Manchester was a great city at the heart of the Industrial Revolution. Now it is overrun with Third World aliens imported by Her Majesty's Government, by Treason with the enthusiastic collusion of Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition. Crime is the result. One major crime is the Manchester Massacre on 22 May 2017. Read on.

Labour Colluded With Liberals To Conceal Their Sex Crimes [ 9 October 2014 ]
Fresh allegations have emerged regarding sexual impropriety, child abuse, and a co-ordinated cover-up by Labour and Liberal Democrat Party officials in the Greater Manchester Area, Breitbart London can exclusively report. 

Following on from the expose that 1400 young, white girls had been abused at the hands of Pakistani gangs in Rotherham, Breitbart London can report new allegations that have come to light about other instances of public sector and government officials colluding to keep information out of the public domain..............

Breitbart London has chosen to redact the names of others implicated in the "deal" due to an ongoing investigation by Greater Manchester Police......

He said: “I worked there for a long time and the stories about Cyril resonated throughout the building. To see him bouncing seven-year-old boys up and down on his knee was frightening. The sexual abuse of boys with learning difficulties did become public but no one ever proved anything against Smith. He was a very clever man who covered his tracks very well.”.......

The allegations over a cover-up "deal" were originally made to the Labour MP's staffer by a long since departed Liberal Democrat councillor. When asked to confirm that the original e-mail was indeed sent by him, the Labour staff member admitted it, which has raised questions as to why no one contacted the police at the time.
Recall that Labour moved Janner from the Commons to the Lords when he was accused on oath of being a Paedophile. He got away with it because he is a Jew and  Labour is utterly corrupt.
PS The Guardian explains all, including Roger Stone, liar & thief - sort of. The allegation that the majority of perpetrators were Englishmen is grossly misleading but then  The Guardian is that "foul prostitute and dirty parasite of the worst portion of the mill-owners".


Manchester Police Let Pakistani Perverts Walk Free [ 14 October 2014 ]
Child sex grooming gangs have avoided prosecution due to a failure by one of the country’s biggest police forces to pursue claims against them, it has been alleged, threatening to reignite the debate over institutional neglect of young victims of sexual abuse.

Greater Manchester police (GMP), the third largest force in England and Wales, has been accused by serving and former detectives of attempting to cover up failings to tackle gangs of Asian men who were abusing young girls, according to an ITV News investigation.

A former detective constable with the force has come forward to reveal she named and identified offenders and victims more than a decade ago in an internal report but no action was taken.

Responding to the claims, GMP chief constable Sir Peter Fahy told ITV that officers had developed a “mindset” that victims in sexual abuse cases were “unreliable” but, while this had since changed, it was still present within the courts.

As part of the investigation the father of a girl who gave evidence two years ago against a Rochdale gang, which was convicted of raping and trafficking young girls as young as 13, told the programme his daughter identified new suspects in a line-up but the force did not follow up with a prosecution.

He said his daughter was “promised” further arrests but “nothing else happened”..........

A statement from the police force said: “Considerable resources are now invested in a number of ongoing investigations and we have already made clear that further arrests will be made.

“There have already been a number of major investigations across Greater Manchester relating to sexual abuse of children, including historic cases, which have led to convictions. These are complex and challenging investigations and we are committed to bringing offenders to justice.”
They are pretending that they will do something about it. They lie like they breathe.


Police Pretend To Act Against Pakistani Paedophiles In Manchester [ 29 October 2014 ]
Eleven people have been arrested under Operation Heliodor in the south Manchester area, Greater Manchester Police said.

The suspected abusers, aged between 19 and 38, have been arrested for alleged offences including sexual activity with a child, attempted indecent assault, inciting child prostitution, abduction and rape.

None of the men have been charged and all have been released on bail until November and December. 

The arrests come at a time of increased scrutiny over the way police forces, including Greater Manchester, deal with child sexual exploitation allegations in the wake of damning reports and claims widespread abuse was effectively [ and actually ] ignored by officers for years.
Now they can't pretend they don't know so they pretend they will do something about it. To be fair Police Corruption starts at the top and works its way down, all the way from Her Majesty's Government. The crook with a silly name who runs the Met pretends to be anti-Racist. He is when Englishmen are accused but when it is greasy little Pakistani chancers like 'Lord' Ahmed he refuses to act. He won't even admit that he has been told.


Man Murdered In Manchester Nightclub Brawl  [ 30 September 2017 ]
Police took four prisoners but the Daily Mail is keeping quiet about them, which means they are black.