World Jewish Congress

The World Jewish Congress [ WJC ] is a rather grand title for a group of men who, well, uh, are something or other. It turns out that their head man is Ed Bronfman, a rich Jew running Seagrams, whose grandfather, Samuel Bronfman, was a major criminal in the booze business during the days of Prohibition. Ed just carried on where Sam left off. The profit margins may  be lower now that it is legal and the taxes are undoubtedly much higher but they didn't have to bribe government officials.

Their claims to higher morals and representing the world's most hard done by victims of injustice took a knock when their infighting became public. Lots of money rode on The Holocaust® story [ notice the capital letters that one needs for the subject ]. A Yahoo! search on "world Jewish council" gave a modest 197 hits. Given that the media are largely Jewish owned and controlled this is interesting. Did the media know? Very much so. Were the media bosses interested? You bet. Did they let us in on the story? Not really but watch for saturation coverage of various issues that they want to push. It is instructive. Some of the reports come from people with axes to grind. This is far from meaning that they are  wrong in the stories that they tell us or their motives.

It turns out that the WJC hucksters were not even bright enough to work out that Swiss banks could be robbed. Martin STERN, another Jew was told that the Swiss were willing to give it back so they went and leaned on them and then, naturally enough stole it. You doubt? Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

World Jewish Congress Whines About Greed
Lawyers took Swiss mugs for $1.25 billion, asked for $13.5 million then got abused for their greed. Where Jews are concerned it is ALL about money. Of course some/most/ all of it got stolen by the WJC, Claims Conference et al.


Greville Janner vice president of the World Jewish Congress
In the House of Commons, Greville Janner represented Leicester North West (1970-74), then Leicester West until 1997 for the Labour Party.
He was  Member of Parliament until he was accused of being a Paedophile. Being the VICE president seems rather appropriate.


The World Jewish Congress And MAJOR Robbery
....... Singer...  habitually depicted himself as the person who with his own two hands extracted $20 billion from the governments of the West in return for lost Jewish property. He boasted of his ability to put one over on presidents and prime ministers, and with the same degree of pride enumerated heads of state as his personal friends. In retrospect, it has emerged that during the same period, Singer himself behaved as though he himself were a head of state, living ostentatiously at the expense of the donors to the WJC.
The WJC took us for $20 billion. That was one big shake down. How much of it gets to Holocaust victims? Not a lot - if  a third of Holocaust survivors in Israel live in poverty.  Haaretz tells us that the Holocaust is a political asset and the survivors are pawns.


The Meltdown at the World Jewish Congress
A financial scandal at the World Jewish Congress has exposed deep political schisms and changed the focus from fighting for world Jewry to infighting. Can the house that Edgar Bronfman built be put back in order?


Bronfman's World Jewish Congress Hit By Theft Scandal
The people at Stormfront are happy to tell us that  Bronfman's World Jewish Council are bunch of thieves. The truth has its uses.


Where Did The Shoah Money Go?
For that matter how much is it? Norman Finkelstein mentions $60 BILLION and it is all tax free. But as the Jews say; There's no business like Shoah business. - Shoah is their word for the Holocaust® racket.


World Jewish Congress - closure and hope for the future
The World Jewish Congress imbroglio is hopefully now at an end. After three harrowing years of ongoing scandal as layer after layer of corruption was exposed, there is hope that we are now about to enter a new era.  I am currently in New York where delegates to the WJC yesterday elected Ronald Lauder to the Presidency in a stunning landslide victory against his opponent Mendel Kaplan who had been a prime element in the cover ups which led to the seemingly unending scandals of the past three years.
Leibler is a mouthy little lawyer. If he says they are corrupt it is very likely to be true and provably so. He is not about to get done for libel.


WJC Offshoots
They love these little committees and the broken audit trails. It makes fraud so much easier.


World Jewish Congress slams Prodi suspension of anti-Semitism talks - broken link
They are very mouthy when they want to be. It is just when they get caught thieving that it is different.


Jewish Community Council ..- broken link
The Meltdown at the World Jewish Congress - Part Cinq ... This seems to be Jews taking a public position on light fingered comedians.


The racist elements in Australia's Jewish elite as the World Jewish Congress implodes
A financial scandal at the World Jewish Congress has exposed deep political schisms and changed the focus from fighting for world Jewry to infighting. Can the house that Edgar Bronfman built be put back in order? By Craig Horowitz


CCJU News and Notes
News and Notes. Dr. Gerhart Riegner Dies at 90: Pioneer in Christian-Jewish Relations. The former general secretary of the World Jewish Council, Dr. Gerhart M. ... In addition to being the former secretary-general of the World Jewish Council in Geneva (1965-1983), Dr ...

This gets him off the hook. Perhaps he wasn't guilty. He could be a useful scapegoat though.


USCCB - (Office of Media Relations) - Cardinals Keeler and Kasper Pay Tribute to Jewish Official
Apparently he  [ Riegner ] was the one  who told politicians about mass extermination of Jews in 1942. He was also on the WJC.


Jewish writer condemned as a "traitor"
... 'This book is bullshit,' added Elan Steinberg of the World Jewish Council. ...
Thus quoth a foul mouthed slob. Believe him if you want.

The Holocaust Industry has reduced the memory of the Jewish peoples suffering to that of a Monte Carlo casino. -- Professor Norman Finkelstein, quoted in September 19, 2000 New York Post.

OUTRAGED: Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League says Finkelstein's book, charging U.S. Jews have used the Holocaust to gain victim status, is "blasphemy."
A lot of people think that Jews are light fingered rogues on the make. There are decent ones too.


60,000 Holocaust® Survivors Robbed By Jews In Israel  [ 7 July 2008 ]
Just 10 of 66,000 Holocaust survivors' heirs get assets back
MKs [ Members of the Jews' Parliament ] and representatives of Holocaust survivors on Monday harshly criticized a special body established by the government to distribute assets held in Mandatory Palestine by Holocaust survivors and victims. In a Knesset State Control Committee meeting on Monday, it emerged that only 10 heirs of the thousands of Holocaust victims who held such assets have received funds from the Company for Location and Restitution of Holocaust Victims' Assets. The government established the company two years ago in order to expedite the restitution process. The head of the company told the Knesset committee that a total of NIS 750 million worth of assets belonging to Holocaust victims had been located up until the end of June 2008.  
Holocaust survivors are just a bunch of mug punters, even if they are genuine. Cheating them is easy. The Holocaust® story works just fine as a way of extorting better than $80 BILLION. See World Jewish Congress on the point.


Jews Rob Holocaust® Survivors [ 6 January 2008 ]
A survivors' group is calling for the immediate distribution of assets owned by Jews believed to have perished in the Holocaust and says a company set up to deal with such assets is slowing the process. Over the past few months, The Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel has launched a campaign against The Holocaust Victims Assets Restitution (HVAR), demanding that it transfer its assets estimated at NIS 700 million without delay and that it include the Foundation among the beneficiaries.
Jews rob people. Jews rob Jews. This is kind of democratic. They have had sixty years to pay survivors but if they wait another sixty they won't have to give them a thing. They will be able to hang on to the money and spend it on wine, women, song, fun, jewels, fast cars, gambling, whoopee. 

That is exactly what they said about those nasty Swiss banks that held onto all of that money belonging to those poor victims of Adolf. In the meanwhile a third of Holocaust survivors in Israel live in poverty. Who cares? 

Not Rabbi Singer for starters. He ran the World Jewish Congress and extorted $20 BILLION. He was having a lot of fun doing it until he got sacked for thieving. The Claims Conference was allegedly in the business of paying victims. It was also run by Singer even after he was kicked out of the WJC.
Of course Jewish banks, never slow to see an opportunity cheated them too. See Jewish Banks Screw Holocaust Victims -

The Jewish government thought that cheating was the way to go. Offering Holocaust survivors [  ] $20 a month went down like a cup of cold sick. The comedian who made the offer is the Prime Minister of Israel and a thief. At all events the police seem to think so and they are investigating multiple frauds. Haaretz tells us that the Holocaust is a political asset and the survivors are pawns. The Holocaust® is a big money boondoggle. The bottom line is gigabucks and tax free to boot.


Holocaust® Story Matters. Holocaust Survivors Do Not  [ 22 January 2008 ]
JERUSALEM — An Israeli government offer of a new $20 monthly stipend for Holocaust survivors provoked outrage Tuesday, with survivors charging the meager allowance will do nothing to make up for [ over sixty ] years of neglect of the 240,000 Israelis who lived through Nazi horrors. Survivors have long claimed that European countries treat them far better than Israel, where many elderly survivors live in poverty...........

Critics maintain that more of the nearly $80 billion in reparations Israel has received in compensation from Germany should have gone to the survivors. A large percentage of the money, which was paid beginning in the 1950s as Israelis struggled to build their fledgling state, went to the military and for infrastructure.
Murdering Arabs was more important than looking after survivors. The Holocaust story may be the world's biggest boondoggle ever.
PS Brer Hun has been robbed blind but doesn't seem to have woken up to the fact. In fact they are still being fed the hard luck stories by the main stream media - Jewish Groups Call Holocaust Compensation Unacceptable These are the groups robbing the survivors. Perhaps the German media is on a percentage of the take.


Germans to fund Holocaust survivors while Jews rob them blind [ 24 September 2007 ]
Israel has asked the German government to fund an annual NIS 150 million in stipends for about 8,000 Holocaust survivors [ that it has been leaving to starve for the last sixty years - Editor ]. Representatives of the prime minister yesterday provided survivor organizations with a summary of their negotiations, including a few new details.

Under the deal, the key new benefit is a stipend for 8,000 concentration camp and ghetto survivors who previously had not been receiving anything. These survivors will now be entitled to a monthly NIS 1,000 stipend and service vouchers worth an annual NIS 2,400. The total value of this package is slated to rise to NIS 1,600 a month by 2010 [ when even more of them will have died off - Editor ].
I am not sure whether the German government is a bunch of fools or rogues. At all events the German tax payer is being robbed by the biggest lot of con men the world has known. The World Jewish Congress has taken us for $20 billion and let a third of Holocaust survivors in Israel live in poverty. Bronfman, the boss lives in luxury. So does the thief, Singer who was the front man.


World Jewish Congress might clean up its act [ 12 June 2007 ]
The World Jewish Congress imbroglio is hopefully now at an end. After three harrowing years of ongoing scandal as layer after layer of corruption was exposed, there is hope that we are now about to enter a new era.... delegates.. elected Ronald Lauder....  Mendel Kaplan who had been a prime element in the cover ups which led to the seemingly unending scandals of the past three years.. With the... expulsion of the disgraced Israel Singer [ for thieving - Editor ], the rejection of the candidacy of Mendel Kaplan, and the resignation of the controversial Secretary General Stephen Herbits,...

The WJC elections were a battle to ensure that there would be genuine reform and governance and prevent those responsible for the scandals from continuing to undermine any such efforts....
This was written by Leibler, who was a lawyer so his naming of the guilty is likely to be entirely provable.


Lauder likely to be next World Jewish Congress president [ 10 June 2007 ]
"The WJC has done things and had achievements that other organizations have not [ like extorting US$20 billion on the strength of the Holocaust story - Editor - see The World Jewish Congress and MAJOR Robbery ]," Bronfman..... cited WJC's secret diplomacy, including with leaders of the former Soviet Union to promote Jewish interests and Israel's diplomatic goals.
It is not so much what they say as what they do not.


Leumi's gesture to survivors [ 11 June 2007 ]
Bank Leumi's board of directors has decided to transfer NIS 20 million [ 20 million shekels = US$4.8 million ] to Holocaust survivors and heirs of Holocaust victims who deposited money in the bank before World War II, as "a gesture of goodwill."......  many other bodies in Israel that profited from the money of Holocaust victims...... a parliamentary committee... determined that Bank Leumi owed up to NIS 307 million to the heirs of Holocaust victims.....
Jews rob Jews. Jews rob Holocaust victims. Jews use Holocaust victims to rob Germans and Swiss so everyone is happy - at the World Jewish Congress - apart from Israel Singer who was kicked out for thieving. See Jewish Banks Screw Holocaust Victims


Jewish Banks Screw Holocaust Victims [ 29 May 2007 ]
The organization responsible for locating and retrieving the assets of Holocaust victims intends to publish a list of properties so that victims' heirs may come forward and claim them. However, banks have refused to cooperate with the organization by transferring Holocaust victims' accounts to it. Two MKs [ members of parliament in Israel - Editor ] from the Knesset's Constitution, Law and Justice Committee yesterday threatened to petition the High Court of Justice to force the banks to return the money to Holocaust victims' heirs.
The World Jewish Congress got very nasty with the Swiss banks that did not want to give allegedly Jewish property to alleged heirs. Now the Jews are doing the same. Will the WJC lean on them? I seriously doubt it. The Holocaust Industry is a boondoggle which defrauds people for the benefit of Jews - some Jews that is. The survivors are just mug punters and victims of their own people - see  a third of Holocaust survivors in Israel live in poverty.  The Holocaust is a political asset and an excuse for mass murder in Palestine.


Power corrupted WJC,' says former VP  [ 9 May 2007 ]
The  World Jewish Congress (WJC) is going through tough times, because it is prone to the same weaknesses associated with power and corruption which plague governments, Isi Leibler, former vice president of the WJC, told Ynetnews... he was saddened by the nature of WJC President Edgar Bronfman's departure.

"Bronfman's failure occurred when he breached a cardinal principal: He did not supervise his professional executive director (Israel Singer – Y.L.) and enabled him to operate the organization as through it was his personal fiefdom. This led to corruption, and abuse of public funds," Leibler continued...

Those responsible unfortunately try to shift the blame on one another instead of apologizing to the Jewish people for having been derelict in their duty," he declared....

an early financial audit could have limited the "external scandal" without "providing ammunition to every anti-Semite and enemy of Jewish people. In a sense, the cover up was as bad as the crime. They spent millions of dollars of Jewish public money on lawyers and public relations to cover up their misdeeds....

Leibler reserves most of his wrath for Singer's continued link with the Claims Conference – the world Jewish organization in charge of recovering assets looted from the Jews by the Nazis. "The fact that he still remains associated with the Claims Conference is absolutely mind boggling and people will not be able to understand how this could happen," he exclaimed, adding: "This is after all the most important fund of the Jewish People."  
When thieves fall out honest men can smile.


March of the Living [ 9 May 2007 ]
Is another Jewish charity with lots of money and sticky fingers.


Bronfman resigns as chairman of World Jewish Congress  [ 8 May 2007 ]
Edgar Bronfman resigned Monday as the president of the World Jewish Congress.... at a meeting of the WJC steering committee in Manhattan.
Bronfman sacked Singer for thieving [ The World Jewish Congress and MAJOR Robbery ] but it seems that he has friends. Some have not been caught yet. Some of the murky details are at Israeli Finance Minister's Mate Took a $700,000 Bung


World Jewish Congress Sacks Singer for Thieving [ 23 March 2007 ]
World Jewish Congress President Edgar Bronfman fired Israel Singer after becoming convinced the secretary general was embezzling funds, according to a letter publicized yesterday.

In his first public response since his dismissal last Wednesday, Singer said Bronfman was "receiving bad advice" and warned him he would "regret having stained my good name." Singer had held senior positions in the organization for the past three decades.
These are the comedians who did a major shake down on Swiss banks using The Holocaust story. God' Chosen People are not always nice. Singer made off with $1.2 million last time - see Restitution Group Stands By Singer - broken link


Power Vacuum Exposes Rifts in WJC
The resignation of World Jewish Congress President Edgar Bronfman has left the influential organization in a state of chaos, with conflicting plans and statements emerging from different corners of the now headless body.

Bronfman’s departure leaves the WJC without an obvious top decision-maker at the very moment when some of the biggest questions about the organization’s future are going to be made.
It was set up as a boondoggle. It remains one. The War Crimes Trials at Nuremberg

... Preliminary List of War Criminals, World Jewish Council View document (1 page) ...


Lord Nazir urges resolution of Kashmir, Palestinian issues
... first Muslim to have been invited to address the World Jewish Council a few years ago in Jerusalem ... In his address to the World Jewish Council, he said that all ...


Prodi suspends anti-Semitism meeting
Prodi's office confirmed the suspension on Tuesday, adding the EU statesman was deeply upset at the accusation made by two prominent community leaders in a British newspaper.
Jews were moaning about the truth being told or something of the sort.


World Jewish Congress
I am sometimes pleasantly surprised when the Wikipedia is more honest than I expect. This is one of the occasions. Total honesty would be too much but a lot of it is there.
CNN. Manhattan museum plans to issue Holocaust looted-art study. March 2, 2000,
Stephanie Strom. Cosmetics Heir to Lead World Jewish Congress. New York Times. June 11, 2007, Available:
Stephanie Strom. World Jewish Congress Dismisses Leader. March 16, 2007, Available:
WJC Audit: $3 Million Unaccounted For. The Forward. November 03, 2006,
N.Y. Probe of Charity Cites Mismanagement. The Forward. February 03, 2006,
Ugly Allegations Fly as Fabled WJC Duo Splits. The Forward. March 6, 2007,
Holocaust Cash Went To Shadowy Pal Of Ousted WJC Leader. The Jewish Week. May 4, 2007,
There is plenty of it there, lots of it.


WJC Official, Stephen E Herbits Is Homosexual And Racist
A Jew being racist? Heaven forfend but if the Jerusalem Post says so it must be true.
Herbits's resignation, which was long sought by Israeli and European officials of the organization, follows months of bitter fighting in the organization over control of the Israel office, an issue that has not been resolved....... As the dispute flared, Herbits was forced to apologize for making an ethnic slur against the Tunisian-born former president of the European Jewish Congress, Pierre Besnainou. The remarks, which were written in an internal memo, likened Besnainou to an Arab.
If an Englishman had said something of the sort we would never had heard the last of it but if a Jew does it the rules are different.
PS More and better details from the Wiki:-
Stephen E. Herbits, the Secretary-General of the New York-based World Jewish Congress made several racist remarks and ethnic slurs in an internal memo against the president of the European Jewish Congress Pierre Besnainou: "He is French. Don’t discount this. He cannot be trusted, ... He is Tunisian. Do not discount this either. He works like an Arab." The World Jewish Congress in Israel has condemned the statements as both hateful and racist. "It appears that the struggle in the World Jewish Congress has now turned racist, said MK Shai Hermesh (Kadima), who heads the Israeli board of the WJC. Instead of creating unity among the Jewish people, this organization is just creating division and hatred."


World Jewish Congress Formally Welcomes Third World Invasion  [ 19 May 2016 ]
The World Jewish Congress and the Central Council of Jews in Germany have issued a formal statement welcoming the nonwhite invasion of Germany, calling it the “right thing” and an “evolution towards an open society.”

At the same time, of course, both Jewish organizations back Israel, which has a Jews-only immigration policy and which checks potential immigrants to see if they have Jewish DNA.

In a formal statement published in Die Welt newspaper in Germany, titled “Wir Juden wissen, wie bitter Flucht ist” (“We Jews Understand What Being a Refugee Means”), Ronald S. Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) and Dr. Josef Schuster, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany and a vice-president of the WJC, attacked all Germans who oppose the flooding of their country by nonwhites, calling them “neo-Nazis.”......

Also ignoring the fact that the Jewish lobby and the Jewish state is the cause of all the violence in the Middle East, the two Jewish leaders went on to claim that the wave of “refugees” from Syria are fleeing because of “religion.”
Zionist crazies are at it again. Are all Germans brain dead or the victims of corrupt Propaganda machines? The World Jewish Congress forgot to mention Saharonim Concentration Camp, the one they set up for blacks in Israel or the others; see Concentration Camps In Israel. Recall that Jews With Light Fingers Took Germans For €63.2 Billion and rising. It is all tax free loot. A large most of it gets stolen of course.
PS Holy Mother Church has joined in. She has been perverted by Infiltrators.


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