World War III

The Third World War is going on NOW, unnoticed because it is a Culture War being waged against us by our self-appointed Invisible Enemy. Why are they attacking us? Because they hate us, they Fear us. They are Paranoid & vicious. They want power, they want money too, which is why they want a New World Order, with them in charge of course. You might feel that this kind of power struggle has been going for centuries if not more.

How are they attacking? It is about Entryism, about The Long March Through The Institutions, about Subversion or Sedition. Is this Paranoia? If only, but sadly it is not. Western governments are Zionist Occupation Governments [ ZOGs ] controlled by the Puppet Masters, by Zionist crazies.

The following scenario did not come to pass fortunately. A further and even uglier scenario is running as a I write in February 2012. The Jews have been inciting war against Iran. They claim that Iran is making nukes and would be in a position to attack Israel. This is totally absurd. The fact that the Jews have dozens or hundreds of their very own Nukes is neither here nor there in their propaganda stories. They have the full unholy trinity of NBC [ Nuclear, Biological and Chemical ]. They like have the deck stacked in their favor. They want America to do their dirty work for them. That is why they put Obama into the White House. Now they are beating the war drums louder. We will see what happens.

World War III may be starting tomorrow, on 14 September 2007. I might be wrong. I would much rather be wrong but there is evidence pointing to a MAJOR incident being set up. - I was wrong. It did not come to pass thankfully. The pressures and the manipulation are still there.

The scenario is that the US Air Force is taking the day off. New York is left unprotected. El Al [ Air Israel ] has cancelled all flights out of New York on that day. Terrorists employed more or less directly by Bush or Israel will hit New York by air. Bush then uses this as an excuse to invade Iran.

That is the bit that Bush has thought through. What the Israelis know is that oil will stop flowing out of Iran and the Gulf. Oil prices will go through the roof. The Chinese will not be amused. They will dump their holdings of American dollars; somewhere round $1 trillion, which is to say $1,000 billion. Dollars will become worthless. Americans will be annoyed as well as hungry. At least some will work out who has done this to them and do something about it. Bush will go into hiding. Jews will too. There will be major repercussions worldwide.

If the Chinese, Vladimir Putin or the French are on the ball they will tell the Israelis what will get nuked if they try it on. Tel Aviv, Haifa and Dimona, their nuclear bomb works would be a good start. If this sounds like paranoia consider the evidence:-

American Air Force Is Taking A Day Off
On Sept. 14, flight lines will be very quiet at Air Combat Command bases. The entire command — about 100,000 active-duty airmen — is standing down training flights and many other operations as part of a command-wide safety day.......
The excuse is trivial and it will be just like the 9/11 again when the USAF was doing something else instead of defending America.


El Al [ Air Israel ]
Has no flights from New York to Tel Aviv on 14 September. They say no FLIGHTS, not no seats. Albeit such flights would get there on Saturday and the lot with silly hats get funny about that.


British Army Positioned To Invade Iran
British soldiers return to action as tensions between US and Iran grow [ Make that as Bush puts the frighteners on - Editor ]

British forces have been sent from Basra to the volatile border with Iran amid warnings from the senior US commander in Iraq that Tehran is fomenting a "proxy war". [ They lie like a cheap NAAFI watch - Editor ]

In signs of a fast-developing confrontation, the Iranians have threatened military action [ to defend themselves - Editor ] in response to attacks launched from Iraqi territory while the Pentagon has announced the building of a US base and fortified checkpoints at the frontier.
Adolf told the same sort of lies when he was setting the invasions of the Sudetenland and Poland. Ditto for Bush and Iraq. Blair is a Zionist puppet just like Bush. Brown is too.


US Senator asks for Iran invasion
Joseph L. Lieberman, among the US Senate's fiercest hawks [ the sort who decided not to serve in Vietnam but wants Americans to do Israel's dirty work for it - Editor ] , has once again asked for the expansion of US invasion into Iran...... Lieberman, who is Jewish and a staunch supporter of Israel, has always supported the Bush administration's military agenda in the Middle East and against the Muslim world.
This Iranian report sounds entirely reasonable.


National Emergency Warning In Illinois Was A Mistake
A national emergency alert announced on local television and radio stations throughout Illinois this morning appears to be the result of a human error in Washington, D.C. Four alerts were heard — at 7:33 a.m., 7:49 a.m., 7:55 a.m. and 8:07 a.m. The alerts came from the National Emergency Alert System, which originates its signal with the Illinois Emergency Management Agency in Springfield.
So they are dusting off the emergency drills and got a bit too eager? Could be. Curious. Why did it happen just as Bush is setting us up for World War III?


CIA Director Says Threat Level Is Much Higher
First, our analysts assess with high confidence that al-Qa'ida's central leadership is planning high-impact plots against the US homeland.....

Third, we assess--again, with high confidence--that al-Qa'ida is focusing on targets that would produce mass casualties, dramatic  destruction, and significant economic aftershocks.
So why is the USAF going to take the day off?


Putin Dismisses The Russian Government
MOSCOW (AP) - President Vladimir Putin dissolved Russia's government Wednesday in a major political shakeup ahead of parliamentary and presidential elections, the Kremlin said....... he asked for the dissolution of the government because with elections approaching, Putin needed to have a free hand to make decisions, including those concerning appointments [ and nuking Israel - Editor ].
It could be elections rather than something important. Vlad is a sound sort of chap unlike the draft dodging maniac in the White House.


Chertoff Claims To Be Preparing for Nuclear Attack
WASHINGTON -- Weapons of mass destruction, small boats packed with explosives and Islamic radicalization are the greatest terrorist threats facing the country, top U.S. security officials said......

He [ Chertoff ]  said the threat of a USS Cole-type attack on U.S. ports — where a small boat packed with explosives detonates in a harbor — is one of his top concerns.
He is allowing the USAF to take the day off tomorrow leaving New York undefended. He is also allowing enemy aliens to pour through the southern border in their thousands so believe him if you want. Chertoff is an enemy alien and an ugly one at that.


Armageddon Looms
Ed Steel looks and sees even more reasons to believe that we are being set up by Bush and his Zionist handlers.


The Zionist crazies who run Israel are trying to start a third world war? They have been for some time now. Why is a mystery. They must know that they will come unstuck big time. It just has to be paranoid lunacy. Claiming that Iran has nukes is an obvious lie. Even if it were true the right answer is: So what? Jews have lots of Nukes. Iran does not need them. It can be far more effective by shutting the Straits of Hormuz, cutting off some 25% of the world's oil supply. The Jews trying to bully American politicians into invading for them, telling us something about how corrupt American politics are.

Spies See Iran's Nukes As Non-Existent [ 13 April 2012 ]
WASHINGTON |Fri Mar 23, 2012 12:00pm EDT
(Reuters) - The United States, European allies and even Israel generally agree on three things about Iran's nuclear program: Tehran does not have a bomb, has not decided to build one, and is probably years away from having a deliverable nuclear warhead. Those conclusions, drawn from extensive interviews with current and former U.S. and European officials with access to intelligence on Iran, contrast starkly with the heated debate surrounding a possible Israeli strike on Tehran's nuclear facilities........... Reuters has learned that in late 2006 or early 2007, U.S. intelligence intercepted telephone and email communications in which Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a leading figure in Iran's nuclear program, and other scientists complained that the weaponization program had been stopped.

That led to a bombshell conclusion in a controversial 2007 National Intelligence Estimate: American spy agencies had "high confidence" that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in the fall of 2003. Current and former U.S. officials say they are confident that Iran has no secret uranium-enrichment site outside the purview of U.N. nuclear inspections. They also have confidence that any Iranian move toward building a functional nuclear weapon would be detected long before a bomb was made. These intelligence findings are what underpin President Barack Obama's argument that there is still time to see whether economic sanctions will compel Iran's leaders to halt any program.........

U.S. officials assert that intelligence reporting on Iran's nuclear program is better than it was on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, which proved to be non-existent but which President George W. Bush and his aides used to make the case for the 2003 invasion.
This is interesting and important. The Zionist crazies running Israel want Obama to invade Iran. That is why they put him into office. But the Pentagon is just bright enough to know it would probably start World War III. So do the Jews of course. A lot of them think it would be madness.
PS This report comes from Tabassum Zakaria and Mark Hosenball, an investigative journalist working for Reuters which is a responsible source.


Netanyahu Is Not Fit To Lead Israel Says Security Boss - [ 29 April 2012 ]
Ex-Israeli spy boss attacks Netanyahu and Barak over Iran. PM and defence chief not fit to lead Israel and are misleading the public over Iran, warns former Shin Bet boss Yuval Diskin. Israel's former security chief has censured the country's "messianic" political leadership for talking up the prospects of a military strike on Iran's nuclear programme.

In unusually candid comments set to ratchet up tensions over Iran at the top of Israel's political establishment, Yuval Diskin, who retired as head of the internal intelligence agency Shin Bet last year, said he had "no faith" in the abilities of the prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, and the defence minister, Ehud Barak, to conduct a war.........

Diskin's remarks followed a furore over comments made on Wednesday by Israel's serving military chief, Benny Gantz, which starkly contrasted with Netanyahu's rhetoric on Iran. Gantz said he did not believe the Iranian leadership was prepared to "go the extra mile" to acquire nuclear weapons because it was "composed of very rational people" who understood the consequences.....

Diskin's comments also put him in agreement with the former head of the Mossad, Meir Dagan, who has said that attacking Iran was "the stupidest thing I have ever heard" and that the Iranian regime was rational.
So there are Jews who are not power crazed thugs; at events not to the extent of starting World War III.


Mossad Boss Says The Conflict Between Israel & Iran Is The Entire World's Problem [ 30 April 2012 ]
At a conference in New York, Meir Dagan also voices support for former Shin Bet head Yuval Diskin, who criticized Israel's leadership handling of Iran crisis, Palestinian peace process. Former Mossad chief Meir Dagan said on Sunday that Iran's leadership is using "smart" diplomacy to advance its nuclear program, and that the Iranian threat is not a "quarrel" between Israel and Iran, but an international issue.....

Earlier at the conference, Dagan backed former head of the Shin Bet security service, Yuval Diskin, who sharply criticized the Israeli leadership over the weekend. Diskin criticized Netanyahu and Barak on their bellicose stance on Iran, as well as what he called the premier's unwillingness to advance peace talks with the Palestinian Authority. Dagan said that Diskin was his friend, and added that he "spoke his own truth."............

Former Mossad chief backs Shin Bet counterpart over criticism of Netanyahu, Barak
Netanyahu aides: Former Shin Bet chief attacked PM out of personal vengeance
With Secret Squirrel going public you have to believe that Netanyahu is not just a liar but a paranoid War Monging fool to boot.


Netanyahu’s Warmongering Spells High Noon For The Israel Lobby [ 14 September 2012 ]
It's high noon for the Israel lobby at last. The American establishment is balking at the idea of war with Iran, and calling out the neoconservatives for pushing it; and Netanyahu's tantrum is allowing liberal American Jews to declare [ claim/allege/pretend ] they're not on his side. There seems a likelihood that the "special relationship" with our closest ally will at last be politicized, or at least that war with Iran will come up in the presidential debates-- and Romney forced to say he doesn't want it either, because Americans don't want it. 

Joe Klein's intervention on NBC this morning, saying he'd never seen an ally try to drag us into war (below), is big. He was surely emboldened by the daring Times lead front page piece saying that Netanyahu is injecting himself into the US election in an effort to foment a US war with Iran while he has the most leverage over Obama.

But Obama has defied Netanyahu, and he has support from Joe Klein and David Remnick. Obama is making a bet that American Jews don't want a war with Iran (a very safe bet indeed) and that he won't hurt his campaign warchest by failing to do the Israel Lobby's bidding. I believe we will at last see a breakup of the monolith, with the Likud and anti-Likud voices in the US establishment battling it out openly-- Adelson's Republicans versus Soros's Democrats..... like to be alienated from Uncle Sam. Shamir fell after he took on Bush in '91. The lobby surely overreached with the Iran war push. As it overreached with the devouring of the West Bank.

Does this fight portend a US domestic battle over ethnocracy versus democracy in the one state of Israel and Palestine? Yes. And American establishment condemnations of apartheid.
This important article comes from Philip Weiss, a Jew but one of the better sort. He knows of what he writes; the paranoid thug running Israel who is trying to start World War III


Generals Want World III Starting In The Ukraine [ 9 February 2015 ]
Or the Daily Mail is lying. Of course Cameron is a war criminal who had Libya attacked for some reason, any reason, no reason or OIL. He is also running down the Army to weaken us. It makes treason easier.


America Is Trying To Start War In The Ukraine [ 10 March 2015 ]
The leader of France’s rightwing
Front National (FN), Marine Le Pen, has called Brussels “American lackeys” over the EU's Ukraine policy. She further accused Washington of attempting to start a “war in Europe” and expand NATO towards Russia’s borders......

"Regarding Ukraine, we behave like American lackeys," she said, before warning that “the aim of the Americans is to start a war in Europe to push NATO to the Russian border."
America is a Zionist Occupation Government [ ZOG ] run by Zionist crazies for Israel. It is not quite true that Jews Buy All Western Politicians For Less Than One Main Battle Tank; they aren't that cheap but the basic point is sound.


America Challenges China To Start World War III [ 27 October 2015 ]
The US Navy has sent a guided-missile destroyer within 12 nautical miles of artificial islands built by China in the South China Sea, in the start of a series of challenges to China's territorial claims in one of the world's busiest sea lanes.

Two US officials said the White House approved the movement by the USS Lassen early on Tuesday near Subi and Mischief reefs in the Spratly archipelago, features that were formerly submerged at high tide before China began a massive dredging project to turn them into islands in 2014.
Perhaps Obama is feeling bored. Perhaps his efforts to destroy America aren't paying off as fast as he hoped. But starting World War III would do real damage to the place. By that time there will be a new president.


Sabre Rattling Could Go Very Badly Wrong  [ 4 August 2017 ]
The American government is making threatening noises, sending carriers to Korea and acting like the world's policeman in a bad temper. This is not good. Fred tells us that Iran hasn't backed down, China hasn't backed down, North Korea hasn't backed down. Just how many nuclear nations can America afford to upset. Fred has been there; he played for real in Viet Nam and got a year in hospital for his pains. Another corporal got it wrong. Naughty little Adolf thought he could beat Russia, just like Lieutenant Bonaparte. Recall that this day is the anniversary of World War I. The Third World War will be worse.


The War Drums Beat Louder- Talking Themselves Into War  [ 14 August 2017 ]
“I’m not saying we wouldn’t get our hair mussed, Mr President, but I do say not more than ten or twenty million dead, depending on the breaks.” So said General ‘Buck’ Turgidson, urging the US president to carry out a nuclear first strike, in Stanley Kubrick’s 1963 film Dr Strangelove: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

But nobody in Kubrick’s movie talked like Kim Jong-un (“American bastards would be not very happy with this gift sent on the July 4 anniversary,” he crowed, celebrating North Korea’s first successful test of an ICBM). They didn’t talk like Donald Trump either (“North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”)

Kubrick’s film came out the year after the Cuban missile crisis, when the world went to the brink of nuclear war after the Soviet Union put nuclear missiles into Cuba to deter an American invasion. It was a terrifying time, but neither US President John F Kennedy nor the Soviet leaders used violent language. They stayed calm, and carefully backed away from the brink...............

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson briefly said that the US was not seeking to change the North Korean regime last week, although he was almost immediately contradicted by President Trump. In the long run, however, that is the unpalatable but acceptable way out of this crisis. In fact, there is no other way out.
We live in interesting times; it is not always a good thing. World War III looks more likely, not less. Gwynne Dyer explains; he knows what he is talking about - unlike most journos.



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