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Captain Cook arrived in Botany Bay, near what is now Sydney in 1770. This was a bit before Tom Paine wrote Common Sense, which gave the intellectual trigger to the American Revolution of 1776. Australia was settled over a century or two and that meant that the Aboriginals were somewhat dispossessed. In fact that was what they did to previous waves of incomers. We have not been accused of cannibalism though. A decent answer to this situation would have been to integrate them into our culture. It is far superior after all. Something like this was happening until the 1960s and 1970s. Then the left and Marxists started driving policy. The result has been appalling for them, a major nuisance for civilized people and hugely expensive for tax payers.

Peter Howson was the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and writes knowledgably about cause and effect; about how people have been driven to drink and penury by fools and rogues. There is a wider message here about how the world is run and by whom. His most recent article, No More Sit-Down Money [ Quadrant,  November 2004 ] is well named. Here are some links to aspects of the Culture Wars. One point is that the lefties claim that calling someone an Abo rather than Aboriginal is insulting. Given the damage that they have caused that is a bit of insolence.

Rivers Of Money Flow Into The Sand
Every year, $100,000 [ £65,000 ] of our taxes is spent for each remote indigenous Australian. In 2008-09 Australian government indigenous expenditure reached $22 billion. If these funds were ending the shameful dereliction of remote communities, they would be money well spent. But high spending has barely reduced extremes of dysfunction [ In fact it caused it - Editor ].
This article is quite long and factual. Bob Hawke, Whitlam and other communists set up the Abo Industry. They succeeded much like Joe Stalin with his Ukraine  Massacres. Now we can tell the truth about Uncle Joe. Australia is still in cover up mode.
PS Background is at Aboriginal Genocide In Australia


More on Abos.


Another time around the Block for urban revival
Giving Abos houses in Redfern, an inner city suburb of Sydney was intended to be a  paying back for the damage they had suffered at the hands of nasty white men. If they had been helped to live in a city it might even have worked. It has been a disaster. It is now a major slum full of drug dealers and dole bludgers. Whitlam was the man who did it and he is beloved of the left. This means having a selective view of his track record. Now they are going to do it again but with training. It could hardly work worse but it will generate jobs for government apparatchiks.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission - ATSIC
After the Red Army invaded Czechoslovakia various communists turned their energies to Abos. They did evil to them instead. They wanted ATSIC as a front to take over Australia. The Wiki write up is bad enough but notice the use of words like allege and claim. An honest view is at Pointing the Bone - Reflections on the Passing of ATSIC


No More Sit-Down Money
Gough Whitlam, a prime minister beloved of the left gave cattle stations to Abos on the grounds that they had been robbed. He did not bother to show them how to run them. They failed. He gave them places in Redfern, an inner city suburb in Sydney. It is now a area of slums, dole bludgers, thieves, drug dealers and a fairly recent [ 2005 ]  riot. The policy of the left has failed Abos, failed any decent test of morality and screwed the tax payers. Whitlam is still beloved of the left. They prefer not to know what he has done to the Abos. They want to keep us ignorant too.


The extinction of the Australian pygmies
They no longer exist; they have been air brushed out of history, just like Joe Stalin's nasty little friends. Why are they non-people? For the usual reason. They are inconvenient in current politics. They give people the idea that Aboriginals are not just one tribe and victims of those nasty Europeans. In fact there were three main waves of incomers and it was survival of the fittest. Cheerful rumours about cannibals are more than just that. Chinamen are called sweet meat for a reason.


Massacres were Rare
They were still inconvenient if you happened to be one of the victims. One that did happen gives the lie to the implicit claim that massacres were frequent, fun and tolerated. Her Majesty's Government did investigate, arrest, charge, try, sentence and hang the guilty.


Aborigines Need Economic Assimilation
Assimilation gives Aboriginals the chance to make progress and use their potential. The Marxist approach, Apartheid which was adopted has driven them to drink, family breakdown and despair. Marxists did not like Apartheid in South Africa. Australia is different. The Marxist approach is to ignore the causes, complain loudly about the effects of their policies and advocate more of the same.


The Failure of Aboriginal Segregation
There are two approaches to giving Aboriginals a decent life, assimilation and segregation. Segregation has failed utterly, grossly and clearly. The justifications for carrying on are based on concealing the truth. Read more from the ex-minister.


Pointing the Bone - Reflections on the Passing of ATSIC
The Aboriginal and Torres Straits Islanders Commission was a great success for the people who ran it. For the putative beneficiaries it was rather different - Communist involvement resulted in changing  Aboriginal policy and  destruction.


Aboriginal Policy - Romantics and Realists
The romantics, which tends to mean beardies and weirdies  wanted them living in little communities. This causes problems. They need sanitation. It sounds boring but without it disease follows. They need work. There is little or none. They are given the dole to stop them working. Only fools work. The rest get bored and drunk. They fight. More problems ensue. When they lived off the land it was different. The sensible option is to become part of civilization. Most have.


Aboriginal Policy
Remote communities were created by the lefties. Joe Stalin did the same in Siberia albeit for different reasons. They didn't work either. Peter Howson has something sensible to say about the whole thing.


The Australian History of Henry Reynolds
Two Australian judges in the High Court decided to change the entire legal basis of land ownership in Australia on the grounds that we had treated Abos "unutterably shamefully". For whatever reason they chose to believe Reynolds, one man with an agenda. The theory and hope is that judges are educated and honest. The education provided in Australian universities is grossly dishonest in at least one area which is precisely the treatment of Abos. Keith Windschuttle has done the analysis and put it all in the public domain to the very considerable annoyance of the propagandists. See the next link two links.


Fabrication of Aboriginal History
Men who teach at universities and write in newspapers have been putting a view of history, of our interaction with the Aboriginals which is grossly fraudulent and  part of the Marxist agenda of promoting Western Guilt - the view that we should let foreigners get away with it. Keith Windschuttle's book is about the truth behind their story and made it all fall apart. There was considerable sense of humour failure among a number of academics.


Error nullius
Political activists invented the term Terra Nullius and claimed that it was the legal basis used to take Australia from the wonderful people who were its rightful owners. They were a mixture of ignoramii, fools, post Marxist con men and rogues on the make. Michael Collins explains. They fooled the High Court into making a bad decision in the Mabo case. One of the judges [ Murphy ] involved  perverted the course of justice. See also The Australian- "Michael Connor- Dispel myth of terra nullius and with a certain amount of luck  Terra Nullius and the ABC. Michael Connor thinks that Reynolds was not a liar. Others are less charitable. Mr Connor's real views seem to be rather more pungent than those he fed the ABC, a communist front operation. See The Australian [ 4 February 2006 ] - "Michael Connor- Dispel myth of terra nullius and ... if it is accessible.


Null truth to academic accusations
A Sydney academic, one  Andrew Fitzmaurice has written  "Evidence tailored to fit an argument" which sounds like a claim that Mr. Connor is a liar. Mr. Connor begs to differ. This argument will run and run.


Historian dismisses Tasmanian aboriginal genocide "myth"
This ABC interview adds a factor to the story. The genocide line started as an act of malice by an editor who was there at the time. The ABC is a left wing source.


Land Rights - The next battle ground!
FOR MORE THAN thirty years now, separatism has been the doctrinal driver of policy, but the fruits of separatism have now become so repugnant to Australian opinion that slowly we are reversing course and returning to the Hasluckian doctrines of fifty years ago. The more speedily we can effect this reversal the sooner we will see an improvement in the awful statistics of Aboriginal morbidity such as suicide, homicide, family violence, child abuse and substance abuse. The Left is wilfully blind to this tragedy, as they have been blind to so many of the consequences of their policies throughout the world.
Left wing policy is separate development which has caused death and wide spread misery. Do they care? No. Are they still pushing it? Yes.


Judge breaks silence on Mabo  [ 26 February 2006 ]
The Lord Chief Justice of Oz says that he is not an senile old fool who swallowed lies from left wing patter merchants with an agenda. Believe him if you want. He would have gotten short shrift from the light fingered rogues who stole Palestine.


Libel Apology
Keith Windschuttle told us that various historians were liars. They were very irritated but seem not to have sued him for libel. This might be thought an admission of guilt. However Mr. Windschuttle did feel that he had been libelled in The Bulletin, took the matter to court and won. The Bulletin apologized. Their statement  which appeared in  Sydney Line and also at An apology to Keith Windschuttle


An apology to Keith Windschuttle
In case this escaped attention at the time, Keith Windschuttle has received an apology from The Bulletin for remarks published by Catherine Lumby.

Apology from The Bulletin

Keith Windschuttle is pleased to announce that an action for defamation he launched against The Bulletin magazine over an article written by Catherine Lumby in its February 12 2002 edition has been resolved. The editor-in-chief of The Bulletin, Garry Linnell, published the following apology in the edition of September 7 2004:

Apology to Keith Windschuttle
The February 12 2002 edition of The Bulletin contained an article entitled “The deskilling of history” which referred to Mr Keith Windschuttle and his qualifications. Mr Windschuttle claims and The Bulletin now accepts that the article made allegations about him which were not correct. The Bulletin apologises to Mr Windschuttle for any hurt, embarrassment or distress which he suffered as a result of the publication of the article.

For more on KW check out his site at The Sydney Line.


Male rape rife among Aborigines [ 19 May 2006 ]
10% of boys get raped. 90% run faster. Multiculturalism is wonderful. Marxists tell us so it must be true.

The first problem here is the  collapse of tribal law. The  failure of the moral education given by missionaries is the next. The take over by post Marxists and government apparatchiks is the third. Christopher Pearson explains at  Depravity in dependency


Rape Is Normal, Rape Is Fun For Ethnics [ 18 May 2006 ]
Abos rape women. Abos rape children. Abos rape toddlers. Do they do this in the wild? Pass. It happens in the little, static communities that they live in, settlements set up by  post Marxists. Do the post Marxists care? No! They just pretend it didn't happen then blame some one, any thing else.


Abos Were Massacred - Or Not As The Case Maybe [ 30 September 2005 ]
Lots of money rides on it though. Hit them with the sob story that you claim that you believe and your handlers stand to make megabucks. The left get a chance to push the Western Guilt story that they love while ignoring real massacres in Israel. If the Abos do get a pay off the answer is to set up a grog shop next door and help them spend it.


Australian Cartoon Is Alleged To Be Racist By Socialists [ 5 August 2016 ]

True to life? Yes, so what's the problem? Aboriginals are being treated shocking bad by Gough Whitlam, an evil politician & his successors. Whitlam was a Marxist. See Aborigines Betrayed for reality that the Trotskyists are hiding. NB The Abo Industry makes lots of money for the favoured few e.g. Geoff Clark. a drunken thug with light fingers who was part Abo. He ran ATSIC into the ground but beat the rape rap.



The Bennelong Society is a focus for a decent policy regarding Aboriginals. Quadrant is also worth a look.


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