Enoch Powell And His Enemies

This appreciation of Brigadier Powell was written by Sean Gabb, England's leading libertarian after David Starkey came in for major abuse from the Main Stream Media, Education industry apparatchiks and other undesirables. Doctor Starkey told us that blacks are vicious, stupid, rioters, thieves or whatever. This was after they gave us their most recent contribution to modern civilization as the London Looters. Doctor Gabb is also a classics man so he knows of what he writes. Here is another from Jon Sims -  Enoch Powell - An Appreciation
PS Read his great speech at Enoch Powell And His Most Important Speech


Statement by Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance, on the Vilification of Enoch Powell:-
Professor Starkey is able to defend himself. What concerns the Libertarian Alliance is how our increasingly totalitarian ruling class regards Enoch Powell as some kind of Emanuel Goldstein. Even if nothing controversial in itself is said, to speak of him without visible and ritualistic loathing will bring you under suspicion of thought crime.

We therefore say this with regard to Enoch Powell. He was a classical scholar of great brilliance and distinction. His Lexicon to Herodotus (1938) is one of the most valuable works ever produced on the ancient historian. As well as in Latin and Greek, he was fluent in every main European language, and in Welsh. He was also at least competent in several ancient and modern oriental languages. In addition, he wrote a fine biography of Joseph Chamberlain, and was an expert on the mediaeval House of Lords.

During his long political career, he was notable for his defence of the British Constitution and of the traditional liberties that it embodied. He was an anti-socialist and an anti-corporatist. He resigned from one Conservative Government that was soft on spending and inflation. He helped bring down another [ run by Ted Heath, communist subversive, traitor and paedophile who liked brown envelopes - more on this at Struggling against Tyranny - Editor ]  that was a national disaster. He played an important part in stopping further "reforms" to the House of Lords until the year of his death.

He opposed British membership of what became the European Union, and he regarded the American alliance as barely less undesirable. He opposed the Cold War and the First Gulf War. He believed in a United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. He was easily the best political speaker of his age.

The public reason for why he is so hated by our modern ruling class is that he opposed mass-immigration and multiculturalism. Since the legitimising ideology of this ruling class is based on the claim that “diversity” is strength, and the threat of utter destruction for anyone who disagrees, his opposition might be sufficient reason for his being hated. Even so, much of the hatred rests on the envy of men and women who are themselves uneducated and illiterate and dishonourable and sordid and incompetent. Enoch Powell is hated in part because he dissented from the established view on immigration, but also because he was a shining example of what a statesman ought to be – and of what a statesman often approached to in this country before the present clique took over.

I am proud to say that the Libertarian Alliance frequently invited him to speak at its meetings in the 1980s and 1990s, and that we published several articles by him. Of particular importance among these articles is the attack that he made in 1984 on the Drug Trafficking Offences Bill and the principle that it brought into English law of asset forfeiture without conviction. (See Hon. J. Enoch Powell, The Drug Trafficking Act versus Natural Justice (Introduction by Dr. Chris R. Tame), The Libertarian Alliance, 1987, ISBN: 0948317 97 3).

When Enoch Powell died in 1998, our Director, Chris R. Tame, paid his respects by standing outside the crowded memorial service. I was not able to join him on this occasion. But I did recently make Enoch Powell the directing genius of my Churchill Memorandum, which is an alternative history novel set in a world of 1959 where the Second World War had not happened.

I feel honoured to have met him and heard him speak, and to possess signed copies of his books. And I rejoice in directing an organisation with which, however slightly, he was connected. A hundred years from now, no one will remember the corrupt nonentities who are now using Enoch Powell as a stick for beating David Starkey. Equally, a hundred years from now, men will still be reading Enoch Powell for pleasure and instruction.
End of Statement


Enoch Powell - An Appreciation
Enoch was right.
Labour politicians were traitors.
Tory politicians were traitors.
They did it to us knowing that we didn't want a flood of Third World aliens. Our government is our enemy.


Doctor Gabb Updates His Speech On A Very Great Englishman




Enoch Powell Was Right About Vicious Third World Aliens [ 22 November 2015 ]
Shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted is an inevitable consequence of democratic politics. François Hollande’s presidency was already terminal before the November 13 assault on Paris; his reaction to that atrocity has consisted of trying, and it appears failing, to convince a sceptical public that he is acting to protect them. One wonders, therefore, why the scores of raids last week hadn’t happened before the massacre, when they might even have prevented it. France knew it had an enemy within: for reasons that may or may not emerge after an inquiry, it chose not to take adequate steps to stop them launching their war........

That phrase was Enoch Powell’s, whose so-called “Rivers of Blood” speech in April 1968 warned us of the dangers of “communalism”, [ It is at Rivers Of Blood  ] and specifically of those caused by mass immigration. He feared that the concentration of immigrants and their descendants in large communities killed the prospects of integration. Powell was reviled for his remarks, though mainly for those in which he quoted constituents. He was not a man to think, let alone utter, bigoted thoughts himself..........

The stupid, and the ruthlessly manipulative and opportunist, simply dismissed him as a bigot, and too many of the rest of our people stood in fear of their censure. Mr Cameron even had a parliamentary candidate sacked for expressing sympathy with Powell, which was ludicrous [ or was it corrupt? Editor ].......

Where the toxin of hatred exists in mosques or on university campuses, it needs to be treated as incitement and punished accordingly. Monitoring is not enough: we have to stop extremism.
Mr Heffer seems disposed to think that Enoch Powell's enemies are misguided rather than malicious. I think the reverse; that the political elite of England, is corrupt, that it has become the Enemy Within, that politicians have been bribed, bullied, blackmailed into Treason. Further that the same malign influences are at work, destroying the whole of Western Civilization. NB that the Zionist crazies running Israel do not tolerate Third World aliens. Their Racism is not merely tolerated; it is legal, it is mainline government policy.

In England Racism is a Marxist construct, a propaganda tool eagerly used by the BBC, the Guardian as well as less blatantly biased Main Stream Media operations. Read Enoch's Most Important Speech. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.
PS Enoch was sacked for this speech by the prime minister, one Ted Heath, a homosexual Paedophile with an unwholesome interest in brown envelopes.