British National Party

The British National Party is a fairly new party in English and British politics. It  has been at the receiving end of some very sincere abuse from the two and a quarter major parties, the Tories, Labour and Liberals otherwise known as the One Party with Three Names  [ OPWTN ]. They have been subjected to malicious investigation by the BBC of a sort that they never inflict on homosexual or communist front organizations. This has resulted in malicious prosecution of Nick Griffin, the party leader.

However the BNP has lost its way under Nick Griffin. The British Freedom Party is another, possibly better choice. Another break away group is Britain First run by Paul Golding and Jim Dowson, a known crook.
PS The party has its very own priest, the Reverend Robert West, a fact which fails to amuse the Church of England.

"At all times sincere friends of freedom have been rare, and its triumphs have been due to minorities, that have prevailed by associating themselves with auxiliaries whose objects differed from their own; and this association, which is always dangerous, has been sometimes disastrous, by giving to opponents just grounds of opposition."
 Lord Acton On Politics

NB See also The BNP Under Attack and Northwest Nationalists - ex-members have seen the light.

The National Union of Journalists has got its very own web site dedicated to hate - of the BNP naturally. It makes the right noises about truth, fair play etc. It is at Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

You might, as a reasonable man wonder why they are hated so much. One piece of evidence is their political agenda. It is summarized at British National Party thus:-

Policies, and Position on the Political Spectrum

  • Would pull Britain out of the European Union.

  • Dismantling the repressive state and promote democracy.

  • End media spin and lies.

  • The introduction of a system of voluntary, financially-aided repatriation for existing, "legal" immigrants.

  • All illegal immigrants would be deported as soon as they are discovered.

  • The introduction of corporal punishment for petty criminals and vandals, and the introduction of capital punishment for paedophiles and terrorists and its reintroduction for murderers.

  • The reintroduction of national service and the requirement of people completing national service to maintain a standard issue automatic rifle in their home.

You might like  these policies or not but they meet with growing approval at the polling booth. The last point would seem entirely sensible to the average Swiss or to an Englishman a century ago.

The source has appeared on line as an election looms in England and politicians are suddenly taking an interest in what voters think. They are not pleased but then they have been treating us with contempt. These news articles give an indication of recent [ 26 April 2006 ] press coverage.

 Joe Owens Was A Street Fighting Man
He was also an honourable man of the honest Working Class, the people who are victims of Third World "cheap labour" His book is rather good. Being Nick Griffin's bodyguard is a cause for suspicion but not justified is this case.


The Rise And Fall Of The BNP - BBC Hatchet Job
The BBC is run by cunning rogues; they tell the truth when it is convenient.


Andrew Brons Interviewed By BBC Apparatchik -
Andrew wins. The BBC keeps interfering, blocking his answers. Andrew treats the
Racism accusation with the contempt it deserves; it is a Trotskyist tool.


Andrew Brons Interview Part II -
The BBC used Peter Levy, almost certainly a Jew to put the boot in. He failed miserably. But after Andrew had left he vented his bile.


Jews Tell The Truth About Anti-Semitism
Jews do tell the truth when they find it convenient. Other times all bets are off. This time they did for some reason.


Political Corruption And The BNP
This corruption directed against the BNP as distinct from internal fraud. There is plenty of that too.

BNP Friends Of Israel
This front operation does not exist unlike the Anglican Friends Of Israel, Conservative Friends of Israel, Labour Friends of Israel and Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel, their political Doppelgängers, political tools. The Jews will have infiltrated in other ways.

They will be spies looking for weaknesses. This is the first step toward exploiting people. Knowing the gamblers, fornicators, homosexuals and criminals means knowing who can be blackmailed or embarrassed by publicity.

Jew Wins Under BNP Flag  [ 1 June 2004 ]


BNP Break Away Party Formed - Paul Golding Heads Britain First [ 8 June 2011 ]
A FORMER BNP councillor who was accused of “doing nothing” for his constituents is launching his own nationalist party. Paul Golding, who stepped down as a Sevenoaks District councillor for the Swanley St Mary’s ward in February, is now director of Britain First.........

Mr Golding, who calls the movement “a modern political phenomenon” also says: “Now it is time for all patriots of stout heart to join forces, so that we can, once again, achieve progress and make an impact against the despicable traitors ruining our once green and pleasant land. “We want our country back and we shall not rest until our land is free.”
This comes from a hostile source. There is no mention of Jim Dowson, a light fingered rogue.


BNP Sources:-
Is the BNP's web site.

The Green Arrow
Is with but not quite of the party - it finds some good stuff.


London Patriot
Also finds good articles.


BNP Party Previous
Criminal convictions that is. Searchlight
, the source has some nasties of its very own e.g. buggery, burglary, arson and a track record of systematic lying.


British National Party Election Results
They are getting steadily better. Voting BNP meant getting yourself on a list run by MI5. Not any more it doesn't or if it does it means nothing.


Simon Bennett
An honest man who walked away when they set him up to take the fall in court - or not as the case may be.


Jonathan Bowden
A sound sort of chap it seems. Joined then left, ex-Tory.


Eddy Butler
Is making a leadership challenge. This has annoyed Nick Griffin.


Jim Dowson
Prod, Loyalist prone to murder threats or not as the case may be, light fingers, bad news. Griffin's right hand man.


A listing from a very hostile source.


Nick Griffin
Der Führer so to speak.


Martin Webster
Is a veteran nationalist who loathes Nick but then so do lots of others.


Patrick Harrington ex Wiki
I was interested to see a job offer on the main party website this week. It is very unusual for jobs to be offered publicly. The last two vacancies were filled without them being advertised and were filled by Patrick Harrington and his girlfriend. Readers may be aware that Patrick Harrington is the leader of a different political party which is actively hostile to the British National Party. So for a vacancy to be advertised to actual members of our party so that they have the opportunity to tender for the vacancy is rare indeed.
Odd things are happening in these times [ September 2010 ]


Lancaster Unity Goes For The Testicles In Re The Web Site Aggravation
Their story hangs together, saying it was all about money. They are hostile though. The claim that web site traffic is low is wrong.


Jim Dowson
Is Nick Griffin's right hand man. He has got a track record.



BNP                                                     30,318
Is the most interesting party with the most popular site. It is hated passionately by the BBC, Labour Party apparatchiks and Marxists so it must have got something right by being right. They have been subjected to sabotage, malicious prosecution and espionage. The Vlaams Blok in Holland had similar views and got outlawed after getting 24% of the vote. This indicates a contempt for democracy and a greed for power shared by the left in England.


BNP Friends Of Israel
Does not exist which is interesting. It is a nationalist party, a patriotic party which implies that others collude with Jews because they are traitors.



'Back anyone but BNP'  [ 24 April 2006 ]
Cameron, the leader of the "Tories" is the kind of left wing extremist who should be nowhere near the levers of power. Has he got any reason for abusing them except his own lust for power? He doesn't bother to tell us. The One Party With Three Names [ Tory, Labour Liberal = OPWTN ] will continue to betray us and make the BNP necessary.


Vote BNP and Get Sacked  [ 26 April 2006 ]
We are learning what the people of Eastern Europe are forgetting. Keep your mouth shut. Telling the truth is dangerous.


BNP support surges  [ 21 April 2006  ]
A poll says that a mere 7% will vote for them which is not a lot. The media were doing a news blackout on them. Now they are not pretending that they do not exist. And politicians are admitting to them as well. Putting Nick Griffin in prison will back fire on them and be great publicity for the party.
Lord Tebbit, the former Conservative Party chairman, in a letter to The Daily Telegraph today, challenges the widely held view that the BNP is an extreme Right-wing party. He said that he was unable to find evidence of "Right-wing tendencies" in its 2005 manifesto.
Tebbo is telling the truth. This not usual in English politics.


Illegal Immigrant Housing  [ 21 December 2006]
Asylum seekers from far away places come here and get the dole. They also get government accommodation FOR FREE and it is far better than any that Englishmen get. It includes a free phone line,  free gas and free electricity. While this is happening Brits are waiting years for council houses. The tenancy agreement is a Home Office issue and CLASSIFIED SECRET. That is a gross abuse of power. Not one of the thousands of elected apparatchiks has gone public on this one. They have betrayed England just like the Home Office. Or get the source documents from BNP-Asylum - it is in .zip format.


BNP internet leak - prisoner taken [ 7 December 2008 ]
sadie graham
Quizzed: Graduate Sadie Graham
This is the blonde university graduate arrested on suspicion of leaking the British National Party membership list on the internet. Sadie Graham, 29, a former councillor for the party, was one of two people held in connection with offences under the Data Protection Act........ Last month’s release of the party’s 13,500-strong membership list caused an uproar after thousands of people were identified as supporters of the far Right group, including serving police officers, members of the Armed Forces and even staff at Buckingham Palace......... It is believed that the second arrest was of Ms Graham’s husband of two months, Matthew Single, the BNP’s former head of security.
In a fit of pique/She caused a leak/And married the geek.


The BNP Is A Dead End  [ 11 February 2009 ]
Penetrated by Secret Squirrel with the punters being used is a fair assessment.


BNP Webmaster quits over 'Marmite video' dispute [ 7 May 2010]
Yesterday, only two days before Britain goes to the polls, the BNP’s website disappeared for a while and was replaced by this message from its now ex-webmaster, Simon Bennett: .......

According to Lancaster Unity, who have the full details of this latest outbreak of infighting in the BNP’s ranks, Bennett briefly pulled the plug on the BNP’s website as a result of a serious dispute with Nick Griffin and Jim Dowson – profiled here by Searchlight – that stemmed from the party’s recent, unauthorised use of Unilever’s Marmite logo in the web version of its general election broadcast. .......

As in invariably the case when infighting in the BNP hits the public domain, Bennett’s account of his falling out with Griffin and Dowson alleges that he was threatened with violence after pulling the plug on the BNP’s website, which he claims to have reinstated only after receiving requests from ordinary party members, who he describes as ‘decent people’.

Bennett’s account also alludes to alleged irregularities in the party’s finances, another common feature of any public falling out with Griffin, although one that may gain rather more traction on this occasion as the party in currently being investigated by the Electoral Commission after its own auditors indicated that they could not certify the accuracy of its more recent set of published accounts.
Hostile comment from a hostile source. There may be elements of the truth. The claim that they link to Simon Bennett's site is wrong.


BNP Man Is Secretly Married To A Woman - Shock Revelation [ 7 May 2010]
By day, he runs the election for Britain’s foremost racist party, calling for foreigners to go home. By night, he sups the champagne and Ferrero Rocher with those very foreigners on the diplomatic party circuit. The London organiser of the BNP is the husband of a German Embassy diplomat and benefits from accommodation and allowances provided by the German taxpayer.
Gilligan writes for a living. He writes to order. He lies to order too.


BNP Campaign And Internal Dissension[ 7 May 2010]
Nick Griffin failed dramatically in his bid to gain a Westminster seat this morning when he suffered a resounding defeat in the British National Party’s east London stronghold. Margaret Hodge, the Labour incumbent, won by a majority of more than 16,000 to deflect the BNP leader’s challenge in what she labelled the most important moral fight of her life. [ She lied - it was covering up for Mark Trotter, a paedophile with AIDS and Labour party wallah - Editor

In a humiliating defeat, Mr Griffin was relegated to third place in Barking, trailing behind Conservative candidate Simon Marcus. The BNP’s share of the vote dropped by two per cent, the result of an extensive campaign to mobilise voters against the threat of the far right. Ms Hodge, the Culture Minister, achieved a seven per cent swing, winning more than 24,000 votes and 55 per cent of the vote..........

The BNP’s campaign has been was plagued with trouble and infighting. In the first week, Mr Griffin faced an alleged plot by BNP officials to overthrow him. He also told police that a colleague had threatened to kill him after an investigation into the political “conspiracy”. On Tuesday, the head of the party’s online operation resigned and took the website down with him. Simon Bennett, 41, directed BNP traffic to his personal site, which contained a lengthy diatribe against Mr Griffin and other senior figures.

The next day Robert Bailey, the party’s London organiser and Romford candidate, was videoed assaulting [ Another lie - he defended himself against Pakistani thugs and rather well - see  BNP Bob Bailey Attacked By Pakistanis (Without BBC Commentary).mp4 and decide for yourself. - Editor ] an Asian youth who had spat on him. UKIP candidate Frank Maloney said he would make a complaint about Ms Hodge to the Electoral Commission, claiming she had spoken to voters inside polling booths.
Hostile claims from a hostile source. Internal dissension is disappointing and perhaps normal. It looks as though Nick is not as effective as one would hope . There was the theft of the membership list a couple of years ago.


Pakistani Thugs Attack BNP Man, Pakistani Thugs Lose[  [ 7 May 2010]
Caught on camera: BNP candidate punches and kicks Asians after being spat at on campaign trail A BNP candidate's campaign descended into an ugly street brawl as he traded blows with Asian youths while canvassing. In scenes more suited to pub closing time than doorstep campaigning, former Royal Marine Bob Bailey punched and kicked a teenager on the ground. The 44-year-old, who has boasted about his moves to 'professionalize' the far-right party, got into the fight after he was confronted by hecklers in Barking, East London.........

When he told them to 'move on', one of the youths spat in his face, provoking a flurry of punches which floored the teenager. He aimed several kicks at the boy as he lay in the road before [ the lie direct - Ed. ] he and his entourage became embroiled in an all-out fight. Security worker Mr Bailey, who was standing in the neighbouring constituency of Romford, stumbled over before repeatedly hitting the teenager while he was down.......

BNP leader Nick Griffin had earlier been pelted with tomatoes by several white youths as he campaigned in Barking hoping to take the seat from Labour's Margaret Hodge. Mr Griffin later claimed that Mr Bailey's fight was the result of a 'campaign of hatred and dehumanisation against any group of people, in this case us'. 
One of the criminals had the gall to complain to the police because he lost. The Metropolitan Police will be deciding whether they can get away with a malicious prosecution against Mr Bailey. Actually he did rather well. See for yourself at Bob Bailey Attacked By Pakistanis (Without BBC Commentary) - The BBC commentary will have been driven by hate.
PS Notice the thugs are alleged to be boys and teenagers. The Mail wants us to believe the perpetrators are victims. Words are Propaganda Tools

Pakistani thugs.


Destroying Democracy And The BNP [ 5 February 2011 ]
Sean Gabb, England's leading libertarian explains all
For over a year now, I have been writing for about the British National Party (BNP), the main British/white nationalist organization in the United Kingdom. The essence of my reports: the BNP faces a wall of media bias and legal and administrative persecution that put its survival in doubt. Though, as a libertarian, I have my own agenda for England, I do not regard this bias and persecution with any pleasure. What is being done to the BNP is unfair in itself and sets a precedent for the persecution of other dissident organizations...........

Moreover, a few days before the vote, two Asian men were sent to prison for sexually abusing white girls and forcing them into prostitution. A former Labour Home Secretary, Jack Straw [ Jew and communist subversive - Editor ], then admitted that this is a widespread problem. [ Jack Straw: Some white girls are 'easy meat' for abuse, BBC, January 8, 2011 ] The BNP had been protesting about this problem for years. Now it was vindicated, although still ignored by the Main Stream Media.
It isn't bad, it is worse and still getting worse.


Griffin Attacks Andrew Brons [ 13 June 2011 ]
The video footage of Nick Griffin storming into the meeting at the EU parliament to harangue the people present at the meeting and Andrew Brons in particular, which took place a few weeks ago, will be remembered as the day Griffin signed his own death warrant. Griffin storming into that meeting and scolding Andrew Brons as if he were some insolent schoolboy, was the most stupid thing Griffin could have ever done..........

It was at this moment Andrew Brons knew he no longer had a choice - it was either fight for the leadership or walk away. Thankfully he has chosen to fight. The only person who could in reality beat Griffin was only ever Andrew Brons............

The Griffin plan is to change the constitution to impose a new five year leadership so that the criminal laws on False Accounting, which have a six year time limit, can ensure that the fraud and theft he and Dowson were involved in goes outside the statutory period of limitations and he cannot be prosecuted.
The message is that Griffin is a thief who is getting away with it because Her Majesty's Government likes what he is doing, which is ruining the BNP.


British National Party Screwed By Nick Griffin Again [ 26 July 2011 ]
At close of nominations at noon on Monday the 4 July, just two candidates put their names forward to contest the 2011 British National Party leadership election: Andrew Brons MEP and Nick Griffin MEP. It was a straight contest between two Party heavyweights.....

Now that all the votes have been counted, we can announce that Nick Griffin MEP has been duly re-elected to lead the British National Party for a fixed term of four years. The winner, Nick Griffin, received 1157 votes, whilst Andrew Brons, the loser, received 1148.
Griffin won by fair means or foul. He moved the goal posts to make it difficult to get rid of him. He succeeded. The BNP is a worthless zombie run by a crook betraying England. That is the way the BBC, Her Majesty's Government, Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition etc. like it. That is why they have not put him prison. See Nick Griffin for more and better details.


English Democrats Could Do Better As BNP Declines
English Democrats could become 'electorally credible' as BNP decline
Party has already claimed some defectors, but leader Robin Tilbrook warns new members must be 'genuine converts'

The red and white of the cross of St George was omnipresent, merchandise for sale included t-shirts emblazoned with the demand: 'Justice for the 50 million' and the prizes at an evening raffle included a box set of films by Shane Meadows...........

Thanks to a combination of factors, the most important of which being the implosion of the British National Party, serious political commentators now suggest the door is open for the EDs to exploit the supposedly significant gap in the electoral market for an anti-immigration, radical right party.

A trickle of disillusioned BNP activists have already defected to the party, which despite its motto of "Not Left, Not Right – Just English" is significantly more hardline on immigration than any at Westminster. They also want to pull out of the EU, ensure that the "public culture" of England should be that of the "indigenous English" and condemn "political correctness" as an "evil ideology". [ Notice that The Guardian makes a claim but does not give reason to believe that they are telling the truth. - Editor ]
This is an interesting admission from The Guardian, the enemy of England; the Trotskyists keen on importing Third World wasters as cheap servants and cheap labour. The Guardian helped break the British National Party by suppressing comment on Nick Griffin's nasty track record and the missing money.


Sexual Offenders Rampant In British Police Force
169 officers are being investigated for sexual offences including rape
Newly released figures show 169 police officers and support staff in Britain are being investigated for inappropriate sexual behavior. The figures obtained under Freedom of Information regulations show London is the hub of police misconduct with 47 personnel facing inquiries, 36 for sexual assault and 11 for inappropriate sexual conduct.

The allegations under investigation across the country include sexual assault, other sexual misconduct, indecent sexual behavior at work and possession of inappropriate images........ The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said cases of 31 offenders are now in process.

"While these cases are rare, each of them is a fundamental abuse of power, and therefore seriously undermines public trust,” IPCC chair Dame Anne Owers said......

Last week, a 42-year-old Criminal Investigation Officer was convicted of two separate sexual assaults on women who came to him to report crimes.

Meanwhile, a 57-year-old Detective Constable was given 12 months in jail last month for molesting a distressed woman in her house and asking another in her own kitchen for sex after she called the police to report a theft.
31 investigations in the Met mean that the other 29 thousand have gotten away with it. Hogan, the chief constable is another crook who investigates crime if he thinks he will, which is why Ahmed, a greasy little Pakistani Racist has been allowed to get away with it.


BNP Peace Mission Goes To Syria As Cameron Sets Up Criminal War [ 5 September 2013 ]
BNPeace Envoy
BREAKING NEWS: Nick Griffin MEP, accompanied by BNP National Treasurer Clive Jefferson and BNP Head of Publicity Charlie Wythe, have dramatically cut short a conference in Brussels to embark on an emergency BNPeace mission to war-torn Syria.

The whole country is watching as another British prime minister defies the British public, rejects common sense and casts aside all moral decency by threatening to attack a foreign and sovereign nation with military strikes. Warmongers William Hague and David Cameron have refused to reach a solution by diplomatic means and are rushing headlong into war. The BNP considers it a criminal offence to interfere by way of military strikes on nations which do not threaten our own.........

Once again Nick Griffin is putting his life on the line to stop the Cameron regime from committing war crimes in the name of the British people, and, if we cannot prevent it, the least we can do is make sure that the British people know that the only member of parliament with any balls is campaigning for peace while Cameron’s regime is committing more crimes in the name of the British people.

We in the BNP urge everyone to contact their MP urgently to ask them to vote against any military action in Syria by the UK. Remember, every cruise missile dropped on Syria will cost Ł1million - money much better spent here in the UK on doctors, nurses and schools. You can find your local MP, and details of how to contact them, here.
Nick Griffin is doing the right thing for the right reasons as War Criminals like Cameron, Obama & Netanyahu set up mass murder for the misbegotten regime, the Zionist crazies running Israel, the Stolen Land. He will get a news blackout from the Main Stream Media. They are corrupt propaganda machines.


Nick Griffin Expelled From The BNP [ 3 November 2014  ]
This is good news, an opportunity for the British National Party to clean up its act after Nick Griffin tried to destroy it. They didn't have anyone who had what it took to do what it took although they did say that he is a thief. The Establishment was determined not to prosecute because he was doing so much damage to the party.


Adam Walker
Adam Walker ex Wiki
The Wiki is doing a smear job but pretending to take it down the middle - Adam says/claims/alleges - the Wikipedia uses Words as Propaganda Tools.

Adam got rid of Griffin. Now it is a matter of cleaning up its act. The BBC  & other Marxists will be hostile regardless. For something nearer the truth see BNP Biographies.


BNP Counter Islamic Terror Plan Makes Sense  [ 3 November 2017 ]
1/ Deport Islamic fundamentalists and their families

Scotland Yard has already announced that there are at least 3,500 jihadis in Britain with estimates weighing in at more than 23,000 operating in cells and actively plotting murderous terror attacks. This means that by the standards of the Government of the United States, the British Government is a rogue state harbouring terrorists.

The parents of the Manchester bomber were given refugee status and refuge in Britain from Libya; this is how they repaid our kindness. They have proved their incapacity and inability to integrate with British society.

Britain owes these people nothing!

2/ Introduce detainment centres
We are at war!   ...............The BNP’s plan to create detainment centres for Islamists comes as former MET Police Chief Tarique Ghaffur announced the need for ‘detainment camps’ for Islamists.

3/ End Soft-Touch Britain
The Manchester bomber used state benefits to fund the slaughter of our children...................

  4/ No more foreign wars – bring our Heroes home
The continual interference and meddling in Muslim nations has incited Islamist jihadis to indiscriminately target Westerners for death, despite the fact that we ordinary citizens NEVER backed these foreign invasions and many actively and vocally spoke out against them.

These wars, in the interest of Israeli geographical supremacy in the Middle East and US foreign domination, do not warrant a single drop of British blood............

Syria – until recently, home to the most ancient Christian community and a haven for different Muslim communities and Jews – was the only secular Muslim nation in the Middle East and a barrier holding back the tide of Middle Eastern and Third World hordes seeking benefits in Europe.

Put former Prime Minister Tony Blair on trial for war crimes and demonstrate to the world that we mean business and justice will be served!

5/ Shut down radicalised mosques
Radicalised mosques are known to the authorities who fail to act because they are tied up with red tape and scared of being called ‘racist’ by their fellow Politically Correct peers, institutions and the MSM (mainstream media). Radical mosques are breeding grounds for Islamist terrorists.

6/ Removal of Political Correctness czars
Create a special independent intelligence unit to isolate and remove Politically Correct heads of authorities.

The poisonous ideology of Political Correctness has resulted in the mass rape and torture of children in Rotherham and countless other towns and cities and the slaughter of our children in Manchester........................

7/ Hate Preachers detained and deported immediately
8/ Ban the burqa
9/ A temporary ban on all Immigration
10/ Never mind internet censorship
It sounds good to me; it will sound good to a lot of people. Recall the British National Party was run by a crook. He was allowed to get away with it because he was breaking the party. The BNP was hated by the political class and the Main Stream Media because it is a party of the people, not a bunch of Treasonous rogues. Recall BTW Vladimir Lenin understood them well - see Labour Party Assessed By Comrade Lenin. "Regarded from this, the only correct, point of view, the Labour Party is a thoroughly bourgeois party, because, although made up of workers, it is led by reactionaries, and the worst kind of reactionaries at that, who act quite in the spirit of the  bourgeosie. It is an organisation of the bourgeoisie, which exists to systematically dupe the workers............."[ See ].

Does our wonderful government explain why it is deliberately importing thousands of Third World parasites, dead beats, free loaders and murderous thugs? But it is policy just the same. How much does it cost? See the next one.


Errors & omissions, broken links, cock ups, over-emphasis, malice [ real or imaginary ] or whatever; if you find any I am open to comment.

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