Honour Killings

Honour killings have a virtue. They indicate that some people still have standards but if they are being used to enforce barbaric foreign customs like forced marriage they are not such a good idea. You might think that Feminists would squawk about this sort of thing but feminists are Useful Idiots or Subversive rogues with an agenda - the destruction of Western Civilization. Infiltrating vicious Third World foreigners is part of it.

The Scotsman tells us about some of these goings on. Perhaps they want the people of Glasgow to know that there are millions more of these comedians who want to move in next to them and do these things. The government might even make forced marriages illegal. This would annoy the "Pakistani community" but not enough to make them go back to their very own little Hell holes.

A lesson here is that the media can tell us about evil when the owners feel disposed. It follows that if they do not tell us they may well want that evil. That is why the BBC covers up murders of any one English if blacks do it but they still complain about the patriotic Englishmen who killed Stephen Lawrence 20 years ago.

Source Forced marriage & honour killings

Four sought after boy killed to avoid forced marriage
THREE men and a woman are being sought over the murder of a boy aged 11, who was allegedly strangled to stop him wedding one of the killers' women in an arranged marriage, police in the Pakistani city of Karachi said yesterday.


Fears missing woman may be victim of 'honour killing'
A 20-YEAR-OLD woman who has been missing for more than two weeks may have been murdered in an "honour killing", police said today.


Twenty years in jail for father who ordered 'honour killing'
A FATHER who ordered his two teenage sons to carry out the "honour killing" of a university student who had made his daughter pregnant was yesterday told he must serve a minimum of 20 years in jail.


Women 'forced to wed rapists or die'
RAPE victims in Turkey can be forced by their own families to marry their rapists - or risk being...


Father and sons guilty of 'honour killing'
A FATHER, along with his two sons, was yesterday found guilty of the "honour killing" of a...


Honour killing plea to Pakistan's leader
A 15-YEAR-OLD Pakistani living in fear of becoming an honour killing victim yesterday begged...


Executive to consult public on forced marriages proposal
FORCED marriages could be outlawed in Scotland, depending on whether the public approves of such a...


Clerics could face jail for overseeing forced marriages
IMAMS, rabbis and other clerics who carry out forced marriages face the threat of being charged with a...


Plan to make it an offence to force marriage
THE Scottish Executive and the Government are considering making it a criminal offence to force young people to marry. This is to deal with ethnics being a pain.


Bid for end to forced brides
AN international conference was being held today to raise awareness of the scourge of forced...


Campaigners reach out to women forced into marriage
HUNDREDS of Asian women are living in forced marriages in Scotland, it was revealed yesterday as a...


Father jailed for hiring hit man to kill daughter
AN INDIAN father was jailed for 14 years yesterday for hiring a hit man to carry out the honour...


117 British women feared to be victims of 'honour killings'
INVESTIGATIONS into the deaths and disappearances of more than 100 British-Asian women are being...


Marriage to a man she loved ended in murder
IN May this year, an elderly Sikh man was sentenced to life for the suspected "honour killing" of...


Have we run out of murders? Not on your life. There are another two pages to go and they are just what The Scotsman has chosen to tell us about. See  


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