Jack Straw

Straw is a Jew, communist subversive and traitor. In fact all Cabinet members have betrayed England their Oath of Allegiance. It seems however that he claimed in correspondence with The Independent [ starting on 16 November 20004 ] that he was not a Trotskyist, that in fact he was a Stalinist. So now we know who his favourite mass murderer is. The Indie's letters are not on line sadly but there are references to them out there.

According to the Wikipedia he refused to join the compulsory CCF (combined cadet force) on conscientious grounds. Nick Griffin told us on Question Time that Straw's father went to prison because he refused to serve during the war. Presumably he is prepared to murder en masse but only at second hand. Now, as our very own Minister of Justice he is in a position to carry on where Felix Dzerzhinsky, the founder of the Cheka [ the Soviet answer to the Gestapo ] left off.

Jewish Chronicle Alleges That Straw Is Only Part Jew
Jews inherit that status through the maternal line. Therefore he is a Jew. Most of his ancestry is different, it seems. He is however a grossly Zionist Crazy. That is just what Jews say about him. I am not arguing with them.


The truth about Trotsky, Lenin - and Jack Straw
A communist subversive puts a view of some wonderful human beings.


Straw And New Labour
William Straw – Son of Labour Foreign Secretary, and former Home Secretary – Jack Straw, was cautioned by Police for drug dealing, amid a frantic Government attempt to cover up the matter and gag the media as to his identity. Jack Straw also has a brother who was convicted of a sex attack on a schoolgirl. Lovely family!
All round slobs, all round Jews at that.
PS Straw's brother on sex register
William Straw cautioned for drug dealing


Stalinist Jew Alleges That Importing A Million East Europeans Was A Mistake [ 13 November 2013 ]
chooses to claim that the Ethnic Fouling Of England was a mistake. I choose to allege that I do not believe him; that Jews, in particular Zionist crazies did it to us deliberately, with malice aforethought; that they used the methods worked out by Antonio Gramsci, the leading intellectual of the communists in Italy. The Long March Through The Institutions worked; they have taken over; their policy is Ethnic Fouling throughout Western Civilization, leading on to Genocide.
PS This is not to say that Cameron's lot are any better. They are letting hundreds of thousands more in.


Immigration Was Not A Mistake - It Was Deliberate - Straw Lied To Us [ 19 November 2013 ]
Richard Littlejohn of the Daily Mail tells the truth. It is possible. Two of the Traitors that he names are Jews; a theme he does not develop. The Labour Party is in thrall to Zionist crazies. That is why they helped Greville Janner get away with it. It is good to see the Main Stream Media getting nearer to honesty.


Jack Straw And Rifkind Are Available, For Hire, Yours For £5 Thousand A Day [ 23 February 2015 ]
Two former foreign secretaries are exposed for their involvement in a new “cash for access” scandal. Jack Straw and Sir Malcolm Rifkind offered to use their positions as politicians on behalf of a fictitious Chinese company in return for payments of at least £5,000 per day.

Mr. Straw, one of Labour’s most senior figures, boasted that he operated “under the radar” to use his influence to change European Union rules on behalf of a commodity firm which pays him £60,000 a year. He has been suspended from Labour following the disclosures, described by the party as "disturbing".
Recall that The Telegraph told us about in depth, wide ranging, deeply sincere corruption in Parliament. It gave us chapter and verse of expense fraud. Then suddenly it went quiet. Various thieves got a court order to shut it up and suppress the fact of suppression too. Now Channel 4, which  is prone to tell the truth from time to time is proving that they are still bent as nine bob notes.
PS The Telegraph is polite enough not to mention that Straw and Rifkind are Jews, on the make of course. That's Jews for you. Of course they spend a lot of time whining about Anti-Semitism. Was little Adolf wrong about them?
PPS Straw alleges that he is mortified at being caught taking bungs.