Treason, betraying one's country is major crime but for politicians controlling the law means being above the law. Giving the Director of Public Prosecutions his job means having power. It worked for Heath, Blair, Brown, Cameron, Merkel et al. In fact being an Enemy Of The People seems to be the basic qualification for modern politicians.

Then there is the question of Race Traitors. There is a recently instituted award. My nomination for Race Traitor 2016 is Her Majesty's prime minister, David Cameron.

Crime and Disorder Act 1998 Section 36
Abolishes death penalty for treason

36 Abolition of death penalty for treason and piracy.

(1)In section I of the M1Treason Act (Ireland) 1537 (practising any harm etc. to, or slandering, the King, Queen or heirs apparent punishable as high treason), for the words “have and suffer such pains of death and” there shall be substituted the words “ be liable to imprisonment for life and to such ”.

(2)In the following enactments, namely—

(a)section II of the M2Crown of Ireland Act 1542 (occasioning disturbance etc. to the crown of Ireland punishable as high treason);

(b)section XII of the M3Act of Supremacy (Ireland) 1560 (penalties for maintaining or defending foreign authority);

(c)section 3 of the M4Treason Act 1702 (endeavouring to hinder the succession to the Crown etc. punishable as high treason);

(d)section I of the M5Treason Act (Ireland) 1703 (which makes corresponding provision),

for the words “suffer pains of death” there shall be substituted the words “ be liable to imprisonment for life ”.

(3)The following enactments shall cease to have effect, namely—

(a)the M6Treason Act 1790;

(b)the M7Treason Act 1795.

(4)In section 1 of the M8Treason Act 1814 (form of sentence in case of high treason), for the words “such person shall be hanged by the neck until such person be dead”, there shall be substituted the words “ such person shall be liable to imprisonment for life ”.

(5)In section 2 of the M9Piracy Act 1837 (punishment of piracy when murder is attempted), for the words “and being convicted thereof shall suffer death” there shall be substituted the words “ and being convicted thereof shall be liable to imprisonment for life ”.

(6)The following enactments shall cease to have effect, namely—

(a)the Sentence of M10Death (Expectant Mothers) Act 1931; and

(b)sections 32 and 33 of the M11Criminal Justice Act Northern Ireland) 1945 (which make corresponding provision) 

Treason Act 1817 Repealed In 1998

Treason Act 1790 Repealed


White Renegades
They would probably claim that they are not traitors after promising much then doing little. In fact it is worse. They promised then they sold out; they betrayed us.


Treason Defined
Traitor: Function: noun. Etymology: Middle English traytour, from Anglo-French traitre, from Latin traditor, from tradere to hand over, deliver, betray, from trans-, tra- trans- + dare to give.
1 : one who betrays another's trust or is false to an obligation or duty
2 : one who commits treason
It sounds right to me. It sounds all right to Blair and Brown because they are getting away with it.


Is different; it is open subversion.


High Treason
This comes from Heretical Press at High Treason - Laws Against Establishing a Foreign Power in England It is very much on the right lines. The men who published it were put in prison for their pains.


Treason Act 1351
ITEM, Whereas divers Opinions have been before this Time [X1 in what Case Treason shall be said, and in what not;] the King, at the Request of the Lords and of the Commons, hath made a Declaration in the Manner as hereafter followeth, that is to say; When a Man doth compass or imagine the Death of our Lord the King, or of our Lady his [X2 Queen] or of their eldest Son and Heir; or if a Man do violate the Kings [X2 Companion,] or the Kings eldest Daughter unmarried, or the Wife ( X3 ) the Kings eldest Son and Heir; or if a Man do levy War against our Lord the King in his Realm, or be adherent to the Kings Enemies in his Realm, giving to them Aid and Comfort in the Realm, or elsewhere, and thereof be [X4 probably] attainted of open Deed by [X5 the People] of their Condition: . . . F1 , and if a Man slea [ slay ] the Chancellor, Treasurer, or the Kings Justices of the one Bench or the other, Justices in Eyre, or Justices of Assise, and all other Justices assigned to hear and determine, being in their Places, doing their Offices: And it is to be understood, that in the Cases above rehearsed, [X6 that] ought to be judged Treason which extends to our Lord the King, and his Royal Majesty:
The bit about hanging, drawing and quartering perpetrators has been dropped, sad to say. But if we ever get an honest government again we would have Great Trials of politicians. Bringing back the gallows would play well with decent Englishmen.


The Crown Prosecution Service confirms through a Freedom of Information request that the Treason Act 1351 remains in force as amended. It says:-
Section 2 of the Treason Act 1351 remains in force and lists the types of activities that will be treated as treason. There are also some other Acts in force which contain treason related offences, such as section 2 of the Treason Act 1842, attempts to injure or alarm the sovereign.
The Treason Act does not seem to have sections but the offence is still crime.


Mr M. Emery

31 October 2014

Our ref: 4975

Dear Mr Emery


I refer to your Freedom of Information request which we received on 27 October 2014.

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) is a public disclosure regime, not a private regime. Information disclosed under it is thereafter deemed to be in the public domain, and therefore freely available to the general public upon request.

Section 1 of the Freedom of Information Act creates a statutory right of access to recorded information held by public authorities such as the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). This right is to be informed whether the information requested is held by the public authority or not, and if the information exists, for it to be communicated. A public authority must reply to such a request promptly and in any event, not later than twenty working days after receipt.

The individual’s right to information is not unqualified; it is subject to a number of exemptions that are contained within the Act. The majority of these exemptions are qualified, that is to say the decision whether to confirm or deny the information’s existence or to disclose the requested material, will be subject to a public interest test.

For ease of reference I have set out your request below in italics:

I want to find the current enactment for dealing with treason. Some were repealed in 1998. I would be obliged if you would let me know which Act covers it or indeed whether it is still regarded as crime.

Please note that we are not a legislating department and the following information is provided by way of advice and assistance rather than as recorded information held by the Department.

Section 2 of the Treason Act 1351 remains in force and lists the types of activities that will be treated as treason. There are also some other Acts in force which contain treason related offences, such as section 2 of the Treason Act 1842, attempts to injure or alarm the sovereign.

The Crime and Disorder Act 1998 abolished the death penalty for treason and piracy and replaced it with life imprisonment.

Further information on legislation can be found on the following website:


Treason At Maastricht
Hurd and Maude betrayed England and their Oath as Privy Counsellors by signing a treaty at Maastricht.


In English history, Praemunire or Praemunire facias was a law that prohibited the assertion or maintenance of papal jurisdiction, imperial or foreign, or some other alien jurisdiction or claim of supremacy in England, against the supremacy of the Monarch. This law was enforced by the Writ of Praemunire facias, a writ of summons, from which the law takes its name...........

The Statute of Praemunire was passed by the Parliament of England during the reign of Richard II, who purchased various loans from foreign creditors and rulers as well as bulls from Rome in 1392. It was only one of numerous stringent measures passed for the purpose of restraining the Holy See and all forms of papal authority in England and of eliminating in general the influence of foreign powers especially creditors and the Holy Roman Emperor.

Later developments
Whilst the back-room negotiations over the entrance of the United Kingdom into the European Economic Community was ongoing during the 1960s, and the growing influence of the Roman Curia in the affairs of the Kingdom continued to grow, it became clear that the Statute of Praemunier was a primary stumbling block to submitting the sovereignty of the United Kingdom to the emerging European Union and any new relationship with the Papacy. Consequently, the Statute of Praemunire was repealed by Criminal Law Act 1967 (section 13 and Schedule 4, Part 1), thereby opening up for appeals from the British subject to courts of authority in the European Union and the Roman Curia....... Eventually it was decided that there was no legal obstacle to establishing formal diplomatic relations. File FO 95/736 at The National Archives refers.
This confirms that the Foreign Office is run by traitors, the mob who tried to give the
Falklands away, oil, fish and all.


They are traitors who followed the path of Vidkun Quisling, the Norwegian who collaborated with the Nazis. He was shot for his pains. They are not, sad to say.


Third World Jihadists Are Guilty Of High Treason  [ 17 October 2014 ]
[ Allegedly ] British jihadists who fight for Islamic State or swear allegiance to the militant group could be charged with treason, the foreign secretary said yesterday.
The foreign secretary uses a factoid to promote a lie, to buy votes. He is well aware that Third World aliens were imported even though they are enemy. Does he have the slightest intention of prosecuting? Believe it if you want. The real Treason is his. The whole of Her Majesty's Government are corrupt criminals acting in collusion with Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition as well as the Main Stream Media, especially the Guardian - see e.g. the next one.


Muslims Are Jews’ Natural Allies In Europe Says Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt [ 1 October 2015 ]
Europe's economic difficulties in recent years have led to a rise in radicalism and anti-immigrant sentiment. The Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks brought these tensions to boiling point. How are these changes affecting Europe’s sizeable Jewish and Muslim minorities, and how are they testing the limits of Western ideas of tolerance and free speech? Oksana is joined by Pinchas Goldschmidt, the president of the Conference of European Rabbis [ and an official of the Russian Jewish Congress. Goldschmidt represents the Russian Jewish community politically as well.], to consider these issues. See in particular at 2:30. Goldschmidt is a blatant liar, one who regards Islamics in Europe as allies against us. Zionist crazies in Israel treat them as enemy, as worse than dogs.


Richard Crossman
Pandered to Zionist crazies, betraying England thereby. John Strachey colluded with him.



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