NBC is military shorthand for Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons. It was ABC where A stood for atomic rather than nuclear. Now the media use WMD standing for Weapons of Mass Destruction which could mean the same and could be used to gloss over the B leaving us with N or C or something else altogether different. An overview from the Wiki is at Weapons of mass destruction

The interesting points about NBC things is who has them and what do they intend to do with them. It is safe to assume that the Zionists in Israel are at the forefront in research, production and in lying about them.

Nuclear bombs have a lot of fire power. They could wipe out London quite easily. Then there are the after effects of radiation and fall out which spread far and wide. They can come back to haunt the perpetrator.


Biological weapons have some interesting possibilities which is why research has been banned and it only happens under conditions of extreme secrecy.


Chemical weapons are relatively innocuous and local in their effects. They are merely down right nasty.


Israeli Nukes
They don't admit having them but since we have Mordecai Vanunu's pictures we don't need to take their word for that or anything else.


Unit 731 - Japanese NBC
Their cruelty was gross. Their indifference to human suffering was total and their victims were mainly Chinese. Do they get bad press? Not really. In fact the British Army kept men in ignorance when they were holding Japs after the war. Otherwise there would have been some very justified killings.


Iran War About Ethnic Cleansing, Not Oil Bourse
This gives the link to Israel's ethnic cleansing using B for Biological.


Runway Able
Was the starting point for Enola Gay when she went to Hiroshima with Little Boy


The Untold Story of Israel's Bomb [ 30 April 2006 ]
The Americans knew pretty much from the start that the Zionists were making nukes at Dimona but they pretended that they didn't for political reasons. This is from a Jew and a man writing in the Washington Post, a Zionist propaganda operation.


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