Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen has taken over the running of the Front National, replacing her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen who was a rather sound sort of chap. She has been got at by the Jews. See e.g. Marine Le Pen To Visit Holocaust® Museum. But perhaps we should think again about who she talks to. Marine is in politics for real; she is a contender for political power. She is not on the sidelines complaining about things. The Occidental Observer explains that Marine Cannot Win, sadly. See also Marine Cannot Win Says New Observer

The Resistible Rise Of Marine Le Pen [ March 2015 ]
The Economist
whines about Madame le Pen being a patriot, exposing its blatant anti-French Racism. Are they some of Lenin's Useful Idiots or Traitors?


Marine Is The Front Runner For President
Decrypting the French is possible but the graph is clear enough. She has what it takes.
What's your reaction to the "Charlie Hebdo" affair?
There is a trial of strength between the different groups of political and religious fundamentalists in France. These trials of strength have been lost, notably by the Sarkozyist right. And each time that they have negotiated, fallen back, twisted, the ground has been prepared for the events which are shaking the world today. No negotiations are possible.

Either we say that freedom of expression with the reservations imposed by the law, or we put in place censorship of the internet, we submit the newspapers for preliminary reading by the government, we re-establish the crime of blasphemy.

Are you for a right to blaspheme?
I'm glad the crime of blasphemy no longer exists. What I find astonishing is the variable geometry of the political class. We are in a country where 95% of the desecrations concern Catholic places of worship or graves and not a single line appears, not one statement from a minister. And as soon as there is a desecration of a mosque or square, immediately, a press statement has to be issued.

If you were in power, what would you do?
I'd throw out all the foreign fundamentalists. We know them very well. The Law of 1905 [Law of secularism separating church and state] has to be applied strictly: no more mosque financing, directly or indirectly. No more foreign financing. Except in a specific case of a reciprocity agreement. I am happy that a foreign state finances a mosque in our country if it does not prohibit the financing of churches or any other religion on its own territory.

How would the mosques be financed?
With the money of the faithful. As applies to all other religions. The law doesn't recognise any religion. No more prayers in the streets, no more dietary requirements in the public schools.

Kosher as well as halal?
The same. I will have it written in the Constitution that "the Republic does not recognise any community". Which would allow us to oppose all the communitarian claims, including those from the private sector.

Are you still for banning the veil in public spaces? In the street?
Yes, the shops, transport, the street...

Evil? NO!
It's a measure that kills freedom...
That depends on what you consider freedom. You're prohibited from walking naked in the street...Is that freedom-killing?

How would you define that a veil is religious or not? That poses a problem of application of the law...
It's banned. The veil is banned. That's clear! We are capable of making the distinction between a religious veil and one that isn't.

This ban would apply to all ostentatious signs?
What do you call ostentatious signs?

The kippa for example...
It's clear that if we ban the veil, we ban the kippa in public spaces.

Should we conduct a specific action in the banlieues?
When you've sent the fundamentalist foreign imams back to their countries - because the vast majority are foreigners - when you've stopped financing Islam left, right and centre, and by definition fundamentalist Islam, the civil populations of the "quartiers" need to be protected from the pressure of the fundamentalists, including the Muslims populations who are victims of it. For that, we need order to return to the law, for the Republic to resume its grip on a certain number of "quartiers".

How does the Republic resume its grip?
First through the school, to which we will give its role. Primary school shouldn't be giving course in foreign languages and culture. The role of the secular school, public and Republican, is to manufacture French people. Not to send children back to their origins. To prevent religion becoming an identity, a substitute nationality, we need to give substantive content to French nationality. This is the national priority. on

You are French, yellow, green, orange, brown, black; you are agnostic, atheist, Muslim, Jewish.. because you are French, you have priority access to social housing and employment. You are going to know why you are French. There are many young people who define themselves first of all by their origins and not by their nationality. So, stop double nationality.

What's your opinion of the consequences of the Arab revolutions?
The "Arab spring" has turned into the Islamist winter. It's very worrying for Europe, because there is a risk it will result in a worsening of immigration. I think of the interests of the people of these countries, many of whom are starting to live in fear.

Libya is perhaps the most dramatic situation and the one where we have the greatest responsibility. We consciously placed at the head of the Libyan state fundamentalists who had been armed to Qatar. We have been irresponsible in blindly following the United States.

There is a country, the United States, which never stops saying that it is in a struggle against fundamentalism and which, every time it has intervened somewhere, has delivered the country where it intervened to Islamist fundamentalists.

As to the affair of the film Innocence of Muslims, it is eminently suspect. This type of Z-level sub-series is put online as if by chance by a Salafist television channel, and as if by chance, it provokes this attack in Benghazi, on 11 September. I don't believe in the chance element in this business.


Marine Le Pen To Visit Holocaust® Museum [ 3 November 2011 ]
A French presidential candidate for the [ allegedly ] far-right National Front party is visiting the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington to pay her respects to the more than six million Jews killed by Nazi Germany. Marine Le Pen is visiting the museum during a US tour that also includes a stop on Capitol Hill to meet with politicians and a visit to the United Nations. Ms Le Pen's visit to the Holocaust Museum is seen as a dramatic gesture and a departure from her father, former party leader Jean-Marie Le Pen. He had run-ins with the law during his long career for minimizing the Holocaust and calling the Second World War gas chambers "a detail" of history.
Madame le Pen is pandering to the Jews, making like she believes the Holocaust® story. The two main contenders in the French election were going to be Sarkozy, a Jew and Strauss-Kahn the rutting chimpanzee Jew running the IMF. This is what gamblers call a stacked deck. But Kahn was put in prison after a black whore alleged rape which put him out the running. How was Marine nobbled? Threats, blackmail, bribes are the obvious methods. Jews have huge influence in the Main Stream Media. One pay off is a boost from Reuters founded by Paul Reuter, another Jew. See Marine Le Pen Makes Progress For The National Front

The Guardian, England's voice of the Feminist, Homosexual, Illegal Immigrant, wine snob and general purpose Useful Idiot told us that she had been nobbled back in March - see Marine Le Pen emerges from father's shadow


Marine Le Pen Meets Israeli Ambassador Over Champagne [ 5 November 2011 ]
'Misunderstanding' over Le Pen meeting with Israeli ambassador

French [ allegedly ] far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen seized on the attendance of an Israeli ambassador at a lunch she hosted on Thursday at the United Nations to counter her party's [ allegedly ] xenophobic image. Israel's UN mission said ambassador Ron Prosor's had gone to the event through a "misunderstanding."

Le Pen said however she hoped his presence had proved that the National Front party had turned the page on incendiary remarks made by her father Jean-Marie Le Pen about Nazi gas chambers. About 30 people were invited to the meeting. Among diplomats, only Prosor, the deputy ambassador for Japan, Kazuo Kodama, the Trinidad and Tobago ambassador Rodney Charles, Uruguay's envoy Jose Luis Cancela and Armenia's Garen Nazarian attended........

Le Pen is credited with 17-19 percent support in French opinion polls and is on the US tour seeking to bolster her image. She denies her party is anti-immigrant.
Pandering to Jews, favouring immigrants over honest Frenchmen....... Is she the kind one wants in politics? Is she a nationalist? She could be even worse than the Rutting chimpanzee Jew who ran the IMF until he came unstuck.

 Marine Le Pen Urges UKIP To Join Forces Against EU [ 21 April 2014 ]


Marine Le Pen Leads In Presidential Race [ 31 January 2015 ]
The leader of France’s [ allegedly ] far-right National Front party came out on top in a new poll on potential 2017 presidential candidates. The survey, published in Marianne on Thursday, pitted Marine Le Pen against French President Francois Hollande, former President Nicolas Sarkozy and other potential candidates.....

According to the poll, former President Nicolas Sarkozy would come in second if the elections took place today. French President Francois Hollande, who has battled low approval rates throughout his first term, would not make it to the second round.
Three out of ten French prefer Marine le Pen. They know too much about Hollande to fall for his line of patter.


Marine Le Pen Results Are A  Setback  [ 23 March 2015 ]
The Front National fell short on Sunday night in its bid to come top in French local elections, with estimations putting the far-Right party well behind the centre-Right UMP of Nicolas Sarkozy.

The UMP and its centrist allies took around 30 per cent of the national vote in the first round of elections to pick local councils in France’s 101 “departements”.

Marine le Pen's FN took second place on around 26 per cent, with the ruling Socialists, as expected, in third on around 20 per cent – underlining their unpopularity after failing to reduce record unemployment.
It is disappointing. It is democracy. Hollande, the president has his absolute commitment to Israel. See him betray France at Sarkozy is a Jew so it might not be treason for him. Marine has been nobbled by Zionist crazies. Who you vote for in a corrupt 'democracy'?


Marine Le Pen Progressing  [ 27 October 2016 ]
Marine le Pen [ of the Front National ] can be excused for thinking her time has come. With six months to go until France’s presidential election, the left-wing government of François Hollande has produced only one winner, and it is her. She’s providing the Gallic contribution to the insurgent charge epitomised elsewhere by Brexit and Donald Trump..........

Le Pen, on the other hand, says she has all the answers — and, despite the questionable nature of many of her remedies [ like what? - Editor ], up to a third of the electorate appears to agree. Her message on the need to protect France’s borders resonates, especially as the Hollande government sets about dispersing the famous ‘Jungle’ camp in Calais, a move which has provoked protests in the towns to which the refugees are being bused. And her calls to step up the fight against Islamic fundamentalism, erect protectionist trade barriers and hold a referendum on France’s membership of the European Union also chime with the mood of the times.
The Spectator is in the business of deceiving Tory voters; it is another Propaganda machine opposing Madame le Pen but it does tell us why Hollande is pretending to try to sort out Calais criminals - see the next one. It keeps quiet about Theresa May importing them.


Marine Le Pen Can Be The Next French President [ 29 November 2016 ]
Do the French want to be overrun by Islamic mass murderers, aliens full of hate? NO! This puts Marine le Pen in with a chance. She will make it through the first round anyway. Then the BBC, The Lunatic Fringe, and general purpose lefties will complain loudly. They lied about Donald Trump; look where that got them.


Marine Le Pen Says Vote Against European Union [ 21 January 2017 ]
French far-right [ sic ] leader Marine le Pen calls on Europeans to 'wake up' and follow the examples of Brexit and Trump's election............

Le Pen told several hundred supporters in the German city of Koblenz that Britons' vote last year to leave the European Union would set in train a 'domino effect'. Speaking to loud applause, she said: '2016 was the year the Anglo-Saxon world woke up. I am sure 2017 will be the year the people of continental Europe wake up.' Le Pen, head of the anti-EU, anti-immigrant Front National (FN) and seen by pollsters as highly likely to make a two-person runoff vote for the French presidency in May, has marked out Europe as a major plank in her programme.........

Several leading German media have been barred from the Koblenz meeting, which is being organised by the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF), the smallest group in the European Parliament, in a year when the parties are hoping for electoral breakthroughs.
UNQUOTE I would vote for her, no problem. Really Read what the Daily Mail says and how it says it then look at How To Frame A Patriot.


Marine Le Pen Praises Donald Trump [ 6 February  2017 ]
[ Allegedly ] FAR-RIGHT  French presidential hopeful Marine le Pen paid a glowing tribute to Donald Trump and Brexit today saying she could make her own country ‘free again’. The 48-year-old leader of the Front National (FN) launched her campaign to become head of state at a rally in Lyon, eastern France. ‘Donald Trump is keeping his promises, acting fast and strong in the interest of his people,’ said Ms Pen.

In turn, she promised her own populist revolution – one based on fighting globalisation and radical Islam, and engineering an exit from the ‘failed’ EU.............

She also wants to leave NATO, and devout [ sic - try devote ] ‘two per cent of gross domestic product’ to building up the French Army..........

She particularly wants to stop immigration from Muslim countries, and to clampdown on Islamic practices in France so as to defend ‘French culture’.
Leaving NATO makes sense. The Cold War is over; we won albeit various political criminals are trying start Cold War II. Hanging a few would make the rest think twice. The EU is deeply corrupt and expensive. Leave it? Sounds good to me. Why is the 'Daily Mail' is using 'quotes' round 'her' words? To imply that she wrong and that they know better. The Mail is a lying Propaganda machine.
PS Her serious rival, Francois Fillon has been exposed; he is a thief. Already the Establishment has brought another one out of the woodwork. Emmanuel Macron has not been caught yet.


Marine Le Pen Is Poll Front Runner [ 21 February 2017 ]
French [allegedly ] far-right leader Marine Le Pen has gained ground on her main election rivals, it has emerged. Support for Le Pen, head of the anti-immigration National Front, has surged with frontrunner Emmanuel Macron's lead evaporating according to the Opinionway poll of voting intentions..........

Opinionway had Le Pen easily beating her four main rivals and winning the April 23 first round with a score of 27 percent to move through to the two-way run-off against either Macron or Fillon.

In a straight fight with Macron she would go down by 42 percent against his 58, while against Fillon she would lose with 44 percent to his 56, the poll showed.
Once Marine le Pen wins the first round the allegedly Left Wing and allegedly Right Wing will gang up on her because they are The Establishment & corrupt. It's all about screwing the workers and subverting Democracy. That's how they did it in Austria when People Voted Against Third World Immigration.


Marine Le Pen Makes Her Election Commitments  [ 26 February 2017 ]
France’s Front National presidential election candidate Marine le Pen's election manifesto has called for a referendum on European Union membership, the end of the “asylum” swindle, the expulsion of Islamists, the halting of most legal immigration, and legal changes to ensure that French citizenship can only be acquired through blood or naturalization—and the conditions for the latter to be “tightened.”

Le Pen, currently front-runner in the opinion polls to win the first round of the French presidential election, made history by releasing her official 144-point manifesto in English specifically with the intention of explaining her policies to the outside world.

The English version is a direct translation of her major French-language election communication, and offers English-speakers a unique insight into the policy positions which have made her the single most popular politician in France.........

Significantly, the manifesto calls for the abolition of the principle of  Jus Sol (“right of the soil” - Jus Sanguinis is nationality by right of blood - parentage not place of birth), saying that it “will only be possible to acquire French nationality by filiation or naturalization, the conditions for which will be tightened.”
Marine's views sound good to me. Publishing a manifesto worked for Donald Trump. It won't do her any harm.


Marine Le Pen Goes On Stage - The Crowd Goes Wild  [ 11 March 2017 ]
Are Frenchman patriots? Believe it. Does that make them Racist? The media would say so loud and long but then they are Propaganda machines with an agenda. What is the difference between Patriotism and Racism? The latter is a Marxist propaganda term.


Marine Le Pen Says Vote For Me On Sunday Or Get Overrun By Third World Parasites  [ 20 April 2017 ]
Nationalists get called Racist. Patriots get called Racist by Marxists, by the Puppet Masters, the Zionists who Want Third World Immigration into la belle France & Western Civilization but not Israel. It is to destroy France and make Israel the ruler of the New World Order.


Marine Cannot Win Says New Observer [ 24 April 2017 ]
They explain why - they are likely to be right. One hopes they are wrong. Tomorrow [ Sunday 6 May ] we will know.


Jews Will Vote With Islamics Against Marine Le Pen Tomorrow [ 6 May 2017 ]
PARIS – Israel's Independence Day was celebrated later than usual here this year, due to Sunday’s French presidential election. As members of the French Jewish community and Israelis gathered at the Royal Pavilion on Thursday night, everyone had an opinion about the runoff between far-right candidate Marine le Pen and centrist Emmanuel Macron – including the imam who greeted community leaders as they arrived at the party organized by the Israeli Embassy..............

For the first time ever, Muslim, Protestant and Jewish leaders [ An unholy trinity - Editor ] jointly endorsed a presidential candidate on Thursday, stating that they “openly are calling for a vote in favor of Emmanuel Macron.”

The endorsement was signed by Anouar Kbibech, the head of France’s CFCM Muslim umbrella group, along with Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia and Pastor François Clavairoly, president of the Protestant Federation of France. But the Catholic Church chose not to join them, with only a few Catholic church officials delivering personal messages against Le Pen instead.
This Jew writes about Marine le Pen like she is naughty little Adolf, which is after the time she spent pandering to them but then they are Paranoid as well as being Psychopaths. They know their evil; they just don't want us to find out. That is why they use puppets like Richard Kemp who toe their Party Line.


Marine Le Pen Loses, France Loses [ 8 May 2017 ]
I walked back to my hotel though the streets of Paris from Macron's party at the Louvre wondering why I felt strange......... Wondering if it was because I wasn't part of the happy crowd gathered on the corner of the Rue de Rivoli, cheering at cars streaming past, horns blaring. An outsider. Jet-legged in the same time-zone, a drunk in a land of the sober. Disconnected from the rest.

And I realised. This is how it feels when you feel you are alone amongst the madness.

Ironically, the same feeling shared by Remainers in London, who believed in the Europe project, and watched it made uncertain by the rest of the UK, by people like me.
It is not as bad as being invaded by the Nazis but the Establishment will do more damage than naughty little Adolf or even Merkel. It means that Ethnic Fouling In France will continue.


French Close Marine Le Pen's Bank Accounts  [ 23 November 2017 ]
In a clearly coordinated effort designed to cripple France’s Front National, two major banks— Société Générale, and its subsidiary Crédit du Nord—have closed that party’s major account and refused to grant it any further checking or transaction facilities, while HSBC has closed Marine le Pen’s personal bank account.

Making the announcement at the party’s headquarters today, FN leader Marine le Pen said that a “measure of any democracy is how the political opposition is treated.”.............. She said that the party was already being judicially-persecuted—referring to several ongoing prosecutions launched by the establishment against her personally—and now “we are witnessing a new level of persecution against the FN: a bank ban.”
The Establishment has turned nasty; it always was but now they are letting it show. It will garner publicity helpful to Marine. A lot of Left Wing French vote against her rather than for the other one.