London Looting

The current London riots, or Planet of the Apes riots started in Tottenham after the police killed a black, allegedly armed criminal then spread all over England. They got worldwide news and a Main Stream Media cover up of the fact that it was black criminals who were the perpetrators. There were English twerps who joined in; they got written up for their pains. The Guardian is the most deeply corrupt propaganda machine. The Mail was the most honest although far from perfect. Any resemblance to the New Orleans is far from being just one of those things. It was also blacks doing what comes naturally. Then there were earlier upsets in Watts, a suburb of Los Angeles that we are supposed to have forgotten about. Remember too Haiti. It had an earthquake, a major disaster. Did they set to, did they put things right? Did they even try? No. Haiti is another all black thing.

Shot gangster Mark Duggan's uncle WAS crime lord 'with more guns than the cops'
Duggan's uncle was crime lord: Man whose death sparked riots is linked to notorious gangland chiefs
The suspected gangster whose death sparked the nationwide riots was the nephew of a notorious crime boss who boasted his gang had ‘more guns than the police’. It emerged yesterday that Mark Duggan’s uncle was the late Desmond ‘Dessie’ Noonan, whose feared family are ‘major players’ in Manchester’s underworld.........

Duggan is said to have regularly visited Noonan in Manchester before the crime boss was stabbed to death in 2005 at the age of 46 by a Jamaican enforcer working for the Yardie drug gangs. The emerging picture of Duggan, 29, is at odds with his portrayal by friends and family as an innocent victim, quiet family man and respected member of the community.
The police KNOW his previous. Why hide it? In order to pervert the course of justice?


Iran Plays London Riots For Laughs About The Savage Aggression Against Rioters
Iran is planning to stage a state-organized protest against the U.K. over what Tehran calls "savage aggression" used by British police on demonstrators in the recent street riots that have spread across England, state media reported Saturday. The protest gathering is to be held by students in front of the British embassy in Tehran on Sunday afternoon "in solidarity with the oppressed Britons and against British police terror", the reports said.

Iranian observers noted that Britain had been one of the more vocal opponents to actions taken against Iranians protesting at the outcome of the 2009 presidential election which was overshadowed by fraud. Some British diplomats were expelled and several members of the Tehran British embassy staff were arrested. They have since been freed.
Iran has an independent voice. Iran uses it.


'Gangster' Mark Duggan shot by police in back of London cab after ...
Duggan had previous


We smashed the place up and Boris set fire to the toilets
"We smashed the place up and Boris set fire to the toilets." David Cameron, June 1986. Apparently... xyz: Posts: 534: Joined: Wed Mar 17, ... 


Mark Duggan's family plead with Tottenham rioters to stop | Metro ...
"5 days ago – Mark Duggan, a drug dealer and gang leader of the 'Star Gang', with previous convictions for rape, GBH and robbery. ..."


London Looters Were Largely Black - An Honest Look At The Facts  [ 31 August 2011 ]
The racial and ethnic make-up of the 2011 rioters
The mainstream  British media and politicians are desperate to claim that the recent riots and looting  have no racial context and that it is a multicultural event. (In fact, they have unwittingly reduced it to a black/white event because Asians are omitted in their narrative). This is absurd as anyone can see from the TV and Press coverage of the actual riots that the vast majority of those taking part are black.  However, although this is shriekingly obvious no one has published any breakdown by race or ethnicity of those taking part. This is an attempt to fill the gap by analysing the names of those charged with offences.

The Daily Telegraph compiled a list of 466 people charged with offences relating to the UK riots which began on 7 August 2011 who had appeared in court by 11 August. The Telegraph story is at

Of the 466 people, 295 are named, the others being those under the age of 18 or those suspected to be under the age of 18 (under 18s cannot be named in British courts except where the court deems it reasonable) plus a few for whom the Telegraph did not have names.  I have listed the 297 named people below. Under them are the facts which need to taken into account when assessing   the racial and ethnic origins of the rioters................

Using these criteria as a guide,  I estimate that at worst 70 of the 295 could have been white.  I say at worst primarily because there is no way of testing the question of whether some of those with traditional British names are blacks from the West Indies.   Of those who are white, a significant minority could be recent immigrants.
Blacks kicked things off. Others joined in. I am surprised by the number of Islamics who were fingered. The Telegraph, to its credit gave us the facts. Some newspapers tell some of the truth some of the time. Mr Henderson, the author of this piece is not part of the Main Stream Media which is why he can it like it is.


Rioting In London, Fred Explains [ 4 September 2011 ]
Like everyone else, I suppose, I've been watching the racial riots that have erupted across England. The newsies of the BBC carefully avoided saying who was rioting, vandalizing, and stealing, and the footage was all fuzzy long shots or of rioters from the back. They were, however, as a reporter for The Independent pointed out, heavuly black. The crime stats for London reflect the same pattern.

There was the usual puzzled, or pseudo-puzzled wondering: Why did the “youths”--they are always called youths—doing it? Curiously, it was a black conservative on Hardtalk (of the BBC) who said it: the rioters were , criminal, unsocialized to civilized norms and simply wanted to rob stores selling things they liked.............

Of history, the kid knows only that blacks were enslaved by whites. He cannot approximate the dates of the Civil War (as neither, astoundingly, can many white “college graduates”) and cannot name a single country in Africa, but he knows that blacks were stolen from their homes and very badly treated........

But now bankruptcy looms, and Congress threatens to cut social spending to pay for the wars. There is no longer enough money is a divided nation to buy everyone off. Whites will not revolt, not violently, but blacks will.... This is not good. Not good at all.
Fred is a journalist but Fred has done things too. He made it to Viet Nam and back. He has ridden with police patrols in the ghettoes; they exist. They really do just like the hate. It is not so bad in England yet but it is getting there. Importing millions of Third World dead beats makes it certain. That is why Her Majesty's Government is doing it. Why would they do that to us? Because they are traitors, liars, crooks, chancers bought by Jews, blackmailed by Jews, controlled by Jews full of hate. You did notice that the Main Stream Media took pains to conceal the truth, that it was blacks.
PS First Fred tells us WHAT is happening then Fred tells us WHY it is happening.


Black Rioters Influx 'Fuels Gang Culture In Jails' [ 15 September 2011 ]
An influx of more than 1,000 [ largely black ] prisoners in the immediate aftermath of the riots that hit England last month has fuelled gang culture in prisons and led to serious incidents, the chief inspector of prisons said yesterdayon [ sic ] Wednesday.

In his first annual report, Nick Hardwick said the decision to remand more than 65% of riot defendants in custody had already resulted in incidents at Feltham young offenders' institute and Brixton prison in London, and "significant numbers" of people had been put on suicide watch.

Hardwick said that although the prison service had coped with the influx of riot-related prisoners, there had been serious tensions involving existing prisoners who had been moved to other prisons to make way for the new inmates. New gangs were forming, particularly where London-based inmates were being moved in large groups to prisons around the country.

But hHe [ sic ] also reported that his prison visits in the past four weeks had revealed first-time inmates on riot charges had been joining gangs for their own protection.He [ sic ] said the gym at Feltham had been wrecked during an incident, and young prisoners had got out on to a roof space before the situation was brought under control. At Brixton, prisoners had refused to go back to their cells.........

Hardwick said what struck him most in his first year in the role was not that terrible things were done to prisoners in jails in England and Wales but that for far too many, nothing happened at all while they were inside. [ Not even sewing mailbags. Breaking rocks on Dartmoor is healthy exercise - Editor ]

The chief inspector also disclosed that he is talking to the army and the Ministry of Defence about the feasibility of officially inspecting British military detention facilities in Afghanistan. [ He is the kind of self righteous, snivelling tosspot we could do  with out - Editor ]
You just might wonder after reading this who is running prisons, the chief inspector or the villains. The fact that they are forming gangs shows that the magistrates got it right. If the perpetrators riot flogging is one answer. So is hanging. It saves money too. Notice that the Guardian is still pretending it is not blacks. The Guardian is a semi-literate propaganda machine lying to us.


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