Joe Slovo

Was a Jew born in Lithuania who became a lawyer and subversive. He lived overseas [ London, Mozambique, Zambia ] when he was on the run and made contacts with other Jewish subversives there. He would have been influential in getting the BBC to market Nelson Mandela as a front man. This got him out of prison and into power. Slovo would also have used the BBC to market the boycott of South African food; an attack on white farmers. He did not attack the gold and diamond industries because they were run by Jews like Oppenheimer in South Africa.

The point of that collusion was to get money to finance war against the white man with the quid pro quo being that De Beers got to carry on its diamond mining monopoly after getting a black government. He was big in the South African Communist Party [ SACP ].

Joe Slovo ex Wiki
In 1961, Slovo emerged as one of the leaders of Umkhonto we Sizwe. In 1963 he went into exile and lived in Britain, Angola, Mozambique and Zambia. Slovo was elected general secretary of the SACP in 1984.

He returned to South Africa in 1990 to participate in the early "talks about talks" between the government and the ANC. Ailing, he stood down as SACP general secretary in 1991 and was succeeded by Chris Hani who was soon murdered. Slovo was given the titular position of chairperson of the SACP. He served as housing minister in the first government of Nelson Mandela.

Slovo was a leading theoretician in both the party and the ANC. In 1989, he wrote Has Socialism Failed? which acknowledged the weaknesses of socialism and excesses of Stalinism. In 2004 he was voted 47th in the Top 100 Great South Africans.

Slovo And Mandela

The stupid looking one is Mandela. His old woman is on the left. The Jew is Slovo. The gesture is rather like the Nazi Sieg Heil.



Slovo Was A Slob
when the ANC came to power in 1994. He died of cancer a few years later. His daughter published an autobiographical book describing her father's affair with a Jewish Communist friend's wife and his utter refusal to acknowledge the son born of this relationship.
A fornicating Jew on the make. What is new?


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