Stolen Land

The Stolen Land is, of course Palestine, the sad land taken over by the Jews in 1948. If we know the Bible we are prone to think that it is the land of the Jew. They got it by fraud. They hold it by terror. His Majesty's Government's part in the theft is not to its credit. See the Balfour Declaration for more on that episode.

A lot of people assume the Jews are in the right, even if they are not happy about the Gaza Massacre and other atrocities perpetrated by God's Chosen People.

For a first class explanation of the case for the Palestinians look at King Abdullah I on Zionism. He reads as an honest man who knows what he is talking about.

If Americans Knew -
Alison Weir tells us about the evil done by Jews in Palestine, the Stolen Land. The thieves use the Holocaust® Story as an excuse.

Palestine get smaller while Israel gets bigger. It is like the death of a thousand cuts.

Perhaps this better illustrates the thieving done by God's Chosen People


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