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The Education industry is a political tool for moulding young minds. It can be abused. It has been abused. It is being abused. Keith Windschuttle blew the whistle on one nasty and dangerous example, the teaching of early history in Australia.  His major book on the subject is The Fabrication Of Aboriginal History. He was written up in the Wikipedia for his pains.

The Wikipedia article on Mr. Windschuttle is fairly factual but tendentious. Notice its use of words like disputes, claims,  asserts, alleges. The Wiki uses Words as Propaganda Tools. It also diverts our attention from his important work on academic fraud. Notice also that he is merely QUOTE a conservative Australian historian and journalist who is the author of several books UNQUOTE while one of the Jews that he accuses, Robert Manne is QUOTE  a professor of politics at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia and one of Australia's foremost public intellectuals UNQUOTE. A mixture of fact, half truth, opinion and omission is a standard way of misleading us.

Perhaps the most telling aspect of the very public argument between Doctor Windschuttle and those he accused is that they have not sued for libel. In other words; he is right. They had no hesitation in abusing him in various left wing publications though they were guilty of libelling him. An important essay by Brenton Sanderson on the larger picture is The War On White Australia. In this case they are lying systematically. A review of his work by Paul Sheehan, an eminent journalist & author of The Electronic Whorehouse gives Doctor Windschuttle a clean bill of health at Reviews of Keith Windschuttle's new book. There the governor-general takes the position that he is not a silly old fool who swallowed lies without thought.

The alleged massacre at Warrigal Creek is mentioned in Remaking Australia as a Frontier Society & Australia could wipe Angus McMillan off the map because he massacred Aborigines.  It is part of the Propaganda onslaught against Western Civilization.



Stolen Generations
Gives access to Doctor Windschuttle's work without the waffle.


Van Demonisation
A follow-up to the controversy. More is at The Pocket Windschuttle [ ] - one of those accused of lying is Colin Tatz, a Jew marketing the Holocaust® Story.


The Future of the Left - Keith Windschuttle
See Doctor Windschuttle speak.


Freedom of Speech: Does it have its limits? Keith Windschuttle explains
Free Speech is a way of finding truth, not a mechanism for defending lies or harassment.


The Adversary Culture
Jews have infiltrated education, politics, the law et cetera to destroy Western Civilization. They are using the Useful Idiots who have swallowed left wing lies at university and from the media and they are propagating them. They claim that the white race is uniquely evil. Western Guilt is dreadful and that we should pander to blacks and such like. Mr. W puts it somewhat differently but that is the strength of it.


The Fabrication Of Aboriginal History by Keith Windschuttle 
I tend to assume that going to a university means access to the teachers who know their subjects and are going to tell the truth about them. Perhaps history is different because it is ultimately political. George Orwell said something like: He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future. The early settlement of Tasmania may well be a case in point. It has definitely excited controversy. Settling involved dealing with the original inhabitants, the Abos. Aboriginal comes from the same root as original. University courses tell the sad story of how they were dealt with. Murder them but rape them first and eat them after was their answer. Because lecturers and researchers said this it had to be true of course. Keith Windschuttle was not so sure and went to the original documentation. There was not a lot of it and none was written by Abos but in the nature of things it had some relationship to the truth. There were no recipes for Aboburger or black sausage for example but there were reports of attacks on farms and follow ups with casualty figures. This picture was very different. Our Marxist historians were not amused when it all came to light,  saying so very loudly and very publicly but never quite seem to have sued Mr. Windschuttle for libel; an interesting omission. Presuming that universities are honest is the obvious approach.  In Australia it is more complicated. If lecturers can get away with it they influence large numbers of people who will be important in later life, lawyers and politicians for example.  They are a prime Marxist target.  That is why it is done. You might care to do a Google search on Windschuttle to find a lively and passionate correspondence in the newspapers.


Whitewash: On Keith Windschuttle's Fabrication of Aboriginal History
This is the reply of the accused as reviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald, a left wing sympathizer.


Washout by John Dawson
Various Marxist history teachers were annoyed at having their stories exposed as lies by Keith Windschuttle. They wrote Whitewash as a collective response. Washout tells us clearly and forcefully that they have side stepped the core issues while nit picking and using irrelevancies to cloud their failure. In fact their dishonesty is not just a local affair but is part of worldwide assault on academic  standards and an international agenda.


For something on the way that Abos have been treated and  a decent policy regarding them see Australia and Aboriginals


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