The Holocaust Industry

The Holocaust was a tragedy for some and an opportunity for others. Propagandists are telling us about The Holocaust® ad nauseam. Notice that the phrase gets capital letters. It matters. Zionists tell us that some 6 million Jews lost their lives and that Adolf had a policy of exterminating them; that it was his Endlösung der Judenfrage, his Final Solution to the Jewish Question. The Wikipedia  tells us that some 72 million died in that conflict. Twentieth Century Death Toll settles for a mere 55 million. Guess work is involved. But they are not telling us why the 6 million matter more than the rest.

The Nazis had their Concentration Camps. [ this list omits Alderney in the Channel Islands ] which were not fun places to be. Some are still there being used as tourist attractions. Sachsenhausen and Buchenwald are impressively nasty. Russian gulags are not open to us. They tend to be remote and visitors might ask who ran them. That would not give the answer that the Jews want because it was very largely them [ see Bolshevik Revolution ].

So things did happen. Some men went to war, found travel, adventure and fun. Others did not enjoy things. Afterwards came the mopping up. Germany was a ruin. England was exhausted and broke. But things got better. Several years after we started getting the Holocaust® story fed at us. This was at a time when a lot of real survivors had died. It was also when Churchill [ 24 January 1965 ] and de Gaulle [ 9 November 1970 ] had died. They were war time leaders who knew what happened and wrote about it. This was when the World Jewish Congress moved in for the kill or rather for the shakedown. It was run by Ed Bronfmann but one of the principals was Israel Singer, a rabbi who was fond of boasting that he personally took the Germans and the Swiss for US$20 BILLION. Of course he only said this among his own. Us mug punters weren't supposed to know. But Singer has just been sacked for thieving which may be why Haaretz, a Jewish newspaper fed us this little gem.

Another Jew who has a low view of what his coreligionists are doing is Norman Finkelstein, a professor who wrote The Holocaust Industry- Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering which makes my point at greater length and with far more evidence. His book made him very unpopular with Zionist Jews but they have not been able to stop him telling the truth. One pay off with The Holocaust is that it distracts us from their murderous ways in Palestine, the Stolen Land which they call Israel.  Some sources follow:-

Swindlers' List
If you saw the film, Schindler's List you might have been impressed by the way those nasty Nazis treated those poor, hard done by Jews. Read this article to get a very different picture of the light fingered rogues that Adolf loathed.


Nuremburg Evidence Reviewed
"Carlos Porter's lengthy Made in Russia: The Holocaust... [is] a compilation of the dozens of allegedly incredible or implausible Holocaust claims advanced by the Allies - particularly the Soviets - at the International Military Tribunal... [the book] contains photocopies and photographs of hundreds of pages of the trial transcripts and documents accepted as exhibits, allowing the reader to see for himself just how irrational some of the claims were."
                     Joel S.A. Hayward, THE FATE OF THE JEWS IN GERMAN HANDS, p.197 OTHER COMMENTS:
"Porter is humorous, sarcastic and bitter..." "The site is cleverly constructed..."
Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself. Ask also just why it is is illegal to say that the Holocaust story is a pack of lies.


Holocaust Compensation Is A Precedent For Palestinian Compensation - $60 Billion Up
Lessons of Holocaust Compensation
Soon after the Nazi Holocaust, Jewish organizations and the government of Israel negotiated substantial compensation agreements with Germany. In the past decade, new compensation agreements have been negotiated with Germany as well as with other European governments. These agreements constitute an important precedent for Palestinian material claims against Israel.

In the early 1950s Germany entered into negotiations with Jewish institutions and signed a series of indemnification agreements.[1] With little if any external pressure, it has paid out to date some $60-80 billion...............

One cautionary note should be entered. Elsewhere I have documented that Jewish organizations misappropriated [ Stole is a plainer expression - Editor ] much of the monies earmarked for the Jewish victims of Nazi persecution.[7] It would be regrettable should monies earmarked for the Palestinian victims of Israel's establishment also end up in undeserving hands. Indeed, if only to avert yet another injustice befalling the refugees, it is vital that Palestinians set up accountable democratic institutions.
If Professor Finkelstein chooses to tell the world that Jews are thieves it would impolite to argue. Remember that sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. QED


Norman Finkelstein
Professor Finkelstein  told us that:-
...... Elie Wiesel and others exploit the memory of the Holocaust as an "ideological weapon." This is so the state of Israel, "one of the world's most formidable military powers, with a horrendous human rights record, [can] cast itself as a victim state" in order to garner "immunity to criticism." He also alleges what he calls a "double shakedown" by "a repellent gang of plutocrats, hoodlums and hucksters" seeking enormous legal damages and financial settlements from Germany and Switzerland, moneys which then go to the lawyers and institutional actors involved in procuring them, rather than actual Holocaust survivors.
They couldn't see the funny side of it.


Finkelstein And The Holocaust® Industry
Is a very good summary of the Holocaust industry's creation and Finkelstein's biases.


Norman Finkelstein Comments Ten Years Later
Ten years ago this past month my book The Holocaust Industry was published. It evoked outrage from the Jewish-Holocaust-Israel establishment and marked the beginning of the end of my academic career. I lost my job at Hunter College right after its publication and Depaul University cited it as grounds for denying me tenure in 2007. Much of the outrage was directed at the chapter entitled The Double Shakedown, in which I documented the Holocaust industry’s blackmail of European governments in the name of “needy Holocaust victims” and then the shakedown of Holocaust victims by the Jewish organizations that pocketed the “Holocaust compensation” monies. Although controversial then, it has now become a commonplace how corrupt this racket was. Nearly all the principals in the Holocaust shakedown racket — Rabbi Israel Singer, Alan Hevesi, Burt Neuborne, Neal Sher, Melyn Weiss, Edward Fagan, Avraham Herschson — have been exposed as crooks. A central role in this racket has been played by the Claims Conference. I post below a recent chapter in the sordid saga. I would enter one caveat however: the biggest crooks are not those who embezzled money from the Crooks’ Conference but those who run it, in particular the filthy Greg Schneider. Out of deference to the memory of my late parents, I categorically oppose the death penalty (both my parents vehemently opposed it), but out of respect for their memory I also certainly wouldn’t mind if all these characters were hoisted on the nearest lamppost by ropes around their necks.
Norm is rather like Alexander Solzhenitsyn. He will not shut up and they can't murder him so they have to pretend he does not exist.


Abraham Burg is not a Zionist
Not any more. He was enormous in the racket. Helping Bronfman rob the Swiss banks proves that. Now he has gone the other way. Zionists are furious.

Abraham Foxman (ADL) on How we bludgeoned the Swiss Banks
.......... Here we, the Jewish people, say that we do not visit the sins of the parents on their children. And yet, we were pointing a finger at those children and saying, these were not your sins, but we will judge you by how you deal with the sins of your parents..... And I don't think we did it with the greatest finesse. We bludgeoned them and bludgeoned them and bludgeoned them. It brought about results, but I still ask the Question. at what price?
Foxman is a slimy little rogue and says that he wants to educate the Swiss. He already has about light fingered crooks and extortion.


Almanacs Never Lie. Jews Do
Almanacs tend to be factual, at least we assume that. They say what they say. They do not change according to the weather. Paper is patient. It still tells the same story next week, next year.


Are very nasty people who do not like Jews - that is what Jews tell us loud and long. The truth is rather different of course. It often is when Jews are selling something or propagandising us.


One of the commandants of Auschwitz concentration camp, Rudolf  Höß, was captured, tortured, charged, tried, signed a confession, testified at Nuremburg, convicted, sentenced then hanged. His statement was written in English, a language he did not understand. It says some 3 million were killed there.


Bankers and Robbers
The Swiss Bank Shakedown is an alternative title. Israel Shahak is a Jewish journalist who knows who the criminals are. He names the guilty.


Britons to attend Iran's Holocaust conference
Iran announced yesterday details of a conference questioning whether the Holocaust really happened, prompted by an international outcry a year ago when President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad described the slaughter of six million Jews by the Nazis as "myth" fabricated to justify Israel. The foreign ministry said "intellectuals and researchers" from 30 countries - including Britain - would attend Studying the Holocaust: An international view, in Tehran on Monday and Tuesday.
The idea for the gathering was dismissed earlier this year as "shocking, ridiculous and stupid" by Tony Blair. Iran responded by inviting him to attend.
Iran is playing fair; decent chaps clearly.


Committee For An Open Debate On The Holocaust®
It sounds reasonable to me. Why should there be a problem with investigation? It could be that profiteers have something to hide.


The First Holocaust
The First World War brought us the first Holocaust® story. The second on brought the big pay off for the Jews.


German Politics - The Reality
You might wonder why politicians in Germany pander to Zionist Jews and go along with the extortion. Mike James gives some background. He is not necessarily reliable but he is not subservient to the real rulers of the country, whose head office is in Tel Aviv.


German Reparations To Israel
This is the real issue, how much money? The answer is billions, lots of them. The Germans have been robbed blind. The overall take from the Holocaust® is anything up to $100 billion.


Germar Rudolf
Herr Rudolf told us about dodgy claims regarding Zyklon B and gas chambers. He was put in prison for his pains. Now we are told he has been using lots of pseudonyms. True or false? A counterattack? Pass.


Goebbels And The Holocaust
Joe was in the heart of the beast, Adolf's second in command. He knew what was going on and kept a life long diary. It is all the evidence we need to prove that the Holocaust® really happened as advertised. But for some reason his diaries have been widely ignored. Could it just possibly be that they do not tell us what  the Jews want us to hear? It censorship? Did the Holocaust really happen? Or are Jews lying in their teeth yet again?


Raul Hilberg
Jew and train spotter. Heavily involved in marketing the Holocaust® story. Alleged to be a reliable source by the Red Cross.


The Holocaust And Haaretz
Haaretz tells some of the truth some of the time. This is not their finest moment.


The Holocaust - A View
Buck Turgidson puts some points.


The Holocaust Debated
John Thames knows of what he writes. He gives sources of evidence. This is a good sign.


Holocaust Denial Opposed
A Jew tries refuting people who say the Holocaust story is a pack of lies. A denier responds.


Holocaust® Industry Claims


The Holocaust Industry- Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering
The Holocaust is the world's most appalling massacre. Or so we are told. 6 million dead Jews must never be forgotten. Far more than the 6 million died but they are just mug punters. The Germans, Swiss and others must pay billions by way of compensation. It is a criminal offence in Germany and France to deny that the Holocaust happened. Denying it under cuts the basis for extortion.


Iran defends Holocaust conference
Iran's foreign minister has rejected criticism of a two-day conference being held in Iran to examine whether the Holocaust actually happened. Manouchehr Mottaki told participants the event did not seek to confirm or deny the Holocaust, but rather to allow people to "express their views freely".  Israel's prime minister has condemned the gathering as "a sick phenomenon". President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has questioned the scale of the Holocaust, in which six million Jews died.
Free speech in Iran sets an example to Germany and is in step with the UN Charter of Human Rights - unlike Germany and Israel.


John Thames Debates The Holocaust® Story
John Thames has been over the ground big time. He has the sources and they check out.
PS The Holocaust® story loses.


The Holocaust® And The Evidence
The Nuremburg war trials provide us with evidence of the Holocaust® story. It was obtained by torture. The story was dragged out of those awful Nazis.


Jews Attack Pope Pius XII
He saved hundreds of thousands of them; more than anyone else. Does he get gratitude? Not a chance. This is not business, think of all those tax free billions, it is malice and subversion.


Jews RUNNING Concentration Camps
Jews are supposed to be victims not perpetrators. That is the whole point of the Holocaust® Hard Sell. A Jew told the truth and got aggravation for it.


Jews With Light Fingers Took Germans For €63.2 Billion
The ongoing argument between Israel and Germany over new Holocaust compensation claims has taken another turn after Germany officially refused to negotiate with the Israeli government over payments for survivors.

For more than half a century, the Jewish Claims Conference has been responsible for dealing with the German government over compensation claims made by victims of the Holocaust. In 1965, Germany signed a treaty agreeing to pay individual victims; survivors had to file their claims before 1969. Since then, Germany has paid out over €63.2 billion -- including €1.5 billion in direct payments to the Israeli government.....

Israeli Minister of Pensioners' Affairs Rafi Eitan met with the German ambassador to Israel, Harald Kindermann, in December to demand that Germany take a series of steps to address the shortfall.
The shortfall! Consider €63.2 billion tax free and the shortfall. What has the money been spent on? The Jews running the Stolen Land of Palestine are vicious, free loading, thieving parasites. When it comes to really big time fraud Jews are the past masters. Remember that the Jew, Madoff stole $65 billion.
PS The Israeli President Is A Liar, Bully And Rapist
PPS The Israeli Prime Minister, Is A Thief
PPPS The Israeli Foreign Minister Is A Racist Thief
PPPPS The Israeli Justice Minister Lied On Oath


The 'March of the Living' Scandal
Last week, a shocking new scandal relating to the New York/New Jersey-based group handling the global March of the Living program was exposed.... The March of the Living was founded by Avraham Hirschson, the former finance minister currently under investigation for embezzlement. Hirschson transferred its headquarters to the United States and arranged for a certain Curtis Hoxter to be appointed as a consultant to the project. Hoxter received in excess of $700,000, allegedly for "fundraising" activities. However, it is clear that the bulk of the contributions were provided to the March of the Living by the Claims Conference and ICHEIC, the Holocaust-related insurance commission. When asked by The Jewish Week and Globes why the March of the Living paid him $700,000, Hoxter replied that he did not have the records accessible and could not recollect why he received the money.

Hoxter, who paradoxically also represented German industrial groups and Swiss banks, was closely associated with Israel Singer, who arranged for him to be paid consultancy fees in excess of $200,000 per annum from the World Jewish Congress. These unauthorized payments were not disclosed by Singer to the WJC Executive and were terminated after the funding arrangement was exposed......
Jews rob honest men. Jews rob Jews. Jews rob Holocaust survivors real and alleged. I guess you could call this democracy; one man, one thief.


Nuremberg War Trials - Pay Back Time Begins With A High Grade Lynching Party
That is what the Lord Chief Justice of America called them. Was he wrong? I doubt it.


Simon Wiesenthal, a Jew on the make claims that ODESSA was an escape line set up for important Nazis. Believe him if you want.


Revisiting The Sham Of Theresienstadt
TEREZIN, Czech Republic - The film is grainy and in black and white. It jumps about, slowing down at odd moments and growing dim occasionally. But it's the people that hold your attention. They walk about, wearing fashionable clothes, nodding a stiff hello when they spot a friend. They watch a soccer match, sit briefly outside a small cafe, listen to a concert. It's all a sham, of course, part of a bogus documentary produced by the Nazis during World War II at Theresienstadt, the concentration camp an hour north of Prague in what was then Czechoslovakia. And it's one of the reasons you should visit this place if you're travelling through eastern Europe...........

The city - created in the 18th century and named for Maria Theresa of Austria - was taken over by the Gestapo in 1940, renamed Theresienstadt, and quickly turned into a ghetto. Jews from Czechoslovakia, Germany, Austria and Holland were transported to the site and its population soared. The city that had been home for 7,000 residents before the war would at one point hold 60,000 inmates. Men and women were separated, housed in barracks that were packed with bunks that were three-tiers high. There was little food, even less medicine. Sanitation was poor. Rats, lice, flies and fleas were part of daily life. So, too, death.

Nearly 150,000 Jews spent time at Theresienstadt. Only 17,247 survived the war. The large number of dead became such a problem, that a crematorium was built in 1942 to deal with the corpses. Yet the Nazis portrayed the ghetto as a model Jewish settlement.

The charade was tested - and refined - in the summer of 1944 when a commission of Red Cross officials were allowed to visit the camp to make sure that inmates at Theresienstadt were living under humane conditions. The ruse became necessary after Jews from Denmark were sent to the camp the previous winter and Red Cross officials in Denmark and Sweden began making inquiries about their whereabouts and health.

Over the next several months, the camp was gussied up in certain key areas. Some living space was enlarged and painted. Drapes were hung and furniture added. Grass and flowers were planted. A playground and sports fields were built. And a month before the orchestrated visit, 7,500 inmates - mostly orphans and the sick - were sent to Auschwitz and their deaths so Theresienstadt would appear less crowded.

An elaborate script was created that would have groups of inmates strolling along a central street, window shopping; others would be taking part in a soccer match, while yet others would be chatting and singing as they headed off to work.

On June 23, 1944, the Nazis had everything in place as the commission was escorted through the camp. The inmates played their parts to perfection, knowing they had little choice but to cooperate. Camp officials were so happy with the result, they decided to put it all down on film and use the movie for propaganda purposes.

What remains today is a series of black and white vignettes - inmates at a concert; inmates sitting outside a cafe; inmates cheering a soccer match. The actors smile occasionally for the camera, hiding the hideous truth of the Holocaust from view. But look closely enough and you can see the future in their faces.

And it's bleak.

Only a few months after the commission reported that inmates at Theresienstadt were being treated fairly, transports to Auschwitz picked up speed. Over the last weeks of September and early October, the camp was nearly emptied. Only 400 inmates remained at the beginning of 1945.

By the time the International Red Cross took charge of the camp the following May, the damage had already been done. Over 30,000 inmates had died in the camp of disease, starvation, and abuse. Nearly three times that number had been shipped off to the Nazi killing factories in the east.
So the International Red Cross were fooled. And when they took over they did not notice the smell of death, the rats, starving people and so on. No source is given for this one. NB It is illegal to say that The Holocaust® story is a pack of lies.


The Second World War by Sir Winston Churchill
Churchill got a Nobel prize for his book but seems not to have noticed the Holocaust®, the greatest crime ever. At all events he does not mention it. The Jews never mention this detail.


Stroop Report
Was alleged to have been General Stroop's report on his suppression of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Whether it was or not is another matter. It was used as evidence at the Nuremburg war trials.


Gives us a translation from an Enigma decrypt. It may well be significant but needs more context.


Where Did The Shoah Money Go?
For that matter how much is it? Norman Finkelstein mentions $60 BILLION and it is all tax free. But as the Jews say; There's no business like Shoah business. - Shoah is their word for the Holocaust® racket.


Simon Wiesenthal
Wiesenthal was a Jew, master liar and a crook who did very nicely out of the Holocaust. Now an Englishman tells us what the Jews already know.


World War II casualties - Wikipedia
The total estimated human loss of life caused by World War II, irrespective of political alignment, was roughly 72 million people. The civilian toll was around 46 million, the military toll about 26 million. The Allies lost around 61 million people, and the Axis lost 11 million. (Note that some Axis countries switched sides and re-entered the war on the side of the Allies; those nations are included in the Allied count, regardless of when the deaths occurred.) There was a disproportionate loss of life and property; some nations had a higher casualty rate than others, due to a number of factors including military tactics, crimes against humanity, economic preparedness and the level of technology.
Answers vary. Nobody knows within the odd few million.


ZOG or Zionist Occupation Government
Governments do get taken over. There are shadowy groups in the background and they tend to use the same synagogues.


Holocaust® Racketeers Screw Survivors [ 11 September 2009 ]
One out of every three Israeli Holocaust survivors lives in poverty, aid groups told Army Radio on Friday, adding that the financial crisis brought with it a significant increase in appeals for aid. A 74-year-old survivor, whose entire family perished on the Romanian-Russian border, said that he felt he and fellow survivors were "forsaken in the most shameful way here in Israel,"......... While the sight of elderly Holocaust survivors lining up for food isn't a new phenomenon, aid groups said, the difference this year is that "some of them will have to return to their homes empty handed."
Related articles:
In wake of Haaretz report, homeless Holocaust survivor finds housing
Homeless Holocaust survivor leaves $100,000 gift to Hebrew University
The Holocaust Industry has made anything up to $100 billion but giving survivors anything is not on the agenda even if they happen to be genuine. See Homeless Holocaust survivor leaves $100,000 gift to Hebrew University for something on that.


Holocaust® Victims Get Some Money Back From Jews 70 Years Late [ 19 October 2009 ]
After holding money of Holocaust victims' for 70 years, Israeli banks have begun returning the funds to the Holocaust Victims Assets Restitution Company. The company said Tuesday that it would begin transferring to thousands of Holocaust victims' descendants and Holocaust survivors the money held by banks Hapoalim and Discount and part of the assets held by Bank Leumi. In the first stage, a total of 25 million shekels will be transferred, but in the coming months, the company said was expecting to return to the descendants and survivors over 400 million shekels set to be release by the banks......

The company added that Banks Mizrahi and Mercantile Discount were refusing to transfer funds they held. It said Mizrahi owed dome 20 million shekels, while Mercantile owed some NIS 11.5 million.
The Holocaust® Industry has been very profitable over the years; it made well over $20 billion. Of course not much gets to the survivors not even the real ones. Who cares about these oldies with their sob stories? Not Jews for starters. They are just an excuse. Getting money out of a Jew is like getting blood out of a stone.


Pope Pius Did Help Jews Escape Nazis [ 17 June 2009 ]
ROME (JTA) -- A New York-based foundation says it will release original documents showing that controversial wartime Pope Pius XII worked to aid Jews during the Holocaust. In a statement Tuesday, Pave the Way Foundation President Gary Krupp said the 2,300 pages of documents, dating from 1940-45, were discovered through the foundation's private research and provide "strong support to the argument that Pope Pius XII -- Eugenio Pacelli -- worked diligently to save Jews from Nazi tyranny."........ Krupp, who is Jewish,..... announced last year that Pave the Way,...... would investigate the papacy of Pius XII by interviewing eyewitnesses and gathering publicly available documentation and newspaper accounts.

The aim of the investigation is to disprove critics who accuse Pius of having turned a blind eye to Jewish suffering during the Holocaust. In his statement, Krupp criticized historians with "private agendas" for having "let down" the public by failing to research properly.
The Holocaust® industry is a major racket. Using it to browbeat Catholics into accepting the Jew's version of truth is the reason for telling lies about Pope Pius.


Holocaust Survivors Threatened By Racketeers [ 8th May 2009 ]
Claims Conference to survivors - Promise not to criticize us or lose aid
Ahead of a potentially messy libel case, the world's richest Holocaust restitution organization, the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany, has offered to give Israeli survivors money in exchange for their public support and a vow to refrain from criticism, Haaretz has learned. The survivors, represented by the Centre of Organizations of Holocaust Survivors in Israel - an umbrella group - refused the offer of the U.S.-based Claims Conference, calling it an "insulting bribe meant to silence legitimate criticism." Some are demanding that the Centre break ties with the Claims Conference.............

Last year the Claims Conference sued Meroz over his documentary "Musar Hashilumim" ("The Morality of Payments"), which aired in May 2008, and accused the organization's leaders of withholding funds from survivors until after they had passed away. The case has not yet reached the court.
Related articles:
Holocaust survivors seeking compensation face red tape wall 
We hear the sob stories but they go very quiet about how much they have extorted. Estimates range up to $100 BILLION. But the survivors are mug punters. They come way down the line when money is involved even if they happen to be genuine.


Holocaust® Racket Is Meeting Consumer Resistance [ 3 February 2009 ]
A northern Swedish city has decided to cancel a planned Holocaust Memorial Day torchlight procession due to the recent IDF offensive in Gaza, it was reported Tuesday. The official reason given for the decision, made by the municipal board and local church in Lulea, was safety concerns, but Bo Nordin, a clergyman and spokesman for the church, cited the war in Gaza. "It feels uneasy to have a torchlight procession to remember the victims of the Holocaust at this time," Nordin told Swedish National Radio. "We have been preoccupied and grief-stricken by the war in Gaza and it would feel just feel odd with a large ceremony about the Holocaust." 
The left wing conscience is a tender flower and strange. Jews are much sturdier in their moral outpourings. They also have a contemptuous indifference to the survivors of the Holocaust even if they happen to be genuine - see a third of Holocaust survivors in Israel live in poverty that is unless they are talking to the corrupt politicians they use to extort billions from tax paying mugs in Germany.


Holocaust Industry Is Corrupt [ 11 December 2008 ]
Who benefits from Holocaust victims' money? The Company for Location and Restitution of Holocaust Victims' Assets has two functions, according to the law. One is to locate assets belonging Holocaust victims and see that they are given to their heirs. The other is to assist survivors and groups supporting survivors with funds belonging to victims, who do not have heirs or whose heirs cannot be located. As reported in Haaretz Wednesday, the majority of heirs have not yet received restitution........ ......the chairman of the Holocaust Survivors Welfare Fund, Ze'ev Factor, and Jenny Rosenstein, a survivor who needed false teeth, petitioned the High Court of Justice to order the company to assist needy survivors.
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Germany pursues arrest of well-known Holocaust denier set free by U.K. court
Holocaust education taskforce teams up with Council of Europe to fight anti-Semitism  
Denying the Holocaust® has been made into a crime which is enforced with sanctimonious enthusiasm. Robbing the survivors, real and alleged is different. Singer personally extorted $20 billion before he got sacked for thieving. There is a lot more. You might think there is enough for everyone but Jews have sticky fingers. Survivors come last.


Bank Leumi Determined To Rob Holocaust® Victims [ 18 November 2008 ]
Bank Leumi is not legally obliged to hand over to heirs money it had held for people who died in the Holocaust, Justice (ret.) Theodor Or says in an internal report he prepared at the request of the bank's board of directors. Or was asked by the bank's board chairman, Eitan Raff, and legal adviser Ram Caspi to examine its liability in view of the demand of the state-owned Company for Locating and Retrieving Assets of Holocaust Victims for the funds. The company asked the bank in March for money in 1,299 accounts belonging to Holocaust victims, totalling some NIS 147 million. The company later asked for NIS 250 million more, from some 1,000 additional accounts in the bank............

Avital said the report washing its hands of paying the revalued funds was "outrageous." She said the banks for years had invested the money of people who died in the Holocaust, and must return it at its true value.
Getting blood out of a Jew is like getting blood out of a stone. The Holocaust® story works when it is used on simple minded Germans but in Palestine, the Stolen Land it is different.


Jews Still Defrauding Holocaust® Survivors [ 13 November 2008 ]
RAMAT GAN, Israel -- The global quest to ferret out money and property left behind by Jews killed in the Holocaust is now targeting Israel, and investigators say it's proving at least as difficult in the Jewish state as it did in Europe. Many big banks and the government itself have resisted efforts to claim hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation for bank deposits, land, corporate shares, art and other assets that investigators say once belonged to Jews killed by the Nazis and their allies.......

Mr. Roet,...... this year, he went after Bank Leumi Le-Israel B.M., Israel's second-largest financial institution, claiming it owed more than $34 million, a figure derived from a government-approved formula for fixing the value of roughly 1,300 accounts once held at the bank..... Leumi, the Company's biggest private target so far,........ said they would give about $4.79 million to the Company.......... "as a gesture of goodwill."......

While most of the Company's focus has been on bank accounts, it says it has also located about $86.7 million worth of real estate that had belonged to Holocaust victims and more than 1,000 stolen works of art in the Israeli Museum that had been recovered by the Allies from the Nazis. Museum officials have published a complete catalogue on their Web site and the Company's Web site.......  the Company has so far recovered assets valued at just over $183.9 million. That includes about $44.7 million from the government.
Jews rob honest men. Jews each other. This is democracy in action or maybe just equality.


Holocaust® Survivors Robbed By Thieving Jew [ 3 November 2008 ]
Holocaust survivors [ say ] Even after theft conviction, lawyer continues to exploit us The ex-attorney who was sentenced to jail earlier this year for embezzling insurance premiums from German-Israeli pensioners is still illegally charging clients for money that does not belong to him, according to an ex-client............ Cohen's attorney, Doron Levi, and associate Assaf Bigger, estimate that Perry has collected a total of some 10 million euros every month from pension payments paid by German pension funds to Perry's clients........ In February, the Tel Aviv District Court sentenced Perry to 12 years in prison for embezzling 320 million German marks. He was also fined NIS 21.75 million and sentenced to five and a half years of suspended imprisonment. His appeal is currently under review. In 1983 Perry learned that according to an agreement between Israel and West Germany, any person who had been a citizen since 1953 and resided within the 1967 borders was eligible to join the German pension scheme and receive full benefits, given a down payment of DM 100,000. 
We are looking at very useful sums here. The Holocaust® is a big money industry and tax free to boot. Jews will rob honest men. Jews will rob their own. That is real democracy. More on the racket at Holocaust Industry


Israel to approve higher stipends for Holocaust® survivors [ 12 August 2008 ]
Knesset to approve higher stipends for Holocaust survivors Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Sunday will present to the Knesset for approval a bill that will raise the monthly state stipend for Holocaust survivors in Israel. The decision follows recommendations made by the State Committee for Holocaust Survivors, headed by retired Supreme Court justice Dalia Dorner. which called for using 75% of the yearly reparations paid by the German government to Israel to supplement payments to survivors.

The plan is expected to cost some NIS 260 million during the 2008 fiscal year. The committee also recommended the state fund a social services package for survivors, and improvements in the government agency that assists the disabled. 
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Olmert ignoring pledge to boost benefits
Just 10 of 66,000 Holocaust survivors' heirs get assets back
Holocaust commission on treatment of survivors wraps up hearings
Who cares about Holocaust® survivors? Not the Jews obviously. Zionist thieves robbed Germany and the victims, both real and alleged. Now better than sixty years later the Israeli government talks about doing something for them - eventually.


Holocaust Survivors Robbed By Israel AGAIN [ 1 August 2008 ]
The cabinet decision two days ago to postpone the implementation of the Dorner Commission recommendations - which determined that an additional allowance should be paid immediately to 43,000 Holocaust survivors - causes unforgivable harm to the first group of survivors to arrive in the country immediately after the war: those who paid the highest price with their bodies and their souls, and were forced by the government to give up individual compensation from Germany as part of the reparations agreement.... The waiving of personal compensation from Germany by these survivors was supposed to transfer the burden of caring for them to the state, But surprisingly, this group actually received the worst treatment of all the survivors, while those who didn't immigrate to Israel received far higher compensation................

The Dorner Commission deliberately reduced the sum of compensation to a minimum so that it could be paid out immediately, although the cumulative monetary loss for each survivor is between NIS 1.3 million and NIS 2.2 million. The decision to postpone this NIS 800 [ circa $220 ] per month payment as well, and to renew discussion of the subject only in 2009, when the average age of those in question is now 84, means that thousands of those entitled to an additional allowance will not receive it..........

The survivors should react to such an attitude by blocking the entrance to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in order to emphasize that Israel has lost its moral right to speak in their name, and is not permitted to ask the world for special treatment as the country of the Jewish survivors.
Holocaust survivors are mug punters; useful when it came to robbing Germans and Swiss banks. They have served their purpose. Now they can shift for themselves and the Devil take the hindmost. The World Jewish Congress made billions out them and it is all tax free.


Bank Leumi called account worthless, but Holocaust victim's sons to get NIS 400,000 [ 8 July 2008 ]
Michael Eisenbud was a 13-year-old schoolboy in Panevezys, Lithuania in 1936 when his father attended a Zionist doctors' conference in Palestine and opened an account at the Anglo-Palestine Bank.  Dr. Chaim Ben Zion Eisenbud continued depositing funds into the account until World War II broke out. In 1941, after the Wehrmacht invaded the Soviet Union and occupied Lithuania, Dr. Chaim Ben Zion Eisenbud was taken, together with 7,000 of his fellow Jews from Panevezys, outside the city and shot to death. His sons Michael and Eliezer escaped to the Soviet area and served in the Red Army. In 1973 Eliezer Eisenbud immigrated to Israel and asked the bank by then Bank Leumi for the family's account. Michael immigrated in 1979, and the brothers have been attempting to release the funds for three decades. "The Bank Leumi officials were very polite," says Michael. "They said the money was transferred to the Custodian General. There we were told that due to the lira's devaluation the money was worth very little and wasn't even worth issuing an inheritance order for."
Jew says some [ alleged ] survivors live in enemy countries. Interesting. Would they include America or England? Jews are thieves. Jews are liars. That is the reality.


66,000 Holocaust Survivors Robbed By Jews In Israel  [ 7 July 2008 ] - see
Just 10 of 66,000 Holocaust survivors' heirs get assets back
MKs [ Members of the Jews' Parliament ] and representatives of Holocaust survivors on Monday harshly criticized a special body established by the government to distribute assets held in Mandatory Palestine by Holocaust survivors and victims. In a Knesset State Control Committee meeting on Monday, it emerged that only 10 heirs of the thousands of Holocaust victims who held such assets have received funds from the Company for Restitution of Holocaust Victims' Assets. The government established the company two years ago in order to expedite the restitution process. The head of the company told the Knesset committee that a total of NIBS 750 million worth of assets belonging to Holocaust victims had been located up until the end of June 2008.  
Holocaust survivors are just a bunch of mug punters, even if they are genuine. Cheating them is easy. The Holocaust® story works just fine as a way of extorting better than $80 billion. See World Jewish Congress on the point.


Holocaust® survivors denied reparations [ 19 June 2008 ]
Some 11,000 Holocaust survivors who moved to Israel from the former Soviet Union are not receiving reparations from Germany because the Claims Conference, an international body that grants compensation to survivors, did not translate the payment request regulations into Russian,..........  all the explanatory material has been available in Russian for more than a decade. Merhav also told the Knesset committee that the Claims Conference does not have the funds available to pay reparations to 11,000 additional Holocaust survivors.
Still they keep coming out of the woodwork. 11,000 alleged survivors want to jump on the band wagon sixty [ 60 ] years late. How many babies were there in Belsen and Auschwitz? Not a lot I fancy. The Claims Conference is a Jewish mob with light fingers dedicated to making money. They rob Germans and they rob Jews. That is democracy the Jewish way.


Holocaust Survivors Still Being Robbed By Jews [ 8 May 2008 ]
I  also echoed the prevailing frustration that the Claims Conference, by far the richest Jewish foundation in the world, has still failed to provide adequate financial assistance to elderly and sick Holocaust survivors who live in abject poverty in the twilight of their lives. An organization which boasts that it currently holds in trust $900 million in assets, yet fails to rectify such a condition, must be held accountable for one of the greatest scandals in contemporary Jewish life.
Holocaust survivors are supposed to be victims of Adolf rather than Jews. They served their purpose when it came to extorting billions from Germany. Now they can shift for themselves and Devil take the hindmost.
PS This was written by a Jew and lawyer so it likely to be adequately provable.

Holocaust® Survivors Still Being Robbed By Jews [ 1 May 2008 ]
The Knesset's State Control Committee will hold an urgent meeting to discuss severe allegations that the Claims Conference is withholding funds from Holocaust survivors, committee chairman, MK Zevulun Orlev (NRP), said on Wednesday. According to the documentary "Morals of Restitution" (Musar Shilumim), which aired on Yes satellite channel Wednesday evening, the Claims Conference – a body entrusted with distributing restitutions received from Germany to Holocaust survivors, is misusing the funds in its possession, estimated to total some $1 billion. The film maintains that instead of funnelling money to survivors who are in desperate need of financial aid, the organization prefers to transfer funds to various Jewish groups.................
MK Ran Cohen (Meretz) also called to tighten the supervision of the Claims Conference. "I was deeply moved by the film. The findings are shocking and such that the Israeli public cannot accept – hundreds of thousands of Holocaust survivors are rotting around the world in degrading poverty, while the Claims Conference gives away huge sums of money without any transparency or supervision." 
The idea that Jewish politicians didn't know that their sacred Holocaust survivors were being screwed by the Israeli government and other comedians is surprising/amazing/incredible/impossible. The fact that survivors, even the genuine ones have to use television to embarrass various rogues tells us just how corrupt Israel is.
PS Aforesaid rogues have benefitted from an almost total news black on this year's Holocaust Day. Haaretz and the Israel Insider suppressed the truth. Yedioth Ahronoth let the cat out of the bag; a clerical error no doubt.


Jews Screwed 110 Million Euros Out Of Belgians Using The Holocaust Story [ 12 March 2008 ]
Overall, $54 million will be paid to individual claimants, [ which will stop the World Jewish Congress stealing it - Editor ] with the rest going to a Jewish trust that will help the poor and keep the memory of the horrors of World War II alive...........

Belgium is facing 5,210 outstanding claims for restitution stemming from the Holocaust. From those, 162 amount to more than U.S. $30,000.

The Belgian deal was the latest successful effort by Holocaust victims to win compensation. The German government has paid more than U.S. $60 billion to Jewish victims or their families since the first deal was negotiated by the World Jewish Congress in the 1950s. 
Related articles:
Jewish club reopens in Vienna 70 years after Nazis seized it
German intellectuals: Israel's creation made Palestinians victims of Holocaust
Greek historian convicted over book denying the Holocaust
Now there is the matter of compensating Palestinians for the murders, ethnics cleansing, torture et cetera carried out by Jews in the Stolen Land of Palestine. At this point the main stream media feed us a big silence.


Holocaust® Story Matters. Holocaust Survivors Do Not   [ 22 January 2008 ] - now at
JERUSALEM — An Israeli government offer of a new $20 monthly stipend for Holocaust survivors provoked outrage Tuesday, with survivors charging the meagre allowance will do nothing to make up for [ over sixty ] years of neglect of the 240,000 Israelis who lived through Nazi horrors.

Survivors have long claimed that European countries treat them far better than Israel, where many elderly survivors live in poverty...........

Critics maintain that more of the nearly $80 billion in reparations Israel has received in compensation from Germany should have gone to the survivors. A large percentage of the money, which was paid beginning in the 1950s as Israelis struggled to build their fledgling state, went to the military and for infrastructure.
Murdering Arabs was more important than looking after survivors. The Holocaust story may be the world's biggest boondoggle ever.
PS Brer Hun has been robbed blind but doesn't seem to have woken up to the fact.


Jews Rob Holocaust® Survivors [ 6 January 2008 ] - now at
A survivors' group is calling for the immediate distribution of assets owned by Jews believed to have perished in the Holocaust and says a company set up to deal with such assets is slowing the process. Over the past few months, The Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel has launched a campaign against The Holocaust Victims Assets Restitution (HVAR), demanding that it transfer its assets estimated at NIS 700 million without delay and that it include the Foundation among the beneficiaries.
Jews rob people. Jews rob Jews. This is kind of democratic. They have had sixty years to pay survivors but if they wait another sixty they won't have to give them a thing. They will be able to hang on to the money and spend it on wine, women, song, fun, jewels, fast cars, gambling, whoopee. 

That is exactly what they said about those nasty Swiss banks that held onto all of that money belonging to those poor victims of Adolf. In the meanwhile a third of Holocaust survivors in Israel live in poverty. Who cares? 

Not Rabbi Singer for starters. He ran the World Jewish Congress and extorted $20 BILLION. He was having a lot of fun doing it until he got sacked for thieving. The Claims Conference was allegedly in the business of paying victims. It was also run by Singer even after he was kicked out of the WJC.
Of course Jewish banks, never slow to see an opportunity cheated them too. See Jewish Banks Screw Holocaust Victims

The Jewish government also thought that cheating was the way to go. Offering Holocaust survivors [ Norman Finkelstein ] $20 a month went down like a cup of cold sick. The comedian who made the offer is the Prime Minister of Israel and a thief. At all events the police seem to think so and they are investigating multiple frauds. Haaretz tells us that the Holocaust is a political asset and the survivors are pawns. The Holocaust® is a big money boondoggle. The bottom line is gigabucks and tax free to boot.


Israeli Claims Conference backs away from review of earlier controversial payment by March of the Living [ 20 May 2007 ] - Now at
A planned audit of The March of the Living, a popular international Holocaust education group for teens, will not review the group’s past financial conduct despite allegations of past improprieties. The Conference of Material Claims Against Germany announced last month that it had begun an “in-depth audit” of March of the Living.... But the Claims Conference spokeswoman Hillary Kessler Godin said Wednesday that the audit will look only at “procedures of March of the Living that are currently in place.” [ and not ] any financial improprieties that may have taken place between 2003 and 2005, when... March of the Living paid $709,000 to a Manhattan public relations consultant for work he could not explain.... Singer previously allocated $657,600 in World Jewish Congress funds to Hoxter from 2001 through 2003.
The vultures argue over the spoils. It isn't pretty but then the pay off has been humungous. Singer extorted $20 BILLION. Hoxter was employed at the behest of the Israeli Finance Minister who is in the frame for fraud. He is a mate of Singer who was sacked by the World Jewish Congress for thieving


Israel might help Holocaust survivors [ 21 May 2007 ] - Now at
Welfare Minister Isaac Herzog will submit a NIS 1.5 billion plan for assisting needy Holocaust survivors to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Monday. The plan has already drawn harsh criticism from the Finance Ministry as well as welfare professionals. The proposal would give some 170,000 elderly survivors stipends of up to NIS 1,040 [ $260 ] a month. Some NIS 1.2 billion would cover the stipends, and another NIS 300 million would cover services.
A maximum of US$260 a month but only IF they are not getting other payments, IF... et cetera is hardly generous. Israel has over sixty years to gets its act together on this one. The preferred solution is to let them starve. See a third of Holocaust survivors in Israel live in poverty. Of course the Holocaust is a political asset and survivors are mug punters.


A third of Holocaust survivors in Israel live in poverty [ 13 April 2007 ]
Some 80,000 of the 260,000 Holocaust survivors in Israel are living under the poverty line, according to the Holocaust Survivors' Welfare Fund.
How much of the $20 billion that the World Jewish Congress screwed out of the Germans got to the victims? Not a lot.
Holocaust Day Boycott by Starving Survivors [ 13 April 2007 ]
He said 35 percent of Israel's estimated 250,000 Holocaust survivors live below the poverty line, according to a study conducted by the JDC-Brookdale Institute. Many of them have to choose on a daily basis between buying food and paying for other basic needs, he said. 
Does the Jewish government care? It doesn't look that way. The World Jewish Congress perhaps? After making off with $20 billion they could help if they wanted.
Vatican snubs Israel for noting Pope Pius's dubious reaction to the Holocaust  [ 13 April 2007 ]
Monsignor Antonio Franco, the Vatican ambassador to Israel, will not attend the Holocaust Day memorial services at Yad Vashem as an expression of the Vatican's dissatisfaction with a photograph of Pope Pius XII at the museum. The caption notes the Pope's dubious response to the Holocaust.
Things are tough all over. Telling lies about Pope Pius is a Jewish propaganda thing - see Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust. The World Jewish Congress took Germans and Swiss for $20 billion. Not much of it got to the survivors. See A third of Holocaust survivors in Israel live in poverty


Holocaust victims' wealth law to second reading  [ 21 December 2005 ]
Dividing the loot from reparations is the serious issue and it is gigabucks. You might have thought that it would have been sorted out years ago.



Holocaust Restitution Fund Cheats Survivors [ 23 November 2009 ]
Holocaust restitution fund spends NIS 30m [ US$8 million ] of survivors' money on itself
he Company for Location and Restitution of Holocaust Victims Assets has burned through an operating budget of NIS 30 million in less than two years, but it is refusing to say just how much it has managed to turn over to victims and their heirs......... As of the end of June, the company had located about NIS 750 million in assets. Meanwhile, in under two years it managed to burn through more than NIS 30 million. Most of the budget came from assets the company held in trust for their owners, with the treasury contributing a small amount...... the company.... stated.. that 75 assets valued at about NIS 6 million had been restored to 140 heirs.
Jews rob people. Jews rob Jews. That folks is the way democracy works in Israel.


Israeli Parasites Poncing Another $1.4 Billion Using The Holocaust® Racket  [  28 December 2009 ]
Israel to seek another 1b euros Holocaust in reparations from Germany
Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz will demand between 450 million to 1 billion euros in reparations from Germany on behalf of Jews forced into slave labour during the Holocaust, it emerged on Sunday.......... In September, Germany's top court dismissed a claim yesterday for the return of land seized by the Nazis from its Jewish owner in 1933........... Seizures of property from Jews continued through the 1930s, culminating in the Holocaust.
The Jews have been working The Holocaust Industry for every billion it is worth and that starts with the $20 billion extorted by a thief called Israel Singer [ see World Jewish Congress for the ugly details ] and goes on up toward $100 billion if not past. They have the gall to demand money for stolen land as they steal land from Palestinians at gun point. It is time for German politicians to develop some backbone and tell them to fuck off.


Jews Milking The Holocaust® Racket Come Unstuck [  30 December 2009 ]
US Appeals Court Nixes Vatican Bank Holocaust Suit
An American appeals court on Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit by Holocaust survivors who alleged the Vatican bank accepted millions of dollars of their valuables stolen by Nazi sympathizers. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco upheld a lower court ruling that said the Vatican bank was immune from such a lawsuit under the 1976 Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, which generally protects foreign countries from being sued in U.S. courts. Holocaust survivors from Croatia, Ukraine and Yugoslavia had filed suit against the Vatican bank in 1999, alleging that it stored and laundered the looted assets of thousands of Jews, Serbs and Gypsies who were killed or captured by the Nazi-backed Ustasha regime that controlled Croatia.

They sought an accounting from the Vatican, as well as restitution and damages......... Levy said he didn't plan to appeal the judgment. The victims are also suing the Franciscans, the Roman Catholic order, on identical charges, and that portion of the lawsuit is going ahead, he said.
You might have thought these matters would have been settled long ago if there had been evidence. There isn't so they weren't. Trying it on in America means that an Italians know to much to fall lying Jews on the make.


Over Six Million Were Killed In Holocaust® Says Priest [ 14 January 2010 ]
Through interviews with more than 1,200 witnesses, Desbois has uncovered upwards of 700 previously unknown Jewish mass graves in Eastern Europe, where at least 1.5 million Ukrainian Jews are buried. Since 2004, Desbois has worked systematically and painstakingly, documenting and mapping the site of Jewish mass killings by Nazi mobile killing units, or Einsatzgruppen, in Eastern Europe. Desbois is reluctant to say how many more victims there might be of Nazis and German policemen, who lined up Jews and shot them one by one. Having made his way through the Ukraine, he turned his attention to Belarus last year.

You might have thought the Jews settled for 6 million for their own reasons, well over $20 billion being one of them, so having extras thrown in might upset them. Desbois does exist as advertised but this article was put in as propaganda next to one about biological attacks on Jews - see The ABCs of biological warfare and terror agents


Jews Forgive Germany For A Price - Some $80 Billion And Rising  [ 28 January 2010 ]
Many Israelis, and many Germans too, are proud of Shimon Peres. In his speech yesterday, the president did not forget to mention the Nazi past (without once mentioning the word German in this context) of the country whose legislature he was addressing.......... Undeniably, the speech was perfectly staged. The giant German eagle overlooking the proceedings could have been as happy as the Israelis were, proud of their reconciled and conciliatory president. But even at the moments of emotion, and there were some of these, there was no way one could ignore the stark fact that between the lines the president of the Jewish state, standing beneath the German national emblem, was granting the Germans forgiveness, and not merely when he stated that their country was "enlightened" and "different" from what it had been............ The process of forgiveness that Peres' speech brought to a new peak was fully paid for by the Germans, in cash.
Jews will forgive you for a price. How much? As much as the market will stand. That means a rich country with politicians full of Western Guilt regarding the Holocaust® story. That is why it is illegal to say that the Holocaust story is a pack of lies. German politicians are forced to act as though it is true or suffer instant dismissal. How much of the money gets to survivors? Not a lot, not even if they happen to be genuine. Jews are happy to rob them too. See World Jewish Congress on the point.


Auschwitz Survivor Says Israel acts like Nazis [ 28 January 2010 ]
One of the last remaining Auschwitz survivors has launched a blistering attack on Israel over its occupation of Palestine as he began a lecture tour of Scotland. Dr Hajo Meyer, 86, who survived 10 months in the Nazi death camp, spoke out as his 10-day tour of the UK and Ireland – taking in three Scottish venues – got under way. His comments sparked a furious reaction from hard line Jewish lobby groups, with Dr Meyer branded an “anti-Semite” and accused of abusing his position as a Holocaust survivor...........

Speaking as his tour got under way, Dr Meyer said there were parallels between the treatment of Jews by Germans in the Second World War and the current treatment of Palestinians by Israelis........... “It may be that Israel is not the most cruel country in the world … but one thing I know for sure is that Israel is the world champion in pretending to be civilised and cultured.”
Another honest Jew turns up and the main stream do not have much to say about him. The Sunday Herald did a decent article. That is about it. The Wiki has nothing on him but the agenda is in good working order.

He looks cheerful enough.


Holocaust® Racketeers Robbing Victims Blind [ 1 March 2010 ]
Nadav Haetzni's law firm, which provides legal advice to the state-owned Company for Restitution of Holocaust Victims Assets has earned millions of shekels in fees over the last three years. Information obtained by Haaretz shows that the firm, Puris Haetzni Rosenberg & Co., took in NIS 1.2 million in fees in 2008 and over NIS 1 million in 2009; the figure for 2007 was similar. That sum is on top of the hundreds of thousands of shekels the company paid to other law firms during those years.

The government established the restitution company in summer 2006 pursuant to law passed by the Knesset. Its charged with locating the heirs of Holocaust victims who had assets of any kind - land, money, stocks, etc. - in prestate Israel, and to compensate the heirs for these assets according to their real value today. If the heirs cannot be located, the company is supposed to use the assets to help Holocaust survivors and fund Holocaust education......

Regarding fees paid to other lawyers, the statement noted that Jacob Weinroth's firm was paid for the essential job of trying to extract some NIS 400 million in victims' assets from Bank Leumi.
The point of the Company for Restitution of Holocaust Victims Assets is extracting money from thieving Jews. Bank Leumi has been getting away with robbing Holocaust® survivors, real and alleged for well over sixty years and they do not see any point in giving them some US$100 million just because it is theirs.


Germany Giving Another $77 Million For Holocaust® Survivors [ 11 March 2010 ]
Germany pledges $77 million for needy Holocaust survivors
BERLIN - Germany will pay $77 million in subsidies this year to aid needy Holocaust survivors worldwide. The decision is the end result of annual negotiations held in Berlin between the German government and the Claims Conference. According to the terms of the deal, half of the money will be sent to survivors living in Israel who are in need of home nursing, medicine and food. The sum of $77 million is an 85 percent increase over last year's budget the German government set aside for impoverished survivors.
Just what makes German politicians think they are not helping Jews rob their taxpayers? They can't be that stupid. Not really. Do they think German money will get to survivors even if they happen to be genuine? They must know better. Jews have milked the Hun and others for something like US$80 BILLION and still they come back for more. Jews do not settle for robbing the Hun. They steal from both ends of the business. Bank Leumi in Israel still has not disgorged what they owe 70 years later.


11 April 2010 ]


Jews Screwing Germans Out Of $1 Billion In The Holocaust® Racket [ 9 January 2011 ]
Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz will demand between 450 million to 1 billion euros in reparations from Germany on behalf of Jews forced into slave labour during the Holocaust, it emerged on Sunday. Minister Steinitz will reportedly present German government with the demand on behalf of 30,000 Israeli survivors of forced labour in wartime ghettos, during a joint session scheduled to take place in early 2010 in Berlin. Israeli officials estimate that according to a ghetto workers act passed by the German parliament in 2002, all of the 30,000 living forced labour survivors are entitled to a retroactive payment of approximately 15,000 euros each.
Can there be Germans stupid enough to believe that these blood sucking leeches have not been paid a dozen times over? Haven't they noticed that this blood money never gets to the victims, not even if they happen to be genuine? German politicians are fools, rogues, blackmail victims or some combination.


Jews Want Compensation From The Victims They Robbed When They Stole Palestine In 1948 [ 31 December 2011 ]
[ Israeli ] Gov’t Wants Arabs to Pay for 1948 Pogroms against Jews israel is tackling the alleged “Arab refugees” issue by renewing efforts for compensation for Jewish victims of 1948 Arab pogroms.

The government has decided to tackle head-on the alleged “Arab refugees” issue by renewing efforts for compensation for Jewish victims of Arab pogroms .

Estimates of property losses range from $16 billion to $300 billion in Arab countries where Arab leaders seized their property or took it over after Jews were expelled or forced to flee because of anti-Jewish violence and harassment.

Dr. Avi Bitzur, director-general of the Pensioners' Affairs Ministry, told Voice of Israel government radio it has created a new department to try to collect claims for more than 850,000 Jews from Iran and other Arab countries. Approximately 80 percent of them moved to Israel.

Most of the refugees fled or were expelled after the violent Arab reaction to the re-establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, six months after it was recognized by the United Nations under the Partition Plan that the Arab world rejected.
This goes from unmitigated greed to being insensate. The Jews did their Ethnic Cleansing of thousands when they took over Palestine, driving out they those they did not murder. Then they have the gall to complain about the Arab response. The Germans are fool enough to pander to these swine. Arabs will not be so stupid.


Israeli Government Screws Holocaust® 'Survivors' [ 25 January 2014 ]
Whining about the Holocaust® Story, is p, is policy, it is the reason for the Holocaust® Industry It not just an excuse for treating Palestinians worse than the Nazis; it i; it is about the money, lots of it. They screwed Germans out of $63.2 Billion and still they keep on gouging. To be fair this particular bunch of chancers were never in Concentration Camps so it is just a try on. You might think that with billions sloshing around it would make sense to bung them a few thousand each but that goes against everything the Holocaust® Racket stands for.


Jews Still Robbing Holocaust® 'Survivors' In Israel - 45 Thousand Living In Poverty [ 27 October 2015 ]
Jews working the Holocaust® Racket have made billions, lots of them. Der Spiegel tells that they had taken Germans Mugs For €63.2 Billion, tax free way back in 2007. It is enough to make a lot of thieves rich. Not much of it filtered down to survivors, real or alleged. Is there such a thing as  Jew who doesn't want more? Madoff was not content with being the world record thief. He was still trying.


Rabbi On The Run Robbed Holocaust® 'Survivors' [ 27 October 2015 ]
Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto was supposed to return to Israel last month from the US to meet his obligations in his plea bargain with state prosecutors. But Pinto was a no-show, and Israel’s Supreme Court issued an order demanding he return to Israel by today. Pinto was also ordered to submit a copy of his airline ticket to the court by last Thursday.

Pinto sent the court a copy of his ticket but then didn’t quite manage to get on his plane. The Sefardi haredi ‘kabbalist,’ who has already admitted to trying to bribe a top police official in a bid to get inside information on the looting of a charity his close associates controlled (Pinto allegedly benefited from the looting, which stole millions of dollars of food donations earmarked for elderly Holocaust survivors), felt weak and ill at the airport and then allegedly fainted, Ha'aretz reported, and was then briefly hospitalized in New York.
Jew is a rabbi, Jew is a thief. QED. Notice that he was thieving from victims of the 'Holocaust®', victims of naughty Adolf thus confirming that survivors are just another bunch of mug punters there to be robbed by God's Chosen People.



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