Rape Special II

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is not a woman as you might think from the name. Kahn is NOT a Frenchman as the main stream media claim. Kahn is a Jew on the make. He ran the International Monetary Fund. Now that he is on the skids the IMF is being run by another Jew. Well, what a surprise - that is if you read the Main Stream Media without looking for the truth on the Internet. And would you believe that Kahn has a track record of this kind of thing?

Rutting Chimpanzee Jew Likes A Bit Of Black


Dominique Strauss-Kahn: The Picture Worth a Thousand Words
Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former IMF chief now accused of rape, first met Barack and Michelle Obama at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh in 2009. The resulting photo, uncovered by New York magazine, says it all.

It's just as well that Obama is holding him back.

Another victim, albeit rather scrawny.


Jew Running IMF Charged With Raping Hotel Maid [ 15 May 2011 ]
On May 14, 2011, Strauss-Kahn was arrested and removed from an Air France flight moments before taking off, as part of an investigation of his alleged sexual assault of a hotel maid in a room at the midtown Sofitel New York Hotel shortly before leaving for the airport. New York Police Department spokesman Brian Sessa said Strauss-Kahn would likely be charged the next day after being held overnight at a police precinct. A police spokesman said he was charged with "a criminal sexual act, attempted rape, and unlawful imprisonment". His lawyer said he will plead not guilty.

In the past Strauss-Kahn was involved in a scandal at the IMF over his affair with a subordinate economist, Piroska Nagy He had also previously been accused of aggressively seeking sexual gratification in 2002 by a French journalist and writer, Tristane Banon.
Another Jew, another crook. He tried it on before. Sarkozy wanted him in the IMF. Sarkozy got him. Sarkozy is also Jew.
PS His mouthpiece, Ben Brafman is a Jew too but the main stream media are keeping quiet about that.


Jew Running The IMF Claims He Did Not Rape Her [ 16 May 2011 ]
The head of the International Money Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, has agreed to undergo scientific and forensic tests and intends to "vigorously" defend himself against charges that he sexually assaulted a hotel maid, his lawyers said........ The charges threaten to create a leadership vacuum at the IMF, overseer of the global economy, and throw wide open next year's French presidential election, ending the hopes of the French Socialist who was favourite to beat Nicolas Sarkozy......

He was arrested over the weekend and charged with assaulting a 32-year-old maid at the Sofitel hotel in Manhattan. The maid identified Strauss-Kahn at a police lineup at the special victims unit in Harlem, New York, where the 62-year-old French presidential hopeful was being held. She was driven from the station in a police van with a blanket over her head.

"He intends to vigorously defend these charges and denies any wrongdoing," lawyer Benjamin Brafman [ also a Jew ]  told journalists outside the courthouse........ The case threatens to throw the spotlight on Strauss-Kahn's reputation in France for targeting women, something alluded to but hushed up in the press.....

Strauss-Kahn does not have diplomatic immunity as head of the IMF. After a night in police custody in Harlem, he was expected to appear before a county judge. Under New York state law, a criminal sexual act and attempted rape both carry potential 15- to 20-year prison sentences. Unlawful imprisonment carries a three- to five-year sentence.
The main stream media are not covering up the case. They are doing a black out on the fact that he is a Jew. The Jew running Israel also chose to claim he was not a Rapist. He lied. He got seven years.

Kahn is a scruffy rogue without a tie, just like Blair.


Rapist Jew Being Held In Prison On Seven Charges [ 17 May 2011 ]
MAY 16--Here is the criminal complaint filed today against the International Monetary Fund chief accused of attempting to rape a maid Saturday at a New York City hotel. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, 62, was arraigned this afternoon in Manhattan Criminal Court on seven counts, including attempted rape, sexual abuse, and unlawful imprisonment charges. Strauss-Kahn, pictured at right, will remain in custody without bail until his next court appearance, State Supreme Court Judge Melissa Jackson ruled. Strauss-Kahn faces four felonies and three misdemeanors, with the top count carrying a maximum of 25 years in prison.
They are shaping up to do an honest job on him but Jews will dig him out unless he used the wrong synagogue. He didn't even have the decency to stick his willy in the usual orifice.


Jew Takes Over IMF From Jew In Prison [ 17 May 2011 ]
Lipsky is an American economist. He is currently the acting Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund. Previously the First Deputy Managing Director, he assumed his current position following the May 2011 arrest of [ the Jew ] Dominique Strauss-Kahn on sexual assault charges..........

Lipsky's family are from Iowa and are Jewish [ Source -  Lipsky - IMF Deputy Is A Jew ]
Keep it in the family, or in this case keep it in the tribe. Jews dominate American financial systems which is in a state of near collapse. Cause and effect? Believe it.


The Jew And The Sex Scandal That Was Waiting To Happen [ 17 May 2011 ]
A COUPLE of years ago Dominique Strauss-Kahn was booked for a morning interview on French radio’s main current affairs programme. It was the International Monetary Fund chief’s first visit home since weathering a major sex scandal in Washington.

To herald his arrival, a comedian called Stéphane Guillon dedicated a four-minute slot to him. Claiming that “extraordinary measures” had been taken at the radio station that morning “in order not to awaken the Beast”, he warned: “To guarantee the safety of personnel, female staff are asked to wear long, unrevealing and totally unsexy clothes.” The producer would be wearing a burka, he continued, while adjacent stations were prepared to offer sanctuary to fleeing women. In case of emergency a siren would go off warning all women to evacuate the building but rigorous attempts would be made to avoid this, including putting bromide in the guest’s coffee.
The Daily Express plays it for laughs but covers up the fact that Kahn is a Jew. The Express is owned by a foul mouthed pornographer, one Richard Desmond who is also a Jew.


Jew Who Ran The IMF Was Like A Rutting Chimpanzee - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1388208/Dominique-Strauss-Kahn-like-gorilla-Actresss-sex-claim-IMF-chief.html [ 19 May 2011 ]  
He was like a gorilla. . . actress's sex claim against former IMF chief as new affair is revealed with Italian widow
A deluge of fresh allegations of sexual misbehaviour engulfed Dominique Strauss-Kahn yesterday....... As Strauss-Kahn languished on suicide watch in New York’s Rikers Island prison following the alleged sexual assault at a Manhattan hotel, the new claims sent further shockwaves reverberating through France and the financial world. The revelations will trigger more questions about how the IMF’s managing director escaped censure during his rise to become one of the world’s most powerful money men and a potential president of France. [ Easy peasy - he is a Jew - Ed. ].........

Anne Mansouret, a regional official for the same Socialist Party as Strauss-Kahn, wrote: ‘Tristane has remained very deeply traumatised by this attack. This happened after several minor incidents involving [Strauss-Kahn] and female students from Dauphine [University] or pupils from ScPo [Paris Institute for Political Studies].’...... Strauss-Kahn has been accused of assaulting a 32-year-old Guinean chambermaid at the Sofitel hotel in New York on Saturday. He denies charges including attempted rape, criminal sexual acts and illegal imprisonment. His $1million bail plea was rejected by a New York judge.

Strauss-Khan and his many women
Tristane Banon, 31, journalist - Allegation: Attempted rape and sexual assault.
Piroska Nagy, 50, IMF official - Allegation: Coerced into a liaison.
Aurélie Filippetti, 37, Socialist politician - Allegation: Harassment.
Yasmina Reza, 51, playwright - Allegation: Affair.
Carmen Llera, 58, writer - Allegation: At least one dalliance. The Spanish author was a member of Strauss-Kahn’s academic inner circle. In two of her books, she hints at possible affairs with him. 
Young actress, age unknown - Allegation: Gorilla-like behaviour.
Tristane Banon also saw him labelled a ‘rutting chimpanzee’.
European journalist, - Allegation: Harassment.
Martina, said he called her repeatedly and insisted ‘almost directly that I had to sleep with him for an interview’.
Mexican chambermaid, age unknown - Allegation: Fling.
His chances of lying his way out this are zilch. Not many women will shed a tear for him.


Jew Who Ran IMF Raped A Black. Jew Makes excuses [ 19 May 2011 ]  
No slouch himself in the womanizing department, the thrice-married and preening French [ Jew in fact - Ed. ] philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy, 62, who has for the past three years  been canoodling with Lord Moyne’s daughter Daphne Guinness — 20 years his junior — springs to the defence of the disgraced IMF chief accused of sex crimes.......

‘He is not the bloodthirsty monster, the caveman he is now said to be. Seductive, certainly, charming and a ladies’ man — but not a wild animal.’
The Jew, Levy might well be more dangerous than Kahn. He markets philosophy, although his own efforts put him on the level of a used car salesman whereas Kahn was helping destroy the world financial system.


The Jew Who Raped Robbed Us Blind [ 19 May 2011 ]
Saturday was a bad day for the New World Order.

New York police boarded the first-class cabin of an Air France jet bound for Paris to collar Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the head of the International Monetary Fund, a Grand Master of the Universe and the Socialist Party’s hope to defeat President Nicolas Sarkozy in 2012.

Strauss-Kahn, or DSK as he is known, was hauled back to New York and identified in a police lineup by an African maid at the Sofitel hotel as the man who emerged stark naked from the bathroom of his $3,000-a-night suite and tried to rape her...........

What is this satyr doing running the IMF? How was a man of his Eurotrash reputation approved by the United States government? Such conduct may be pooh-poohed over the pond, but has our country dropped that low? As is not infrequently the case, Rep. Ron Paul nails it: “These are the kind of people running the IMF, and we want to turn the world’s finances and the control of the money supply (over) to them?”

Indeed, there are issues here far beyond the corruption of character that drives aging compulsive lechers to criminality when their prey resist. One of those issues is: Why is the IMF still being funded by the United States? With the World Bank, the IMF was birthed at Bretton Woods, N.H., in 1944. In the monetary order established there, the U.S. dollar would be tied to gold, and the free world’s currencies would be tied to the dollar, all at fixed rates of exchange.........

No way, said President Nixon. He slammed the gold window shut, cut the dollar loose and let it float against the world’s currencies. The Bretton Woods system of fixed exchange rates was dead. And the IMF, established to maintain it, should have died with it. It did not, for as Ronald Reagan reminded us, the closest we come to eternal life on this earth is a government program.......

Through the IMF, U.S. taxpayers are bailing out European nations to save European banks, just as U.S. taxpayers, through the Federal Reserve, secretly bailed out European banks throughout 2009 and 2010. This is why the socialist Strauss-Kahn was a hero in the capitals of Europe. He was their agent in our capital........

Saturday at the Sofitel, we saw up-close the sense of arrogance and entitlement such privilege induces in our global elite. Time to shut down the IMF and get back what’s left of our gold.
James Buchanan is sound sort of chap, very much on the right lines. Albeit the Frogs queered the gold thing rather than Brits. That is how I heard it.


Rapist Jew Out On Bail [ 20 May 2011 ]
The former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been bailed by a New York court as he faces trial for allegedly sexually assaulting a maid in a Manhattan hotel. Judge Michael Obus set bail terms of $1m in cash as well as $5m in an insurance bond set against the international politician's properties in the US. He also demanded that Strauss-Kahn surrender all his travel documents and that he remain under house arrest in Manhattan under 24-hour armed guard.

The ruling, issued at a Manhattan criminal court, will release the former IMF chief from his humiliating custody on Rikers Island, where he was held since being arrested on Saturday accused of having attacked a hotel maid.........

Representing the defendant, William Taylor [ Odd that, Kahn was using another Jew to front for him - Editor ] argued to the court that Strauss-Kahn was an "honourable man" who had only one desire at this time, "to clear his name". He presented the judge with the details of a New York security company, Stroz Friedberg, that would be responsible for ensuring that the former IMF chief would not flee the country.

Stringent conditions would include an electronic bracelet that would send a signal to the company and a police station the moment Strauss-Kahn left the property, video cameras to monitor him inside the property, and a 24-hour rotation of armed guards who would be physically present at the apartment................

"The idea that he would attempt to live the rest of his life as an accused sex offender in France as a fugitive is ludicrous," Taylor said. [ Taylor is lying in his teeth. It is what Roman Polanski, another Jew is doing - Editor ]
Extradition agreements work until matters get political. It doesn't get any more political than Jews like Roman Polanski who is another rapist, in this case it was rape of a child.
NB The main stream media are doing a major news black out on the fact that he is a Jew. They did another on the fact that Obama is foreign born and therefore an illegal president.


Rapist Jew Out On Bail II [ 20 May 2011 ]
The Supreme Court [ in Israel ] ruled Wednesday that former President Moshe Katsav will not serve time in prison pending the outcome of his appeal of his rape conviction.............

Katsav was convicted in December of two counts of rape against the complainant publicly identified as A. from the Tourism Ministry, and was sentenced to seven years in prison.
Jew has power. Jew tries it on. Jew comes unstuck. Jew whines about it. Jew gets away with it. That's how it works folks.


Rapist Jew Out III [ 20 May 2011 ]
In March 1977, film director Roman Polanski was arrested and charged with a number of offenses against Samantha Geimer, a 13-year-old girl – rape by use of drugs, perversion, sodomy, lewd and lascivious act upon a child under 14, and furnishing a controlled substance to a minor. At his arraignment Polanski pleaded not guilty to all charges, but later accepted a plea bargain whose terms included dismissal of five of the initial charges in exchange for a guilty plea to the lesser charge of engaging in unlawful sexual intercourse.

Polanski underwent a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation, and it was expected that he would only receive probation at his sentencing. However, upon learning that he would likely face imprisonment and deportation, Polanski fled to France in February 1978, hours before he was to be formally sentenced. Since then Polanski has mostly lived in France and avoided visiting countries likely to extradite him to the United States..........

The United States had been seeking his arrest and extradition worldwide since 2005. While there had been a U.S. arrest warrant for him since 1978 and he had been on the Interpol "red notice" wanted list for several years, an international arrest warrant was issued in 2005.
Jews like fornication. Jews are big in Pornography. Polanski is just another of them.


Google Says Results Are Not Its Fault [ 20 May 2011 ]
Dominique Strauss-Kahn                About 39,300,000 results (0.08 seconds) - the curious?
dominique strauss-kahn jewish       About 724,000 results (0.07 seconds) - Jews?
dominique strauss-kahn jew            About 1,140,000 results (0.10 seconds) - nationalists
These results are in spite of a major media news black out. People are becoming aware of the corruption in our midst.


Jew Chasing Maid - A Game For Jet Setting Bilderbergers [ 21 May 2011 ]
Have hours of fun with her - or wind up looking at 25 years in prison unless your mates can pervert the course of justice.


Woman Taking Over IMF From Rutting Chimpanzee [ 22 May 2011 ]
Christine Madeleine Odette Lagarde (born 1 January 1956) is the current Minister of Economic Affairs, Finances and Industry of France, appointed in June 2007. She was previously Minister of Agriculture and Fishing and Minister of Trade in the government of Dominique de Villepin. Lagarde is the first woman ever to become minister of Economic Affairs of a G8 economy..........

In mid-May 2011, it was speculated that Lagarde was the leading candidate to replace [ the Jew ] Dominique Strauss-Kahn [ the rutting chimpanzee ] as managing director of the International Monetary Fund, after the latter's arrest for alleged sexual predation in New York City and his subsequent resignation.
The French are a pushy lot.


Rutting Chimpanzee Jew Claims He Has An Alibi [ 24 May 2011 ]
IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, better known as DSK, was having lunch with his daughter at the time when the sexual assault he is alleged to have committed supposedly took place, his lawyers say, according to French radio RMC. According to this item, DSK checked out of the hotel at noon, hours before the events allegedly took place. He was scheduled to have lunch with his daughter, a graduate student at Columbia University in New York, that day. If true, it should be easy enough to check out: both the hotel check-out and the lunch (via credit card) would have left a computer trail. Not to mention the fact that there would have been several witnesses at the restaurant.
Will he produce evidence? Let's not be naive. His lawyer has already lied in court. At $1,000 an hour or whatever he should be doing whatever it takes. He said "The idea that he would attempt to live the rest of his life as an accused sex offender in France as a fugitive is ludicrous," [ It is what Roman Polanski, another Jew is doing - Editor


Rutting Chimpanzee Jew Gets $250 Thousand Pay Off [ 26 May 2011 ]
Dominique Strauss-Kahn is set to receive a $250,000 'golden parachute' severance payment - and American taxpayers will help fund it. The former International Monetary Fund chief, who quit after being charged with sexually assaulting a New York hotel maid, is also due to be handed a pension. U.S. Congressmen reacted angrily to the deal but conceded they are almost powerless to stop it from going ahead. They may be able to prevent it if they threaten to reduce or withdraw the U.S. contribution to the fund.
That idea going down like a cup of cold sick with Americans. The papers are still hiding the fact that he is a Jew. Papers in Israel are just hiding the whole thing. It was the same with Obama and that Forged Birth Certificate


Rutting Chimpanzee Tried To Buy Off His Victim [ 26 May 2011 ]
Friends of Dominque Strauss-Kahn have reportedly contacted the family of the maid he is alleged to have sexually assaulted to pay them to drop the case, according to a US newspaper. The alleged victim, who is in protective custody, has an extended family who live in a remote village in Guinea, West Africa. Associates of the former IMF chief are alleged to have approached the relatives and offered a seven-figure sum to persuade the maid to withdraw charges, the New York Post reported........

It comes after traces of Strauss-Kahn's semen were found on the dress of the woman he allegedly attacked, it emerged last night........ Blood-stained sheets on the bed were later taken from the suite as evidence.
That's the story. It is entirely possible. As far as the Jew is concerned it is just a negotiating situation with the difference that his testicles are in the mangle, not ours. We are not told whether the dress with his semen on is blue. Any resemblance to Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky and another blue dress are coincidental. Of course Clinton got away with it. In his case the Jew was Lewinsky and a coconspirator.


Rutting Chimpanzee Strauss-Kahn Claims He Is Not Guilty [ 6 June 2011 ]
Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the International Monetary Fund, has denied attempted rape and the sexual assault of a hotel maid. The one-time French presidential hopeful, who will face trial over the allegations that cost him his job and sent the IMF into crisis, will be back in court on 18 July. At a brief hearing at Manhattan criminal court he pleaded not guilty in a strong voice, standing with his defence team and watched by his wife, the millionaire former journalist Anne Sinclair.
The Guardian is still covering up the fact that Kahn is a Jew. So is the rest of the main stream media. Ditto for his old woman, Anne Sinclair nee Schwartz. Kahn has been trying it on for years. Kahn has been getting away with it for years. This time he is not a Jew with power in France. He is a Jew in America. He is liable to remain a Jew in America for several years.


Rutting Chimpanzee Jew Running IMF Tried To Buy Off The Black He Raped [ 15 June 2011 ]
NEW YORK - He [ Kahn ] began to suspect something was wrong [ i.e. he wasn't going to get away with it - Ed. ] when she refused to accept the money. It had always worked before. So many times. No need even to talk: They'd understood. And he always paid generously. At least $100, though half would easily have done the trick. But it's a matter of principle for him. In private life as on the job. To support developing nations. Think globally, act locally. This time, he thought it would be particularly easy. He has a weakness for West African women: the slimmer the waist, the rounder the ass. It didn't occur to him that she'd refuse. With that sum she could support the family she left behind for several weeks.
Kahn is not just an arrogant, licentious rogue; he is a mean rogue. $500 for a quickie would have been better. He is a fool too, taking his chances of getting HIV from blacks.
PS This comes from a Jew making excuses for another Jew.


Rutting Chimpanzee's Wife Is A Manipulative Jew Too [ 18 June 2011 ] - http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2011/05/mrs-dominique-strauss-kahn-female-version-worse/
Many MSM [ main stream media ] accounts in describing Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s wife have stressed her birth in New York and her Scottish surname. In fact, Anne Sinclair - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_Sinclair was born Anne-Elise Schwartz to wholly French and wholly Jewish parents who were in America for business reasons. She was also born to considerable wealth.......... Dominique Strauss-Kahn, of course, is also Jewish.

Anne Sinclair, who unlike DSK has never married a non-Jew, is however, like some American Jews, very willing to use her money for ethnic political objectives........

…she was the driving force behind Strauss-Kahn’s political ambitions, and her wealth…helped finance a group of political advisers, media aides and internet sites that were preparing the ground for what was soon supposed to be a triumphant return to France for Strauss-Kahn, to begin a race for the presidency many thought he would win.

”She always wanted to prove that, 75 years after Leon Blum, the French were capable of electing a Jew,” a friend told Le Monde. ”In her eyes, that would be a formidable revenge on history.”

Like the Madoff Affair - http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2010/07/is-the-madoff-scandal-paradigmatic-2/ [ Yes, Bernie is a Jew too - Editor ], this is going to be very informative.
The power behind the throne was the name of the game. Kahn is a ruthless swine who got away with too much too long. The woman was running him. Now he has blown it. The world will be sweeter place with him behind bars. More on Sinclair/Schwartz at The Female Of The Species Is More Deadly - http://www.artinfo.com/news/story/37718/meet-anne-sinclair-the-art-world-scion-by-dominique-strauss-kahns-side/?page=1


Rutting Chimpanzee Jew Accused By Alleged Black Whore [ 4 July 2011 ]
The hotel maid who claims former IMF boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn raped her has been accused of working as a prostitute. Allegations have emerged that the 32-year-old cleaner was taking extra money from male guests at the hotel for sex...........

As Strauss-Kahn was yesterday sensationally released from house arrest and had his security ankle tag removed, it emerged in a letter to court from Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi-Orbon that the woman:

The black may be a chancer on the make. It happens. The Jew is also a chancer on  the make who had the power to destroy civilization running the IMF. That happens too. Remember Al Greenspan, Robert Rubin and similar comedians, Jews all who brought the world financial system to the edge of destruction.


Rutting Chimpanzee Jew Refused To Pay Black Whore - Jew Got Aggravation
The woman who accused Dominique Strauss-Kahn of rape allegedly grew angry when he refused to pay her for sex, it emerged today. The hotel maid, who has now been accused of working as a prostitute, allegedly performed a sex act on him in his room at the Sofitel in Manhattan.......

But the case against the millionaire has fallen apart after it emerged the woman had told prosecutors a series of lies. Sources now claim she was aware of his VIP status and became angry when he refused to pay her for her sexual services.
Kahn is a Jew. Kahn refused to pay. Kahn is a wrong one. Kahn has an ugly track record. His old woman is a Jew on the make using him as a front man to exercise power over France. The black was imported because Jews control immigration policy. Now she will get aggravation on her own account.
PS The main stream media are still concealing the fact that Kahn is a Jew. They also did a major cover up on Obama using a Forged Birth Certificate. The Media are run by liars with an agenda.


Rutting Chimpanzee Jew's Victim Goes Public
The hotel worker allegedly attacked by Dominique Strauss-Kahn has spoken out for the first time, revealing her identity and detailing her alleged attack........ In the Newsweek interview, Diallo, 32, stands by her account of the attack and criticises the former French presidential hopeful. "I want him to go to jail. I want him to know there are some places you cannot use your power, you cannot use your money," she said. Diallo said she hoped God punishes him. "We are poor, but we are good," she said. "I don't think about money."........

The New York Times reported US authorities had recorded Diallo telling Tarawally words to the effect of, "Don't worry, this guy has a lot of money. I know what I'm doing." But Newsweek reports prosecutors did not have a full transcript of the call, which had been conducted in a dialect of Fulani, Diallo's language. The actual words are somewhat different, sources told Newsweek.
The Jew hasn't gotten away with this one yet.


Rutting Chimpanzee Jew's Victim Might Not Be A Chancer On The Make [ 28 July 2011 ]
A lawyer for the hotel housekeeper who accused Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexually assaulting her in May said Wednesday that taped conversations, two of them made a day after the encounter, prove that his client had no intention of exploiting the charges against Mr. Strauss-Kahn to make money.

The lawyer, Kenneth P. Thompson, and the housekeeper, Nafissatou Diallo, spent much of the day at the district attorney’s office in Manhattan, where they listened to a recording of conversations Ms. Diallo had with a fellow African immigrant in an Arizona jail after she said she was attacked. Law enforcement officials told Mr. Thompson and The New York Times last month that Ms. Diallo could be heard saying on the tape “words to the effect of: ‘Don’t worry, this guy has a lot of money. I know what I’m doing.’
Horse trading is part of the fun. The Jew will throw lots of money at this one. He should have played fair at the beginning.


Rutting Chimpanzee Jew Who Ran IMF Was Vicious With Whores Says Brothel Mistress [ 18 August 2011 ]
Manhattan Madam: 'Sexual deviant' Strauss-Kahn was rough and abusive with my hookers in 2006
The notorious 'Manhattan Madam' said she was forced to ban Dominique Strauss-Kahn from using her services over the ex-IMF chief’s 'brutish' behaviour. Kristin Davis detailed her dealings with the disgraced French Jew politician in her blog Saturday, saying she was referred to him by Irma Nici, the Bosnian-born hooker who claimed to have bedded David Beckham, a charge the footballer denied. Miss Davis said Mr. Strauss-Kahn wanted 'fresh faced younger American girls' for two sessions in 2006, at a rate of $1,400 an hour. Mr. Strauss-Kahn quit as IMF boss on May 19. He is not permitted to leave the United States, and is due back in criminal court August 23.
The Main Stream Media are still hiding the truth about the chimp. He was a Jew manipulating us. Now he is a Jew coming unstuck. No doubt the black will take him for lotsa money or a few years inside.

She looks well rough but as the French say: All cats are grey at night.                            He does not look much either - he can dish it out but he can't take it.


Black Raped By Rutting Chimpanzee Jew Willing To Be Bought Off - Allegedly [ 23 August 2011 ]
The lawyer of the hotel maid suing Dominique Strauss-Kahn for rape offered to ensure criminal charges against the former IMF boss would not go ahead if a civil settlement was reached, it has been claimed. Sources told the Wall Street Journal that Kenneth Thompson, the attorney for Sofitel hotel maid Nafissatou Diallo, initiated discussions with Strauss-Kahn's lawyers after serious weaknesses in the prosecution's case began to emerge......
Thompson and Diallo publicly urged prosecutors in recent weeks to pursue the criminal case despite questions raised about Diallo's credibility.  The next court hearing in the case is set for Tuesday.
The blacks are going for the money, lots of it. He would have been good for a couple of million, no problem. It was like winning the pools big time and tax free at that.


Rutting Chimpanzee Jew's Victim About To Come Unstuck Big Time [ 23 August 2011 ]
DSK hotel maid 'dropped to floor and rolled around weeping after rape lies were exposed', as New York prosecutors drop sex attack charges

Accuser Diallo 'dropped to the floor and rolled around while weeping'
Admitted she lied because she 'wasn't under oath'
DSK likely to be freed today to return to France and could still run for country's presidency
Dismissal on Recommendation to reveal hotel maid's lies
Accuser's legal team files motion to remove DA from case

The hotel maid who accused Dominique Strauss-Kahn of rape rolled around on the floor hysterically crying when confronted about a web of lies she is said to have told to have him arrested. As the Manhattan district attorney's office asked a judge to drop the sexual assault case against the former International Monetary Fund chief, it emerged accuser Nafissatou Diallo finally admitted to her deception, simply telling prosecutors: 'I wasn't under oath'. In a stunning turnaround, Strauss-Kahn is now almost certain to be released today in court, leaving him free to return to France and even run for the country's presidency.......

The document goes on to allege that she failed to disclose $60,000 in deposits made to her account 'by individuals in four different states'. When she was asked about the money, she said it was from her fiancé Amara Tarawally - who has been convicted of drug offences in Arizona after he tried to buy $36,500 of marijuana from undercover policemen.

The district attorney's office also alleges that Miss Diallo, 32, lied about having consensual sex the night before the alleged assault that would explain redness her lawyers used as proof of Strauss-Kahn's guilt.
Heigh ho, Christmas didn't come early this year. This is not to say from a moment that the rutting chimp Jew is not guilty as Hell. NB that the Main Stream Media are still concealing the fact that Kahn is a Jew. His old woman, another of them was using him as a front man in her bid for power over France. Whether the Frogs will vote for him is an interesting question. The Socialists were going to run him against Sarkozy who is also a Jew. It is what they like, a stacked deck. Which ever way the French vote they would still get a Jew.


Rutting Chimp's Accuser Committed Perjury, Will She Walk? [ 26 August 2011 ]
The case against former International Monetary Fund Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn appears to be rapidly unraveling; as perhaps it should given what we have learned in the two months since the case first broke. Still, the collapse of an initially-promising, high profile prosecution should be no more a catalyst leading to calls for the head of the prosecutor, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr., than should the initial arrest of DSK on charges of forcible rape, have justified calls for the Frenchman's head.

Lessons are to be gleaned for all sides in the unenviable situation in which Vance now finds himself. Unfortunately, the case has deteriorated into everything a prosecution in the public interest should not be.......... If the DA exercises his discretion to drop the charges because they are unsustainable legally, he is virtually certain to be the target of continued political attacks; but he will have gained a great deal of credibility for his office and for his stature as an attorney.

Bob Barr served as a U.S. Attorney in Georgia under Presidents Reagan and George H. W. Bush, and for eight years as a member of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee.
Barr is a lawyer. He knows what he is about. Barr is political. He should know why the black was let into America for starters. He says it is not racial. That is tosh. He covers up the fact that Kahn is a Jew just like the Main Stream Media


Man Whose Wife Was Preyed On By Dominique Strauss-Khan Accuses IMF Of A Cover Up [ 28 August 2011 ]
Whitewash that unleashed a predator: Man whose wife was preyed on by Dominique Strauss-Khan accuses IMF of covering up brutal pursuit of women

As a smirking Dominique Strauss-Kahn strutted to freedom from a New York courthouse this week, impervious to the expletive-laden catcalls from female protesters, one man might have allowed himself a sardonic smile. Though prosecutors decided it would be impossible to prove that the former International Monetary Fund chief’s sordid sexual encounter with a hotel chambermaid amounted to rape, there can be no doubt that Argentine businessman Mario Blejer was a victim — albeit indirectly — of DSK’s unbridled lust.

Some four years ago, Mr. Blejer — among the world’s most respected financial experts and a former adviser to the Bank of England — was shocked to discover that his estranged wife, Piroska Nagy, had engaged in a brief affair with Strauss-Kahn, then her boss at the IMF. After relentlessly pursuing the attractive, blonde Hungarian economist (leering at her as she made a personal presentation of her work to him and repeatedly summoning her to his office to answer spurious queries), he finally persuaded her into his bed at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland......... In the hierarchical, chauvinistic world of high finance, however, the outcome of the internal inquiry — in the autumn of 2008 — was all  too predictable. Strauss-Kahn showed [ alleged/claimed/pretended to show - delete to taste - Ed. ] contrition and kept his post, claiming ‘I firmly believe I have not abused my position’. His humiliated prey felt she had little choice but to leave the IMF and was quietly paid off.
When it comes to shameless arrogance a Jew is hard to beat. Notice that the Main Stream Media are still concealing the fact that the rutting chimp is a Jew just like Al Greenspan, the chairman of the Fed, just like Robert Rubin, Treasury secretary. They jointly set up the housing bubble that is currently [ August 2011 ] causing major pain.


Rutting Chimpanzee Jew Gets Back To France To Face Another Rape Rap [ 5 September 2011 ]
Dominique Strauss-Kahn arrives back on French soil
Former IMF chief faces uncertain political future after New York prosecutors drop charges of sexually assaulting hotel maid
Four months ago he was the man tipped to become the next president of France. On Sunday, Dominique Strauss-Kahn returned to Paris, his political career in tatters after being arrested and charged with the attempted rape of a New York hotel maid..........

To others, he is less a returning hero and more a political embarrassment at a time when his colleagues in France's Socialist party are trying to come up with a credible candidate to challenge Nicolas Sarkozy [ Would you believe another Jew? Editor ] in next year's presidential election. Strauss-Kahn also faces questioning by Paris police about allegations he attempted to rape Tristane Banon, a young French novelist and journalist, when she went to interview him in 2003.

The former head of the International Monetary Fund was given star treatment when he stepped off an Air France flight at Charles de Gaulle airport on Sunday morning, flanked by his wife, the former television presenter and heiress [ the Jew ] Anne Sinclair.
The media are still concealing the fact that Kahn is a Jew. They did the same with the fact that Obama used a Forged Birth Certificate because he was born in Kenya, making him an illegal president.


Rutting Jew Chimpanzee Beats Another Rape Rap [  14 October 2011 ]
Dominique Strauss-Kahn attempted rape inquiry dropped
Prosecutors say they have evidence ex-IMF chief sexually assaulted young French writer, but he will not face charges

French prosecutors said there was evidence Dominique Strauss-Kahn sexually assaulted a young French writer, but they have dropped the investigation against him for attempted rape....... In a statement, the office declared that a three-month police investigation had found insufficient evidence to charge Strauss-Kahn with attempted rape. It added, however, that it recognized there were "facts that could qualify as sexual aggression".....

He has lodged a countersuit for defamation and threatened to sue media which repeat the allegations.
Kahn is vindictive and oversexed but then he is a Jew. As Winston said of Brer Hun: They are at your feet or at your throat.


Rutting Chimpanzee Jew Who Ran IMF Used Brothel With Under Age Whores [ 16 October 2011 ]
Another day, another sex scandal: Now DSK is dragged into underage prostitute racket
He was only yesterday cleared of the attempted rape of young French journalist Tristane Banon......

The former head of the International Monetary Fund is among politicians and business leaders allegedly named in a ‘black book’ of clients at a luxury hotel which was said to double as a brothel. A judicial Inquiry into prostitution at Carlton Hotel, in Lille, was opened in March amid claims underage girls were involved. Prostitution is legal in France, but those offering sex must be over 18.

Senior staff from the Carlton Hotel, including the manager and a public relations executive, were arrested earlier this month as part of the inquiry. They are said to have acted as ‘pimps’ to their guests, and face charges of procuring prostitutes, organised conspiracy in criminal acts and money laundering. French Closer magazine, which published the claims yesterday, said it has seen prosecution documents which say Mr. Strauss-Kahn, 62, used prostitutes at the hotel.

French Closer magazine, which has a good record for investigative journalism, claimed it has 100 per cent confirmation from Lille examining judges Ausbart and Vignau that Strauss-Kahn was a client of those accused. He would, naturally, face criminal proceedings if he was found to have paid or slept with an underage girl....... He still faces civil cases in both Paris and New York over the alleged rape incidents.
Another Jew, another crime. He would have been running for president against Sarkozy. It would have given the French a choice; Jew or Jew. Zionist rogues like it that way. A stacked deck means a guaranteed win for them.


Jew Who Ran IMF Like A Rutting Chimpanzee  Had 11 Orgies With Just One Whore - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2062870/A-prostitute-told-took-11-orgies-years-shamed-IMF-chief-Dominique-Strauss-Kahn.html  [  18 November 2011 ]
Prostitute tells how she took part in 11 orgies over six years with shamed ex-IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn
Disgraced economist allegedly enjoyed having sex with 'every girl in the room'
The 30-year-old vice girl is one of three being questioned over illegal prostitution operating out of hotels in France
Strauss-Kahn preferred newcomers to older women at the sex parties, says prostitute
A prostitute told how Dominique Strauss-Kahn joined her at 11 orgies over six years, it was revealed in France today. The 30-year-old vice girl named Florence described in lurid detail how the disgraced economist enjoyed having sex with 'every girl in the room' during the debauched sessions. She said the 62-year-old had 'exceptional energy', and always preferred the newcomers to the older women at the sex parties.

He has now been named as a client of the sprawling vice network, though there is no suggestion he had sex with underage girls...........

Texts sent to pimps by Strauss-Kahn, in which he ordered girls and planned orgies, were uncovered in France last week, meaning he now risks being arrested for 'encouragement of pimping'.......

On one occasion, Florence and another hooker named Mounia, 38, were paid £2,000 to spend three days in Washington DC with Strauss-Kahn, and another £1,300 for orgies in Lille and Paris. She added: 'At these evenings, DSK had sex with every girl.
This swine had power over us when he ran the IMF. He was going to replace the Jew, Sarkozy in running France for the benefit of Israel.


Jew Who Ran IMF Like A Rutting Chimpanzee Was Caught Loitering [ 5 December 2011 ]
Dominique Strauss-Kahn was stopped by police who were trying to 'clean up' a Paris park notorious for transvestite prostitutes, France's Interior Minister said yesterday. Claude Gueant said the former International Monetary Fund chief was spoken to by officers patrolling the Bois du Boulogne. The incident was recorded in a police log five years ago, before being publicly announced by Mr. Gueant in the Journal du Dimanche newspaper....

'But there was no action taken over this matter. He wasn't framed by the police.
So Kahn is an animal with unbridled lust. So was Kennedy but that was duly glossed over by the Main Stream Media.


Rutting Chimpanzee Jew Who Ran IMF Arrested After Fornicating With Whores [ 22 February 2012 ]
Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the  International Monetary Fund, has been formally placed under arrest by French police investigating an alleged prostitution ring. The 62-year-old socialist politician turned himself in at 8.55am on Tuesday in the northern French city of Lille and is being held for questioning over allegations that he aided the procurement of prostitutes and benefited from fraud. Detectives want to ascertain whether Strauss-Kahn, a former French presidential hopeful, knew that the women he had sex with at orgies in Paris and Washington were prostitutes and if he was aware how they were paid. It is alleged the money came from the corporate funds of a major French construction company.

Strauss-Kahn is expected to either be put under formal investigation – the equivalent of being charged – or released after 48 hours. Eight people, including two Lille businessmen with links to Strauss-Kahn and a police commissioner, have already been arrested in the case, known as the Carlton affair after the luxury Lille hotel at the centre of the alleged prostitution ring.
The Jew, Kahn was set up to take from the Jew, Sarkozy in France but he couldn't keep his foul lusts under control. What was a swine like Kahn going to do for us at the IMF? More to the point, what was he doing to us.


Rutting Chimp Jew Takes It Both Ways Or Not As The Case Maybe [ 22 March 2012 ]


Rutting Chimpanzee Jew Who Ran IMF Charged With Procuring Whores - http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4221568/Vice-ring-pimping-charges-for-DSK.html - [ 27 March 2012 ]
FORMER IMF boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn was last night charged with involvement in a prostitution pimping ring. Strauss-Kahn, once tipped to become French president, was put on £80,000 bail after ten hours of questioning before judges in Lille, northern France. The 62-year-old admits taking part in orgies. But last night his lawyer Richard Malka said: "He declares he is not guilty and never had an inkling the women could have been prostitutes." Strauss-Kahn is charged with "complicity in pimping in a vice ring" — which carries up to 20 years' jail. He is alleged to have used hookers paid for by two businessmen illegally using company funds. Strauss-Kahn's lawyers are due in court tomorrow in New York, where he faces a civil case for an alleged rape attempt on a hotel maid
The Jew was being set up to take over from Sarkozy, another Jew. Then he refused to pay a black whore. Whoops. Things unravelled. Getting away with it in France will be easier because he is plugged into the system there.


Jew Who Ran IMF Like A Rutting Chimpanzee Suing Black Criminal For $1 Million [ 17 May 2012 ]
Strauss-Kahn counter-sues NYC hotel maid for $1MILLION... one year after she wrongfully accused him of sexual assault
Dominique Strauss-Kahn is suing the hotel housekeeper who accused him of sexually assaulting her, saying she seriously damaged his reputation with what he calls a bogus allegation. The former International Monetary Fund leader and French presidential hopeful struck back at maid Nafissatou Diallo's lawsuit against him with denials and a $1million defamation claim of his own Monday, exactly a year after she told police he tried to rape her in his Manhattan hotel suite. He said whatever happened was consensual.

He was arrested, resigned from the IMF, and spent several days behind bars and three months on house arrest before prosecutors dropped the case, saying they'd lost confidence in Diallo's trustworthiness because she'd lied about her background and changed her account of what she did right after leaving Strauss-Kahn's room. Although prosecutors didn't say they believed she misrepresented the encounter itself, Strauss-Kahn's court papers blast her claims as intentional lies............

As of last week, French investigators also studying accusations that Strauss-Kahn may have been involved in a rape during a sex party in a Washington hotel in 2010.  Separately, a French writer accused him last year of having tried to rape her during a 2003 interview, an accusation prosecutors said was too old to try. He denies all the allegations.
Kahn is an arrogant rogue driven by insensate lechery. The black might well be a whore. She is an illegal immigrant who should have been deported. The black and the Jew, a pretty pair? No! Suing her for a million is tactical or malicious. She cost him power over France. Of course if he had paid her nothing would have happened. He lost France for the sake of a fistful of dollars.

The Jew can dish it out but he can't take it. He is a scruffy rogue to boot.


Jew Who Ran IMF Like A Rutting Chimpanzee Beats Another Rape Rap [ 25 September 2012 ] 
Shamed former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn is set to escape gang rape charges after a vice girl told police they were playing 'sex games'. The alleged victim had now changed her story to tell police that the group sex with prostitutes at an orgy in Washington DC was 'consensual', it has been revealed. Strauss-Kahn, 54, had faced 20 years in prison over the claims by the prostitute named Marion that he used force against her and other girls during the sex session in December 2010. The £800-a-night hooker had told police in initial interviews last year: 'He gripped my hands, he pulled my hair, he hurt me.'.........

But even if gang rape charges are dropped, the man once tipped as a future president of France still stands accused of conspiring with pimps to procure girls for sex parties around the world. He and four other men are also accused of knowing fraudulently obtained money was being paid to the vice girls by a prostitution racket based in Lille, northern France.
Did they buy her off? Or did they put the frighteners on? It is all to easy. Acid in the face can make a big difference to a girl.


Jew Who Ran IMF Like a Rutting Chimp Beats One Rape Rap [ 14 October 2012 ]
Paris (CNN) -- A French prosecutor dropped an investigation Tuesday into former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn's connection to a possible gang rape in Washington. The young Belgian woman whose testimony was the basis for the inquiry has withdrawn her previous statement and said she will not press charges, a statement from the Lille prosecutor's office said. [ Bought off or paid off? - Editor ] This meant the inquiry had no grounds to continue, the statement said.

Strauss-Kahn remains under investigation over allegations that he participated in a prostitution ring, in what is known in France as the "Carlton affair."
The New York rape rap was where he came unstuck. He couldn't block the local police. He has not gotten away with it yet.


Sex Crazed Jew Like A Rutting Chimp Knew He Was Using Whores [ 28 January 2013 ]
Disgraced Strauss-Kahn 'was fully aware' girls at swinger parties were being paid to have sex with him, prostitute tells court
Shamed former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn 'was fully aware' that young girls at orgies were being paid to have sex with him, a prostitute has told a court in France............

Strauss-Kahn is appealing a decision to send him to trial on charges of 'aggravated pimping as part of an organised gang', when he faces a maximum of 20 years in prison. His latest court appearance was aimed at discovering if he genuinely believed that young women in their 20s were having sex with him for free......

After being held in New York's notorious Ryker's Island prison, criminal charges were dropped and he recently paid hotel maid Nafissatou Diallo four million pounds in a civil settlement.
Buying off the black with £4 million is a pretty convincing admission of guilt. Her lawyer will have taken a large lump of that.

He is just as ugly as her.


Jew Like A Rutting Chimp Beat Rape Raps, Aggravated Pimping Still To Go  [ 23 April 2014 ]
The Jew, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who ran the IMF didn't pay a black whore in New York so she cried rape. They put him in prison, decided that she was lying black.. He brought her off in the end for $6 million. Now other victims have surfaced. In France he would have gotten away with it because he was political.


Jew Who Beat NY Rape Rap Charged As A Pimp [ 31 January 2015 ]
Dominique Strauss-Kahn
was a  Jew running the IMF while being set up to take over France after the Jew, Sarkozy. It all went wrong after he didn't pay a whore. He had to buy her off later. It cost him a lot more. Now the Jew Who Ran The IMF Like A Rutting Chimpanzee is back in the frame for aggravated pimping. If he had done the right thing he would have gotten away with it.


Strauss-Kahn Is A Vicious Jew As Well As A Lecher [ 10 February 2015  ]
A sex worker has told a French court that she cried and gestured that she did not want to perform a certain sex act with the former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn after she was presented to him at an orgy, but that he smiled and went ahead anyway.....

The 65-year-old has admitted taking part in group sex but denied knowing that the women at the orgies were sex workers. He has strongly denied the charge of pimping – aiding and abetting prostitution. Two businessmen and a senior police chief are also accused of pimping.
Strauss-Kahn is the thug who ran the IMF. He was more than prepared to screw us as well as any whore that took his fancy.


Strauss-Kahn, The Lecherous Jew Is Deeply Nasty  [ 7 February 2015 ]
He is a vicious, licentious bully, like a rutting chimpanzee who treats women like dirt. His wife, a Jew sacked him immediately after he beat the rape rap. His business partner, a Jew jumped from the 23rd floor. The black whore he paid off with $1.5 million is doing all right. He is the swine who was running the IMF. Is it any wonder that the world is going to the Devil?
PS 900 journalists wanted to be at the trial. Only 300 got in.


Vicious Jew Beats Pimping Rap [ 13 June 2015 ]
Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the International Monetary Fund, has been cleared by a French court of “aggravated pimping”.

The one-time French presidential hopeful, who has described seeking “recreation” from the stress of world politics by having rough sex with strangers at orgies in Europe and the US, was found not to have promoted or profited from the prostitution of seven women..........

The wide-reaching trial in the northern French city of Lille revealed a saga of money, fame and women travelling to luxury locations for sex with powerful men against a backdrop of economic deprivation and social misery.
It wasn't raping a black whore [ or not as the case may be ] that caused it all to go wrong; it was refusing to pay her - see Rape Special II. Perhaps the point to take is that a Jew was running the IMF, just like the Federal Reserve. He is one of the Enemy Within.


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