The Oppenheimer family control De Beers the criminal diamond mining company. That is the way they like it That is the way they are going to keep it. Taking over from Rhodes involved doing what it took. There was more to it than charm. The Wiki is not explaining that bit. The Wiki tells some of the truth some of the time. This is not such a time. It does mention that he was financed by N M Rothschild & Sons, also Jews. They would have backed Oppenheimer.

Currently they hold it because Harry Oppenheimer made the right moves in politics which meant colluding with the anti-Apartheid. That includes financing Helen Suzman, who was another Jew from Lithuania. It almost certainly meant financing Joe Slovo, also a Jew from Lithuania when he was running the South African Communist Party and Umkhonto we Sizwe, their military operation. This in its turn meant being in favour when the African National Congress got into power. Backing both runners means backing the winner every time.

Being allowed to trade directly in America meant paying a $10 million fine for conspiring to fix prices for industrial diamonds. Using slave labour was part of it early on. See De Beers Consolidated Mines on the point. Jews are nothing if not shameless. Today of course they do much the same but they are a bit more subtle; using wage slaves is the technique.

They used their monopoly and abused their monopoly. That is the point of having one in the first place. Their marketing machine created the modern custom of using diamonds in engagement rings. Then there is the issue of Blood Diamonds which they created. It means the sort De Beers have not handled. Nobody said the Oppenheimers are stupid; cunning of course, amoral too, greedy - is there any other way for Jews - but not stupid.

Sir Ernest Oppenheimer
Chairman way back.


Harry Oppenheimer
Chairman after Ernie.


Nicky Oppenheimer
Chairman after Harry.


Alex Oppenheimer
An heir.


Oppenheimer Did Not Like Apartheid
As the 1948 general election approached, white South Africans were confronted with a critical choice: They could vote for General Smuts's United party, and move toward gradual racial integration within the British Commonwealth, or they could vote for the Nationalist party, and proceed down the road of racial Apartheid and international isolation.........

Not only did the Oppenheimer interest provide financing for most of the United party in 1948, but Harry Oppenheimer himself stood for Parliament in the district of Kimberley where he had the support of the diamond workers from the De Beers Mines. When the votes were counted, however, the United party found itself decisively defeated. General Smuts, after serving as prime minister for sixteen years, lost his own seat in Parliament. The Nationalist party, led by H. F. Verwoerd, won a resounding majority of the seats, and immediately moved to form a government that would begin implementing its policy of apartheid.... The Nationalists kept winning elections-and Harry Oppenheimer retired from Parliament, although he continued, almost single-handedly, to finance the Progressive party......

Whereas Sir Ernest had only to worry about economic changes, Harry Oppenheimer realized even as early as 1958, he has written, that he would have to prepare himself for violent political changes.
This does not prove that Oppenheimer financed the
ANC, the South African Communist Party or Umkhonto we Sizwe. It is suggestive though. He was big enough to be political. He was big enough so that he had to be political. He was a major source of finance to various governments. They needed him as much as he needed them.


Taylor Plant
Heir and relative with a stupid name.