Holocaust® Story

The Holocaust® was a tragedy for some and an opportunity for others. Propagandists are telling us about The Holocaust® ad nauseam. Notice that the phrase gets capital letters. It matters. Zionists tell us that some 6 million Jews lost their lives and that Adolf had a policy of exterminating them; that it was his Endlösung der Judenfrage, his Final Solution to the Jewish Question. The Wikipedia  tells us that some 72 million died in that conflict. Twentieth Century Death Toll settles for a mere 55 million. Guess work is involved. But they are not telling us why the 6 million matter more than the rest.

The Nazis had their Concentration Camps. [ this list omits Alderney in the Channel Islands ] which were not fun places to be. Some are still there being used as tourist attractions. Sachsenhausen and Buchenwald are impressively nasty. Russian Gulags are not open to us but see Gulags In Pictures to know they were worse. They tend to be remote and visitors might ask who ran them. That would not give the answer that the Jews want because it was very largely them [ see Bolshevik Revolution ].

So things did happen. Some men went to war, found travel, adventure and fun. Others did not enjoy things. Afterwards came the mopping up. Germany was a ruin. England was exhausted and broke. But things got better. Several years after we started getting the Holocaust® story fed at us. This was at a time when a lot of real survivors had died. It was also when Churchill, Roosevelt and De Gaulle had died. They were war time leaders who knew what happened and wrote about it. It is a matter of fact that Churchill's book, The Second World War does not mention Jews being massacred. Roosevelt and De Gaulle seem not to have noticed either. But once they were safely dead the World Jewish Congress moved in for the kill or rather for the shakedown.

It was run by Ed Bronfman but one of the principals was Israel Singer, Jew, rabbi and thief who was fond of boasting that he personally took the Germans and the Swiss for US$20 BILLION. Of course he only said this among his own. Us mug punters weren't supposed to know. But Singer has just been sacked for thieving which may be why Haaretz, a Jewish newspaper fed us this little gem.

Another Jew who has a low view of what his coreligionists are doing is Norman Finkelstein, a professor who wrote The Holocaust Industry- Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering which makes my point at greater length and with far more evidence. His book made him very unpopular with Zionist Jews but they have not been able to stop him telling the truth. Some informed commentary is at Finkelstein on Holocaust Exploitation -- Part 1 & Finkelstein on Holocaust Exploitation -- Part 2

One pay off with The Holocaust Story is that it distracts us from their murderous ways in Palestine, the Stolen Land they call Israel. The other is the money, the gigabucks, all tax free, all extorted, very nearly all stolen - see Jews With Light Fingers Took Germans For €63.2 Billion or Holocaust® Survivors Screwed By Israeli Government.  Some sources follow:-

Germany Must Perish
The Jew, Theodore Kaufman's advocated doing unto Germany what Jews are doing to Palestine and Jews allege that naughty little Adolf was doing to them. See Germany Must Perish.


The Six Million Story
Jews were marketing the 6,000,000 story well before naughty Adolf gave them problems. They were at it in 1900, if not earlier.


The Final Solution
Andrew Joyce, Ph.D. tells us more about a new book by a devious Jew on the subject.

Winston Churchill Knew - Allegedly
According to Winston Churchill, in a letter to his Foreign Secretary dated July 11, 1944, "There is no doubt that this persecution of Jews in Hungary and their expulsion from enemy territory is probably the greatest and most horrible crime ever committed in the whole history of the world...." (Winston S. Churchill, The Second World War: Volume VI, Triumph and Tragedy, Appendix C, page 597).
This allegation is 100% checkable. It just means getting access to The Second World War by Sir Winston Churchill. Churchill got a Nobel prize for his book but seems not to have noticed the Holocaust®, the greatest crime ever. At all events he does not mention it or even Auschwitz.


Robert Faurisson
M Faurisson tells us that the Holocaust® Story is a pack of lies. Jews beat him up. Still he speaks. Jews made it illegal to say that the Holocaust® Story is a pack of lies. Still he speaks. Why should it be illegal to say that Holocaust® Story is a pack of lies? Jews will not tell you the truth. Jews will feed you a pack of lies.


Six Million Is Always Six Million
Four million died at Auschwitz - allegedly. Then it became a mere 1.5 million - allegedly. But the total claimed remains 6 million. Where did the Jews find their 2.5 million extras? Out of thin air?


The Rise And Fall Of The Holocaust Industry
It makes lotsa money, in fact billions. They are all tax free. A large most is stolen.


46 Questions About The Holocaust
One that Mr. Cole, BTW a Jew does not ask is why it is illegal to say that their story is a pack of lies. One answer is that Jews With Light Fingers Took Germans For €63.2 Billion - tax free of course.


Michael Shermer
Shermer markets the Holocaust® Racket.


Red Cross And The Holocaust
The Red Cross was there at the time, watching, knowing. They have records, which are kept secret. Why might that be? To hide the truth perhaps.


Gas Or Guns?
Paul Eisen, a Jew quotes Robert Faurisson, a Frenchman who says that the Holocaust® story is a pack of lies. Professor Faurisson has suffered major evil as a result.
PS Read the Wiki article with a sceptical eye; he claims/states/alleges.


Holocaust® Racket On The Up [ 5 October 2013 ]
Her Majesty's Government & its parasites are pandering to the thieves running the Holocaust® Racket while screwing the men of the British Legion. This does not qualify as Treason but it is very convincing proof of intent.


Swindlers' List
Is an excellent appreciation of Jews on the make. It is not about the film called Schindler's List, which is Holocaust propaganda.


Claims Conference
These are the money masters. They handle the product as distinct from marketing the propaganda. They rob the fools at one end then defraud Jews at the other.

Holotruth http://www.holotruth.org.uk/
Is a new website in England telling the world that the Holocaust® story is a pack of lies.
PS It is gone. They don't like the Truth.


Paul Eisner Denies Holocaust Story
Paul Eisen, a Jew alleges that the Holocaust® story is tosh. Perhaps he is sincere. Perhaps he is taking a position as insurance against the New World Order falling apart, in other words against Holocaust II -which they are busily inciting. See But How Could The Holocaust® Story Not Be True?


Holocaust© Denied By Jew
Another Jew, another Holocaust® denier.


Jews Who Perpetrated The Black Holocaust - http://www.blacksandjews.com/JewsInSlaveryA-G.html
Never heard of the Black Holocaust? Could this be because Jews control the media? It could. It is. Names are named. The shameless are annoyed. 


Holocaust II
Ask not for the moment if the first one happened and concentrate on how, not whether the Jews are setting themselves up for another round of serious unpopularity.


Norman Finkelstein
Professor Finkelstein, a Jew  told us that:-
...... Elie Wiesel and others exploit the memory of the Holocaust as an "ideological weapon." This is so the state of Israel, "one of the world's most formidable military powers, with a horrendous human rights record, [can] cast itself as a victim state" in order to garner "immunity to criticism." He also alleges what he calls a "double shakedown" by "a repellent gang of plutocrats, hoodlums and hucksters" seeking enormous legal damages and financial settlements from Germany and Switzerland, moneys which then go to the lawyers and institutional actors involved in procuring them, rather than actual Holocaust survivors.
UNQUOTE - source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norman_Finkelstein
They didn't see the funny side of it. They didn't sue for libel either.

Killing Palestinians is all right. It's our right because of the Holocaust®


Jews Took Germany For $63.2 Billion
Adi Schwartz The executive chairman of the Claims Conference is furious. A documentary film alleges the organization has been denying Holocaust survivors money that is rightfully theirs. In a first interview after the film’s broadcast, Reuven Merhav says he had no choice but to sue for libel...........

Since then, Germany has paid more than $60 billion to some 278,000 survivors.
Merhav shot his mouth off about suing for libel then it all went quiet. Presumably he bottled out when it came to the point.

Mr. Dees comments in cartoon form. Is he wrong? Jews have little to say about him. The truth has its uses.

Abraham Burg is not a Zionist
Not any more. He went the other way for some reason.


Abraham Foxman (ADL) on How we bludgeoned the Swiss Banks


Almanacs Never Lie. Jews Do
If 6 million Jews died in Nazi clutches there would have been fewer of them about after the war. The numbers from this source suggest that less than their favourite number came unstuck.


Are people who dislike Jews. At all events that is their story. The truth is different. It is often is with God's Chosen People


Bad Arolson
Is the home of the Red Cross and their International Tracing Service. It has lots of records regarding concentration camp deaths. They claim that they have never [ Their emphasis - Ed. ] made any attempt to find out how many died. It makes it easier for liars to misrepresent casualty states. They would say they are not political. Further they choose to claim that Raoul Hilberg is a reliable source regarding the Holocaust.


Bankers and Robbers


Bermuda Conference
The Bermuda Conference was an international conference between the United Kingdom and the United States held on April 19, 1943 at Hamilton, Bermuda. Discussions included the question of Jewish refugees who had been liberated by Allied forces and those who still remained Nazi-occupied Europe. The only agreement made was that the war must be won against the Nazis. The United States delegation was led by Dr. Harold W. Dodds.

A New York Times article dated April 30, 1943 and titled "Hopeful Hint Ends Bermuda Sessions" stated that recommendations which were not capable of being accomplished under war conditions and which would most likely delay the war effort of the United Nations were rejected.
Arthur Butz tells us that this conference happened because Jews in America swallowed propaganda generated by the American Jewish Congress. His book is a worthy introduction to the subject. It got heavily advertised by Jews marketing their Holocaust story. They did not like what he had to say. Whether they challenged him on the facts is another matter. A different view is put at Holocaust Events. Believe it if you want.


Britons to attend Iran's Holocaust conference [ broken link ]


Committee For An Open Debate On The Holocaust®


Deconstruction And The Holocaust
Deconstruction is about picking apart the basic assumptions in writings but only if they are Christian or Western literature. It is not about doing to the Holocaust® story. In fact it is illegal so to do. Proving it to be a pack of lies would upset a major tax free industry run by Jews for some of their brethren. This does not include actual victims. They are just mug punters.


The First Holocaust


German Politics - The Reality


German Reparations To Israel


Germar Rudolf


Goebbels And The Holocaust


Raoul Hilberg
Jew and train spotter. Heavily involved in marketing the Holocaust® story. Alleged to be a reliable source by the Red Cross. Arthur Butz, a professor of electrical engineering who wrote The Hoax of the Twentieth Century: The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry tells us that Hilberg is lying in his teeth.

Would you believe a man with a face like that? I don't. Try reading his book to see how long it takes you to realize that he is trying it on.


Holocaust® Compensation
This is your opportunity to get rich, or maybe just richer. You may not have realized for the last sixty odd years that you are victims, entitled to compensation but now your moment has come. Go for it. They do not actually say that it is a Jew only deal but you will find out that out when you try.


Holocaust® Racketeers Trying It On
Der Spiegel tells us that Germans have been taken for €63.5 billion by their own government in 2007. Then the Jews came back for more.


The Hoax Of The Twentieth Century
by Arthur Butz, a professor of electrical engineering and a patently honest man.


The Holocaust And Churchill
Sir Winston Churchill was heavily involved in the Second World War and had access to all of the intelligence so he knew all about the Holocaust®. He must have done but somehow his great book on the war does not mention the greatest tragedy the world has ever known. Cynics might wonder just why. His biographer, Martin Gilbert is a Jew so he is not in the business of giving us honest answers. NB The Second World War was published in 1954 when the main facts were well known. Marketing the Holocaust® story started later; around 1970 I fancy.


Holocaust Denial
Is illegal in various countries. Where and why are questions we are not supposed to ask.


The Holocaust And Haaretz


The Holocaust® As A Political Asset
Turning the Holocaust into a political asset serves Israel primarily in its fight against the Palestinians. When the Holocaust is on one side of the scale, along with the guilty (and rightly so) conscience of the West, the dispossession of the Palestinian people [ by Jews manipulating politicians in England; see #Balfour Explained - Editor ] from their homeland in 1948 is minimized and blurred.

The cynicism inherent in the attitude of the institutions of the Jewish state to Holocaust survivors is not a revelation to those born and living among them. We grew up with the yawning gap between the presentation of the State of Israel as the place of the Jewish people's rebirth and the void that exists for every Holocaust survivor and his family......

This is part of the roots of financial cynicism that the media is being exposed to today, due to several reasons: the advanced age and declining health of survivors, the intentional weakening of the welfare state, the presence of survivors from the former Soviet Union who are not included in the reparations agreement, the media activism of nongovernmental welfare organizations and the welcome enlistment of social affairs journalists.
Jews can tell the truth. Some do even when it will irritate other Jews. This is an example.


The Holocaust - A View


The Holocaust Debated


The Holocaust Debated II


Holocaust Denial On Trial
A German tells us that the Holocaust story is true.


Holocaust Denial Opposed


Holocaust And Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Where were the RED Holocaust-Corpses from CO and Cyanide!

Maritime Medicine:
"Fig. 10.9.2: Bright red lividity on the dorsal side of the body as the expression of lethal carbon monoxide poisoning. Livor mortis is bright red in cases of carbon monoxide or hydrocyanide poisoning (or in cases where the corpse is kept in cold storage). Carbon monoxide is a colourless and odourless gas that arises, for example, from incomplete fuel combustion. Thus it is always necessary – primarily for self-protection – to consider or exclude carbon monoxide poisoning, particularly when bodies with bright red lividity are found in engine rooms, after engine room fires (automatic carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system!) or in boiler houses."

Note the total absence of any mention of the corpses having to age for as long as three hours before the red color appears as Roberto Muehlenkamp has insisted for years.
Somebody does not believe the Holocaust® story. Somebody gives reasons. Is he right or is he wrong? It is a criminal offence to say he is right. Now just why might that be? Hint - the Holocaust® story is worth billions to some Jews.


Holocaust® Industry Claims [ broken link ]


The Holocaust Industry- Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering


Holocaust Memorial Day 2009


Iran defends Holocaust conference


The Holocaust® And The Evidence


Holocaust® Sceptics - Jews Put A Position
Read for yourself. Decide for yourself whether they are telling the truth or feeding us propaganda. Note always that the Jews marketing the story don't bother to tell us how much they made out of it - some $80 billion and rising or how little gets to the alleged victims.


Jeffrey Goldberg And Self-Delusion?
There is no need to detail the gigantic bubble that must sooner or later burst with a lot of noise. It suffices to cite a few expositions of the most eminent Holocaust authorities on hand. Take that Dutch cheese head Prof. van der Pelt, a grovelling and bootlicking specialist on Auschwitz who shot himself famously into his own cheese foot by telling the Toronto Star [ see below - Editor ] that only one percent of the entire yarn is provable with physical evidence. Or the leading Jewish historian Raul Hilberg who announced solemnly that there wasn’t a blueprint, there wasn’t an agency, there wasn’t a budget, there wasn’t even a single written document, but merely the mind-reading of a far-flung bureaucracy who managed the whole thing kind of telepathically by looking down its nose.
Believe nothing until it is officially denied.


Telling the Toronto Star
Ninety-nine per cent of what we know we do not actually have the physical evidence to prove . . . it has become part of our inherited knowledge.
Inherited from whom? Truth told or lies told? By Whom? Jews on the make is whom.


Jewish casualties during World War II
The Metapedia focuses on Jews who came unstuck in concentration camps rather than the small number who died in action.


Jews Attack Pope Pius XII


Jews RUNNING Concentration Camps


Jews With Light Fingers Took Germans For €63.2 Billion -11/07/2007
The ongoing argument between Israel and Germany over new Holocaust compensation claims has taken another turn after Germany officially refused to negotiate with the Israeli government over payments for survivors.

For more than half a century, the Jewish Claims Conference has been responsible for dealing with the German government over compensation claims made by victims of the Holocaust. In 1965, Germany signed a treaty agreeing to pay individual victims; survivors had to file their claims before 1969. Since then, Germany has paid out over €63.2 billion -- including €1.5 billion in direct payments to the Israeli government.....

Israeli Minister of Pensioners' Affairs Rafi Eitan met with the German ambassador to Israel, Harald Kindermann, in December to demand that Germany take a series of steps to address the shortfall.
The shortfall! Consider €63.2 billion tax free and the shortfall. What has the money been spent on? The Jews running the Stolen Land of Palestine are vicious, free loading, thieving parasites. When it comes to really big time fraud Jews are the past masters. Remember that Madoff stole $65 billion.
PS The Israeli President Is A Liar, Bully And Rapist
PPS The Israeli Prime Minister, Is A Thief
PPPS The Israeli Foreign Minister Is A Racist Thief
PPPPS The Israeli Justice Minister Lied On Oath


Jews Demand Another €1 Billion For The Holocaust® Story From Germans [ 20 Dec 2009 ]


Tony Judt
A Jew who was prone to tell the truth about Jews and Zionism. He was hated for that reason.


The 'March of the Living' Scandal


It was not a fun place to be. Some 78,000 deaths prove that but they are nothing like as bad as the 1.7 million claimed by the Soviets.
PS Note well that the alleged number of dead has dropped by better than 80%. The number is political, just like the killing.


Nazi Gassings - http://nazigassings.com/
Is a web site run by a Holocaust® sceptic. You have no obligation to believe him but if you do not you should at least know why. And ask why it is illegal to say that the Holocaust® story is a pack of lies in Germany. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


Nuremberg War Trials - Pay Back Time Begins With A High Grade Lynching Party


Simon Wiesenthal, a Jew on the make claims that ODESSA was an escape line set up for important Nazis. Believe him if you want.


Revisiting The Sham Of Theresienstadt


Searching for the Bodies [ broken link but saved ]
Questions about the official World War Two death figures increasingly mount. Where are the proofs for these numbers? Where are the bodies? Did people just vaporize into thin air … as some believe, going up in smoke through tall chimneys? Two responsible figures have recently and publicly added their voices to the question of six million Poles murdered (ostensibly by Nazis) from 1939 to 1945.
6 million Jews were murdered so their remains are out there. Obvious isn't it? Where are they? That would be telling. We know that we were lied to about the Katyn Massacre. There are liars and there is truth. Money rides on the answers.


The Second World War by Sir Winston Churchill
Was written by the man at the centre of things. He does not mention the Holocaust® anywhere in the six volumes.


Sylvia Stolz
Is a German nationalist and a lawyer who defended Ernst Zündel in a German court knowing she would be put in prison for her pains. She was right. She was. She had the bottle to take the war to the enemy and shame corrupt judges.


Stroop Report


John Thames Debates The Holocaust® Story [ broken link but saved ]




Wannsee Conference
This administrative conference of senior admin wallahs, as distinct from top politicians like Adolf is marketed as evidence that the Holocaust® story is true. Policy decisions were not made by underlings so believe the hype if you want.


When Is Holocaust Remembrance Day in 2011?
On May Day according to this bunch of chancers. There are others in what is one of Israel's most exciting growth industries. The first(?) one is Holocaust Memorial Day – 27 January, the anniversary of Auschwitz being taken by the Russians. A bunch of con men in England have multiple days and multiple opportunities to take fools' money - see http://www.hmd.org.uk/


Mark Weber
Has given up on the Holocaust® boondoggle. People are getting more interested in the general purpose evil of the Jews.


Where Did The Shoah Money Go?


Simon Wiesenthal


World War II casualties - Wikipedia


ZOG or Zionist Occupation Government


Holocaust® Racket Is Meeting Consumer Resistance [ 3 February 2009 ] [ broken link saved ]


Holocaust Industry Is Corrupt [ 11 December 2008 ] [ saved ]


Bank Leumi Determined To Rob Holocaust® Victims [ 18 November 2008 ] [ saved ]


Jews Still Defrauding Holocaust® Survivors [ 13 November 2008 ] [ saved ]


Holocaust® Survivors Robbed By Thieving Jew [ 3 November 2008 ]


Israel to approve higher stipends for Holocaust® survivors [ 12 August 2008 ]


Holocaust Survivors Robbed By Israel AGAIN [ 1 August 2008 ]


Bank Leumi called account worthless, but Holocaust victim's sons to get NIS 400,000 [ 8 July 2008 ]


60,000 Holocaust® Survivors Robbed By Jews In Israel  [ 7 July 2008 ]


Holocaust® survivors denied reparations [ 19 June 2008 ]


Holocaust Survivors Still Being Robbed By Jews [ 8 May 2008 ]

Holocaust® Survivors Still Being Robbed By Jews [ 1 May 2008 ]


Jews Screwed 110 Million Euros Out Of Belgians Using The Holocaust Story [ 12 March 2008 ]


Holocaust® Story Matters. Holocaust Survivors Do Not   [ 22 January 2008 ]


Jews Rob Holocaust® Survivors [ 6 January 2008 ]


Israeli Claims Conference backs away from review of earlier controversial payment by March of the Living [ 20 May 2007 ]


Israel might help Holocaust survivors [ 21 May 2007 ]


A third of Holocaust survivors in Israel live in poverty [ 13 April 2007 ]


Holocaust Day Boycott by Starving Survivors [ 13 April 2007 ]


Vatican snubs Israel for noting Pope Pius's dubious reaction to the Holocaust  [ 13 April 2007 ]


Holocaust® Racket Is Meeting Consumer Resistance [ 3 February 2009 ] [ broken link saved ]


Holocaust Survivors Threatened By Racketeers [ 8th May 2009 ] [ broken link saved ]


Pope Pius Did Help Jews Escape Nazis [ 17 June 2009 ] [ broken link saved ]


Holocaust® Victims Get Some Money Back From Jews 70 Years Late [ 19 October 2009 ] [ broken link saved ]


Holocaust® Racketeers Screw Survivors [ 11 September 2009 ]


Holocaust Restitution Fund Cheats Survivors [ 23 November 2009 ]


Israeli Parasites Poncing Another $1.4 Billion Using The Holocaust® Racket  [  28 December 2009 ]


Jews Milking The Holocaust® Racket Come Unstuck [  30 December 2009 ]


Over Six Million Were Killed In Holocaust® Says Priest [ 14 January 2010 ] [ broken link saved ]


Auschwitz Survivor Says Israel acts like Nazis [ 28 January 2010 ]


Jews Forgive Germany For A Price - Some $80 Billion And Rising  [ 28 January 2010 ]


Holocaust® Racketeers Robbing Victims Blind [ 1 March 2010 ]


Germany Giving Another $77 Million For Holocaust® Survivors [ 11 March 2010 ]


Israeli Government Throws Holocaust® Survivors A Few Shekels Sixty Five Years Late [ 11 April 2010 ]


When Is Holocaust Remembrance Day in 2011? [ 17 February 2011 ]
On May Day according to this bunch of chancers. There are others in what is one of Israel's most exciting growth industries. The first(?) one is Holocaust Memorial Day – 27 January, the anniversary of Auschwitz being taken by the Russians. A bunch of con men in England have multiple days and multiple opportunities to take fools' money - see http://www.hmd.org.uk/


Half A Million Holocaust® Survivors Still Alive Claim Jews With Light Fingers [ 17 February 2011 ]
Claims Conference VP Shlomo Gur: The money is for social and nursing services for Holocaust survivors worldwide. Half of the 520,000 survivors reside in Israel. The German government will double aid to Holocaust survivors to €110 million in 2011, from €55 million, Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference) VP Shlomo Gur told the Knesset Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs Conference today.

Gur said that the money was intended for social and nursing services for Holocaust survivors worldwide, whom he estimated at 520,000, half of who reside in Israel.

Committee member MK Lia Shemtov (Israel Beiteinu) said that the Ministry of Finance should also increase its allotments to the Holocaust survivors fund, and that the fund's managers should increase its fundraising efforts abroad. She said that many Holocaust survivors could not afford to buy medications, dental care, glasses, hearing aids, or dialysis.

Holocaust survivors fund deputy director Yehuda Dim said that the fund received applications for aid from 20,000 survivors, who were still waiting because there was no money to finance them.
The Holocaust® story is that Adolf killed off six million of them. Now, sixty five years after the war there are still half a million that he missed somehow. Living in concentration camps must have been very good for the health. Light exercise and a balanced diet obviously kept them in good shape. NB it is important to understand that the Claims Conference is a bunch of crooks on the make. Telling oldies how to pretend they were survivors was just one fraud they used. The Holocaust® Industry has taken the simple minded Hun for some $80 BILLION and stolen most of it.


Israel Opening A Home For Alleged Holocaust® Survivors Sixty Five Years Late [ 17 February 2011 ] [ broken link ]
On Sunday, 19 September 2010, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem will be honored at a special ceremony in Haifa, in the presence of Israeli President Shimon Peres, for funding the country’s largest assisted-living facility solely dedicated to caring for destitute Holocaust survivors, operated by the local charity Yad Ezer L’Haver (Helping Hands to Friends).

The dedication ceremony at the Haifa congress center will also feature Israel’s Chief Rabbi (Ashkenazi) Yona Metzger, Yad Vashem chairman Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, cabinet ministers Eli Yishai, Moshe Kahlon, Matan Vilnai, Daniel Hershkovitz, Gilad Erdan and Gila Gamliel, Opposition leader MK Tzipi Livni, Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav, and other Israeli dignitaries.
Some Christians are stupid. Some are very stupid. This lot of Christians are very gullible. The Holocaust® Racket has already taken them for $80 billion. Even assuming that only 90% was stolen by the Jews running it, there is still plenty to go round. Ask Israel Singer. He knows one of the thieves. He sees him in the mirror most days.


Holocaust Day Poster Selected. This Is Not It [ 17 February 2011 ]

Never again - unless we are the perpetrators - that is official policy in Israel.
Never forget: A portrait of a Holocaust-era Jewish family covered by a black stain has been chosen as the official poster for 2011 Holocaust Remembrance Day.
The black stain covering the official version should covering a big dollar sign. After all the Holocaust® Industry has made $80 billion. That is lotsa money.
PS This cartoon is from Carlos Latuff, a Brazilian whose work is at http://latuff2.deviantart.com/. He has a decent view of the atrocities Jews perpetrate on Palestinians. Get his Palestine collection from http://artintifada.wordpress.com/2009/01/10/latuff-palestine-cartoons/


Holocaust® Racketeers Trying For Another $20 Billion [ 4 March 2011 ]
Aging survivors of the Nazi Holocaust plan to protest outside a political fundraiser featuring President Barack Obama this week to publicize their struggle to collect what they say is $20 billion in Jewish insurance policies never paid by European companies.

Members of the Holocaust Survivors' Foundation USA want Obama and Florida Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson to push legislation that would force companies such as Germany's Allianz SE and Italy's Assicurazioni Generali to disclose lists of pre-World War II policies. The bill would also give survivors the right to sue the insurers in U.S. courts to satisfy their claims. We were stripped of everything our families owned, and only a fraction has been restored, said 84-year-old Joe Sachs, a native of Poland who survived several concentration camps.
There is just no end to their greed. They have taken Germany for better than $60 billion. Now they want more. Of course most of what went to the World Jewish Congress and the Claims Conference got stolen. They are always willing to produce a few Jews with sob stories. There is no mention of Bank Leumi calling account worthless, but Holocaust victim's sons to get NIS 400,000 [ It is a broken link because Haaretz is suppressing the evidence of their guilt - Editor ]. Jews rob Holocaust® survivors whether real or alleged. They are just another bunch of mug punters to be used and abused as the occasion arises. Israel Singer knows this because he is one of the thieves.
PS Perhaps the right question to ask is why they are trying it on again sixty five years later. They knew this money was owed back in the Fifties, if it was ever owed at all. The hope is that the Italians have thrown their records away and will be bullied by the Americans. Doing the claimants for fraudulent misrepresentation is a good answer. Then they might wind up sharing a cell with Bernie Madoff, the Jew who stole $50 billion.


Holocaust Survivors To Receive $564 Million In Reparations [ 8 April 2011 ]
The Claims Conference negotiates a significant increase in funds from the German government for survivors' home-care to ensure that victims of Nazism can live at home and receive the assistance they need. The Claims Conference Monday reached a landmark decision to increase survivor homecare funding over the next three years by a total of $ 564 million.

German and Israeli representatives flew in for the conference in New York, chaired by Julius Berman, that addressed the growing social welfare needs of Holocaust survivors throughout the world..........

The 2012 figure is a 15-percent increase over the amount negotiated for 2011. The money will be distributed to various agencies worldwide to provide survivors with in-home nursing and assistance in day-to-day activities. The hope is that through providing at-home care, Holocaust victims will be able to remain living at home in spite of difficulties associated with old age.
Jews created the Holocaust® Industry. It has taken Germans for at least $60 billion. They don't seem to have asked Where Did The Shoah Money Go? They really should. Jews colluded with German politicians to steal it. Jews cheat the survivors whether  real or alleged at the other end of the operation. They made more out of this one than Bernie Madoff, who surprising or not is also a Jew.


29 Problems With The Holocaust® Story [ 11 December 2011 ]
Listed below are some of the "problems " I have with the Holocaust. Should these be cleared up it would go a long way toward my accepting it - they are in no particular order.

1) Why did Elie Wiesel and countless other Jews survive the Holocaust if it was the intention of the Third Reich to eliminate every Jew they got there hands on? Elie was a prisoner for several years; other Jews survived even longer. Most of these "survivors" were ordinary people who did not have any unique expertise that the Germans could have exploited for their war effort. There was no logical reason for them to be kept alive. The very existence of more than a million survivors even today, some sixty years later, contradicts one of the basic components of the holocaust i.e. that the Germans had a policy to eliminate every Jew they got their hands on.

2) Why is their no mention of the Holocaust in Churchill's six volume History of the Second World War or the wartime memoirs of either De Gaulle or Eisenhower or any of the other lesser luminaries who wrote about the Second World War. Keep in mind all these were written years after the war ended and thus after the holocaust had been allegedly proven by the Nuremberg Trials? With regard to the Holocaust, the silence of these " cognoscenti " is deafening!
This turned up in a blog run by the Wall Street Journal. The other 27 are there.


Germany Donates $13 Million Israeli Holocaust® Memorial [ 3 February 2012 ]
[ Israeli ] Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar says agreement is important source of funding, will be used to purchase significant Holocaust documents from archives in Europe. Visiting German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle signed an agreement Wednesday granting 10 million euros (13 million dollars) to Israel's Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Center over the next 10 years........

Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar said that the agreement constituted an important source of funding, and will be used to expand Yad Vashem's activities and to locate and purchase significant Holocaust documents from archives in Europe, making them accessible to the public via the internet, Israeli media reported. "This decision reflects the importance that the German government attaches to the subject of the Holocaust.
The Jews are milking this one for every gigabuck it is worth and the Germans are falling for it. Of course the basic requirement for politicians in Germany is spending a lifetime pretending to believe the Holocaust® story. It cost their taxpayers €63.2 Billion and rising since 1965. Another $13 million is a trifle by comparison but it is all tax free dosh.


Jews Running Another Holocaust® Fraud Captured [ 9 April 2012 ]
Haredi Charity Heads Busted For Holocaust Fraud
The heads of Hazon Yeshaya, a charity that claimed to run many soup kitchens and other services for the poor – especially for elderly Holocaust survivors – allegedly stole millions of dollars of donations – including large donations from the Conference of Material Claims Against Germany (for Holocaust survivors) – by using the money to buy food, and then selling that food to haredi schools and other haredi institutions in a type of money laundering. Hazon Yeshaya was originally a part of (and is probably still a part of) Shuva Israel, the charity of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto, the Sefardi 'kabbalist' who is embroiled in several financial and other scandals. The Canadian and British Friends of Hazon Yeshaya shut down during the past year after each separately detected widespread fraud in the Israeli operation, including grossly inflated numbers of the soup kitchens it claimed to run and for the people it claimed to serve. So far, 10 Hazon Yeshaya employees have been arrested.
More Jews, more thieving, more abusing tender consciences of gullible Germans in a country where they have to pretend they believe the Holocaust® Story


Holocaust® Racketeers Trying To Milk Swiss Banks Again [ 28 April 2012 ]
During the Nazi regime, 7 million bank accounts were created in Switzerland. An estimated 60,000 of them were opened by Jews in a bid to salvage their property from the Nazis. Swiss banks systematically hid and destroyed records of bank accounts from the Holocaust period, thus preventing their owners from claiming their money and assets, according to a lawsuit set to be filed next week.......

In Roth's estimate, the banks owe Jewish heirs $6 billion, based on what their accounts would have been worth if they had survived to this day. "I believe before the Holocaust there were at least 30 more people - apart from the two I represent - who held a great deal of property in Switzerland. But they probably didn't leave evidence to enable claiming their assets," he said.
They took Swiss banks big time last time. Now they are at it again. The World Jewish Congress  is a bunch of crooks robbing Germans in particular at one end then screwing the victims, real or alleged at the other. The WJC was run by Israel Singer, who was sacked for thieving. He was fond of boasting that he personally extorted $20 billion from various mugs.
PS You just might think that anyone wanting his money back would just have to produce evidence such as a bank statement. Naturally there is no question of providing evidence, just barefaced lies.


Holocaust® Racketeers Screw Survivors In Israel [ 28 April 2012 ]
Meanwhile, some 10,000 destitute survivors have discovered recently that the $400 quarterly stipend they receive from the Company for Location and Restitution of Holocaust Victims' Assets has been cut by $80. The recipients were never informed of the move, but learned about it from their bank account statements.

Over the past four years, the organization has been doling out a total annual allowance of $1,600 to each impoverished survivor. The new cuts have reduced that sum to $1,275.

The group was established under law in 2007 and is committed to tracing property that belonged to those who died in the Holocaust and returning it to their heirs, or to other survivors living in Israel if no heir can be located. — ynetnews.com & ap
The Company for Location and Restitution of Holocaust Victims' Assets is a bunch of crooks. See 60,000 Holocaust® Survivors Robbed By Jews In Israel for more and better details.


Robbing Rabbi Steals From Holocaust® Survivors Real Or Alleged - http://failedmessiah.typepad.com/failed_messiahcom/2012/08/massive-fraud-uncovered-at-charity-controlled-by-rabbi-yoshiyahu-yosef-pinto-567.html  [ 11 August 2012 ]
Stealing From Holocaust Survivors: Massive Fraud Uncovered At Charity Controlled By Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto

I hope that the FBI, which is reportedly investigating similar alleged crimes involving Pinto's American organization, is paying attention to this.

Ha'aretz reports:
…The [Government of Israel's Registrar of Associations] is seeking new regulatory powers in response to the massive fraud discovered earlier this year at the Hazon Yeshaya charity, headed by Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto. In April, 10 employees of the charity, including its director and founder, were arrested on suspicion of perpetrating a multimillion-dollar fraud. Specifically, the charity allegedly sold food for cash instead of distributing it to needy Holocaust survivors as it told both its donors and the registrar it was doing.

The subsequent police investigation found that about two-thirds of the organization's income stemmed from selling food to other organizations, with no supervision, though such activity wasn't authorized by the organization's bylaws. The millions of shekels it thereby earned from other Israeli organizations were then listed in its financial statements as donations from abroad to hide the fact that it was selling food.

Altogether, Hazon Yeshaya had a turnover of more than NIS 40 million a year, including grants of NIS 2 million from the government and NIS 250,000 from the Jerusalem municipality.…

Meanwhile, the registrar, who is worried by what he sees as a large uptick in money laundering by nonprofits, rarely uses the power it has to strip those nonprofits of its seal of approval. Ha'aretz cites one such case, that of Chabad's central Israeli organization. The government had Chabad cold on money laundering and related crimes. But, probably because of Chabad's political power, the government did next to nothing about it.

Ha'aretz notes that:

Also in 2007, police launched an investigation into the Chabad youth organization. After receiving the findings of this probe, the registrar demanded that the organization correct numerous problems and prepared a recovery program for it. Nevertheless, it did not withhold the organization's good governance certificate.
Another rabbi, another thief. Singer got away with it. Will this one?


Holocaust® Hustlers Try It On In Poland [ 29 August 2012 ] 
The years have not dimmed memories of when the Nazis entered the homes of our relatives in Poland. After being liberated from the death camps following the end of the Holocaust, they made their way back to their former towns and shtetels of Zamosc, Krakow and Lublin to find out that their properties had been taken over by their Polish neighbors.

It is estimated that there are currently over 170,000 private properties held in Poland that were wrongfully seized from Jewish victims of the Holocaust and appropriated by the Polish communist government following the Second World War. These properties have an estimated value of billions of dollars, according to a comprehensive report drawn up by experts from the business sector, non-profit and non-governmental organizations at the request of the Israeli government.

Poland was one of the main victims of Nazi Germany, and six million of its citizens – half of them Jews – were murdered by the Germans [ not Poles you notice - Editor ].
The Jews used their Holocaust® Story to very good effect in Germany. They took the Krauts big time. It was €63.2 Billion back then in 20007. Now it is more and naturally all tax free. Most of it gets stolen. The alleged victims get peanuts - if they are lucky. The Poles are likely to be a tougher nut to crack. They got screwed big time by the Soviets. They know the Jews were not big in the Bolsheviks, they were enormous. Poles also had lots of direct experience of Jews living there. The American government will be used to lean on them because it is a Zionist Occupation Government [ ZOG ], one that makes war for Israel.
PS Ask a Jew when they are going to pay damages for the billions they destroyed when they ran the Gaza Massacre. The answer will be evasive at best.


Holocaust® Racketeers Stole Hungarian Taxpayers' Money Too [ 4 September 2012 ]
Budapest government says US organization overseeing payments to Holocaust victims has failed to prove how funds were used
"The US organization Claims Conference... has not been able to show proper accounts of how the funds received from the Hungarian government were used," a statement on the government's website said. It added it had "requested on several occasions that Claims Conference open its accounts but since it failed to do so, the government has requested that the disputed money be reimbursed with interest."

In December 2007, the previous Hungarian government had signed an agreement with the Public Fund for Jewish Heritage in Hungary (Mazsok) to pay $21 million (€16.7 million) over five years in damages to Hungarian Holocaust survivors. Mazsok managed the payments to survivors in Hungary, while Claims Conference was to oversee damages to those living abroad.

"In line with the deal, the Hungarian government transferred $12.6 million to Mazsok between 2007 and 2009, two thirds of which went to Claims Conference," the government said Thursday. Documents received from Claims Conference did not detail who had received damages or whether they were really Holocaust survivors, Budapest also complained.

Some 600,000 Hungarian Jews were [ allegedly ] killed during the Holocaust.
Stealing $8 million is small time theft for the Jews running Holocaust® racket They have taken German fools for €63.2 Billion back in 2007. Now it is more but every little helps. There is no business like Shoah  business.


Holocaust® Racketeers Take German Mugs For $1 Billion [ 30 May 2013 ]
As part of agreement with Claims Conference, 56,000 Holocaust survivors will receive home nursing services, 22,000 of whom reside in Israel. Another 90,000 survivors will receive other forms of assistance and social services.

The Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany (Claims Conference) has announced that, over the next four years, Germany will provide $1 billion for the home care of Holocaust survivors throughout the world.

The Claims Conference states that the money will be used to fund home nursing care, medications and social services for Holocaust survivors around the world. The money will be transferred by the Claims Conference to the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel, Amcha and other organizations providing vital services to survivors.......

Germany has also committed itself to discuss the possibility of financial compensation for Holocaust survivors who were children during the Holocaust period and who now require assistance in order to cope with traumas and other late onset emotional symptoms that surface in adulthood [ which have now noticed more than sixty years later - Editor ].
The Jews running the Holocaust® racket took German taxpayers for $63.2 Billion. That was just up to 2007. The rabbi, Israel Singer running the Claims Conference was sacked for robbing the World Jewish Congress. Some things do not change.


Jews Demand Another €1 Billion For The Holocaust® Story From Germans  [ 23 February 2014 ]
Do lots of Germans think little Adolf had a point?


Jews Propagandize English School Children With Holocaust® Visits [ 24 February 2014 ]
If you laugh in the wrong places they will get irritated. You are supposed to pretend you believe every word of it, just like German politicians. They are generating Western Guilt in order to destroy Western Civilization. It is different in Israel. The Zionist crazies who run the place use the Holocaust® Story to incite Fear & paranoia. It keeps their fools, their ignorant in line.


50 Thousand Holocaust®  Survivors Live In Poverty While Holocaust® Industry Insiders Waste Billions  [ 24 April 2014 ]
Jews running the World Jewish CongressClaims Conference et cetera are light fingered rogues who have taken German mugs for €63.2 Billion. That is just some of the loot, which is, naturally enough tax free. Israel Singer & other thieves screwed Germans at one end of the racket then robbed alleged victims at the other. They had fun spending it on first class flights, five star hotels et cetera. See e.g. Where did the Shoah money go?
PS It seems that the alleged survivors are dying off at the rate of a thousand  a month but don't think for a moment they will be gone any time soon. More of them will keep coming out of the woodwork in a growth industry where it is too easy to get away lies.


Holocaust® Racketeer Forced To Pay Back $22 Million Profit  [ 13 May 2014 ]
 "This story is mine. It is not actually reality, but my reality, my way of surviving,' Defonseca said in a statement given by her lawyers to The Associated Press."
She made lotsa money out of A Mémoire of the Holocaust Years without even being a Jew. The Mail doesn't mention that real Jews Took German Mugs For €63.2 Billion and rising.


Israeli Holocaust Memorial Built On The Corpses Of Palestinians They Murdered   [ 27 January 2015 ]
"Deir Yassin was annihilated so that a Holocaust memorial could be built on the blood and bones of its citizens. Yad Vashem, memorial to Jews who died in the Nazi concentration camps. A better example of bitter black irony I could not dream up."
Zionist crazies do these things. Zionist crazies don't care.


Jews Visit Auschwitz - NOT Arnhem  [ 27 January 2015 ]
Jews go big on the Holocaust® Story albeit they are not so noisy about the billions they have extorted from German taxpayers - see e.g. Jews With Light Fingers Took Germans For €63.2 Billion. They don't take much interest in Arnhem, in A Bridge Too Far because when they had a chance to do something about naughty Adolf they didn't bother. They left it too us. But they are keen on telling lies about their gallantry - see Jews And War Service.


Jew Bribed Police & Robbed Poor Holocaust® Survivors [ 20 April 2015 ]
Sefardi haredi ‘kabbalist’ to the stars Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto officially pleaded guilty in Tel Aviv District Court today to bribing a top Israel Police officer, Brigadier General Ephraim Bracha, Ha'aretz reported. The guilty plea was part of plea bargain that will likely see him serve only as much as one year in prison.

Pinto also agreed to testify that he bribed an even more senior police commander, Major General Menashe Arviv, the former head of Israel’s rough equivalent of the FBI, Lahav 433. Lahav 433 investigates national crimes and corruption.......... Pinto’s bribery was connected with a fraud and embezzlement at the Hazon Yeshaya charity Pinto’s associates ran and looted. Among the stolen resources of the charity were millions of dollars in food donations earmarked for elderly poor Holocaust survivors. Pinto allegedly benefitted from those thefts, although it is not clear if he directly participated in them.
Rabbis are what Jews use as priests, telling them how to run their lives. This is the kind of example they set.
Perverting The Course Of Justice is just part of the fun. Admitting his guilt just two days before Holocaust® Remembrance Day Mk II makes it more interesting for his victims, especially if they happen to be genuine.


German Woman Says Holocaust® Story Is A Pack Of Lies  [ 13 November 2015 ]
Ursula Haverbeck
is a German woman who refuses to pretend that she believes Holocaust® Story. She said so very publicly on television - see for yourself at Ursula Haverbeck The Panorama Interview or The Panorama Interview. She gives a good account of herself. The subtitles are helpful & seem honest. Auschwitz was a work camp. Dead prisoners are no use to the Reich. It is fair to say contra that the concentration camp at Buchenwald was seriously nasty. The guards were sadists. Of course Merkel markets the party line regarding the Holocaust® Racket - it is very big earner, one worth billions to Jews. Merkel also lived in East Germany and pretended to believe that Joe Stalin was not a psychopathic mass murderer. Merkel does not care for Free Speech but she is busy flooding Germany with hundreds of thousands of Third World parasites.


Jews Defraud Holocaust® Survivors [ 29 May 2016 ]
Clalit [ a Health Management Organisation ] required to account for money intended for Holocaust survivors
The Knesset Finance Committee, in a special meeting, insisted on receiving details of how much money the HMO received from Germany and how it was spent; Clalit claims it didn’t have a list of survivors

At a special meeting of the Knesset Finance Committee on Wednesday, Holocaust survivors made harsh claims against entities entrusted with their care. According to them, there are too many bodies that deal with handling the money intended for survivors. They also claimed that an annual "Holocaust festival" takes place around Holocaust Remembrance Day, and afterwards the survivors return to dealing with the harsh reality devoid of any actual solutions to their needs..........
Jews rob people
Jews rob Jews
Jews rob Holocaust® survivors real or alleged.
Jews rob anyone.


Jew Whines About Holocaust® [ 6 June 2016 ]
Why is the Daily Mail marketing the Holocaust® Story? To keep their advertisers happy perhaps. At all events it says nothing about how much Jews have made out of their story. See Jews With Light Fingers Took Germans For €63.2 Billion; that was back in 2007. They are still at it of course. See e.g. Jews Defraud Holocaust® Survivors. This time it is Clalit [ a Health Management Organisation ] is being required to account for money intended for Holocaust survivors:-
Jews rob people
Jews rob Jews
Jews rob Holocaust® survivors real or alleged.
Jews rob anyone.


Another Holocaust® 'Survivor' - Another Jew - Another Liar [ 11 June 2016 ]
Lots of these fantasists, probably most allege that they met Doktor Mengele so most of them are lying. This Jew is using someone else's prison number; it is all there in the records for anyone who cares to dig. Speaking German helps enormously. The Jews keep very quiet about how much they have made out of the Holocaust® Industry. Stern told us that Jews With Light Fingers Took Germans For €63.2 Billion. That was back in 2007. It is a lot more now.


Jews Defraud Holocaust® Industry Tourists [ 14 September 2016 ]
Young Jews going on indoctrination trips to Auschwitz are just another bunch of mug punters being defrauded by their own tribe, by God's Chosen People, which puts them in the same position as 'survivors' real or alleged. They get robbed too. The World Jewish Congress is one bunch of thieves.


Holocaust® Film Maker Told To Get Back In The Oven [ 19 September 2016 ]
The Daily Mail is feeding us political tittle-tattle with a bias. Someone made a hostile remark. So what? Jeremy Corbyn kicked Michael Foster out of the Labour Party after Foster tried to kick Jeremy out of office because he [ Jeremy ] thinks that Palestinians have human rights e.g. the right not to be murdered by Jews. Foster objects to Palestinians having human rights or any others except the right to be slaves of Zionist crazies. NB Foster is a friend and colleague of Cameron, ex leader of the Tories. Foster joined Labour to buy political power. Note further that Cameron has no compunction about making war to further a Zionist agenda. See more at Jews Fight For The Soul Of The Labour Party.


'It Was A Living Hell': How Four Generations Of One Family Learnt To Cope With The Horrors Of Auschwitz   [ 26 January 2017 ]
The Telegraph is marketing the Holocaust® Story, the story that Jews have used as an excuse for their own Ethnic Cleansing, their own mass murders, their own Genocide, for murdering people in Gaza. The Quislinggraph will not find space to tell us that Jews With Light Fingers Took German Mugs For €63.2 Billion And Still Rising - see e.g. $63.2 Billion. Nor will they point out that most of the loot [ tax free of course ] was stolen by the World Jewish Congress, the Claims Conference & other thieving rogues.


Why No Politician Will Ever Question The Holocaust Mythos [ 30 April 2017 ]
Deny the Holocaust® Story and see your future as a politician wiped out within days. The real message here is that Marine le Pen is compromised, taken over by the Puppet Masters, i.e. the murderous thugs controlling the Stolen Land that they call Israel.
PS The same applies to Geert Wilders, Angela Merkel, Her Majesty's Government, Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition et cetera. They are ZOGs [ Zionist Occupied Governments].


Oliver Stone [ Says ] Jewish Control Of The Media Is Preventing Free Holocaust Debate [ 7 May 2017 ]
Jewish control of the media is preventing an open discussion of the Holocaust, prominent Hollywood director Oliver Stone told the Sunday Times, adding that the U.S. Jewish lobby was controlling Washington's foreign policy for years.

In the Sunday interview, Stone reportedly said U.S. public opinion was focused on the Holocaust as a result of the "Jewish domination of the media," adding that an upcoming film of him aims to put Adolf Hitler and Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin "in context."..........

"There's a major lobby in the United States," Stone said, adding that "they are hard workers. They stay on top of every comment, the most powerful lobby in Washington."........

Referring to the [ allegedly ] alleged influence of the powerful Jewish Lobby on U.S. foreign policy, Stone said that Israel had distorted "United States foreign policy for years," adding he felt U.S. policy toward Iran was "horrible."

"Iran isn't necessarily the good guy," Stone said, insisting that Americans did not "know the full story."
This comes from "Haaretz", a "Main Stream Media" operation in Palestine, the Stolen Land. It is not admitting that "Hollywood" is controlled by "Jews". Some newspapers tell some of the truth some of the time; this is not one of them. NB Oliver Stone is only part Jew. He said similar things before and was heavily abused by Zionist crazies.


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