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The BBC runs Question Time, a programme with a panel of more or less eminent people or just known to the public. Questions are given from  the audience and answered by the panel. It has been running for thirty years and was fairly informative.

This changed when they invited Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National Party, a party sincerely loathed by Tories, Labour, Liberals and the Main Stream Media. Before the programme aired the media fed us an unprecedented barrage of hate. They did another propaganda effort after.

The programme itself was a refutation of everything the BBC should stand for and everything it pretends it stands for. It was arranged on a basis of unrestrained hatred. Dimbleby, the presenter was biased. The panel were biased and the audience were chosen on the grounds that they were biased. The BBC incited the audience to ask hostile questions and to boo Nick as much as they wanted.

To be fair Nick's post mortem on the programme and the BBC's malice is very sound. The BBC is in gross breach of its obligations and moves are being made. Herewith are some reports done at the time.

BNP Being Attacked By EHRC Infiltrators [ 1 October 2009 ]
A few weeks ago we received an anonymous letter, supposedly from a CEHR insider, telling us that one of their senior executives had called a tele-conference in which he asked various members of staff to find 'sympathetic' members of ethnic minorities who would agree to try to join the BNP. His idea was that this would provide fabricated evidence of our alleged membership discrimination. CEHR would then use taxpayers' money to fund their legal actions against us and the individuals would be rewarded by getting damages from us.

Scarcely able to believe that even CEHR would be so cynical, corrupt and desperate, we submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to establish whether any of this is true. Last week we received our answer: Yes, it is! We have forced CEHR to confirm that they regard this as a very serious matter and have already launched an internal investigation.....

As is so often the case, an Establishment attack which is designed to break our party could well instead further cement our position as the only serious and effective opponent of their wicked scheme to destroy our national freedom and ethnic and cultural identity.
Corruption is a normal part of politics. The Equality and Human Rights Commission was set up to help achieve Cultural Genocide. It is Her Majesty's Government's policy and treason.


Rentamob Inciting Attacks On Nick Griffin  [ 1 October 2009 ]
The BBC has confirmed that it is inviting Nick Griffin, leader of the fascist British National Party and a man with a criminal conviction for denying Hitler's Holocaust, onto its flagship Question Time programme on Thursday 22 October in London. Unite Against Fascism condemns the BBC for extending an invitation to a Nazi. We are calling a demonstration outside Question Time at the BBC's Wood Lane centre to show our opposition to Griffin and the shameful decision to grant him a platform. We encourage all anti-fascists in the London area to come to the demonstration and to apply for tickets to the Question Time audience.
The BBC has long been taken over by Marxist subversives. Allowing more Marxists in will be interesting. UAF is in fact, if not form inciting violence. They want action to help foreign undesirables, Islamics and homosexuals. Islamics are prone to have views about homosexuals and camels. They prefer the camels.


New 'BNP Membership List' Is a Malicious Forgery [ 20 October 2009 ]
The so-called “new BNP membership list” published today on the Internet [ by Wikileaks - Editor ] is a malicious forgery, party leader Nick Griffin has announced. “We have had a chance to examine the list in detail and can unequivocally say that it is not a genuine BNP list,” Mr Griffin said. “It is a concoction of the ‘old’ list plus a number of inquiries received, but, most disturbingly, it contains thousands of names of people with whom the BNP has had no contact whatsoever,” Mr Griffin said. “The list includes thousands of people with renewal and membership numbers next to their names which are totally false and made up,” Mr Griffin said........  the party had been the subject of extensive attacks by the state during the entire European election period.
This new attack is just one of many. You might wonder just why it is that Labour, Tories, Liberals, Marxists and others are quite so excited. Notice that they often use output from Searchlight without mentioning that they are criminals with a track record of libel, arson and burglary among other things.


Daily Mail Does A Major Hatchet Job On Nick Griffin [ 22 October 2009 ]
Thanks to the BBC, tonight the British public will be able to make up their own minds about Nick Griffin, chairman of the British National Party and North West England MEP. Viewing figures for this evening's Question Time should be high:...........

Griffin emerges as more than just an odious racist. Yes, he is clever, cunning and capable of delivering his racism through carefully articulated argument. But he is also dangerous and deranged - a man whose personal Utopia is for every white Briton to embrace national socialism, Griffin-style, and for every non-white Briton to leave these islands................ Nor is Griffin a democrat. He boasted to me that an armed struggle may be necessary should the party not win ultimate power at Westminster through the ballot box. 'If the BNP were banned,' he argues, 'people would have a right to take up arms, a duty to take up arms: the only way to preserve ourselves will be by force.'
Homosexuality, criminal associates, anti-Semitism...... they missed out the drug dealing and slave trading, an obvious oversight. With this kind of free advertising  from The Times, The Grauniad, The Express and the Mail, the BBC are going to be pleased with their viewing figures tonight at 10.35 on BBC 1. They will let Marxist thugs in. Having a murder live on television would be a great publicity stunt.
PS It is not run live. This means they can censor it.


BBC Claims It Is Right To Talk With The BNP [ 22 October 2009 ]
The BBC's director general, Mark Thompson, today robustly defends the corporation's decision to invite the BNP leader, Nick Griffin, on to Question Time, and challenges the government to change the law if it wants to censor the far-right group. Writing in the Guardian, Thompson says ministers would have to impose a broadcasting ban on the party – as Margaret Thatcher did with Sinn Féin in the 1980s – before the BBC would consider breaching its "central principle of impartiality".
The BBC wants people to believe it is impartial. This makes it easier to promote racism - of the left wing sort and Cultural Genocide, which tends to be done through the entertainment side rather than the news. It might even inspire a BNP administration not to shut it down. And somehow it will turn out that plenty of Marxist thugs get an opportunity to attack Griffo.


Media Declare Victory Over The British National Party [ 23 October 2009 ]
Nick Griffin was assailed by barbs and brickbats from all sides last night as he took his place on the national stage. The British National Party leader was subjected to a hostile hour-long grilling as the BBC changed its Question Time format for his debate debut.
The BBC do love to load the dice. With a hostile presenter, panel and audience it was never going to be easy but Nick knew that. They used some presumably accurate quotes against him. The main attack was on the patriotic front. The panel wore poppies. Some of them even might knew what they stand for. Straw was very evasive. Even his own said so. Claiming that he was getting a grip of immigration was an obvious lie. At the end they showed their Marxist credentials by attacking the Daily Mail. On a scale of +10 to -10 Nick rated perhaps -2.
PS The BBC tried it on with Andrew Brons. He did rather well. Listen for yourself - Think for yourself. Decide for yourself. But read the next one first.
PPS Real people rather than carefully chosen Marxists were interviewed the morning after. They said Nick was stitched up - so that footage disappeared from our screens.


Media Still Inciting Hatred Of The British National Party [ 25 October 2009 ]
THE QUEEN has declared WAR on the BNP.
She's furious at the party for using Winston Churchill to promote its racist image and has ORDERED all the royals to join forces with her to unite Britain against hated BNP leader Nick Griffin. A senior royal aide told us: "The Queen thinks it is a disgrace that the name of such a courageous leader in our hour of need has been hijacked in this way.
There has never been such a blatant stream of hatred from the media. The BBC is the leader of the pack. It didn't happen to:-
Tony Blair, war criminal with the blood of thousands on his hands
Brown, another war criminal, financial hooligan who has destroyed billions
Adolf Hitler, who killed millions.
The media are attacking Nick Griffin because politicians hate him and fear him. He is getting votes by telling them the right things unlike the traitors of Labour, Tory and Liberal. They hate democracy too.
PS The comments show that the voters have not been totally brain washed by the media.


Archbishop Of Canterbury Joins Major Propaganda Attack On Nick Griffin [ 26 October 2009 ]
The backlash against the BBC for allowing Nick Griffin on Question Time was reinforced yesterday by a former Archbishop of Canterbury, a veteran broadcaster - and even the Queen. Lord (George) Carey said the BBC's handling of the programme allowed it to become 'the Nick Griffin show' - and criticized its failure to challenge Mr Griffin's 'despicable' claim to represent 'white Christians'. Sue MacGregor, former presenter of Radio 4's Today programme, said the corporation had made a serious mistake in giving a huge audience to the British National Party..........

'The views of the BNP are not simply false, they are dangerous, indeed irredeemably evil.' Lord Carey added that the Government and opposition had allowed the BNP to thrive by failing to act on immigration. 'The cowardly failure of successive governments to address our open borders is the reason the BNP has gained admittance to the political mainstream,' he wrote.
Is Carey Christian apart from anything else? I doubt it. We would not have had any of this nonsense from Killer Runcie when he was in Lambeth Palace. He got his MC for serving King and Country. Carey was a signals clerk or something equally boring. This media barrage of hate is unprecedented except perhaps in Pravda under the communists. Of course Pravda is much more respectable these days.


BBC Festival Of Hate Was Set Up With Malice Aforethought [ 27 October 2009 ]
BBC Deputy Director-General Mark Byford has confirmed that Nick Griffin will be invited onto Question Time again as details emerged of how the original programme was stage managed to attack the British National Party leader..........

Meanwhile, further details of how last week’s Question Time was stage-managed into an hour of ‘attack Nick Griffin’ have emerged. The extent of the preparations has clearly breached the BBC’s rules on impartiality and could easily be the subject of court action, observers in many media sources have pointed out. Certain people were handpicked to be in the audience for the very purpose of asking the “right” questions. These people were subsequently selected “randomly” by host David Dimbleby.

In addition the audience was specifically prompted before the show to ask “robust” questions and told that they should boo as much as they wanted. The audience was not selected on the traditional basis of randomness, but from a predefined list of people identified as BNP-hostile. Of the 200 people invited to be guests, about eight were known or suspected to be BNP-friendly. In short the entire programme was crafted to be highly politically biased — all in direct contravention of the BBC’s charter........

Members of the audience also confirmed they were handed a detailed crib-sheet which encouraged them to ask questions which were “short, sharp and provocative.”

The word “provocative” was underlined in the document handed to them before they went into the studio.
The Beeb is grossly corrupt, run by Marxists, homosexuals and traitors. This is not news. What is different is their failure to even pretend they were honest. Hate and fear the watch words.

When twerps like the Archbishop of Canterbury are joining in it is easy to smell the fear among the crooks running the country. You can hear Nick speaking about Question Time and doing it rather well. You can see the programme for yourself at
BNP Nick Griffin on BBC Question Time Part 1


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