Oz is one of the world's better countries. The government is the worst thing about it but that applies to most of Christendom. It has treated Abos disgracefully while claiming that it is compensating for abuse by previous administrations. Believe this or not as you will. Herewith are sources. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

Pauline Hanson Offers Serious Policy Changes
Pauline runs the One Nation Party. Labor [ sic ] hates her; a point in her favour. The other lot are not keen. Vote for her? I would.


Afghan Problems In Australia
The assorted Third World aliens imported as camel drivers were often, incompetent & vicious. So what has changed? Nothing. Now it tends to be Lebos = Lebanese. They brought us the Cronulla Riots.


Monash Was A Very Competent General
He was the best general in the First World War; also an engineer & Jew.


Lawyers Destroying Civilization
Taxpayers are being forced to subsidize the demographic conquest of Australia by floating Third World hordes straight out of the highly recommended The Camp of the Saints (free PDF). Fortunately, the welfare colonists and politicians who would prefer a population less tainted by traditional Anglo-Saxon notions of individual liberty aren’t the only ones who benefit. Lawyers are making out nicely:
First, let's kill all the lawyers; a famous line from Shakespeare.


Rape in Australia
It is Third World efnicks. It is part of the war on white Australia.


Australians Should Fear The Rise Of China
The United States has been the most powerful state on the planet for many decades, and has deployed robust military forces in the Asia-Pacific region since the early years of the second world war. The American presence has had significant consequences for Australia and for the wider region. This is how the Australian government sees it, at least according to the 2009 Defence White Paper: ‘Australia has been a very secure country for many decades, in large measure because the wider Asia-Pacific region has enjoyed an unprecedented era of peace and stability underwritten by US strategic primacy.’ The US, in other words, has acted as a pacifier in this part of the world.
China is on the up. America is, of course on the down. Australia looks like a big country on the map but most of it is very poor land. The Chinese are infiltrating anyway, with the collusion of the local government. We live in interesting times.


Were the original people of Australia. That is the idea. The reality is rather more complicated but, yes they are victims - of Marxism and  Gough Whitlam.


Aboriginal Genocide In Australia
Genocide sounds rather extreme for what is being done to them but it is a fair word in the circumstances. Marxists are very good at dressing their actions in nice words, blaming others too. This is such a case.


Australia and Aboriginals
Government policies can do good or harm, lots of harm at that. Leaving things alone is often the best option.


Banjo Patterson
He wrote Waltzing Matilda.


Chinese Infiltration of Australia
Chen’s apotheosis, and his account of the prosecution within Australia of a campaign against the “five poisons”—the Uighurs, Falun Gong, Tibetan Buddhists, Taiwanese splittists and democracy activists—threw into the spotlight the vitality and diversity of political, cultural and religious commitments in Chinese Australia, matching the Chinese world’s drive towards economic and diplomatic success. One of the reasons for the intensity of the debate inside the Chinese community here is that it cannot take place inside China itself. In Hong Kong and in Taiwan, yes, but in the People’s Republic, no.
Much of this applies to England with a Chinese take away on every high street.


One Nation Party
Is run by Pauline Hanson, a Nationalist hated by Left Wingers.


Looked different circa 1900. Circular Quay is recognizable. It is still square.


Keith Windschuttle and Education
Keith is a man who told the truth about the liars in Australian universities who were perverting young minds and causing genocide against the Abos.


War On White Australia
This is not military war. This is a Propaganda war carried on by our self-appointed Invisible Enemy. It is Subversion using the Main Steam Media, the Education industry to market single issue causes adopted by Marxism such as Feminism through Useful Idiots,


White Australia Policy
There were reasons for it; some were better, others less good. Left wing propagandists claim that it was grossly Racist but then Racism is a Marxist construct. Left wing propagandists lie. Keith Windschuttle explains.


Jews Control Australia's Foreign Policy [ 13 April 2014 ]
That is what Bob Carr says. Bob Carr was Australia's foreign minister so he should know. By the same token Jews set out to destroy the White Australia Policy. They succeeded. They want Australia made Multicultural, to destroy its unity, to make it easier to manipulate. They are doing the same to the whole of
Western Civilization
. Jews use their cry of Racism; it is a Marxist construct, a Marxist propaganda tool to flood us with Third World aliens. But in Israel it is different; they are grossly racist. It is why they have Concentration Camps at Saharonim, Ketziot & Holot.


Australia Stole $40 Billion From East Timor [ 14 December 2013 ]
The gas field is in Timor's waters. Australia wanted it. Australia got it by Espionage, by bullying. The spies told them just how desperate the Timorese were. It worked a treat. Throw them a few crumbs and have the rest. $40 billion is pretty useful to a spendthrift government.
PS Alexander Downer, a lead shit in this affair is telling Cyprus how to sort itself out.
PPS Cyprus also has gas worth billions offshore. They are there like flies on the proverbial.


Jews Control Australia's Foreign Policy  [ 14 April 2014 ]
That is what Bob Carr says. Bob Carr was Australia's foreign minister so he should know. By the same token Jews set out to destroy the White Australia Policy. They succeeded. They want Australia made Multicultural, to destroy its unity, to make it easier to manipulate. They are doing the same to the whole of Western Civilization. Jews use their cry of Racism; it is a Marxist construct, a Marxist propaganda tool to flood us with Third World aliens. But in Israel it is different; they are grossly racist. It is why they have Concentration Camps at Saharonim, Ketziot & Holot.


Islamic Terrorists Captured In Australia [ 19 April 2015 ]
Five teenagers in the Australian city of Melbourne have been arrested on suspicion of planning an Islamic State-inspired terrorist attack, to coincide with the centenary of the landings at Gallipoli during World War One.

Two hundred police were involved in months of surveillance of the gang, but police swooped on Saturday morning when they learnt an attack was imminent. It is believed they were planning to target police, and senior officials said that they found “edged weapons” including a sword and knife during the raids..........

The arrests emphasise Australia’s growing jihadist problem – despite its huge geographic distance from the battlefields of Syria and Iraq.
Australia's growing problem has a perfectly straightforward cause, importing enemy aliens. It is Ethnic Fouling, which merges smoothly into Genocide. It is being used by the Puppet Masters who manipulate politicians to destroy unity for the benefit of the Zionist crazies who control the Stolen Land. Oz has a Zionist Occupation Government [ ZOG ].


Shut Your Borders Or Pay A Terrible Price Says Australian Prime Minister [ 29 October 2015 ]
Naturally, the safety and prosperity that exists almost uniquely in Western countries is an irresistible magnet......... Implicitly or explicitly, the imperative to ‘love your neighbour as you love yourself’ is at the heart of every Western policy. It expresses itself in laws protecting workers, in strong social security safety nets, and in the readiness to take in refugees.

It’s what makes us decent and humane countries as well as prosperous ones — but, right now, this wholesome instinct is leading much of Europe into catastrophic error.........

Who could blame them? Yet no country or continent can open its borders to all-comers without fundamentally weakening itself. This is the risk the nations of Europe now run through misguided altruism [ aka Pathological Altruism - Editor ]..........

But unlike you, we have at least solved one of the wicked problems now afflicting Europe: we have secured our own borders.
Tony Abbott, now an ex-prime minister is very much on the right lines. It can be done. it should be done but Cultural Marxists are using this wave of illegal immigration, of Ethnic Fouling to destroy Western Civilization. Various politicians are Lenin's Useful Idiots at best. How were they perverted? Blackmail and bribery are effective tools and when you look at how much Blair's pay off have been you can see his point. Unlimited greed has effects. Creating a Trojan Horse is one.


Australia Bullying Illegal Immigrants - Allegedly [ 19 June 2016 ]
“In my entire career of 43 years I have never seen more atrocity than I have seen in the incarcerated situations of Manus Island and Nauru.”

Paul Stevenson has had a life in trauma. The psychologist and traumatologist has spent 40 years helping people make sense of their lives in the aftermath of disaster, of terrorist attacks, bombings and mass murders, of landslides, fires and tsunamis. He’s written a book about his experiences, Postcards from Ground Zero, and for his efforts in assisting the victims of the Bali bombings, the Australian government pinned an Order of Australia Medal to his chest.
If Paul Stevenson really has not seen worse he must have had his eyes shut. If he is sincere his Altruism has become Pathological. Wanting Australia overrun by anyone who is fed up with living in the Hellholes created by African Tyrants is dangerous folly.

The Guardian does not point out that Mr Stevenson's book, Postcards from Ground Zero came by way of Zeus Publications, a vanity publishing firm. It means that real publishers decided that the book was worthless or potentially Libellous. Of course The Guardian is also in the business of marketing White Guilt, the idea that we victimised those Noble Savages living in harmony with nature. The Guardian is a Propaganda machine run by Lenin's Useful Idiots & controlled by the Puppet Masters, that is the Zionist crazies headquartered in Tel Aviv.


Marxists Make Australian Concentration Camp Close [ 19 August 2016 ]
Australia and Papua New Guinea have confirmed that the Manus Island detention centre will be closed but offered no detail on the future of the 854 men held there – except that Australia remains adamant it will accept none of the detainees for resettlement.

PNG’s prime minister, Peter O’Neill, and Australia’s immigration minister, Peter Dutton, met in Port Moresby on Wednesday.

O’Neill released a statement after the meeting saying that officials from both countries were making progress on how to close the centre........

“Our position, confirmed again today with PNG, is that no one from Manus Island regional processing centre will ever be settled in Australia.
Abuse of law courts, propaganda & political pressures are weapons being used by Marxists, which translates very largely as Jews & other Zionist crazies to infest Australia with Third World parasites. It is Ethnic Fouling leading on to Genocide. The trouble makers keep very quiet about Saharonim & other Concentration Camps In Israel. That would give their totally Racist game away.


Australia could wipe Angus McMillan off the map because he massacred Aborigines [ 17 September 2016 ]
His most notorious massacre [ at Warrigal Creek ] occurred in 1843, when he led the slaughter of between 80 and 200 aboriginal men, women and children as revenge for the death of a single white settler [ the Wikipedia's version is different ].

Australian electoral authorities are now reviewing the ward’s name after activists have expressed outrage that it is named after a man [ they chose allege is ] known as the 'Butcher of Gippsland'.
The background to this Angus McMillan story is that is being marketed by 'activists'. This means Marxists, it means Propagandists, it means unscrupulous liars with an agenda. The same sort taught university students about our wholesale extermination of Abos in Tasmania. One of them was interested enough to check the sources.  Keith Windschuttle proved they were lying then went public. His book, The Fabrication Of Aboriginal History annoyed Subversives big time. They were enraged but they didn't get away with it. Now they have waited until we have all forgotten that one and tried it on with another lot of lies. More at Keith Windschuttle and Education. The 'lack of evidence' is presented as proof of guilt. Another nasty Thought Collective is marketing White Guilt & Black Hate.
PS The headline is verbatim; the Daily Mail swallowed it too. More of the same Socialist sort are Black Lives Matter Activists.


[ 31 October 2016 ]
Australian PM says anyone caught sneaking into the country will NEVER be allowed back – even as a tourist 
Asylum seekers trying to sneak into Australia will be banned from country
They will never be able to enter Australia again - even as tourist on holiday
Ban is set to extend to all types of visa including tourist and business visas  

The Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said: 'That absolutely unflinching, unequivocal message has to be loud and clear. 'The door to Australia is closed to those who seek to come here by boat with a people smuggler. It is closed.' ...........

And after hearing of the new Australian legislation, some Conservative MPs said they supported the move.
Australia is an island. Keeping criminals out is not that hard. Britain is too but Blair, Brown, Cameron & other Enemies Within want Illegal Immigrants. Theresa May is shaping up as another Traitor going along with the Ethnic Fouling Of England, with Ethnic Fouling in general and the destruction of Western Civilization by Genocide.  


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