Xenophobia can be an irrational dislike of foreigners, sometimes an aspect of Patriotism. The BBC claims that xenophobia is very naughty, senseless, contemptible. They call it Racism; they had it made into a criminal offence. It interferes with their wish to have cheap servants, flood England with Third World third raters, to commit Genocide as defined by the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. Racism is a Marxist construct. The BBC is a Marxist Propaganda machine.

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Xenophobia is a dislike or fear of people from other countries or of that which is foreign or strange. Some definitions suggest xenophobia as arising from irrationality or unreason.[1] [2] It comes from the Greek words ξένος (xenos), meaning "stranger," "foreigner," and φόβος (phobos), meaning "fear."[3]

Xenophobia can manifest itself in many ways involving the relations and perceptions of an in-group towards an out-group, including a fear of losing identity, suspicion of its activities, aggression, and desire to eliminate its presence to secure a presumed purity.[4] Xenophobia can also be exhibited in the form of an "uncritical exaltation of another culture" in which a culture is ascribed "an unreal, stereotyped and exotic quality".[5] Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action urges all governments to take immediate measure and to develop strong policies to prevent and combat all forms and manifestations of racism, xenophobia or related intolerance, where necessary by enactment of appropriate legislation including penal measure... 

Dictionary definitions of xenophobia include: deep-rooted, irrational hatred towards foreigners (Oxford English Dictionary; OED), unreasonable fear or hatred of the unfamiliar.(Webster's).
Disliking foreign thieves is thoroughly sensible. Ditto for foreign robbers, warmongers, subversives et cetera but the Wiki is not emphasizing that point. Agenda first, truth somewhere down the line.


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