Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu is the current [ February 2010 ] prime minister of Israel. One reason is that he stayed out of prison; he beat the fraud raps with the help of the new attorney general, Yehuda Weinstein. Quid pro quo? The Wiki is not giving us the dirt. NB the Wiki has an agenda. See Benjamin Netanyahu ex Wiki or #Netanyahu Corruption Charges Dropped on the point.

Netanyahu - The Ultimate Evil
What do you call a murderous Jew with 400 nukes? Sir! That is how he gets away with it. He got away with it back in 1997. The police wanted him sorted. The attorney general of the day had other ideas - see Netanyahu avoids prosecution -- 21 April 1997. Netanyahu concurs - see The prosecution will close the case against Netanyahu, Netanyahu Poised for Comeback Despite Possibility of Prosecution, and Israel Won't Charge Netanyahu With Corruption.


Netanyahu Is A Dual US-Israel Citizen
He used four different names in America. He is still a dual citizen, contrary to Israeli law. Big on privatizing without honest bidding. Was CIA or FBI.


Fed Up With Netanyahu
Merkel says Netanyahu lies non-stop. Obama says Netanyahu lies non-stop. Even the Jew, Sarkozy says that Netanyahu lies non-stop it which makes it pretty much unanimous.


Netanyahu In The Frame For Bribery circa 1999
CBS News Correspondent Jesse Schulman Explains What Happens When A Handyman Bills A Former Prime Minister For $100,000 (CBS) Frenzied supporters shouting "Bibi! Bibi!" crowd around and stab the air with V-for victory signs as Benjamin Netanyahu climbs into his car. Netanyahu, glistening with sweat, wearing his trademark wolfish grin, combatively assures his fans of victory.

No, don't hit the "refresh" button on your browser, this is not an outdated page somehow come back to haunt you.

Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu is back in Israel's headlines - and under police investigation on suspicion of bribery.

The latest allegations of scandal in high places came to light in the best tradition of investigative reporting - or in the worst tradition of Israeli muckraking, depending on your point of view. Yediot Aharanot, Israel's biggest-selling daily paper, published details of the newest scandal to surround the former prime minister, who was trounced in his re-election bid in May by Ehud Barak.

What started this scandal rolling was a bill for almost $100,000 submitted to the prime minister's office by a Jerusalem handyman named Avner Amedi. The bill was for miscellaneous services rendered while Netanyahu was in office, from floor polishing and furniture moving to clearing out a garden shed at the home of Netanyahu's mother.

What set off alarm bells was that this bill was for work Netanyahu had apparently ordered but not paid for over a period of at least three years and perhaps as much as six. By the contractor's undisputed account, he was at the Netanyahu's residence some 200 times.

It's a little odd by any standard to work so much over such a long time and not get paid. All the more so in this case, since Avner Amedi is a small-time operator whose wife runs a West Jerusalem flower shop, not a three-piece-suited construction mogul who can afford to drop $100,000 worth of work as a "contribution."

In Israel, like in the U.S., it's against the law for public officials to receive gifts. Gifts, large or small, can easily be construed as bribes. Even innocent-looking gifts can hide a trade in favors. (This journalist once tried to thank a high-ranking Israeli civil servant for a small personal favor by sending him a bottle of champagne. The civil servant wouldn't even let the deliveryman in the door, insisting politely but firmly the bottle be returned immediately to the store.)...........

Instead, the talk around bars, cafes and water coolers is a re-hash of stories about his wife's famously bad temper, and his own habits of minor-league nest-feathering. Israeli restaurateurs of this reporter's acquaintance claim Netanyahu was legendary in his day for showing up at restaurants, wining and dining with his friends, ending the meal with a big cigar, and when the bill came, just waving his hand saying "It'll be taken care of," and leaving.

Without the protection of high office, it will be interesting to see whether this time it's the bill that gets "taken care of" or Netanyahu himself.
Abuse of power is a habit. He seems to have gotten away with this one. See also Police findings could lead to Netanyahu indictment


Police Move To Charge Netanyahu [ 28 March, 2000 ]
Police move to charge Netanyahu

Israeli police have recommended that criminal charges should be brought against the former prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara. If Israel's attorney-general accepts the recommendation, Mr. Netanyahu could be charged with accepting a bribe, fraud and breach of trust by a public servant. His wife could face charges that include theft.

The eight-month police investigation focused on suspicions that Mr. Netanyahu and his wife kept official gifts that should have been handed over to the state after he left office, in July. The gifts reportedly included candlesticks, silverware, candelabra, carpets, pictures, scarves and a gold letter opener that was a gift from US Vice President Al Gore.  They are also accused of charging the government for services of a contractor who did private work for them.

The contractor, Avner Amedi, turned state's witness and gave investigators details of nine years of service to Mr. Netanyahu. In a statement, police said Mr. Amedi had not billed the former prime minister for services worth $50,000, accepting instead a promise "that Netanyahu, in his official capacity, would ensure he received proper compensation".

Several other senior Israeli politicians are currently under investigation or involved in scandals.

  • Prime Minister Ehud Barak: police are currently probing his campaign financing. They say Mr. Barak's party, One Israel, circumvented the spending limits to election donations in his successful campaign against Mr. Netanyahu.

  • President Ezer Weizman: is under investigation for accepting large sums of money from a French businessman in the 80's

  • Transport Minister Yitzhak Mordechai: suspected of sexually harassing a female staff in his office

  • Rabbi Ovadia Yosef - the spiritual head of the ultra-Orthodox Shas Party: under investigation on suspicion of incitement to violence against a political adversary.

Corruption in Israel is deep seated, very sincere, very political.


Netanyahu Corruption Charges Dropped [ 27 September 2000 ]
Israel's attorney general on Wednesday rejected a police recommendation to try former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on corruption charges, clearing the way for the popular hard-liner to challenge Prime Minister Ehud Barak.

In a 22-page statement distributed to news organizations, Elyakim Rubinstein cited "difficulties with the evidence" that made a conviction of Netanyahu and his wife Sara unlikely. Police suspected the couple of conspiring with a government contractor in a kickback scheme, illegally keeping gifts, and obstructing justice.

"I have decided to close the file against Mr. Netanyahu concerning the suspicions attributed to him because of evidence insufficient for a criminal trial," Rubinstein said............

Rubinstein's report hardly lets Netanyahu off the hook. He said the Netanyahus' relationship with a contractor who allegedly carried out more than $100,000 worth of services for them for free was improper.

©2000 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed © 2000 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.
Bent then, bent now.


Israel's New Attorney General Kept Politicians Out Of Prison [ 7 February 2010 ]
Justice Minister Ya'akov Ne'eman  yesterday announced his recommendation that the cabinet appoint Yehuda Weinstein [ Yehuda Weinstein ] as the next attorney general. Weinstein, 65, is a prominent and well-regarded defence attorney specializing in white-collar crimes, who has represented some very well-known public officials and businesspeople............ In a statement yesterday, Neeman's bureau said Weinstein was "the best candidate for the post at this time, when there is a real need to strengthen the [ What? ] Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman will be the first and most significant case Weinstein will be dealing with if he is confirmed as attorney general. Lieberman is suspected of having received millions of dollars in bribes from businessmen, among them Martin Schlaff and Michael Chernoy, allegedly to promote their business dealings in Israel. 
His clients include Dan Cohen, a former judge  [  $2.8 million and over a million euros in bribes ],  Netanyahu, current Prime Minister [ Netanyahu  expense fraud ], Olmert, the previous prime minister [ fraud, still on trial in 2011 ], Weinrot, an attorney [ bribery charges pending ], Eitan Rube, director of the Tax Authority [ bribery ], Deripaska [ murder, wholesale bribery ] He will deal with Lieberman, racist thug and Foreign Minister [ thieving ]. You might get the impression from this that all Jews are bent or, perhaps that some/most/an overwhelming majority/all Jews in big business and politics are rogues without conscience.
PS Weinstein's clients do not include the president of Israel currently on trial for multiple rape.
PPS The Wikipedia gives clients as inter alia Ezer Weizman, Aryeh Deri, Ehud Olmert, Benjamin Netanyahu, Yossi Beilin, Avigdor Ben-Gal and others


Israeli Prime Ministers Were Even Bigger Liars Than The Current Thug [ 16 November 2011 ]
Netanyahu is less of a liar than past Israeli PMs
Merkel, Sarkozy and Obama, do not believe Netanyahu, but it seems that they and their governments are pissed off at him because he's not as good a liar as his predecessors in the Prime Minister's Office.
Does Benjamin Netanyahu lie more than other politicians? That, at least, is the impression one gets from various reports in the press.....

The mouth speaks peace while the hand drives the bulldozer [ the one that murdered Rachel Corrie ] - the essence of Israeli policy. Yitzhak Rabin may have had a few slips of the tongue that gave hope to those of us who recoil from yoking God and real estate together. But it was during Rabin's second term that the bypass roads to the settlements were built, making Psagot and the Etzion Bloc part of Jerusalem. It was during his watch that Hebron was punished with a ruinous curfew because a Jew massacred Palestinian worshippers..........
Mrs. Hass [ the German word for hate ] is a Jew, not the daughter of an English Christian gentleman or even educated at Roedean. Perhaps she was feeling annoyed by the evil of Israel when she wrote this one. But she is right about them, the Apartheid, the torture at Khiam Prison, the rapes carried out by the president among others. It goes on.


Zionist Crazy Reverses Truth In Order To Start World War III [ 12 March 2012 ]
The guarantee of world war 3 was accomplished today by President Barack Obama courtesy of terrible advice by Henry Kissinger and others......... Today America put Israel on a war footing not just against her Muslim neighbors but also war planning for a nuclear attack against America, China and Russia should a last resort of the Samson option [ i.e. destroy Europe and America - Editor ] ever need to be implemented by Israel's military.....................

Israel is the only country in the middle east with the capability to do that [ With the Nukes as well as the chemical and biological weapons - Editor ]. She would not survive of course but Israel has the nuclear capacity to destroy at least a third of world before her own destruction............

Today President Obama has guaranteed world war 3 as an absolute future. Do not misunderstand, I'm not speaking about possibilities here but as an absolute surety. World war 3 will occur in the very near future if America actually demands this policy.
Netanyahu is not just a paranoid thug with his finger hovering over the nuclear trigger. He is an habitual liar. At all events:-
Obama says he is a liar
Sarkozy says he is a liar &
Merkel  says he is a liar.
Perhaps there are Jews in Israel who are fool enough to believe him but not that many. 56% of them think Olmert is the worst. He is currently on trial for thieving. Only 38% think Netanyahu is bent.


Netanyahu Is Not Fit To Lead Israel Says Security Boss - [ 29 April 2012 ]


Netanyahu’s Warmongering Spells High Noon For The Israel Lobby [ 14 September 2012 ]
It's high noon for the Israel Lobby at last. The American establishment is balking at the idea of war with Iran, and calling out the neoconservatives for pushing it; and Netanyahu's tantrum is allowing liberal American Jews to declare [ claim/allege/pretend ] they're not on his side. There seems a likelihood that the "special relationship" with our closest ally will at last be politicized, or at least that war with Iran will come up in the presidential debates-- and Romney forced to say he doesn't want it either, because Americans don't want it. 

Joe Klein's intervention on NBC this morning, saying he'd never seen an ally try to drag us into war (below), is big. He was surely emboldened by the daring Times lead front page piece saying that Netanyahu is injecting himself into the US election in an effort to foment a US war with Iran while he has the most leverage over Obama.

But Obama has defied Netanyahu, and he has support from Joe Klein and David Remnick. Obama is making a bet that American Jews don't want a war with Iran (a very safe bet indeed) and that he won't hurt his campaign war chest by failing to do the Israel Lobby's bidding. I believe we will at last see a breakup of the monolith, with the Likud and anti-Likud voices in the US establishment battling it out openly-- Adelson's Republicans versus Soros's Democrats..... like to be alienated from Uncle Sam. Shamir fell after he took on Bush in '91. The lobby surely overreached with the Iran war push. As it overreached with the devouring of the West Bank.

Does this fight portend a US domestic battle over ethnocracy versus democracy in the one state of Israel and Palestine? Yes. And American establishment condemnations of apartheid.
This important article comes from Philip Weiss, a Jew but one of the better sort. He knows of what he writes; the paranoid thug running Israel who is trying to start World War III
Former Israeli intelligence chief Netanyahu and Barak dangerously stoking flames of war -

Ethnic Cleansing In Jerusalem Is An American Value Alleges Israeli Prime Minister [7 October 2014 ]
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismissed a recent White House rebuke of Israeli construction in East Jerusalem, saying in comments broadcast on Sunday that the criticism [ of his  Ethnic Cleansing ] goes “against American values.”
Netanyahu is a liar, a blatant liar, a non-stop liar but, to be fair a cunning liar. He is also a mass murderer who set up Gaza Massacre III. Jews want Ethnic Cleansing in Jerusalem. Netanyahu is giving it to them. They really want Genocide. He is working on that one.
PS Read what Netanyahu's victims have to say at


Israeli Prime Minister May Be Charged With War Crimes [10 January 2015 ]
The International Criminal Court was set up to deal with War Crimes. Its customers have a lot in common. They are not just vicious criminals, not just blatantly guilty; they all come from little countries with little influence. That is why Netanyahu will never be charged, let alone convicted, sentenced or hanged. The whole process is far too political for that. At worst Netanyahu will use the American veto to Pervert The Course Of Justice. Netanyahu is not the only vicious mass murder walking free with government protection. Blair, Brown, Bush, Cameron & Obama are just some of the obvious examples.


Netanyahu And The Truth - Two Opposites [ 27 October 2015 ]
Experienced journalists know that the most useful question to ask yourself when confronted with an implausible story is not: “Is this bastard lying to me?” It is: “WHY is this bastard lying to me?” So why did Netanyahu say that? In particular, why now?
Gwynne Dyer explains all. NB Jews don't like him because he tells the truth.


Netanyahu Lies Non-stop

Everyone who is anyone, anyone who dealings with him says he lies. Who are the rest of us to argue? NB this comes from a Jew.

From Fed Up With Netanyahu

Fed Up With Netanyahu -
It's Unanimous!
Fed Up With Netanyahu

"YOU CAN lie to all of the people some of the time, and to some of the people all of the time, but you cannot lie to all of the people all of the time."

This slightly altered quotation from Abraham Lincoln has yet to be absorbed by Binyamin Netanyahu. He thinks it doesn't apply to him. Actually, that is the core of his entire political career.

This week, he was given a very instructive lesson. After being treated to dozens of cordial encounters between Netanyahu and Nicholas Sarkozy, Israeli TV viewers got a glimpse of reality. It came in the form of an exchange of views between the presidents of the US and of France.

Sarkozy: "I cannot stand him (Netanyahu). He is a liar!"

Obama: "YOU are fed up with him? I have to deal with him every day!"

That came after it was leaked that Angela Merkel, the German prime minister, told her cabinet that "every word that leaves Netanyahu's mouth is a lie."

Which makes it more or less unanimous.

 * * *

BEFORE PROCEEDING, I must say something about the media angle of this affair.

The dialogue was broadcast live to a group of senior French media people, because somebody forgot to turn the microphone off. A piece of luck of the kind that journalists dream about.

Yet not one of the journalists in the hall published a word about it. They kept it to themselves and only told it to their colleagues, who told it to their friends, one of whom told it to a blogger, who published it.

Why? Because the senior journalists who were present are friends and confidants of the people in power. That's how they get their scoops. The price is suppressing any news that might hurt or embarrass their sponsors. This means in practice that they become lackeys of the people in power - betraying their elementary democratic duty as servants of the public.

I know this from experience. As an editor of a news magazine, I saw it as my duty (and pleasure) to break these conspiracies of silence. Actually, many of our best scoops were given to us by colleagues from other publications who could not use them themselves for the same reason.

Luckily, with the internet now everywhere, it has become almost impossible to suppress news. Blessed be the online Gods.

* * *

A few weeks after Yitzhak Rabin was elected Prime Minister (for the second time) in 1992, I met Yasser Arafat in Tunis.

He was, of course, curious about the personality of the newly elected Israeli leader. Knowing that I was meeting him from time to time, he asked what I thought of him.

"He is an honest man," I replied, and then added: "as much as a politician can be."

Arafat burst out laughing, and so did everybody in the room, including Mahmoud Abbas and Yasser Abed Rabbo.

Ever since Sir Henry Wotton said, some four centuries ago, that "an ambassador is an honest man sent to lie abroad for the good of his country," it is generally assumed that diplomats and politicians may be lying, and not only abroad. Some do so only when necessary, some do it often, some, like Netanyahu, do it as a rule.

In spite of the general assumption of mendacity, it is not good for a leader to be branded as a habitual liar. When leaders meet personally, in private and face to face, they are supposed to tell each other the truth, even if not necessarily the whole truth. Some personal trust is of great advantage. If a leader loses it, he loses a precious asset.

Winston Churchill said of one of his predecessors, Stanley Baldwin, that (quoting from memory) "the Right Honourable Gentleman sometimes stumbles upon the truth, but he always hurries on as if nothing has happened." One of our ministers said about Ariel Sharon that he sometimes tells the truth by mistake. People asked how you could tell when Richard Nixon was lying: "Easy: his lips are moving".

Rabin was basically an honest man. He hated lying and avoided it as much as he could. Basically he remained a military man and never became a real politician.

* * *

LAST WEDNESDAY was the 16th anniversary of his assassination, according to the Hebrew calendar.

The event was marked in Israeli schools by speeches and special lessons.  What these citizens of tomorrow learned was that it is very bad to murder a prime minister. And that, more or less, was that.

Not a word about why he was killed. Certainly nothing about the community the assassin belonged to, or what campaign of hatred and incitement led to the murder.

The Ministry of Education is now firmly in the hands of a Likud minister, and one of the most extreme. But the trend is not confined to the education system.

In Israel it is practically impossible to obtain a picture of Rabin shaking the hand of Arafat. Rabin and King Hussein? As many post cards as you might wish. But Rabin's peace with Jordan was an unimportant matter, like the US peace with Canada. The Oslo agreement, however, was a historic watershed.

Only people branded as "extreme leftists" - one of the worst insults these days - dare to raise the obvious questions about the assassination: Who? Why?

There is tacit agreement that the only person responsible was the actual assassin: Yigal Amir, the son of Yemenite Jews, a former settler and a student of a religious university.

Would he have acted without the blessing of one or more rabbis? Most certainly not.

Amir was led to do what he did by months of intense incitement. An unprecedented campaign of hatred dominated the public sphere. Posters showed Rabin in the uniform of an SS officer. Religious groups publicly condemned him to death in medieval ceremonies. Demonstrators in front of his private home shouted: "With blood and fire / we shall remove Rabin!"

In the most (in)famous demonstration, in the centre of Jerusalem, a coffin marked "Rabin" was paraded around, while Netanyahu looked on from a balcony, in the company of other rightist leaders.

And most tellingly: not a single important right-wing or religious voice was raised against this murderous campaign.

By general tacit agreement, nothing of all this was mentioned this week. Why? Because it would not be nice. It would "split the nation". Honourable citizens do not do this kind of thing.

Rabin himself cannot be acquitted of all blame. After the incredibly courageous act of recognizing the PLO (and thereby the Palestinian people) and shaking hands with Arafat, he did not rush forward to create an irreversible historic fact of peace, but hesitated, dithered, held back and allowed the forces of war and racism to regroup and counter-attack.

When the Kiryat Arba settler Baruch Goldstein carried out his massacre in the "Cave of Machpela", Rabin had a golden opportunity to clear out the nest of fascist settlers in Hebron. He shrank back from taking on the settlers. The settlers did not shrink back from killing him.

* * *

WHAT HAPPENED next? This week a very revealing document was leaked.

It appears that on the day of the assassination, Netanyahu spoke with the American ambassador (and Zionist Jew) Martin Indyk. Netanyahu, remembering his part in the incitement, was obviously in panic. He confided to the ambassador that if elections were to take place immediately, the entire Israeli right-wing would be wiped out.

But Shimon Peres, the new Prime Minister, did not call immediate elections, though several people (including myself) publicly urged him to do so. Netanyahu's assessment was quite correct - the country was outraged, the right-wing was generally blamed for the assassination, and if elections had taken place, the Right would have been marginalized for many many years. The entire history of Israel would have taken a different turn.

Why did Peres refuse to do so? Because he hated Rabin. He did not want to be elected as the "executor of Rabin's testament", but on his own merits. Unfortunately, the public did not have the same high opinion of these "merits".

During the next few months, Peres committed every conceivable (and inconceivable) mistake:  he approved the killing of a major Hamas militant which led to a flood of deadly suicide bombings all over the country. He attacked Lebanon, which led to the Kafr Kana massacre, and had to withdraw ignominiously. And then he called premature elections after all. In his election campaign, Rabin was not even mentioned. Thus Peres managed to be (narrowly) defeated by Netanyahu.

I once wrote that Peres suffered his most grievous insult just a few minutes before the assassination. Amir was waiting at the foot of the stairs from the tribune, his pistol ready. Peres came down the steps, and the assassin let him pass, like a fisherman contemptuously throwing a small specimen back into the sea. He was waiting for Rabin.

The rest is history.

URI AVNERY is an Israeli writer and peace activist with Gush Shalom. He is a contributor to CounterPunch's book The Politics of Anti-Semitism.


In article <>, (Student) wrote:
>Weekend Edition November 11-13, 2011
>It's Unanimous!
>Fed Up With Netanyahu

My comment

Netanyahu is the poster boy for modern Zionism.


That is how low Zionism has stooped to the gutter


World Scripture


Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord.

1. Judaism and Christianity. Proverbs 12.22

Do not assert with your mouth what your heart denies.

2. Taoism. Tract of the Quiet Way

No man should talk one way with his lips and think another way in his heart.

3. Judaism. Talmud, Baba Metzia 49

Dishonesty in business or the uttering of lies causes inner sorrow.

4. Sikhism. Adi Granth, Maru Solahe, M.3, p. 1062

O you who believe, wherefore do you say what you do not?
Very hateful is it to God, that you say what you do not.

5. Islam. Qur'an 61.2-3


The Jewish Week | Connecting the World to Jewish News ...

Sarkozy Calls Bibi 'Liar' ... German Chancellor Angela Merkel has gotten so exasperated with Netanyahu that she recently phoned to chew him ...  - Sarkozy Calls Bibi 'Liar'  - Proxy - Highlight

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A crisis erupted between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. ... Merkel is an outright liar By Dave 25 Feb 2011; 06:39AM print-edition/ news/ merkel-chides-netanyahu-for-failing-to-make-a-single-step-to-advance- peace-1.345539 - Proxy - Highlight

Haaretz Israeli News source - French President Sarkozy overheard telling President Obama that Prime Minister Netanyahu is 'a liar' when microphone

"It's a good thing the microphones didn't catch what Merkel told Obama about Sarkozy," said one senior official, who refused to be named. "I don't believe a word he says," German Chancellor Angela Merkel reportedly said recently, in a closed conversation. print-edition/ news/ the-sarkozy-obama-exchange-reflects-the-world-s-growing-frustration-w ith-netanyahu-1.394448 - Proxy - Highlight

Sarkozy: “I cannot stand him (Netanyahu). He is a liar!”

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Sarkozy: Netanyahu's Foot-dragging Is Unacceptable

STAUNCH SUPPORTER ANGELA MERKEL CONDEMNS ISRAEL'S POLICY. Amid the tension ... Peres has always been full of crap, a propagandist and bonafide liar for ... Last month Merkel accused Netanyahu of distorting the nature of a telephone;sid=2010/4/28/1075/95895  - Proxy - Highlight

Netanyahu is less of a liar than past Israeli PMs - Israel ...

Netanyahu is less of a liar than past Israeli PMs Merkel, Sarkozy and Obama, do not ... gymnastics that give Netanyahu's coalition its stability. Angela Merkel ...   - Proxy - Highlight


Turkish Prime Minister Compares Netanyahu With Charlie Hebdo Attackers [ 16 January 2015 ]
The Turk is being unfair to the Islamics. Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel is a murderous thug who has killed far more than them. See e.g. Gaza Massacre, Gaza Massacre II, Gaza Massacre III


Jews Murder Twelve In Syria As A Vote Buying Gimmick [ 21 January 2015 ]
An Israeli air strike in southern Syria on Sunday that killed 12 commanders from the Lebanese militia Hizballah and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard follows a long and ignoble tradition in Israeli politics.

Prime ministers facing poor ratings have often been tempted to launch a major military offensive in the middle of an election campaign...... It is still unclear whether Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who presumably approved the operation, knew precisely what he was getting into in hitting the convoy of vehicles.....

Until now, Israel has struck against Iran from afar and through agents in operations it could deny. It efforts have concentrated on assassinations, mainly of nuclear scientists, and infecting computers with viruses – all part of efforts to stop Tehran developing its nuclear energy programme, which Israel claims will be quickly transformed into a military programme.
Netanyahu is a murderous psychopath. Albeit Blair has massacred more.


Israeli Prime Minister Charged With Mass Murder [ 7? January 2015 ]
Will Netanyahu end up at the Hague?

7 January 2015

The Palestinian application to the ICC has set in motion a series of events with potentially dramatic consequences for both Israel and the Palestinians

Al-Araby – 7 January 2015

At the weekend, Fatah posted an image on its Facebook page of Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu next to a hangman’s noose, alongside the words ‘coming soon’ and the scales-of-justice logo of the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

This is certainly how many Palestinians would like to view Netanyahu’s fate over the coming months.

Last week, Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, reluctantly signed on to the Rome Statute, paving the way for ICC membership, after he failed to win a vote at the UN Security Council on a resolution to end the occupation by 2017.

The loyalists of Abbas’ Fatah party are likely to be disappointed, however. There are many obstacles to be cleared before anyone in Israel, let alone the prime minister, reaches the dock in the Hague accused of war crimes.

The first test will be whether Abbas’ nerve holds. It will be 60 days before the application to join the ICC takes effect. In the meantime, Israel and the US – neither of which has ratified the Rome Statute – will exert as much pressure on him as possible to change course.

At Sunday’s cabinet meeting, Netanyahu announced that Israel would withhold the monthly tax revenues it collects on behalf of Abbas’ Palestinian Authority (PA) and which it is obligated to pass on.

Given the PA’s precarious finances, that is a blow that will be quickly felt. Abbas dismissed the move, dressing up his diplomatic desperation as cavalier disregard. “Now there are sanctions – that’s fine. There’s an escalation – that’s fine … but we’re pushing forward,” he said.

Israel is threatening to pile on additional punishments this week. Or as a senior foreign ministry official put it: “Israel is about to switch from defense to attack mode.”

Included is a plan to recruit Israel’s powerful lobbies in Washington to ensure the enforcement of legislation requiring the US Congress to halt some $400 million in annual aid to the PA in the event that the Palestinians actually initiate any actions at the Hague to investigate Israelis for war crimes.

Implicating Abbas

Further, Israel is threatening to use its own undoubtedly formidable intelligence-gathering against Abbas and his PA officials, implicating them in war crimes too.

Israel could try to pursue Palestinian officials, including Abbas, through the US courts, which have in the past shown a willingness to back terror-related claims against Palestinians.

In September a New York jury found against the Jordan-based Arab Bank for channelling charitable money into the occupied territories to help poor families, agreeing that this had helped support “terror”.

At the weekly Israeli cabinet meeting, Netanyahu warned: “Those who need to answer before a criminal court are the heads of the Palestinian Authority, who have forged an alliance with the war criminals of Hamas.” One of his officials similarly noted that they had “quite a bit of ammunition” to use against Abbas.

An Israeli analyst, Barak Ravid, suggested that the goal might be to “create a balance of terror”, reviving the Cold War principle of mutually assured destruction: “Each side would bombard the other with complaints until they can no longer breathe.”

One course of action Netanyahu is reported to be loath to pursue on this occasion is a glut of settlement building. This was Israel’s response back in 2012 when the Palestinians won a vote at the UN upgrading their status.

But the diplomatic fall-out then is said to have taught Israel a lesson, and it will not specifically characterise settlement expansion as part of its retaliation.

Persuading the ICC

The next obstacle will be persuading the ICC to investigate Israel. So far the Palestinians have had little success with the ICC, but previous justifications from the court for inaction are no longer valid.

In early 2012, the ICC dropped an investigation into Palestinian claims of war crimes committed during Israel’s attack on Gaza in 2008-09 on the grounds that Palestine was not a recognised state. That changed with the Palestinians’ change of UN status later the same year.

And in November the ICC’s prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, halted an investigation into an Israeli commando operation against the Mavi Marmara aid ship in 2010 that killed nine humanitarian activists. The case had been made possible only because the ship was registered in Comoros, which had signed the Rome Statute.

Bensouda argued that the deaths of the activists were not of “sufficient gravity” to justify the ICC’s intervention.

But now – with a much wider range of examples to choose from as a member of the ICC, including the attack on Gaza last summer that left more than 500 children dead – the Palestinians should be able to find cases that better qualify.

Nevertheless, such investigations, if they take place, will be laborious and time-consuming, especially as Israel will be actively uncooperative, just as it has been in blocking access to Gaza for UN inquiries into war crimes.

In the meantime, the US will be certain to put pressure behind the scenes on the Hague court to reject cases brought by the Palestinians. It can be expected to threaten the finances of the ICC and arm-twist it in other ways, just as it did Security Council members last week to ensure that a Palestinian resolution to end the occupation failed to win the necessary majority.

The politicised nature of the ICC should not be under-estimated. Its cases so far have targeted only African leaders, and ones that are seen as enemies of the US and the west.

International law experts note that it will be extremely difficult for the ICC to press cases against the leaders of a state widely seen in the US and Europe as a western-style democracy.

That might, for example, encourage uncomfortable comparisons between Israel’s behaviour and that of the US and Britain in the Middle East. If Netanyahu or Tzipi Livni are to stand trial, why not Barack Obama or his predecessor, George W Bush? US leaders are just as culpable for their part in Washington’s extra-judicial executions by drones over Yemen and Pakistan or its rendition and torture programmes.

Immunity from prosecution

Nonetheless, Israel has good reason to be worried.

Whether or not cases are ultimately brought against Israelis, the threat of war crimes charges is likely to act as a restraint, creating an atmosphere of doubt, caution and fear on the ground among the Israeli security forces.

That is not something Israel, driven by a military tradition of creating deterrence by terrifying its Arab neighbours into submission, cannot afford to be complacent about.

As Tel Aviv law professor Aeyal Gross observed, the ICC threat hangs more heavily over Israelis than Palestinians. Palestinian fighters are unlikely to fear an ICC prosecution given that “they are already at risk of assassination by Israel or long prison terms if caught. In contrast, Israelis have enjoyed de facto immunity from prosecution for Israel’s actions.”

Adding to this problem, Israel will have to demonstrate – if it is to be sure of pre-empting an ICC investigation – that it has carried out its own credible investigations and is prepared to prosecute its own soldiers, including commanders, with serious charges.

Until now, even lowly Israeli soldiers have enjoyed almost complete immunity for their actions, and Israel has refused to cooperate with independent investigations.

When Israel announced a handful of criminal inquiries into its attack on Gaza last summer, which left more than 2,000 Palestinians dead, most of them civilians, it was harshly criticised by local human rights NGOs. The two most respected, B’Tselem and Yesh Din, refused to cooperate, arguing that the investigations were a “whitewash”.

Israeli authorities have so far approved 13 investigations into the summer’s events but most relate to minor or isolated incidents, usually committed by junior soldiers. Five of the investigations are into allegations of looting: soldiers stealing money or items from Palestinian homes.

Double-edged sword

That will now need to change, even if only for appearances’ sake.

Similarly, the threats Netanyahu and others Israeli officials have been making against Abbas are a double-edged sword. While Israeli officials have warned that the Palestinian application to join the ICC opens up a “Pandora’s box”, it may be that any damage to Abbas and the PA ultimately rebounds on Israel.

There have long been suggestions that Abbas has been actively conspiring with Israel against Hamas – including rumours that he was closely consulted on Israel’s attack on Gaza in 2008-09. Exposing such collaboration could simply deepen Israel’s troubles.

In any case, weakening the PA – whether by implicating it in war crimes or pulling the plug on its finances – risks its collapse and Israel’s being forced once again to bear the full military and financial costs of the occupation.

That was why the US State Department on Monday expressed its opposition to Israel’s refusal to transfer tax revenues to the Palestinians, saying it threatened “stability” in the region.

The Palestinians joining the Hague court might also serve as a fillip to groups trying to use the principle of universal jurisdiction in their own countries, including several major European ones that have already incorporated such legislation. That would be even more likely were the ICC to appear to be submitting to pressure to avoid prosecuting Israeli officials.

It would leave senior Israelis even more fearful of visiting such states for fear of arrest.

And maybe not least, the Palestinians’ move to the Hague will exhaust yet more US goodwill as it is forced publicly to rescue Israel from the consequences of its own worst military excesses.

- See more at:
Go for it.


Say That Israeli Prime Minister Is A Murderous Psychopath And Get Aggravation  [ 4 February 2015 ]
Gerald Scarfe tells the truth about a homicidal Zionist crazy so The Guardian gives a Jew a platform to push his objections. He manages not mention Gaza Massacre I, Gaza Massacre II or even Gaza Massacre III. Then there was the Deir Yassin Massacre, the Qana Massacres I and II & the Sabra and Shatila Massacres. These are just some of the better known atrocities. Of course if naughty Adolf had been the perpetrator they would complaining loud and long. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

PS Some of The Grauniad's commentators seem to have taken the point that the Jew is lying in his teeth.


Israeli Prime Minister Incites American Invasion Of Iran  [ 4 March 2015 ]
Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress amounted to a full-blooded assault on President Barack Obama’s policy towards Iran.........

The key passages were as follows:

In the Middle East, Iran now dominates four Arab capitals, Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut and Sanaa. And if Iran's aggression is left unchecked, more will surely follow. So, at a time when many hope that Iran will join the community of nations, Iran is busy gobbling up the nations. We must all stand together to stop Iran's march of conquest, subjugation and terror.”.......

Analysis: Mr. Netanyahu is effectively saying that Mr. Obama’s policy towards Iran increases the risk of another Holocaust. The prime minister’s subliminal message is that anyone who favours a nuclear deal on Mr. Obama’s terms would be willing to ignore history and tolerate the danger of a second Holocaust.
A lot of people, Arabs especially would see a real Holocaust® as a good thing, one leaving the world a better place. Lots of people believe that the first Holocaust® Story is a pack of lies, very profitable lies at that. It is true beyond debate that Netanyahu is a Zionist crazy, mass murderer & War Criminal.


Jews Vote Mass Murderer Back Into Power  [ 22 March 2015 ]
Yesterday’s Israeli election proved that Benjamin Netanyahu engineered a miraculously recovery from an imaginary ‘downfall.’........

Israel is a true Jewish democracy. It has many problems but it genuinely represents the spirit and aspirations of the Israelis. In the Israeli Knesset in 2015, there is not a single Jewish party that cares for the Palestinians and their plight. There is not a single Jewish member who offers any plan for peace and reconciliation.........

Last week we learned that the vast majority of British Jews support Bibi and his Likud party.
Gilad Atzmon, a Jew tells us about the Racism of Zionist crazies.


Maurice Pinay Explains Netanyahu's Evil
There is plenty to explain:-
Netanyahu: Gaza Death Camp Operating "at Full Strength"

Netanyahu's Messianic Fanaticism Precipitating False-Messiah Catastrophe

Netanyahu: "The Rebbe said to me ..." and to every 'Jewish' child from age 5

The Rabbinic Foundation of Netanyahu's Messianic Lunacy Further Revealed

Netanyahu's 'Justice' Minister: Talmudic Law Should Be Binding In Israeli State

Netanyahu reported to say legal system based on Talmud

Netanyahu's Synagogue-and-State Authoritarian Orthodox Judaic Hierarchy

Netanyahu Mocks the World

Netanyahu Gifts Pope with his Racial Supremacist Father's Race War Book

Netanyahu gives Obama the Book of Esther. Biblical parable for nuclear Iran?

Francis and Netanyahu's Counterfeit Jesus Pilpul

Madman's Hava Megillah Caught on Camera

John Hagee spews Netanyahu's Purim spiel

"Netanyahu is More Powerful than the President." "The Congress has Sold Out to AIPAC"

Rabbi Netanyahu

Netanyahu: 'We should attack Iran with "subversive" U.S. television programming"

Pope Benedict XVI's hasbara mission


Zionist Thug Is Israel's 'Diplomat' At UN [ 25 August 2015 ]
There is an argument for plain speaking but this Zionist Crazy is rather like a bull in a china shop. The prime minister, Netanyahu is proving his contempt for the United Nations. He controls Obama, Congress, the Senate etc. The rest don't matter.
PS Jonathan Cook is not usually so forthright but this is an extreme case.


Prime Minister Of Israel Is An Insane Liar [ 22 October 2015 ]
is a mass murder, who set up at Gaza Massacre I, Gaza Massacre II & Gaza Massacre III. he presides over systematic Ethnic Cleansing in the Stolen Land. He is an habitual liar according to Obama, Merkel & Sarkozy who is also a Jew - see Fed Up With Netanyahu for details. But alleging that Palestinians forced Adolf Hitler to run the Holocaust® Racket is a lie too gross to swallowed by the crooks who run the Holocaust® Industry let alone anyone else. It is about time he was locked up; a lunatic asylum would be suitable. An ordinary prison would also make sense.

The Israeli prime minister was roundly condemned today for claiming that a Palestinian religious leader coerced Adolf Hitler into murdering six million Jews during the Second World War.

Binyamin Netanyahu’s comments came during a speech yesterday at the World Zionist Congress. He laid the blame for the Holocaust on Haj Amin al-Husseini, the grand mufti of Jerusalem, who became an early Palestinian leader after Israel was founded in 1948.


Prime Minister Of Israel Is An Insane Liar  [ 23 October 2015 ]
Netanyahu is a mass murder, who set up at Gaza Massacre I, Gaza Massacre II & Gaza Massacre III. He presides over systematic Ethnic Cleansing in the Stolen Land. He is an habitual liar according to Obama, Merkel & Sarkozy who is also a Jew - see Fed Up With Netanyahu for details. But alleging that Palestinians forced Adolf Hitler to run the Holocaust® Racket is a lie too gross to swallowed by the crooks who run the Holocaust® Industry let alone anyone else. It is about time he was locked up; a lunatic asylum would be suitable. An ordinary prison would also make sense.


Netanyahu Makes Racist Thug Israeli War Minister [ 20 May 2016 ]
Israel’s departing defence minister Moshe Ya’alon has denounced the "extremist and dangerous elements" which "have taken over Israel and the Likud party" as he left office............

He was forced to stand down to make way for Avigdor Lieberman, leader of the hard-right Yisrael Beitenu party, whose decision to join the Likud party-led cabinet has created what Israeli newspapers are calling the most right-wing government in Israel's history. He is now quitting the Knesset, the Israeli parliament..............

Mr Lieberman previously served as the country’s foreign minister, but unlike Mr Ya’alon, who holds the highest possible military rank of lieutenant general and has extensive military leadership experience, Mr Lieberman never rose higher than corporal [ rather like a little chap called Adolf ]

As his flagship policy, Mr Lieberman, who worked as a nightclub bouncer in Moldova before emigrating to Israel, is spearheading a bill to enable the death penalty for convicted terrorists, as part of a deal to have his six-seat party join the coalition.
Lieberman was looking at several years in prison for fraud; presumably he beat the raps one way or another.


Netanyahu, The Prime Minister Of Israel, The Stolen Land Investigated For Taking Bribes - Again [ 9 January 2017 ]
Netanyahu is a Jew, liar, thief, mass murderer & War Criminal; some things don't change.


Israel's Prime Minister Is Deeply Corrupt [ 29 January 2017 ]The previous one, a lifelong thief is doing six years. This one is just as bent.


Racist Jew Will Protect The Jewish State From Arab “Wild Beasts.” [ 10 February 2017 ]



Israeli Prime Minister Being Investigated For Bribery & Fraud  [ 26 May 2017 ]
Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit has reportedly approved a full criminal investigation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu into allegations of bribery and fraud. Netanyahu will be investigated by police for two separate cases and will be called in for police questioning in the coming days, Channel 10 reported on Wednesday..............

Earlier this month, Zionist Union MK Erel Margalit and Eldad Yaniv, a lawyer and Labor party activist, petitioned the High Court of Justice to demand the Attorney General answer why had not yet opened an investigation despite what they called “overwhelming evidence.”...............

Mandelblit also reportedly instructed employees in the state prosecutor’s office to look into allegations that Netanyahu accepted 1 million euros (about $1.1 million) from accused French fraudster Arnaud Mimran in 2009.......

Earlier this month, in an apparently unrelated case, there were calls for the prime minister to be investigated for his role in a Defense Ministry deal to purchase submarines from a German company partly owned by the Iranian government.
Netanyahu beat the fraud raps last time. His mouthpiece, Yehuda Weinstein got to be the attorney general. Cause and effect?
PS The previous prime minister, Olmert is in prison [ life long thieving ], just like the president [ rape ] & the Chief Rabbi of Israel, Yona Metzger [ another thief ].


Israeli Prime Minister Being Investigated For Fraud [ 30 June 2017 ]
Mariah Carey's billionaire ex-fiancé is reportedly due to be interviewed by Israeli police as part of a corruption probe into Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

James Packer, the son of late Australian media tycoon Kerry Packer, is said to have given Netanyahu's oldest son Yair free hotel rooms and luxury flights, and he has been wanted for questioning in Israel since March............ Israeli police are investigating whether Netanyahu's acceptance of the gifts could be an illegal conflict of interest.............

In January, Israel's Interior Minister, Aryeh Deri [ a thief who got three years ], told ABC's 730 program he had met with Packer's lawyer who had asked him about arranging citizenship or residency in Israel for the billionaire.
Netanyahu beat the fraud raps last time. His lawyer got to be attorney general. Quid pro quo? He is a non-stop liar. Why would Jim want residency in Israel? It would be useful if he went on the run. That is the whole point of the place, for Jews at all events.


Prime Minister Of Israel Seeks Alliance With European Nationalists Opposing Third World Parasites  [ 22 July 2017 ]
Netanyahu Invites Visegrád Eastern Europeans to Summit Next Year in Jerusalem
Back in early 2014, I predicted that liberal Jews around the world would increasingly turn toward their old home culture of Germany for leadership, while nationalist Jews would look toward better ties with Eastern Europe. That’s more or less working out, although more with Israel aligning with rightwing Hungary and Poland than with Russia.
Netanyahu is a vicious rogue, War Criminal and habitual liar but he is not a traitor. He is a Nationalist just like the governments of Eastern Europe and, naturally, unlike Macron, Merkel & Theresa May
PS This article was published by Ron Unz, a Jew prone tell it like it is.


Israeli Prime Minister Is 'Suspected' Of Bribery & Fraud  [ 4 August 2017 ]
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is suspected of bribery, fraud and breach of trust in two cases, Israel Police confirmed on Thursday when it requested a gag order on the ongoing talks to recruit a state witness. The gag order was granted and is effective until September 17...........

Also on Thursday, Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit said that progress was being made in talks with a former top aide to Netanyahu, Ari Harow, about becoming a state witness...............

According to recent reports by Haaretz, the information he provided allegedly indicated criminal connections between Harow, the prime minister and people in the prime minister’s circles..........

Harow, who is suspected of bribery, fraud, breach of trust, aggravated fraud and money laundering, was also a key figure in a case that the police did not pursue. He headed the American Friends of Likud, which allegedly paid the salary of Odelia Karmon, an adviser to Netanyahu when the prime minister, who heads the Likud party, was opposition leader.

During the investigation of Harow, police confiscated his cell phone, and found recordings documenting the Netanyahu-Mozes conversations that are the basis of the Case 2000 probe...........

“Bibi became insanely hysterical, all of a sudden. I don’t know who whispered to him, after all, you can light him up like a flame ... and then he said to me: Odelia, give back the money.” In the recording, Karmon also mentioned Harow: “He plied Netanyahu with many things. Flight tickets or whenever Netanyahu was in a bind. But not in exchange for anything. He was honest and sweet. He was simply helpless.”
got away with it last time, then his mouthpiece became the attorney general. See e.g. Israel's New Attorney General Kept Politicians Out Of Prison


Netanyahu Vows to Expel Africans from Tel Aviv 'We Will Return it to the Israelis' [ 4 September  2017 ]
The headline is verbatim and very sincere. It is based on the hope that Netanyahu will beat the fraud raps again. His attorney first time round got to be the attorney general. A quid pro quo?


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