Umkhonto we Sizwe

Umkhonto we Sizwe was the military side of the ANC, commanded by Nelson Mandela, Denis Goldberg, Rusty Bernstein, Harold Wolpe and Joe Slovo. All except Mandela were Jews of the South African Communist Party. Umkhonto laid on the foot soldiers. The Jews had the brains, the knowledge and the international contacts to organize strategy, tactics, weapons, explosives and training. Some/most/all of the finance came from Harry Oppenheimer

The source of the quotes is the Wikipedia. Be aware that it is has a part of the media, one with an political agenda. This gives them a degree of value when they admit Jewish complicity. See Wikipedia on the point.

Umkhonto we Sizwe
The ANC/SACP used the All-In African Conference of 1961, where all parties met to decide a joint strategy, for Mandela to issue a dramatic call to arms, announcing the formation of Umkhonto we Sizwe, modeled on the Jewish guerrilla movement, Irgun, and commanded by Mandela with SACP Jewish activists Denis Goldberg, Rusty Bernstein, and Harold Wolpe

Umkhonto we Sizwe........, was the military wing of the African National Congress (ANC). Founded December 16, 1961, by the ANC and South African Communist Party (SACP) to mount attacks against the South African Apartheid regime for their oppression against blacks. It was considered a terrorist organisation by the then South African regime.

For a time it was headquartered in Rivonia, ........ On 11th July 1963, 19 ANC and MK leaders including  Nelson Mandela were arrested.....  The farm was privately owned by Arthur Goldreich, and bought with South African Communist Party funds......

The MK carried out numerous bombings of military, industrial, civilian and infrastructural sites. The tactics were initially geared towards sabotage, not targeting people, but eventually tactics of urban guerrilla warfare and terrorism were used....... MK suspended operations on August 1, 1990.
UNQUOTE ex  Umkhonto we Sizwe


Atrocities of the Marxist ANC
White men played rough we are told. The blacks were vicious too but we are not told about that. The media are Marxist too. They don't want you to know it but that is where their agenda comes from. And Mandela was very much part of it.


Denis Goldberg
Was a Jew, communist, subversive and revolutionary who came unstuck when he was captured in Rivonia and sent to trial. He got four life stretches.
He is a Jewish South African social campaigner, who was active in the struggle against apartheid and was imprisoned along with other key members of the anti-apartheid movement.

He grew up in Cape Town and studied for a degree in Civil Engineering. As member of the South African Communist Party, an organization which was suppressed by the apartheid regime which came to power in 1948, he joined other leading white [ read that as Jews - Editor ] members in forming the Congress of Democrats, of which he became leader. This in turn allied itself with the African National Congress and other 'non-racial' congresses in the Congress Alliance. He was detained in 1960 and spent four months in prison without trial......

When the underground armed wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe was founded in 1961, Goldberg became a technical officer. In 1963 he was arrested at the Rivonia headquarters of their army. He was sentenced in 1964 at the end of the famous Rivonia Trial to four terms of life imprisonment. He was the only white [ Jew in fact - Editor ] member of Umkhonto we Sizwe to be arrested and sentenced in the Rivonia Trial to life imprisonment.


Church Street Bombing [ 20 May 1983 ]
Umkhonto got 19 kills + 217 wounded.


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