Catholic Church Infiltrators

The Catholic Church has its enemies; it always has. The current crop are not doing their work honestly. They are using treachery. Infiltrating the top echelons makes it easier to Subvert, to misdirect, to destroy. They are using the techniques developed by Antonio Gramsci, the leading theoretician of the communist party in Italy. Here some crooks who have wormed their way and others attacking from the outside. The real enemies are Jews helped by their Useful Idiots. Some were at the Second Vatican Council. Some sources of information are Bella Dodd and Manning Johnson who were communist defectors. Others are at the Metapedia & Vatican II Church | Catholic Church | Jewish conspiracy | Catholicism and Rabbinic Judaism | Catholicism and Freemasonry. The Wikipedia gives a long list of Converts to Catholicism from Judaism. One of them, Benjamin H. Freedman was genuine, which is why the Wikipedia's biography is hostile. Maurice Pinay gives more evidence.

The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue
Infiltrating from the top down makes it so much easier than vice versa. That is why Jews do it that way.


Cardinal Dolan Is Betraying Holy Mother Church
Timothy Dolan
panders to Jews. Need one say more?


Cardinal Vingt Trois Alleges That Being A Catholic Is Fundamentally Incompatible With Denying The Holocaust® Story
"Let this be another opportunity to recall -- whether the time is right or not -- that being a Catholic is radically incompatible with denying the Holocaust ..."


Cardinal O'Connor Was An Enemy Infiltrator
Maurice Pinay
confirms that O'Connor was a Jew who pandered to Zion.


Cardinal O'Connor's Mother Was A Jew
She converted otherwise O'Connor would also have been one - unless he converted too. In fact his loyalty seems to half-hearted.


Christoph Schönborn ex Wiki
Cardinal Schönborn has a distinguished family. He has made some of the right noises in re Paedophiles but Maurice Pinay is not a fan. Schönborn's people had a very profitable relationship with traders, who screwed the peasantry. B'nai B'rith, a propaganda machine run by Jews likes him.


Gregory Baum - Jew
Is a Jew who wormed his way in, made it to the top then used his position to pervert Church doctrine. His face fitted big time, outside the Church as well as in. He was dangerous.


Augustin Bea
Augustin Bea (May 28, 1881–November 16, 1968) was a Jesuit writer at the Pontifical Gregorian University, who was born in Germany. He has been accused of being a Crypto-Jew, on the basis that his original family name was Behar.[1] He was raised as a cardinal of the Catholic Church by Pope John XXIII. He was involved in many controversies, pushing a Jewish agenda to infiltrate and undermine the Catholic faith; he was accused by Léon de Poncins of being an agent of the Judeo-masonic group B'nai B'rith.

Behar was able to cast a dark shadow over Pope Pius XII for a time as his confessor, influencing Divino Afflante Spiritu, which allowed translation of the Bible into spoken languages from sources other than the Latin Vulgate. Behar was infamous for the Judaising, relativistic and guilt-inducing Nostra Aetate. This came about as a result of pressure led ostensibly by extremist Jules Isaac. At the Second Vatican Council, Behar as a chief revolutionist came into heated conflict with Cardinal Alfredo Ottaviani, who defended Catholic orthodoxy.

How the Jews Changed Catholic Thinking by Joseph Roddy. Look Magazine, Volume 30 No. 2, 25 January 1966. Retrieved on 6 June 2010.

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The Cardinal Bea Centre for Judaic Studies - a subversive group at the Pontifical Gregorian University named after Behar.
Given that he made Cardinal the Pope must have known him pretty well. So is the Pope a Catholic? Do bears do whatever in the woods?

A Christian gentleman? Not for my money.


Jean-Baptiste Gourion
Gourion converted from Judaism to Roman Catholicism in 1958. In 1961, he entered a Benedictine Monastery and in 1967, he was ordained a priest. Father Gourion came to Israel in 1976 with two other monks in order to rebuild the old monastery that was in Abu Gosh and in 1999 was named abbot of the monastery[2].

In 2003, Gourion was nominated Auxiliary Bishop of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem by Pope John Paul II. In the same year he was also appointed the titular see of Lydda[1][3]. His mission consisted to care of Hebrew Catholics' spiritual necessities.
Genuine convert or traitor? Pass.


David Maria Jaeger - Crypto Jew Infiltrated Holy Mother Church - Jew
An article in Haaretz (Israeli Jew turned Catholic priest named head of papal court”) describes one David Maria Jaeger who “converted” from Judaism to Catholicism and will now become a member of the highest court [ See Roman Curia, Papal court or Roman Rota - Jaeger is part of the Rota ] in the Vatican. The word ‘converted’ is in quotes because it’s apparent that Jaeger has in no sense ceased being a Jew. Jaeger was born in Tel Aviv and had a Jewish religious education before assuming his high position in the Church.

[A prominent Israeli professor comments:] “He is a special man. … He’s told me about his deep ties to Israel. We didn’t delve deeply into the reasons for his Christianity. He only gave hints.”

When Jaeger was asked yesterday whether he feels Israeli, he replied, “at least as much as you do,” adding, “I’m just like any Israeli citizen who works for an international organization situated outside the country – just like there are Israelis at the International Monetary Fund in Washington, the UN in New York or UNESCO in Paris. I am in a supra-national international body, that’s the only the difference.”

“I’m a loyal and patriotic son of our people and our country,” he said. “After all, that was the whole point of the Jewish people’s emancipation in the 19th century, that we would become a nation, not a religious minority among gentiles. A person can live according to his conscience, he can not believe in any religious faith or believe in one rather than another, all according to his own intellectual conscience.”

It is stunning that a very prominent Catholic has a deep Jewish identity and thinks of the Church as just another non-governmental international organization. The ceremony for his ascendancy in Rome will be attended by his sister Leah, an Israeli citizen, bringing a sculpture by Menashe Kadishman, a famous Israeli sculptor. He served as legal adviser to the delegation that negotiated the Vatican’s Fundamental Agreement with Israel–sort of like having Dennis Ross negotiate with the Israelis on behalf of the U.S.

Beginning in the 15th century in Spain, people like Jaeger were called Conversos or Marranos (pigs)—Jews who had the appearance but not the reality of having converted to Catholicism. The Inquisition was designed to ferret such people out and subject them to penalties.  Indeed, a major problem in the eyes of the Inquisition was that the Church itself had been infiltrated by Jews pretending to be Catholics (see here, p. 118; I deal with Jewish apologia on the Inquisition, including denials that crypto-Jews had infiltrated the Catholic Church here, p227ff).

During the centuries of the Inquisition, the Church acted as if it was much more than an international NGO. It was a community of faith where ethnic networking on behalf of non-believers was the ultimate betrayal. In the contemporary world, crypto-Judaism in the Church results in high office and, who knows, perhaps election as the next pope. (Jaeger is so upfront about identifying as a Jew that perhaps calling him a crypto-Jew is inaccurate. Making statements like Jaeger’s could only have been a death wish during the period of the Inquisition.)  Whatever the past successes of the Church in defense of our people, the appointment of a strongly identified Jew to a position in the Church hierarchy is certainly a bad sign indeed of the state of Catholicism in the contemporary world.
Professor MacDonald is on the ball yet again. Antonio Gramsci, the leading theoretician of the communist party knew that the Catholic Church was the chief obstacle to the destruction of civilization. His system was attack by infiltrating, in order to take over the top positions. Marx aimed to do it from the bottom up. Gramsci is doing it the other way, top down. Gramsci is far more effective, far more dangerous. Did Communists Infiltrate the Catholic Church? Hint: Yes! NB that the Media are keeping quiet about this but then the Media have also been infiltrated by Jews.


Jean-Marie Lustiger
Aaron Jean-Marie Lustiger; 17 September 1926 – 5 August 2007) was a French cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. He was Archbishop of Paris from 1981 until his resignation in 2005. He was created cardinal in 1983 by Pope John Paul II........

On becoming Archbishop of Paris, Lustiger said:

"I was born Jewish and so I remain, even if that is unacceptable for many. For me, the vocation of Israel is bringing light to the goyim. That is my hope and I believe that Christianity is the means for achieving it."

The former chief rabbi of France, Rabbi René Samuel Sirat, says he personally witnessed Lustiger entering the synagogue to recite kaddish — the Jewish mourners' prayer — for his mother. The World Jewish Congress paid homage to him after his death.
The Wiki makes its claims. It leaves his sincerity open to doubt. The New York Times alleges that he converted out of conviction.


Johannes Oesterreicher ex Metapedia - Jew
"Monsignor" Johannes Oesterreicher (2 February 1904–18 April 1993), later known as John Maria Oesterreicher, was a Moravian Jew who successfully infiltrated the Catholic Church. Despite his alleged "conversion" and becoming a priest in 1927, he did not assimilate into the Austrian Catholic cultural interests, but continued to apologise for the religion of Talmudic Judaism and support the group interests of the Jewish race; including Zionism; for the rest of his life as a fifth columnist.

During the 1930s from Austria, Oesterreicher came into conflict with the NSDAP and later after the Anschluss, created propaganda against the German government from Paris. He eventually moved to the United States in 1940. Most of Oesterreicher's damage was done after World War II. He founded the Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies at Seton Hall University in 1953, grooming future Zionist lackeys such as Edward Flannery. He is most infamous however for his involvement with certain documents pertaining to the Second Vatican Council. Along with the crypto-Jew, Augustin Bea and other dubious "converts" such as Gregory Baum, he was behind the authorship of Nostra Aetate[1] in 1965; a heretical document which appeases non-Christian religions and flirts with deicide denialism.
Evil is their trade mark. Infiltration is a major technique.


Homosexual Abuse In The Vatican II Church
Homosexual abuse in the Vatican II Church refers to actions of homosexual abuse[1][2] committed by Novus Ordo "priests" following the liberalising actions of the Second Vatican Council. The most numerous cases of abuse took place in the United States; typically amongst liberal Irish-American priests; and in Ireland itself. Though it also occurred to a lesser degree in other countries such as Belgium and Canada. The largest number of cases took place in the mid-1960s and the mid-1980s, the latter during the times of Karol Wojtyła.
There was a shortage of vocations during the 1950s onward. Standards will have fallen. Conspirators working on the inside made matters worse.