Ethnic Cleansing

The Wiki gives us a definition. It says nothing about the variant which is Ethnic Fouling, flooding us with Third World undesirables. This is being inflicted on England and the rest of civilization by communists and Jews. Doing evil secretly is expedient. The lead up to it is Cultural Genocide. It is followed by Genocide. The technique uses infiltration from the top down. Controlling universities to pervert young minds that will become influential minds is an important part of it. Then there are the Main Stream Media. Television is like a sewer in the living room. Her Majesty's Government is controlled by greed, bribery and blackmail. They are another section of the Invisible Enemy. It goes on.

Electing A New People
Treat the owners of the land as third class citizens. Import Third World freeloaders. It is easy unless the victims decide to do something about it, such as Revolt. Nonviolent Revolution can be better. Not so much blood is shed. It what Her Majesty's Government is doing to England. Then there is Merkel destroying Germany.


Ethnic Cleansing ex Wiki
The Wikipedia explains all - except of course its agenda. It tells us that:-
Ethnic cleansing is a term that has come to be used broadly to describe all forms of ethnically-motivated violence, ranging from murder, rape, and torture to the forcible removal of populations. A 1993 United Nations Commission defined it more specifically as, "the planned deliberate removal from a specific territory, persons of a particular ethnic group, by force or intimidation, in order to render that area ethnically homogenous." The term entered English and international media usage in the early 1990s to describe war events in the former Yugoslavia.

The term ethnic cleansing is not to be confused with genocide. These terms are not synonymous, yet the academic discourse considers both as existing in a spectrum of assaults on nations or religio-ethnic groups. Simply put, ethnic cleansing is similar to forced deportation or 'population transfer' whereas genocide is the "intentional murder of part or all of a particular ethnic, religious, or national group."  The idea in ethnic cleansing is "to get people to move, and the means used to this end range from the legal to the semi-legal."[3] Some academics consider genocide as a subset of "murderous ethnic cleansing." Thus, these concepts are different, but related, "literally and figuratively, ethnic cleansing bleeds into genocide, as mass murder is committed in order to rid the land of a people."
It happened in Serbia. It happened in Rwanda. It is happening now in Israel, the Stolen Land.


The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine
Palestine is the Stolen Land being cleansed by Jews full of hate and self righteous cant.


Ethnic Cleansing Operations
This is about how blacks are being used to ethnically foul rather cleanse albeit not who is inciting them. More to the point, it is about answers. This source mentions Military Professional Resources Inc. as a "top drawer" military PMF which ran Operation Storm. The Wiki says they merely training. Also there is Endgame in Kosovo by Mark Danner


Forced migration
Is not quite the same as ethnic cleansing because it includes the results of natural disaster. The Wiki is not in the business of telling us what the Jews did to the people of Palestine


Jews Demolish More Arab Houses In Jerusalem [ 11 February 2014 ]
This is Ethnic Cleansing. This is crime. It is government policy.


Jews Want Ethnic Cleansing Of Bedouin [ 30 September 2014 ]
In fact Jews want Ethnic Cleansing of everyone, except their slaves. That is why they are inflicting Ethnic Fouling on England as well as  the rest of Western Civilization. Jews are grossly Racist.


Left Wing Crazies Blame Whites For Ethnic Cleansing Of Brits [ 9 May 2016 ]
Insane liberals have once again blamed white people for the ethnic cleansing of Britain by Third World immigrants—because more than 80 state schools in that country now have no white pupils at all.

The inverted logic—of blaming whites for having been driven out of entire regions by a tsunami of nonwhite immigrants and their progeny—is illustrated well in this article which appeared in the Daily Mail of London..............

“The result of three million immigrants in ten years has created a huge problem for integration of the newcomers. Obviously, if there are no children of the host community in a school, the prospects of integration are close to zero. In the longer term, this is bound to effect the cohesion of our society as a whole,” Sir Andrew was quoted as saying...........

The study said that 45 percent of ethnic minorities in England and Wales, about four million people, live in areas where less than half the population is white British.
The idea is to blame us for Third World ghettoes; that White Flight makes us guilty of Racism rather than a distaste for foreign criminals. Roger Scruton, the eminent philosopher told us recently that Left Wingers respond to danger by pandering to the perpetrators - see Reactions To Fear. Recall that it was left wing subversives whose response to the USSR's nuclear threat was to demand disarmament, to make it easy for the enemy. The incite Illegal Immigration for the same reason. It is also why the BBC is so eager to protect Paedophile perverts like Jimmy Savile.


Jews Must Extend Ethnic Cleansing Says Israeli Politician [ 15 January 2017 ]
The Jewish Home party leader made the appeal for annexation a day after the Obama administration officials upbraided Israel for plans to build up to 300 housing units in the West Bank settlement of Shiloh to compensate homeowners in the nearby outpost of Amona ahead of its court-ordered evacuation and demolition in December...........

The “dream is that Judea and Samaria will be part of sovereign Israel,” Bennett said at a memorial event for settler leader Hanan Porat, according to Hebrew media reports. “We must act today [to make this a reality], and we must sacrifice.”.........

“As Hanan said, we have no right to divide the country,” added Bennett, whose Orthodox-nationalist party firmly supports the settlement enterprise and who has previously called to annex Area C of the West Bank, which constitutes some 60 percent of the territory, where most settlers live and where Israel maintains full security and civilian control.............

Justice [ sic ] Minister Ayalet Shaked also said earlier Thursday a harsh US condemnation of Israeli building plans in the West Bank was “disproportionate,” and called for increased settlement construction.
Who does Bennett want to sacrifice? Try Palestinians; after all they are only Untermenschen [ the Nazi term for subhumans ]. Of course when naughty little Adolf annexed the Sudetenland it was bad; when Jews annex more of Palestine it is good. After all they are God's Chosen People, even one might say a Light Unto Nations.


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