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The Metropolitan Police force was started in 1829, making it one of the oldest police forces. This means it is has had a lot of opportunities for corruption. They have been taken all too often. You might think from reading Bent Coppers by Graham McLagan that corruption in the Met was confined to the Flying Squad and the South East Regional Crime Squad. It wasn't; It never was. You might also think that he was a BBC man so an undependable, incompetent, third rate writer. That view is optional. But the Daily Mail tells us about Dirty Money, Bent Coppers And Corruption while the Express writes about Four Thousand Bent Filth. Are they wrong? NO! Do they get sued for Libel? NO! Then there is James Morton, who edits THE NEW LAW JOURNAL, and has long experience as a solicitor specialising in criminal work. He wrote another book called Bent Coppers; the title is rather obvious and very true.
PS The Met is currently run by 'Sir' Bernard Hogan-Howe, a Racist chancer, one whose face fits.
PPS You might feel after looking at the Flying Squad that various major criminals are being protected, that they are disappearing down the Memory Hole so aptly described by George Orwell in Nineteen Eighty Four.

Bent Lawyers And Cops in the Met
POLICE CORRUPTION, never gone, rarely exposed and denied emphatically by them of course!  They say it might be two per cent.  Rubbish of course, its more like eleven per cent at least, but figure massaging and conjuring statistics to coincide with their own public image of policing is flawed by what you will see on this site.  They go to great efforts to conceal wrong-doing using  misdirection, falsifying figures, deception, fabrication, destroying evidence against them and having it mysteriously disappear, and all enquiries into police corruption have run aground or failed miserably due to non-co-operation' which effectively brings such investigations to a grinding halt with nowhere to go.  This was never more so when 'Operation Countryman' was wound up by the Government who decided that attempts to bring hundreds of officers to trial were being thwarted by the police at every turn and the revelations in 'The Fall of Scotland Yard' showed bribes in the elite squads such as drugs and the Obscene Publications had bent officers lining their pockets like crooks; this was the third enquiry set up to find corruption. More recent ones have followed such as 'The West Midlands Crime Squad' and one in the 90's, none of them satisfactory or successful.
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Dirty Money, Bent Coppers And The Corruption That Shames Our Police
It is almost two centuries since the father of modern policing Robert Peel laid down the so-called Peelian Principles on which his new ethical police force would be founded. There are only three and of those just one relates to crime.

The other two demand that officers earn the trust of the people they seek to police by exercising power openly and honestly, and that they are accountable for whatever happens afterwards.

After last week’s revelations regarding the Metropolitan Police’s handling of the Stephen Lawrence murder 20 years ago, I wonder if we should give those principles a crime number because they’ve suffered serious injury...............

So let me tell you about some of examples of corruption I have come across in my years investigating and writing about big, box office villains and the men who set out to catch them but somehow lose their way..............

One detective earned tens of thousands of pounds selling confidential information, including witness statements to known criminals to feed his drug habit. He’d been encouraged to take drugs while working undercover and got hooked...........

Police corruption cuts across every rank of ‘the job’ today. I know of beat constables who accept a ‘drink’ for looking the other way and senior officers who bury evidence to protect themselves and their colleagues.

And these are men who operate in uniform with their rank and number visible to all – stripped of those the stakes are higher.

I know of covert police who have actively perverted the course of justice by smearing the reputations of victims, losing or withholding crucial evidence and then closing ranks to cover the identity of killers and criminals...........

Noye – in prison at the time for his role in handling some of the gold from the Brink’s-Mat robbery – had even phoned one officer connected to the Lawrence case from jail to ask him ‘to ease off’ the Lawrence investigation.
He seems annoyed about the Lawrence Job, meaning he is a Racist. The rest is entirely believable.


Metropolitan Police Service ex Wiki
The Metropolitan Police Service was founded in 1829, under the Metropolitan Police Act 1829, and at that time, merged with the River Thames Marine Police Force, which had been formed in 1798. In 1837, it also incorporated the Bow Street Horse Patrol that had been organised in 1805.[12]


Bent Coppers by Graham McLagan
As one would expect from an investigative journalist, Mr. McLagan has quite a nice style of writing but it must appear to the reader that this book is somewhat one-sided. First, it appears that he received a telephone call and was told that if he went to a certain street, outside a certain building, there he would find a rubbish bag filled with police documents. Lo and behold, that bag fortuitously contained the basis for this book - oh, really! The result is that Mr. McLagan has written a book designed to display the finer points of the Complaints Investigation Branch (CIB). I'm sure that ordinarily, Mr. McLagan would have been marched off to the nick for failing to surrender this interesting batch of documentation, the possession of which could have merited prosecution under the Official Secrets Act. However, perhaps whoever was responsible for the unexpected beneficence of sensitive data was so delighted with the result, they felt the end justified the means.

Still, leaving aside the fairy-tale aspect of the book, Graeme McLagan highlights the incredibly reckless and nonsensical way in which the convicted robber, Hector Harvey was dealt with as an informant by the Flying Squad (who really should have known much, much better) and as a Supergrass by CIB, whose stupidity and jaw-dropping naivety beggared belief.

I knew many of the police personnel featured in this book; some deserved imprisonment, some were exceptionally fortunate but there are many others where the finger of blame was pointed at them and although they were exonerated, they were nevertheless named, leaving a rather grubby question mark over them.Read more ›  


Flying Squad ex Wiki
This was the era in which the squad's close ties with the criminal fraternity, which had always been a necessary part of its strategy, were being exposed to public criticism. A number of scandals involving bribery and corruption were revealed, and on 7 July 1977, the squad's commander, Detective Chief Superintendent Kenneth Drury, was convicted on five counts of corruption and imprisoned for eight years.[4] Twelve other officers were also convicted and many more resigned. These and other scandals led to a massive internal investigation by the Dorset Constabulary into the Metropolitan Police Service and the City of London Police, codenamed Operation Countryman.[5]


We were told the police had stopped covering up corruption. I fear it was all a sham, says former Met chief
He fingers Drury and Moody but not Wally Virgo.
Called Operation Countryman, it was conducted by detectives from Hampshire and Dorset. These men complained bitterly that their investigation had been wilfully obstructed by both the Metropolitan Commissioner Sir David McNee and by the Director of Public Prosecutions Sir Thomas Hetherington.
See Sir Thomas Hetherington.

Ali Dizaei
Third World alien, Racist, bent. See Ali Dizaei most senior Scotland Yard officer to be convicted of serious crime since 1977


Dead men finally cleared of murder
The Guardian fingers Drury.


Metropolitan Police Clubs and Vice Unit
The Wiki mentions Wally Virgo but does not write him up. Ditto for Moody.



700 Corrupt Senior Islamic Police To Be Sacked [ 17 July 2011 ]
In a rare show of unity, Egypt's largest political Islamist movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, will join a vast array of liberal, leftist and secular political forces, including youth representatives from this year's anti-Mubarak uprising. They will demand that police officers and former regime officials are finally held accountable and that the army's grip over the justice system comes to an end.............

In another apparent attempt to appease the public ahead of the rally, interim interior minister Mansour al-Essawy has promised to purge up to 700 corrupt senior officers from the police force as part of the largest reshuffle in the interior ministry's history. But five months on from the protests that led to Mubarak's fall and left almost a thousand dead, only a single officer has been convicted of wrongdoing – and he is yet to be put behind bars.
To be fair they are police criminals in Egypt not England. It may even be that some are Christian. This is a follow up to Secret Report Brands Muslim Police Ten Times More Corrupt [ 10 June 2006 ] which the Guardian hopes we have forgotten about.


Metropolitan Police Commissioner Wanted For Questioning Regarding Concealing Evidence In Order To Pervert The Course Of Justice [ 24 July 2011 ]
TWO of Britain’s leading former police officers are wanted for questioning over allegations that they withheld crucial evidence about the car crash which killed Princess Diana. A French judge wants to ask ex-Yard chief Lord Condon and Sir David Veness why they failed to disclose the existence of a note in which she predicted her assassination. They could face international arrest warrants as suspects should they refuse to attend interviews in Paris, sources close to the investigation indicated last night.

The note, taken by Diana’s lawyer Lord Mishcon, was handed to the officers a few months after the 1997 Paris tunnel crash which also claimed the lives of Diana’s boyfriend Dodi Fayed, son of tycoon Mohamed Al Fayed, and the pair’s chauffeur Henri Paul.

The highly-respected lawyer’s document records the line: “Efforts would be made if not to get rid of her (be it by some accident in her car, such as a pre-prepared brake failure or whatever) least to see that she was so injured or damaged as to be declared unbalanced.”
Condon is looking at a maximum of five years and a chance to learn French.


Police Detective Was Fitted Up By One Of His Own  [ 17 February 2017 ]
A former detective who spent four months in jail after he was accused of corruption in a notorious murder inquiry has won a substantial compensation payout.

Sidney Fillery, 70, and who lives in the Great Yarmouth area, was accused of trying to cover up the axe murder of private investigator Daniel Morgan in a pub car park in 1987 by threatening a witness. Mr Fillery, a former Metropolitan Police detective, was part of the original Scotland Yard team probing the killing of Mr Morgan who ran the Southern Investigations agency in Thornton Heath, Surrey.

He was arrested in April 2008 and charged with perverting the course of justice over allegations that he made a threat to a potential witness. Mr Fillery was charged with perverting the course of justice, but the case collapsed in 2010 when the witness, a serious criminal, was shown to be unreliable.

He had been “coached” in his evidence by Detective Cheif [ sic ] Superintendent David Cook in his desperation to see the case solved, the High Court heard.

Today, in a case which has run up £1.6m in legal bills, Mr Justice Mitting ruled that Cook was guilty of “misfeasance in public office” and ordered London’s Met Police to pay Mr Fillery damages.

He will receive £25,000 up front, but his barrister Nicholas Bowen QC said the full claim, to be assessed later, was for “many multiples of that”................

Jeremy Johnson QC accepted that the murder inquiry had exposed an “invidious web of corrupt police officers” in south London in the 1980s and 1990s.
And that corruption has all gone away, hasn't it? Why would it?


Met Police Commissioner Says Protection Will Be Rationed [ 17 February 2017 ]
Police Commissioner says force will have to carry out NHS-style rationing if budgets are reduced. Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe warned Metropolitan Police will have to ration service That's if the threat of singeing government spending cuts is not lifted, he said Sir Bernard said that thousands of officers will have to be axed to make savings.
As Hogan knows the police, in particular South Yorkshire lot already do ration. They systematically ignore Pakistani crime. This means allowing 1,400 English girls to be raped in Rotherham alone. Does he care? The 2014 Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry is committed to making sure that police and politicians walk free; a few Pakistanis have been thrown to the wolves.


Scotland Yard Kept Pakistani Criminal Out Of Prison [ 11 March 2017 ]
Yesterday the Metropolitan Police was accused of 'major failings' by the chairman of the London Assembly's Police And Crime Committee. Steve O'Connell said that there was widespread concern that despite the findings against Rahman, the Met had not brought charges.

He said: 'During our investigation, we, as a committee, have been shocked to uncover major failings by the Metropolitan Police in its ability to investigate allegations of electoral fraud and malpractice.

'Missed files of evidence; missed opportunities to gather witness statements; witnesses who were prepared to give evidence in the Election Court but were unwilling to do so in criminal proceedings - this is not what we expect from a supposedly world-leading police force.' Mr O'Connell called for an inquiry by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary............

The 2015 election court heard how Scotland Yard was accused of turning a blind eye to 'industrial scale' Vote Fraud that would shame Africa [ or a banana republic ].

Rahman and his cronies stole the May 2014 election for mayor in Tower Hamlets by creating an army of 'ghost voters', forging postal votes and threatening Muslims they would go to hell unless they backed him.

Electoral judge Richard Mawrey QC likened police officers who claimed there was 'hushed calm' at fraud-riven polling stations to the legendary 'three wise monkeys', who saw, heard and spoke no evil. And he said the whole of society would be 'lost' if those in authority were afraid to stand up to wrongdoing.
Lutfur Rahman is deeply, sincerely corrupt. How many millions of tax payers' money did he divert to Pakistan? Nobody knows, nobody cares, the Metropolitan Police least of all but then the Met is a political tool; pandering to corrupt politicians is policy. That means letting Third World criminals get away with industrial scale Rape. Alleging ignorance is too. NB 'Sir' Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Met's boss enthusiastically ignores Racism when the perpetrator happens to be his little mate 'Lord' Nazir Ahmed, Baron Ahmed of Rotherham. He would allege total ignorance of mass rape in Rotherham when he was with the South Yorkshire Police.
PS The Electoral Commission set up a committee to investigate in 2014. Naturally it hasn't done anything to sort out major crime or any other.


Scotland Yard Investigates Saudi War Crimes In The Yemen [ 3 April 2017 ]
Why are the Metropolitan Police meddling in matters far outside the jurisdiction? It will serve to annoy the Arabs. Perhaps that is why. Recall that they waited until Ted Heath, the well known Paedophile pervert was dead before they "investigated" in order to protect him from justice.


Deputy Police Commissioner Warns Against "Right Wing Extremists" After Islamic Murders People On Westminster Bridge [ 16 May 2017 ]
A top cop in London’s Metropolitan Police department warned the public Wednesday evening over the ongoing threat from extremist organizations. Only he wasn’t referring to the Islamist attack that unfolded hours before, but threats from ‘extreme right wing groups’ [ e.g. Far Right ] that may target Muslims for retribution.

Speaking to the press in the aftermath of the deadly terrorist assault on Parliament, Assistant Commissioner for Specialist Operations Mark Rowley reassured the UK’s Muslim minority that they would be safe.

“The police stand with all communities in the UK [ unless they are English ] and will take action against anybody who seeks to undermine society, especially where their crimes are motivated by hate,” said Rowley. “We must recognize now that our Muslim communities will feel anxious at this time, given the past behavior of extreme right wing groups, and we will continue to work with all community leaders over the coming days.”.
He has access to classified Espionage reports. So which Far Right extremists is he talking about?  Is MI5 a bunch of Paranoid twerps. Is Rowley a fool or a half wit? Or perhaps he is an enemy of England, a Traitor, one giving aid and comfort to the Queen's enemies. Is he telling Islamic thugs that he will go easy on them?


Policeman In The Met Charged With Paedophile Perversion  [ 26 September 2017 ]
A serving Metropolitan Police officer has been accused of sexual offences against children. PC Daniel Cooper, 31, works in the specialist crime and operations unit of the UK’s largest police force.

The alleged paedophile has been charged with 16 offences namely – four of gross indecency, four of indecent assault, two of sexually touching a child, five of possessing indecent images and one of sexual activity in front of a child.
Another policeman, another chancer.


Pakistani Policeman Gets Six Months For Perjury  [ 26 September 2017 ]
An officer has been dismissed for perverting the course of justice after he falsely claimed he was driving the car involved in a crash to protect his uninsured brother. 

PC Miladur Khan, 30, was formally dismissed from the Metropolitan Police Service following a special misconduct hearing. 

He previously claimed he was behind the wheel during a minor road traffic collision on Burdett Road, Tower Hamlets, east London, on 29 June last year but CCTV confirmed he was not the driver. 
This is Muslim corruption, normal corruption. See e.g. Secret Report Brands Muslim Police Ten Times More Corrupt