Emma West

Emma West is an Englishwoman who lives in New Addington, a down market place south of London. She was caught on camera telling various foreign undesirables that they were just that. Whoever had the mobile phone camera did not show how she was driven to say what she said. That bit of evidence does not fit the Subversive agenda. [ She has now come out of the woodwork - see Kate Hollingsworth. ] Another inconvenient aspect is that Forced Marriages Are  A Croydon Growth Industry

She was the immediate subject of a major hate campaign in the Main Stream Media and malicious prosecution for telling the truth. They will have used Part III of the Public Order Act 1986 which covers racial hatred. Once the police had found her she was put in prison on the grounds that it was for her own protection. They were lying, grossly, blatantly with malice aforethought. It was an excuse for harassing her, for stealing her child, for terrorizing her and every honest Englishman. Now, in April 2013, well over a year later the prosecution is stalling, claiming that they need psychiatric reports [ that say what they want ] - see Emma West trial adjourned for third time & Emma West Trial adjourned for fourth time 
PS Compare her treatment with Black Racist Thugs Walk After Committing GBH - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2070562/Muslim-girl-gang-kicked-Rhea-Page-head-yelling-kill-white-slag-FREED.html#ixzz1flw8TY6p. You just might get to thinking that perverting the course of justice is government policy. The Director of Public Prosecutions does. At all events he let Cyril Smith, a known Paedophile walk. The video maker Kate Hollingsworth has come out the woodwork. She might get made to give [ hostile ] evidence. While Emma is getting harassed big time 'Lord' Nazir Ahmed, Baron Ahmed of Rotherham, a gobby little Pakistani Racist walked away laughing up his sleeve at the Useful Idiots, police & corrupt officials who let him get away with blaming the Jews. Does the Metropolitan Police know know he did it? YES! 'Sir' Bernard Hogan-Howe has been personally informed - see Ahmed Letters. Will he act? Not a chance. Pandering to politicians comes ahead of upholding the law.
PS There was an administrative mention on 10 May. No date has been set for trial on 16 May 2013.
PPS The prosecution alleged that she had been the recipient of several death threats. Did the police investigate the prosecution's lies allegations? Did they find the alleged perpetrators? Did they prosecute? More to the point, did they exist?
PPPS Sean Gabb, England's leading libertarian reacts unfavourably to the gross abuse of poor little Emma -  More Thoughts On Emma West

Emma is due in Croydon Crown Court on 24 June 2013 on allegations of inciting hatred.

Emma West Convicted [ 1 July 2013 ]
The Mail does not mention that she was locked up in a lunatic asylum and bullied before they tried her.
West, from Croydon, was also handed a 24-month community order for offences of assault occasioning actual bodily harm against her partner and assaulting a police officer in the execution of his duty as she appeared for sentencing at Croydon Crown Court.
The Mail is a filthy Racist rag, an enemy of England.


Emma West's Trial Rescheduled For The Sixth Time
It has not been deferred to 10 May 2013. Then there will be an administrative thing when the judge asks for more information. The real thing will happen later maybe when they have broken her. Stealing her baby was a major step.

Emma West Due To Be Tried Today, 9 April 2013

Emma West Trial Adjourned For The Fourth Time [ 8 January 2013 ]

Emma West And The Truth
Emma told the truth; that is verboten in this green and pleasant land.


Emma West ex Metapedia
Emma West is an English woman who has been arrested because of her expressions.

None of you are fucking English. Get back to your own country. Sort your own countries, don't come and do mine. It's nothing now. Britain is nothing now. Britain is fucking all. My Britain is fucking all.

My Tram Experience refers to a video on YouTube featuring a Emma West on a tram calling for the repatriation of immigrants in the United Kingdom.

Video comments

Ramzpaul explains how Operant Conditioning is used to train us to react without thinking when we hear particular words such as racist. The Main Stream Media says RACIST. We all go into hate mode when we hear the mantra.

Similar accidents involving colored people

A black on an underground in France, calling for the murdering of white people. Notice that Emma West did not call for attacks on anyone, she just suggested people on the tram to go back to their countries. No proceedings are known to have been put against this black passenger.

The last video refers to an incident on the same line as that of Emma West's case. A black was allowed to get away with GBH. Corruption gets blatant.
Of course when the Soviets put dissidents in lunatic asylums it was awful. That is different somehow.


English Dissident Put In Lunatic Asylum By Government [ 4 December 2011 ]
LONDON — A 34-year-old mother has drawn death threats after a video of her profanity-laced racist rant against passengers aboard a crowded train was posted on the Internet.  Emma West, a former dental receptionist, was charged with racially aggravated harassment after a video shot by a train passenger was uploaded to YouTube on Sunday and quickly went viral. West, of New Addington, London, was remanded into custody this week "for her own protection" after the court was told "there is a serious risk of her being injured in revenge attack by the public," Metro.co.uk reported.

West, who was also referred for psychiatric evaluation, is due to appear in court again on Tuesday........... "What she said on that tram was harsh, coarse and very unladylike, no doubt about that, but what abuse had she been subjected to before the camera phone was switched on?" Andy McBride, national coordinator for Britain First, was quoted as saying.
Putting dissidents in mad houses was a technique used by the KGB, acting on the orders of Lavrentiy Beria the infamous rapist. More and better details in the Political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union. Was she wrong about Islamics? See the next ones.


English Political Prisoner Released From Lunatic Asylum [  14 December 2011 ]
THE woman charged in connection with the 'My Tram Experience' racist rant on a Croydon tram has been released on bail.

Emma West appeared before Judge Warwick McKinnon in a closed hearing at Croydon Crown Court this morning (Tuesday). The 34-year-old, of Grenville Road in New Addington, has been charged with a racially aggravated public order offence.

She was arrested after a video showing a woman abusing passengers on a tram between New Addington and Wimbledon was posted on YouTube.

West is due back at court on January 3 for formal committal proceedings.
Tell the truth and go to prison. Tell the truth and have your children stolen from you. They alleged that they did it for her own safety. Believe them if you want.

The police allow Islamics to threaten to murder us and our wonderful government allows police to pervert the course of justice. It is policy.


Englishwoman Put In Prison For Telling The Truth [ 3 December 2011 ]
You're not British because you're black': Woman charged with racially aggravated harassment after vile rant aboard tram
Emma West remanded in custody 'for her own safety'
Former dental receptionist remanded over 'revenge attack' fears [ allegations in fact ]
A 34-year-old former dental receptionist has been remanded in custody on a racial harassment charge after video showing her allegedly abusing passengers aboard a tram while balancing a toddler on her knee appeared on the internet. Emma West of New Addington, London, appeared before magistrates this morning charged with racially aggravated harassment following an appeal by the British Transport Police........
They allege that they put her in prison for her own safety then stole her child. Protective custody was called Schutzhaft by the Nazis when they were putting Jews in Concentration Camps, for their own good of course. Of course the Police are not perverting the course of justice out of official malice, are they? Soliciting To Murder is the crime being committed by the Islamics. The police are Accessories to Incitement. See Section 8 of the Accessories and Abettors Act 1861

It is not crime when Islamics try it on. Nor is thieving when MPs are at it.


Police Uphold Law Impartially??
The police in England swear an oath; that will uphold the law without fear or favour. Thus start careers of lies. Here are some of their grosser public demonstrations of pandering to criminals and corrupt politicians.
Allowing Islamics to threaten us with murder is the official policy of Her Majesty's Government and, of course Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition.

Notice that the police are hiding their faces and their numbers in order to get away with their crime, perverting the course of justice by being Accessories to Incitement. See Section 8 of the Accessories and Abettors Act 1861


Black Attacks 96 Year Old Man, Black Walks Away Laughing At Racist Prosecutors - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FnwJ2AhA-Rk
Another case of the social injustice in Britain today concerning ethnically motivated attacks on white people. A shocking and unprovoked cowardly assault on a defenseless old pensioner aged 96 who as a war hero fought for Britain.

Instead of putting this violent individual in prison where he belongs he was allowed to walk free from prison with a "supervision order". as the best way to "protect the public". So letting violent criminals go free is protecting the public now is it?? Yeah that's gonna work... Look at the video of him leaving court, smug grin on his face.

If this has been a white young thug punching an elderly black man you can guarantee there would be an uproar and a prison sentence.

Judicial corruption is alive and well in England today.


Another case of the social injustice in Britain today concerning ethnically motivated attacks on white people. A shocking and unprovoked cowardly assault on a defenseless old pensioner aged 96 who as a war hero fought for Britain.

Instead of putting this violent individual in prison where he belongs he was allowed to walk free from prison with a "supervision order". as the best way to "protect the public". So letting violent criminals go free is protecting the public now is it?? Yeah that's gonna work... Look at the video of him leaving court, smug grin on his face. If this has been a white young thug punching an elderly black man you can guarantee there would be an uproar and a prison sentence.
This clip is from the BBC, a bunch of homosexual traitors. The BBC wallah lied. The alleged lunatic did comment when he walked free. He did it with a big grin. Will the crook that let him get away with GBH be used to try Emma? Somehow I doubt it. Will she get justice? Not a chance. She will become a political prisoner again.






Racist Prosecutor Charges English Footballer - http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/291422/John-Terry-given-brush-off-from-England-sponsors [ 22 December 2011 ]


Emma West Had Taken  A Double Dose Of Medicine [ 18 February 2012 ]
A mother whose alleged racist rant on a crowded tram was seen by millions online claimed [ said/stated/argued/alleged - the Mail knows that Words are Propaganda Tools - see How To Frame A Patriot for an explanation ] she had taken a double dose of medication, a court heard today.
Emma West, 34, who allegedly hurled abuse at fellow passengers on a busy Croydon tram, claims she had been on her way back from an appointment with her psychiatrist when the incident happened. The former dental nurse appeared at Croydon Crown Court today to deny two counts of racially aggravated abuse and will stand trial for the offence on June 11.

Around 20 supporters from the British National Party said they had turned out to support the mother, whose four-year-old was sitting on her knee at the time of the alleged offence............ But a second charge of racially aggravated fear or provocation of violence was added after tram passenger Ena-May Eubanks complained [ said/stated/argued/alleged ]  West had allegedly punched her with a closed fist after spouting a racist rant at her.
The Mail puts the boot in. Mentioning the British National Party repeatedly shows that. It is one filthy rag I will never buy again. Ditto for the rest of the Main Stream Media. They are Racists who hate England, who are subverting England. I have no doubt that the black who claims that Emma attacked her is a liar who is trying it on. This puts her in the same boat as the corrupt hooligans of Her Majesty's Government who made free speech illegal in order to harass Englishmen while ignoring foreigners who abuse the law. Of course Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition is even worse.


Emma Is Still Being Harassed By Corrupt, Racist Criminals [ 28 July 2012 ]


Englishwoman Due In Court On Racism Charges. Media Do A News Blackout [ 6 September 2012 ]
Emma West goes on trial today – the 5th September 2012.
Emma West will almost certainly be jailed for the crime of speaking ill of racial minorities and swearing – according to the CPS this constitutes two counts of “Racially Aggravated Public Order Offences” a very serious offence carrying a maximum penalty of imprisonment.
Emma West was due in court yesterday after major hostile Main Steam Media abuse. Today there is nothing. Of course when a foul mouthed black screamed her hatred that was different. The Race Relations Act 1976 is bad law imposed on us by bad politicians for bad purposes.  Racism is a Marxist construct marketed by Lenin's Useful Idiots. See the next one.


Black Racist Captured - Where Is The Horror From The Hypocrites? [ 6 September 2012 ]
The BBC will be keen to pretend this never happened because Racism is their tool for attacking Englishmen and even other white men. Racism is a one way crime; blacks cannot be guilty according to their Propaganda. Of course the perpetrator could go to Jamaica if she wanted but she is not stupid enough to give up the dole, the council house, the medical treatment for her bastards etcetera.

The face of hate. Black Rage is incited by the sort of Jews that manipulated Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. Remember too poor Emma West who was thrown into prison by a Fascist regime without the nuisance of a trial, of having to prove her guilt. But then Emma is an Englishwoman who told the truth.


Emma's Trial Adjourned Yet Again [ 7 January 2013 ]
THE trial of alleged tram racist Emma West has been adjourned for the fourth time.
West, 35, of Grenville Road, in New Addington, was charged with two racially aggravated public order offences after a video, which apparently shows her abusing black, Asian and Polish tram passengers while holding her son was posted on YouTube in November 2011.

Emma West denies two public order offences and assaulting two police officers

The mother-of-two pleaded not guilty but the case has been beset with delays ever since. Following a third adjournment in September the former dental receptionist had been due to stand trial at Croydon Crown Court last Wednesday (January 2). However, the case was rescheduled because an expert who needed to attend was not available. A new date has yet to be set........

West was also due to appear at Croydon Magistrates' Court on Monday charged with assaulting two police officers at her home on March 3, 2012.

She denies both charges and the trial has been rescheduled to occur on March 4.
The regime alleges that they could not produce a relevant expert. Will anyone be silly enough to believe them? I wouldn't. The allegation that she attacked two police is just that, a contemptible allegation. Does anyone believe policemen? Not I. Why not? Look at Police Corruption then Police Brutality. She looks rather nice in the photo.


Racists Want Emma West Raped
EMMA West, 34, of New Addington, has been changed with a racially-aggravated public order offence for her racist rant on the Croydon-to-Wimbledon Tramlink route. She will appear before Croydon Magistrates’ Court. The Sun calls her the “Mother Of All Racists”. And that seems harsh on her son, who says nothing throughout his mum’s tirade, preferring to play with his (white) action doll.

It was Kate Hollingsworth who recorded the episode. She later tweeted:

“Ok so this women’s been arrest[ed]. I guess my video was a success. This has caused quite a bit of hype.”

The best bits about the video are:
* The woman is isolated. She hangs to her son for support. No-one joins her side, and that is not because they are all foreigners out to get her.
* Such a rant is rate. It still contains the power to shock.
* The other people on the train are reasoned and sober
* No-one lashes out
* The woman appears to be intoxicated. This may not be her natural state. The untypical behaviour might not be typical of her.
But on Twitter, the righteous have massed.  The Twitter Hunters are in favour of shooting the mother and leaving her child possibly orphaned. Some order  a hit. Others want her to be sent to Africa where intolerant blacks will judge her. Others want “the slag” raped. Intolerance will not be tolerated. Here’s a few of the stand-out tweets. Aside from MockingBird38, they all seem sincere and devoid of humour:
So the video maker has come out of the woodwork. Have the police found her? Have they tried? Have they asked how Emma was provoked? Do the police want their promotion? Are they corrupted by political pressure? Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


Forced Marriages Are  A Croydon Growth Industry
A CAMPAIGN to combat forced marriages is being rolled out in Croydon. The Mujboor campaign - which comes from the Urdu word meaning forced - is being run by the JAN Trust to highlight the issue amongst minority communities.

Statistics from the FCO Forced Marriage Unit show that most victims of forced marriage come from an ethnic minority community, with the majority of victims from a South Asian background. 

Since Croydon has the 4th highest black population, 7th highest Pakistani population, and 11th highest Asian population of all London boroughs, it will be the first borough target by the campaign.

Sajda Mughal, Director at JAN Trust, said: "We want to raise awareness on this inhumane act and educate women and girls about their rights. 

"At the same time we want mothers to be able to support their daughters by giving them correct information which [ allegedly ]clearly states that a forced marriage is not an act permitted by Islam. "Changing behaviours and attitudes that lead to the abuse must be done at a local level."

The campaign was launched in Slough and is focused around  seminars and community workshops to help adults understand and recognise the problems of forced marriage and show youngsters the support which is available.

For information visit www.jantrust.org
So Emma knew of what she spoke. Muhammad was a Pedophile who 'married' a girl under ten years old.


Croydon Is 15th Least Peaceful In England
Croydon was arguably the worst hit area of the country during the riots in August 2011 [ See Riot Special ]

Shepherd's Bush charity warns of horror of female genital mutilation





Croydon Magistrates Court
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Croydon Crown Court
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andrew salter says:

the magistrate who refused bail was Ian McNeill tel 01689 811678
the CPS women in charge Mrs. Frances Lockhart tel 0208 549 2992

  • John Alexander says:

    There’s another great take on the Emma West story in: “Two Racist Crimes” at:

    http://john-moloney.blogspot.com/ [ see http://john-moloney.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/two-racist-crimes.html ]

  • andrew salter says:

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk 17/02/2013 article by Croydon MP Gavin Barwell on the economic benefits of migrants. He also plugs this on http://www.gavinbarwell.com . Note at the time the twitter raptors where hunting Emma West he wrote on his blog “one English women we can do without..” Mr. Barwell seems to want the people of England to believe that the millions coming in 2014 from Romania and Bulgaria including the Roma gypsies will be making a huge contribution to our wealth and manufacturing base. Seems he is one English man we could do without.


  • Emma West Persecution Carries On - Anti-English Racism Is Government Policy 24 September 2014 ]
    Emma West
    was arrested in November 2011 after she protested about immigration whilst travelling on a bus. Her protest was captured on video and uploaded to YouTube as well as being copied by many national media outlets........

    But those with power were not satisfied simply with her criminal conviction. Emma has now had her livelihood as a dental nurse taken away by the General Medical Council with this preternaturally smug judgement:

    A [Dental Council] spokeswoman said:.......
    "Furthermore, her violent and abusive conduct would demonstrate a real risk to the safety of patients."
    Racism is a Marxist construct. Racism was made a criminal offence so that Her Majesty's Government could inflict millions of Third World aliens on us. They are Traitors who perverted the law. Anyone who believes that she is a threat to patients should consult a good psychiatrist.

    PS Our wonderful Police allow Racism when Islamics are the perpetrators. They even hide their faces so that they cannot be identified - Corruption as normal.