Western Civilization

Western civilization translates as European civilization. China produced its own style, its system of government. It worked but did not get much past what Westerners would think of as Mediaeval.  The same applies to Japan. Their artistic achievements are good or very good. They did little in the way of mathematics, science or engineering albeit their swords were first rate. These things changed when Western ideas were imported but it was Europeans who originated them.

Europeans, it was who settled America, north and south. They turned Australia into one of the world's better countries. We can say the same of New Zealand, Canada & pretty well anywhere Europeans settled. One might say that South America is an exception but then the incomers were largely southern Europeans, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian. Recall that the Industrial Revolution started in England then spread to Europe and to America. It arrived in Asia later. Africa never really caught on. You want evidence, reason to believe? Look at the evidence. But it is all going wrong now. Destroying Civilization. is government policy. We have Zionist Occupation Governments [ ZOG ] in America, England & the rest of civilization.

A Fundamental Problem of Europe
For more than a thousand years a fundamental problem of Europe, the source, seat, and historic guardian of Western civilization, has been to save itself and its ideals from destruction by some temporary master of the men and resources of Asia. This statement implies no criticism of the peoples of Asia, for Europe and America have likewise produced leaders whose armies have invaded other continents.


Jews Infiltrating Civilization
They have been doing it for a long time. They have also been loathed for a long time - see e.g. Jewish Expulsions. They were expelled from England in 1290 AD then let back by Cromwell, the early Communist. They have been a burden round our necks ever since.


Western Civilization Under Attack
Europe is under attack. It was from savages, from the Barbary Coast. Today the attackers are the Invisible Enemy using the methods worked out by Antonio Gramsci, the leading intellectual of the communists in Italy. Infiltrating the Establishment, working from the top down, rather than doing it Karl Marx's way, the bottom up way, a rising of the workers. The Long March Through The Institutions paid off. They are using Ethnic Fouling against us; flooding us millions of Third World aliens. It will lead to Genocide.


Free To Lose To Jews
How is civilization doing? Badly is the answer. It is under attack from the Invisible Enemy, from Jews who hate us and fear us. They are paranoid; they are Zionist crazies using the methods worked out by Antonio Gramsci, the leading intellectual of the communist party in Italy. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.



Swedish Politician Says Country Facing Collapse Due To Third World Immigration [ 8 November 2015 ]
It is obviously true. It is also an excellent reason for stopping it and sending Third World criminals back. She does not seem to have taken the point. Politicians have turned Malmö into the Rape Capital Of Scandinavia using aforesaid Third World intruders but they don't seem to care. It is Pathological Altruism in action again.

Which lot of politicians will she vote for next time?


We Are Witnessing The Destruction of Western Civilization Says American Politician [ 8 November 2015 ]
“What we are witnessing is the destruction of Western civilization, not by an armed invasion, but by envelopment,” Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) said Wednesday during a hearing on Capitol Hill on the growing refugee crisis in Europe.

“What we have seen over the past few months is unsustainable, and if not checked, will change the fundamental nature of European countries which are now being inundated,” said Rohrbacher, who chairs the House Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia, and Emerging Threats.
An American politician tells the truth; a remarkable fact. He proves that it can be done.


Will The West Survive The Century?  [ 7 July 2016 ]
Quite possibly not. Pat Buchanan tells about the white women who are not having babies while blacks and brown breed like rabbits. Demography Is Destiny; if people do not have children they die out. It is going on in England NOW! House prices are out of reach for the honest working man but Illegal Immigrants are given preference by a corrupt government. They can breed; they have nothing else to do except collect the dole money.

“Nativism … xenophobia or worse” is behind the triumph of Brexit and the support for Donald Trump, railed President Barack Obama in Ottawa.
Obama is a foreign born official using a Forged Birth Certificate illegally foisted onto America by Zionist crazies. He is also one of the Enemy Within. They have used him to inflict monstrous damage. Pat Buchanan is right but, perhaps too optimistic about overcoming his evil.