Red Herrings

A Red herring is a deliberate attempt to divert attention. According to the Wiki it probably originates from an article published 14 February 1807 by journalist William Cobbett who recounted that he had once used a red herring to deflect hounds in pursuit of a hare, adding "It was a mere transitory effect of the political red-herring; for, on the Saturday, the scent became as cold as a stone." It is Disinformation and deception. Red herrings are very much part of politics, used to keep people's minds away from the genuine criminals, the manipulators causing problems to destroy civilization. Here are examples. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

9/11 Job
Is an example of genuine major crime and a government story which is clearly a cover up.


Chemtrails an example of disinformation?
These are the trails left by aircraft spraying us with nasty chemicals for nefarious purposes. That is the theory. Then there is the evidence which is another matter.


Is American government research which will rip holes in the atmosphere and kill us with cosmic rays - or not as the case may be - especially not.


UN Ordered Depopulation Of 3 Billion People By Food Malnutrition Has Started
It sounds like a good idea. It has not happened, quite the reverse but presumably there are people who are going to go along with it.