World War II

The First World War was bad news. The Second was worse. Thus speaks Sean Gabb in The Second World War And Neville Chamberlain. I am not arguing.

One curious point about it is that two famous photos, those from Iwo Jima and the Reichstag were both taken by Jews.

Expulsion of Germans after World War II
Being a German after 1945 did not mean being popular. Millions of them got kicked out. Over a million were murdered by Eisenhower using the Jew,Morgenthau's Plan. They are still pandering to Jews marketing the Holocaust® Story, more fool them.


Hiroshima Afterwards
The aftermath was never going to be pretty. For some the end was mercifully quick.


Home Guard Guerrillas
Some of the Home Guard had weapons, ammo, explosives, training & orders to attack if the Wehrmacht had invaded. One, from Port Talbot was written a book.


Lesser Known Facts Of The Second War
Rather good.


The Origins of World War 2
This article fingers the Jews which essentially means the Zionists among them.


Otto Skorzeny
Was one of the most distinguished participants albeit with the wrong side.


Roosevelt Considered
Hoover tells it like it is more or less.


Second World War and Its Causes
Some thoughts about the causes of the war.


Iwo Jima, The Photo And The Story


That Reichstag Photo Was Manipulated
But the Iwo Jima photo was not.


Runway Able
Was the starting point for Enola Gay when she went to Hiroshima with Little Boy


The Second World War And Neville Chamberlain
Sean Gabb tells us that Neville Chamberlain was a better man than thought. He does not finger the Jews but he does mention their effect which was tricking America into war.


The Second World War by Sir Winston Churchill
Churchill got a Nobel prize for his book but seems not to have noticed the Holocaust®, the greatest crime ever. At all events he does not mention it. The Jews never mention this detail.


Second World War In Colour

Most of them come from the Eastern Front which was a good place not to be.

This is Weymouth in Dorset with American troops marching to the harbour on 5 June 1944, that is D -1, the day before D Day.


Switzerland Was Bombed During The War Says German
Brer Hun mentions bombers deserting as well.


Switzerland Was Bombed During The War By Accident Says American
Jimmy Stewart ran the court martial that exonerated the pilots operating under navigation difficulties.


The White Rabbit
Was his nom de guerre. Being with the Special Operations Executive was intersting, exciting and dangerous. Being captureed & tortured was not fun. He got out of Buchenwald alive, which was a major achievement.