"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."
Lord Acton quoted
Think Blair, Brown, Bush, Obama.

We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.

Politicians are easy to hate. Politicians have power & the power to abuse power. Wanting power, wanting to be a politician should be a cause for suspicion if no more.

Pat Buchanan
Pat is one of the better politicians, even one might say honest.


Donald Trump Is Leading The Race For President Of America
Donald Trump is a rich American business man who decided to run for President. Republicans like him. Democrats do not. The Main Stream Media are hostile. Various businesses are withdrawing their custom. Is Don playing straight? Does he say everything he means and mean everything he says? A lot of Americans hope so. Many of them thought that Ron Paul was the man to vote for.  He let us all down. Perhaps Don will talk the talk and walk the walk.


British Politicians Convicted Of Crimes
This is a Wiki list so interpret 'British' as you will. Some are in fact English.


Psychopaths As Politicians
Politicians, police and prison inmates are heavily over represented in the ranks of the psychopaths. Perhaps they should all be in prison.

Margaret Beckett - another ghastly Trot and ugly as sin

Beveridge - brought us the Welfare State and ruinous expense

Blair - war criminal, destroyer of liberty, on the make - PM from 2 May 1997  to 27 June 2007

Boris Berezovsky - Jew and major criminal on the run. PS Dead, suicide, finances gone off.

Brown - financial hooligan, Asset stripper, malevolent weirdo - PM - 27 June 2007 – 11 May 2010

Bush - tool of the Jews

Cameron - a slimy salesman on the make - PM from 11 May 2010 - present day

Churchill Spurred On The Decline Of The West - Pat Buchanan explains. Sean Gabb would agree.

John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough

Nick Clegg - gobby, arsonist. His wife Miriam Durántez is a lawyer with a firm big in tax manipulation.

Bill Clinton - deeply, sincerely corrupt. Pardoned Marc Rich, a thieving Jew when he was heavily bribed.

Alexander Downer, shit extraordinaire - see Australia Stole $40 Billion From East Timor [ 14 December 2013 ]

Nigel Farage - UKIP man. He does lay into the EU's crooks.

Betty Friedan - Jew And Subversive

Sean Gabb - England's leading libertarian
Doctor Gabb is the director of the Libertarian Alliance which is a small voice in English politics. It should be louder and heard more. Doctor Gabb does however get heard in the main stream media. He sounds sufficiently inoffensive to pass muster when programmers have spaces to fill at 3 o'clock in the morning and other difficult times. And of course the Internet is a Godsend to anyone who is not part of the main stream media. The Net is a truth machine, unloved by governments and other corrupt interests.

Mahatma Gandhi
Is marketed as an anti-Racist. The truth is rather different.

Rudy Giuliani - comes from a line of crooks, just like Kennedys

Nick Griffin - serial swindler destroying the British National Party which is why he has not been prosecuted.

Bob Hawke - left wing Australian politician, Oxford man, downed  a yard of ale in 11 seconds.

Harriet Harman - left wing ratbag with flexible principles

Heath fat Marxist, paedophile traitor with light fingers

Adolf Hitler - a collectivist just like Stalin, Trotsky, Mao Tse Tung, Stalin, Pol Pot, Benito Mussolini.... I am sure you get the idea.

François Hollande French, Marxist, very unpopular, will be beaten [ written in October 2016] by Marine le Pen

Chris Huhne - was a Liberal liar, then his wife stitched him up, using a black after he betrayed her.

Charles Koch is an American billionaire hated by the left.

Boris Johnson
A chancer on the up with a well concealed streak of nastiness. 

Tessa Jowell - Labour, old man a crook

Lenin - a mass murderer full of hate

Avigdor Lieberman - racist thug

Mandelson - Jew, homosexual, treacherous

Mao Tse Tung

Merkel runs Germany

John Major

David Miliband

Benito Mussolini

Benjamin Netanyahu 

Obama - puppet installed by Jews

Priti Patel - Indian bunging monstrous amounts of English tax money to Ethiopians

Ron Paul For President

Pol Pot

Enoch Powell and his Enemies - the fact that Enoch is remembered years after is death is a tribute. The fact that he is hated by The Establishment on all sides is another and greater.

Quislings - Are traitors who followed the path of Vidkun Quisling, the Norwegian who collaborated with the Nazis. He was shot for his pains. They were not, sad to say.

John Reid - Labour thug

Teddy Roosevelt was in politics when men were men. He soldiered for real too.

Sarkozy is the Jew running France

F. E. Smith
Frederick Edwin Smith, 1st Earl of Birkenhead GCSI, PC, KC (12 July 1872 – 30 September 1930), best known to history as F. E. Smith, was a British Conservative statesman and lawyer of the early 20th century. He was a skilled orator, noted for his staunch opposition to Irish nationalism, his wit, pugnacious views, and hard living and drinking. He is perhaps best remembered today as Winston Churchill's greatest personal and political friend until Birkenhead's death at age 58.
An insolent rogue, a drunkard and, it seems a fornicator who liked seducing teenage girls. See Lords of Finance at page 223 on the point.

Joe Stalin mass murderer

Jack Straw
Jew, communist subversive, enemy of England - a Stalinist.


Yeo Being Sued Again
Our old friend Tim Yeo is back in the courts again fresh from his huge loss to the Sunday Times over a “cash-for-advocacy” storyShareholders of TMO Renewable, a collapsed green energy business chaired by Yeo, have served him with letters before action for misrepresentation and negligence. Lawyers see possible claims for breach of duty and “misfeasance”, which covers intentionally unlawful behaviour.

Yeo was paid £38,000 as chairman between March and October 2013, according to parliament’s register of members’ interests. Tim Yeo had long abused his parliamentary position to advance his green financial interests before long suffering local Tories had enough and deselected him. Good to see he is still controversial even in retirement… 


Uddin is a Pakistani baroness and thief who got away with it. She got to be a baroness because she was a Pakistani. She was a thief because she was a Pakistani. She got away with it because her face fits; in fine because she is a Pakistani.


Tom Wintringham
Was an honest revolutionary who wanted citizens to be armed against the Enemy Within as well as the enemy without. He wrote New Ways of War which is NOT available from Amazon. Governments do NOT like democracy.


Brendan Bracken, 1st Viscount Bracken
Brendan Randell Bracken, 1st Viscount Bracken PC (15 February 1901 – 8 August 1958) was an Irish-born businessman and a British Conservative cabinet minister. He is remembered primarily as an ardent opponent of the appeasement of Adolf Hitler and a supporter of Winston Churchill, first in Churchill's opposition to appeasement, and then in his prosecution of the Second World War. Bracken was also the founder of the modern version of the Financial Times.
A charming rogue who probably did more good than harm. Was claimed sometimes as Churchill's bastard.


Boris Johnson Picks Jews For City Hall
Boris Johnson said he would work to provide more affordable housing, especially that of a size suitable for those with larger families. Many in London’s Charedi [ Jews with silly hats one assumes - Editor ] community, who live mainly in Stamford Hill, suffer severe overcrowding, with sometimes as many as 11 people living in a two-bedroom flat..............

Taking up his new role this week, Mr. Johnson appointed several Jews to key advisory positions.
'Sir' Simon Milton, 46, outgoing leader of Westminster City Council, will be his senior planning adviser.... Simon entered into a civil partnership with his Jewish partner Robert Davis, the Tory chief whip at Westminster Council.
Dan Ritterband, 32, campaign director for Mr. Johnson’s mayoral campaign, will be head of marketing at City Hall. The advertising executive,........ worked.. as a member of David Cameron’s Conservative leadership bid. Stuart Polak, director of Conservative Friends of Israel, described him as “somebody we trust, we work with, and who is well-known to people in the community.”
Sir Trevor Chinn will be on the board of a new fund being set up by Mr. Johnson to raise money for deprived areas.
Fresh from his defeat, Ken Livingstone said he remained dedicated to working with the Jewish community.
The Jewish Chronicle writes. Presumably they know their own and infiltration is very much what Jews do to destroy civilization or just rob it.


Maundy Gregory
ITS pretty name may be redolent of bonnets and crinolines but Vanity Fair, a sunny bungalow on Thames Ditton Island, casts several shadows across early 20th-century political history: scandal, mystery, maybe even a murder or two.

John Drewett, 65, bought his riverside retreat 10 years ago. "Not only could I walk to the office," he explains, "but the house has a private mooring. It was perfect."

From his living-room, he can see the Thames lapping at his 37ft narrow boat, Beauty, tied up at her own jetty. These days, you can reach Thames Ditton Island from the Surrey bank via a picturesque chain bridge. Visitors pay a toll of two pence. But when Vanity Fair was built, about 100 years ago, the only way to and from the mainland was by water. One of the island's earliest residents, the notorious Maundy Gregory, kept an electric canoe moored there. Gregory was a flamboyant actor, writer and secret agent, who peddled political honours for the Liberal prime minister, David Lloyd George.

Gregory bought Vanity Fair on a 99-year lease in 1910. He, in turn, leased it to an actress friend, Edith Rosse, who lived there with her husband Fred. With a lavish office near Parliament, the homosexual Gregory whooped it up in London where he kept a private, chauffeur-driven taxi painted yellow and brown.

Lloyd George used Gregory as a tout to "sell" honours - he could arrange peerages from £10,000. But in 1919, Gregory was threatened with exposure. A one-time Socialist MP, the rabble-rousing Victor Grayson, denounced the honours trade as a national scandal. "It can be traced right down to 10 Downing Street," declared Grayson, "and to a monocled dandy with offices in Whitehall. I know this man, and one day I will name him."

Victor Grayson had put the wind up Gregory. Not only did Grayson know of Gregory's honours racket, but he also suspected him of forging the notorious diaries of Sir Roger Casement, the Irish Nationalist sympathiser hanged for treason in 1916.

Disclosure of the "diaries" - with their graphic descriptions of homosexual acts - undermined support for Casement. British agents circulated the contents ahead of his trial so that he would not become a martyr for the Irish cause.

But Grayson believed that Gregory, who had links to the British security and intelligence services, had forged the diaries himself. What is more, Grayson suspected that Gregory had planted them in a trunk at Casement's old lodgings, where they were "found" by the British authorities.

Gregory determined to get rid of Victor Grayson. In September 1920, Grayson was beaten up on the Strand. A few days later, while drinking with friends, he received a mysterious message calling him to the Queen's Hotel, Leicester Square. Officially, he was never seen again.

There were unsubstantiated "sightings" over the years, and a report that Grayson may have died in the wartime Blitz. But in 1970, a tantalising new theory surfaced, linking Grayson to Maundy Gregory and his waterside home at Vanity Fair.

In his book, Murder By Perfection, Donald McCormick claimed that Grayson had been seen at the bungalow on the evening of Tuesday, September 28, 1920. George Flemwell, an artist who knew Grayson, spotted him and another man on the Thames in Gregory's electric canoe. The pair moored at Vanity Fair and went inside.

The following day, Flemwell called at the house. The woman who opened the door angrily denied any knowledge of Victor Grayson. Murdered by Maundy Gregory? It's a plausible theory.

Gregory moved into Vanity Fair with Fred and Edith Rosse the following year. When the couple separated in 1923, Edith and Gregory continued to live together.

After Lloyd George, legislation was introduced to outlaw the honours trade, and Gregory was obliged to diversify. He offered wealthy Londoners a range of services - terms strictly cash - from society introductions to marriage annulments from the Vatican.

While keeping the Thames-side bungalow as a weekend retreat, Gregory moved Edith Rosse into Abbey Lodge in St John's Wood, installing her on the ground floor while he - an early jazz enthusiast - amused himself with a drum kit in his own quarters upstairs. An enthusiastic host, Gregory frequently entertained a houseful of guests. "They were," observed one acquaintance, "the perfect platonic couple."

Years later, the house in Abbey Road was converted into recording studios for EMI, and became the setting for many of the Beatles' most famous recordings.

Gregory also leased a house at 10 Hyde Park Terrace, and enjoyed impressing visitors to his office by announcing that he had to take an important phone call "from Number 10". By some means - possibly blackmail - Edith Rosse prospered, to the tune of £18,000. But in July 1932, when Gregory asked her for a loan to ward off creditors, she refused. "Dear Fred," wrote Gregory to her estranged husband not two months later, "poor Edith passed away peacefully this morning."

Did he murder her? Gregory had a powerful motive, having persuaded her to leave him all her money in a will hurriedly scrawled on the back of a restaurant menu just weeks before her death. Poison was suspected. But by the time Edith Rosse's body was exhumed, the coffin was waterlogged. Gregory had supervised her burial himself, specifying a Thames-side plot in the churchyard at Bisham, up-river from Vanity Fair. He also arranged for the coffin lid to be left unsealed, and for the grave to be unusually shallow.

Pathologist Sir Bernard Spilsbury believed Gregory had acted deliberately, since "the effect of water on decaying remains would make it impossible to detect the presence of certain poisons". But Gregory himself, recently freed from prison - he'd been up to his old tricks, trying to sell someone a knighthood - had fled to Paris. He remained exiled there, was interned by the occupying Germans in 1940, and died the following year, aged 64.

Vanity Fair may never have quite shaken off the shades of Maundy Gregory and Edith Rosse. Sarah Blackburn, keeping an eye on the bungalow while a previous owner was abroad, always hated going in at night. Shortly before moving out, the owner reported catching a fleeting glimpse of an apparition - a woman - in the garden. "She wore a long old-fashioned dress," Mrs. Blackburn recalls, "and one instinctively thinks of poor Edith."

John Drewett has heard the tale, too. "But I've never seen anything," he adds. "No bad feelings here for me at all."

As a retired estate agent, Mr. Drewett is a canny picker of property. The river and bridge offer a high level of security, and the quietness appeals. "Coming over the chain bridge from the mainland in the evening," he explains, "you really feel you're getting away from it all."

It is traffic-free - you have to park on the Surrey side - which makes island prices lower than riverside properties on the mainland. With views across the river towards Hampton Court, John Drewett values his three-bedroom bungalow at £350,000.
A seriously dodgy chancer, exactly the kind of man Lloyd George needed.



Rudy Giuliani
Giuliani gets a good press, a point to his discredit. Then there are people telling the truth. It is not pretty.

From http://www.wakeupfromyourslumber.com/node/3911

Judge Michael Bernard Mukasey had already been a district judge for 5 years when Rudolph W. Giuliani was elected mayor in 1994. Giuliani was the only child of Harold Giuliani, a man who had ties to organized crime in Brooklyn from the 1930s.

Mayor Giuliani's father had served an 18-month prison term in Sing Sing for armed robbery in 1934. As Wayne Barrett wrote in his book "Rudy," the elder Giuliani had been an enforcer for his brother-in-law's loan-sharking operation.


Casts light on the man. It is not pretty.


Rudy! : An Investigative Biography of Rudolph Giuliani...
Amazon.com: Rudy! : An Investigative Biography of Rudolph Giuliani (9780465005239): Wayne Barrett: Books ... "The book clearly has a point of view," Wayne Barrett admits in the ...
amazon.com/Rudy-Investigative-Biography-Rudolph-Giuliani/... - 252k - Cached