice Keith handed them mandatory life terms yesterday.
Import Pakistanis, import crime, disease Third World savages. That is what our wonderful government is doing to us with malice aforethought.
PS Notice too the corruption of a three month trial. It rated a week at the very outside. Long drawn out proceedings keep thousands of lawyers off the dole queue.

They look nasty just for starters. What use are their sort to England or anywhere else for that matter? Not a lot.


Pakistanis Buying Slovak Brides And British Passports [ 16 October 2012 ]
A well-organized sham marriage gang staged fake weddings with eastern European brides so Pakistani men could illegally enter the UK, a court has heard. Czech and Slovak women living in the UK were paid by Rotherham-based Asian organisers to fly out to Pakistan where 'marriages' were arranged with Pakistani nationals. Supported by false documents, applications for settlement and family permit visas were submitted to the British High Commission in Islamabad by Pakistanis seeking leave to join their 'wives' in the UK. As overseas nationals they would have been allowed to stay in the UK as 'husbands' of their spouses who were legitimately resident here as EU citizens........

Eighteen defendants are now facing jail when they are sentenced at a later date. In a series of three trials at Sheffield Crown Court which can only now be reported after restrictions were lifted, seven defendants were found guilty after trials of conspiracy to assist unlawful immigration to the UK between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2011. Another 11 defendants pleaded guilty to the same charge. Two of the alleged main organisers are on the run........

The eighteen defendants are: Nikola Horvathova, 25, of St Anns, Eva Holubova, 19, Peter Pohlodko, 19, and Zuzanna Holubova, 25, all of Eastwood, Kristina Popikova, of Masbrough, Mohammed Ramzan of Rotherham and Aftab Hussain of Tinsley, Sheffield.

Talib Hussain, of Broom, Rahina Zaman, 32, of Clifton, Veronika Pohlodkova, 36, of Grosvenor Road, Michaela Lengyelova, 30, of St Anns, Khalda Ahmed, 45, of Clifton, and Svetlana Krausova, 31, of St Ann’s, all Rotherham; Sabina Khan, 45, and Farah Khan, 43, of Barkerend, Louise Kelly, 26, of Holme Wood, Yasser Nasser, 20, of Holme Wood, all Bradford; and Nadia Qureshi, 27, of Fir Vale, Sheffield.
Third World third raters don't want to live in a country run by their own sort. One sees their point. Her Majesty's Government makes it easy for them to get away with it. Thousands if not millions do while a few are caught from time to time to make it look as though the government is trying to enforce the law.


Pakistani Murders Pregnant Wife [ 16 October 2012 ]
A British Muslim, who married his second wife in a secret sharia ceremony, has been sentenced to life in jail for stabbing her to death in a ‘merciless’ attack. Siraj Arif, 31, knifed Saiba Khatoon – who was 19-weeks pregnant – with such ferocity that two of the three kitchen knives he used snapped under the force of the blows in the row over their unborn baby.........

Arif, from Smallbridge near Rochdale, had wed Ms Khatoon, 26, in a secret Islamic ceremony despite already being married for ten years. His other wife, with whom he had three children, had given consent to the polygamous ceremony under haria [ sic ] law and Ms Khatoon was said to be happy to be his ‘second wife’ while her family disapproved of their relationship.
Two killed means two less to bludge off the dole. She looks quite nice. The killer looks like a wrong'un.

He is too clumsy to use a knife properly.


Labour Parasite With Light Fingers Exposed [ 14 November 2012 ]
The original expenses scandal cost dozens of corrupt MPs their jobs, the worst offenders ended up behind bars. Now the rent-swapping sleaze that [ the crooked Jew ] John Bercow is trying to cover up has been blown wide open. This morning Guido is listing the most shameless rent-swappers…

The usual suspects kept cropping up when Guido started digging around last week. Top of the pile was surprise, surprise Denis MacShane, outed in the Times this weekend. In addition to his property back in Rotherham – remember he rented his garage to himself on expenses for £125,000 – MacShame owns a £700,000 house in Pimlico just a few minutes walk from Parliament, which he rents out under the IPSA rules and then claims £1,450-a-month expenses to rent another home in London. Making cash off the back of the taxpayers when he has no reason to exploit the IPSA loophole except to enrich himself…

When The Times confronted him he claimed he had stopped doing it – convenient. We have some further questions for him, when did he stop the fiddle? Why can’t MacShame live in his posh Pimlico pad right next to Westminster? Why does millionaire MacShane have to bill the taxpayer rent for a house he doesn’t need to rent?

Because he is taking us for a ride. Again…

Hat tip:
They were bent then. They are bent now. It is one reason why they are attacking the BBC regarding Jimmy Savile. It helps conceal their crime.


Pakistani Criminals Ran Sham Marriage Operation In Rotherham [ 19 January 2013 ]
A father-of-five who ran a massive international sham marriage operation from his suburban family home has been jailed for six years. Immigrant Talib Hussain, 42, was the ring-leader of a gang that flew Eastern European women to Islamabad for bogus weddings with Pakistani men, who could then apply to live in the UK under European open borders laws. The scam - which Hussain orchestrated with the help of his ex-wife from his home in Rotherham, South Yorkshire - 'struck at the heart of the British immigration system', said a judge, as she sentenced 17 members of the gang for a combined total of more than 27 years at Sheffield Crown Court.......
Seventeen members of the gang were jailed for a total of 27 years and eight months at Sheffield Crown Court including nine fake brides - four Czech, four British Asian and a Slovak.............
She told police Pakistani men offered her £250 for photos to pretend they were married so they could get visas to go to the UK.
Who would want to live in Pakistan when they could go to England and live on the dole? Not many Pakistanis. The crook running this one was greedy. The Czech women were badly paid.
PS Notice that Rotherham is Crime Central when it comes to Rape. Perhaps that is what these swine are looking for. It was also uncomfortably close to Rochdale, the stamping ground of Cyril Smith, the well known Paedophile. Of course Smith got away with it because the Director of Public Prosecutions was corrupt. Perverting the course of justice is easier for the men that run the system. Little people do not get any favours done for them.


Labour MP Stole £12,900 by Fraud [18 November 2013 ]
Does this make Denis MacShane different? NO, apart from getting caught that is!


Rotherham Racists Protected Pakistani Paedophiles [  29 August 2014 ]
Senior staff at Rotherham council ordered a raid on one of their offices to remove case files and wipe computer records detailing the scale and severity of the town’s sex-grooming crisis, sources have told The Times.

Details of what frontline staff viewed as a high-level cover-up are revealed today after an independent inquiry which found that 1,400 children fell victim to grotesque levels of violence and abuse in the South Yorkshire town
Destroying evidence in order to  Pervert The Course Of Justice is crime. You are fully at liberty to believe that the police knew nothing about it. Recall that after the News Of The World trial journalists who paid bribes went to prison while the police who took them walked. The problem is that Her Majesty's Government imported millions of Third World criminals with the collusion of Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition. They were corrupted by our Invisible Enemy, the
Puppet Masters who bribe, blackmail, but our wonderful politicians; Political Criminals like Blair, Brown & Cameron.
PS The fact that Cyril Smith, the Rotherham MP was allowed to get away with being a predatory paedophile proves that corruption was endemic in the whole rotten system. Note further that Greville Janner was too.


Rotherham Councillor 'Knew Nothing' About Paedophile Pakistanis
That's his story. Lakin was and still is the Cabinet member for children’s services along with various other posts involving children's welfare. Pakistanis are also claiming ignorance. They would, wouldn't they! Other allegedly ignorant include Shaun Wright, the police commissioner, Joyce Thacker & Ged Fitzgerald. The police were determined to let the perpetrators walk because they are corrupt box wallahs subservient to Racist politicians.


Brazen Pakistanis Sent Taxis To Children's Homes For Victims
Officials knew it was going on. Officials colluded in crime knowingly. Officials were terrorised by threats of being called Racist They knew that their wonderful MP was allowed to do it. Their jobs were on the line - or am I being Paranoid?


Pakistani Paedophiles Abused At Least Fourteen Hundred Children In Rotherham  [27 August 2014 ]
A report commissioned by Rotherham Borough Council in 2013 on the events in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, between 1997 and 2013 concluded: "It is hard to describe the appalling nature of the abuse that child victims suffered."....

Its author, Professor Alexis Jay, said she found examples of "children who had been doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight, threatened with guns, made to witness brutally-violent rapes and threatened they would be next if they told anyone".

Prof Jay said: "They were raped by multiple perpetrators, trafficked to other towns and cities in the north of England, abducted, beaten and intimidated." She said she found that girls as young as 11 had been raped by large numbers of men.
In fact not all of the perpetrators were Pakistani intruders. Most of them were but ignoring them to prevent accusations of Racism is what happens in the New Corruption. Having a thief, Denis MacShane as the MP did not help. Then there was Cyril Smith, the notorious Paedophile nearby did not help. He might perfectly well have colluded with Jimmy Savile & Peter Jaconelli, the Mayor of  Scarborough, both of whom were predatory paedophiles.
PS A search on "rotheram paedophile 1400 victims" got 77 hits. The Main Stream Media are closing ranks, perverting the truth. The BBC ran the story on the wireless but not their website so they can claim they told the world after protecting Savile.  It's business as usual - see e.g. North Yorkshire Police To Be Investigated Over Jimmy Savile & Peter Jaconelli.


Rotherham Racists Protected Pakistani Paedophiles  [ 29 August 2014 ]
Senior staff at Rotherham council ordered a raid on one of their offices to remove case files and wipe computer records detailing the scale and severity of the town’s sex-grooming crisis, sources have told The Times.

Details of what frontline staff viewed as a high-level cover-up are revealed today after an independent inquiry which found that 1,400 children fell victim to grotesque levels of violence and abuse in the South Yorkshire town
Destroying evidence in order to  Pervert The Course Of Justice is crime. You are fully at liberty to believe that the police knew nothing about it. Recall that after the News Of The World trial journalists who paid bribes went to prison while the police who took them walked. The problem is that Her Majesty's Government imported millions of Third World criminals with the collusion of Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition. They were corrupted by our Invisible Enemy, the Puppet Masters who bribe, blackmail, but our wonderful politicians; Political Criminals like Blair, Brown & Cameron.
PS The fact that Cyril Smith, the Rochdale MP was allowed to get away with being a predatory Paedophile proves that corruption was endemic in the whole rotten system. Note further that Greville Janner was too.


Rotherham Councillor 'Knew Nothing' About Paedophile Pakistanis [ 29 August 2014 ]
That's his story. Lakin was and still is the Cabinet member for children’s services along with various other posts involving children's welfare. Pakistanis are also claiming ignorance. They would, wouldn't they! Other allegedly ignorant include Shaun Wright, the police commissioner, Joyce Thacker & Ged Fitzgerald. The police were determined to let the perpetrators walk because they are corrupt box wallahs subservient to Racist politicians.


Brazen Pakistanis Sent Taxis To Children's Homes For Victims  [ 29 August 2014 ]
Officials knew it was going on. Officials colluded in crime knowingly. Officials were terrorised by threats of being called Racist They knew that their wonderful MP was bent. Their jobs were on the line - or am I being Paranoid?


Police Arrest 28 Pakistani Rapists [  4 September 2014 ]
This is an improvement on police allowing Pakistanis to rape English girls. Police Corruption means pandering to bent politicians. But the truth about Rotherham emerged so politicians have to pretend they don't want our girls raped. The Main Stream Media market the idea of Western Guilt. Too many people have swallowed it. Be clear that Racism is a Marxist construct.


Rotherham Proves Moral Corruption Of Left Wing [ 5 September 2014 ]
Margaret Wente, “The Unspeakable Truth about Rotherham” (The Globe and Mail, Sept.4, 2014):

Andrew Norfolk, the Times journalist whose investigative reports prompted this inquiry and others now under way, has explained why this travesty is so toxic to Britain’s liberal elites. “The suggestion that men from a minority ethnic background were committing sex crimes against white children was always going to be the far right’s fantasy come true,” he wrote. “Innocent white victims, evil dark-skinned abusers. Liberal angst kicked instinctively into top gear.”

But of course, the anxieties of the right were never fantasies. The fantasy was the left’s ideology that there are no important differences between people, that race doesn’t exist, and that the bloody history of ethnic conflict would magically disappear when millions of Muslims immigrated to the UK...........

Right. It’s not just the Pakistani rape gangs preying on White girls, but the reality that the West has imported cultures of violence, misogyny, extreme ethnocentrism, political corruption, and hostility toward the West. As Wente notes, the effects of the campaign to displace the native British populations has resulted in moral travesty against the innocent. There is thus a powerful moral dimension here that should be exploited by patriots.

White populations have been endlessly lectured by the Left about the moral failures of the past — mainly slavery and colonialism. But the left has not only failed to provide a realistic assessment of the powerful currents of moral indignation that ended slavery in the West and which are unique to the West, it has failed to come to grips with the reality of what these other cultures are really like. Again, the West has imported cultures of violence, misogyny, extreme ethnocentrism, political corruption, and hostility toward the West......

Placing the moral onus on the Left is an important step forward because for so many White people, the need to feel that their actions are morally sanctioned is critical. During the Cold War there was a clear moral dimension to the forces of anti-communism, and it eventually succeeded. However, the Left morphed into rejecting Stalinism, mass murder, Gulags, and police state governments in favor of morally framed appeals on issues such as Civil Rights and slavery in the US and the holocaust and immigration as a moral imperative throughout the West. Throughout the West, the charge of “racism” became the most dreaded accusation imaginable.

It is no exaggeration to say that the moral capital gained from these causes continues to be decisive for millions of well-meaning White people. And it is certainly no accident that Hollywood — a paradigmatic institution dominated by an elite that is hostile to the traditional people and cultures of the West [ He means Jews - Editor  ]— continues to spew out movies and television on these themes while at the same time the media continues to under-report crime in which Whites are victims of non-Whites (recent example here)....
Professor MacDonald explains all; Western Guilt comes from our better instincts - care for the weak, down trodden. It has been perverted into a monster that is destroying us. See the next one for an example of evil inflicted on us by Socialism.


Feminists Hate Rapists - Unless They Are Pakistani  [ 5 September 2014 ]
Feminists care deeply about women, don't they? NO! Feminism is a single issue Propaganda operation, just like Homosexuality & Immigration - if it is the Third World sort. They are all causes run by Marxists and Lenin's Useful Idiots. Feminists keep very quiet about Rape - unless an Englishman is accused. Mrs. Wente writes about Rotherham. It is the same in Derby, Oxford & Rochdale that we know about.


Rotherham MP Does Not Want Inquiry Into Pakistani Perverts [ 14 September 2014 ]
Ignore crime to help the victims - that seems to be the rationale as well as post facto Complicity or being an accessory to major crime after the fact. John Healey claimed that it would not help the victims.


Labour Leader Concealed Crime In Rotherham  [ 9 October 2014 ]
Read Private Eye [ 1375-14 in this case ] to know about the corruption, the lies, the cover ups. In fact it is not that bad; it is worse. Private Eye tells us that Roger Stone is a thief and liar as well as an enemy of England. If he doesn't sue for Libel it is an admission of guilt. You can ask him if he going to -


Labour Colluded With Liberals To Conceal Their Sex Crimes  [ 9 October 2014 ]
Fresh allegations have emerged regarding sexual impropriety, child abuse, and a co-ordinated cover-up by Labour and Liberal Democrat Party officials in the Greater Manchester Area, Breitbart London can exclusively report. 

Following on from the expose that 1400 young, white girls had been abused at the hands of Pakistani gangs in Rotherham, Breitbart London can report new allegations that have come to light about other instances of public sector and government officials colluding to keep information out of the public domain..............

Breitbart London has chosen to redact the names of others implicated in the "deal" due to an ongoing investigation by Greater Manchester Police......

He said: “I worked there for a long time and the stories about Cyril resonated throughout the building. To see him bouncing seven-year-old boys up and down on his knee was frightening. The sexual abuse of boys with learning difficulties did become public but no one ever proved anything against Smith. He was a very clever man who covered his tracks very well.”.......

The allegations over a cover-up "deal" were originally made to the Labour MP's staffer by a long since departed Liberal Democrat councillor. When asked to confirm that the original e-mail was indeed sent by him, the Labour staff member admitted it, which has raised questions as to why no one contacted the police at the time.
Recall that Labour moved Janner from the Commons to the Lords when he was accused on oath of being a Paedophile. He got away with it because he is a Jew and  Labour is utterly corrupt.
PS The Guardian explains all, including Roger Stone, liar & thief - sort of. The allegation that the majority of perpetrators were Englishmen is grossly misleading but then  The Guardian is that "foul prostitute and dirty parasite of the worst portion of the mill-owners".


Rotherham Scandal Is Tip Of Iceberg Says Policeman [ October 2014 ]
There will be more Rotherham-style child sexual exploitation scandals unearthed in the coming months as the “stone is lifted” on the scale of abuse perpetrated on the young, one of Britain’s top police officers has warned.

In an interview with the Guardian, Simon Bailey, chief constable of Norfolk police, who is the leading officer concerned with child abuse within the Association of Chief Police Officers, said that sex crimes involving children had for “too long been a hidden crime”............

Bailey warned that the scale of the problem was far larger than previously thought, with the latest research estimating that the number of children suffering sexual abuse at some point in their childhood could be as high as 600,000. “We don’t know for sure. But I think it’s tens of thousands of victims [a year] of an appalling crime.”

The senior officer’s comments come as the police reel from a series of reports which cast forces as at best complacent over the issue of child sex abuse, and at worst as being “wilfully blind” to victims’ pleas.

In August Alexis Jay, a professor and former social worker, found that gangs of mainly Asian men had groomed, terrorised and abused 1,400 girls, some as young as 11, in Rotherham over a 16-year period. Jay said police often disbelieved the young girls when they contacted the forces about their experiences.

There have also been concerns raised over the response by police in similar child exploitation cases that occurred in Rochdale, Barnsley and Doncaster......

This week Greater Manchester police, the third largest force in England and Wales, was accused by serving and former detectives of attempting to cover up failings to tackle gangs of Asian men who were abusing young girls.
Police Corruption is par for the course, normal, routine even fun. It takes eighteen months to make a copper, which is to say a hardened liar. What he will miss when he goes out is not getting away with drinking and driving; it is the pleasure of committing Perjury.

Police Ignore 54 Pakistani Rapes In Rotherham [13 November 2014 ]
Three brothers alleged to have abused more than 50 girls in Rotherham remain at large - despite police being told about their activities more than a decade ago, it has been claimed.

A former Rotherham Council researcher said mentions of the brothers, who are of Pakistani descent, featured ‘very heavily’ in a dossier she produced for police in 2001 on suspected abusers in the town.

But the information was never acted upon - and the researcher has told MPs that the men have never been prosecuted for the alleged abuse, despite facing other charges on different criminal matters.
The law applies to everyone - allegedly. The Police Oath applies to all of them - allegedly. It is .............. I will, to the best of my power, cause the peace to be kept and preserved and prevent all offences against people and property.

Notice all offences, not just some. The Rotherham Rapists were allowed to get away crime because the police are corrupt, because they pander to corrupt politicians, because Her Majesty's Government incites Racism - anti-English Racism.


Rotherham MP Does Not Want Inquiry Into Pakistani Perverts [ 14 September 2014 ]
Ignore crime to help the victims - that seems to be the rationale as well as post facto Complicity or being an accessory to major crime after the fact. John Healey claimed that it would not help the victims.


Police 'Investigating 54 Pakistani Child Grooming Gangs' [ 16 October 2014 ]
Police are [ allegedly ] investigating 54 alleged gangs in a crackdown on child grooming in England and Wales, peers have heard........

While those cases involved mainly defendants of British Pakistani origin and white British female victims, a report from the Children's Commissioner for England has stated that abusers "come from all ethnic groups and so do their victims"............

Lord Taylor said 2,409 children and young people had been confirmed as victims of sexual exploitation by gangs or groups between August 2010 and October 2011.
One should assume that the allegation about all ethnic origins is a lie perpetrated by the BBC, a Marxist propaganda machine or some other government official. It is, at a minimum words taken out of context. Recall that the  BBC markets Homosexuality for personal advantage as well as a matter of policy. It also protects Paedophile Perverts like Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith, Ted Heath & Mark Trotter. The Beeb takes a much more relaxed view of this affair than the Stephen Lawrence killing but then Lawrence was a black sorted out by patriotic Englishmen, not vice versa.


Rotherham Rape Inquiry Threaten The Victims [ 7 December 2014 ]
They ignored the victims. They protected the perpetrators. Now it is in the open so they are pretending to be concerned, pretending they will act. They are acting - putting the frighteners on the girls who were raped. They have already said they are not going to investigate the Rotherham criminals who Perverted The Course Of Justice by refusing to protect English girls against Pakistani Perverts.
PS You might think it significant that people trying to prevent rape need their own lawyers to protect them against the government.
PPS Thousands more Third World criminals are trying to get in, to rob, to rape. See e.g. the next one.


13 Year Old Rotherham Rape Victim Ignored Because The Police Medic Was Having Lunch [ 11 December 2014 ]
A teenager was pressured to drop her rape complaint as it would ruin a police doctor's Sunday lunch, it has been claimed. The 13-year-old says she was attacked by a gang of Asian men in Rotherham, the centre of a series of sex abuse scandals involving men targeting younger girls. Her mother called police after the girl came home drunk the Saturday before and said she had been with older men.
Asian is Main Stream Media code for Pakistani. Teens means feral blacks. Concealing the Colour of Crime is policy.


Rotherham Police Being Investigated For Allowing Pakistanis Rape English Girls  [ 1 December 2014 ]
The police watchdog has announced it is to investigate 10 South Yorkshire police officers over their handling [ mishandling in fact ] of child sexual exploitation in the wake of the Rotherham child abuse scandal. The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said the 10 officers - who have not been named - were identified through Professor Alexis Jay's independent review of how child abuse allegations were handled. Last month, the National Crime Agency (NCA) announced it would lead an investigation into outstanding allegations of child sex abuse in Rotherham.
A half hearted pretence of looking to be followed, months later by a low key announcement  that they got away with just like the rest. The police had no hesitation about ignoring earlier reports that didn't get the publicity.


Rotherham Rape Inquiry Threaten The Victims [ 7 December 2014 ]
They ignored the victims. They protected the perpetrators. Now it is in the open so they are pretending to be concerned, pretending they will act. They are acting - putting the frighteners on the girls who were raped. They have already said they are not going to investigate the Rotherham criminals who Perverted The Course Of Justice by refusing to protect English girls against Pakistani Perverts.
PS You might think it significant that people trying to prevent rape need their own lawyers to protect them against the government.
PPS Thousands more Third World criminals are trying to get in, to rob, to rape. See e.g. the next one.


Rotherham MPs Sue UKIP For Libel After Pakistani Paedophile Cover Up [ 13 January 2015 ]
That sounds like a real voter winner for all of those wonderful Labour MPs who claim that they know nothing about the Pakistani Perverts who raped 1,400 English girls in Rotherham.
PS Cameron is keeping his mouth shut about this one. The 2014 Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry was supposed to start last year and to find nothing. It hasn't even started because too many of The Establishment know too many of the Racists who let the Pakistanis get away with it.


Rotherham Council Collusion In Pakistani Rape Epidemic Confirmed  [ 4 February 2015 ]
Rotherham Council is "not fit for purpose", according a new independent report into the grooming scandal in the borough.

The long-awaited findings were published by Louise Casey, having been commissioned by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles, over the child sex abuse scandal that [ is known to have ] lasted 16 years.

It followed fresh claims of a police officer and two councillors accused of having sex with underage girls.

A previous inquiry by Alexis Jay found that an estimated 1,400 girls suffered “appalling levels of crime and abuse” in the South Yorkshire town from 1997 to 2013.

Children were said to have been abducted, trafficked to other towns, beaten, threatened and in some cases forced to witness rape. The men involved were "almost all" of Pakistani origin.

Council officers are alleged to have known of the abuse yet chose to "disbelieve, suppress of ignore" evidence of multiple crimes. .......

Allegations against the police officer, who is also said to have regularly passed information to abusers targeting vulnerable children for sex, have separately been referred to the police watchdog by the South Yorkshire force.
It sounds as though they are getting round to doing something about Racist crime in Rotherham. It is anti-English racist crime but crime none the less. But they are only doing it because of the publicity.


Finally, The Truth Behind Rotherham’s Lies  [ 5 February 2015 ]
Leaders of a council which abandoned its own children resigned en masse yesterday after a devastating report revealed their abject response to the Rotherham abuse scandal. The government responded by denouncing the authority as “wholly dysfunctional” and ordering the replacement of its ruling Labour cabinet by a team of commissioners.

The report of an inspection by Louise Casey, director-general of the report of an inspection by Louise Casey, director-general of the government’s troubled families programme, accused Rotherham council of being in collective denial about its failings. Most councillors and many officials refused to accept the findings of an inquiry last year which revealed the unchecked abuse of 1,400 girls.
Dysfunctional or corrupt? I'll settle for the latter even though there was only one Pakistani among them. They are Racists, anti-English racists. They are, at best some of Lenin's Useful Idiots, part of the Enemy Within.

The Times links to 'Bias against Pakistanis'; a direct lie. The bias is against England.


Two Councilliors And A Bent Copper Fornicated With Rotherham Girls  [ 5 February 2015 ]
Which councillors were at it? My guess is the Pakistani and an Englishman. The copper? Which one isn't bent? Who will get away with it? The lot.


Rotherham Council Governance Report  [ 5 February 2015 ]
Says they are seriously bad news. It probably does not say they are Racists even though that is what they are - anti-English racists betraying English girls.


Rotherham Council Leader Roger Stone Summoned To Parliament  [ 14 February 2015 ]
Earlier this month Stone was accused of presiding over a sexist and bullying culture which suppressed whistleblowers. In a report on the council’s mishandling of child sexual exploitation, Louise Casey, the government’s lead on troubled families, said Stone ruled with fear.

Concluding that the council is “not fit for purpose”, Casey said she had found “a culture of covering up uncomfortable truths, silencing whistle-blowers and paying off staff rather than dealing with difficult issues” and “an archaic culture of sexism, bullying and discomfort around race”.
Stone will lawyered up when he goes there. Notice that The Guardian has nothing to say about
Racism but then The Guardian is a propaganda  machine in the business of perverting the truth.


Cameron Letting Rotherham Perpetrators Walk Free  [  6 March 2015 ]
Teachers, social workers who work with children and councillors could face up to five years in prison if they turn a blind eye to child abuse under proposals to be set out on Tuesday by David Cameron.

Coming in the wake of horrific stories of neglect in places such as Rotherham and Oxfordshire, the plan is to be put forward by the prime minister at a Downing Street summit. Cameron will say: “Professionals who fail to protect children will be held properly accountable and council bosses who preside over such catastrophic failure will not see rewards for that failure.”.........

Cameron believes his plan to extend the offence of wilful neglect beyond the health service and adult social care ­sector to a far wider group of public service workers will send out a message that child abuse can no longer be regarded as a second order issue by public service workers [ and that the perpetrators who have been at it for years will not be prosecuted - Editor ]...........

One social worker in Oxfordshire recently told a trial that nine out of 10 of those responsible for the wellbeing of the girls were aware of what was going on......

Cameron is aware that UKIP leader Nigel ­Farage has been trying to exploit the evidence of child abuse by members of ethnic minorities to demand tougher action.
Cameron has been keeping quiet about this. Now he is talking - about making law on wilful neglect as a diversion, obscuring the fact that police who refused to prosecute are guilty of Perverting The Course Of Justice for the benefit of Pakistani Perverts, which is Misconduct In Public Office. That also applies to Rotherham councillors who were determined to ignore major crime. Cameron is not saying anything about the Third World aliens he imported to rape our girls. The Feminists are keeping quiet as well. They don't care about English girls being raped.
PS The Guardian, that great protector of morals is also keen on letting Rotherham councillors get away with crime and wants more aliens flooding in.


English People In Rotherham Abused For Being Disgruntled By Pakistani Paedophiles [ 15 March 2015 ]
Anger at the sexual abuse of teenage girls by Pakistani grooming gangs is tearing a town apart with racial tension, a Sunday People investigation has revealed. Multi-cultural Rotherham in South Yorkshire was rocked by a damning report this summer, which showed that 1,400 vulnerable youngsters have been targeted for sex [ by Pakistanis ] since 1997.

Worryingly, we found hate crime has soared and mutual suspicion is rife since it was revealed the culprits were mainly [ 99% or so? ] British Asians.
The Mirror is siding with the Third World aliens, against England. It was owned by the Jew, Maxwell - a bully, liar, oaf, fornicator, thief, murderer & traitor. His evil lives on.


Rotherham Ratbag Bills Us For Remembrance Day Poppy [ 15 March 2015 ]
A Labour MP is to repay expenses after claiming the cost of a poppy wreath to honour the war dead on Remembrance Day.

Sarah Champion admitted the claim 'should never have been made' and will return the £17 to the expenses watchdog this week.

The MP, who was the star of a documentary about life in the Commons, billed the taxpayer for the tribute last November.
Greedy, corrupt & doubtless denying all knowledge of Paedophile perverts


Andrew Norfolk Exposed Rotherham Crime & Feels Uncomfortable About It  [ 15 March 2015 ]
Why not feel proud? Working in the Main Stream Media means pandering to propagandists. A lying ratbag at The Guardian complained about 'Racialising Crime'


Government Inquiring Into Child Sex Abuse In Rotherham As Well As Westminster  [ 6 February 2015 ]
The systematic and unfettered sexual abuse of 1,400 young girls in Rotherham is to be investigated alongside the alleged Westminster VIP paedophile ring, the new chair of the historical child abuse inquiry said today.

New Zealand High Court judge Lowell Goddard, who was appointed by Theresa May yesterday, said lessons must be learned from the 16-year scandal that has engulfed Rotherham. 

But the independent inquiry into how the allegations of child sex abuse were dealt with by authorities may last until 2018. 

Judge Goddard's inquiry will investigate the Rotherham case and also whether public bodies, including governments, charities, the Church and BBC, failed to protect children across Britain.
One has to say that Goddard J is making the right noises. People who know her are more impressed by her dress sense than her integrity. Perhaps that is why she was chosen. She is definitely on a winner; making around £800 per diem for three years. It is what Arthur Daley called a nice little earner.


Rotherham Councillors Still Want Pakistani Paedophiles To Get Away With Rape [ 6 February 2015 ]
Their allegations mean they are anti-English Racists who  had every intention of   Perverting The Course Of Justice for the benefit of  Third World criminals.


English People In Rotherham Abused For Being Disgruntled By Pakistani Paedophiles [ 15 March 2015 ]
Anger at the sexual abuse of teenage girls by Pakistani grooming gangs is tearing a town apart with racial tension, a Sunday People investigation has revealed. Multi-cultural Rotherham in South Yorkshire was rocked by a damning report this summer, which showed that 1,400 vulnerable youngsters have been targeted for sex [ by Pakistanis ] since 1997.

Worryingly, we found hate crime has soared and mutual suspicion is rife since it was revealed the culprits were mainly [ 99% or so? ] British Asians.
The Mirror is siding with the Third World aliens, against England. It was owned by the Jew, Maxwell - a bully, liar, oaf, fornicator, thief, murderer & traitor. His evil lives on.


42 Rotherham Police Being Investigated After Allowing 14 Hundred Girls To Be Raped By Pakistanis [ 27 March 2015 ]
A probe into how police handled child sexual exploitation in Rotherham is looking into allegations against 42 officers after complaints were sent to the force watchdog. 

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) was already examining allegations against ten officers involved in the investigation into one of the country's most prolific child abuse rings.

But today the commission said it had received 30 new complaints containing 100 allegations about 42 officers involved in the Rotherham investigation.............

The commission said it was also investigating an allegation that South Yorkshire Police failed to act on information passed to them in 2004 and 2006 about alleged child abuse in nearby Sheffield.
Who is investigating? Amateurs or experts? The police have been down this road too many times. They are expert liars. Committing perjury is routine. They might throw a couple of junior police to the wolves later, when we have all forgotten. Justice? Forget it. Her Majesty's Government wants England flooded with Third World undesirables. Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition wants them and their Vote Rigging. It will be a whitewash.


Rotherham's Corporate Failings To Be Ignored Addressed  [ 11 June 2015 ]
Management shake-up planned at scandal-hit Rotherham Council to tackle ‘corporate failings’ Plans for a management shake-up at scandal-hit Rotherham Council have been unveiled by commissioners running the authority. Nine new managerial posts are to be created at a cost of more than £200,000, including bringing in an assistant chief executive.
The plan is clear. Labour has been allowing Pakistani Perverts to Rape girls in Rotherham since 1997 that we know about, because they are Racists who hate England. They colluded in Perverting The Course Of Justice by the police, which is
Misconduct In Public Office. The Tories kept very quiet about the whole thing because they are also part of the Enemy Within. That is why Cameron has invented a 'new' crime called wilful neglect, which still Misconduct In Public Office - see Cameron Letting Rotherham Perpetrators Walk Free. It is a pretence that old crimes were not illegal at the time.


Private Eye Tells All - 18 February 2015


 Report mention Rotherham's complete denial - names Jackie Jenkinson who helped suppress evidence of CSE since 2001 - now at Doncaster on £90K as assistant director for children and families after a number of deaths - now called Jackie Wilson - protégé of thuggish MP Kevin Highs [ Donny North ] - mate? of Caroline Flint.



Rotherham Youth Worker Exposed Government Collusion In Pakistani Mass Rapes [ 16 June 2015  ]
A youth service manager has unmasked herself as the whistleblower who provided a journalist from The Times with key reports exposing the Rotherham child sexual abuse scandal in an attempt to persuade others to follow suit.

Jayne Senior said that she was driven by a desire to force the authorities to start protecting victims of sex grooming when she handed over more than 200 restricted access documents to the investigative reporter Andrew Norfolk in 2012.
Allowing major crime such as Rape is Perverting The Course Of Justice as well as Misconduct In Public Office. It is also government policy.


South Yorkshire Police admit there is ‘much work to do’ to protect children [ 2 July 2015  ]
Any work is an improvement on no work, or indeed work to let Pakistanis commit crime.


Rotherham Police Still Not Protecting English Girls From Pakistani Paedophiles [ 22 July 2015 ]
The police force at the centre of the Rotherham abuse scandal still needs to make "major improvements" to some child protection procedures, a report has found. Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) criticised South Yorkshire Police last September. A post-inspection review, conducted in April this year, found "significant concerns" remained.
One improvement that could be made is investigating rape reports as distinct from ignoring them. Being determined to let Pakistani Perverts rape girls is major crime i.e. Perverting The Course Of Justice & Misconduct In Public Office. They are currently in fall back mode; when the excrement hits the cooling system, lie & destroy evidence. Then there is the old standby, Perjury.


Private Eye Tells More -
page 16 moving on
Howard Woolfenden on £85K is fingered - closed Risky Business - now doing Birmingham. Pam Allen a director of safeguarding 2004 - 2009. Now boss of children support and safeguarding in the East Riding. Annie Redmond & Grace Davidson followed her, very cozy leads to


Published previously:

Operation Stovewood – Police launch new child sex abuse investigation December 2014



The Star – South Yorkshire Police chief promises ‘full support’ for new Rotherham abuse investigation
Preventing efforts to stop CSE
Mob Rule?
Lunchtime Town Hall Protest


Operation Stovewood – Summary of Terms of Reference

Download/read as a .pdf

NCA begins two-stage investigation into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham



Cameron Letting Rotherham Perpetrators Walk Free  [ 6 March 2015 ]
Teachers, social workers who work with children and councillors could face up to five years in prison if they turn a blind eye to child abuse under proposals to be set out on Tuesday by David Cameron.

Coming in the wake of horrific stories of neglect in places such as Rotherham and Oxfordshire, the plan is to be put forward by the prime minister at a Downing Street summit. Cameron will say: “Professionals who fail to protect children will be held properly accountable and council bosses who preside over such catastrophic failure will not see rewards for that failure.”.........

Cameron [ chooses to allege that he ] believes his plan to extend the offence of wilful neglect beyond the health service and adult social care ­sector to a far wider group of public service workers will send out a message that child abuse can no longer be regarded as a second order issue by public service workers [ and that the perpetrators who have been at it for years will not be prosecuted - Editor ]...........

One social worker in Oxfordshire recently told a trial that nine out of 10 of those responsible for the wellbeing of the girls were aware of what was going on......

Cameron is aware that UKIP leader Nigel ­Farage has been trying to exploit the evidence of child abuse by members of ethnic minorities to demand tougher action.
Cameron has been keeping quiet about this. Now he is talking - about making law on wilful neglect as a diversion, obscuring the fact that police who refused to prosecute are guilty of Perverting The Course Of Justice for the benefit of Pakistani Perverts, which is Misconduct In Public Office. That also applies to Rotherham councillors who were determined to ignore major crime. Cameron is not saying anything about the Third World aliens he imported to rape our girls. The Feminists are keeping quiet as well. They don't care about English girls being raped.
PS The Guardian, that great protector of morals is also keen on letting Rotherham councillors get away with crime and wants more aliens flooding in.


Labour Imported 3.6 Million Immigrants [ 6 March 2015 ]
Immigration during Labour’s time in power boosted the UK population by 3.6 million, according to a report published today. The number over 13 years is equivalent to the combined size of five of Britain’s largest cities.

A study by MigrationWatch argues that the surge in immigration under Labour was partly because of incompetence and partly a conspiracy by some in the party to make British society more multicultural. It hints that Labour may have opened up the UK for electoral advantage, because migrants from Asia and Africa were more inclined to vote Labour than Conservative or Liberal Democrat.
I claim that The Times alleges that Migration Watch argues that........Words Are Propaganda Tools. The Times has an agenda. Calling people liars in so many words would be libel. Labour imported Third World   aliens in order to bribe them, to buy their votes. The Tories were stupid enough to let them. Being Capitalist Swine they wanted cheap labour.


Howard Woolfenden Birmingham City Council hires child protection boss from scandal-hit Rotherham - Birmingham Mail
Birmingham City Council has controversially recruited a child protection boss from scandal-hit Rotherham Council – where he was linked to the closure of a group rescuing sexually exploited young girls.

Howard Woolfenden joined the authority as an £85,000 per year assistant director last March and is now leading the council’s work to protect young victims from grooming gangs.

Yet he was part of the Rotherham Council management team collectively heavily criticised last week for failing child sexual exploitation (CSE) victims and for closing the pioneering group Risky Business – described as ‘the only lifeline’ for abused girls in the town.

The council-run outreach group offered practical support and advice to the terrified youngsters, many from the care system, as well as collecting details of abusers – the majority, Asian Pakistani men – and keeping them on a confidential database.

Yet in April 2011 the group was suddenly shut down by Rotherham Council where Mr Woolfenden was director of safeguarding children and families at the time. He was then made director of safeguarding and corporate parenting and oversaw the creation of Risky Business’ replacement, an in-house council team. He resigned in August 2012 from the authority where he had worked for two years.

This week the entire leadership of Rotherham Council stood down after a damning report into the town’s CSE scandal by Louise Casey, director-general for troubled families at the government’s Communities Department.

The Mail has learned that Mr Woolfenden was interviewed as part of her investigation.

Her report found Rotherham Council was ‘not fit for purpose’ and still ‘in denial’ about the 1,400 young girls abused there over 16 years.


Rotherham Whitewash Working Well [ 16 April 2015 ]
A Doncaster child services boss, who came under fire for her role at Rotherham council during a time when widespread child sexual exploitation was taking place, has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Jackie Wilson, who was responsible for safeguarding children in Rotherham between 2002-2007, has been cleared by an [ allegedly ] independent investigation of any personal responsibility for the failings of her former employer to tackle child sexual exploitation (CSE).

Following her time at Rotherham council Mrs. Wilson was employed as assistant director of children’s services at Doncaster council is now Director of Transformation at the newly-formed Doncaster Children’s Services Trust........

““It is the job of this Council and the Trust and the wider Children’s Safeguarding system to ensure that children’s social care services are the best they can be for all of our children and families.

Its principle finding, that Rotherham Council failed to protect 1,400 children from abuse, led to calls for local authorities to investigate staff mentioned in the report.
Wilson beat the rap in spite of helping the local police put the frighteners on Adele Gladman, a whistle blower who told the Truth. Labour corruption goes hand in hand with police crime. Why did the Main Stream Media do a news blackout? Why was it left to the local comic and Private Eye [ 1389 page 14 ]? Because they are corrupt Propaganda machines run by anti-English Racists.

Janner Beats Paedophile Perversion Charges For A Third Time [ 16 April 2015 ]
Lord Greville Janner will not face child sex abuse trial after Crown Prosecution Service 'mistakes' CPS admits Lord Janner should have been prosecuted over string of 'extremely serious' claims as police explore possible legal challenge and Labour suspend him

Lord Greville Janner, the veteran Labour Peer, should have faced multiple child sex abuse charges twice in the past, but avoided trial due to Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) mistakes, it has been revealed [ stated/claimed/alleged ].

The CPS admitted it had been wrong not to prosecute Lord Janner, first in 1991 and again in 2007, but said it would not be in the public interest to do so now as the 86-year-old was suffering from severe dementia.

Allegations against the former Labour MP date back to the late 1960s and refer to a children’s home in his Leicestershire constituency.
Blair let Janner off the hook first time round, sticking him the Lords so that the hot, sweaty peasant masses couldn't vote against him. Now he is working the ill health routine. That was how they kept Jimmy Savile out of prison. If there is enough evidence to charge him there was more, fresher evidence then. Believe their story if you want; not many will.
PS It is rather strange that the police aren't going along with The Establishment on this one. That part of it is not corruption as normal.
PPS The real reason why he was allowed to get away with buggering a lad is that he is Jew running the Holocaust® Racket


Rotherham Councillors Suspended [ 7th September 2014 ]
One councillor under fire in the abuse scandal has a conviction for affray while another is related to a drugs dealer.

Former taxi boss Jahangir Akhtar, 53, who was suspended by the party last week, admitted affray in 2001 after getting involved in a restaurant brawl. But he escaped jail after a police commander handed the judge a glowing reference.

Akhtar’s cousin Arshid Hussain was named in the official report into the scandal as a “boyfriend” of up to 18 girls who are believed to have been abused.

And his son Tanveer is a constable working for South Yorkshire Police – the force which was slammed alongside the council for failing to stop the systematic sex abuse of 1,400 children over a period of 16 years.

Last night Akhtar denied that he protected his cousin in any way or that he knew about any inappropriate relationships.

Another councillor suspended by Labour last week – Shaukat Ali, 60 – has a relative serving 22 years in jail for flooding the politician’s ward with ecstasy.

Caged dealer Shawyat Iqbal is also the older brother of a butcher who was hacked to death in a frenzied machete attack last year.

Our probe into the disgraced town hall also found:

Council chiefs spent hundreds of thousands on “diversity” as Pakistani men raped and attacked defenceless young girls.

Labour MPs did nothing about a letter last year making accusations of a council cover-up in the 1980s.

Under-fire Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright urged taxi drivers to refer young people at risk of sexual exploitation to the authorities – despite scores of cabbies being suspected in the conspiracy.

Children’s Services chiefs told a council meeting 118 sex abuse cases in 2008 were “assessed appropriately”, yet no children were put on a Child Protection Plan.

An annual Children’s Services report into sexual exploitation boasted: “In Rotherham there is a good understanding of the nature and scope of sexual exploitation relating to girls and young women.”

“Despite calls for Jahangir Akhtar to be axed from the council, he continued as a member and became deputy leader”

In September 2001, Akhtar was involved in a fracas at the Minar Balti restaurant in Rotherham.

He was called by his boozed-up brother Tesadiq Hussein, who claimed he had been attacked by staff. Hussein was later jailed for 14 months.

Akhtar received 130 hours’ community service. Despite calls for him to be axed from the council, he continued as a member and became deputy leader.

Suspended councillor Ali is the cousin of convicted ecstasy dealer Shawyat “Sid” Iqbal’s dad.

Iqbal and an accomplice were jailed for 22 years after flooding Rotherham and parts of the north-west with 100kg of the drug in 2012. Iqbal’s younger brother Parvaiz was stabbed to death in a butcher’s on the Eastwood estate in the heart of Ali’s ward.

Rotherham Council said the issues raised in the Daily Star Sunday’s investigation were a matter for the Labour party.

Meanwhile, chief executive Martin Kimber said of the abuse scandal: “I find these tragic events, which have now been widely reported, to be deeply distressing, inexcusable and unacceptable.

“Victims of the past have been brave enough to tell their story to avoid a new generation of young people being victims.

“By commissioning this independent inquiry, the council has ensured their horrific experiences no longer remain hidden and their long wait to have their voices heard and to be believed has now succeeded.

“One can only admire their bravery and dignity.

“We owe the survivors of child sexual exploitation of the past nothing less than our pledge that we will continue to do everything we can to improve in the future.”
Perhaps it is true that  Martin Kimber knew nothing and did not protect Pakistani Perverts in order to Pervert The Course Of Justice. I seriously doubt it though. A large most of the council and officials are guilty of
Misconduct In Public Office. Real power is the power to abuse power. They have been getting away with it for years.


Private Eye
Has updated us on Rotherham shennanigans. Jo Miller of Doncaster hired Jackie Wilson on £90K for her alleged expertise in protecting children. Miller further claims that Wilson was cleared of any guilt by an "independent investigation". The fact that this claim flies in the face of the evidence is ignored. The "independent" investigator, Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co charged £91,501.0 plus VAT & 'disbursements'. Their list of witnesses is impressive until one looks into the small print, finding that most of them declined to interviewed.
PS Private Eye does not actually say that Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co are corrupt bunch of liars doing a whitewash but that is the message. See PE 1391


Six Rotherham Pakistanis Charged With Multiple Sex Crimes [ 9 July 2015 ]
Six defendants charged with alleged Rotherham s sexual exploitation offences are to stand trial in December........

Arshid Hussain, 40, of High Street, East Cowick, Goole, has been charged with 46 offences, including indecent assault and procuring of a female to have sexual intercourse.

Sajid Bostan, 38, of Sherwood Crescent or Broom Avenue, both in Rotherham, has been charged with 11 offences, including unlawful sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of 13 and indecent assault.

Majid Bostan, 37, of Ledsham Road, Rotherham, is charged with one count of indecent assault.

Qurban Ali, 52, of Clough Road, Masbrough, who has been charged with offences including rape and procuring a child to have unlawful sexual intercourse with another.

Karen MacGregor, 58, of Barnsley Road, Wath, has been charged with conspiring to procure a child to become a common prostitute and unlawful imprisonment.

Forty-year-old Shelley Davies, of Wainwright Road, Kimberworth Park, has been charged with conspiracy to procure a child to become a common prostitute and unlawful imprisonment.

MacGregor, Davies, Ali and Hussain are also jointly charged with conspiracy to rape.
Actually two are women & English at that. Are the councillors & police who allowed 1,400 girls to be raped going to face justice? Not a chance. Cameron is creating an allegedly new crime of wilful neglect as a diversion, obscuring the fact that police who refused to prosecute are guilty of Perverting The Course Of Justice for the benefit of Pakistani Perverts, which is Misconduct In Public Office. All over the Main Stream Media? Not a chance. Protecting perverts is policy. & ignored it

South Yorkshire Police Ignored List Of Suspected Paedophiles In 2003

South Yorkshire Police Capture Seven Suspected Paedophiles

Sex Abuse Gangs In Black Country Similar To Rotherham
This is in the West Midlands - Wolverhampton, Walsall, Sandwell and Dudley. Other hotspots in the region are Lye, Brierley Hill, Tipton, Smethwick and Rowley Regis in Sandwell, Willenhall and Walsall town centre. Yes, of course it is Pakistanis.

Breaking News – Three men arrested over Rotherham child sex abuse

Three Prisoners Taken Over Rotherham Child Sex Abuse

Jahangir Akhtar has had his taxi driver’s licence suspended - 04 March 2015

Rotherham councillors suspended in latest child abuse twist
Police helped him get away with it. Akhtar has previous for Affray.

This goes back to a 2002 report which was covered up.


Steven Croft, a Church of England bishop spoke, having kept quiet for too long. The wonderful people running Rotherham Politics feel that he is bugger all use - see Bishop Of Sheffield On The Rotherham Abuse Scandal
The Christian Church has been almost silent on the scandal so far. Judging by this – maybe they should stay that way!
Perhaps he is not so bad as the police. Perhaps he did not actively conceal crime. What did he do to protect the little ones when they needed him? Not a lot.


Rotherham Police Determinedly Ignore Child Sexual Abuse [ 22 May 2015 ]
There is a bigger question around fears that the Pakistani community leaders (Mahroof, Shabana, Shaukat and gone but not forgotten Akhtar) are more inclined to encourage denial than confront the issue of CSE & the abuse of women by some males within their ethnic community........

Jay [ see the Jay Report On Child Sexual Exploitation ] showed that it is definitely happening in a big way within their community, among a sector they are uniquely positioned to understand….the taxi drivers............

I have been in two situations recently where I heard from reputable sources of considerable amounts of solid evidence of CSE perpetrators being passed to the police: in one case actual names numbering in the hundreds. And this was many years ago!

Yet only five perpetrators have been brought to justice in Rotherham so far and that was really down to the local communities not police or agencies. Can the police, or do the police really want, to protect children? Sometimes I wonder. Or, giving them the benefit of the doubt, do they feel genuinely that their hands are tied by legislation/procedure etc.?
The police in Rotherham are corrupt, just like the wonderful people at Scotland Yard 'protecting' London.


Police Admit To Extensive Pakistani Crime In Rotherham [ 4 July 2015 ]
This is progress. They claim that they have 300 suspects. Whether they will do more than pretend to investigate is the question. Making sure that local police who colluded in Pakistani Perversion get away with Perverting The Course Of Justice is their real priority. One policeman in the area was 'Sir' Bernard Hogan-Howe.


Rotherham Pakistanis Protected Paedophile Perverts [ 2 August 2015 ]
Mahroof & Akhtar – When will Labour’s investigation report? [ Try NEVER! - Editor ]
Last updated at 12:01AM, February 6 2015
A Labour Councillor in Rotherham is under investigation by the party for his alleged use of bullying and intimidation to stifle discussion of the town’s sex-grooming scandal.

Mahroof Hussain, who announced his resignation from the authority yesterday, is the subject of complaints from a fellow Labour Councillor and another member of the local party, relating to separate incidents last year.........

A police officer was said to have described a meeting at which the two men resisted an initiative to target taxi drivers and the Pakistani community in relation to sex-grooming crimes..........

 A Labour spokesman said the party had “taken swift and decisive action” but “does not comment on internal investigations”.
The Labour Party has taken swift decisive action in Rotherham; it swiftly decided to do whatever it could to hide the truth and protect the guilty. That is why it still has not reported.


Rotherham Police Criminals Are Being Protected [ 2 August 2015 ]
What is Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Constabulary going to do about corrupt policemen who ignore
Rape committed by Pakistani Perverts because they are anti-English Racists? As little as possible is the answer. He, she or it is helping Pervert The Course Of Justice, which is Misconduct In Public Office. Real power is the power to abuse power.


Two Out Of Three Paedophile Perverts In Rotherham Are English - Allegedly [ 6 August 2015 ]
More than two-thirds of identified Rotherham child sexual exploitation offenders and suspects are white, a new report has said.

New analysis from Rotherham Public Health [ a branch of Rotherham council - Editor ] has looked at the ethnic backgrounds of suspected abusers in the past two years and [ chosen to allege that it ] found some 68 per cent of identified suspects are white. Almost a quarter – 24 per cent – are of Asian origin.

It comes after the Jay report said that ‘by far the majority of perpetrators were described as ‘Asian’ by victims’ among the cases examined by her inquiry team.
One report is wrong, if not both. Who do you believe? Given that dozens or hundreds of politicians & officials in Rotherham were determined to suppress the truth about Pakistani Perverts it is pretty obvious who is perverting the truth in order to Pervert The Course Of Justice. The police will be using Perjury as well. You might care to ask Rotherham Public Health what the game is by emailing Telephone: 01709 255853.


Pakistani Controlled Rotherham Police [ 31 August 2015 ]
That is not quite the headline from The Times but it is the essence; it is how Pakistanis in Rotherham protected Perverts, why police allowed them to Rape 1,400 English girls.


Police Officers Investigated Over Rotherham Misconduct [ 31 August 2015 ]
Twenty-seven police officers have been placed under formal investigation for alleged misconduct linked to the Rotherham sex-grooming scandal. They are among more than 60 serving and retired officers from the South Yorkshire force who are the subject of more than 100 allegations arising from their past handling of child sexual exploitation offences in the town.

The independent police complaints commission (IPCC) has issued 41 misconduct notices against 27 officers, seven of whom are retired, and is continuing to assess complaints against more than
This should not be taken to mean that the investigators have the slightest intention of getting convictions. The real issue is making sure that police walk away with their pensions intact. NB One policeman in the best police force that money buy was 'Sir' Bernard Hogan-Howe QPM. As the Metropolitan Police Commissioner he refused to investigate a Racist, a Pakistani criminal called 'Lord' Ahmed. He also refused to admit that he had been made aware of Ahmed's racism.


Rotherham Rape Investigation Maybe England's Largest [ 16 September 2015 ]
An investigation into  Rotherham child grooming may cost nearly £7m this year as it potentially becomes ‘the single largest CSE investigation ever undertaken in the UK’.

A new report has highlighted the National Crime Agency’s Operation Stovewood as one of the key financial pressures on South Yorkshire Police............. In June, the NCA said it had identified 300 potential suspects [ Police or Pakistanis? ] and was following up on 3,300 lines of enquiry in relation to allegations covering 1997 to 2013, the same period covered by the damning Jay Report that found there were at least 1,400 victims of abuse..........

Another high-profile also underway is the Met Police-run Operation Yewtree, an enquiry into alleged child sexual exploitation by the late Jimmy Savile and others.
The Star mentions Yewtree being run by the Met but skates over the fact that the Met is run by  'Sir' Bernard Hogan-Howe, a chancer from the Rotherham police. He refused to investigate 'Lord' Nazir Ahmed, Baron Ahmed of Rotherham or even admit that that he had been told that Ahmed was a Racist but it is all right for him to oversee other corruption investigations.


Tom Watson Claimed Paedophile Perversion In Westminster As A Diversion From Pakistani Perverts In Rotherham - Allegedly  [ 23 September 2015 ]
Questions for Tom Watson [ the deputy leader of the Labour Party ] ..............

“Westminster/celebrity sex abuse of boys and girls as a diversion.” Which is precisely what the likes of Watson have been doing – creating a diversion. Always seemed rather a coincidence that the VIP/celeb abuse fest started some months after the Rochdale 3rd group/gang grooming trial of May 2012 meant that the lid had been lifted on the Pakistani group/gang CSE epidemic.

The public was starting to get an inkling of the nature and extent of the abuse. So a major diversion was required, and quickly.

Every time the issue of Rochdale and then Rotherham was brought up there were the parrot cries of “what about Savile?” As if Savile was by himself the equivalence of a massive grooming, rape, trafficking, torture, pimping epidemic. Of course you can only go so far with a handful of ancient/dead celebs.

To create the necessary climate of false equivalence something a lot more lurid was required.

“On 24 October 2012, Watson suggested in the House of Commons that a paedophile network may have existed in the past at a high level, protected by connections to Parliament and involving a close aide to a former Prime Minister; neither the aide nor the former Prime Minister were named……….. “powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and No 10″..”........

But when it comes reports that have emerged over the last year or so(dragged out of WMP by FOI) that Watson's very own area bears “significant similarities to Rotherham” the portly campaigning hero has emulated the Trappist monk’s vow of silence.

This is a repeated pattern.......Meanwhile the wrong type of victims continue to suffer, and they continue to be denied justice. And pigs wedge their snouts in the trough ever deeper.
Perhaps you can sense the rage of an honest man. Labour and the Police have been eagerly ignoring the Rape of English girls because pandering to Pakistani Perverts matters more. They are Perverting The Course Of Justice systematically and with malice aforethought; it is Misconduct In Public Office. Of course Cameron has been keeping very quiet about the whole thing while importing hundreds of thousands more Third World undesirables. It is easy to see the determination of The Guardian to suppress the truth; alleging racialising crime is an obvious Red Herring. The Guardian is a Marxist Propaganda machine.


Pakistani Put The Frighteners On Allegedly [ 29 September 2015 ]
Detectives from Operation Clover have charged a Rotherham man with witness intimidation.

Kaleem Ali, aged 18, of Clough Road, Masborough, is set to appear at Rotherham Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, October 29 to answer to the charge.........

AN 18-year-old man has been charged with witness intimidation today (Sept 28). Kaleem Ali, of Clough Road, Masborough, will appear before Rotherham Magistrates’ Court on October 29 charged with witness intimidation.
Is every Pakistani in Rotherham a criminal? Quite possibly since they are all Third World aliens from the same few villages.


Police Who Helped Pakistani Perverts In Rotherham Still Getting Away With It [ 2 October 2015 ]
Action has been demanded over investigations into allegations that dozens of South Yorkshire Police officers mishandled cases linked to the Rotherham grooming scandal.

Police commissioner Alan Billings said victims and accused officers are ‘in limbo’ as they wait for decisions from the Independent Police Complaints Commission on more than 100 allegations of misconduct. It comes as he launched a new review into the force designed to examine whether the failings in Rotherham were also repeated in Sheffield, Doncaster and Barnsley.

Allegations made include ‘suggestions of corrupt relationships between police officers and offenders’, as well as neglect of duty and failing to adequately investigate cases.
'Mishandling cases' includes refusing to investigate, not investigating, warning the perpetrators & destroying evidence. They did it because it was government policy to let Pakistani Perverts get away with Raping girls whose fathers did not go to Eton. Every policeman who colluded or turned a blind eye is guilty of Perverting The Course Of Justice & Misconduct In Public Office. One policeman in South Yorkshirewas 'Sir' Bernard Hogan-Howe. He departed before the shit hit the fan and would, no doubt claim total ignorance. He is now running the Metropolitan Police and refusing to investigate Racism if the perpetrator is 'Lord' 'Lord' Nazir Ahmed, Baron Ahmed of Rotherham.
PS The  South Yorkshire Police motto is: Justice with courage. They have neither but they are sturdy liars.


Another Rotherham Inquiry Being Set Up  [ 2 October 2015 ]
They have spent years suppressing the truth about Rotherham, Perverting The Course Of Justice, pretending that nothing was going on. Now they having another one. The police had years to destroy the evidence. Is this one just another excuse for letting Pakistanis get away with it while Cameron imports more? Possibly, even probably.


Jayne Senior Is The Woman Of The Year [ 20 October 2015 ]
The woman who played a key role in exposing the Rotherham grooming scandal has won recognition for her ‘extraordinary bravery’. Jayne Senior was given an Outstanding Achievement Award at the Good Housekeeping Women of the Year awards in London.

She ran the Risky Business outreach service in Rotherham and after police and the local council failed to take action against abusers, worked with Times journalist Andrew Norfolk to expose the scandal.
She was employed by Rotherham Council then told the truth about their determination to protect Pakistani Perverts. Then there were the South Yorkshire Police determinedly ignoring major crime such as Rape because they are deeply, sincerely corrupt. Have any of them been prosecuted for Perverting The Course Of Justice or Misconduct In Public Office? Not a chance. Her Majesty's Government is utterly corrupt, which is why protecting Third World criminals is a priority, along with flooding us with more of them.
PS The fact that she is being honoured by people at a women's magazine is significant. Women do have the vote. Women do have views about rape. They will make a difference.


Pakistanis Are Above The Law In Rotherham [ 25 October 2015 ]
Our societies cohesion between ‘communities’, is underpinned by the concept of ‘Equality Before The Law’.

Rotherham Politics has documented the failure of this, when one community thinks the law simply doesn’t apply to them. I write of the Kashmiri community, led by Jahangir Akhtar, Mahroof Hussain, Shaukat Ali among others, seem to believe, they are immune from accountability. The latest issue that is exercising the brothers in the Kashmiri community, is that concerning the latest Wellgate riots and the nineteen arrests. I am informed they feel hard done to, at this development.
Recall what  George Orwell told us in Animal Farm: that SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS. But the farm was an allegory of the USSR & its corruption. It also told us about the evil of the Capitalist Swine in this world. George Orwell, an honest socialist who cared deeply about England would hate what The Establishment is doing to us. To be fair about the Pakistanis; they have a point. They are above the law, they are allowed to Rape 1,400 English girls because Her Majesty's Government is deeply, sincerely corrupt.


Pakistanis Charged With Paedophile Perversion In Rotherham [ 28 October 2015 ]
Seven men have been charges with child sexual exploitation offences as part of Operation Clover..... [ including ]] Asif Ali, 30, of Clough Road, Rotherham, Waleed Ali, 33, of Canklow Road, Rotherham, Ishtiaq Khaliq, 32, of Cherry Brook, Rotherham and Masoued Malik, 31, of Bridgewater Way, Rotherham.........

South Yorkshire Police said the offences are alleged to have taken place in the town between January and October 2003.
There are some fine old English names among that lot. The South Yorkshire Police did not bother to explain why it has been letting Pakistani Perverts rob and rape in Rotherham. In fact it is due to government policy. 'Sir' Bernard Hogan-Howe knows all about it and is proving it by ignoring Racist criminals - if they are called e.g. 'Lord' Nazir Ahmed, Baron Ahmed of Rotherham.


Rotherham Policeman Helped Pakistani Paedophile Escape [ 31 October 2015 ]
For example,, the allegations  of CSE by the former Imam of Tooker Road, his rapid departure for Kashmir. The suggestion that the Council Of Mosques and a serving Police Officer were involved in aiding his return, and their alleged failure to formally report his criminal offense of child sexual molestation to the Police.  

Indeed the allegations are getting stronger with claims that the parents of the abused children were not only threatened but bought off financially; payment of compensation from criminal to victim being a fairly common Sharia punishment.

To be clear the principle in the UK is “one law for All.” No Sharia Court can adjudicate on criminal matters.& 

Equally in Islam there is a clear instruction to comply with the laws of any country where one has formed a covenant by entering and residing “Allah says: “Oh you who believe! Fulfil (your) obligations.” [ Sûrah al-Mâ’idah: 1] 
Would a policeman Pervert The Course Of Justice? Yes; it's routine. E.g. Police Drove Ray Mills To Suicide.
PS Notice that Sarah Champion, the Rotherham MP is all there when it comes abusing Englishmen but gives Pakistani rapists a pass.


Yorkshire MEP Says Police Should Learn Lessons About Failure To Tackle Pakistani Paedophiles [ 26 November 2015 ]
Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire MEP, Jane Collins has blasted the police and other public agencies for “failing to learn the lessons of previous failures to tackle child grooming”.

Ms Collins, who is currently fighting a defamation lawsuit by three Labour MP’s over the Rotherham CSE scandal, spoke out after an IPCC investigation found Essex police should have “more effectively” dealt with reports of grooming that led to the murder of a teenage boy who was befriended online by his killer.

Ms Collins said, “By now, the police and every other public agency should be well aware of what to look for in regard to CSE and grooming. Steps must be taken to take this problem seriously and to train all public service staff to spot the signs.”

“The IPCC investigation into police failures in Essex is only the latest to highlight how public services are still failing to prevent children being harmed. This is simply unacceptable!”
Jane stops short of saying that it is government policy to allow Pakistani Perverts to Rape English girls in Rotherham and anywhere else. Nor does she say that Rotherham council were told about the whole thing by Risky Business in 2004; i.e. that they are complicit in crime, are Accessories after the fact of a conspiracy to Pervert The Course Of Justice. Now she is being sued for Libel by three MPs who allege that they knew nothing. Will a Jury swallow their story?


Pakistani Denies Raping English 13 Year Old  [ 29 November 2015 ]
A MAN accused of raping a vulnerable schoolgirl in an underground car park labelled her a “straight up slag” and said he never touched her, a jury at Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday. Sufyan Ziarab told the police his alleged victim, who was aged 13 to 14 at the time, was “just who you call a prostitute, but it’s free.”

Ziarab, 22, of Kendal Mellor Court, Keighley, denies two charges of raping the girl in the underground car park at the former police station in Keighley.
It's not just Rotherham, it's where every they went after Cameron imported them.


Nineteen Vicious Racist Thugs In Court After Rotherham Riot [ 29 November 2015 ]
To be fair, only twelve are Pakistani. Five are English. The Main Stream Media are ignoring this because the perps are Third World aliens imported to cause Ethnic Fouling.


Rotherham Officials Are Blaming White Men - They Are Perverting The Truth [ 29 November 2015 ]
The Rotherham Safeguarding Children Board has chosen to tell the world about Child Sexual Abuse(CSA) & pretend that it is Child Sexual Exploitation. They do this so that they can allege that that White Men are the main offenders; thus making it look as though the problem is not Islamics, not Pakistani Perverts. Recall that it was South Yorkshire Police & Rotherham council actively colluding in corruption for the benefit of aforesaid Pakistanis, who are, naturally enough experts in Vote Rigging. Power rides on perversion.
PS It is fair to say that Rotherham is only different from Doncaster & other towns in Yorkshire because they failed to suppress the truth about Third World criminals & the realities of Ethnic Fouling.


Rotherham Investigation Has 7 Thousand Lines Of Enquiry [ 29 November 2015 ]
The National Crime Agency running Operation Stovewood has found lots of questions to ask about who didn't do what, who protected Pakistani Perverts in Rotherham, who allowed systematic crime, who Perverted The Course Of Justice, who is guilty of Misconduct In Public Office. Will it find answers? I doubt it. The perpetrators have had years to destroy evidence, years to forget, years to work out who else to blame. When police go out it is not the pleasure of being able to drink and drive, or the companionship; the big thing is being able to commit Perjury and get away with it.

One who got away is 'Sir' Bernard Hogan-Howe; He left the South Yorkshire Police just before the Casey Report begins. He is very anti-Racist when Englishmen are accused but refuses to act when Pakistanis are it, if they are called 'Lord' Nazir Ahmed, Baron Ahmed of Rotherham


Rotherham Councillors Being Investigated As Paedophile Perverts [ 1 December 2015 ]
An investigation into allegations that two ‘current or former’ Rotherham councillors were involved in child sexual exploitation is being prioritised by the  National Crime Agency.

Officials from Operation Stovewood, the NCA’s probe into abuse in Rotherham that took place between 1997 and 2013, have said six specific new investigations have been identified so far following reviews of previous South Yorkshire Police cases.
Who has suddenly decided to treat these two unnamed comedians as urgent? More to the point, why? Does this mean that they are going to get a whitewash quicker? Is there is the slightest intention of getting convictions or doing justice? The suggestion that evidence might have been obtained unlawfully is very suggestive. Believe that Course Of Justice is not still being perverted if you will.


Rotherham Police Refuse To Testify Against Pakistani Pervert [19 January 2016 ]
Rotherham trial: Officers ‘who witnessed girl’s abuse won’t testify against Arshid Hussain’

A detective was recorded warning the victim of an alleged serial child abuser that police officers who knew what had happened would not give evidence.

DC Lee Robinson told the woman that officers involved in her case when she was a teenager would not wish to make statements that would get them ‘in the s***’ for not acting at the time.

A  jury at Sheffield Crown Court was read a transcript of a conversation between two police officers and one of defendant Arshid Hussain’s alleged victims, who had secretly recorded the conversation on a mobile phone.
Presumably Robinson swore the Police Oath. He might even remember the bit about serving the Queen.... with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality. He definitely knows about Perverting The Course Of Justice & Perjury. Will they get away with crime this time? You bet. Police Corruption is deep seated, routine & very sincere. It's not just Rotherham either.


Bent Police Protect Pakistani Pervert In Rotherham [19 January 2016 ]
Another victim of Rotherham rapists didn't trust the filth, which is why she recorded a conversation. Otherwise the policewoman would have been able to lie her way out of it.


Rentamob Wants Pakistani Thugs to Get Away With Rotherham Rioting  [ 1 March 2016 ]
They would probably say they are Socialists who hate Fascists. They are the vicious part of the Lunatic Fringe who ignore over 85 million murders achieved by Communists.


Pakistani Thug Put The Frighteners On Rotherham Rape Victim  [ 1 March 2016 ]
Another Pakistani, another criminal. Are they all bent?


Police Chief Oversaw A Thousand Rapes In Rotherham And Walks With A £2 Million Bung  [  23 March 2016 ]
Actually it was 1,400 but they were only English girls; they didn't go to Roedean so they don't matter.
The chief constable at the centre of the Rotherham child abuse scandal is retiring with an estimated pension pot of up to £2 million.

David Crompton, 52, whose South Yorkshire force also faced sharp criticism over its handling of an investigation into Sir Cliff Richard, is quitting his £195,000-a-year job when his contract ends in November.
Crompton's face fits. That's all that matters. Now if he had upset the Pakistani perverts inflicted on Rotherham it would have been very different.


True Number Of Rotherham's Pakistani Paedophiles Is Likely to Be 2,000  [ 1 April 2016 ]
Does Cameron care? He should because the Rotherham rapes are the price Labour pays for bent Pakistanis to do the Vote Rigging that keeps Cameron out of power up north. Is Cameron too stupid to know? Is Cameron conspiring with Labour? Is it Cameron's quid pro quo for collusion in other matters? Ask cui bono, who benefits?


Islamics In Rotherham Object To English Protests But Not Pakistani Rioting [ 8 April 2016 ]
Rotherham Council has announced a new “diverse” panel to “advise” police on how to deal with “extremist” marches in South Yorkshire, kowtowing to local Muslims who rioted and threatened to boycott the police unless they were given more power.

The announcement comes days after the anti-Islamisation movement PEGIDA UK [ run by Tommy Robinson a criminal twerp ]  announced a walk through the town. Rotherham was terrorised by Muslim rape gangs for more than a decade with local cops paralysed for fear of being labeled ‘racist’, the government’s Jay Report found.
Rotherham council was corrupt, Rotherham council is still corrupt just like the South Yorkshire Police. Of course Pakistanis are never anything else when they see the chance. This corruption is largely a result of Her Majesty's Government's policy of inciting Illegal Immigration, Black Hate, White Guilt etc. Bribing Third World undesirables, allowing them to Rape English girls is policy and practice; Treason to boot.


Lawyers Claim That Rotherham Boss Did Not Collude With Pakistanis In The Rape Of Rotherham [ 16 April 2016 ]
So now Rotherham council has hired them to do the same for other perpetrators/incompetents/wonderful people/politicians wanting Pakistanis for their expertise in large scale Vote Rigging.


Rotherham's Children Were The Best Supported By Local Government - Allegedly [ 16 June 2016 ]
Rotherham Council got the award in 2008 as the councillors were busy colluding with police & Pakistani Perverts to Perverting The Course Of Justice as 2,000 English girls were being raped & perverted. They were the payoff for the thousands of bent votes due to industrial scale Vote Rigging.


Third Pakistani Paedophile Captured In Rotherham [ 6 July 2016 ]
The paper doesn't say they are English, which means they are Pakistani. They had £50,000 in real live money. In other words they are drug dealers too.


Rotherham Council Takes Its Revenge On Jayne Senior [ 8 July 2016 ]
Rotherham's politicians hate Jayne for telling the truth. Labour politicians wanted Pakistani Perverts to get away with Raping 2,000 English girls because the pay off was votes, lots and lots of votes, thousands of fraudulent votes. Pakistanis are experts at Vote Rigging.

Pakistanis did the same in Tower Hamlets. Our wonderful government let them get away with it. Recall that Cameron claimed that he wants a Pakistani Prime Minister. If it happens it will be done by fraud. The 'mayor' of London is one of them, Sadiq Khan. Nobody seems to be asking how many votes were stolen.


Rotherham Council - Still Corrupt - Still Labour [ 18 July 2016 ]
Labour politicians want power. That means doing what it takes to get votes by colluding with Pakistanis in wholesale Vote Rigging. The quid pro quo is letting Pakistani Perverts rape English girls. Of course Labour councillors like to fun too but somehow Andrew Roddison's little mates don't notice. The Feminists keep quiet as well. Rape in Rotherham comes second to the lust for power.


Rotherham Cover Up Was Being Run In 2002 [ 6 August 2016 ]
The Home Office was on Rotherham's case in 2002, knowing that English girls were being raped by Pakistani Perverts. The Home Office was Perverting The Course Of Justice in 2002. Fun fact: The Home Office was happy to ignore the blatant corruption of Lutfur Rahman in Tower Hamlets because he was a Pakistani. It took a private prosecution by honest men to get a grip of the swine.


Rotherham Police 'Lose' Evidence Against Pakistani Perverts [ 12 August 2016 ]
In August 2014 one victim, using the pseudonym Emma, told the BBC that officers “lost” DNA evidence she had given them to help them build a case against her attackers............

“They then phoned me a couple of days after that to tell me that they’d actually lost my evidence. Their attitude all along was as though I was just complaining about nothing and maybe I should just get over it.” 

And a former social worker who helps victims of abuse told this website the disappearance of evidence from Rotherham police station is "common"..............

He said he recently called the police about the incident, which happened in February of this year, and was stunned to discover they had not even recorded it as a crime.
You don't have to believe that the police are bent but it is a reality. They have been protecting Pakistani Perverts for years. Destroying evidence makes sense to them. The last chief of the Metropolitan Police who showed any real sign being honest was Sir Robert Mark back in 1972. The current one, Hogan-Howe was in the South Yorkshire Police, the one that covers Rotherham; the one that allowed 2,000 English girls to be abused by Pakistani Perverts.


Pakistanis, Taxis, Rotherham & Wholesale Rape [ 17 August 2016 ]
Readers of Rotherham Politics will be familiar with Adele Gladman, the researcher who attempted to alert Rotherham Council to the problem of gang rape and child trafficking as early as 2002 and who was rewarded by being implicitly threatened by police officers and ordered into diversity training by her employers, RMBC............

[ Her ] report implicated six companies: Network, Speedline, Gold Star, Fleet, Metro, and Millennium. It went on to note that Gold Star, Fleet and Metro were all owned by Mohammed Riaz who at that time was living with a Mohammed Akuaq (?) and one Parveen Akhtar.
Yes, it is Pakistani Perverts in Rotherham. Yes, they are getting away with it. Yes, the government does know. Yes, they are letting Pakistanis get away with Raping English girls because the Pakistanis do the wholesale Vote Rigging that the Labour Party needs to keep power. Rotherham Council Suppressed The Evidence Back In 2002 in order to Pervert The Course Of Justice. One answer is to ban any taxi driver who is not a real Brit i.e. someone whose parents or grandparents were born in the UK before September 1939.


Rotherham Whistleblower Comes Under Attack [ 10 September 2016 ]
Vengeance is a dish best served cold. NB the politicians who gave the free rein to Pakistani Perverts in return for the wholesale Vote Rigging are walking free, never charged, never investigated.

The policemen who ignored 1,400 plus Rapes in Rotherham are still laughing up their sleeves. NB The 2014 Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry has lost its third boss. Give it a few years until we have all forgotten then it will be written off; it was all a long time ago, nobody remembers, they didn't go to public schools etc.
PS See the next ones.


50 More Police Being Seconded To Rotherham Rape Investigation [ 10 September 2016 ]
There are plenty of criminals there to investigate. Are they going to try or go easy on them? The real evidence on that point will be how many police they put in prison. Politicians tend to know less about destroying evidence, Perverting The Course Of Justice etc.


Eight Pakistanis Go On Trial For Raping English Girls In Rotherham [ 13 September 2016 ]
EIGHT men have gone on trial for child sexual exploitation offences allegedly committed in Rotherham up to 17 years ago...............
Sageer Hussain (30), of Clough Road, Rotherham, — four counts of rape and one count of indecent assault.  
Mohammed Whied (32), of Psalters Lane, Kimberworth, — aiding and abetting rape.  
Ishtiaq Khaliq (33), of Cherry Brook, Eastwood, – one count of rape and three counts of indecent assault. 
Waleed Ali (34), of Canklow Road, Rotherham, — one count of rape and one of indecent assault.  
Asif Ali (30), of Clough Road, — rape. 
Masoued Malik (32), of Bridgewater Way, Rotherham, — rape, false imprisonment and conspiracy to commit indecent assault. 
Naeem Rafiq (33), of Clarendon Road, Eastwood, —conspiracy to commit indecent assault and conspiracy to falsely imprisonment. 
Basharat Hussain (40), of HMP Wakefield, — one count of indecent assault.
It looks as though the South Yorkshire Police are getting their fingers out after ignoring wholesale Rape for a decade or more because they were frightened of being called Racist.


Blunkett Told About Pakistani Rapists A Decade Ago Court Told [ 14 September 2016 ]
Did the family write? It seems entirely likely. Did it get to Blunkett? It should have got to his private office. It really should have. Did Blunkett admit receiving it? Highly unlikely; it makes it difficult to claim ignorance. It makes Perjury easier. Ditto for Perverting The Course Of Justice. Annoying Pakistani Perverts who gave Labour unstinting support by way of Vote Rigging was never going to happen.
PS Evidence was QUOTE  lost UNQUOTE. It makes prosecution harder.


Police Protect Pakistani Perverts - Police Prosecute Englishmen [ 3 October 2016 ]
Thought control in the UK: Britain’s state-sponsored intimidation of Whites
The Muslim child rape gangs are back on the streets of Rotherham and bolder than ever. The Daily Express [ see #Rotherham Abuse Scandal - Child Grooming Still Happening On Industrial Scale, Victims Say ] has revealed that carloads of Muslims are openly harassing girls, threatening their parents and moving around completely untroubled by the recent scandal. They have no fear of the cowed White population, much less the police or anyone else in authority.

But it would be wrong to think that the police are doing nothing about racial tension in the UK. This week a White man was convicted for making “grossly offensive” comments about Muslims on Facebook after the slaughter in Nice. This follows the jailing of another White man for tweeting his anger at a left-wing politician who demanded that more refugees be brought into Britain.

Despite the lip-service over concern about Muslim rape gangs, the authorities know their efforts must be focused on suppressing White rage. The Brexit referendum showed this is just underneath the surface, and with the discreet dispersal of thousands of Syrian refugees into poorer parts of the country at the end of June and July, what was needed was a not-too-subtle wave of intimidation. This has been achieved by way of a transparently bogus hate-crime campaign launched in the days after Brexit.
Protecting Pakistani Perverts in Rotherham was policy and practice for more than ten years. It still is. Police are, at best ignorant but in all probability Perverting The Course Of Justice. Politicians want votes; in practice this means large Vote Rigging for the Labour Party. What do the Tories do about it? Nothing, for reasons unknown. Is the 2014 Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry bothering about the people of Rotherham? They are just the Working Class. Who cares about them? Of course the Community Security Trust has favourite status; it is run by Jews for Jews.


Rotherham Abuse Scandal - Child Grooming Still Happening On Industrial Scale, Victims Say [ 9 August 2016 ]
GROOMING of young girls by gangs of predominantly Kashmiri men is still occurring on an “industrial scale” in Rotherham because authorities are failing to tackle an organised child sex crime racket, an investigation by has uncovered.
The South Yorkshire Police spent a decade or more pretending to investigate but letting Pakistani Perverts commit major crime. This is Complicity. Then there are PerjuryPerverting The Course Of Justice & Misconduct In Public Office. There may be other crimes they could and should be charged with, convicted, flogged and hanged. But their pandering to Pakistani Perverts paid off for the Labour Party. The Vote Rigging is what keeps them in power.


Pakistani Racists Raped Three English Girls In Rotherham [ 18 October 2016 ]
Eight members of an Asian sex gang in Rotherham were today convicted of sexually exploiting teenage girls after making them suffer ‘degrading and violent’ acts. Sageer Hussain, 30, openly boasted that he was racist and told his distraught 13-year-old white victim: ‘All white girls are good for is sex and they are just sl*gs.’

Sageer was convicted of four rapes and one indecent assault and his elder brother Basharat, 40, of indecent assault against the same girl at Sheffield Crown Court....

Six other members of the gang were also found guilty of a further ten charges of sexually abusing the three girls – and face jail when sentenced next month.

Sageer’s victim - who is now 27 - told police, their MP and the then home secretary David Blunkett that she had been repeatedly raped by Sageer. But the allegations were dropped after men threatened to burn down the family home and gang-rape her mother.

The clothes she was wearing when she was raped by Sageer were QUOTE lost UNQUOTE by South Yorkshire Police days later and the force later gave the girl £140 compensation..........

Files belonging to the youth support group Risky Business compiled at the time of her complaint were also lost [ or stolen ] as well as phones seized during the police probe. .............

She was treated by psychologists and the family were so desperate to escape her abusers they temporarily moved to Spain in 2005.
The fact that the family had to emigrate because  South Yorkshire Police would not to protect their child from known criminals is a disgrace at best. It is more likely the result of conspiracy with politicians who want Pakistanis to run large scale Vote Rigging for them.

See the faces and know they are the scum, vicious idle, corrupt and imported by Her Majesty's Government with the enthusiastic connivance of Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition. They are Traitors all.


Rotherham Council Will Be Able To Give Taxi Licences To Pakistani Rapists Again [ 20 October 2016 ]
Does Her Majesty's Government care about English girls being Raped? 1,400 of their victims in Rotherham might say no. In fact they might be more forceful than that. But Pakistani Perverts want their fun and they deliver thousands of Xs by Vote Rigging. They all go to Labour so you might wonder why The Tories let them get away with it but facts are facts.
PS This move is being made by the Communities Secretary, a comedian with the fine old English name of Sajid Javid. He was born in Rochdale, which has more than its fair share of Pakistani Perverts.


Dozens Of Rotherham Police Due To Be Charged With Various Offences [ 23 October 2016 ]
Rotherham scandal: Action has been demanded over investigations into allegations that dozens of  South Yorkshire Police officers mishandled cases linked to the Rotherham grooming scandal.

Police commissioner Alan Billings said victims and accused officers are ‘in limbo’ as they wait for decisions from the Independent Police Complaints Commission on more than 100 allegations of misconduct. It comes as he launched a new review into the force designed to examine whether the failings in Rotherham were also repeated in Sheffield, Doncaster and Barnsley. Allegations made include ‘suggestions of corrupt relationships between police officers and offenders’, as well as neglect of duty and failing to adequately investigate cases. In August, the commission said it had received 47 referrals from South Yorkshire Police since the publication of the Jay Report and these referrals involved more than 100 allegations.
They are still stalling. Police are still allowing Pakistani Perverts to rape our girls.


Rotherham Police Let Pakistanis Rape Dozens Of English Girls [ 6 November 2016 ]
For years, they were allowed to target, abuse and traffic girls with impunity as child protection authorities turned a blind eye to grooming of young white teenagers by groups of men, most [ Only most? Are we being lied to again? - Editor ] of whom were from the town’s Pakistani community.
South Yorkshire Police pandered to corrupt Labour politicians who needed large scale Vote Rigging by Pakistanis because they had betrayed the English Working Man.


That Was The Week That Was In Rotherham [ 12 November 2016 ]
Eight Pakistanis Jailed For Raping 16 English Girls
Five More Pakistanis Arrested As Rape Suspects
Rotherham Rape Whistleblower To Get A Medal

Pakistani Worried About Being Exposed?
Official Seems To Think It Is Less Bad

Pakistanis' Victim Pleased By Perpetrators Sentencing
Pakistanis Told They Will Get Justice
Pakistanis Were Defending Themselves Not Rioting - Allegedly
* The source does not admit that they are Pakistanis. The Main Stream Media are in the business of perverting the truth.


Rotherham Police Commissioner Investigation After 'Lying To Parliament' [ 16 November 2016 ]
Claims ex-police and crime commissioner (PCC) Shaun Wright lied to MPs in parliament over the Rotherham child abuse scandal are to be sent to police. The Home Affairs Select Committee said it would be referring two complaints to the Metropolitan Police.

Mr Wright resigned in 2014 in the wake of a report, which found at least 1,400 children were abused in the town from 1997 to 2013, after resisting pressure. He was Rotherham council’s head of children’s services from 2005 to 2010.
The real point of the 2014 Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry is to keep politicians and police out of prison. This one might come unstuck.


Rotherham Rape Suspect Out On Bail [ 16 November 2016 ]
This gives him a chance to go back to Pakistan. This will get the swine off the dole queue.


Rotherham Rapist Is Not A Pakistani [ 20 November 2016 ]
Shock revelation. This comedian is not one of the vicious parasites imported byBlair, Brown, Cameron & others of the Enemy Within


Pakistanis Beat Rotherham Riot Raps [ 25 November 2016 ]
Self defence was the excuse. But apparently that includes 'Counter Attacks'


Englishmen Go On Trial For Rioting In Rotherham [ 25 November 2016 ]
Will they be allowed to have defended themselves? Somehow I doubt it.


Paedophile Pervert In Rotherham Gets Nine Years [ 2 December 2016 ]
Shock revelation -  Paedophile is not a Pakistani.


Rotherham Council Still Lets Pakistanis Rape English Girls [ 14 December 2016 ]
A few hundred rapes translate into thousands of Votes Rigged by those wonderful people imported from Pakistan. They are what keeps Labour in office.


Rotherham Police Accused Of Paedophile Perversion Against English Girls [ 14 December 2016 ]
South Yorkshire Police are the best that money can buy.


Pakistani Perverts In Rotherham Prostituted English Girls [ 3 January 2017 ]
A woman who lost her childhood after being groomed by an Asian sex gang from the age of 11 has revealed how she was forced to have sex with five men at a time.

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons and is now in her thirties, was attacked by the notorious Hussain brothers who abused girls across Rotherham and also ferried her across the country to be raped by other men.
The case is settled but the victim has chosen to talk. Money rides on it? Perhaps. See The Sun.


Five Pakistanis On Trial As Paedophile Perverts [ 4 January 2017 ]
THREE brothers and two other men have gone on trial for historic child sexual exploitation (CSE) offences.

The five men have been charged with a total of 23 CSE offences, including one joint charge of false imprisonment, which allegedly took place in Rotherham between 1999 and 2001. The men deny all the offences.

The defendants.....:-
Basharat Dad, six counts of rape, two counts of sexual intercourse with a girl aged under 13, five counts of indecent assault and false imprisonment.
Nassar Dad, two counts of rape, two counts of sexual intercourse with a girl aged under 13, two counts of inciting indecency with a child and false imprisonment.
Tayab Dad, rape.
Matloob Hussain, charged with sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of 13.
Mohammed Sadiq, charged with sexual intercourse with a girl under the age of 13.

The offences relate to two girls who were aged 12 to 14 years-old.

“The girls also had in common that they were young teenagers growing up in Rotherham and were sexually exploited by a number of men, they were vulnerable young girls given alcohol and cannabis and told to perform sexual acts,” said Miss Drake.

The trial is due to last six weeks.
That this trial will be dragged out to more than a week is a disgrace; one that keeps lawyers off the dole queue


Pakistanis Get 81 Years For Vile Rotherham Rapes [ 2 February 2017 ]
SIX men who sexually abused two “naive and vulnerable” young girls in Rotherham more than a decade ago have been jailed for a total of 81-and-a-half years. Three brothers and three other men were sentenced for 19 “vile” offences committed against two girls including rape and false imprisonment at Sheffield Crown Court today.......

Two of the defendants screamed ‘Allahu Akbar!’ as they were lead to the cells while on of the victims shouted ‘ justice is served!’

Three brothers – Tayab Dad, aged 34, of St Lawrence Road, Tinsley, Sheffield; Basharat Dad, 32, of Eldon Road, Eastwood, Rotherham and Nasar Dad, 36, of Cranworth Road, Eastwood, Rotherham – were among a group of men who abused two young girls in Eastwood, Rotherham, between 1999 and 2001.
Them and theirs were imported by Her Majesty's Government with malice aforethought. NB The politicians and police in Rotherham whose Treason allowed 1,400 English girls to get raped by Pakistani Perverts are still walking free.


Pakistani Police Man Beats Corruption Investigation By Dying [ 18 February 2017 ]
He was told that he hadn't got away with Perverting The Course Of Justice in Rotherham then contrived to get run over. One less to put in prison.


Woman Who Helped Expose The Rotherham Rapists Comes Out Of The Darkness [ 9 April 2017 ]
The woman who helped expose the Rotherham abuse scandal and jail an evil grooming gang is telling her incredible story as she campaigns to help other victims.

Chris Burn reports.  For four years, she has told the world her horrifying story from the shadows – putting unrelenting pressure on the authorities to finally deliver justice for the abused girls of Rotherham. But now Sammy Woodhouse has waived her anonymity to reveal her true identity as she emerges from the darkness of the town’s notorious exploitation scandal............

The incredibly brave Samantha Woodhouse did the nation a service by helping to expose the appalling Rotherham child abuse scandal.

For years, she gave interviews under the name ‘Jessica’ to highlight what had happened in the town and the lack of action by those in authority to bring abusers to justice.
She exposed the reality of police and politicians' determination to protect the Pakistani Perverts who were [ and are ] raping girls in Rotherham. They were English but they didn't matter, they didn't go to public schools. The Labour Party wanted the Pakistani votes, the large scale Vote Rigging after they betrayed the honest Working Classes. Rape was the quid pro quo. The cover up has failed but the perpetrators are still walking free. The "inquiry" will drag on for years - until we have all forgotten then the 1,000 page report will talk round it. Recall that Blair murdered thousands and got paid millions. [ Blair Got Away With Murder Says Chilcot ]


Rotherham Rapists Are Still At It Says A Charity [ 14 May 2017 ]
Child sexual exploitation remains “woefully under-reported” in the UK, the NSPCC has warned. The charity said many young victims do not understand they are being groomed and exploited because of the tactics offenders use. It called on adults with concerns to raise the alarm. Efforts to tackle abuse have come under the spotlight in recent years following scandals in Rochdale, Rotherham and Oxford.
If the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children has evidence they should give it to the police and make sure that it is not ignored.


Rotherham Rapists Get 290 Years So Far [ 13 May 2017 ]
The total in prison terms handed down to people who sexually exploited children in Rotherham has exceeded 290 years following the sentencing of the 21st defendant to be found guilty.

Zalgai Ahmadi was jailed for nine years and six months at Sheffield Crown Court today after he falsely imprisoned and sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl in 2003.

The 45-year-old was not in the UK when South Yorkshire Police officers working on Operation Clover deemed him a suspect in 2013, but he was detained at Heathrow Airport while trying to return to the UK under a different name in 2016.

Detective Chief Inspector Tate said: “I would urge anyone who may have been a victim of abuse to come forward and talk to someone. We will listen, we will help and we will bring perpetrators to justice. [ An interesting claim. Is he one of the policemen who protected Pakistani Perverts for more than ten years? Pass but lots of South Yorkshire Police did just that - Editor ].
Rotherham is a dumping ground for all of those wonderful caring refugees from far away that Her Majesty's Government has inflicted on us. Rotherham is nowhere near Eton, Roedean or even [ whisper it ] places where real people live. Why have only 21 been convicted? Because HMG doesn't want justice for Third World parasites.


Rotherham Police Bullied Victim Of Pakistani Rapists [ 14 May 2017 ]
A victim of the Rotherham paedophile ring said the authorities made her feel like she was being 'racist' when she reported her rape as a teenager. The woman, called Emma, said she was 'silenced' when she gave her traumatic account to police as a 13-year-old and was eventually forced to leave the country in fear of reprisals from her attacker. Emma made the startling revelations during an interview with Katie Hopkins on her LBC radio show.

 She said: 'As soon as I said the names, I was made to feel as though I was racist and I was the one who had the problem. 'That continued all the way through to the Jay Report coming out in Rotherham.
The South Yorkshire Police are bent as the rest. They brought us the Hillsborough cover up. See e.g. South Yorkshire Police Chief Suspended After Hillsborough Lies Regurgitated. They managed to protect Pakistani Perverts for a decade more. They are guilty of Misconduct In Public Office as well as Perverting The Course Of Justice but they let the Pakistani 'community' get away with industrial scale Vote Rigging for the benefit of the Labour Party.


Three Pakistanis In Rotherham Charged As Paedophile Perverts  [ 21 June 2017 ]
They are out on bail, which gives them time to do a runner back to Pakistan.


BBC Exposé Is Just The Tip Of The Rotherham Rape Iceberg [ 24 May 2017 ]
Five years ago I [ Veronica Clark - a Ghost Writer ] wrote a book called Stolen Girl. A year later, in January 2013, it was published. The book created a backlash because it was one of the first to be written about the abuse of a white girl by an Asian (mainly Pakistani) grooming gang. I’d been approached to write it by a London publisher.

Then aged 19, Katie (not her real name) had real issues with trust. She’d already tried to work with two other writers before I met her, but they’d stepped down because she could barely speak about what had happened to her.
The point that comes through is that the BBC play [ see BBC Tells The Truth About Pakistani Perverts In Rotherham - More Or Less ] is covering up, pretending that it was not that bad. Of course the Beeb is a Marxist mob running a Propaganda machine, one committed to protecting Pakistani Perverts because it wants Third World parasites to destroy Western Civilization. Mrs Clark feeds in the ritual denunciation of "Far Right". In the alternative she will be frozen out, never commissioned to write again.


Three Pakistanis Charged With Paedophile Crimes  [ 26 May 2017 ]
It's poor old Rotherham again. Nobody who matters lives there so Her Majesty's Government made it a dumping ground for Third World parasites. Weren't they lucky? No!


Pakistani Charged As A Paedophile Pervert In Rotherham [ 6 July 2017 ]
A 40-year-old man is due to stand trial for a historical allegation of indecent assault said to have been carried out in Rotherham. Arshid Hussain, of High Street, East Cowick, Goole is scheduled to stand trial at Sheffield Crown Court on November 13........

Hussain did not appear during a brief hearing in front of Judge Sarah Wright at Sheffield Crown Court this morning due to 'illness'.
The Pakistani didn't show up at court. Is he taking the piss extracting the urine?


Labour MP Tells Rotherham Rape Victims To Keep Quiet [ 23 August 2017 ]
A rising star of the Labour Party who is a key ally of Jeremy Corbyn shared a Twitter post telling sex abuse victims of the Rotherham scandal to ‘shut their mouths for the good of diversity’.

Naz Shah , who represents [ Pakistanis in ] Bradford West, shared and liked the post by a parody account of newspaper columnist Owen Jones. It said: ‘Those abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need to shut their mouths. For the good of diversity.’

It comes just days after Ms Shah, 43, penned an open letter attacking fellow Labour MP Sarah Champion for writing an article stating ‘Britain had a problem with Pakistani men targeting vulnerable white girls’.

The post, pictured, was written by a parody account of columnist Owen Jones and Ms Shah later deleted it. Her spokesman said it was a 'genuine mistake'................

Miss Shah’s stand was singled out for praise by Jeremy Corbyn. He posted her letter on his Facebook page, accusing The Sun, and by implication Sarah Champion herself, of using ‘Nazi-like terminology about a minority community’.
Does Comrade Corbyn care about the English girls being Raped by Pakistani Perverts in Rotherham, Aylesbury, Banbury, Bradford, Bristol and so many other Pakistani Perversion Hot Spots. No! At all events he is keen on making excuses for them.

This does not mean that Theresa May is any better.


Child Abuse ‘Whitewash’ As Rotherham Council Chiefs Escape Blame
New inquiries into the Rotherham child abuse scandal were criticised last night after they failed to recommend disciplinary action against any of the council’s former senior executives.

Sarah Champion, the South Yorkshire town’s MP, labelled the reports a “wasted opportunity”, while a young woman who as a child fell victim to multiple sex offences condemned the findings as a whitewash.

Six independent [ sic ] investigations were commissioned by the local authority, at a cost of £440,000, after the 2014 Jay report, which revealed that 1,400 girls from the town were targeted for abuse, including rape and sex trafficking, from 1997 to 2013. The lead inquiry was asked to investigate the “performance and conduct” of senior employees in those years, to determine whether there were grounds for disciplinary proceedings against any present or former staff.

Its finding was that the council’s “shameful” response to child sexual exploitation was the product of “multiple and systemic failures" but was “not the responsibility or fault” of any one person.
If Her Majesty's Government actually cared about the 1,400 English girls known to be victims of Pakistani Perverts they would have investigated the politicians & police who were instrumental in letting them be raped. Using outside police or MI5 to investigate would imply that they were serious. They are not. The in house 'investigation' went through the motions. The firm will carry on getting lotsa business from the council.


English Slut Betrayed Girls To Pakistani Perverts   [ 9 September 2017 ]
A mother-of-two who found young white girls for Asian men to sexually exploit told police: 'It's self inflicted and I've got no sympathy for them'. Carolann Gallon, 22, known as Chucky to friends, trafficked victims across the north of England and was jailed for six years and three months today.

She sobbed in the dock and yelled: 'Love you dad' as she was taken away - her father Jimmy then shouted out: 'Can I just say how cruel a judge can be'. 
Her father is just as evil as her. The Mail's readers are not amused. They are realising that Third World thugs and parasites were imported with malice aforethought by Her Majesty's Government & Her Allegedly Most Loyal Opposition.


Rotherham Council Does  Corrupt Cover Up  [ 22 September  2017 ]
Rotherham Council hired a mob calling itself Gowling WLG, lawyers who specialize in clean up jobs, in hiding corruption. It took over an English firm called Wragge Lawrence Graham. Suffolk council paid them £115,000 to "investigate" and find nothing. They succeeded. Ditto for Lincolnshire's cover up of  Jim Speechley's corruption. That cost over £580,000. Doncaster hired Wragges to help stall a corruption investigation. That cost over £100,000. Wragges acted for Jo Wilson and alleged that she was not guilty; none of this nonsense of taking it down the middle.

Meanwhile the politicians and police who allowed/bribed/ignored/encouraged/concealed/incited/helped [ delete to taste ] Pakistani Perverts to Rape 1,400 English girls in one town alone walk free. The payoff, the wholesale Vote Rigging is the quid pro quo.
PS The 2014 Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry is also another operation designed to Pervert The Course Of Justice & make lawyers rich.


Rotherham Man Charged With Paedophile Rape Is Not A Pakistani [ 30 September 2017 ]
A MAN has been charged with rape and sexual assault as part of the National Crime Agency’s investigation into historic child abuse in Rotherham – dubbed Operation Stovewood.

Darren Hyett (44), of Broom Chase, Rotherham, has been charged with three counts of raping a female under 16, two counts of raping a female over 16, two counts of sexual assault against a female under 16 and the trafficking of persons for sexual exploitation.

The offences are alleged to have taken place between 2004 and 2007 against one girl.
Not all criminals in Rotherham are Pakistanis. Most of the rest are politicians or police but they have been allowed to get away with bribing Islamic rogues to provide mass Vote Rigging, the pay off being the wholesale rape of English girls.


12 Pakistanis On Trial As Paedophile Perverts In Rotherham [ 3 December 2017 ]
Amjal Rafiq, 38, Nabeel Kurshid, 34, Iqlak Yousaf, 33, Mohammed Imran Ali Akhtar, 36, Aftab Hussain, 38, Abid Saddiq, 36, Sharaz Hussain, 33, Salah Ahmed El-Hakam, 38, Masaeud Malik, 33, and Waseem Khaliq, 33, appeared today. They all pleaded not guilty to charges of rape, aiding or abetting rape, indecent assault, sexual touching, supply of controlled drugs and false imprisonment.

The charges relate to the sexual abuse of eight girls under the age of 16 over a five-year period from 1998 to 2003.

Tanweer Ali, 36, did not enter and will be arraigned at a later hearing pending a psychiatric examination. Mohammed Ashan, 33, was not produced but will be arraigned at a later hearing.
Pretending to be a lunatic means: Guilty as Hell but it wasn't my fault.
PS Some of these were imported, legally, deliberately, with malice aforethought by Her Majesty's Government unlike the next lot.


Three Pakistanis Arrested As Paedophile perverts In Rotherham  [ 22 December 2017 ]
They have not named them but go with the percentages.


English Paedophile In Rotherham Gets 16 Years  [ 22 December 2017 ]
If he had been a Pakistani they would have gone easy on him. 


Rotherham Child Sexual Exploitation Scandal ex Wiki
Widespread organised child sexual abuse took place in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England, between 1997 and 2013. Local investigations into the abuse began in 1999, although some reports were never finalised or made public by the authorities.[1] In 2010, five men of Pakistani heritage were found guilty of a series of sexual offences against girls as young as twelve.[2] A subsequent investigation by The Times reported that the child sex exploitation was much more widespread, and the Home Affairs Select Committee criticised the South Yorkshire Police force and Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council for their handling of the abuse.

An independent inquiry into child sexual abuse in the town, led by Professor Alexis Jay, was established in 2013 for Rotherham Council.[3] The inquiry's initial report, published on 26 August 2014, condemned the failure of the authorities in Rotherham to act effectively against the abuse and even, in some cases, to acknowledge that it was taking place.[4][5][6] It conservatively estimated that 1,400 children had been sexually abused in the town between 1997 and 2013, predominantly by gangs of British-Pakistani men.[7] Abuses described by the report included abduction, rape, torture and sex trafficking of children.[6]

Members of the British-Pakistani community condemned both the sexual abuse and the fact that it had been covered up for fear of "giving oxygen" to racism.[8] The leader of Rotherham Borough Council, Roger Stone, resigned, as did the council's Chief Executive, Martin Kimber, and the director of children's services, Joyce Thacker. Shaun Wright, the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for South Yorkshire who had been a Labour councillor in charge of child safety at the council, stood down on 16 September, after initially refusing demands that he should do so.[9] The Home Secretary, Theresa May, blamed the failure of the authorities in Rotherham on "institutionalised political correctness",[10] and Denis MacShane, the former MP for Rotherham during the period covered by the report, admitted that he had been "guilty of doing too little" to investigate the extent of the sex crimes being committed in his constituency.[11]

Independent inquiries were set up into the actions of both South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Borough Council, to examine their roles in investigating the allegations and their procedures and practices.[12][13] Further allegations of a cover-up, including the theft of documents from a council researcher's office, were made in a Home Affairs Select Committee report in October 2014.[14] In February 2015, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles, announced that an independent report prepared by Louise Casey considered the council to be "not fit for purpose", and elected councillors would be replaced by a team of five commissioners, including one tasked specifically with looking at children's services.[15]

In the early to mid 1990s, social workers came across examples of child sexual abuse, and amid concern about young people being trafficked through prostitution in Rotherham, a youth project, Risky Business, working with people between the ages of 11 and 25 was set up in 1997.[1] In 2002, a chapter of a draft Home Office report into child sexual exploitation (CSE) in Rotherham reported "high prevalence of young women being coerced and abused through prostitution". Senior officers at the council and the police objected to the report, suggesting that some facts were either exaggerated or made up and the report was never completed.[1][16] The draft report suggested that there were more than 270 victims of abuse, and a Home Office official who investigated the case later accused the council of being involved in the unauthorised removal of data on the case from her office.[17][18]

A report in 2003 by Dr Angie Heal, commissioned by South Yorkshire Police, found "significant number of girls and some boys who are being sexually exploited" in Rotherham. In 2005, a new department of children and young people’s services was created with Councillor Shaun Wright appointed cabinet member for the department. A report by Heal in 2006 described the situation as an "organised and established sexual exploitation scene".[1] In 2008, Operation Central was set up to investigate men thought to be involved in child sexual abuse.[16]

2010 trial
In 2010, eight men were tried at Sheffield Crown Court for a series of sexual offences against young girls. Five men were convicted and jailed in November 2010. They had fostered relationships with girls as young as twelve, and raped them in cars and parks.[19][20]

Name[19] Conviction Sentence
Zafran Ramzan rape, 2 charges of sexual activity with a child 9 years
Razwan Razaq 2 charges of sexual activity with a child 11 years
Umar Razaq sexual activity with a child 4.5 years
Adil Hussain sexual activity with a child 4 years
Mohsin Khan sexual activity with a child 4 years

The guilty men were told by the judge that, "the message must go out loud and clear that our society will not tolerate sexual predators preying on children."[19] Razwan Razaq who had a previous conviction for indecently assaulting a young girl in his car and had breached a previous sexual offences prevention order was given the longest sentence. All five men were placed on the sex offenders' register.[21]

The Times investigation
In September 2012, investigations by The Times based on confidential police and social services documents, found that abuse had been much more widespread than acknowledged.[22][23] It uncovered systematic abuse of white girls by some Asian men (mostly of Pakistani origin)[24] in Rotherham for which people were not being prosecuted.[25][26]

The newspaper cited a 2010 report by the police intelligence bureau which discussed "a problem with networks of Asian offenders both locally and nationally" which was "particularly stressed in Sheffield and even more so in Rotherham, where there appears to be a significant problem with networks of Asian males exploiting young white females".[23][26] It also referred to a document from the Rotherham Safeguarding Children Board that reported the "crimes had 'cultural characteristics...which are locally sensitive in terms of diversity'".[26]

South Yorkshire Police denied the accusations, saying that The Times was wrong and that to suggest the police was deliberately withholding information was "a gross distortion and unfair on the teams of dedicated specialists working to tackle the problem."[22]

Rotherham's former MP [ & thief ], Denis MacShane, criticised the police for concealing the extent of the abuse, saying "it is clear that the internal trafficking of barely pubescent girls is much more widespread and I regret that the police did not tell Yorkshire MPs about their inquiries."[22]

'Lord' Nazir Ahmed, Baron Ahmed of Rotherham [ the racist ] called for mosque leaders in South Yorkshire to highlight the problem of sexual abuse.[27] He said the issue was a "new phenomenon within the Asian community" and that "it's important that the community, rather than going silent... talk about it."[27] Muhbeen Hussain, founder of Rotherham Muslim Youth group, said all communities denounced the abuse and that "we need Muslim leaders to go out there and condemn this and make it clear it's wrong."[27] The chairman of the Pakistan and Muslim Centre in Sheffield, Mohammed Ali said the South Yorkshire mosques, the imams and the committee members had discussed this situation that "needs to be tackled."[27]

In November 2012, Rotherham Council identified 58 possible victims of sexual abuse.[28] The director of Children and Young People's Services attributed the rise from 50 the previous year to increased public awareness.[28] A national report by the Office of Children's Commissioner, also published in November, found that thousands of children were sexually abused by gangs in England each year.[28]

Home Affairs Select Committee
In October 2012, the Home Affairs Select Committee criticised South Yorkshire's chief constable, David Compton, and one of its senior officers, Philip Etheridge, for their handling of child sex abuse.[23] The committee heard evidence that three members of a family connected with the abuse of 61 girls were not convicted, and an unconvicted 22-year-old man was found in a car with a 12-year-old girl with indecent images of her on his phone.[23] David Compton said that "ethnic origin" was not a factor in deciding whether to charge suspects.[23] The committee said that they were very concerned, as was the public.[23]

In January 2013, the head of Rotherham Council, Martin Kimber, was summoned to the select committee to explain the lack of arrests for sexual abuse, despite South Yorkshire Police saying it was conducting several investigations and the council having identified 58 young girls at risk.[25] MP Keith Vaz questioned why, after five Asian men were jailed in 2010, more was not being done: "In Lancashire there were 100 prosecutions the year before last, in South Yorkshire there were no prosecutions". The council apologised for the "systemic failure" that had "let down" the victims of child sexual abuse.[25]

The select committee issued a report on 18 October 2014, that claimed that files containing information on alleged failings by the authorities to investigate abuse had been stolen from the office of a Rotherham Council researcher in 2002. The allegations were made in private hearings of the committee, which concluded that both the council and South Yorkshire Police had ignored evidence about the scale of the abuse. The chairman of the committee, Keith Vaz, said that "The proliferation of revelations about files which can no longer be located gives rise to public suspicion of a deliberate cover-up. The only way to address these concerns is with a full, transparent and urgent investigation.". The report also called for new legislation to allow the removal of elected Police and Crime Commissioners, following a vote of no confidence.[14]

Alexis Jay inquiry
In November 2013 Rotherham Council commissioned Professor Alexis Jay, a former chief social work adviser to the Scottish government, to lead an independent inquiry into the its handling of cases involving child exploitation since 1997.[3] Jay's initial report published on 26 August 2014 revealed that the number of children sexually exploited in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013 was, by "conservative estimate", at least 1,400.[4] According to the report, children as young as eleven were "raped by multiple perpetrators, abducted, trafficked to other cities in England, beaten and intimidated." Three previous inquiries—in 2002, 2003 and 2006[29]—had presented similar findings but, according to the report, had been "effectively suppressed" because officials "did not believe the data".[5] Dr Angie Heal, a strategic drugs analyst who had prepared the 2003 report, had noted three years after its publication—according to Professor Jay—that "the appeal of organised sexual exploitation for Asian gangs had changed. In the past, it had been for their personal gratification, whereas now it offered 'career and financial opportunities to young Asian men who got involved'."[8]

Abuses described by the report included abduction, rape and sex trafficking of children.[6] The inquiry team found examples of "children who had been doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight, threatened with guns, made to witness brutally violent rapes and threatened they would be next if they told anyone".[5] The report revealed that "one child who was being prepared to give evidence received a text saying the perpetrator had her younger sister and the choice of what happened next was up to her. She withdrew her statements. At least two other families were terrorised by groups of perpetrators, sitting in cars outside the family home, smashing windows, making abusive and threatening phone calls. On some occasions child victims went back to perpetrators in the belief that this was the only way their parents and other children in the family would be safe. In the most extreme cases, no one in the family believed that the authorities could protect them."[4] The report highlighted the role of taxi drivers in the town in facilitating the abuse.[30]

Because the majority of perpetrators were Asian of Pakistani heritage, several council staff described themselves as being nervous about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought racist; others, the report noted, "remembered clear direction from their managers" not to make such identification.[31] One Home Office researcher, attempting to raise concerns with senior police officers in 2002 about the level of abuse, was told not to do so again, and was subsequently suspended and sidelined.[32] The researcher told BBC Panorama that:

... she had been accused of being insensitive when she told one official that most of the perpetrators were from Rotherham's Pakistani community. A female colleague talked to her about the incident. "She said you must never refer to that again – you must never refer to Asian men." "And her other response was to book me on a two-day ethnicity and diversity course to raise my awareness of ethnic issues."[17]

The report noted that the police showed lack of respect for the victims, who were deemed "undesirables".[32]

Members of the British-Pakistani community condemned the sexual abuses and the cover-up by authorities out of fear of "giving oxygen" to racism.[8] Denis MacShane, MP for Rotherham between 1994 and his resignation in 2012, said in a BBC radio interview that that no-one had come to him with child abuse allegations during that period, but conceded he should have gotten himself more involved in the issue. Admitting he had been guilty of doing too little, he said he had been aware of what he saw as the problems of cousin marriage and the oppression of women within sectors of the Muslim community in Britain, but "as a true Guardian reader, and liberal leftie, I suppose I didn't want to raise that too hard. I think there was a culture of not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat if I may put it like that." However, in hindsight, he did say that "I think that I should have burrowed into [the allegations]".[11]

Simon Danczuk, Labour MP for Rochdale where similar cases were prosecuted, observed that "a very small minority of people in the Asian community have a very unhealthy view of women. ... It's a complex jigsaw, and ethnicity is just one of the pieces. Class is a major factor, night-time economy is a factor, in terms of this type of on-street grooming, not sexual abuse per se."[33] Danczuk added that there was an "unhealthy brand of politics 'imported' from Pakistan" which was "partly to blame for the cover-up of mass child abuse in Rotherham". He said that "There are cultural issues around the way politics are done in the Asian community which have to change."[34] Nazir Afzal, the Crown Prosecution Service's lead on child sexual abuse, himself a Muslim, said the abuse had no basis in Islam: "Islam says that alcohol, drugs, rape and abuse are all forbidden, yet these men were surrounded by all of these things." He also claimed, "Where you have Pakistani men, Asian men, disproportionately employed in the night-time economy, they are going to be more involved in this kind of activity than perhaps white men are."[35] His theory was criticised by the incoming director of children's services in Rotherham, Ian Thomas, who said that the "night-time economy is full of white blokes. Ninety-two percent of the people in Rotherham are white. ... I’m fronting it, no matter who you are. I'm a black guy. If blacks do it, I’m fronting it. If whites are doing it, I’m dealing with it. If Asians are doing it, I'm dealing with it."[36]

Following the report's publication, council leader, Roger Stone of the Labour Party, resigned - an act of contrition the report said should have been made years earlier[32] – saying he would take full responsibility for "the historic failings described so clearly in the report".[5][31] Councillors Gwendoline Russell, Shaukat Ali and former Council Leader Roger Stone were suspended from the Labour Party, as was former Deputy Council Leader Jahangir Akhtar, who had lost his council seat in 2014.[37] Chief Executive, Martin Kimber, said no council officers would face disciplinary action.[31] Kimber announced on 8 September that he intended to step down in December 2014, and offered his "sincere apology to those who were let down".[38] The council's director of children's services, Joyce Thacker, also left the authority by mutual agreement.[39] Malcolm Newsam was appointed as Children's Social Care Commissioner in October 2014,[40] and subsequently Ian Thomas was appointed as interim director of children's services.[36]

Shaun Wright, the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for South Yorkshire from 2012, was the Labour councillor in charge of child safety at the council for five years from 2005-10.[41] He initially refused demands to resign as PCC from the Home Secretary, Theresa May,[33] as well as members of his own party and local Labour MP Sarah Champion, saying: "I believe I am the most appropriate person to hold this office at this current time."[42] He resigned from the Labour Party on 27 August 2014,[43] after an ultimatum by the party to either resign or face suspension from the party.[44] Wright stood down as PCC on 16 September, saying that the prominence given to his role distracted from "the important issue, which should be everybody's focus—the 1,400 victims outlined in the report—and in providing support to victims and bringing to justice the criminals responsible for the atrocious crimes committed against them."[45]

Theresa May described the failures of police and council agencies to deal with child sex abuse as a complete dereliction of duty. She said that "institutionalised political correctness" had contributed to the authorities turning a blind eye to the abuse: "I am clear that cultural concerns – both the fear of being seen as racist, and the frankly disdainful attitude to some of our most vulnerable children – must never stand in the way of child protection. We know that child sexual exploitation happens in all communities. There is no excuse for it in any of them."[10]

Far-right groups including Britain First[46] and the English Defence League staged protests in Rotherham over the abuse, and a counter-demonstration against the latter was held by Unite Against Fascism.[47]

The Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police, David Crompton, said on 2 September that an independent report had been commissioned to "examine the role of both the police and council ... and address any wrongdoings or failings," led by a different police force.[12] The former Chief Constable, Meredydd Hughes, who served from 2004 to 2011 and who had unsuccessfully stood for the Labour Party nomination in the Police Crime Commissioner elections, was told by Labour MP Keith Vaz that he had 'failed' abuse victims.[48]

In October 2015, the Muslim Community of Rotherham ordered a boycott of South Yorkshire Police and, in turn, of any Muslim organisation which did not support a boycott, on the allegation that the police were deflecting blame for their own responsibilities onto their community as a whole. Chief Superintendent Jason Harwin called the boycott "disappointing", stating that the police regularly attempted to listen to the concerns of Muslims.[49]

Louise Casey investigation and subsequent actions
On 10 September 2014, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles, announced that an independent investigation would be held into whether Rotherham Council covered up information about the abuse. The investigation would be led by Louise Casey, Director-General of the government's Troubled Families programme to examine the council's governance, services for children and young people and taxi and private hire licensing. It would report by November. Pickles said that "the rare step of a statutory inspection is in the public interest... We cannot undo the permanent harm that these children have suffered. But we can and should take steps to ensure that this never happens again and make sure that all local authorities deliver on their essential duty to protect vulnerable children."[13]

Casey's investigation found that the child sexual exploitation (CSE) team was poorly directed, suffered from excessive case loads, and did not share information. Following the report's publication on 4 February 2015, Pickles stated that the local authority was "not fit for purpose", and announced proposals to remove its control from the councillors and give it to a team of five appointed commissioners, including one tasked specifically with looking at children's services. After the report's publication, files relating to a current councillor and a past councillor identifying "a number of potentially criminal matters" were passed to the National Crime Agency. The leader of the council, Paul Lakin, resigned, and members of the council cabinet also stood down.[15]

On 16 February 2015 Labour Party leader Ed Miliband said that the Casey report was "deeply troubling", and that the leadership would "learn the lessons" of the scandal. He said: "I am deeply sorry for what happened in Rotherham and we are determined to have a fresh start, a fresh start in terms of the people of Rotherham most of all. The Labour Party did let people down in Rotherham, absolutely."[50]

Subsequent arrests and trials
Several suspects had been arrested in 2015 for crimes in Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal.[51][52] It was reported in June 2015 that about 300 suspects had been identified.[53]