United Nations

The UN succeeded the League of Nations which fell apart due to its inadequacies. There was a major propaganda effort to get it going and make it influential. The headquarters are in America. This makes it easier for the Americans to spy on it. It was useful to the Soviets. It gives them access to New York and America. It is a big outfit with a lot of money and a taste for more. It also has diplomatic immunity for its people. They get to live tax free where ever they happen to be. There are other advantages. At this time [ early 2005 ] chickens are coming home to roost. Big time fraud has come to light. Systematic rape also. And they have always had a taste for five star hotels and big, fat gas guzzling SUVs, the sort that Americans get abused for using. They did produce the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but it is more an excuse than anything else.

Goldstone Report
The UN commissioned Richard Goldstone, a Jew to investigate the Gaza Massacre and report on it. He did. The Jews hate him for it.


International Covenant On Economic, Cultural And Social Rights
Grand statements of universal values sound good. They do little of practical value. For example they did not stop Israel carrying out the Gaza Massacre.


Responsibility To Protect
The responsibility to protect (RtoP or R2P) is a norm or set of principles based on the idea that sovereignty is not a privilege, but a responsibility. RtoP focuses on preventing and halting four crimes: genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing, which it places under the generic umbrella term of, "Mass Atrocity Crimes".
This a marketing ploy, one that allows big countries to invade small states which cannot hit back. It has been written so that it does not include genocide when a government is the perpetrator.


Kate Holt Sexual Exploitation by UN Peace Keepers and the resignation of the High Commissioner
In 2004 and 2005 Kate uncovered the story of sexual exploitation by UN peace keepers in the Dem. Rep. of Congo in a series of articles for The Independent entitled When peace makers become predators. The story led to Kofi Annan announcing a "Zero Tolerance" policy to the issue. She went on to uncover an extensive cover-up by the UN in New York of the issue which led directly to the resignation of High Commissioner for Refugees and the former Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Ruud Lubbers. She exposed the findings of an OIOS report that cited Lubbers had sexually harassed members of his staff. The report had been hidden by the UN and never published.
Corrupt from top to bottom is the feeling I get. Real power is the power to abuse power. Politicians are largely Psychopaths, which psychiatrists define in essence as criminals.


World Health Organisation
Is another bureaucracy spawned by the UN. Does it do good? For its employees yes. For others? Maybe.


Kofi Annan went - Fell or Pushed?
He went on 31 December 2006. He was no loss. Was it corruption,   incompetence or just time's up? The media weren't bothering to tell us so corruption is my guess. The fraud in Iraq was humungous. Then there was the Australian Wheat Board's contribution of brown envelopes.


Iran's UN Human Rights Envoy Questions Holocaust, Ban Ki-moon Urged to Respond
UN Watch is a Geneva-based human rights organization founded in 1993 to monitor UN compliance with the principles of its Charter. It is accredited as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Special Consultative Status to the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and as an Associate NGO to the UN Department of Public Information.
This is another Zionist front although they don't bother to say so. They are keen on SOME resolutions but will be keeping very quiet about others; in particular
UN Resolutions Against Israel This gives 65 which were blocked and that only gets up to 1992.


Outrage of the Day
Just when you think the UN has hit bottom they break out the serious excavation equipment, as Anne Bayefsky points out the recipient of the United Nations’ “Champion of the Earth” award—the spokesperson for the Iranian hostage-takers during the 1979 US embassy crisis: What a Champ!

The United Nations Environment Programme gave out its 2006 “Champion of the Earth” awards on April 21. The awards are intended to honour individuals or groups “for their creativity, vision and leadership, and the potential of their work and ideas for replication across the globe.” An enthusiasm for murdering hostages is what it takes. If they are American it is that much better.


The United Nations role in the New World Order
America sat down in San Francisco with Alger Hiss [ the traitor - Editor ]  and joined the United Nations, the successor to the League of Nations - Alger Hiss, a charter member of the CFR; Alger Hiss, whose sympathy with communism can no longer be denied.

The U.N. Charter and constitution is a thin paraphrasing of the Soviet model which Alger Hiss borrowed from when he co-authored it. The U.N. constitution is therefore a Marxist socialist paradigm. World regionalism is spelled out clearly in the U.N. Charter, Chapters 8 through 11, using such terms as "regional arrangements, intergovernmental agreements, and metropolital areas." Advocates of one-world socialism have already divided the world into 85 regions for policing purposes. In adopting the U.N. Charter, Congress has established the Charter as the Supreme Law of the land (Fugi v. State of California, 1950-52).
That makes the Charter even more supreme than the American Constitution; an interesting idea. Did politicians have the legal authority to give away American rights and power over their own affairs? I fancy not.


Agenda 21
Is a UN boondoggle, a take over of forests and jungles worldwide by the greenies and big business. The destruction of farming follows. If they succeed we all go hungry - them too.


UN relief operations post tsunami
The main UN relief operators got as far as luxury hotels in Jakarta. The real effort was American and Australian. There were also New Zealanders, Singaporeans, Spanish and Pakistanis on the ground making a difference. The UN propaganda was the one thing that they did well. That is how the money comes in.


Hey Lefty! Give The UN Your Money, NOW!
UN corruption is in depth, wide ranging, deep seated, long term and tax free. Why do men join the UN? That could be why. In the US foreign service you get to go to those places where the aid is going to arrive Real Soon Now. You see who is doing what. You also see who is driving round in the big new four wheel drives [ UN ] and working the publicity [ UN ].

Diplomad is mad about it and he is spilling  the beans.


Annan begins major UN overhaul [ 4 January 2005 ]
Given that his son has been fingered you might wonder whether he is the right man to be doing a clean up job. Given that there has been systematic rape and multi-gigabuck fraud you might wonder whether the UN should be cleaned up or closed down.

UN official accused over Saddam deals [ 4 February 2005 ]
A Cypriot with light fingers. Well there's a surprise. He was just one of those who let Iraqis get away with £900 million from the oil for food stitch up. Actually it was only a fraction of the £35 billion involved. There were
accounts of grotesque failings in the organization's handling of critical decisions.
This mob is just as bent as the EU and probably even more incompetent.

Unwelcome wind of reality blows through the dusty corridors of power  [ 5 February 2005 ]
UN problems are surfacing. Chickens are coming home to roost. You can't fool all of the people all of the time but, to be fair, they had a good run for  somebody else's money. Annan's son has been fingered. Boutros Boutros Ghali Ghali ditto. There is plenty more dirt where that came from. They have gone through gigabucks and proven, yet again that good intentions are not enough. Good sense and honesty are needed too.

Britain 'turned blind eye' to Iraq oil smuggling [ 17 April 2005 ]
According to Annan. He is trying to confuse the issue of his incompetence or complicity in the UN oil for food fraud.


Annan 'unaware' of aide's oil link [ 21 April 2005 ]
This could be true but he was running the outfit and the corruption is humungous. Ditto for incompetence and general worthlessness. Of course when it comes to self righteous cant they are there.


Walkouts add to heat on Annan [ 22 April 2005 ]
He got off lightly say the men who investigated him. Doing it the old fashioned, by cheating makes sense if you are guilty. His friend is also being investigated because of connections with a known crook.


UNforgivable [ 18 May 2005 ]
What did the UN do when it mattered after the tsunami? Not a lot but they did show up at expensive hotels in the capital and hold press conferences about how marvellous they were. The real help came from the Americans and the Australians plus volunteers. These comedians  aspire to rule the world. No thanks. But to be fair Annan was on a skiing holiday at the time. Perhaps that was more important.


Former oil-for-food chief quits U.N.  [ 8 August 2005 ]
Sevan sounds cross but given the megabucks that went walkies he should think himself lucky not to be in prison. The buck stops somewhere else. He got fingered over $160,000 but he was running a $64 billion deal. He should have gone for real money or stayed clean.


Oil-for-food chief 'took kickbacks' [ 10 August 2005 ]
Sevan took a bung from Boutros Ghali's family's firm. Ghali was the UN boss before Annan. Charity begins at home. Volcker wants him to lose his diplomatic immunity. Yakovlev, a Russian, pleaded guilty  to  conspiracy, fraud and money-laundering. Annan hasn't been charged yet.


UNited in greed, divided it falls [ 16 August 2005 ]
United Nation thieving analyzed by Mark Steyn. Annan's son is in the frame. His brother is in the frame and they are just two of a growing cast. None of the fraud would have come to light if Baghdad hadn't been taken. It is rather like those KGB files that surfaced after the Berlin Wall came down. It hasn't slowed the Trots down though.


Australia moves to indict Mugabe [ 31 August 2005 ]
Mugabe is evil but Mugabe is black so he gets away with it. Annan is not going to do anything unless he is leaned on. He is busy with his own corruption problems.


UN budget chief on corruption charge [ 3 September 2005 ]
That is another added to the list. Kuznetzov is Russian and just arrested.  Yakovlev has pleaded guilty. Bail was set at $1.5 million (£814,000) and required the UN official to remain under home confinement and subject to electronic monitoring. It sounds like they are serious. See Alexander Yakovlev for something on his little friend.


Corrupt and blundering: Saddam oil inquiry savages UN [ 7 September 2005 ]
That sounds about right but they are good when it comes public relations and how much they are doing for the victims. Annan was doing all right out of this one. The oil for food programme ran to $64 billion. That is a lot of food so they should have been able to steal the odd billion without being noticed.


UN head refuses to quit after oil-for-food scandal [ 8 September 2005 ]
Annan likes the money. Annan likes the power. It will be easier to get away with it if he stays. Obvious isn't it?


Heart of darkness under UN's polite fictions  [ 19 September 2005 ]
Government isn't the solution. Government is the problem. Ronnie Reagan said it. The UN proves it. Mark Steyn explains it.


Kofi's son to pay car import duties  [ 27 January 2006 ]
UN boss has light fingered son. UN boss runs light fingered outfit. UN boss has light fingers or not as the case maybe.


British politician may face charges in oil-for-food 'fraud' [ 12 June 2006 ]
He was part of a major UN boondoggle. Anything up to $10 billion was stolen. It was investigated then it all went quiet. Politicians get the kid glove treatment that honest men do not. It happened on Blair's watch. He was keen to let Englishmen die in Iraq but he never had the bottle to serve himself.

EVERYONE in the UN knew that it was going on but they did nothing about it except maybe join in.


UN staff accused of raping children in Sudan [ 5 January 2007 ]
It all sounds very familiar and very sad. They can so they do. They are being run by incompetents on the make. Remember that the UN is the mob that aspires to being the world government.


American at UNESCO quits amid auditing rebuke [ 20 March 2007 ]
This is an unusual one. He was at it [ or not ], rather than the auditor. Normally it is auditors who get leaned on for exposing the fraud. Perhaps he didn't pay the right people enough.


UN Fraud Department Under Investigation For Thieving [ 16 December 2007 ]
Over the past four years, Inspector General Stuart W. Bowen Jr. and his staff have probed allegations of waste and fraud in the $22 billion U.S. effort to rebuild Iraq. Their work has led to arrests, indictments and millions of dollars in fines. And it has earned Bowen, who had been a legal adviser to President Bush, many admirers among both parties on Capitol Hill for his efforts to identify overspending and mismanagement.

But Bowen's office has also been roiled by allegations of its own overspending and mismanagement. Current and former employees have complained about overtime policies that allowed 10 staff members to earn more than $250,000 each last year. They have questioned the oversight of a $3.5 million book project about Iraq's reconstruction modeled after the 9/11 Commission report. And they have alleged that Bowen and his deputy have improperly snooped into their staff's e-mail messages.
Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes - But who shall guard the guardians? Some one was not happy. His snout was not in the trough deep enough. The UN was the bunch of comedians who brought us the food for oil boondoggle that fed billions to Saddam Hussein.


UN peacekeepers sexually abuse children [ 27 May 2008 ]
More than half of the children interviewed in three countries, Ivory Coast, South Sudan and Haiti, knew of cases of forced sex with aid staff or peacekeepers................

Similar allegations have dogged UN missions since the organisation sent peacekeepers to Cambodia in the 1990s. However, today's report, from Save The Children, is the first to point the finger at civilian aid staff, including those working for British charities, as well as soldiers.

Its findings suggest a continuing lack of action despite promises to tackle alleged abuse made at a conference of UN officials and aid agencies in December 2006.
The UN is corrupt. It has long been corrupt and does not really care. It has power. It can so it does.


Unleash The Dogs Of Peace [ 29 July 2009 ]
In November 1999, the United Nations Security Council authorized sending peacekeepers to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since then, despite the growth of the UN force to more than 18,000 personnel, at a cost of more than $1 billion a year, violence and turmoil have killed millions more Congolese. Of course, some things haven�t helped, like the Pakistani peacekeepers who rearmed, in return for gold, the militia they were supposed to be disarming; or the Indian troops who reportedly traded arms for ivory from the rebels and bought dope from them in the bargain; or the contingent of UN troops who failed to stop a massacre of 150 people taking place less than a mile away..........

There is a different, more robust approach to making peace in nasty places: deploy private military companies like Executive Outcomes, whose small, highly trained force defeated insurgencies in Sierra Leone and Angola during the 1990s. Executive Outcomes is now out of business. But as researchers like Peter Singer have documented, the private-military-company marketplace now fields scores of firms (including the U.S. giants Xe�formerly Blackwater�and DynCorp) that take in billions in revenue. Put them on retainer, and they�ll go where they�re paid to go�unlike every one of the 19 countries that had pledged troops on a standby basis for UN peacekeeping and then refused, in 1994, to send them to Rwanda.
Corrupt, incompetent and armed. It could be fairly good idea for those with the guns.


UN peacekeeping force turns blind eye to mass rape in Darfur, victims say [ 7 November 2015 ]
What's new? Nothing.

UN Soldiers Are Committing Widespread Child Rape [ 31 May 2016 ]  
See if you can guess what colour the perpetrators are.

UN troops 'abused at least eight women and girls' in Central African Republic [ 4 February 2016 ]
They can so they do.

New allegations of gang rape against UN peacekeepers in Central African Republic [ ? ]

UN reveals claims of sexual assault by peacekeepers
The UN human rights office has disclosed new claims of abuse by peacekeepers in the Central African Republic. The accused soldiers are said to have been part of the European Union's contingent in the war-torn nation. (29.01.2016)  

 New rape allegations against UN troops in Central African Republic

UN peacekeepers in the Central African Republic are facing new rape allegations. The news comes after the head of the mission was fired due to several scandals involving the troops. (19.08.2015)  

UN chief sacks mission head in Central African Republic

The string of allegations against UN peacekeepers in the country has included rape, assault and murder. UN Secretary General Ban K-moon declares "enough is enough" and says he is angered and ashamed by reports. (12.08.2015)  

'High time for a serious review of UN peacekeeping contingents'

The activities of UN soldiers in Central African Republic are in the spotlight, following the sacking of their head of mission. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon acted following a string of allegations, including rape. (13.08.2015)  

UN finds gang rape, mass graves in Burundi

The gang rape of women by Burundi's security forces and reports of mass graves are among the alarming alleged abuses in the Central African nation highlighted by the UN's human rights chief. (15.01.2016)  

South Sudan releases UN peacekeepers, contractors still detained

Rebels in South Sudan have freed UN peacekeepers after seizing a fuel barge, but have not released crew members. The UN is "extremely concerned" about its contractors amidst reports of war crimes in the volatile country. (30.10.2015) 



UN Urges Rich Countries To Take In One Million Syrian Refugees [ 23 April 2015 ]
UN expert [ says ] rich countries must take in 1 million refugees to stop boat deaths. UN special rapporteur says inaction is creating a market for people smugglers, adding that world needs to take in a million Syrians over next five years
What does this 'expert' think we should do with a million Third World aliens? He does not say. He does not care. He says these things because they are Politically Correct - and keep him off the dole queue.


UN Turns Nasty With Her Majesty's Government  [ 25 July 2016 ]
UNITED Nations (UN) diplomats have threatened to withdraw the UKs veto-power on the Security Council after British officials apparently defied the peace-keeping organisation.

Staff at the New York-based institution issued a thinly-veiled attack on Britain over its lack of respect for security.

Threats of punitive action against the UK came after it withdrew police officers from a mission in South Sudan during recent violence without first consulting the world body.
Pulling two unarmed policemen out of a war zone makes sense. UN officials are arrogant rogues who have a much more relaxed view of mass Rape perpetrated by troops under their command. This bit of nastiness is because we decided that we didn't need the European Union. Take the point that the UN is deeply, sincerely, utterly corrupt. Rape is just part of it, fun for the men. The bribery goes all the way up to the top.



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