Ali Dizaei

Thug gets into England. Thug gets into police force. Thug plays race card. Thug gets away with it. Thug gets caught doing what foreign thugs do. Thug whines about Racism again. Real policing is about having the power to abuse power. Annoying too many in the same firm is not clever. It is what the Asian Mafia does.


National Black Police Association
Dizaei was the president of this mob of racists. Now he has shown their true colours so they will keep their heads down for a while.


'Apartheid' row rocks Met police Claims PCSOs 'had one van for white officers, another for blacks' [ 24 February 2009 ]
Ethnic minority police officers were regularly  threatened with violence by two white officers at Scotland Yard, it has been claimed today. In sensational new racism claims, the Met is facing allegations that an 'apartheid' culture involving police community support officers operated at a London station, according to the London Evening Standard. It comes on the day the new Met chief denies claims that his force is still racist 10 years on from a damning report following the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence. The charges due to go before an employment tribunal this week include claims that police ran one van for white PCSOs and another for black PCSOs, the paper reported this morning........... Ali Dizaei is currently suing the Met for racial and religious discrimination, 10 years after black teenager Stephen Lawrence was beaten to death in Eltham, south London.............

Mr. Saeed is claiming discrimination after he was sacked by the force in 2007 for allegedly beating up a vagrant outside a McDonald's in Victoria Street, Westminster. He was re-instated on appeal last year but his alleged offence was upheld and he has received a final written warning.....

The Muslim officer is claiming he was set up by a racist clique of white PCSOs backed by police officers at Belgravia station. He states that CCTV footage of the McDonald's incident found he acted properly.  
The Muslim tries it on then makes accusations and gets taken seriously but when genuine evidence of Pakistani corruption emerges it gets ignored. See the next one which just happened to come to notice this day.


Secret Report Brands Muslim Police More Corrupt [ 24 February 2009 ]
A secret high-level Metropolitan police report has concluded that Muslim officers are more likely to become corrupt than white officers because of their cultural and family backgrounds........... The document was written as an attempt to investigate why complaints of misconduct and corruption against Asian officers are 10 times higher than against their white colleagues........... The main conclusions of the study,...... written by an Asian detective chief inspector, stated: "Asian officers and in particular Pakistani Muslim officers are under greater pressure from the family, the extended family ... and their community against that of their white colleagues to engage in activity that might lead to misconduct or criminality."........... The first version was considered so inflammatory when it was shown to representatives from the staff associations for black, Hindu, Sikh and Muslim officers, that it had to be toned down.
Written by one of their own and still they moan. A large most of men in the Met are fluent liars and perfectly capable of committing perjury. Taking bungs would tend to be for detectives. NB This one surfaced in 2006 and got pretty much blacked out. If Englishmen had been at it the main stream media would have been all over it. The Grauniad was the only one and they dropped it fairly fast. The BBC is far too racist to tell the truth on this one. A bit more at Muslim Corruption.


Racist Police Chief Charged With Perverting The Course Of Justice [ 21st May 2009 ]
Police commander Ali Dizaei charged with misconduct Scotland Yard critic of police race record faces trial for perverting course of justice and misconduct in public office........... Ali Dizaei is a leading critic of the police's record on race issues and the allegations against him surfaced at the height of a bitter race row last year that convulsed the force. This morning the Crown Prosecution Service decided Dizaei should face trial over allegations that he fabricated details to justify the arrest of a man after a clash at a west London restaurant. Dizaei has been suspended from duty for the last eight months and will be one of the highest ranked officers to ever face a criminal trial.
He looks like a smarmy rogue and doubtless just as bent as any of them. Looking for aggro is a good way to find it.


Police Chancer Tries It On Once Too Often [  5 August 2009 ]
A top Scotland Yard police officer has pleaded not guilty to corruption charges linked to a scuffle in a restaurant. Ali Dizaei, 47, a Metropolitan Police commander, is accused of misconduct in a public office and perverting the course of justice. He formally denied the two charges during a 20-minute hearing at Southwark Crown Court in central London....... The first charge alleges Dizaei is responsible for misconduct in a public office by threatening Mr. Al-Baghdadi and by "purporting to arrest and detain" him knowing he did not have reasonable grounds. The second charge alleges Dizaei perverted the course of justice by falsely claiming in written statements that he "had been a victim of an unprovoked assault by Mr. Al-Baghdadi".
Perjury is routine. It is what makes the difference between police and honest men. But there must be too much evidence or his peculiar friends decided not to cover up for him this time.

Dizaei thinks he got away with it.


Racist Police Thug Gets Four Years For Perverting The Course Of Justice [ 8 February 2010 ]
Ali Dizaei, Metropolitan police commander, jailed for four years
The Metropolitan police commander Ali Dizaei was jailed for four years today after being convicted of falsely arresting a man and making up an account that he had been assaulted and threatened. A jury at Southwark crown court today found the 47-year-old guilty of misconduct in public office and attempting to pervert the course of justice. Dizaei, a controversial and high-profile officer, faces being sacked from the force in disgrace. The jury took two hours and 31 minutes to reach its unanimous verdicts.......... The trial was the second time in seven years Dizaei had faced criminal charges. In 2003 he was cleared by a jury and later returned to duty. He is believed to be the most senior officer in recent times to stand trial.
Foreign crooks are incited come to England and carry on the way they do in the Hell holes they created. That is Labour policy. Of course the Grauniad is not telling the truth about that. The Tories are no better. Scotland Yard needed a result with this swine otherwise he would have broken them.

He looks like a cunning rogue but then he is.


Dizaei Has An Ugly Background  [ 9 February 2010 ]
Ian Blair was charged with oversight of the inquiry on his appointment as deputy commissioner in 2000. Dizaei was suspended in January 2001. Some 1,000 wiretaps had demonstrated that he was no ordinary police officer.

He was monitored associating with a conman and four major criminals suspected of money laundering. Surveillance also suggested that he took £800 from a man on bail, in apparent exchange for help with a drink-driving charge.

Other wiretaps revealed unauthorised links with a number of foreign embassies. Dizaei apparently stood to gain £2million by brokering the £24million sale of the Ethiopian Embassy in London. The sums staggered listening detectives, who wondered how a middle-ranking police officer came to be involved.

Further diplomatic concerns touched directly on national security. Dizaei had contacts with senior staff in the Iranian Embassy and sometimes drove a Liberian Embassy car with diplomatic plates.

On a more mundane level, he allegedly bullied a junior colleague into dropping an investigation of a friend. Unsavoury character traits were also exposed, in particular an appetite for philandering.
They do not mention Vaz [ not caught yet ] or Tarique Ghaffur [ not caught yet ].


Racist Cop Was Totally Bent [ 15 February 2010 ]
THE brave informant who finally toppled Britain's most corrupt cop today tells his own incredible story of monster Ali Dizaei's chilling mafia-style regime......... Now, with Dizaei jailed for four years, he reveals astonishing details of the shamed officer's life of luxury funded by his grip on a terrified community. "Ali Dizaei was like the Godfather of the Iranian Community," said Waad. "They used to call him The Boss........

"I'd heard about Dizaei before I met him. He was famous in the Middle Eastern community. They called him London's top officer. They said he was f***ing the English, the only one they couldn't take down, 'untouchable'....... "He always had the best table, right in the middle where he could meet and greet everyone. If a person had problems with immigration he'd help fill out passport applications. He'd have a lawyer there and they'd openly hold these dodgy meetings like gangsters." Waad watched as Dizaei was lavished with freebies, defying the laws he was paid to uphold......

"He used to drink whisky," said Waad. "On several occasions I saw him drink then brazenly get in his car and drive off. He surrounded himself with important people and beautiful girls. He was just a crook in uniform.......

After the failed attempt to frame Waad - including 23 hours in custody - the young whistleblower faced extraordinary intimidation in the run-up to Dizaei's trial for perverting justice and misconduct in public office. He told us: "About a month after I made the complaint I was asked by someone connected to Dizaei if money could 'change my mind'.
The News of the Screws is normally sensationalist rubbish. This time they read right. They read as honest. The Met knew they had to sort Dizaei so they ran the charges they could totally prove.

It is all  written on his face.


Bent Copper Beat Up Another Prisoner [ 10 August 2010 ]
Former Hounslow Police commander under investigation
Jailed former police commander Ali Dizaei is under investigation over claims he attacked his cell mate. The sacked Scotland Yard officer has been accused of assaulting a fellow prisoner after a row while serving four years for corruption. But the 47-year-old claimed he was the victim of a racist attack by the other man. Dizaei who had also been a borough commander at Hounslow has been moved from category D open prison Prescoed in Monmouthshire.
Dizaei got promoted by working the race card. He is still working the race card. Lying comes naturally to him. English police men learn it. You might wonder just why this scumbag got put in a soft nick. The race card again?

He looks about as nice as the Kray twins.


Dizaei Appeal Fails [ ]
In June a senior judge sitting alone ruled he had no grounds for an appeal, but Mr. Dizaei hopes to challenge this decision. Meanwhile, Kourosh Dizaei, the youngest of Dizaei's three sons, said the "injustice" would be exposed on Wednesday.
The wrong name point is irrelevant. They arrested a man. The thug was brutal. The thug was wanted by his very own.


Dizaei Gets Out Of Prison, Claims He Is Reinstated As Met Commander [ ]
The former police chief whose corruption convictions were quashed says he has returned to Scotland Yard. Dizaei, who spent more than a year in prison after being convicted of abusing his power as a senior police officer, still faces a retrial on the charges........

Dizaei was jailed for four years in January 2010 after a jury at Southwark crown court found that he had tried to frame a young web designer in a row over £600. Dizaei was dismissed from the police service in disgrace, ending a 25-year career. But in May this year, the court of appeal quashed the conviction after new evidence was presented. Dizaei was a vocal critic of Scotland Yard's record on race and some of his colleagues were said to have greeted his conviction by popping champagne corks.
Dizaei is a loud mouthed chancer working the race relations racket albeit the bloke he fitted up was another ethnic. Scotland Yard are annoyed by his insolence so he will not be given much leeway even if he stays out of prison.


The crooked lawyer and his 'very good friend' police chief who told him how to tear a case apart
It is there in black and white and no doubt The Mail is confident that it has enough evidence to beat a libel rap even if the swine does not go down for perverting the course of justice.


Ali Dizaei ex Wiki
Commander Dr Ali Dizaei (born c.1962) is a senior officer in the London Metropolitan Police. An Iranian-born Muslim with dual nationality, he came to prominence after an inquiry into various allegations of malpractice (for many of which he has been exonerated). He is a frequent media commentator on a variety of issues, mainly concerned with ethnicity and religion.

Early life and career to 2000
Dr Dizaei's father was a deputy commissioner of police in Tehran. Dizaei was educated at a private boarding school in Arundel, West Sussex; this was the wish of his father, who believed that the only way his sons would truly succeed was through a good British education. Dizaei studied law at university, later gaining a PhD, and joined Thames Valley Police in 1986. He served in Henley-on-Thames, in uniform and the Criminal Investigation Department, rising to the rank of Chief Inspector. He was appointed an adviser on race issues to the Home Secretary, and then transferred to the Metropolitan Police(MPS) on promotion to Superintendent on 29 March 1999 as a staff officer to Assistant Commissioner Ian Johnston. On 17 May 1999 he was transferred to Kensington police station and on 3 April 2000 became Superintendent Operations there. He was already outspoken on race issues, first coming to media attention in November 1999 for his criticism of questions asked in promotion exams.[1]

From 2000, Dizaei was investigated by the force after allegations of taking bribes, using drugs and prostitutes, and even spying for Iran. There were counter-allegations by his supporters that the investigation was prompted by the belief of some senior officers that he was too ambitious, too critical of the police (particularly relating to racism), too close to the Iranian community, and too flamboyant. He visited expensive nightclubs, and had an "open marriage"; none of which endeared him to other officers.[2] The investigations, codenamed Operation Helios, cost £4 million and involved over 50 officers. It was the most expensive operation against a single officer in the history of Scotland Yard

Dizaei was suspended on 18 January 2001. He was charged with perverting the course of justice, misconduct in public office, and submitting false mileage expense claims.

Dizaei was tried before the Recorder of London for misconduct in public office and perverting the course of justice. This arose out of an incident which occurred on 6 September 2000. The jury cleared Dizaei of the charges on 15 September 2003. The Crown Prosecution Service decided not to proceed with the charges of making false mileage expense claims.

The NBPA, of which Dizaei is national president (he was previously vice-chairman and legal adviser), called for a full independent inquiry into the MPS's investigation. The Morris Inquiry headed by Lord Morris concluded that the investigation was disproportionate, unfocused and the officer's race and ethnicity played a part in the manner the investigation was conducted.

Dizaei brought his own claim for race discrimination in the conduct of the investigations by the MPS which was withdrawn in 2003 after the MPS paid Dizaei a reported £80,000 and reinstated him.

In 2004, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) called the investigation (operation Helios) "seriously flawed".[3] Dizaei eventually faced a minor disciplinary action, having been cleared of all criminal charges or any other misdemeanour. The MPS issued a public statement that Dizaei returns to work with his "integrity demonstrably intact"

Dizaei was promoted to Chief Superintendent in May 2004[4] and became Borough Commander of Hounslow. He is now Borough Commander of Hammersmith and Fulham. In 2006 he was in the headlines again for criticising the Forest Gate raid[5] and passenger profiling on aircraft. The Police Federation has accused him of "blissful ignorance" for the latter.[6]

In December 2006, it was made public that during Operation Helios the MPS had unlawfully tapped over 3,500 private calls made by Dizaei.[7] The ruling was made by the Investigatory Powers Tribunal after referral by the NBPA.

In March 2007, Dizaei published Not One of Us, an account of his police career to date, and of the Operation Helios investigation. Prior to publication, the MPS issued a statement noting that it "considers it a matter of regret that Chief Superintendent Dizaei has felt it necessary to write this book", and reiterating its support for the Helios team.[8]. Upon release the book was serialised on BBC Radio 4 and the Times

In June 2007, Sir Ian Blair apologised for Operation Helios, after the MPS and the NBPA agreed to resolve disputes arising out of Helios.[9]

In March 2008, and at the third attempt, Dr Ali Dizaei was promoted to the rank of Commander.

On 12 September 2008 the MPS announced that Dizaei was the subject of a complaint alleging that he had improperly provided advice to solicitors defending a woman accused over a fatal hit-and-run accident. The Metropolitan Police Authority is to investigate the alleged misconduct, which Dizaei denies.[10]

He was suspended again on 18 September 2008 after being investigated for various allegations including an arrest he made outside his uncle's West London restaurant. The arrested man later made a complaint that is being investigated by the IPCC.

On 21 May 2009, prosecutors stated that Ali Dizaei is now facing two charges over an incident in a restaurant. The Crown Prosecution Service said he was charged with perverting the course of justice and misconduct in a public office. The charges relate to an incident in which Mr. Dizaei, in his capacity as a police officer, arrested a man on allegations including assault. A decision not to charge that individual was made by the CPS in August 2008. In a statement, the NBPA said: "It is outrageous that the CPS, for the second time in four years, has commenced prosecution against the president of the National Black Police Association, Commander Ali Dizaei. This has not happened to any other senior police officer in the history of the MPS or the CPS[11].

In September 2009 Dizaei won a High Court action against the Daily Mail and the Evening Standard over a defamatory article published in June 2008. The newspapers were forced to issue an apology and pay substantial costs and damages. On receipt of the apology he issued further proceedings against the Daily Mail for an allegedly defamatory article published in September 2008 suggesting that Dizaei advised a lawyer over a criminal case.

On September 2008 he was accused by the Metropolitan Police Authority of using his corporate credit card inappropriately and his conduct was investigated by the Chief Constable of Dorset and the IPCC. Dr Dizaei had always maintained that the allegations were baseless and without foundation. On 20 November 2009 and after a 14 month investigation the IPCC found no evidence of misconduct or impropriety and stated publicly that he had no case to answer.


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Colourful is a euphemism used about track records like this.

Bent Cop Dizaei And Illegal Immigrant
The News of the Screws bottled out on this one but fortunately it is archived here. It is quite a good run down.
Bent Cop March 17, 2009:The Metropolitan Black Police Association(MBPA) is to re-establish ties with the force's senior officers. The leadership of black and minority police officers broke off formal relations with Scotland Yard in October 2008 during the high of a poisonous race row as they had "no confidence" in top officers. The MBPA also announced a recruitment boycott, saying not enough was being done to confront racism - it is still in place.
The move came after the suspension of national BPA head Commander Ali Dizaei over a misconduct investigation.
MBPA members believe he is the victim of a "sustained witch-hunt". Chairman Alfred John had previously said he and others would only attend meetings concerning the reinstatement of Mr. Dizaei. It is not often I do this, but I am ripping the whole hog here as many time the News Of The world pull many articles, so this is too much of a gem to lose.
Suspended senior Met officer employed bogus asylum seeker

By Mazher Mahmood [ the Fake Sheik ], 15/03/2009

RACE row cop Ali Dizaei employed an illegal immigrant as his right hand man and took him to the heart of the British establishment.
Today we can reveal how, in an incredible security breach, Metropolitan Police Commander Dizaei:

Iranian Ace Bakhtyari was subsequently jailed for having a fake passport and deported. We tracked him to his home country’s border with Turkey where he told us how he lived the high-life with Dizaei after arriving in Britain on the back of a lorry in 2004.
Chillingly, he told us: “Nobody bothered to check me when I went to the Commons because I was with Dizaei. “I could have smuggled in a bomb and blown the place up if I’d wanted.

Ali Dizaei, left, with MP Keith Vaz and top cop Tarique Ghaffur

“Instead I was in there laughing to myself as I chatted to the Home Secretary and all the big policemen whose job it was to arrest and deport people like me.
”Dizaei claims he did not knowingly employ an illegal immigrant. But a source said: “At best it shows that Dizaei was naive to have a man like Ace by his side for over a year.
“For such a senior ranking Met officer to be associating with a criminal is simply unbelievable. He should have realised that Ace was a bogus asylum seeker long before he was arrested.”
Shy, Dizaei's wife poses for Ace in hat

Dizaei was suspended by the Met last September and is currently being investigated for alleged misconduct.
It is alleged that he advised a defence team run by now-suspended solicitor Shahrokh Mireskandari on how to undermine a criminal case brought by Dizaei’s employers. The top cop strongly denies the allegations and has accused the force of racism, but our revelations today will add to the controversy surrounding his high-flying career.
Ace told us: “I went everywhere with Ali, I even stayed in his house with him and his wife. “I did everything from odd jobs, gardening and building work to his weekly shopping”.
Ace, a professional photographer, paid an agent around £7,000 to get into Britain from his home in Tehran. His plea for political asylum was turned down and he faced being deported.
“In London I was introduced to Ali Dizaei by a mutual friend because he wanted a cheap photographer to take pictures for his wedding to his second wife Shy.”

BELLY LAUGHS: Dizaei enjoying a night out

Ace was offered £600 cash by Dizaei to take the wedding pics. “His previous quote was around £1,500 so he was getting a good deal,” said Ace.
“At the wedding I was introduced to Shahrokh Mireskandari by Dizaei. Shahrokh said my case was difficult but he would help me. But first he wanted me take some photos for him too,” said Ace.
He was asked to photograph the lavish Christmas party of Mireskandari’s firm Dean and Dean at the Hilton on Park Lane. The event was attended by a host of politicians, top legal figures and senior police officers. Those who made speeches at the event included Keith Vaz MP

Ace meets John Reid

“I soon became very close to Dizaei and his wife Shy. I was basically a gofer. “I looked after his home when he went on honeymoon to Spain. He asked me to fit a new window and put an extra lock on his door while he was away.
“He would pay me cash in hand, a few hundred quid a time. But he really trusted me, even giving me his credit card to order furniture for him. I often stayed at his house sleeping downstairs while he and his wife slept upstairs.”
Ace did odd jobs at all three of Dizaei’s homes, in Acton, Chiswick and in Henley On Thames, where his first wife Natalie lives.
On November 14 2007 Dizaei, who is president of the National Black Police Association, rewarded Ace with a trip to the Commons, where Keith Vaz was hosting a party to honour newly- elected association members. “I couldn’t believe how I was ushered past all the security measures simply because I was with Dizaei. “Not many illegal immigrants can claim to have partied at the House of Commons, but I managed it twice!”
The second occasion was on February 21 last year at a function again hosted by Keith Vaz to dish out awards to Asian figures in politics and public life. They were presented by John Reid, who had resigned as Home Secretary seven months earlier.

Ace, right, with Dizaei

At the do, Ace mingled with ministers and top cops including Asst Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur and Lord Nazir Ahmed. “I was getting used to mixing with all these top people and nobody batted an eyelid when they saw me,” said Ace.
Ace accompanied Dizaei to several parties, including one where scores of police officers gathered to celebrate his appointment as a Commander on £90,000 a year.
But in May 2008 Ace was caught in a random stop and search. Police found Ace had a fake French passport and was carrying Dizaei’s credit card. He was jailed for 15 months and deported back to Iran. “Life with Dizaei really was life in the fast lane. He liked to eat, drink and party in the company of rich and powerful people,” said Ace.
“He was also surrounded by some very beautiful women, and I often went with him to posh dinners and belly dancing nights,” said Ace.
In a phone call on Thursday Shy spoke sympathetically to Ace about his plight. She said that Dizaei had told police colleagues he had given Ace his permission to use the credit card. “Ali had said that I authorised him. That was nothing, yes,” wife Shy told Ace.
A spokesman for Ali Dizaei said: “He has never knowingly hired an illegal immigrant to do any work for him. Furthermore, he has not at any time knowingly had any illegal immigrant living with him in his house.”'

Chief's scandal rocked career
ALI Dizaei’s rise to become Britain’s most senior Asian cop has been dogged by controversy. Not long after joining the Met in 1999, he faced claims of corruption, using drugs and prostitutes, and spying for Iran – all allegations were later dropped.
Then Met chief Sir Ian Blair later apologised for the inquiry, which cost the taxpayer £2.2million.
In 2003 Dizaei was cleared of perverting justice, misconduct in public office and making false expense claims. He is currently suspended again facing THREE separate corruption and misconduct probes. Dizaei denies all the allegations and has launched a racial discrimination claim against the Met.
Bent? Could be. Got away with? Yes, so far but they still want him sorted. The need him sorted because he is a nasty bit of work.


News of the World pays out to Ali Dizaei over false allegations ...
It seems that he has beaten other papers on the libel front and accusations of bigamy too.

Her Indoors - she looks as though she is going to put her self about.



Dizaei Abused His Powers Court Told [ 14 January 2012 ]
Met police commander Ali Dizaei abused his powers, court told Dizaei accused of taking advantage of position at Scotland Yard to bully Iraqi man in row over website A Scotland Yard commander assaulted and falsely arrested a man in a "wholesale abuse" of his powers, a court heard on Friday. Ali Dizaei took advantage of his position as a senior Metropolitan police officer to further his own interests, jurors were told. Prosecutor Stephen Wright QC said 49-year-old Dizaei "bullied" and "threatened" Waad Al-Baghdadi, an Iraqi, in a row over payment for a personal website. He then wove a web of lies in the aftermath of the row, which happened outside a west London restaurant, Southwark crown court heard. Wright said actions such as Dizaei's had a "corrosive" impact "between citizen and police generally"........... Dizaei, from Acton, west London, denies charges of misconduct in a public office and perverting the course of justice.
Police thug trying it on is the scenario. He is getting an action replay having got off with a mere four years last time. They have not charged him with Perjury or Malfeasance in office which is a pity. Perverting the course of justice could put him away for a long time.


Racist Police Thug Goes Back To Prison [ 13 February 2012 ]
One of the most senior British police officers ever to be convicted of corruption offences has been jailed after a jury found he had tried to frame an innocent man and told a series of lies in an attempt to cover up his abuse of office. He received a three-year prison sentence at London's Southwark crown court on Monday, although this will be reduced by the 15 months he has already spent behind bars.

Ali Dizaei, a commander with Scotland Yard, was convicted of falsely arresting a web designer in a dispute over money and then lying in official statements by claiming he had been assaulted and threatened by the man.......

Dizaei's 27-year police career will end with him being drummed out of the force in disgrace. He is almost certain to lose his pension after a clash in the street outside a restaurant which saw him abuse his authority as one of the Britain's top officers.

It is the second time he has been convicted of the offences. Dizaei was first convicted in 2010 but that conviction was quashed by the court of appeal in May 2011 after evidence emerged that Dizaei's accuser, Waad al-Baghdadi, had falsely claimed £27,000 in welfare benefits for his dead father, which raised questions about his reliability as a witness. The jury were not told that Baghdadi has been arrested over two rape allegations. A Met police spokesperson confirmed that detectives were investigating the allegations and that a file had been sent to the CPS to consider bringing charges.....

He had been cleared of criminal charges in 2003 and returned to duty despite Scotland Yard suspecting him of serious offences. That inquiry had intensified after MI5 had suspicions that the Iranian-born officer was a danger to national security.
He played the race card. He abused the race card. He got away with it for too long. Trying to rob another criminals was where he went wrong. The National Black Police Association have not been so gobby since he was put away.

He looks like a cunning rogue but then he is.


Bent Copper Out Of Prison Again [ 1 March 2012 ]
Disgraced police chief Ali Dizaei smirks after being released from prison yesterday just two weeks after receiving a three-year sentence for corruption. The 49-year-old Scotland Yard commander was sent back to jail on February 13 after being found guilty for a second time of framing an innocent man. But because he had already spent 15 months behind bars before winning a retrial, the £100,000-a-year officer was eligible to be released on an electronic tag............

Iranian-born Dizaei – who while in the police repeatedly played the race card to intimidate critics – vowed to clear his name, saying: ‘This is not the end of this case by a long way, as you will soon discover.’ The officer, dubbed a ‘criminal in uniform’ by Nick Hardwick, former head of watchdog the Independent Police Complaints Commission, added: ‘I believe I am the victim of a sophisticated witch-hunt over many years.’
Another foreign undesirable, cunning, vicious, playing the race card all the time. He was inflicted on us by Her Majesty's Government in collusion with Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition. They are traitors all.


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