Crown Prosecution Service Perverting The Course Of Justice

Perverting the course of justice is major crime. Preventing it is the proper role of the police and the Crown Prosecution Service. Being the perpetrators is not. But that is what happened when Channel 4 told the truth about Islamics inciting hate and murder. Of course the Islamics got away with it because Her Majesty's Government is corrupt, run by traitors and the enemies of England. The CPS and police are pandering to rogues or, more likely colluding with them. The two perps most directly involved were a Sikh and, quite probably a Jew. There was comment at the time about the Channel 4 being leant on but much less about them beating the crooks. Private Eye distinguished itself by telling the truth again. This not a normal failing of the media. The CPS is run by the Director of Public Prosecutions who is not necessarily an ornament of the business. Mala Fide [ bad faith ] is the name of the game. See e.g. [ Insurance Bad Faith Claims FAQs - ]. It is also Misconduct In Public Office.

CPS Prosecution Principles
Their website tells us that the decision to prosecute is based on:-

  1. Having enough evidence to get a result &
  2. Prosecution being in the public interest.

There may be some simple minded enough to believe them. The wonderful people who made a television programme called Undercover Mosque are not among their number. After being called liars Hardcash Productions had to sue the police and Crown Prosecution Service for Libel. When the matter got to court the perpetrators admitted that they were lying in their teeth. By extension it follows that the CPS and police conspired to Pervert The Course Of Justice for the benefit of Third World enemy aliens. It may be that what they did was Treason. It is certainly Misconduct In Public Office. The police complaint to Ofcom was rejected. The police lied. Ofcom didn't swallow their allegations.


CPS Instructions For Prosecuting Advocates
It covers action regarding crooked police who are giving evidence. Adverse Judicial Findings obliges prosecutors to tell the truth about bent coppers and bent prosecutions.


CPS Defines Offences
Rather a useful reference.


Police, Law And You
The police are your enemy. It is a simple point and important to understand. Procedural safeguards against them have been weakened by that corrupt little swine, Blair. Robert Henderson's guide to what you should say is important. There is a lot not to say as well.


Police Pervert The Course Of Justice
In January, I wrote about a documentary which was screened in Britain on January 15. This show, entitled "Undercover Mosque", was screened by Channel 4 on its "Dispatches" strand, and was produced by Hardcash Productions. The one-hour documentary showed the results of a undercover journalist's secret videotaping over four months at the Green Lane Mosque in Birmingham, in the West Midlands. The documentary can be found on Hot Air, or on YouTube, with a transcript here. A downloadable QuickTime file (106 mb) can be found here.......... There is nothing in the documentary which differs from other serious documentaries - extracts from DVDs on sale at various mosques are shown, and preachers are shown making hate filled and extremist statements, without dubbing or narration. Despite the authenticity of the documentary showing preachers at Green Lane and other mosques exhorting Muslims to hate non-Muslims,....... West Midlands Police have taken the astonishing step of trying to have Channel 4 PROSECUTED for showing the documentary. Initially, the police had considered prosecuting three of the preachers featured in "Undercover Mosque". They decided not to press charges against the preachers of hate, but moved on to try to have the makers of the documentary charged.
Perhaps a better charge would be Malicious Prosecution - against the police and CPS. Fortunately Channel 4 had enough money to do them for Libel so the filth bottled out. Justice is a luxury that rich men can afford. The rest of us get screwed.


Police Try It On
Channel 4's controversial documentary Undercover Mosque was great investigative journalism. That the CPS thought it incited racial hatred beggars belief.
You might think he means that the police must have been lying. Putting it that way makes it harder for them to claim that they were libelled.


Police Lie About Their Involvement
Police account differs from that of Ofcom
Now the Eye gives a bit more context to the police complaint:

Had [Assistant Chief Constable Anil] Patani bothered to check the CPS website beforehand he’d have realised that, under the legislation governing Ofcom, complaints about unfairness can only come from “the person affected”…the “formal complaint” looks like a non-starter. It appears to be little more than a publicity stunt.


The Eye asked the West Midlands police why they hadn’t read the rules before lodging the complaint. A spokeswoman told us that they had “liaised” with Ofcom in advance…But this true?

“No,” said an Ofcom spokeswoman… “We certainly didn’t.”

The police also told the Eye that the formal complaint to Ofcom came jointly from themselves and the CPS. Again, this turns out to be untrue. But the confusion is understandable, since Bethan David of the CPS certainly aided and abetted the stunt.

The report ends by noting that the documentary-makers are considering suing for libel. I drew attention to this possibility a few days ago; in 2002 journalist Donal MacIntyre won a libel action against Kent Police in similar circumstances. He received £15,000 damages and reportedly £650,000 in costs. 
Police lied? Police don't do much else.


Social Cohesion Centre
Good on the general case against Islamic trouble makers.


The Full Story
The Chief Constable of West Midlands Police was personally responsible for the disastrous decision to complain about Channel 4's Undercover Mosque documentary exposing extremism in a Birmingham mosque, an inquiry has been told. Paul Scott-Lee, head of the region’s force, approved the decision in a conversation with another senior officer, the Home Affairs Select Committee heard. But nobody has been disciplined for the humiliating incident, which led to the force being sued for libel in the High Court and forced to offer a grovelling apology.
A good police force catches more criminals than it employs. Of course when criminals run the force that ain't going to happen.


Undercover Mosque - Wiki
However Bethan David of the CPS agreed with West Midlands Police Assistant Chief Constable Anil Patani (security and cohesion) that a damaging and distorting impression had been given of the speakers by the programme.
There seems little enough doubt about their story. Presumably they thought they could get away with it. Fortunately C4 had the money and good sense to tell them to fuck off.


How To Lose The War On Islamist Terror
ACC Anil Patani for West Midlands Police said: "As a result of our ... "The CPS has demonstrated that it will not hesitate to prosecute ..."
He lied. This article is a decent summary of the whole thing.


UK Commentators: Compare And Contrast
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"Welcome to the annual report for CPS Essex for 2004- .... Left to right: Anil Patani, Ian Allen, John Bell, Yvonne Ferns, Baroness ..."


UKIP Man Prosecuted For Annoying Islamics [ 1 February 2015 ]
'I don't believe that Mr. Couch appreciated the seriousness of these [ Racism ] offences at the time but he is now aware.'
But the magistrates didn't put him in prison so perhaps they have some residual sense of decency. It was Selective Prosecution. Englishmen get screwed while foreigners walk away laughing - see e.g. the next one.


Racist Islamic Preachers Incite Murder [ 1 February 2015 ]
The Crown Prosecution Service refuse to prosecute Islamics for inciting murder & race hatred. The Crown Prosecution Service alleged that there was not enough evidence. The West Midlands Police offered to prosecute the people who exposed blatant Racism, the programme makers instead of the guilty. When the CPS and police were sued for Libel they admitted that they had lied in their teeth. They still did not prosecute the Islamic criminals. This amounted to a Conspiracy to Pervert The Course Of Justice. Englishmen get prosecuted while our wonderful government panders to Third World criminals.


Crown Prosecution Service Concealed Truth About Janner In Order To Pervert The Course Of Justice  [ 19 April 2015 ]
Lord Macdonald says ‘serious failing’ by prosecutors meant he was not told about case
The previous Director of Public Prosecutions choses to allege that the Crown Prosecution Service is guilty of Misconduct In Public Office. I chose to allege that I believe him. Janner was allowed to get away with Paedophile perversion because he is a Jew who wormed his way into The Establishment, exploiting the Holocaust® Racket.


Janner, The Jew Evidence Should Be Released Say His Victims [ 19 April 2015 ]
The Guardian
was privy to the cover up from the off. See I Saw Up Close How An Establishment Closed Ranks Over The Janner Affair


Crown Prosecution Service Panders To Animal Rights Extremists [ 25 February 2017 ]
We were very pleased that Ledbury huntsman Mark Melladay was cleared of assault charges last week after he was prosecuted on the basis of malicious allegations made by a well-known animal rights extremist (read the Telegraph’s report).

Mark should not, however, have even been in court and this case, along with the prosecution of Blackmore and Sparkford Vale huntsman Peter Dogrell last year, has raised significant concerns about the implementation of the ‘Victim’s Right to Review’ which was introduced in 2013.

The right to review makes it easier for victims of crime to challenge prosecutors’ decisions not to bring charges where allegations have been made. In principle this is a perfectly reasonable approach and one which we would support, but in practice it seems clear that prosecutors are being influenced by organised campaigns, rather than just by the evidential and public interest tests on which prosecuting decisions should be made...........

In both cases charging decisions seem to have been made on the basis of who can shout the loudest, not the quality of the evidence provided by the complainant. It is no surprise either that in both cases the target of the allegations and subsequent campaigns were huntsmen, and that their accusers were animal rights protestors.
The Left Wing has its crazies, often vicious with a standard set of views driven by hate. Rent A Mob is an ugly reality, just like criminals rioting because Donald Trump won in spite of some three million fraudulent votes. They push Feminism, Homosexuality, anti-English Racism and other evils.


Alison Levitt QC
One of theirs, was at it with a deeply unpleasant Jew, Alex Carlile, she was exposed by the News Of The World. He even went and married her and she is now, in April 2017 with Mishcon de Reya - see - Alison Levitt QC; hired on the grounds that she knows people, one assumes. It is a standard technique for infiltrating the Establishment


Crown Prosecution Service Criticised After Malicious Prosecution Is Rejected By A Jury [ 16 April 2017 ]
The Crown Prosecution Service was facing serious questions from MPs last night after a judge condemned it for putting an innocent teacher on trial for raping a pupil following ‘enormous pressure’ from a former Metropolitan Police chief and an ex-CPS boss. A jury took just 15 minutes to clear high-flying deputy headmaster Kato Harris – who says the ordeal has destroyed his life.

Now, The Mail on Sunday can reveal that Sue Akers, an ex-Scotland Yard deputy assistant commissioner, hired as a private detective by the 14-year-old’s wealthy family, influenced the CPS decision to prosecute by pressurising officers from her old force..................

A damning official verdict, written by the trial judge and seen by this newspaper, also suggests Alison Levitt QC, the CPS’s former principal legal adviser to the Director of Public Prosecutions might have misled detectives into believing she acted as a ‘minister of justice’ for the CPS. At the time, she too was being paid by the girl’s parents.

Akers and Levitt were hired by the pupil’s family through exclusive legal firm Mishcon de Reya...........

The judge said he was ‘at a loss’ to see how the CPS decided there was ‘sufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction’...........

In an interview with The Mail on Sunday, Mr Harris reveals that the girl’s false claims have destroyed his career – and extinguished his once irrepressible spirit that endeared him to legions of children.
Was the girl raped? Pass. Was she put up to it after telling a few lies? Pass. Did the family want vengeance? Yes! Did the family use  Mishcon de Reya because they are Jews or because they have infiltrated the Establishment, because they know how to pervert the system?
PS The DPP, Alison Saunders is "controversial", a Feminist who hates men.


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