Chris Huhne

Chris Huhne was big  in politics. Huhne was with the Liberal Party then it all went wrong. He betrayed his wife so she stitched him up; revealing that he perverted the course of justice by lying to the police to avoid a speeding conviction. He made every twist and turn to get away with it, then admitted that he was guilty as Hell.

It turns out that he was set by a black, one Constance Briscoe who told the wife who lied for him how to get vengeance and stay out of prison. It didn't quite work. The black is now in the frame for conspiracy, perverting the course of justice or  some variant on the theme. Naturally the Main Stream Media are keeping quiet about the fact that a black criminal set it up because the media are Racist, very Racist, anti-English Racists but none the less Racist.

Black Made Judge By Anti-English Racists, Black Arrested For Lying To Police [ 27 February 2013 ]
A judge has been arrested over claims that she lied about her involvement in leaking information on Chris Huhne to the Press, it was revealed yesterday. Constance Briscoe, 55, was questioned over allegations that she lied to police during the investigation into whether former Cabinet minister Huhne asked his then wife Vicky Pryce [ a Greek which explains things - currently "very friendly" with the thief,  MacShane explaining more- Editor ] to take his speeding points.

Miss Briscoe, a neighbour and friend of Pryce, told police she had not been in contact with newspapers about the story. But emails revealed the barrister and part-time crown court judge was in contact with a freelance journalist, Andrew Alderson, who was working for the Mail on Sunday........

Andrew Edis QC, prosecuting, said Pryce and Miss Briscoe ‘cooked up a plan’ to leak the speeding points story to the Press in 2010 in  revenge after Huhne left Pryce for his PR adviser Carina Trimingham........

Miss Briscoe was a neighbour of the couple in Clapham, south-west London, and became a close friend of Pryce after the acrimonious break-up, as she had also been abandoned by her partner. She acted as Pryce’s intermediary with the Mail on Sunday and arranged a meeting between Pryce and a news editor in her legal chambers.
Pryce wanted vengeance. Briscoe presumably told Pryce how to lie and how to get away with it. This sounds a whole lot like a Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Of course if the papers say this Briscoe will use it as an excuse; claiming that any jury would be prejudiced. If they keep quiet the perpetrators get away with it. The Director of Public Prosecutions has the option of  prosecuting or not so he can   pervert the course of justice when he fancies. Recall that they put poor little Emma West in a lunatic asylum with a trial or anything resembling justice while a  Policewoman Killed Then Walked Away Laughing Up Her Sleeve. If the DPP does not bother prosecuting a blatant case of Death by Dangerous Driving it is one law for the funny hand shake mob, his peculiar friends, whatever and honest folk.

She was never going to make it in beauty competitions.


Black Slut Jacked In By Randy Old Fool
A top barrister who left his judge partner for an Oxford graduate 50 years his junior has claimed he has won the approval of his new lover's mother. Anthony Arlidge QC jilted Constance Briscoe, 55, who famously wrote her memoir Ugly based on the neglect and cruelty she overcame during her upbringing, after 12 years together. The silver-haired silk left the £1million home they shared in Clapham, south London, and moved in with barrister Heather Lockwood, 25, at his Inner Temple digs...... A grandfather of nine, Arlidge remains married to his wife Enid, the mother of his four children.... Their 48th wedding anniversary is next week, but they separated nearly three decades ago.... He then lived for 16 years with QC Tracy Ayling and, after that, he romanced Judge Briscoe.

Judge Briscoe, who has two children aged 25 and 22 by solicitor Adam Wilson said: ‘Tony left me saying he had fallen in love with a girl who was aged 25.
Aforesaid black slut has no hesitation about stealing someone else's husband but when she is kicked out of bed she turns nasty. You might even think that if they are in the business of enforcing the law they should live by it. The whole lot are thieving scum - just like politicians.


Huhne's Ex At It With The Thief MacShane [ 4 September 2012 ]
According to Ephraim Hardcastle.


Constance Briscoe Says 'Pity him, not me' jilted judge bites back


Clegg Whines About Political Criminals Being Exposed [ 27 February 2013 ]
Nick Clegg launched an extraordinary attack on the media yesterday for exposing the Lord Rennard scandal. The Deputy Prime Minister accused journalists investigating a cover-up of being ‘self-appointed detectives’. His ill-judged remarks shocked [ or should that be amused? - Editor ] Tory and Labour MPs, who said he should focus on getting to the truth.......

Lord Rennard yesterday dramatically denied Nick Clegg’s claim that he had been confronted about sexual harassment allegations.
This smear job is running as Chris Huhne, another Liberal is waiting sentencing for perverting the course of justice. Rennard claims that Clegg is lying. Well, that's a surprise.

Vicky Pryce Jury Retires [ 6 March 2013 ]
The jury in the trial of Vicky Pryce, ex-wife of disgraced cabinet minister Chris Huhne, has retired to consider its verdict.

The seven men and five women of the jury panel was told by judge Mr. Justice Sweeney "do not leave your common sense behind" in reaching their verdict.
The judge in the first trial told the jury they were fools, whence the crack about common sense. The Guardian does not bother to mention the black slut who put her up to it.


Huhne's Old Woman Gets Soft Nick [ 20 March 2013 ]
Vicky Pryce, the disgraced economist and wife of the former energy minister Chris Huhne, has been transferred to an open prison in a grade II listed building just four nights after being sentenced to an eight-month jail term.

After being found guilty of helping her former husband to avoid a driving ban by taking his penalty points, the once possible contender for election to the Bank of England's monetary policy committee was moved from Holloway prison in north London to an Elizabethan manor in the Kent countryside, according to reports in the Sunday Mirror and Sun on Sunday.

The East Sutton Park prison is set in 34 hectares (84 acres) and has its own rare breed farm. It is described by the prison service's own website as "a pleasant mansion house overlooking the Weald of Kent".
One law for honest folk and anther for the swine that run the country - even if they do get caught.

It could be a run of the mill public school. It is probably run like one.
PS Note well that The Guardian is doing a news black out on the black slut that put her up to it.


Corrupt Politician Whines About His Problems [ 10 September 2013 ]
Huhne blames Murdoch without mentioning the black liar who set him up.


Guardian Employs Tory Jail Bird [ 26 November 2013 ]
Chris Huhne got out of a very soft nick & very early too. He is too important to pay for his crimes. Ditto for his old woman. The Media have gone very quiet about the judge that put Her Indoors up to it but then her face fits because she is black.


Chris Huhne's Daughter Fights Off Rapist [ 14 February 2014 ]
She looks quite nice but her father, Chris Huhne is a criminal liar, while her mother gave Huhne a good kicking. She is vicious as well as being a lying slut. Presumably that is where the killer instinct came from.


The Sun Explains Huhne

The Sun on Chris Huhne:

“Huhne dug his own Grand Canyon . . . and still he keeps shovelling.

The crooked Lib Dem got his wife to take his speeding points, then cost taxpayers a fortune denying it right up until the last-minute confession for which he was jailed.

He now bleats that he could have dodged justice if only his wife’s lying friend Judge Constance Briscoe — a witness in his case — had been exposed earlier by her own profession.

The deluded fool believes this was an internal cover-up akin to the Stafford Hospital scandal. Yes, the scandal where 1,200 people died.

Huhne broke the law and was rightly punished. He needs to move on and count his few blessings.

Such as having newspaper pals still prepared to peddle his self-pitying tripe.”


Chris Huhne Is A Greed Driven Liar [ 10 May 2014 ]
He used every twist and turn to get away with Perverting The Course Of Justice, got out of prison very early because his face fits then objects to paying £78,000 costs. He is another swine, typical of the current crop of politicians. His old woman looks like an unpleasant ratbag.


Chris Huhne, The Convicted Liar Is Back In Parliament [ 3 February 2015 ]
His face will fit very nicely. They understand his sort. They are his sort.