Bernie Madoff [ ] is a thief, a world record setting thief and also, not just incidentally a Jew. The latter point is highly relevant. It affected his ability to steal, his ability to get away with it and the cover up which was the follow up. He benefitted from Mesirah, which is what the Sicilian Mafia calls Omerta, their code of silence.

Madoff Is An Enemy Of Jews Says Another Of Them
A Jew moans about Madoff robbing Jews. He does not care honest folk being screwed.


Madoff Is Nicer Than Adolf Alleges Jew
Aforesaid Jew might well claim that the Holocaust® Story is true.


Madoff Explained by the Occidental Observer =
The Occident Observer gives us a post mortem after the fuss has died down. First there was the discovery that Madoff was a world record thief. Then the whining about the fact that Jews got robbed while the fact that white people were the main victims gets glossed over. Then the Jews send it down the memory hole to be forgotten forever more - they hope. Now comes the honest assessment. It is fair, fairly long and utterly damning.
This view was apparently widely held. The Strobers report the above-mentioned David Harris of the American Jewish Committee saying after the arrest

the Madoff name had come up here in the AJC’s investment committee some months ago when someone suggested we ought to explore investing … with Madoff. And the chairman of our investment committee actually said, “No, I think it’s a Ponzi scheme.” He actually used those words to the ten or fifteen people in the meeting. (42)

Gathering around him an informal group of like-minded professionals, Markopolos spent most of the next decade trying to get the Securities and Exchange Commission to act. Numerous meetings with different officials as well as providing extensive documentation and apparently scores of phone calls and emails produced almost no response. Finally in November 2005 Markopolos submitted a report titled “The World’s Largest Hedge Fund is a Fraud” (on line here [PDF]).

This 19-page document is a nuclear bomb. No one even slightly used to reviewing serious discussions of complex matters could fail to see that it is written by an expert, very carefully thought out, and devastatingly cogent.  (Kirtzman — who appears to dislike Markopolos — is quite wrong to describe it as “a dense, rambling thicket … of mathematical formulas, and Wall Street jargon” [197].) One would have thought anyone in the line of responsibility for regulating Madoff would have been absolutely terrified.

What happened?
It has to be said that the SEC compliance operation has evolved into a classical rent-seeking bureaucratic monster, happily and expensively papering files in cooperation with a symbiotic tribe of functionaries inside investment operations and their law firms. A parasite, it is not designed to actually do anything substantive.

Furthermore, dark suspicions are increasingly common that large targets are exempt.  Arvedlund quotes Markopolos recounting the remarks of a former SEC official: “The SEC is bureaucratic and political and turns down slam-dunk cases all too often” (199).

We submit that the answer to this question is the same as to why America is engaged in an unpopular war with the Muslim world with no Congressional dissidence, and why nation-breaking immigration continues — in the midst of recession — with only a little more dissent — and that after the topic had been virtually driven out of public debate for several years. The Bernard Madoff matter was one about which a significant segment of Jewish America cared very much — some for financial reasons, others, perhaps, because of community pride and loyalty. Challenging this group was well known to be extremely dangerous. As in other matters, they awarded themselves a veto, and they used it — as it happened in this case, to their cost. All in all, the Madoff affair and the cover-up is another indication of Jewish power in America.

Looking back, his childhood contemporaries have realized Madoff could well have come to resent his own people — that he had, in the words of an Oppenheimer informant, an “inner need to screw the system” (87).

Beyond the question of the Madoff loot, there is the — if anything even more interesting — question of the apparent enrichment of the non-family insiders, Picower, Chais, Levy — and perhaps others. (The Wall Street Journal has reported a total of “at least eight.”) What was going on here? How did these men come to cooperate? What was Madoff’s motive for cutting them in?

Our prediction is that nothing significant will ever emerge on these questions. Observation of a long list of scandals, from 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty to the dropping of the espionage prosecutions against the American Israel Public Affairs Committee last year, leads inevitably to this conclusion. Thoroughly investigated, the Madoff scandal has the potential to illuminate the economic and political prerogatives usurped in late 20th-century America by what can only be described as the new ruling class. That will not be allowed to happen.

Americans need to ask themselves if parties with this larcenous and nomadic tradition are appropriate stewards of our national institutions.
It is arguable that not all Jews are thieves, liars and unprincipled rogues. It seems different though.


Madoff Fool Or Rogue?
But on Thursday morning, this consummate trader, Bernard L. Madoff, was arrested at his Manhattan home by federal agents who accused him of running a multibillion-dollar fraud scheme — perhaps the largest in Wall Street’s history.........
Stealing $50 billion is big time thieving. Gambling the lot away is incompetence as well. You might wonder why he bothered. Most men would settle for a billion without any difficulty.


Madoff's Double Bluff
Claim that you and you alone are guilty. No evidence is produced at the trial,  your henchmen walk away laughing up their sleeves, the investors get paid off by the government and the tax payer gets robbed blind again. Given that a lot of aforesaid big time investors are Jews it all makes sense.


Protecting Yourself From The Next Bernie Madoff
There are some straightforward things to do. Ask the right questions and sleep sound at nights.



Jews Get To Keep $45 Million Stolen By Madoff [ 10 December 2010 ]
NEW YORK (JTA) -- Hadassah: The Women's Zionist Organization of America will pay back $45 million of the money it made in the Bernard Madoff scam. Hadassah President Nancy Falchuk in a letter Thursday told the organization’s supporters of the settlement reached by the group with the trustee of Madoff’s estate.
Notice that they are only giving half back and getting away with the other $45 million. Who did they settle with? Could it possibly be other Jews? The Jewish Telegraphic Agency treads lightly on this part of the story. Irving Picard is the comedian doing what it takes - more or less. He takes what he takes more or less. It helps if your face fits or you use the right synagogue. Irving is getting rich; make that richer. Irving's firm is in for some $30 million.


Madoff Millions Financed Israeli War Machine [ 10 December 2010 ]
Where Did the Bernard Madoff Money Go?
In a word: Israel. The money was funnelled to the Israeli Nuclear Department and military forces to fend off radical factions in the region.

Israel is the smallest nuclear armed country in the world. It is roughly the size of New Jersey with an annual reported GDP of $129 billion. Even with international aid, Israel has no oil reserves like its Arab neighbours and could not afford nuclear weapons on its own. However, with the help of Bernie Madoff and others like him, Israel became a dominant power in the region.......

It should be noted that initially all of the Jewish charities were up in arms about the scandal as they were forced to shut down their operations. But after a closed meeting arranged by a known Israeli supporter, not another word was heard from this group.
This is somewhat speculative but entirely likely to be right. The real evidence is the character of the perpetrators. Follow the money and find the Jew.


Madoff's Son Bottled Out [ 13 December 2010 ]
The family and lawyers of Mark Madoff – eldest son of the jailed multibillion-dollar fraudster, Bernard Madoff – have blamed "unrelenting pressure from false accusations and innuendo" for his decision to take his own life at the weekend. Madoff, 46, was found hanged in the living room of his New York flat as his two-year-old son slept in a nearby room. He had apparently succumbed to the pressures of being unemployable, socially ostracised and subject to a legal battering that included a lawsuit filed last week naming his young children in an attempt to recover funds lost to his father's $50bn (£32bn) Ponzi scheme.
Madoff came out with his hands up - eventually then claimed that he alone was guilty. He was lying of course. He could not possibly have run the fraud alone, especially while leading a relaxed life style. Alleging that no one else was involved made it easier for other Jews to get money back from the tax payer which is the reason for his story.


Madoff Fraud Is Robbing People [ 23 December 2010 ]
On Friday the astonishing news broke that the estate of Jeffrey M. Picower had agreed to cough up $7.2 billion to the liquidator of the Bernard Madoff fraud and the Federal Government.........  This news was astonishing because the amount – said to be “the largest single forfeiture in American judicial history” – represents a considerable 35% of the amount thought to have been paid into the Madoff Ponzi scheme, raising the prospect of material compensation to some of the victims.....

What was not astonishing was the rush to present what was in fact proof that Picower was a huge looter of the Madoff victims as evidence of noblesse oblige on the part of his widow, and to cover up what actually happened. CNN reports that

Picower withdrew $7.8 billion from Madoff’s investment firm since the 1970s, even though he only deposited $619 million, according to the trustee. Read more »

So Picower gets to keep $14 billion looted by Madoff. Jews steal together. Jews lie together. Jews get rich together. It is just honest men who pay.


Jews Helped Bernie Madoff Steal $65 Billion [ 23 November 2011 ]
In April, in Is observing the Mesirah prohibition compatible with being American? I discussed the threat posed to Americans generally by the Jewish tradition of Misirah. This prohibits Jews from telling the Civil Authorities of crimes being committed by other Jews. My interest was stimulated by realizing when studying the Madoff Affair that many financially sophisticated Jews suspected criminality, but did nothing. I noted

In recent years increased consciousness of the issue of pedophilia, sexual abuse generally and drugs has driven most of the Jewish discussion of Mesirah. Some Jewish organizations like the Rabbinical Council of America have explicitly called for Mesirah to be overlooked in these cases.

The latest news is that this laudable trend seems to be going into reverse.........

Rabbi David Zwiebel, Agudah’s executive vice president, told the conference that even mandated reporters — teachers, social workers and people in certain other professions who are required by law to promptly report any suspected cases of sexual abuse — should consult a rabbi before going to the police.

The Forward found a District Attorney with courage:

Marlene Lynch Ford, the Ocean County prosecutor whose jurisdiction includes the large strictly Orthodox enclave of Lakewood, said that the advice given at the Agudah conference could violate New Jersey law. “…the law is incumbent on [all involved], if they have grounds for reasonable suspicion, to make disclosures.”.......

But when Mesirah can apparently impede protecting even children who are Jewish from repulsive abuse, the rest of us might fairly ask:

What does it do in cases of general Jewish criminality inflicted on society as a whole?
Professor MacDonald hits the nail on the head again. That is why he is so unpopular with Zionist Jews.


Thieving Jew's Brother Gets Off With Ten Years For Stealing Billions [ 30 June 2012 ]
The younger brother of disgraced financier Bernard Madoff - the loyal No. 2 at an investment firm that fronted a multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme - pleaded guilty Friday, agreeing to serve 10 years in prison and saying he was 'in total shock' when he learned of the fraud.......

Peter Madoff told the judge he was 'deeply ashamed and terribly sorry' but that he didn't know about the scam until his brother revealed it in December 2008.

Close to $20 billion vanished in the scam, the largest Ponzi scheme ever prosecuted in the U.S. The scheme left behind only a few hundred million dollars, not the $65 billion claimed in bogus financial statements........

In his guilty plea, Bernard Madoff admitted his investment advisory business was a sham, but insisted that his brother and two sons who also worked for him were in the dark about his misdeeds.

Given Peter Madoff's 'level of financial experience and sophistication,' he either knew or should have known that he reaped gains from 'fraud and deception,' the trustee alleged.
Madoff is a Jew. Madoff is a world record thief. Stealing $65 billion makes that clear. The fact that his brother is a thief too is no surprise. Madoff got away with it for years precisely because he is a Jew in New York where the finance industry is full of his co-conspirators. They knew he was bent but they practice Mesirah, silence about their own. It was what the Mafia calls Omerta. It what lawyers call perverting the course of justice.


Madoff's Henchwenches Convicted  [ 25 March 2014 ]
So were henchmen. Of course the Daily Mail does not mention that Madoff is a Jew as well as the world record thief.


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