Bob Hawke

Was a lefty, Zionist and Prime Minister of Australia. He was on the take from Richard Pratt, a rich Jew [ see Richard Pratt ] who is now in the frame for collusion with a nominal business rival. See Boxed-in billionaire.

When he was at Oxford he downed a Yard of ale in 11seconds, a world record at the time.

There were lots of people on the pay roll including  two former Labor prime ministers, ex-premiers of NSW and Victoria and a former commissioner of Victoria Police.

Bob Hawke was for  in for AU$8333,33 a month. Gough Whitlam came in for AU$27,220.03. He also bunged ackers at Liberal and Labor [ sic ].

Nick Greiner and former Victorian premier Rupert Hamer and  ex-police commissioner Mick Miller were also on the strength.


Rupert Murdoch: Jew or Not?
Nor is Murdoch shy of using this enormous power to further his, and his backers' own political agenda. As far back as 1972, after Australian Labour Party leader Whitlam had agreed to pursue a 100 per-cent pro-Israeli policy and to protect Murdoch's media monopoly, the power of that monopoly was used to run a block-busting campaign which steamrollered Whitlam into power. When Whitlam promptly reneged on the deal Murdoch's media turned on him as part of the successful campaign to have Whitlam removed from office and replaced by the fervently pro-Zionist Bob Hawke.


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