Rape Special

The President of Israel is prone to be a political hack put out to pasture, one who has never been caught and presumed not to have too many skeletons in the cupboard. This time it didn't quite work. Bill Clinton proved that these things can go spectacularly wrong. There was minimal coverage of the fact that Monica Lewinsky was also a Jew. Letting him off the hook with the minimum of embarrassment is the agenda. When you see the mug shots of Her Indoors you might feel that he had a point. His substantive response to the charges is that she is a lunatic or criminal who should be locked up.
PS He is about to be charged on 9 March 2009, two years after the matter went public. The wheels of justice can grind small but exceeding slow, if at all when politicians are in the frame.

PPS Katsav got SEVEN years. The minimum is four.

Katsav is getting a secret trial and an extensive main stream media black out.
Him and Her

Her Indoors

What, me, a rapist? Go on with you. www.daylife.com/photo/0gra5bp1LN2YF


President of Israel to be charged with rape and fraud [ 23 January 2007 ]
Attorney General Menachem Mazuz decided Tuesday that President Moshe Katsav should face charges for rape, sexual harassment, obstruction of justice, fraud and breach of trust. The sexual assault charges relate to the claims of four women who worked for Katsav during his terms as president and before that as a cabinet minister.
This leaves the prime minister [ fraud ], the previous prime minister [ fraud ], the tax office [ fraud ], chief rabbi [ light fingers ],.... There are honest Jews but not that many at the top. Also Katsav also faces charges of sexual harassment and fraud


President Of Israel To Be Charged With Multiple Rape [ 23 January 2007 ]
Attorney General Mazuz decides to file indictment Tuesday afternoon against president; Katsav's lawyer convinced A-G will reverse decision... President Moshe Katsav will be charged with a series of sexual offences, including rape, and breach of trust, Attorney General Menachem Mazuz decided Tuesday......

Should Katsav be convicted of rape he could face a maximum 16-year jail sentence. Under Israeli penal law the court could rule to reduce the sentence to four years under "special circumstances [ like he's our little mate? - Editor ]."......

The president had also been accused of pardoning prisoners and illegal wire tapping However, these allegations were dropped due to lack of evidence.
You don't have to believe that Jews are vicious and corrupt but it helps. The Prime Minister is trying to beat a number of fraud raps too. Notice that the main stream media has gone very quiet about this one.


Israel's President faces rape rap hearing [ 14 February 2007 ]
Attorney General Menachem Mazuz will apparently hold a hearing for President Moshe Katsav in about two months, between April 10 and April 15.
The Knesset House Committee will open impeachment proceedings against Katsav this morning.......
One bent president can be sorted. Bush would make it a good double and with far better reason. Blair would be a real plus too.


Love Or Lust? [  2 May 2007 ]
According to Channel 2, during the initial investigation into the allegations of rape against Katsav, police asked Aleph why her account of the crime should be believed. She told police that they could validate her claims by speaking to her friends in New York, whom she claimed knew the truth about her rape. However, when the police questioned her friends they said, "If she had been raped by Katsav she definitely would have told us," Channel 2 reported. According to Aleph's friends, Aleph had a "romantic affair" with Katsav and was "obsessed" with him.
Rape is easy to claim and difficult to prove after the event. Changing her story does not help her case. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. This is from the Israel Insider. The rest have been close mouthed about this little gem even as I write on 8 April 2008


Israel's President turned me into sex slave [ 29 June 2007 ]
President's Residence employee A., the first woman to accuse outgoing president Moshe Katsav of rape almost a year ago, described Thursday her version of the alleged sexual assault perpetrated by the president against her, saying he had turned her into a sex slave. Earlier Thursday, Katsav signed a plea agreement under which the rape charges against him will be dropped and he will serve no active jail time.....
Israel's President is a strong man and virile. What is the point of having power if you don't use it? More and funnier details at Israeli president pleads guilty to sex offences. After all Clinton got away with it too.


Israeli President lets crooked politician get away with it [ 24 July 2007 ]
......... The Likud party politician was convicted of bribing 15 party activists and central committee members..... She was also found guilty of obstruction of justice. Blumenthal was sentenced last March to eight months in jail and ordered to pay a NIS 75,000 fine. Upon hearing of Peres' decision to commute Blumenthal's sentence, her family expressed their satisfaction with the president's decision.
Like goes to like. Bush let Libby get away with it.
PS The last President of Israel got sacked for multiple rapes.


Israeli Presidential Rape Stories Are Credible Say Psychologists [ 27 October 2007 ]
Psychology experts say the attorney general erred in his interpretation of the testimonies of women who said former president Moshe Katsav raped them, according to a document presented to the High Court of Justice on Sunday. An opinion by Dr. Zvia Zeligman, a specialist in psychological trauma caused by sexual abuse, states that if Attorney General Menachem Mazuz had been sensitive to the women's psychological state, he would not have erred in interpreting contradictions in the testimonies as posing "evidentiary obstacles" in the case.

Zeligman says the internal contradictions in the testimonies reinforce their authenticity and are sufficient to indict Katsav for rape...........
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Believing psychologists is not necessarily the way to go but a confused witness is likely enough.


Israel's President Beats The Rape Raps - No Prison Time  [  26 February 2008 ]
The High Court of Justice on Tuesday approved the plea bargain signed with former president Moshe Katsav over alleged sex crimes..... The petitions were filed in response to Mazuz's decision in June 2007 to sign a plea bargain with Katsav that eliminated the two counts of rape that had appeared in the draft indictment. It also eliminated several other charges that had appeared in the draft indictment, including two counts of forcible indecent assault, and one of sexual intercourse while exploiting an employer-employee relationship.

The plea bargain includes only minor sexual offences - one count of indecent assault involving pressure and one of sexual harassment - and would give Katsav a suspended sentence rather than actual jail time. 
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The head politician sets the tone, doesn't he? It is foul but then they are Jews, Zionist Jews with ethnic cleansing a speciality.


A great day for rapists - a Jew writes  [ 27 February 2008  ]
High Court’s ruling [ that let the Israeli President get away with it - Editor ] a victory for men who want to get away with hurting women The State Prosecutor’s Office, greedy attorneys, the police, and the High Court of Justice won. The woman only known as “A.” lost, along with other battered women, but A. tops the list.  She was unable to overcome the top lawyers and all their money. She lost on behalf of all women; any woman who seeks to charge a man who hurt her in the face of heartless lawyers.
A Jew writes about a Jew and his victims. It isn't quite that simple really. There are some lying rat bags out there but then he is a Jew making a case so truth is not a consideration.


Israeli President May Go To jail And Lose $300,000 A Year  [ 28 February 2008 ]
Former president Moshe Katsav, whose indictment is due to be filed on Thursday in the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court, stands to lose an annual income estimated at NIS 1.1 million and could even go to jail if the judge so rules.................

The state prosecution has already made clear that it would ask the court to determine in its verdict that the crimes to which Katsav pleaded guilty involved moral turpitude. Should the court accede, Katsav would lose an estimated NIS 1.1m. per year in "extra payments" that he would otherwise receive as a former president. The "extra payments" include the costs of his home in Kiryat Malachi, an office and secretaries, and a car and chauffeur.
Rape is crime even for politicians.


Israeli President Raped her. Israeli President Walks Away Laughing [ 25 March 2008 ]
A special bench of three Jerusalem Magistrate's Court judges is slated to deliberate on Wednesday the indictment entitled "The State of Israel versus Moshe Katsav." The facts described in it do not necessarily reflect reality. They are part of the plea bargain agreed upon by the state and the former president's attorneys, after a lengthy hearing...........

This law recognizes the right of an injured party in a sexual crime to deposit in the hands of the prosecution a "victim's statement" that details the damage that has been caused to him or her, including psychological damage. The prosecution is required to bring this statement [ unaltered? - Editor ] before the court that is passing sentence on the accused..........

The Katsav case is one case among many. The ruling on it will set milestones with respect to the limits of what is permitted and what is forbidden in plea bargains, which are sometimes "a necessary evil" and sometimes tantamount to an indecent act toward the public as a whole, and not only toward the victims of the criminal offences themselves. 
Who cares about Katsav's victims. Not the comedians who run Israel for starters. They screwed the Holocaust victims too.


Israeli President To Admit His Guilt  [ 8 April 2008 ]
High Court rejects petitions filed against deal signed with former president, thus endorsing plea bargain under which Katsav agrees to enter a plea of guilty to charges of sexual harassment, indecent assault and harassing a witness
Harassing witnesses in order to change their testimony is an attempt to pervert the course of justice and can be very effective.


Israeli President Still Trying To Get Away With Rape  [ 8 April 2008 ]
The Jerusalem Magistrates’ Court rejected former President Moshe Katsav’s petition to postpone deliberation on the plea agreement offered in his case. Katsav was ordered to appear in court Tuesday, for primary deliberations regarding the plea bargain which the state offered the former president, terms of which indicate that Katsav will have to admit to a series of sexually-based offences..............

Roughly a month ago, the Supreme Court authorized the plea agreement in Katsav’s case, terms of which indicate that the former president will only be charged with lesser sexual offences such as commission of a lewd act using duress, as well as sexual harassment.
He raped her; he raped them or not as the case may be. He is determined to get away with if he can. Happily his lawyers will be screwing him. They are charging top dollar.


Jews Cheer Their President's Rape Trial  [  9 April 2008 ]
Protesters jeer Katsav, cheer the chance to take him to court A chorus of boos greeted former president Moshe Katsav on Tuesday as he entered a Jerusalem courthouse, where dozens of demonstrators voiced their disapproval of the plea bargain struck with the State Prosecutor's Office last June. Women from the Israel Women's Network and other organizations that work to combat sexual violence against women wore shirts bearing the words, "We are all A.," referring to the initial by which several of Katsav's accusers are known.

Their boos quickly turned to cheers as news of the rejection of the plea bargain made its way from the courtroom to outside the courthouse. "Katsav, Katsav, to prison now!," demonstrators chanted as the former president left the courtroom. He is facing a string of complaints for sexual assault. Women's organizations welcomed Katsav's decision to waive the plea bargain and demanded a harsh indictment reflected in the original charge sheet prepared by the state. 
They cheered. I cheer with them. This is a prime case for the News of the World, that well known muck raking newspaper. I doubt not that they will be part of the main stream media corruption and cover up.


Israel's President Liable To Be Charged With Rape  [  9 April 2008 ]
Prosecution: Katsav may be charged with rape Officials in the State Prosecutor's Office say that a new indictment containing more serious charges - possibly including rape - will be filed against former president Moshe Katsav either before Pesach or immediately after the holiday, following Katsav's dramatic decision Tuesday to cancel the plea bargain that had downgraded the original rape charges against him to lesser sexual offences and no jail time. Katsav said he intends to face the charges in court and will fight to clear his name. The trial will be the first for an Israeli head of state, past or present.
"Presumably the ramifications of this move are clear to Katsav," Attorney General Menachem Mazuz said in a brief statement a few hours after Katsav's lawyers informed him of their client's decision. 
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To be fair there are Jews who can't see the funny side of this one. Presumably the man thinks he can get away with it. Notice that the main stream media have not got much to say about this one but they do tell us all about Jews being victims of Adolf time after time. 


Israeli President Trying To Beat His Rape Raps  [ 28 April 2008 ]
Former president Moshe Katsav's legal team is demanding that Attorney General Menachem Mazuz and State Prosecutor Moshe Lador investigate what they contend are unresolved matters pertaining to the complainant known as A. from the Tourism Ministry, on whom the amended indictment against Katsav is expected to be based............ the lawyer overseeing Katsav's case........  requested the seizure of A.'s medical record. They cited the fact that she has received psychotherapy and/or psychiatric care in recent years...........  Katsav's lawyers also want an investigation into an allegedly false sexual harassment complaint that A. filed against a resident of the moshav where she lived.

In addition, they want an inquiry into the circumstances of A.'s dismissal from various civil service jobs,...............  In addition, they would like to see the results of an investigation into arson at a house A. was renting on a moshav. The lawyers claim that A. left the moshav suddenly and that the house was set on fire the night she left. They say the fire department determined that the blaze was set deliberately, in connection with a dispute between A. and the landlord. Katsav's lawyers also want an investigation into hotel rooms A. booked for her personal use at the Tourism Ministry's expense and without permission from her superiors.
Politics in action. She fingered him so put her in prison or a lunatic asylum. That is where expensive lawyers pay off.


President Of Israel Might Be Sued For Raping Two Women  [ 19 June 2008 ]
Katsav could face civil suits over sexual assault charges Two of the women allegedly molested by former president Moshe Katsav are considering filing civil suits against him in parallel to the criminal proceedings.  The first woman, A., worked under Katsav  [ So he worked over her - Editor ] when he was tourism minister [ touring where? ], and she is the focus of the amended indictment that will soon be submitted against Katsav. She recently met with attorney Boaz Arad to discuss the chances of a civil suit against Katsav.........

The second woman, also known as A., worked under Katsav at the President's Residence. Thus far, her complaints have not been included in the indictment against Katsav, because the prosecution believes the evidence is insufficient.
Presidents are suppose to be above the fray; dignified figure heads. Clinton was different. Fornication was fun and policy. Get it while the getting is good - that was his motto and bribes welcome. Katsav came unstuck. He is not so lucky and competent. I am all broke up.


Israel's President Still Trying To Beat The Rape Rap [ 5 October 2008 ]
A, the primary complainant in a sexual harassment case against former president Moshe Katsav, testified again Monday after Katsav's lawyer provided police with a tape allegedly bearing new evidence. After analyzing the tape and the complainant's new testimony, police remain unswayed: A's story is reliable. Police sources indicated that they will recommend a count of rape to be added to the charges against Katsav. In early August, Katsav reneged on a plea bargain with the State Prosecutor's Office. In the plea bargain, the former president was to plead guilty to lesser sexual offences only. His decision to back out of the deal left him open to an indictment on all related criminal charges, including rape. The contents of the tape were not released, but were meant to undermine the testimony of A, who worked with Katsav when he was tourism minister. This new evidence, along with A's additional testimony, will be passed along to Ronit Amiel, the lawyer overseeing Katsav's case at the Jerusalem District Prosecutor's Office.  Amiel has replaced  Irit Baumhorn, the state lawyer originally in charge of the case and the person who insisted on including A's complaints in the suit against Katsav. 
He could have admitted his guilt on lesser charges and walked away laughing up his sleeve. Now he is in for an extra rape charge and humungous bills from the lawyers.


Israeli President Still Trying To Beat Rape Charges [ 19 December 2008 ]
Katsav will be confronted by his former secretary, known as A', on Friday, as part of the probe into sexual offences by the former president. The session - during which each side will question the other in the presence of a police investigator - will take place at a police station and is expected to last for about two hours........ The former president's lawyers recently transferred several correspondences and other documents to the police, demonstrating that A' had stayed in contact with Katsav long after the alleged offences took place........  
Her track record is not entirely straightforward either. The whole thing has kept us amused for ages.


Israeli President Is A Rapist Say Police [ 20 December 2008 ]
Police sources told Ynet following the confrontation that they were sticking to their previous recommendation that there was sufficient evidence to file a severe indictment against the former president and charge him with rape. A. is the person responsible for the police's most severe suspicion against Katsav � rape. This clause was excluded from the plea bargain signed between the former president and the State, which Katsav eventually reneged on and which accused him of committing an indecent act against her....... The renewed investigation is expected to last a few weeks, at which time prosecutor Ronit Amiel will submit her recommendation to State Prosecutor Moshe Lador and Attorney General Menachem Mazuz, who will then decide whether or not to indict Katsav.
The police are more or less neutral in a case, in theory at least. Leaning on a politician without good reason does not help promotion so there must be a case to answer.


President Of Israel To Be Charged With Multiple Rape [ 9 March 2009 ]
Former president Moshe Katsav will be charged with several serious sexual offences, including rape, Attorney General Menachem Mazuz announced Sunday. The decision ushers in a new phase of a legal drama that has dragged on for almost three years. The indictment charges Katsav with two counts of raping A., who worked at the Tourism Ministry from March 1998 to January 1999, when Katsav was tourism minister......... Katsav will also be charged with forcible indecent assault against A. and abusing the employer-employee relationship............ In L.'s case, Katsav will also be charged with obstruction of justice, because when the investigation began, Katsav asked L. for details of her police interrogation and even tried to influence her statement.  
The President sets the tone for the whole place. Rape is major crime. Perverting the course of justice ditto. The prime minister is a thief. The previous prime minister was a thief, liar and mass murderer. Clean up their act? You have to be joking.


Israeli President Will Say It Wasn't Rape [ 12 March 2009 ]
Sources close to Moshe Katsav promised Wednesday that the former president will cast new light on the legal proceedings against him during a press conference on Thursday evening, hinting that he would blast the Justice Ministry and deliver new revelations about the women who are likely to testify against him..... Attorney-General Menahem Mazuz would only enjoy public support until people learned how the Justice Ministry had handled the case, Tzur said.

Meanwhile, Channel 2 broadcast audiotapes Wednesday night in which they said the lead complainant against Katsav, "Tourism Ministry Aleph," was heard calling the former president after he allegedly raped her and berating him for not hiring her to work at Beit Hanassi after he was elected president in 2000.
Editorial: Katsav will not be the only one on trial
'Katsav uses media to plant doubts in judges' minds'
Katsav's press conference was initially scheduled for Wednesday evening, but late Tuesday it was postponed. Although Katsav attorney Zion Amir reiterated to The Jerusalem Post claims that the delay was due to "technical problems," pundits suggested it was geared to place Katsav's comments in Friday's newspapers, which have higher readership......... Katsav is reportedly drafting his remarks mostly by himself, and members of his inner circle have hinted that the press conference will be every bit as newsworthy as his press conference at Beit Hanassi in January 2007, at which he announced that he would take a leave of absence from the presidency.
This could be entertaining:-
She led me on.
I was lonely.
Affairs of state.
Don't know what came over me.
Have you seen my old woman?
I didn't know the Attorney General was honest.
These are just some of the possible themes. Watch this space.


State admits credibility problem in Katsav case [ 12 March 2009 ]
During High Court session, deputy state prosecutor uncovers hidden details in former president's case.
Date: 10/30/2007 Time: 15.02
His victim - well one of them.


Israeli President Claims That He Didn't Rape Her [ 13 March 2009 ]
Moshe Katsav lashed out at the law enforcement agencies Thursday, in his first response to Attorney General Menachem Mazuz's announcement on Sunday that he plans to charge the former president with serious sexual offences, including rape. The speech covered numerous targets: the attorney general, the State Prosecutor's Office, the police, the women who filed the complaints against him, and the media. In particular, however, he assailed Mazuz's integrity and presented himself as a victim of the law enforcement agencies. I and my family are bleeding and crushed from those same intrigues that brought about my conviction in the eyes of public," he said. "I haven't committed suicide and I haven't broken, but my noose is Mazuz's lifeline."

Katsav spoke for more than two and a half hours to an almost empty hall in his hometown of Kiryat Malakhi, then infuriated the exhausted journalists by refusing to take questions. He said his legal advisors had forbidden him to do so, "so as not to become embroiled in the offence of obstructing justice." Under cover of the ensuing uproar, he and his wife, Gila, then slipped out of the hall.
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It just was not his day.


Katsav advisors resign after press conference  [ 13 March 2009 ]
Moshe Katsav's media advisors resigned on Thursday following a press conference given by the former president in which he launched a diatribe against Israel's law enforcement authorities.  Ronen Tzur and Motti Morell, the advisors, had recommended that the conference only last for half an hour, while it actually went on for almost three hours. "Following essential differences of approach toward the running of the press conference, we announced tonight to Mr Katsav that we cannot continue to contribute on a professional level. We believe in his complete innocence and wish him a full acquittal, which is what we believe he deserves," the pair said in a statement............. The Justice Ministry said, "Katsav's speech was riddled with false accusations and distorted facts as part of an uncontrolled personal slander campaign against the attorney general and law enforcement heads."
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Israel's President And His Rape Speech - A Monologue Or Stand Up Comedy?  [ 13 March 2009 ]
Until the very last moment it was unclear whether it was going to be a monologue or a stand-up performance involving audience participation. The performance was scheduled to take place far from the madding crowd, on the home ground of Kiryat Malakhi, but the news channels cameras were there to make it accessible to all.

The curtain was down, but not on the stage. From behind it, from the right side of the small auditorium, attended by press and the home crowd, emerged Moshe Katsav, led his wife to her place in the first row, kissed the usherette on her cheek, and took his place on the podium, centre stage, behind a lectern flanked by two Israeli flags.

He opened in a sombre tone, looking at the audience and the cameras in the eye: "Here I stand," he said, "a former President of Israel, proud but humbled, broken, in pain, vanquished."  Then, with his right hand he adorned his nose with reading glasses and went on, much quicker, reading from his notes. That was not the way he had wanted to end his term in office...............

"Gila and I live in the same house for the last 40 years," his voice thickened and he took a sip of water. "Was I ever given preferential treatment by the press?" he asked accusingly. His monologue was composed of strategically-placed words, and expressed to give the audience an idea what he has been going through: A nuclear bomb, lynch, obsessive pursuit, Dreyfus, Rabin's murder, snowball, tsunami, SIT (the police's special investigative unit, which was investigating rumours about him, and not his complaint about extortion), SIT, SIT.

He agreed to the plea bargain because he wanted the Attorney General to have his "pound of flesh," and in the plea he admitted to nothing unsavoury - possibly a peck on the cheek here, or touching a leg there. Nothing to write an indictment about. And the anonymous women - none of them ever complained, he repeated again and again - they hired PR people, and those were financed by Meretz and Hadash..............

It would have gone on and on, but after about an hour Katsav started to point his finger in accusation at some of the journalists present. When they tried to answer - or ask - they were sent out from the field of play by the local authoritative ushers-cum-security team.

It looked like Katsav was over-identifying with the part he was playing. He harangued the audience with words, claims, accusations and rhetorical questions, and did not notice that he was loosing his audience. After the journalists were sent out, the news channels terminated their live broadcast. I believe the show went on, but I could not have witnessed it anymore, and therefore am not able to tell you how - and if - it ever ended.
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There is a time to talk and a time to keep your mouth firmly shut. Katsav fouled up on television but sadly not in English.


President Of Israel Charged With Multiple Rape, Indecent Assault And Sexual Harassment [ 20 March 2009 ]
Former president Moshe Katsav was indicted Thursday for rape and indecent assault against a female aide and sexually harassing two other aides. The indictment, which was announced by Attorney General Menachem Mazuz, centres on rape and other sex offences committed against a female aide who served as the former president's bureau chief during his tenure as tourism minister. It also includes charges of sexual harassment against two female workers at the President's Residence, and of indecent assault against one of them. The former president is also charged of obstruction of justice. The indictment charges Katsav with two counts of raping an aide who worked at the Tourism Ministry from March 1998 to January 1999, when Katsav was tourism minister.
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There is the theory that not all Jews are evil. It doesn't look that way in politics. These are the comedians who run the world financial system and brought us Financial Crisis 2008. Greenspan claimed ignorance as he was setting it up Bernanke and Rubin are just two more of the guilty.


Israel President Rape Trial - His Lawyers Dismiss Him [ 1 June 2009 ]
The attorneys of Moshe Katsav announced on Monday they were dropping the former president as a client after a judicial decision Sunday to hold the rape trial against him for four days a week starting in September. "In light of the discourse the court has chosen to conduct, we say that a lightning trial is not a fair trial, but a 'fudging' of a trial," wrote lawyers Avigdor Feldman, Tzion Amir and Avraham Lavi................... Katsav has been charged with two counts of rape and one count of sexually assaulting plaintiff A. from the Tourism Ministry; sexually assaulting H. from the President's Residence; sexually harassing and committing an indecent act on L. from the President's Residence; harassing a witness and obstruction of justice.
This business is dragging on. If a man commits murder on Monday he should be tried on Tuesday and hanged on Wednesday.


President Of Israel Is Still Trying To Beat The Rape Raps [ 9 July 2009 ]
The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld a Tel Aviv District Court ruling forbidding former president Moshe Katsav's lawyers from resigning, paving the way for a four-day-a-week trial in the sexual crimes case........... The lawyers, Zion Amir, Avigdor Feldman and Avraham Lavie, submitted their resignations at the start of June, saying that they could not accept the court's demand to hold hearings four days a week, beginning September 1........... The indictment against Katsav includes two counts of rape against former employees, two charges of committing an indecent act, two charges of sexual harassment and one charge each of harassing a witness and obstructing justice.
Are they all bent or does it just look that way?


Israeli President Claims He Did Not Rape Her [ 15 July 2009 ]
Former president Moshe Katsav on Wednesday responded to the charge sheet levelled against him, denying that he was guilty of rape, several other counts of sexual misconduct and obstruction of justice.  he had no knowledge of an ongoing police investigation when he spoke to 'Lamed.'
He has dragged this one out. With three women accusing him it gets to sound like a habit.


Israeli President On Trial For Rape [ 8 September 2009 ]
The third day of the rape trial of former president Moshe Katsav was set to open in the Tel Aviv District Court on Sunday morning. According to a decision by Tel Aviv District Court, the proceedings will be held behind closed doors and the court will not provide any information regarding the testimony. The charges against Katsav include two counts of rape; one count of committing an indecent act, using force; one count of committing an indecent act; two counts of sexual harassment; one count of harassing a witness; and one count of obstructing justice.
The Jews are covering up. It is not like their loud mouthed approach to The Holocaust Industry


President Of Israel Rape Trial Try On Fails13 September 2009 ]
Tel Aviv District Court judges denied a motion to disqualify themselves on Sunday by the attorney to former president Moshe Katsav, on trial for rape and sexual assault charges. The appeal was submitted by Katsav's defence team after a petition to ban three women from testifying against the former president, despite the fact that the statute of limitations on his alleged offences against them has passed........... Prosecutor Ronit Amiel had told the court that Katsav waged a "campaign of intimidation and fear" against the women, and against potential witnesses in the trial.
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If he can't keep it to himself he should go to prison. Being a politician is not an excuse.


Israeli President's Rape Victims Will Testify [ 13 October 2009 ]
Court to hear main witness in Katsav rape trial The main witness in the trial of former president Moshe Katsav is scheduled to testify Tuesday in Tel Aviv District Court. Katsav is charged with two counts of rape and a number of counts of forcible indecent acts against the witness, who has officially been identified only as "A. from the Tourism Ministry." These are the most serious offences in the indictment. Katsav is charged with raping A. in his Tel Aviv office in April 1998 and then again in June of the same year at the Plaza Hotel in Jerusalem.
Secret trials suppress the truth about evil done by Jews. They control the media and there is something like a total news blackout. Compare this with the abuse heaped on Richard Nixon for whatever it was.


Israeli President Gets Secret Rape Trial [ 23 February 2010 ]
Former president Moshe Katsav began testifying this week in Tel Aviv District Court in his rape case. The trial is closed to the public but the start of his testimony reminded people that it is taking place and that it has entered the defence phase. The allegations against Katsav have been served up in the media for more than three years through television "testimony" from several [ several as in lots  ] of his accusers, interviews by Attorney General Menachem Mazuz and a press conference in which Katsav lambasted the media in general and Channel 2 television in particular. The plea bargain and Katsav's subsequent rejection of the deal received wide coverage, including interviews with the former president.

Katsav's trial for two counts of rape plus other sexual offences reflects accusations from three women who had been in his employ as tourism minister and later as president. The trial, which began about three months ago, had seemingly disappeared from the public agenda.

Secret law, as distinct from secret justice makes it easier to pervert the course of justice. The other reason for hiding it is the public relations. Israel is a bandit state run by criminals.
PS Olmert, the prime minister is on trial for thieving. Then there is Lieberman, the foreign minister waiting to be charged with thieving too.


Israeli President Convicted Of Double Rape  [ 30 December 2010 ]
JERUSALEM (JTA) -- Former Israeli president Moshe Katsav has been found guilty of rape and sexual assault, more than four years after he was first accused........... Katsav, 65, was convicted of raping and sexually assaulting A., a former employee of the Tourism Ministry. He was also convicted of sexually harassing H. and of sexually abusing and harassing L., both employees of the President's Residence, and of obstruction of justice. The incidents occurred when Katsav was serving as Israel's president and tourism minister.............

The trial lasted for one year. Two years ago, Katsav declined what was seen as a lenient plea bargain � one that dropped the rape charges and likely would have left him with a suspended sentence � saying that he wanted to clear his name in court. Most of the trial was held behind closed doors to protect the accusers........ "This is a sad day for the State of Israel and its residents," Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement after the verdict. He added: "Today, the court conveyed two clear-cut messages � that all are equal before the law and that every woman has exclusive rights to her body."
The ex-president is sorted. The appeal will keep him outside for ages. Then he will take it to the supreme court. Then it will be the ill health routine. That is what Sharon, Jew, mass murderer and thief did when he was prime minister. Notice that Netanyahu is making noises about justice for all. He does not mention that the current Attorney General kept him out prison.
PS This suggests that there is more justice in Israel when we have 600 MPs walking the streets rather than inside.


Israeli President Is A Crooked Liar And Rapist [ 31 December 2010 ]
Former President Moshe Katsav's defense was riddled with lies, according to a court ruling by the judges of the Tel Aviv District Court  on Thursday, who found Katsav guilty of rape and sexual abuse. Katsav was convicted of raping and sexually assaulting A., a former employee at the Tourism Ministry. He was also convicted of sexually harassing H. from the President's Residence, of sexually abusing and harassing L. from the President's Residence and of obstruction of justice. According to the court verdict, the judges found that Katsav used edited tapes, partial transcripts, unrealistic datebooks, unfounded statements, and prepared testimonies as part of his court defense. The judges also found that his testimony was "riddled with lies" and that all along, Katsav  "excelled in manipulation and withholding information." 
Politicians are liars. Jews are liars. Jews go into politics because they are liars. To be fair, Katsav is a clever liar.


Israeli President Looking At 16 Years Inside [ 31 December 2010 ]
The prosecution is likely to ask merely for a "severe" sentence that would reflect the rape verdict against former President Moshe Katsav Thursday, legal experts said.  Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein will decide on the punishment the prosecution will seek for Katsav, convicted of two counts of rape and other offenses.

Most observers said the prosecution would not ask for a specific number of years; the maximum punishment for rape is 16 years. The attorney general will also consider circumstances that could call for leniency, including the period of time since the offenses and the fact that Katsav has already paid a high personal price........

Apart from the criminal process, Katsav is expected to face a number of civil lawsuits. Daniel Sror, who represents A. from the Tourism Ministry, the complainant whom Katsav raped on two separate occasions, told reporters yesterday his client was considering filing a damages suit........

Attorney Yair Golan, who in the past represented another former minister accused of sex crimes, Yitzhak Mordechai, said the court would probably take into account Katsav's decades of public service. But he noted that the higher Katsav's office when the crimes were committed, the greater the gap between him and his victims.
Jew get power. Jew abuses power. Jew comes unstuck. That is the theme of Fatal Embrace by Benjamin Ginsburg explaining how Jews worm their way into power then rob the peasants.


Israeli  President Was A Bully As Well As A Liar And Rapist [ 16 January 2011 ]
Full transcripts of former president Moshe Katsav's rape trial were released Sunday, painting a picture of a man who manipulated the women who worked under him and the court that ultimately convicted him. "The testimony of the accused was found, time after time, to be a false testimony, as it explicitly conflicted with objective testimonies that put forward a different version," the judges said.

The judges defined Katsav as "a sophisticated and manipulative man that did not explicitly lie, but instead scattered about as if there were few signs.".............

Describing being raped by Katsav, Aleph said: "I was constantly struggling and said that I didn't want [it], 'stop,' in short words and not in screams, stop enough, I'm not interested, I don't want [it]." The painful testimony continued, "I tried to resist, also with my body."....... At the end of last year, Katsav was convicted of rape, sexual harassment, committing an indecent act while using force, harassing a witness and obstruction of justice.
They did not do him for perjury which is a bit odd. But being manipulative, cunning etc. translate into Jew, the big time sort of Jew who runs the President of America and sends its army to war.


Israeli President Used A Convicted Criminal Who Harassed Witnesses To His Rapes [ 12 July 2011 ]
One of the private investigators suspected of harassing witnesses on behalf of former President Moshe Katsav, has a history of ethical misconduct, according documents obtained by Haaretz on Monday. The suspect, a 49-year-old retired commander who was released two days ago to house arrest, has been brought to court over multiple cases of fraud and embezzlement, and has even served prison time for his criminal misconduct. He has implicated prominent businessmen and politicians in his various and sundry nefarious dealings.

The suspect served as an officer in an intelligence unit in the IDF, after which he joined an elite criminal investigation unit in the police. He was expelled from the police in 1991 when he was caught selling five VCR�s illegally........

The suspect was arrested after the Mayor of Kiryat Yam, Shmuel Siso, reported him to the police for blackmail. He used forged documents, including court statements, medical assessments and bank records to con 120 thousand NIS from his victims. In 1999 the suspect was sent to prison for 40 months after reaching a plea bargain to reduce his sentence. He has since been involved in other illicit activities and in March last year was brought in for using a bugging device, intending to blackmail a Carmiel rabbi.
This comedian is a career criminal. Why did Katsav use him? Because he was a career criminal. Birds of a feather flock together.
PS Katsav was convicted anyway. He go off with seven years.


Israeli President Trying To Beat Multiple Rape Raps And Seven Year Sentence - http://www.haaretz.com/news/national/state-prosecution-wants-katsav-rape-sentence-appeal-to-be-held-behind-closed-doors-1.375387  [ 27 July 2011 ]
The State Prosecution requested Tuesday that the Supreme Court hold Former President Moshe Katsav's rape sentence appeal behind closed doors. The prosecution submitted the unusual request in order to avoid harming the complainants' privacy and exposing evidence whose publication is banned, and in light of the fact that the previous debate was also carried out behind closed doors.

The former president's lawyers - Zion Amir, Avigdor Feldman, Avraham Lavie and Miki Hova - opposed the request and requested that the appeal be open to the public. They claim that the time has come to bring everything concerning this case "out of the dark."......

Katsav was sentenced in March to seven years in prison and two years probation for rape, indecent acts, sexual harassment and obstruction of justice, becoming the first former Israeli head of state to be sentenced to prison.
The easy way to stay out of prison is not to rape women in the first place. Buying them off is another. Failing to do so was where the Rutting chimpanzee Jew running the IMF came unstuck. Then there is going to court, paying lawyers megabucks, hoping the judges will remember the favours from last time. It is a mug's game.
PS Going public is a move to attack the victims using publicity.


Israeli President Will Go To Prison For Multiple Rape [ 10 November 2011 ]
Supreme Court judges on Katsav verdict: A deep sadness has descended upon Israel
Judges say Tel Aviv District Court's ruling last year was 'proper and prudent', adding that Katsav 'reviled, insulted, criticized and slandered' the complainants. The Supreme Court judges said Thursday that a deep sadness has come over Israel after they ruled to uphold former President Moshe Katsav's rape conviction and seven-year prison sentence.

"A deep sadness has descended upon the State of Israel that a man who was a cabinet minister, deputy prime minister, and the president of Israel committed such crimes," the Supreme Court judges said while reading their ruling on Katsav's appeal of his rape conviction.
Katsav got off lightly, just seven years when the maximum was sixteen. But then he is a Jew as well as crook, liar, bully etcetera.


Israeli President Whines About His Problems As He Goes Down For Rape - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2071037/Moshe-Katsav-Former-Israel-president-begins-jail-term-rape.html [ 7 December 2011 ]
Moshe Katsav convicted of raping a former female employee and of sexually harassing two other women
Former Israeli president Moshe Katsav today started a seven-year jail term for rape and defiantly accused the state of Israel of 'executing' an innocent man. Katsav, 66, was convicted last December of raping a former female employee when he was a Cabinet minister and of sexually harassing two other women when he was president from 2000 to 2007. The former president, who has repeatedly professed his innocence, remained free while he launched an appeal, but the Supreme Court upheld the conviction last month and ordered him to prison......

Prison officials say he will be placed in a special section of Maasiyahu reserved for observant Jews and share a cell with Shlomo Benizri, a former Cabinet minister convicted of accepting bribes.
The Daily Mail is going easy on him. See Rape Special for the squalid details. The judges said that the Israeli  President Was A Bully As Well As A Liar And Rapist. Benizri, the thief he will be sharing a cell with is a racist slaver who off with four years.


Israeli  President Still Trying To Get Away With Rape - http://www.haaretz.com/news/national/former-israel-president-katsav-requests-to-postpone-sentence-1.405686 [ 8 January 2012 ]
Former President Moshe Katsav submitted a request for a 60-day extension to Israel�s Supreme Court on Thursday to hold another discussion regarding his appeal of a seven-year prison sentence following his conviction of two counts of rape and other sexual offenses. Katsav decided to exhaust all legal possibilities in order to attempt and appeal the decision. The court rejected Katsav�s previous extension request in November, allowing him only to resubmit a request on January 8, 2012. The chances that the court will accept the request is very low. After Israel�s Supreme Court decided to reject Katsav's appeal, he became the first Israeli president in history to receive a prison sentence for any crime. He was convicted of raping a former female employee when he was a Cabinet minister, and sexually harassing two others when he was president between 2000 and 2007.
If he hasn't got the bottle to do the time he shouldn't do the crime.

Knesset freezes Katsav perks
Finance Committee votes in favour of freezing NIS 755,000 in perks owned by state to former president until end of legal proceedings in sexual harassment case Date: 09/10/2007 Time: 15:26


Katsav lawyers contest A-G's turpitude charges
Lawyers of former president seek to ensure that offences mentioned in plea bargain signed with Katsav do not carry moral turpitude in bid to prevent him from losing lifetime perks
Date: 09/09/2007 Time: 14:28 


Katsav's attorneys say offences carry no moral turpitude
Lawyers of former president accused of sex offences to respond to High Court's injunction against plea bargain, saying his offences were not crimes of moral turpitude
Date: 09/08/2007 Time: 23:32


State to High Court: Katsav's offences constitute moral turpitude
After court petitions against plea bargain with Katsav, state finally issues its answer: It is impermissible that court intervene with attorney general's decisions in case
Date: 09/06/2007 Time: 20:31 

'Katsav called complainant 689 times'
Attorneys for complainant in Katsav rape case reveal new evidence from investigation in attempt to prevent High Court from sanctioning controversial plea bargain
Date 07/11/2007 Time: 16:22


Don't ask why
Rape victims' accounts often contradictory; court must annul Katsav plea bargain
Date: 07/11/2007 Time: 06:52


Complainant asked to 'let president touch you'
Supreme Court lifts gag order on petitions against plea bargain signed with former President Moshe Katsav. One of complainants says in her petition that Katsav's close friend asked her to 'be the president's lover'
Date: 07/05/2007 Time: 14:04


Gila Katsav: My husband would not rape
Yedioth Ahronoth reveals testimony given by former president's wife to police investigators last December. 'We pitied her. The girl is sick,' Katsav says of complainant A who worked at President's Residence 
Date: 07/05/2007 Time: 09:17 


Katsav: I am the victim of a campaign of incitement and libel
In his first public comments since signing the plea bargain that spared him a trial, former president tells Channel 2, 90 percent of the allegations were thrown in the trash and that doesn't interest anybody
Date: 07/03/2007 Time: 18:39


Mazuz: Katsav acted like serial sex offender
Following scathing public criticism of resigning president's plea bargain, attorney general attempts to explain decision to drop charges. 'The major difficulty we faced is that the majority of offences were invalid by virtue of the statute of limitations,' he says
Date: 06/30/2007 Time: 19:37


Mazuz defends decision to drop Katsav rape charges
Date: 06/30/2007 Time: 18:16


Katsav's plea bargain
Former president agrees to having committed two different sexual offences in return for dropping of rape charge
Date: 06/28/2007 Time: 17:36


Katsav plea bargain outrageous, complainant says
Woman who worked with suspended president during his tenure as tourism minister and accused him of rape says in statement, 'I am frustrated and would like to appear before the court.' Attorney general expected to deliver statement on deal's details; complainant from President's Residence petitions High Court against Mazuz
Date: 06/28/2007 Time: 10:29
Who's a clever boy then?


Katsav negotiating plea bargain
According to deal between Justice Ministry, suspended president's lawyers, Katsav will not be charged with rape, but admit to having sexual relations with some of the complainants against him
Date: 06/28/2007 09:01


Rape Crisis Centre: Katsav plea bargain sends appalling message
Date: 06/27/2007 Time: 21:33


Katsav to plea out of rape charge
Date: 06/27/2007 Time: 21:21


Offer to Katsav: Admit affair, and rape charges will be dropped
Justice Ministry confirms suspended president given chance to admit to having affairs with complainants.


Justice Ministry suggests Katsav present new version in rape case
Date: 05/21/2007 Time: 10:02


Will Mazuz clear Katsav's name?
Armed with massive stacks of documents, president's lawyers to try and persuade attorney general to drop rape indictment in special hearing Wednesday
Date: 05/02/2007 Time: 01:03

The Attorney General


Court denies Katsav's petition for full disclosure
Although receiving most investigation material, president asks for prosecutors' opinion stating he should not be indicted for rape. High Court, siding with State Prosecutor's Office, rejects petition
Date: 04/23/2007 Time: 14:52 


Knesset House Committee okays Katsav suspension
Eleven MKs vote in favour of extending president's leave of absence due to possible indictment on suspicion of rape; four MKs oppose decision
Date: Time: 11:45


Peres to Rabbi Yosef: Ill work for Israel, world Jewry as president
During their traditional Passover meeting, Vice premier and Shas party's spiritual leader discuss possibility President Katsav may have to step down due to allegations of rape
Date: 04/08/2007 Time: 16:29

President's lawyers may waive hearing
Following attorney general's decision to add second rape count to Katsav's indictment, his lawyers say they are considering waiving hearing scheduled for next month. Attorney Avi Lavi: State Prosecutor's Office is not interested in hearing the president's version
Date: 04/01/2007 Time: 18:51


Katsav to be indicted on second rape count
Attorney General's Office says president faces new rape indictment following fresh rape complaints by former worker
Date: 04/01/2007 Time: 14:36


Attorney general's office says Katsav to be indicted on second rape count
Date: 04/01/2007 Time: 14:15


Katsav questioned over new sexual harassment charge
President is questioned for three hours after complainant gives new testimony accusing him of harsher sex offences
Date: 03/29/2007 Time: 19:47


Complainant A. changed her story, Katsav aides say
Presidents associates point to significant contradiction between complainant's accounts of rape to Sunday Times and police: In one version she wore pants, in the other a skirt
Date: 02/12/2007 Time: 01:00

Who would believe Katsav raped me? complainant says
Former assistant to the president who claims to have been raped by the president tells Sunday Times about her ordeal; 'maybe I didn't struggle enough,' she says, 'I don't listen to music any more, I don't go shopping. I'm not the same person'
Date; 02/11/2007 Time: 08:52


Hundreds of women demonstrate against Katsav
Protesters call on president to resign, urge Knesset to impeach him if he fails to do so
Date: 02/10/2007 Time: 21:11


Katsav's 'Arab' response
President's outburst in face of rape charges reminiscent of typical Arab tactics
Date: 01/29/2007 Time: 20:33 
That is real chutzpah from a Jew and a master liar.


Olmert calls on Katsav to resign
Prime minister urges Katsav to leave President's Residence owing to rape allegations against him. Earlier, president proclaims his innocence, angrily slams media for leading 'brainwashing campaign' against his good name
Date: 01/25/2007 Time: 00:49
Given that Olmert is under investigation for multiple fraud raps you might think it would be a good time for him to keep his mouth firmly shut.


Senior ministers demand Katsav resign
Livni says President Moshe Katsav must resign, despite his right to the presumption of innocence, so as not to fight rape charges from the president's office. Internal Security Minister Dichter, Tourism Minister Herzog join Livni's call
Date: 01/24/2007 Time: 19:03


Katsav to be taken down?
Education minister considers taking pictures of president off school walls. Ministry instructs teachers to explain and discuss affair with students, who are experiencing 'anger, confusion' 
Date: 01/24/2007 Time: 17:08


27 MKs sign petition to impeach Katsav
MK Zahava Gal-On manages to collect number of signatures required to bring impeachment motion to Knesset floor. President to convene press conference on Wednesday, will announce decision regarding future following indictment charging him of rape
Date: 01/24/2007 Time: 13:08

Katsav charged with rape
Attorney General Mazuz decides to file indictment Tuesday afternoon against president; Katsav's lawyer convinced A-G will reverse decision
Date: 01/23/2007 Time: 20:12


Rape Crisis Enters: Katsav resign now
Date: 01/23/2007 Time: 19:49


Mazuz to decide on Katsav case
After numerous setbacks Mazuz is expected to decide this week which charges will be brought against President Katsav. State Prosecution still divided over whether evidence sufficient for rape charges
Date: 01/21/2007 Time: 02:05
His victim and her lawyer


Katsav to reporters: You surely feel better than I do
Even typically marginal event ceremony during which new ambassadors hand over credentials to president gets media attention in light of rape allegations against Katsav. President: I am smiling because I know truth
Date: 10/18/2006 Time: 11:25

Denying my own personal Holocaust
It's worse to be physically raped by one penis but having your soul raped by one hundred comes in a close second
Date: 10/17/2006 Time: 18:43


Associates: Katsav victim of plot
President decides not to attend plenum's winter session opening following protests from entire political spectrum; sources in Presidents Bureau say Katsav weighing all options following polices recommendation that he be put on trial for alleged rape of two women
Date: 10/16/2006 Time: 10:52
His main mouthpiece, one Zion Amir

Attorney: President could be in jail for long time
According to Dr. Suzie Navot, president should not only suspend himself but should quit completely to avert humiliating process of dismissal. Attorney Benny Steinberg explains: Katsav could get 7 years jail-time for each rape conviction
Date: 10/16/2006 Time: 08:04


Top legal source: Katsav must suspend himself
Recommendation to charge president with rape sparks row in political arena. Meretz MK plans to ask Knesset's House Committee to launch ousting procedure. Minister Tamir calls on Katsav to resign Date: 10/15/2006 Time: 22:19


Police: Charge Katsav with rape
Police representatives meet with Attorney General Menachem Mazuz, State Prosecutor Eran Shendar and present them with complete investigation file. According to police, case includes sufficient evidence against president for raping, indecent assaulting and sexual harassing several women. Other evidence points to infractions regarding pardons, suspicion of illegal wire-tapping



Protesters rally outside Katsav's Sukkot event
Thousands visit sukkah at Presidents Residence in Jerusalem as Association of Rape Crisis Enters holds rally calling for Katsav's suspension; We certainly respect the visitors decision to come here, but we are here to remind them of the suspicions against the president, protester says
Date: 10/09/2006 Time: 13:52


Mr. President, resign
I beg you on behalf of your victims, end this now. Resign. I do not have a political agenda. I simply share the pain of your accusers
Date: 09/12/2006 Time: 09:31


More complaints filed against Katsav
President interrogated for fourth time Thursday; police investigators ask him for details on additional complaints filed by other women apart from his former secretary
Date: 09/07/2006 Time: 11:28


Katsav affair: Complainant interrogated for 10 hours
A. is interrogated for second time, and continues to claim president had forcible sexual relations with her. Investigation of Katsav, who claims she tried to blackmail him, will be renewed Wednesday
Date: 09/05/2006 Time: 21:11


President denies allegations during investigations
Last week, President Moshe Katsav was investigated on two occasions. Sunday morning, Yedioth Ahronoth publishes excerpts of his version of events. 'My wife Gila came to visit office. If we were there, everyone would have found out,' he says
Date: 08/27/2006 Time: 09:46


Complainant in Katsav case: I went through web of sex offences
Scandal of President Moshe Katsav gets more involved Thursday, when additional details of A.'s testimony clarified. MK Shelly Yacimovich meets with her, says 'I heard detailed account for few hours of alleged web of sex offences from sexual harassment to rape'
Date: 08/24/2006 Time: 22:32



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