Pakistan was most of northern India. Then it became a separate state. Later it was a divided state. West Pakistan was geographically separate from East Pakistan. Partition happened and 'only' a million people were murdered as a result. They breed fast so the whole place is still overcrowded with a billion plus bodies. Now East Pakistan has become Bangla Desh while Pakistan has become nuclear. Bad temper is involved.

The significance of the place is that Her Majesty's Government import Pakistanis as a matter of policy. HMG's policy is Genocide as defined by the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. It is also Ethnic Fouling & Treason to boot but they run the legal system. They decide who gets prosecuted & who walks away laughing up their sleeve. This page gives sources to be used in the unlikely event that justice is done to our wonderful politicians by giving them fair trials for treason then hanging them.
PS The Director of Public Prosecutions alleged that the word Paki is Racist and got away with it - 'Paki' football chant ruled racist by court. Football fans said of Oldham "You are just a town full of Pakis." Oldham was the scene of race riots in May 2001.

Pakistani Rape Epidemic
It was going on the North. It was being covered up then. But the wall of silence broke in Rotherham. Are the perpetrators, such as politicians, police et cetera being prosecuted for Perverting The Course Of Justice or even Misconduct In Public Office? Not a chance. They are above the law when all is said and done.


Pakistani Murders
Killing women who have strayed is a national sport.


Pakistani Perverts
Cover sexual perversion, crime, perjury & general purpose evil.

Pakistani Murdered Wife And Family [ 22 August 2012 ]
A husband has described his pride over how he shot dead his wife, sister-in-law and mother-in-law to restore his honour after accusing her of cheating on him.

Muhammad Ismail murdered spouse Samina Bibi, her sister and her mother in February this year in a jealous rage at their home in an unnamed village in central Pakistan, police say.

Describing the killing spree with chilling clarity, he said he wounded his wife with a shot to her side before leaving her in a pool of blood while he gunned down the two other women in the next room. He then returned to kill his wife with what bullets he had left in the gun. 'She didn't say anything when I shot her,' he said. 'I didn't want to hear what she had to say anyway.'I made sure they were all dead. Then I locked the door and left the house.'.........

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan say 943 women were 'killed in the name of honour' in Pakistan last year, an increase of more than 100 from 2010.
Her Majesty's Government import scum like these as a matter of policy, one of Genocide. It is also Treason but they run the legal system so they decide who is prosecuted. Her Majesty's Allegedly Loyal Opposition are even more corrupt. They want Third World aliens for their illegal votes.


Pakistani Policeman Was A Slum Landlord. He Is Charged With Thieving Too [ 23 August 2012 ]
A senior policeman who ran a 'zero tolerance' crackdown on nightmare tenants owned a house that became notorious for wild parties, drug taking and violence. While Inspector Mohammed Razaq, 52, was fighting to evict thugs from a council estate in Bolton, Greater Manchester, his ten-bedroom house five miles away had descended into chaos. Neighbours created a dossier of 49 incidents in which drunken tenants at the Victorian townhouse had thrown bricks at them in the street and jumped up and down on cars...............

A neighbour said today: 'Closing down that house will give us our first good nights sleep for several years.........

Insp Razaq is currently suspended on full pay from his post after being arrested in May 2011 on suspicion of unrelated allegations of corruption and fraud. He was cleared of any wrongdoing on duty but was charged with six offences of fraud and three offences under the Proceeds of Crime Act relating to insurance and mortgage fraud.
He does not seem to have alleged Racism yet but no doubt it will be his big excuse for fraud etcetera.


Pakistanis Run Birmingham School Into £3 Million Debt While Exporting Proceeds To Baluchistan  [ 8 February 2015 ]
They increased the rent they paid from £1 to £300,000 which went to their peculiar friends. They made the children eat off the floor. They robbed the English taxpayer blind.


Pakistan Will Hang 8 Thousand Criminals On Death Row  [ 12 March 2015]
Pakistan will begin executing criminals on death row whose appeals have been exhausted, an interior ministry spokesman said Tuesday, reversing an earlier announcement that only those convicted of terrorism would be executed.......

There are more than 8,000 Pakistanis on death row. But the country had a de facto moratorium on executions in place from 2008 until December, when Taliban gunmen massacred 134 children and 19 adults in the worst militant attack in the country's history.
This will leave room for another 8,000, save feeding them, discourage other criminals, save money. It is good news for once.


Pakistan Expelling 3 Million Afghan 'Refugees' - Media Suppress Facts & Truth  [ 9 September 2016 ]
Pakistan has started expelling all 3 million illegal immigrant Afghans back to their home country—in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The fact that the UNHCR is involved in the repatriation process proves that Afghanistan is a “safe” country and that all “asylum seekers” from there are bogus. According to a report in the Pakistan Today newspaper, the UNHCR has announced that “Afghan refugees are being facilitated during repatriation to their homeland.”.........

There are two important lessons to be learned from the Pakistan government’s move to expel the Afghans.

Firstly, as mentioned above, it proves that Afghanistan is a safe country and therefore that all the Afghans claiming to be “refugees” in Europe are lying; and

Secondly, the silence of the controlled media and liberal establishment over the mass expulsions is in marked contrast to their shrill opposition to any European state such as Hungary which also does not want to be invaded by aliens.

If any European nation announced the mass expulsion of three million invaders, the controlled media would be up in arms.

But because it is a nonwhite nation taking these steps, the media is silent—and their silence is evidence once again of the inherently anti-white nature of the establishment and controlled media.
Afghans who went to Pakistan may be honest refugees with genuine problems caused by War Mongering rogues like Blair, Brown, Bush, Cameron & Obama. They are unlike the light fingered Third World freeloaders on the make invading England & Western Civilization generally. None of them are stupid enough to try it on with Saudi Arabia or other rich Arab countries.
PS The BBC knows; it alleges that they are being victimised. The BBC is run by Marxist liars with an agenda.


Pakistani Attacks Solicitor In High Court Then Gets A Glasgow Kiss [ 11 March 2017 ]
Philip Saunders, 69, lunged at businessman Mohammad Ghadami after he became enraged during a bitter £100 million legal battle. The astonishing video shows the two men arguing at the London courts when suddenly Mr Ghadami, 62, swings his briefcase between Sanders' legs. The lawyer then steps back before stooping down and headhunting him in the face............

The property developer was involved in a long-running legal dispute with businessman Paul Bloomfield and 18 others, including Saunders, over a disputed land deal, claiming £100m in damages.........

A five-year restraining order was imposed and Saunders was also made subject to a four-month curfew between 8pm and 6am and ordered to pay £5,000 prosecution costs.

He is now likely to be struck off the roll of solicitors.
The Pakistani attacked; the Jew responded rather better. A broken nose is effective. Recall that another Jew, Ernie Saunders the well known thief lied his way of prison by pretending to have Alzheimer's; he is the only one ever to 'recover' from it.


Pakistani Gets Five Years For Inciting Terrorism [ 25 August 2017 ]
A 39-year-old man who shared extremist videos on the internet has been jailed for five years, police said. Sagheer Hussain, of Bishop Street, Bradford, was found guilty of three terrorism offences following a trial at Leeds Crown Court.

Hussain was arrested after he uploaded three YouTube videos in support of the Islamic State (IS) group to a public Google account.
Pakistanis are imported to be terrorists, to populate the Trojan Horses, which will be used to destroy England.


Blind Pakistani Immigration Judge Sacked [ 2 October 2017 ]
The country's second blind person to reach a judicial post wholly failed 'to meet the standards that are demanded by the office of a judge', according to a panel's ruling........ Their ruling was the result of appeals relating to 13 cases heard recently by Judge Majid. Judges from the immigration and asylum chamber's upper tribunal allowed 12 appeals against the judge...............

They also said many of the cases rested on 'notoriously complex' immigration rules, adding Judge Majid had not given 'the least reason to suppose that he is aware what the relevant requirements of the rules are' in any of the cases appealed....... He was found to have ignored core elements of the Refugee Convention, legal authorities 'from 1996 on and the entire trend of state and judicial status determination'.............

As a result, every one of the decisions under appeal shows error in law, in most cases serious error, in most cases multiple serious errors.' Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association chairman Adrien Berry said: 'It is hard to see how he first passed the judicial exams and then why it has taken so long for his lack of knowledge to be exposed.
Questions: Why did he get the job? Why did it take twenty years to decide that he is, at best grossly incompetent? Why was he alleged to have passed law exams in the first place? Answer: He is a Pakistani. This is Racism, anti-English racism in action.
PS He looks stupid but then he is, isn't he?


Uber Taxi Drivers Enjoy Raping Girls [ 2 October 2017 ]
Uber drivers have been accused of more than a dozen sex attacks, including at least two rapes, outside London.

Alleged sexual assaults were reported to six police forces outside the capital, according to data released under freedom of information laws, revealing the scale of the ride-sharing group’s security problems. Forces in Greater Manchester, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire and Avon and Somerset have recorded 13 alleged sex attacks by Uber drivers since 2015.

Greater Manchester police recorded three alleged sexual assaults and one alleged rape by Uber drivers, while South Yorkshire police investigated one alleged sexual assault and an alleged rape. West Yorkshire police recorded three alleged sexual offences involving Uber drivers, while Avon and Somerset investigated two and Warwickshire and Leicestershire each recorded one.

The true number of cases nationwide could be much higher, as 20 of the 45 forces across Britain asked by The Sunday Times for information on Uber’s public safety record either refused to provide figures on the grounds of cost or did not respond
This probably is not the reason why Sadiq Khan banned them in London because he is a Pakistani too.


Pakistani Bakers Fined £150 Thousand For Gross Filth  [ 18 November 2017 ]
These cooks were even filthier than the last time they were inspected.


Only Four Out Five Rapists Are Pakistani - Allegedly  [ 10 December 2017 ]
The vast majority of men convicted of grooming young white girls – 84 per cent – are of Asian origin, according to a report to be published this week.

The study by the renowned counter-extremism think-tank Quilliam says that of these, seven in ten are believed to be of Pakistani-Muslim heritage. Asian gangs have deliberately abused white girls because they hold entrenched racist attitudes towards them as being ‘easy targets’ for sex, according to the report, which is based on the testimonies of convicted Asian men during court hearings.
Only 70%? It sounds low to me & likely as not, to the good people of Rotherham where Pakistani Perverts have been allowed to rape English girls by corrupt politicians. 84% is more plausible. See their story at Re-programming British Muslims A study of the Islam Channel. It says inter alia that the Islam Channel, a television station is a Propaganda machine inciting Racist hatred. Of course it is allowed to do so because it markets anti-white hate. NB the Abdullah Quilliam Society was founded by an English twerp.
PS The Times, in its coverage says that of 264 convicted 7% were white. That sounds about right.



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