Asian Mafia

The brown Mafia is just as bent as the Italian version but tends more to corruption than murder, for the moment. There will no doubt be plenty of extortion among their own. Assistance with illegal immigration is an obvious and very profitable racket. Never forget that the wages of sin are tax free.

Indian Crook Gets Seven Years
Indian crook also gets the benefit of a main stream media cover up and whining from various lefties.


Ali Dizaei
Copper, loud mouthed chancer. Allegations have been made regarding bigamy, whores, perjury, perverting the course of justice. He has beaten them all so far. He is currently [ 10 January 2010 ] on trial for perverting the course of justice and misconduct in public office. Known associate of Mireskandari.
PS Now [ 8 February 2010 ] he is sorted. He got off with four years which is trifling but then he played the race card. He always did and got away with that too.


Bhadresh Gohil Indian Lawyer Gets Seven Years And A Media Cover Up [ 4 May 2011 ]
V-Mobile $37Million Shares Fraud - Bhadresh Gohil, Ibori’s UK Lawyer Sentenced To 7 Years
In Prison Judge Christopher Hardy sitting at  a packed Southwark Crown Court today told Bhadresh Gohil  a partner at Arlington Sharma Solicitors and James Ibori’s lawyer; “you have brought shame on your family, your profession and your country [ Which country is he fingering? - Editor ]”  as he handed down a sentence of over 7 years to him.........

Gohil who was already in custody at Wandsworth Prison following the conclusion of another trial involving Ibori’s wife, sister and mistress was told by the judge,  “ You were a solicitor of the supreme Court and holding out as a man of integrity”.  Adding “It’s said the real villains are in Nigeria, but this fraud required special expertise and you lent yourself to it”..........

Mr. Gohil faces further  sentencing  regarding an earlier trial known as “Ibori Trial 2” which concerns the trial of Ibori associates already sentenced to five-year jail terms , that sentencing is  adjourned till  April  8 2011.
Import Third World undesirables, import crime, import disease, import dole bludging free loaders. This oik is just another one. Then notice that the main stream media conceal the truth. They are part of the treasonous conspiracy to destroy England with a flood of wasters.
Bhadresh Gohil (Date of birth: 5.12.64) of Leesons Hill, Chislehurst, Kent - ex


Jami Tehrani
Expensive, mouthy, bankrupt which means he is out of business as a lawyer when his appeal runs out.


Sharokh Mireskandari
Loud mouthed chancer decided to take the Met on. His previous came to light and he came unstuck big time. Represented Ghaffur.


Nadhmi Auchi
Major criminal, Vaz kept him out of prison. Known associate of Obama See


Tarique Ghaffur
The UK's highest-ranking Asian Muslim police officer, he often used his position to comment on issues of alleged racism in the police service, and on alleged discrimination against Muslims as a factor inciting radical Islam. In June 2008 he accused his own force of racism, claiming that, inter alia, he was not properly consulted over the proposed law involving 42-day detentions for terror suspects. The MPS rejected the claim of racism and said it would "robustly challenge" Mr. Ghaffur's claim at any employment tribunal.
Mouthy, works the race relations racket for all it is worth, colludes with Dizaei but the Wiki did not mention that detail.


Keith Vaz
Lawyer, MP, crooked, plays the race card. Gets away with too much


Sarosh Zaiwalla
"29 May 1996 ... Sarosh Zaiwalla. The high flying NRI lawyer wields clout in Whitehall and is a Vajpayee admirer. How does it feel to be part of the Indian ..."
Zaiwalla claims that he didn't bung Vaz a few thousand.


Ace Bakhtyari
The subject of the story, Ace Bakhtyari, of Iran, was subsequently jailed for having a fake passport and deported. Dizaei, one of the Met's most high-profile officers, complained that the story implied he knew that Bakhtyari was an illegal immigrant but nevertheless employed him.

Describing what it alleged was an "incredible security breach", the paper detailed how Bakhtyari was taken to parliament where he met senior Labour figures such as the home affairs select committee chairman, Keith Vaz, and former home secretary John Reid. The report said Bakhtyari was able to bypass security because he was with Dizaei. It was also said that he had accompanied him to Scotland Yard.
Dizaei claimed that he did not KNOWINGLY employ an illegal. It worked.


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