Jews and Crime

Jews are not necessarily criminals.  Some are very intelligent and have made major contributions to science and civilization. Two  major contributors are Marx and Herzl. Marx  brought us Marxism, the Bolshevik Revolution and 100 million murders. Herzl brought us Zionism which may prove to be a greater evil but this article is about crime rather than political subversion. Of course not all criminals are Jews. Most of the very competent are. Small time robbery often means blacks. Big time fraud, big time white slaving, big time narcotics and big time anything are their métier

I am indebted to Frank Weltner, M.A. - aka Jew Watcher for his research into factual sources of information which is at also Jewish Crime - Jewish Criminals
PS Some of the older links are broken. Search engines refer to them and indicate what they are about.


is a political party in the Stolen Land of Israel run by Jews who are deeply sincere Racists and thieves. It was founded by the Very Reverend Ovadia Yosef, a senile racist old fool, until lately the Chief Rabbi of Israel. Shas is a criminal organisation. Shlomo Benizri, their minister of health is in prison, sharing a cell with the President of Israel. Benizri is a thief doing four years; the other one is a rapist. Other convicts are  Aryeh Deri [ bribery, got three years ], Rafael Pinhasi [ perjury ], Yair Levy [ thief ], Ofer Hugi [ thief, forger ] & Yair Peretz [ fraud, breach of trust, conspiracy ]. Their preferred modus operandi is fraud. See more of them in a List of Israeli public officials convicted of crimes or misdemeanours. Their policy positions?


Boca Raton teenager shot
Playing Knock Down Ginger is naughty but not major crime. Do it in Boca Raton and get murdered by a vicious Jew. Shot in the back with a .45 does not play as self defence in English law but in Florida it is not a problem if the sheriff is a Jew and the judge is a Jew the state prosecutor is a Jew and the lawyers are Jews and the jury are Jews. He wasn't even arrested. Getting off with five years PROBATION failed to amuse. Was it all over the media? No. Ask who controls it. [ Hint: Jews ]


Church Burning and  Jews
When Americans go in for arson it is crime and hate crime at that. When Jews have a go and get caught it is a prank that went wrong and a media blackout.


Crime in Israel - some sources
The boot goes in. The guilty get named. So do the sources. The information is out there. It is just drowning in the irrelevancies and distractions.


Facebook Fraud
This story about two Americans stitched up by a Jew is true. The film version carries the underlying message that it is all right for a Jew to cheat people but not other Jews. This pretty much sums up 3,000 years of history.
Not all Jews are criminals - maybe. Not all criminals are Jews. We have our very own. Cromwell, the crypto-communist let them into England. They have been bad news ever since.


Jews And Crime Explained By The Failed Messiah
You do not hear much about Jews in the crime industry because they are good at suppressing the truth. Financial crime has much greater rewards than low end thieving. It does more damage though. Failed Messiah was a Jew. Failed Messiah knows where the dirt is.  Failed Messiah explains all.


Jew And Judge Gets Three Years For Perjury
Einfeld is a former Justice of the Federal Court of Australia and of the Supreme Courts of New South Wales, Western Australia and the ACT......... In August 2006, Einfeld contested a speeding ticket by claiming he had lent his car to an old friend, Professor Teresa Brennan, at the time it was caught by a speed camera. He gave evidence under oath in the Local Court and he also signed a statutory declaration to that effect...... However, it was later revealed that Professor Brennan had been killed in a road accident in the United States in January 2003. This was the basis for Einfeld's conviction for knowingly making a false statement under oath.
A Jew tells lies - normal. On oath - well why not? More lies? SOP [ standard operating procedure ] for God's Chosen. Then it turns out that he has  track record of cheating. You can take a Jew out of the slum but you can't take slum out of the Jew. Add in political subversion and you have another son of Abraham who got what he deserved.


Jews and Crime
"Of all the areas of Jewish enterprise," notes Gerald Krafetz, "none has been so overlooked as the field of crime. And it isn't because of a lack of Jewish criminality. For an introspective people, this oversight is significant. It is as if Jewish crime did not exist, an unsavouryskeleton is best left in the family closet .....
Heavy weight financial fraud is a favourite.


Jews and Crime Index - Radio Islam
Comes from Radio Islam. Their hatred is clear and fresh, watered daily by the blood of their women and children. They are using the truth. It is a useful weapon. There is a lot of dirt out there. God's Chosen are not all nice people.


Jews And Fraud
Fraud is the way to make really big money. It tends to need brain especially if the perpetrator wants to go clear. Of course having Jews as investigators, prosecutors and judges does help. So does a passport to Israel where extradition treaties are worthless.


Jews are big in white slaving which means prostitution. They have been for a long time. It was ordinary slaving much earlier. They sold English slaves in Rome two millennia ago. Some things do not change.


Jews Murder Children For Fun
Naturally they murder Palestinian children for fun because it also pays off. It is Ethnic Cleansing or, using the honest term Genocide.


Jews Murder Children. Jews Laugh
Dead Palestinian babies and bombed mosques - IDF [ Israeli Defence Force ] fashion 2009  
The office at the Adiv fabric-printing shop in south Tel Aviv handles a constant stream of customers, many of them soldiers in uniform, who come to order custom clothing featuring their unit's insignia, usually accompanied by a slogan and drawing of their choosing.........

Dead babies, mothers weeping on their children's graves, a gun aimed at a child and bombed-out mosques - these are a few examples of the images Israel Defence Forces soldiers design these days to print on shirts they order to mark the end of training, or of field duty. The slogans accompanying the drawings are not exactly anaemic either: A T-shirt for infantry snipers bears the inscription "Better use Durex," next to a picture of a dead Palestinian baby, with his weeping mother and a teddy bear beside him. A sharpshooter's T-shirt from the Givati Brigade's Shaked battalion shows a pregnant Palestinian woman with a bull's-eye superimposed on her belly, with the slogan, in English, "1 shot, 2 kills."
Nazis yesterday. Jews today. Nazis are nicer.


Jew Watch
Is a sound source but some links are out of date.


The agony of the Ecstasy
The most commonly heard estimate is that Israeli criminals control no less than 75 percent of the Ecstasy market in the U.S. How did Israel become a central player in this dubious game?
An international race with no scruples is one answer. See what Haaretz has to say about its own.


The Liberty Job
The Jewish attack on the USS Liberty was intended to murder every man Jack of them and stop them talking about the evidence of a massacre they were carrying out.


Bernie Madoff is a Jew and a world record beating thief.


Maxwell - War Criminal, Traitor, Oaf And Thief
He claimed that he murdered a German mayor in 1945. He stole circa £400 million from the Mirror News Group's pension fund. See also "War crimes police tracked Maxwell"


From Jew Watch:-

Accountant Faces Drug Sentence
Totally Jewish, 26 Nov  2001
"A chartered accountant, who played a key role in an international plot to launder millions of pounds worth of Israeli drug money, has been told by the judge to expect a jail sentence. Appearing in Southwark Crown Court, Philip Lyons, from Stanmore, pleaded guilty to conspiring with others to converting the proceeds of drug trafficking and criminal conduct between June 1 and March 7 this year. The dad-of-three, who was part of a gang that laundered the proceeds of numerous heroin and ecstasy deals and then sent the money to Spain, was remanded in custody." PS broken link - search on  Philip Lyons Stanmore


The Jewish Laundry of Drug Money
translated from the Hebrew by Israel Shahak, former head of the Israel Civil Rights Association. [This piece, one of the first looks in English at the Jewish/Israeli involvement in the international drug scene, originally appeared in the Israeli magazine Ma'ariv, September 2, 1994. It can be found here at Zionism and Israeli Apartheid, a pro-Palestinian site]
"In recent months the [US government] Eldorado agents discovered a new centre of operations. It is termed The Cocaine Triangle. Its sides are: Colombian drug barons, Israeli-Jewish money launderers and Jewish-Russian Mafiosi. The Colombians funnel the money, the Israelis launder it, the Russian Mafiosi (who have recently overrun New York in droves) provide the security and the muscle. A New York journalist recently told 'Ma'ariv'; 'The Israeli Jews are gaining notoriety in the money laundering market. You need only look at the list of arrests and the inditements of the past 3 years, in order to grasp the enormous scope of Israeli involvement in that field.'"


Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America.
New York Review of Books, November 16, 2000 [book review, posted at for Defence Information/Johnson's Russia List]
"Whatever the American laws, a successful campaign against Russian mobsters will require the cooperation of other governments, particularly those of Russia and Israel, the two countries that are now the principal residences of most Russian crime bosses ...'Of all the nations where the Russian mob has established a presence, none has been more deeply compromised than the State of Israel,' [Robert] Friedman writes, adding that the Russian mafia has 'become a grave threat to the stability of Israel.' Although this may be a bit hyperbolic, the Russian mafia does have a strong, safe base in Israel -- a story that American and Israeli journalists have largely overlooked. One FBI report observes, for example, that most members of Mogilevich's criminal organization have Israeli passports. And Jonathan Winer told Friedman (when Winer was still the State Department's crime expert), 'There is not a major Russian organized crime figure whom we are tracking who does not also carry an Israeli passport.'"
I have read the book. It is a good source.


Israel Stole $2 Billion From Palestinians  [ 5 February 2010 ]
Jerusalem // Over the past four decades Israel has defrauded Palestinians working inside Israel of more than US$2 billion (Dh7.4bn) by deducting from their salaries contributions for welfare benefits to which they were never entitled, Israeli economists revealed this week. A new report, “State Robbery” [ 'State siphoned off Palestinian workers' insurance money' ], says the “theft” continued even after the Palestinian Authority was established in 1994 and part of the money was supposed to be transferred to a special fund on behalf of the workers. According to information supplied by Israeli officials, most of the deductions from the workers’ pay were invested in infrastructure projects in the Palestinian territories – a presumed reference to the massive state subsidies accorded to the settlements..........

Complicit in the deception, the report adds, is the Histadrut, the Israeli labour federation, which levies a monthly fee on Palestinian workers, even though they are not entitled to membership and are not represented in labour disputes........ According to the report, compiled by two human rights groups, the Alternative Information Centre and Kav La’Oved, only a fraction of the total contributions – less than eight per cent – was used to award benefits to Palestinian workers. The rest was secretly transferred to the finance ministry...........

In one especially cynical use of the funds, the report notes, the money was spent on portable stoves for soldiers involved in Israel’s three-week attack on Gaza [ the Gaza Massacre ] last year.
There are Jews that tell the truth. Thin on the ground they may be but it is a nice change when they surface. Crime is alleged. Charges can be brought. Judges can be bought if they are Jews but it is worth doing even it only proves that Israel is run by thieves.



From Radio Islam

Jewish Crime in New York Analysed
By Gerald  Krafetz. He also tells us that Jews are keen not to know about their bretheren in this line of work.


Drugs and Drug Money Laundering within Jewish Networks
Diamond traders operate in high security mode. They  must and that makes it easier for them to launder money from narcotics trading.


Jewish Gangsters
One thinks of crime in New York being an Italian Mafia thing. The Jews may well have been bigger.


Jews and Crime Index
Comes from Radio Islam. Their hatred is clear and fresh, watered daily by the blood of their women and children. They are using the truth. It is a useful weapon. There is a lot of dirt out there. God's Chosen are not all nice people


With crime starting at the very top it is no surprise that it works its way on down to other swine.

Moshe Katsav - see Rape Special
Katsav accuser says President turned me into sex slave.  Moshe Katsav, the former Israeli president, is to be charged with raping a former female employee and with other sex crimes against three women who also once worked for him. Katsav, the former Israeli president, is to be charged with rape and with other sex crimes against three women


Benjamin Netanyahu
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denies wrong-doing in political scandal in which he may be charged with fraud


Ehud Olmert - see Olmert
Ex-Israeli Prime Minister Olmert Indicted on Corruption Charges


Shula Zaken
Former prime minister Ehud Olmert's bureau chief, Shula Zaken, was charged on Thursday for allegedly engaging in bribery to influence promotions within the Tax Authority. - Olmert's former bureau chief charged with fraud.


Rapist Rabbi Does A Runner [  27 January 2014 ]
There is wide-ranging financial crime too. His followers are vicious, attacking Arabs in Palestine.


Jew About To Admit Stealing $7 Million [  27 January 2014 ]
He robbed the poor & they don't matter because they are poor so they must be worthless. True or false? At all events a rabbi helped him do it. They were robbing Jews but then they will rob anyone. That is what we call democracy.


Robbing Rabbi Arrested [  27 January 2014 ]
Cohen claims that he is not guilty but has admitted helping steal at least $5 million so he my be grassing other thieves.


New Brooklyn D.A. Is Serious About Robbing Rabbis, Rapist Rabbis, Paedophile Perverts & Satmar Sodomites  [  27 January 2014 ]
Charlie Hynes let them go. Now they will have to use low cunning, Mesirah, Perjury et cetera to Pervert The Course Of Justice.


Jews Bribe Lawyers In Israel [ 7 February 2014 ]
Business as usual among God's Chosen People. They are a Light Unto Nations.


Jew Stole Twice As Much, Jew Was Murdered Over Much Smaller Theft [ 19 February 2014 ]
$3.6 million has come to light - or rather disappeared. Stark gave to charity; that is he bribed other Jews to keep their mouths shut. It is what they call Mesirah. The Mafia call it Omerta while lawyers call it Perverting the course of justice.


Jew & Mega Thief Stole Millions More On Bail  [ 22 April 2014 ]
Here's the new indictment issued yesterday against haredi [ Ultra-orthodox Jew ] mega-thief Eliyahu Weinstein, the darling of Lakewood, New Jersey. Weinstein allegedly stole millions of dollars from what appear to be non-Jews while he was on pre-sentencing release for previous thefts totally at least $200,000 million [ sic ]. The law firm mentioned is Greenberg Taurig. Here's the indictment as a PDF file:
Download Weinstein, Eliyahu Indictment II
PS Steal 'at least $200 million' and get a major news blackout from a corrupt Main Stream Media run by and for Jews. Albeit he has a long way to go before catching up with Bernie Madoff, also a Jew.


Jew Goes On The Run To Beat Paedophile Charges [ 22 April 2014 ]
"In prison in Israel and fighting extradition to Britain, alleged haredi pedophile Todros Grynhaus tried to escape the law by running to Gambia with the help of his lawyers. Grynhaus' father is a senior dayan (rabbinic judge) on the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregation's beit din (religious court)."
Their judges are corrupt too. Being a Paedophile is just normal among Jews. See e.g. Jews Rape Children In Bathhouses. It is what they do they are not thieving, smuggling, raping, torturing, lying, et cetera.
PS He used another Jew's passport to escape from England - Paedophile Jumps Bail
PPS Grynhaus has the benefit of a major news blackout from a corrupt Main Stream Media.


Jews Give Black Homosexual A Good Kicking   [ 24 April 2014 ]
Bill Bratton, says the NYPD originally investigated the assault as a hate crime then they decided to allege that it was not hate because the perpetrators are Jews or something of the sort. The Main Stream Media decided to censor that piece of Misconduct In Public Office/Perversion Of The Course Of Justice.


Thieving Jew Comes Unstuck After Stealing Millions [ 2 December 2014 ]
This rabbi helped the prime minister of Israel rob other Jews. The PM is in prison. The rabbi is out - for the moment.


Rabbi Alleges He Did Not Incite Mass Murder - Rabbi Lies [ 2 December 2014 ]
Rabbi is Racist. Rabbi lies about it. Jews want him shut up but there is none of this nonsense of prosecution for Soliciting Murder.


Jews Worried About Exposure Of Their Evil [ 15 December 2014 ]
The first-ever “truth commission” in Israel, to be held on [ last ] Wednesday, will feature confessions from veteran Israeli fighters of the 1948 war who are expected to admit to perpetrating war crimes as hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were expelled from their homes.

The commission is the culmination of more than decade of antagonistic confrontations between a small group of activists called Zochrot, the Hebrew word for Remembering, and the Israeli authorities as well as much of the Jewish public.

Founded in 2002, Zochrot is dedicated to educating Israeli Jews about what Palestinians call the Nakba, Arabic for catastrophe, referring to Israel's creation on the ruins of their homeland more than six decades ago. The group also campaigns for the right of return for Palestinian refugees to Israel, probably the biggest taboo in Israeli society.

The commission, which has no official standing, could be the first of several such events around Israel, to investigate atrocities and war crimes committed in different localities, said Liat Rosenberg, Zochrot’s director.........

“We cannot talk about reconciliation when the Nakba is ongoing. We are still in a situation where there is Apartheid, constant violations of human rights and 70 percent of the Palestinian community are refugees.”

The commission is likely to provoke outrage from the Israeli government, which passed the so-called Nakba Law in 2011 to try to make it harder to commemorate Palestinian suffering. The impact of the law is being widely felt. Just last month, the culture ministry vowed to block a government grant to a Tel Aviv cultural centre that hosted a Zochrot film festival on the Nakba..........

“This is not just about researching the truth,” said Rosenberg. “The truth of the Nakba is to a large degree known, but the task is to expose the truth to the Israeli Jewish public – both so that it is forced to take responsibility for what happened and so there can be accountability.”
Zionist crazies did what it took to make Palestine into Israel, the Stolen Land and human rights be damned. They did the same when it came to ramming the Holocaust® Story down our throats; using it to extort billions from Germans - some €63.2 Billion and still rising. Their human rights matter; ours do not it seems. Now a small group of Jews are forcing the truth onto the thugs who run Israel. Good for them.
PS The Main Stream Media response is normal; suppress the truth, pretend it never happened. Not even Haaretz said anything. It was prone to tell the truth - then it go leaned on.


Jew Accused Of £130 Million Fraud Goes Into Hiding  [ 12 January 2015 ]
A money trader accused of defrauding his clients of £130 million has allegedly told police he was “robbing Peter to pay Paul”, in the latest twist in one of the biggest financial scandals in recent history.

Joe Lewis, who disappeared with his clients’ cash just before Christmas, has returned to the UK, but is now in hiding in fear of his life.......

Almost 1,000 clients lost between them $200 million (£130 million) they had invested with Mr. Lewis through his foreign exchange trading company, JL Trading, which he operated out of an office and apartments in Istanbul........

 But his son said last month: “He didn’t live extravagantly. I don’t know where the money’s gone. I am happy to share information with the legal entities, [but] there are no assets at all that I am aware of.”
His son did not mention the super yacht Aviva or the Degenerate Art 'worth' an estimated to be worth $1 billion.


Anti-Semites Are Lunatics Says Jew [ 30 January 2015 ]
Jews rob people, lie, cheat, steal, manipulate politics, start wars using other countries' armies then claim that they don't understand why they get hated. Are they moral cretins or just telling lies?


Jew Is A Rabbi Charged As A Paedophile Pervert  [ 30 January 2015 ]
His bail has been reduced from $5 million to a mere $500,000. He alleges that he is not a flight risk although he was captured leaving for Israel where extradition warrants don't mean a thing. Are they all perverts? See e.g. Failed Messiah Paedophiles.


Jews Driven By Greed Pay Starvation Wages [ 30 January 2015 ]
You could write this tale any time in the last three thousand years but still they whine about being hated. This bunch of chancers is in London. Was Adolf wrong about them?


Jew Trying To Beat A Paedophile Pervert Rap Approves Of Murder [ 30 January 2015 ]
What's the difference between Jews and the Mafia? The Mafia are nicer people.



Jews Defraud Man Who Gave Them Large Donation  [ 1 February 2015 ]
This is not a one off. Lying & cheating is their way of life. Then there are threats; breaking someone's legs with a baseball bat for example.


Rabbi & Four Jews On Trial For Kidnapping & Extortion  [ 5 February 2015 ]
They conspired to kidnap, torture and extort other Jews. Epstein, the rabbi was charging customers $100 thousand each. He used a cattle prod to torture prisoners. Charming lot but they are God's Chosen People. How do we know? Because they say so.


Jews Put The Frighteners On Doctor Who Exposed Paedophile Perversion  [ 5 February 2015 ]
According to a report in The Australian, Gutnick, a former president of the Organization of Rabbis of Australasia, testified that a Jewish doctor who discovered injuries on an infant consistent with sexual abuse was threatened by Chabad rabbis and labelled a mosser – an informer under halakha [Orthodox Jewish law], a category of halakha violation punishable by vigilante death – after reporting the suspected child sex abuse to police and child protection services.
Jews use Mesirah, their code of silence. It is just like the Sicilian Mafia's& code, called Omerta. Lawyers call it Perverting the course of justice.


Jews Murdered 500 Children Last Year  [ 7 February 2015 ]
Productivity is up. It is not that difficult when they get high tech murder machines from America. Children can't fight back either. Easy peasy. Then Jews complain about Anti-Semitism. There are none so blind as those that will not see.


Jew Killed 13 Children In One Day [ 7 February 2015 ]

Counter Current News [ 7 February 2015 ]
An Instagram post by an Israel Defense Forces sniper boasts of murdering 13 Gazan children in one day. An IDF Combat Engineering Corps Soldier, specifically, David D. Ovadia posed with a Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle.

Ovadia posted his comments on the Instagram account of Palestinian Sherrii ElKaderi.
IBTimesUK: tells us that Ovadia, the perpetrator not has publicly admitted being a murderer and that this might be a forgery. Even if this is not propaganda, the reality remains; Jews murdered men women and children wholesale and with malice aforethought in Gaza Massacre I, Gaza Massacre II & Gaza Massacre III among others. They are moral cretins. There are more Zionist crazies at Rabid Rabbis.


Counter Current News [ 7 February 2015 ]
An Instagram post by an Israel Defense Forces sniper boasts of murdering 13 Gazan children in one day. An IDF Combat Engineering Corps Soldier, specifically, David D. Ovadia posed with a Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle.

Ovadia posted his comments on the Instagram account of Palestinian Sherrii ElKaderi.
IBTimesUK: tells us that Ovadia, the perpetrator not has publicly admitted being a murderer and that this might be a forgery. Even if this is not propaganda, the reality remains; Jews murdered men women and children wholesale and with malice aforethought in Gaza Massacre I, Gaza Massacre II & Gaza Massacre III among others. They are moral cretins. There are more Zionist crazies at Rabid Rabbis.


Jews Convicted Of Kidnapping [ 23 April 2015 ]
Rabbi Mendel Epstein's attorney Robert G. Stahl released the following statement today on yesterday's federal kidnapping conspiracy conviction of his client and two other rabbis.

The statement makes no real sense legally. If you plot to kidnap someone, it doesn't matter whether or not you really have a weapon or if the person you plan on kidnapping turns out to be an undercover FBI agent posing as a recalcitrant husband – or even if that alleged recalcitrant husband doesn't exist, even in decoy form. If you plot to kidnap you have committed the crime of conspiracy to kidnap, and the government is under no obligation to allow your to kidnap someone before arresting you..........

As for Epstein's supposed good deeds, the man made a very good living charging desperate women a lot of money – close to $100,000 each – to kidnap and extort their husbands. He didn't do it for free, he didn't work for scale and he was anything but altruistic, even though some women were helped.
Scratch a Jew, find a criminal. The rabbis are the ones who tell Jews how to run their lives. Was little Adolf wrong about them?


Jew Wants Germans Exterminated [ 21 July 2015 ]
Gregor Gysi
, a part Jew operating in Germany accuses them of being Nazis, wanting them wiped & flooded by Third World aliens. Of course Gysi has nothing to say about Jews perpetrating Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine, the Stolen Land they call Israel. Jews despise blacks and the white fools driven by Western Guilt serving the Zionist crazy agenda.


Jews Burn Down Arab School - Jews Get Off Lightly [ 25 July 2015 ]
Two Kahanist brothers who are members of the Racist neo-Kahanist Lehava organization were sentenced earlier this week for their roles in the arson of the Jewish-Arab Max Rayne Hand in Hand School in Jerusalem......

Nachman Twito was sentenced to 30 months in prison, 10 months probation, and a 15,000 shekels ($3,900) in compensation to the school. Shlomo Twito was sentenced to 24 months in prison, eight months probation must pay the school 10,000 shekels ($2,600) in compensation.
The Kahane mob was outlawed. Even Jews don't like them.


Jew Is A Thief, Jew Get Off With A Year In Prison, A Jew Got Lucky [ 25 July 2015 ]
It was mortgage fraud and a corrupt sympathetic judge. Betraying the other thieves helped.


Jew Gets 32 Years In LA For Extortion Etcetera [ 1 August 2015 ]
There was drug dealing as well as money laundering. All over the  Main Stream Media? Of course not, he's a Jew.


Jews Murdered Brits - Main Stream Media Suppress The Truth [ 7 August 2015 ]
Normally, a gathering of British nationalists in central London, proudly bearing English banners and Union Flags, would be met with a horde of screaming demonstrators bussed in from far and wide. But no disturbance took place last weekend when such a group of patriots assembled near Trafalgar Square and the reason is not hard to discern.

For such interference would have meant drawing attention to a historic episode the British government and the Jewish community leaders would most likely wish forgotten — the killing of 784 British police officers, servicemen, Crown servants and civilian staff by Jewish terrorists in the Palestine Mandate crisis between 1944–48.........

 The British government’s attempt to “forget” the sacrifice of these servicemen and dump them down the memory hole is very reminiscent of another similarly embarrassing episode, the murderous Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in 1967.
Zionist crazies will murder anyone they want. They are doing it today to Arabs in Palestine, the Stolen Land that Jews call Israel. They are powerful in the Main Stream Media so the truth comes down the line, a bad second to their agenda.


Zionist Regime In France Running Vicious Persecution Campaign Against Patriotic Dissidents [ 7 August 2015 ]
For many months the political situation in France has been largely overshadowed by events in Greece or the Ukraine............... But that hardly means that the political situation France did not change over the past year or so. In fact, it did change, dramatically, and for the worse. Here is a short summary of what has happened since last year:

2. The French Zionist Lobby has now completely broken cover and is now engaged in a campaign of persecutions against those few who dare openly challenge its influence in France. All parties have been given an ultimatum: submit or be destroyed. The level and nastiness of the propaganda on French TV is now worse than anything I have seen in the USA or Soviet Russia.
3. As I had predicted a long time ago, Marine le Pen has caved in to the pressure of the Zionist Lobby and has turned against her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, the founder of the National Front who has now been basically booted out of his own party (for his allegedly anti-Jewish views).
4. Alain Soral and Dieudonné are now the object of an open and systematic persecution by the French authorities,....... The kind of persecutions methods used very much remind me of what the Soviet regime did under Leonid Brezhnev: constant bureaucratic harassment, police searches, lawsuits, smear campaigns, threats, etc.
Marine le Pen was nobbled long ago. Dieudonné has been harassed big time. Zionist crazies are Paranoid, vicious psychopaths.


Jews Have Enormous Power In France [ 25 September 2015 ]
A recent election was going to be Sarkozy [ Jew ] versus Dominique Strauss-Kahn [ Jew ] until the latter got done for raping an ugly, black whore. That is just one example of the reality. France is run by a Zionist Occupation Government [ ZOG ]. It is not just political power; it is Cultural Marxism too.


Robbing Rabbi Is A Thief [ 25 September 2015 ]
Fraud is his modus operandi. Surprising? No. Stole hundreds of millions. Surprising? No. All over the Main Stream Media? Not a chance. Surprising? No.


Jew Is A Liar And Thief  [ 25 September 2015 ]
Fraud is also his modus operandi. Surprising? No. All over the Main Stream Media? Not a chance. Surprising? No. He will get 46 months.


Rapist Rabbi Is A Paedophile Pervert [ 25 September 2015 ]
Are any of them not bent? It looks doubtful.


Two Rapist Rabbis Are Paedophile Perverts  [ 25 September 2015 ]
Well there's a surprise. It helps explain, or should that be confirm that Jews Rape Children In Bathhouses?


Jews Allowed To Pervert The Course Of Justice By Helping Rapist Rabbi  [ 25 September 2015 ]
Australian police go easy on Jews. Bribed, or were politicians meddling?


Brooklyn Jew Charged With Multiple Paedophile Perverted Assaults [ 25 September 2015 ]
Then Jews whine about being hated.


Robbing Rabbi Admits Stealing Millions [ 6 October 2015 ]
Another Jew, another thief.


Jews Hate Homosexuality But Ignore Thieving [ 6 October 2015 ]
For hasidic rebbes and haredi gedolim, the idea that homosexuality is an "abomination" that must be staunchly opposed is axiomatic, so much so that haredi rabbis and publications never refer to homosexuality by name and instead only refer to it as "the abomination." But the Torah also calls other things an "abomination" and these haredi leaders don't really actively fight those – and, in some cases, openly benefit from them. What section of the Torah is it that these top haredi rabbis ignore?...........

How many haredi rabbis and hasidic rebbes actually turn down money donated by haredim who got the money through cheating, stealing and deceiving?
One can see their point about Homosexuality but it does not stop rabbis being active Paedophile perverts. See e.g. Jews Rape Children In Bathhouses. Thieving is different. They like fraud, lying & cheating. It often pays better than robbery. The problem with not being a thief is that it means earning an honest living; not a serious option for arrogant idle rogues. It is why they took the Stolen Land, why they defrauded Palestinians. They need a refuge from honest men.

A Polish anti-homosexual symbol. Poles know that Homosexuals are more likely to be Paedophiles.


Jews Lose God And Find $40 Million [ 7 October 2015 ]
How Two Haredim [ Jews with silly hats ] Lost God And Found $40 Million – By Legally Skirting Usury Laws And Thereby Ripping Off Small Business Owners

A Chabad-Lubavitch hasid by the name of Sam Chanin figured out a way to skirt usury laws and charge several hundreds of percent interest on what were, in all but name only, loans..........

One of those was owned by Chabad hasid Meir Hurwitz, who promoted his close friend (and former Flatbush haredi) Abe Zeines to a management role and co-ownership. This is a story about those two ex-hasidim, and how they made millions and millions of dollars legally ripping off small business owners, many of them immigrants, and then sold their business to a hedge fund.
Jews abuse the ignorant, the stupid, the poor, the desperate. Jews will rob anyone. Some of the commentators approve of the scam; they are Jews too.


Jews Arrested As Drug Dealers [ 9 October 2015 ]
An alleged drug den located at 704 Lefferts Avenue between Albany and Troy Avenues in the heavily Chabad Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights was raided by the NYPD Thursday night, various Chabad news websites reported.

A large amount of illegal drugs, including cocaine, crystal meth and marijuana, was found. Five people were immediately arrested while a sixth person – reportedly Aaron Akaberi, who is said to be the primary target of the raid –apparently escaped over rooftops but was eventually caught about 30 minutes later. Akaberi was previously arrested after a firearms and a large quantity of illegal drugs were found in area of Chabad’s A.L.I.Y.A.H. Institute, which works primarily with Chabad youth have left Orthodoxy or are in danger of doing so.

In all, four Jewish males and two non-Jewish females were arrested.
Four Jews and two women; sounds like a brothel to me. One has previous, i.e. been caught before. The other three are cunning or lucky.


Jews Murder Black - Jews Walk Away Laughing [  19 October 2015 ]
Kicking blacks is fun for Jews, for criminals, for psychopaths. Shooting them first helps, it slows them down big time. Blacks are Untermenschen - the Nazi term for sub-humans.


Black Gets Lynched - Shock, Horror Revelation  [ 20 October 2015 ]
Well, no wait a minute. Zionist crazies did it. That means it is different.
The lynching of Eritrean asylum seeker Haftom Zarhum during the course of Sunday evening’s terror attack in Be’er Sheva is a continuation of what appears to be a policy backed by the government and police, which permits an unacceptable response to the recent wave of terrorist attacks.

An innocent bystander, Zarhum was shot by the central bus station’s security officer after a terrorist shot and killed an Israeli soldier and wounded 11 others [ Rather good shooting in a high stress situation - Editor ]. After being shot, Zarhum was subsequently attacked by civilians and a soldier, who kicked him and threw a bench at him.

The incident, which is documented by a video that makes for harsh viewing, did not occur in a vacuum. It came against the backdrop of what appears to be a move by the police, backed by statements by public figures, to ignore the rules of engagement for when firearms can be used.
If you want to read the rest you will have to pay Haaretz, a newspaper owned by Jews, written by Jews, sold by Jews & even read by Jews. It was prone to tell the truth about Zionist evil; it was a goldmine of useful articles until it was leaned on big time. Now it treads the party line. Mossad wouldn't have had to murder many of them to silence the rest.


Jews Like Killing People  [ 22 October 2015 ]
Racist violence has erupted following terrorist attacks in the past, but this time it seems that the Jewish mob which took to the streets was accepted by Jerusalemites with understanding, if not downright approval.......

Just like after every other terror attack in recent years, young Jews vented their anger with racist violence for several hours, attacking Arab passersby in Jerusalem on Saturday night.

However, in contrast to previous incidents, this time it looked like a very big group and that Jewish residents of Jerusalem accepted their behavior with understanding, as part of the terror routine.

Shortly after the terror attack, in which a Palestinian stabbed to death two Jews, hundreds of people, mostly youths, gathered at Zion Square, answering a call to demonstrate and demand revenge. Bentzi Gopstein, head of Lehava, and right-wing extremists Itamar Ben Gvir and Baruch Marzel were prominent, but they only seemed to be leading the event. In practice, this crowd had no leader but was fueled by a feeling of hate and the desire to take revenge.......

It started as a kind of protest of rage, with the familiar calls of "death to terrorists," "revenge" and "the people demand security." However, it quickly switched to the no-less familiar calls of "death to Arabs," "an Arab is a bastard, a Jew is a good soul" and other songs from the fairly limited racist repertoire of the far right in Jerusalem.
So 'Far-right' Jews are vicious Racists. They sound very much like naughty Adolf's henchmen, the Gestapo, the Schutzstaffel or SS, the Sicherheitsdienst or SD. In Jerusalem it is Kristallnacht [ Glass Night ] every night.


Jews Still Robbing Holocaust® 'Survivors' In Israel - 45 Thousand Living In Poverty [ 27 October 2015 ]
Jews working the Holocaust® Racket have made billions, lots of them. Der Spiegel tells that they had taken Germans Mugs For €63.2 Billion, tax free way back in 2007. It is enough to make a lot of thieves rich. Not much of it filtered down to survivors, real or alleged. Is there such a thing as  Jew who doesn't want more? Madoff was not content with being the world record thief. He was still trying.


Rabbi On The Run Robbed Holocaust® 'Survivors' [ 27 October 2015 ]
Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto was supposed to return to Israel last month from the US to meet his obligations in his plea bargain with state prosecutors. But Pinto was a no-show, and Israel’s Supreme Court issued an order demanding he return to Israel by today. Pinto was also ordered to submit a copy of his airline ticket to the court by last Thursday.

Pinto sent the court a copy of his ticket but then didn’t quite manage to get on his plane. The Sefardi haredi ‘kabbalist,’ who has already admitted to trying to bribe a top police official in a bid to get inside information on the looting of a charity his close associates controlled (Pinto allegedly benefited from the looting, which stole millions of dollars of food donations earmarked for elderly Holocaust survivors), felt weak and ill at the airport and then allegedly fainted, Ha'aretz reported, and was then briefly hospitalized in New York.
Jew is a rabbi, Jew is a thief. QED. Notice that he was thieving from victims of the 'Holocaust®', victims of naughty Adolf thus confirming that survivors are just another bunch of mug punters there to be robbed by God's Chosen People.


Rabbi Arrested For Systematic Rape Of 12 Year Old Girl [ 27 October 2015 ]
At least it wasn't boys but they like kiddy fiddling too, which is why Jews Rape Children In Bathhouses.


Thieving Jew Gets Off With 2.5 Years After $6 Million Theft [ 27 October 2015 ]


Racist Jews Use Arson As Ethnic Cleansing In Jerusalem [ 27 October 2015 ]
Arson discourages Palestinians. That is the point; that is Ethnic Cleansing. That is government policy among the Zionist crazies who run the Stolen Land. It is Racism too.


Important Rabbi Is Important Thief [ 27 October 2015 ]
Another Jew, another thief. He was robbing charity money, defrauding Jews at that. Fraud is the modus operandi. The police [ Jews too ] have known for years but they got leaned on.


Rabbi Protecting Paedophiles Is A Thief [ 27 October 2015 ]
Fraud was the modus operandi again; using it to beat speeding fines means small minded thieving. It is the kind of Perjury that was good enough to put Chris Huhne in prison.


Jews Beat Up Other Jews Who Are Not Extreme Enough [ 28 October 2015 ]
“We should kill you because you are a snitch, you went to the cops and put someone in jail,” the mob of mostly masked messianists reportedly shouted while beating the yeshiva student, according to court papers.........

But that bad behavior reached a new low last week when, after a series of beatings and robberies committed against a student, allegedly by fellow students at the yeshiva who are extreme Chabad messianists from Israel, a gang of those Israeli extreme messianists, many of them masked, allegedly attacked the student with metal bars and severely beat him while covering his mouth with a towel, Crown Heights dot info reported.........

The victim pointed out 21-year-old Yossef Nachum, an Israeli, who was supposed to be a student at the yeshiva this year but was expelled and his visa to be in the US was revoked after he allegedly attacked Rabbi Chaim Boruch Halberstam on Kingston Avenue. Nachum was arrested and charged with felony robbery, burglary and assault.........

Shifren was released on $1,500 bail. Nachum was released on his own recognizance and allegedly fled to Israel Monday on a commercial airline.
If Jews want to kill each other that is just fine.  It's when they do it to honest folk that it matters but this helps explain why 109 Places Expelled Them.


Jew Arrested For Real Estate Frauds [ 1 November 2015 ]
A haredi man [ Jew with silly hat ] was arrested Thursday morning on suspicion of running a real estate scam, Yeshiva World reported. The man allegedly sold property rights in Bnei Brak that he did not own.

Police say they are trying to determine how many people were allegedly victimized in the scam carried out by the man, who reportedly does not actually own any real estate or property rights at all.
To be fair, he was robbing his own & doing it in the Stolen Land; the whole land was stolen by Jews in the first place.


Jew Claims That He Is Not A Thief [ 1 November 2015 ]
A former Israeli basketball star accused of stealing designer bags worth more than £30,000 from Harrods told a court he was so rich that he didn't need to steal. Dov Herman, 46, is accused of taking a £2,800 Christian Dior, a £17,000 Prada and a £11,890 Yves Saint Laurent bag in three separate trips to the high-end London store.

He was arrested on June 22 this year after security staff spotted him and his fiancée Meital Pardo, 31, walking out with the pink YSL handbag without paying.
Will a jury swallow his story or believe the video? The camera does not lie; the Jew does nothing else.


Head Jew Tells Women to Steal [ 2 December 2015 ]
Supreme Ashkenazi haredi rabbinic leader Rabbi Aharon Leib Steinman wrote a letter for participants at last night’s emergency conference on secular studies for women...............

Rabbi Hezekiyahu Mishkovsky of the Orchot Torah yeshiva told the conference a story about a haredi scholar who told Steinman his daughter wanted to get an academic degree.

“Why?” Steinman asked.

“Because she wants to earn more money to support her family,” the man said. (Many haredi husbands don’t work and are instead full time yeshiva students well into middle age, and wives are often haredi families’ main breadwinner.)

"I have a better idea how to make a fortune,” Steinman replied. “Steal.”
When Jews decide to be sincere they can. The results are not pretty. Another comedian, another rabbi called Shlomo Benizri, a racist, politician, thief & slaver told his peculiar friends that

Robbing Rabbi Convicted - Facing 100 Years Inside  [ 4 December 2015 ]
Modern Orthodox former New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon "Shelly" Silver
has just been found guilty on all counts in his federal corruption trial in Manhattan. Silver faces a possible sentence of more than 100 years in prison......

Silver, a 71-year-old Democrat, was speaker for more than two decades until he was forced to resign after being arrested in January........

Silver took almost $4 million in illegal payments and in return used his Assembly position to take official actions that benefited a Columbia University cancer researcher, Dr. Robert N. Taub, and two New York real estate development firms.
Another Jew, another thief. Are they all bent? Well, others are Paedophile perverts; perhaps that is worse.


Rapist Rabbi Is A Paedophile Pervert  [ 4 December 2015 ]
A former student of 29-year-old Rabbi Haim Boukris testified at Bourkis’ Sullivan County, New York child sex abuse trial that Bourkis said he wanted to have sex with a different boy besides his 11-year-old alleged victim, the Times Herald-Record reported

118-year-old Yochanon Ponansky, Boukris’ former student at a haredi yeshiva in Ellenville, New York, told the court that approximately four years ago the Israeli born and raised Bourkis said thinking about having sex with that second boy “gives me [desire] to make boom-boom.”...........

Boukris, who is himself a yeshiva student as well as a being a teacher, is charged with two felonies: predatory sexual assault against a child and first-degree sexual abuse, both felonies. The alleged abuse took place four years ago when the alleged victim, who is now 15-years-old, was only 11.
Are they all bent? Possibly not but see e.g.
Haredi Rabbi Sentenced To 9 Years In Prison For Child Sex ...
Chabad Rabbi Convicted Of Aggravated Criminal Sex Assault ...


Thieving Jews Stole £78 Million By Fraud
Three Jewish fraudsters who fleeced investors out of £79.5milion and blew the cash on 'Bentleys, yachts and million pound houses' are facing years behind bars. Spencer Steinberg, 45, Michael Strubel, 53, and Jolan Saunders, 39, claimed they had won a contract to supply electricals to the Olympic Village ahead of the 2012 London games.

They said Saunders Electrical Wholesalers Limited (SEWL) also supplied goods such as including trouser presses and kettles to major hotel chains. But SEWL was just a shabby high street electrical retailer in east London – a 'one man and a van operation'. Victims were persuaded to invest hundreds of thousands over a period of two months so SEWL could meet urgent orders, then paid seemingly sky-high returns...........

The trio were not investigated until the scandal of United States investor and notorious fraudster Bernie Madoff hit the headlines in 2008, jurors heard. Steinberg and Strubel were unanimously convicted of conspiracy to defraud after a five month trial at Southwark Crown Court.
Fraud is how Jews like doing it. That is how Bernie Madoff got to be the world record thief, stealing some $65 billion. To be fair about them, they robbed their own.
PS The Daily Mail Concealed The Truth about them being Jews.


Jew Charged With Fraud  [ 9 June 2016 ]
NEW YORK (Reuters) - The powerful head of New York City's prison guard union and a hedge fund financier were arrested early on Wednesday morning, the latest fallout from a wide-ranging corruption probe that stretches from the police department to City Hall.

Norman Seabrook, the longtime president of the Correction Officers' Benevolent Association, and businessman Murray Huberfeld  were charged with fraud and conspiracy, according to a criminal complaint unsealed on Wednesday.

The charges stem from an investment of $20 million of union money that Seabrook made in 2014 in New York-based Platinum Partners in exchange for bribe payments from Huberfeld, who had worked at the firm.

In April, Reuters reported Seabrook had invested union funds in Platinum, a mid-sized firm with a history of buying into controversial businesses, including two energy companies that are facing criminal charges.
Huberfeld is the Jew in question. He is not convicted yet.


Jews Pervert The Course Of Justice For A Paedophile Pervert [ 22 July 2016 ]
Having a corrupt D.A. helps with these little difficulties.


Jew Screwed BHS - Jew Walks Free - Jew Sneers At Parliament [ 26 July 2016 ]
Ex-BHS boss Sir Philip Green has insisted he is “trying to find a solution” for the collapsed firm’s pension fund and apologised to staff caught up in the “horrid story”................

Meanwhile, Sir Philip is “much worse” than Robert Maxwell, a senior MP has said after an inquiry blamed the former BHS boss for the collapsed store group’s problems.

Labour’s Frank Field, chairman of the Work and Pensions Select Committee, also described Sir Philip as a “Napoleon figure” floating around on his yacht after having “orchestrated” an “old-fashioned classical Asset Stripping” which has put the jobs of 11,000 BHS workers at risk and left 22,000 pensioners with a risky future.
Green is an arrogant, light fingered rogue but then Green is a Jew, just like Maxwell. The latter was an oaf, bully, thief, liar, fornicator, traitor and murderer as well. Notice that the Main Stream Media eagerly ignore the fact these thieves are Jews. NB The media are heavily infested with Jews, with Zionist crazies using newspaper et cetera as Propaganda machines. In fact Jews do more damage than blacks.
PS BHS is down  £571 million. Green made off with/ extracted/milked it/stole/defrauded [ delete to taste ] with £586 million. It is all, naturally enough outside the jurisdiction. He didn't do as well as Bernie Madoff who stole $50 billion. NB Madoff is also a Jew..


Jews Did This In Cyprus [ 26 July 2016 ]

Innocent fun? High Spirits? Practicing for brutalising Palestinians? Jews acting naturally? They are God's Chosen People after all. How do we know? They say so but then they are psychopathic liars.
PS Perpetrators Claim That They Are Victims because they didn't get their EUR50 deposits back.


Jew Bribed American Senator & Democratic Party Chairhuman [ 5 August 2016 ]
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- The FBI continues to raid the office of a West Palm Beach doctor Wednesday who has ties to several politicians........

FBI agents are searching through the office and taking away potential evidence. Documents available to the public reveal Dr. Melgen has an outstanding lien of more than $11 million to the IRS.......

The report also shows Melgen donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to several politicians, including Senator Bill Nelson, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey.

Along with the IRS troubles, the doctor is accused of taking Sen. Menendez on free trips to the Dominican Republic. Reports show the doctor may have also provided the senator with underage prostitutes while in the Dominican Republic.
Menendez has been charged with several counts of corruption. Wasserman Schultz was sacked by her own party for cheating to help Clinton's attempt to become president of America


Jews Pervert The Course Of Justice Systematically, Deliberately, With Malice Aforethought [ 17 November 2016 ]
The Jew, Uzi Dayan, a former Israeli Defence [ sic ] Forces (IDF) deputy chief of staff alleged that a sergeant had the “right to innocence” after he murdered a Palestinian. This alleged right did not apply to Nazis who were tortured, tried then hanged at the Nuremberg War Trials or to anyone alleged to been a guard at Concentration Camps In Poland.


Tolkien Estate Sues Warner Bros. Over 'Lord of the Rings' [ 4 July 2017 ]
Mere weeks before the release of the first film in the long-anticipated big-screen adaptation of The Hobbit,, the estate of author J.R.R. Tolkien has sued the film's producers, claiming they are overstepping their rights when it comes to merchandising the property and The Lord of the Rings

In an $80 million lawsuit filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles and obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, the Tolkien estate and its book publisher HarperCollins claim that Warner Bros., its New Line subsidiary and Rings/Hobbit rights holder Saul Zaentz Co. have infringed the copyright in the famous books and breached a contract. The crux of the suit is the estate's contention that a decades-old rights agreement entitles the studio to create only "tangible" merchandise based on the books, not an "online slot machine" or other digital exploitations that the estate calls highly offensive.
A band called Creedence Clearwater Revival chose to take the position that the Jew, Zaentz is a thief who robbed them blind.


FBI Captures 26 Jews For Multimegabuck Medicaid Fraud [11 July 2017 ]
FBI Swoops on Massive NJ Jew Medicaid Fraud Gang
The FBI has swooped on at least 26 Jews—including a rabbi and the former director of a religious special-needs school—in the orthodox-dominated town of Lakewood, NJ, for running a Medicaid scam which stole millions of dollars from the taxpayers—and “hundreds” more face arrest, authorities have said.

The Jews—13 couples—are all active members of the orthodox community in Lakewood, which has seen a huge influx of Jews who have forced out many local residents. According to local news service, the Jews have all been charged with theft by deception and are accused of misrepresenting income to receive benefits from government programs such as Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (better known as food stamps), and a Home Energy Assistance Program that helps low-income families pay the cost to heat their homes. Most of the arrested Jews live in luxury houses in Lakewood, and ran several highly profitable business as well—making the extent of their welfare fraud even more despicable.............

One report revealed that “law enforcement officials have indicated the arrests are just the tip of the iceberg, but they've already sent shockwaves through the Ocean County community, with the Asbury Park Press reporting hundreds of people have called township officials wondering how they can avoid arrest.” “In the last two days, hundreds of residents called township leaders asking how they can avoid arrest or get amnesty related to an alleged public-assistance fraud scheme that could stretch into the millions of dollars, according to one law enforcement with knowledge of the ongoing probes,” the Asbury Park Press reported. In addition, that newspaper’s source said that “dozens have also called Ocean County Social Services in Toms River to cancel their public assistance or update their income information.”............

 Local Yeshiva (Jewish religious school) leader Rabbi Aaron Kotler tried to explain away the massive fraud ring to media by claiming that they “need to do better to educate people [not to commit such fraud]."
More Jews, more thieves. Then they complain about Anti-Semites. NB New Jersey has been robbed by Jews before. The FBI called that one Operation Bid Rig. This lot also did  Organjacking. It uses a captive audience, very ill people and the very poor. Both groups are desperate, which makes defrauding them easier. Was it all over the Main Stream Media? Of course not; Jews run them too.


Jew On Trial For Ransomeware Attacks On Lloyds  [ 1 September  2017 ]
A British [ sic] man has appeared in court accused of masterminding a wave of cyber attacks against two of the UK's largest banks.

Daniel Kaye, 29, was extradited from Germany after he allegedly orchestrated the 'botnet' assaults which targeted Lloyds Banking Group and Barclays in January. The three-day onslaught directed at Lloyds prevented some Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland customers using their online accounts after the banks refused to pay a ransom.

He is said to have developed malicious software enabling him to take control of computers all over the world, creating his own botnet.............

In one email to a potential client, he allegedly boasted he had between 555,000 and 1.5 million computers in his botnet. Authorities allege Kaye used a botnet, called Mirai #14, against the banks.
Another Jew, another thief. NB Yedioth Ahronoth,7340,L-5010744,00.html  but Western papers suppress the truth


Homosexuals Caused An Earthquake In Israel.


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