The International Monetary Fund was set up for specific reasons which have been dealt with, but of course the IMF rolls on. Too many fat cats have too much power, too much money, too much fun.
18 Oct 2008
NEW YORK (AFP) — The International Monetary Fund has opened an investigation of its director [ the Jew ] Dominique Strauss-Kahn and his intimate ties to a subordinate employee -- an affair that echoes the scandal that ousted [ the Jew ] Paul Wolfowitz from the World Bank last year.............

Murray declined to confirm details reported overnight in The Wall Street Journal, which said the investigation focuses on Strauss-Kahn's relationship with Hungarian-born Piroska Nagy, a married former senior official in the IMF's Africa department........

The sex scandal is horrible timing for the IMF, which has been in the global spotlight in the past weeks as governments grapple with the extent of the worst financial meltdown since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

The probe is looking into whether or not Strauss-Kahn, a former French finance minister, abused his power as IMF boss and showed any favoritism to Nagy, and whether or not he sought retribution once their relationship ended.
Kahn is like a rutting chimpanzee but then Kahn is a Jew.


Rutting Ape Special
The full horrifying/disgusting/appalling/amusing [ delete to taste ] details. How he lied, tried to buy her off etc.


Rutting Chimpanzee Jew Replaced By A Woman At The IMF [ 29 June 2011 ]
Christine Lagarde has become the head of the International Monetary Fund, its board confirmed following a meeting in Washington. The French finance minister is the first woman to hold the post. She takes over from Dominique Strauss-Kahn, beginning her five-year term on 5 July........

The chancellor, George Osborne, hailed Lagarde as "good news for the global economy and for Britain". He said: "She is the best person for the job, which is why Britain was one of the first countries to propose her. She has been a strong advocate for countries tackling high budget deficits and living within their means."
Lagarde is a nominal Catholic, living in sin, a veggie under investigation for bunging her little mate lotsa money. If she gets a grip of spendthrift hooligans like Osborne she will be good news.


IMF Boss Bunged Known Criminal £270 Million  [ 20 March 2014 ]
is a woman and French at that. The previous IMF boss, a Jew went to prison for Raping A Black. He didn't stay there, sad to stay. Now he is in the frame for rape in France.


IMF Says We Are Doomed - Just Ignore Them  [ 16 May 2016 ]
Last week saw yet another warning about the dire economic costs of Brexit, this time from the IMF. This followed similar warnings from the Bank of England, HM Treasury, the OECD, the National Institute, and Uncle Tom Cobley and all. There was even a letter signed by 200 economists, highlighting the same dangers. This recalled the 1981 letter signed by 364 economists warning of the threat of recession – published just as the economy was starting to recover.

Such an overwhelming consensus of economists might seem impressive. After all, how could so many different voices come to the same conclusion, yet still be wrong? Easily. They aren’t umpteen different voices. These people are the victims [ or perpetrators(?) ] of group-think.

Moreover, there is a long history of the global economic establishment getting the most important issues of the day profoundly wrong. It did not foresee the fall of communism, the collapse of inflation or the global financial crisis.............

We were told by the great and the good that if we did not join, much of the City would decamp to Paris and Frankfurt, the Japanese carmakers would up sticks and our economy would be severely damaged.

Why did the proponents of eurozone membership get this so blatantly wrong? After all, they were predominantly decent, honest and intelligent.
The first book on Economics was written by Adam Smith in 1776. The Wealth of Nations was the first good book and, arguably the last. Take economists seriously at your own risk albeit Milton Friedman was sensible, a Jew to boot.


IMF Is Not Fit For Purpose  [  29 July 2016 ]
That is just what its own watchdog says about it. The reality has to be worse. The previous boss is out of prison after beating the Rape Raps. He is now trying to get way with the French rape charges.
PS What is its purpose apart from keeping fixers in luxury?


IMF Propaganda Against BREXIT Failed [ 2 September 2016 ]
How much 'news' is truth? Not a lot. "All news is lies and all propaganda is disguised as news." We were told that by Willi Münzenberg, Stalin's master propagandist.


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