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When the Soviet empire collapsed after the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 a number of men, most of whom were Jews made their moves, bought assets from the new government at knock down prices and got very rich, very fast. It has been claimed that they defrauded Russia of 85% of its assets. Berezovsky was one of those oligarchs. Oligarchs are deeply hated in Russia and with reason.

Berezovsky Is A War Monger
By the way, Berezovsky boasts that he caused the war in Chechnya, in which tens of thousands have been killed and a whole country devastated. He was interested in the mineral resources and a prospective pipeline there. In order to achieve this he put an end to the peace agreement that gave the country some kind of independence. The oligarchs dismissed and destroyed Alexander Lebed, the popular general who engineered the agreement, and the war has been going on since then.
Berezovsky incited war when he was in England. That is crime but he was allowed to get away with it. It is not what you know; it is who you know.


Russia Annoyed By UK, Berezovsky Inciting War
Britain's relationship with Russia could deteriorate to a post-Cold War low unless exiled tycoon Boris Berezovsky is stripped of his asylum status, the Russian ambassador to Britain has warned. Yury Fedotov revealed he had written to Home Secretary John Reid over the billionaire's claim that he is plotting to throw Russian President Vladimir Putin. A copy of a warrant for Mr Berezovsky's arrest, signed by the Russian prosecutor-general, was enclosed with the letter. Mr Berezovsky sparked the Kremlin's fury last week when he told The Guardian that he was fomenting a revolution to topple Mr Putin by force. He later denied he had meant violent overthrow.
He changed his story and doubtless paid as many lawyers as much as it took to get away with. He would also have been colluding with other Jews for the same reason.


Notorious Oligarch Berezovsky Reveals Plans for Coup in Russia  [ 6 January 2006 ]
Wanted Jewish tycoon Boris Berezovsky has gone public with his plans to seize power in Russia by force. Berezovsky, a notorious critic of Putin’s regime, said he aimed to replace the “anti-constitutional regime” in Russia.

He claims that is going to fund this operation with his own money and that it was honestly come by. Believe that? Not me.


Russia urges Britain to deliver business tycoon Berezovsky [ 4 March 2006 ]
He has threatened to overthrow the Russian government and Putin wants him. He beat the extradition for fraud rap which is a pity.


Russia says Give us Berezovsky [ 19 April 2007 ]
The Russian ambassador to the UK warned that bilateral relations would inevitably suffer if prompt action was not taken against the Britain-based multi-millionaire, who told the Guardian that he was fomenting a revolution to topple Mr Putin by force. At the Home Office, sources confirmed yesterday that immigration officials were investigating whether Mr Berezovsky's comments had broken UK laws [ Hint: they have - Editor ] and regulations and altered his refugee status.
Berezovsky claims that he did not murder Paul Klebnikov for writing a book about his very murky past. Believe him if you want.


Berezovsky Incites War in Russia  [ 13 April 2007 ]
The Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky has told the Guardian he is plotting the violent overthrow of President Putin from his base in Britain after forging close contacts with members of Russia's ruling elite.
Berezovsky has worked out how to beat the murder raps - overthrow the government. Inciting war might well be illegal unless you happen to be Blair or one of his peculiar friends. He had a major part in the Rape of Russia; destroying what should have been a flowering. Millions starved to death thereby.


The legacy of Boris Yeltsin [ 26 April 2007 ]
Communism wounded Russia, grievously, almost irreparably – and Yeltsinism delivered the death blow. The legacy of Boris Yeltsin, who presided over what Paul Klebnikov described as "one of the most corrupt regimes in history," is, quite literally, the death agony of the Russian nation. As David Satter pointed out in the Wall Street Journal:
"Between 1992 and 1994, the rise in the death rate in Russia was so dramatic that Western demographers did not believe the figures. The toll from murder, suicide, heart attacks and accidents gave Russia the death rate of a country at war; Western and Russian demographers now agree that between 1992 and 2000, the number of "surplus deaths" in Russia–deaths that cannot be explained on the basis of previous trends–was between five and six million persons."
The Yeltsin era was marked by a precipitous fall in living standards, but some prospered.... The one who perhaps profited the most was Boris Berezovsky.
The oligarchs stole 85% of Russian assets and the billions poured in by Western banks. Berezovsky wants more. His greed is unlimited.


Russian authorities file additional charges against the Jew, Boris Berezovsky [ 4 July 2007 ]
Berezovsky told the newspaper [ the Guardian ] the Russian leadership could only be replaced by force. He later issued a statement stressing that he did not "advocate or support violence," but Russian prosecutors said his remarks constituted an open call for the violent removal of the government.
He is not on the run from a murder rap it seems just humungous fraud. Inciting war is crime in England and it may well be in Russia too. See Berezovsky Incites War in Russia  and Notorious Oligarch Berezovsky Reveals Plans for Coup in Russia 


Jew On The Run For Murder And Major Fraud In £100 Million Divorce [ 24 July 2010 ]
BILLIONAIRE Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky was divorced by his wife yesterday in a hearing that could cost him £100million. Galina Besharova, 51, was granted a “quickie” divorce that may go down as one of the costliest in British legal history. Neither side attended the 45- second hearing at the High Court in London. But in divorce papers Ms Besharova, using her maiden name, cited her husband’s admitted “unreasonable behaviour” as the reason for ending their marriage...... District Judge Penny Cushing granted a decree nisi on the grounds that the marriage had “irretrievably broken down” and Ms Besharova found it “intolerable” to live with the 64-year-old tycoon. Friends say the pair are on quite good terms [ and lawyers say what they are paid to say - Ed. ].
Berezovsky's track record is very ugly. It was written up by Paul Klebnikov who was then murdered. It is another of those convenient deaths that politicians like Clinton keep quiet about.

A detailed look at the man and his operations comes from Paul Klebnikov. Mr Klebnikov was a financial journalist with a Russian background - and a Jew according to Mr Klebnikov Berezovsky is a Jew and a Jew of the worst sort, intelligent, active, influential, greedy and utterly unprincipled. Paul Klebnikov wrote about him and Paul Klebnikov was murdered. Berezovsky's intimate connection with the crime industry in Russia and Chechnya makes these things easy. Ditto for his political connections. Mr Klebnikov  wrote clearly and well. His book is:-

Godfather of the Kremlin- the Life and Times of Boris Berezovsky by Paul Klebnikov
The looting of Russia was carried out by men, fast on their feet without conscience or scruple. They had talent, access to politicians,  major criminal operators and commerce. It has been said that 85% of Russian assets got stolen. This could well be an underestimate. Who was the man that did best out of a Wild East that made the Wild West look like a bunch of girl guides? Boris Berezovsky, a Jew with a PhD in maths and ultimately access to Boris Yeltsin.

When the USSR fell talent could have been released and done good as it is doing now in China but a mixture of incompetence, greed and down right evil made it a disaster. Hyperinflation made Russians seriously poor. About 3 million died of starvation [ see page 103 onward ] which is more than the 1.7 million they lost in the First World War.

Bush and Greenspan are setting us up for hyperinflation too. That is one of the reasons why they are so keen on gun control.

Berezovsky was not pleased about Mr Klebnikov's book and Mr Klebnikov was murdered. A number of murders have been convenient for Berezovsky. It is unusual for a Jew to murder another of his own. Of course he has never been charged. The police are under political control too.

It is a worthwhile read and makes one realise just how dangerous bad government is. Look at current politicians and wonder how far they are going to push their luck. Then look at how many armed guards they have to confirm that they are evil and know they are evil.

Berezovsky is the apotheosis of sleaziness on the state level; this representative of a small clique in power is not satisfied with stealing - he wants everybody to see that he is stealing with impunity
Thus General Aleksandr Lebed who was a sound man. He used to do his jumps sober by Russian standards - only one bottle of vodka first.

Berezovsky's lust went beyond greed or even monstrous greed. He was a destroyer too. He looted businesses and broke them. He helped Russia get seriously poor while he was getting seriously rich. An extract from Mr Klebnikov's book is at PRIVATIZING THE PROFITS OF AEROFLOT


Jew On The Run From Fraud Raps Loses Three Billion Try On [ 31 August 2012 ]
Roman Abramovich wins court battle with Boris Berezovsky
Berezovsky, 66, was in the central London court to hear the judge, Mrs. Justice Gloster, rule that he had lost his claim, which involved allegations of blackmail, breach of trust and breach of contract. Abramovich, 45, who had denied the accusations, was not in the Rolls building courtroom to hear the final decision in the 10-month hearing.

Berezovsky, the former Kremlin insider turned bitter critic of Vladimir Putin, had claimed that Abramovich cheated him out of more than $5bn (£3.2bn) and "intimidated" him into selling shares in a Russian oil company at a fraction of their value. Abramovich, who remains on good terms with President Putin, said he did not owe Berezovsky anything.......... In her judgment, Gloster said the case "fell to be decided almost exclusively on the facts; very few issues of law were involved … The case was one where, in the ultimate analysis, the court had to decide whether to believe Mr. Berezovsky or Mr. Abramovich."

Berezovsky, she concluded, was not credible. "On my analysis of the entirety of the evidence, I found Mr. Berezovsky an unimpressive, and inherently unreliable, witness, who regarded truth as a transitory, flexible concept, which could be moulded to suit his current purposes.

"At times the evidence which he gave was deliberately dishonest; sometimes he was clearly making his evidence up as he went along in response to the perceived difficulty in answering the questions in a manner consistent with his case.
Recall that the Jew, Berezovsky is on the run from major fraud raps. An English judge swallowed the story that he would be tortured if he went back to Russia which is how he beat extradition. Further that Paul Klebnikov, a respectable journalist wrote a biography of Berezovsky detailing extensive crime then was murdered. His book is Godfather of the Kremlin - the Life and Times of Boris Berezovsky.

Berezovsky Died Owing £300 Million
Berezovsky was a thief. He was a Jew but the main stream media conceal that fact.


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