Oligarchs are the hard faced men who did well out of the collapse of the Soviet empire after the Berlin Wall came down in 1989. The Wikipedia's article, Russian oligarchs tells us that they are hated in Russia but manages not to let us know that there is very good reason or that six out of the seven are Jews. Given that they made off with some 85% of Russia's assets you can see why there is no love lost there. The one who is not a Jew may well be Alexander Lebedev. He was KGB which is a good sign. Of course Russians can be thieves too. In fact it seems to be Vladimir Potanin who was part of the communist establishment before the USSR collapsed.

What happened at the time was that smooth talking patter merchants from Harvard moved in for the kill. It was a case of Harvard Screws Russia and Western banks too. One of their collaborators was Yegor Gaidar, a vodka drinking man. 

The Jews - Where Are They Now?
Of the seven oligarchs who controlled more than 50% of Russia's economy during the 1990s, six were Jews: Boris Berezovsky, Vladimir Gusinsky, Alexander Smolensky, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Mikhail Friedman, and Vitaly Malkin. Berezovsky also controlled the state television station and several newspapers, while Gusinsky's media empire controlled NTV, Russia's only national independent TV station, as well as major radio and print outlets.
The Main Stream Media - well, one small part of it - tells the truth for once. It does not say which one was not a Jew.

Igor Kolomoyskyi ex Wiki  - Jew
Kolomoyski is the current [ 2014 ] Governor of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. Got lippy about Vladimir Putin. Wanted for killing civilians - MH17(?) Through PrivatBank he controls Aerosvit Airlines, Dniproavia and Donbassaero.[17] Through the asset management company Mansvell Enterprises Limited, he controls Skyways Express, City Airline, and Cimber Sterling aviation companies.[18]


Database on Russian Jewish oligarchs
This list is not necessarily right but it does look in the right direction.


The Jews - Where Are They Now II ?
When the Tsar's secret police wrote and distributed The Protocols of the Elders of Zion around the turn of the 20th-century, they essentially invented modern Anti-Semitism.............
Ninety years later, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, a funny thing happened: Russia's media and finance was overwhelmingly controlled by Jews. Paranoia and fiction became reality. Of the seven oligarchs who controlled more than 50% of Russia's economy during the 1990s, six were Jews: Boris Berezovsky, Vladimir Gusinsky, Alexander Smolensky, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Mikhail Friedman [ Mikhail Fridman ], and Vitaly Malkin. Berezovsky also controlled the state television station and several newspapers, while Gusinsky's media empire controlled NTV, Russia's only national independent TV station, as well as major radio and print outlets.
This is from The eXile which is based on Moscow and seems quite sensible, albeit informal. It is an update of their other article on the same theme.


Roman Abramovich - Jew
Jew, very rich. He operates in Israel as well as Russia so he has got a bolt hole if he has to go on the run. He beat the rap on thieving Diesel and worked with Berezovsky. You need a long spoon to sup with the Devil but he is a mate of Yeltsin so he will keep getting away with things.
Boris Berezovsky - Jew
Berezovsky got very rich, very fast when the Soviet empire collapsed. Now he is on  the run but he has managed to keep the ill gotten gains. They are safely off shore. Some judge in England swallowed the story that he wasn't going to get justice in Russia;  fool or rogue?


Leonard Blavatnik - Jew
Worth over $4 billion. Lives in England, not on the run it seems.


Jewish Tycoon Had A Bank Loan Of £2.5 Billion Written Off [ 20 January 2009 ]
A £2.5 billion loan said to have been given to a Russian oligarch by a British bank and then written off is an example of the alleged practices perpetrated by this country's major lenders which have prompted a surge of political anger. ABN Amro, a Dutch bank owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), apparently lent Leonard Blavatnik the money to help shore up the finances of his troubled chemicals company LyondellBasell. RBS is just one of the British banks being scrutinised by Government officials, alongside Lloyds Banking Group and Barclays, after lending to foreign nationals left them facing multi-billion pound losses which require another taxpayer funded bail-out.
Brown is blaming the banks with some reason. If you think that he is not grossly irresponsible you have not been paying attention. Brown wastes over £500 billion of your money and mine in a good year. This time it is going to be far worse. He is pointing the finger after causing the problem. Brown is more than happy to collude with Jews like Blavatnik and protect Berezovsky from justice.


Mikhail Brudno - Jew
Nevzlin, Brudno and the third Menatep owner Vladimir Dubov are currently in Israel. They have been placed on the Russian wanted list for various charges including fraud.
The Wiki didn't bother to tell us about this wonderful chap. But he is fingered by another Jewish source - Russian fugitives may cloud Putin's visit


Michael Cherney - Jew
Went into business in Russia when it was illegal and got big when the Soviets collapsed. He got charged with trying it on in Israel but beat the rap. The Wiki, a Zionist front seems pleased so does the Israel News Agency -Michael Cherney Vindicated In Israel Bezeq Case. Apparently another Jew was trying it on.

Anatoly Chubais - Jew
The Wikipedia tells us that Chubais is controversial and regarded as  a thief by Russians. It does not tell us that they are wrong. The Wikipedia is controlled by a Jew.
Oleg Deripaska - Jew
The Wiki admits just barely that Deripaska is a Jew. Haaretz pretends that he is not - see Russian oligarchs' wealth diminishing. Private Eye tells us that he is a thief or rather that he is big on bribes and settling out of court. He is also a mate of Putin unlike the twat, Khodorkovsky. PBS tells us that us that what he did was legal, more or less, sometimes. That is the pay off from settling out of court, murdering witnesses or what ever - see Rich in Russia . How to Make a Billion The Grauniad tells us that he sorted the Mafiya without any lurid details - How metals and a ruthless streak put Russian patriot at top


Israel's New Attorney General Kept Politicians Out Of Prison [ 7 February 2010 ]
Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman [ Ya'akov Ne'eman ] yesterday announced his recommendation that the cabinet appoint Yehuda Weinstein [ Yehuda Weinstein - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ] as the next attorney general. Weinstein, 65, is a prominent and well-regarded defence attorney specializing in white-collar crimes, who has represented some very well-known public officials and businesspeople............ In a statement yesterday, Neeman's bureau said Weinstein was "the best candidate for the post at this time, when there is a real need to strengthen the Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman will be the first and most significant case Weinstein will be dealing with if he is confirmed as attorney general. Lieberman is suspected of having received millions of dollars in bribes from businessmen, among them Martin Schlaff and Michael Chernoy, allegedly to promote their business dealings in Israel. 
His clients include Dan Cohen, a former judge  [  $2.8 million and over a million euros in bribes ],  Netanyahu, current Prime Minister [ Netanyahu  expense fraud ], Olmert, the previous prime minister [ fraud, still on trial ], Weinrot, an attorney [ bribery charges pending ], Eitan Rube, director of the Tax Authority [ bribery ], Deripaska [ murder, wholesale bribery ] He will deal with Lieberman, racist thug and Foreign Minister [ thieving ]. You might get the impression from this that all Jews are bent or, perhaps that some/most/an overwhelming majority/all Jews in big business and politics are rogues without conscience.
PS Weinstein's clients do not include the president of Israel currently on trial for multiple rape.
PPS The Wikipedia gives clients as inter alia Ezer Weizman, Aryeh Deri, Ehud Olmert, Benjamin Netanyahu, Yossi Beilin, Avigdor Ben-Gal and others.


Vladimir Dubov - Jew
Nevzlin, Brudno and the third Menatep owner Vladimir Dubov are currently in Israel. They have been placed on the Russian wanted list for various charges including fraud.
The Wiki wasn't telling us about him. The Wiki is a Jewish propaganda operation. But he is fingered by another Jewish source - Russian fugitives may cloud Putin's visit. He rates a mention from Wayne Madsen in Alexander Litvinenko


Mikhail Fridman - Jew
Big in oil. Not much scandal. A Jew but not on the run.


Arcadi Gaydamak - Jew
If a man wants to buy a football club like Portsmouth he has more money than sense. If he is a Jew on the run he can live in Israel because arrest warrants don't mean much there but he  has to operate through a front man which is where his son comes in. He admits a connection to  ALIMZHAN TOKHTAKHOUNOV but he quote knew nothing about his evil ways unquote. See page 30 of Private Eye 1150 and Anatoly Chubais


Gaydamak Avoids Being Made Bankrupt [ 22 June 2010 ]
Gaydamak avoids bankruptcy with settlement In March, the Tel Aviv District Court issued a bankruptcy warning against Gaydamak in the amount of NIS 90 million. Arcadi Gaydamak has reached an out-of-court settlement with Balram Chainrai and Kital Holdings & International Development Ltd., following which the Tel Aviv District Court cancelled Chainrai and Kital's petition to declare Gaydamak bankrupt.

In March 2010, the court accepted Chainrai and Kital's petition and issued bankruptcy warning against Gaydamak in the amount of NIS 90 million. Gaydamak was ordered to pay Chainrai $23 million, plus interest from the date of the Supreme Court ruling against Gaydamak in September 2008. Gaydamak was also ordered to pay court costs.
Skint? Trying it on? Both? His football club has it problems too.


Portsmouth Is In Deep Doo Doo [ 5 January 2009 ]
Daniel Azougy, the Israeli lawyer hired by Portsmouth to alleviate the club's dire financial position, has claimed that the owner Ali al-Faraj will have paid £40m to creditors by 10 January, when he hopes the embargo on registering new players will be lifted............. Club officials have also stated that the players will be paid today, having missed the due date for a third time this season.

Azougy, who is on a short-term contract with Portsmouth, claimed that the problems are the fault of the previous owners, Sulaiman al-Fahim and Sacha Gaydamak, and that the full scale of the situation is still unknown. Gaydamak, though, says he is owed £28m by the club and last week demanded clarity relating to who is the "ultimate beneficial owner" of Portsmouth [ His father in all probability but Sacha will know that - Editor ].
The Jews move in, move the money round, it all sounds fine then suddenly it all goes wrong. We have been here before.
PS The Graun isn't vulgar enough to mention these details


Jew Guilty Of Gun Running [ 27 October 2009 ]
A French court on Tuesday sentenced Israeli-Russian businessman Arcadi Gaydamak to six years in jail and a 5 million euro fine for his role in illegal arms sale to the Angolan government in the 1990s and in laundering hundreds of millions of dollars. Gaydamak was one of 42 people charged in the case, popularly known as Angolagate. Others include the son of former French President Francois Mitterrand; a former French interior minister, Charles Pasqua; and several senior French government officials. All but six defendants were convicted.
Guns, narcotics, slaves, you name it and Jews sell it. If it is illegal it costs more but there are major advantages in the tax position.


Gaydamak, Jew, Gun Runner And Thief On Trial In Absentia  [ 13 October 2008 ]
The trial of tycoon Arcadi Gaydamak starts today in Paris on charges of illegal arms trafficking, fraud, money laundering, fraudulent receipt and tax evasion. The indictment also states that Gaydamak and his former partner Pierre Falcone gave perks [bribes/bungs/brown envelopes/commissions/introduction fees sweeteners]  to senior members of the French government to promote their business deals. As far as is known, Gaydamak will not appear in court, although in the past he has said he would. Gaydamak claims that he is a victim of French political power struggles.

The charges allege that mainly from 1993 to 1995, Falcone and Gaydamak used various intermediaries and sold weapons and ammunition worth $790 million from Russia and Slovakia to Angola, during that country's civil war. They also allegedly established a branch of the Slovak arms company ZTS OSOS without the necessary permits. Falcone, who severed his ties with Gaydamak several years ago after financial disagreements, told Haaretz he had not decided whether to appear for the trial.  
Gaydamak made it big time in Russia. He is one of the oligarchs who robbed Russia blind.


Gaydamak And Mitterand To Be Done For Gun Running  [ 31 July 2008 ]
France’s attorney general has decided to proceed with the case against Russian-Israeli business mogul Arcadi Gaydamak and French arms dealer Pierre Falcone, according to reports published Thursday. The two are accused of illegal arms smuggling after allegedly selling weapons to the Angolan president between the years 1993-2000, during the civil war in the African country......... In March 2007 France filed a grave indictment against 42 people suspected of involvement in the sale of arms to Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos during the country's 27-year civil war – these included Gaydamak, Falcone, Jean-Christophe Mitterrand, the son of late French President Francois Mitterrand, who served as counsellor on African affairs from 1986-92 under his father, and former Interior Minister Charles Pasqua. The indictment,.... estimated Falcone and Gaydamak's profit from the deal reached $791 million, and international arrest warrants were issued against them.  
Gaydamak uses an Israeli passport because there are no extradition agreements in force - unless someone's face does not fit.


Gaydamak And Angolagate


Jew On The Run Cuts Down His Bribes [ 7 July 2008 ]
TheMarker has learnt that over the past few months, Russian-Israeli tycoon Arcadi Gaydamak not made good on promises to transfer large funds to a number of Israeli charities. Attorney David Brodetzky, the legal adviser for Gaydamak's Social Justice political party, confirmed Saturday that the billionaire businessman had halted the flow of financial donations. Gaydamak's donations in recent years had totalled in the tens of millions of dollars......... The tycoon's promises to donate tens of millions of shekels to different charitable organizations were made under much media exposure, with particular attention given to his claims that the state authorities were not fulfilling their role, and that he was merely doing their job for them.
France wants him for gun running. Buying publicity was part of his answer to getting away with it.


Russian-Israeli billionaire bribes his way out of police investigation [ 22 January 2007 ]
Russian-Israeli billionaire Arkadi Gaydamak is not the subject of any criminal investigation...... nearly eight months after police investigators recommended that Gaydamak be charged in connection with his alleged laundering of some $50 million... through Bank Hapoalim. True to his media savvy form Gaydamak went on the offensive... by publicly accusing Police Investigations and Intelligence chief Yohanan Danino of conducting a personal crusade against him.
Bribery worked for the Saudis even if it leaves Blair in the frame. The French wanted Gaydamak for gun running, tax evasion, money laundering and corruption charges. If you are going to you might as well go the whole hog.
Jewish billionaire indicted in France for gun running [ 30 March 2007 ]
PARIS - French prosecutors have decided to indict Russian-Israeli business mogul Arcadi Gaydamak for illegal arms trafficking to Angola and various other corruption charges.... Prosecutors allege that the arms sales, carried out from 1993 to 2000 without clearance from the French government, totalled nearly $791 million.... sales included tanks, helicopters, six warships, land mines and large amounts of ammunition. The group targeted by prosecutors includes Jean-Christophe Mitterrand, the son of late French President Francois Mitterrand.
Gaydamak didn't do this without French connivance. It is politics and they are all guilty.


Arcadi Gaydamak Beats Gun Running Rap - Guilty On Lesser Charge [ 15 February 2012 ]
Russian-Israeli businessman will plead guilty to 'obtaining benefits via a ruse that did not entail outright fraud.'
Lawyers representing Arcadi Gaydamak have reached a plea bargain with the prosecution, under which the businessman will plead guilty to "obtaining benefits via a ruse that did not entail outright fraud." This is significantly less serious than the charges of money laundering and fraud Gaydamak has been facing. Under the charges dating from October 2009, Gaydamak could not do business openly in Europe because he was wanted in France on gun-running charges. He therefore used a front man, Nahum Galmor, to negotiate to buy a Dutch phosphates company for $50 million, believes the prosecution. In the process, Gaydamak hid the fact that he was the true buyer, states the prosecution.
Another Oligarch, another thief, another Jew. Oligarchs are very unpopular in Russia because they stole 85% of the country's assets.


Vladimir Gusinsky - Jew
Being investigated for money laundering according to Wikipedia but not on the run yet.


Suleyman Kerimov
Made lots of money fast which means he is a chancer if nothing else. No indication that he is a Jew. Indeed the name might be Islamic.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky - Jew
He is another rogue who got very rich very fast. He also ignored the messages that came his way saying don't try it on with Vlad. Putin was not a colonel of the KGB for nothing and he wasn't going to take any insolence from a light fingered Jew on the make. Khodorkovsky got off with a mere nine years and a fairly tough nick. See Mikhail Khodorkovsky


Alexander Lebedev
Reads as clean and not a Jew in the Wiki.


Platon Lebedev sent to penal colony in West ...
Former Menatep chairman Platon Lebedev has been transferred to penal colony No. 3 in the Yamalo-Nenets autonomous area in  West Siberia, the local prosecutor's office for supervision of correctional labour institutions said Thursday. He colluded with Khodorkovsky.

Lev Leviev
Would qualify if he had not moved to Palestine as a lad. He made it big time in diamonds and gave De Beers aggro. He was bright enough not to try it on with Vladimir Putin.


Igor Linshits - Jew
On the run. See under.


Vitaly Malkin - Jew
Malkin is fingered as a Jew by The eXile a rather good newspaper in Moscow.
Of the seven oligarchs who controlled more than 50% of Russia's economy during the 1990s, six were Jews: Boris Berezovsky, Vladimir Gusinsky, Alexander Smolensky, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Mikhail Friedman, and Vitaly Malkin. Berezovsky also controlled the state television station and several newspapers, while Gusinsky's media empire controlled NTV, Russia's only national independent TV station, as well as major radio and print outlets.
A Jew and a thief albeit not all Jews are crooks. See also eXile - Issue #200 - Feature Story - No-ligarchy: The Tragicomic ...


Alexander Mamut ex Wiki
Alexander Leonidovich Mamut (Russian: Александр Леонидович Мамут), born January 29, 1960 in Moscow to a family of lawyers, is a businessman and investor. He was previously an advisor to the former Russian government of Boris Yeltsin, and was a friend of Yeltsin's daughter Tatyana Dyachenko. He is best known outside Russia for his investment in LiveJournal via a media company which he co-owns, SUP Fabrik.
Is a Jew according to Russia Monitor, a Russian source.


Alexander Mashkevitch is the Jew who ran the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress. He built five churches. Then he told the World Jewish Congress that Russians are simple people [ Translation: Fools. ]. Mashkevitch chartered a yacht full of young women. He alleges that he knows nothing - Police Raid Luxury Yacht. I allege that I don't believe him. See Jew Bribes Russian Orthodox Bishops. He operates in Kazakhstan.

 Leonid Nevzlin - Jew
On the run from murder raps. The Wiki admits that Nevzlin has been charged. It uses words like claimed and alleged.


Jewish Oligarch Being Tried For Murder [ 9 March 2008 ]
The former president of the Russian Jewish Congress is being put on trial in Russia for murder.

Proceedings against former Yukos co-owner Leonid Nevzlin, who now lives in Israel, are scheduled to begin March 4 in Moscow, according to the Web site Jewish.ru.
The Jewish businessman and philanthropist is being charged with the ordering of multiple murders committed between 1998 and 2002, including those of Moscow businesswoman Valentina Korneyeva and Nefteyugansk Mayor Vladimir Petukhov.........
Nevzlin, who fled Russia in 2003 as the Kremlin was beginning what many observers said [ claimed/alleged/pretended ] was the politically motivated prosecution of his Yukos partner Mikhail Khodorkovsky, is expected to be tried in absentia. In Israel, Nevzlin is considered one of the country's wealthiest citizens.
Murder is a business tool and a very effective one too. Kill one; coerce thousands. But Vladimir Putin is getting a grip of thieving Jews. Notice how many have done a runner. Berezovsky is just one.

Badri Patarkatsishvili - Jew
Thief on the run.
He was. Now he is dead. Colluded with Berezovsky and Abramovich.
Viktor Pinchuk - Jew
Big in the Ukraine. Big in steel. Big in the media. Jew. Not on the run.
Anna Politkovskya?
Hanger on. Fingered by Judicial-Inc.biz


Mikhail D. Prokhorov PhD - Jew
Mathematician, not on the run. Published some heavy weight papers. Worth some $5.4 billion. Got bored with showing off? Went back to teaching.
Aleksandr Smolensky - Jew
...and two, Aleksandr Smolensky's SBS-Agro and Vladimir Vinogradov's Inkombank, are ruined. Though weakened, however, entrepreneurs with extensive interests in natural resources extraction -- Viakhirev of Gazprom, and Alekperov of Lukoil -- or in industry -- Khodorkovskii of Menatep and Berezovskii of LOGOVAZ -- remain influential.
Was Smolensky ruined or was it just his bank. Given that Smolensky is fingered by Forbes as a Jew [ see 1 and Haaretz ditto - 2  ] I think he walked away laughing.


Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn And The Jews
Since returning to Russia in 1994, Solzhenitsyn has published........... a two-volume work on the history of Russian-Jewish relations (Two Hundred Years Together 2001, 2002). In it, Solzhenitsyn emphatically repudiates the idea that the Russian revolutions of 1905 and 1917 were the work of a "Jewish conspiracy" (see chapters 9, 14, and 15 of that work). [ That is not believed by everyone. We can't find the truth for ourselves because it has not been translated. This may well be why it has not happened. - Editor ]  At the same time, he calls on both Russians and Jews to come to terms with the members of their peoples who acted in complicity with the Communist regime.

The reception of this work confirms that Solzhenitsyn remains a polarizing figure both at home and abroad. According to his critics, the book confirmed Solzhenitsyn's anti-Semitic views as well as his ideas of Russian supremacy to other nations. Professor Robert Service of Oxford University has defended Solzhenitsyn as being "absolutely right", noting that Trotsky himself claimed Jews were disproportionately represented in the Soviet bureaucracy.
Alexsandr was not a fan of the Russian government but he cannot be accused of ignorance. Last Days of the Romanovs gives us the names of the important Bolshevik committees. They were predominantly Jews.
PS 200 Years Together is now being published. It was a case of by passing the Jews in the main stream media suppressing it.


Alisher Usmanov
He may be a Jew but he is certainly rich enough, ugly enough and vicious enough.


Viktor Vekselberg - Jew
Not on the run.
The legacy of Boris Yeltsin [ 26 April 2007 ]
Communism wounded Russia, grievously, almost irreparably – and Yeltsinism delivered the death blow. The legacy of Boris Yeltsin, who presided over what Paul Klebnikov described as "one of the most corrupt regimes in history," is, quite literally, the death agony of the Russian nation. As David Satter pointed out in the Wall Street Journal: "Between 1992 and 1994, the rise in the death rate in Russia was so dramatic that Western demographers did not believe the figures. The toll from murder, suicide, heart attacks and accidents gave Russia the death rate of a country at war; Western and Russian demographers now agree that between 1992 and 2000, the number of "surplus deaths" in Russia–deaths that cannot be explained on the basis of previous trends–was between five and six million persons."
The Yeltsin era was marked by a precipitous fall in living standards, but some prospered.... The one who perhaps profited the most was Boris Berezovsky.
Understanding the Yeltsin legacy and its catastrophic effect on Russia is key to grasping the Putin phenomenon....  Putin turned against "the Family" and drove most of the oligarchs out of power and into exile, where they are even now scheming to make a comeback. Yeltsin's legacy to Russia – poverty, privation, and a renewed adversarial stance by the West – is the "gift" that just keeps on giving.
The oligarchs stole 85% of Russian assets and the billions poured in by Western banks. Berezovsky wants more. His greed is unlimited.
Berezovsky Incites War in Russia [ 13 April 2007 ]
The Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky has told the Guardian he is plotting the violent overthrow of President Putin from his base in Britain after forging close contacts with members of Russia's ruling elite.
In comments which appear calculated to enrage the Kremlin, and which will further inflame relations between London and Moscow, the multimillionaire claimed he was already bankrolling people close to the president who are conspiring to mount a palace coup.
Berezovsky has worked out how to beat the murder rap - overthrow the government.
Israel close to indicting Gaydamak for money laundering [ 27 February 2007  ]
The state prosecutor may be planning to indict business mogul Arcadi Gaydamak for money laundering, based on a request it submitted to the Tel Aviv District Court on Monday.

And, in an unrelated case, police questioned Gaydamak on Monday on suspicion of giving Shula Zaken, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's bureau chief, free season tickets to Beitar Jerusalem soccer matches.
Gaydamak is one of the Jewish oligarchs who profited mightily from the fall of the Soviet empire while Russians  starved to death. He is not loved in Russia any more than Berezovsky who some fool of a judge refused to extradite to face justice.
Roman Abramovich has been enjoying a close friendship with a beautiful socialite 16 years his junior [ 9 October 2006  ]
Abramovich is at it with some wench or not as the case may be. He tried to stop publicity and failed. His wife is amused or not as the case may. The wench's father is out of prison and rich. Abramovich is seriously rich but has not spent it on a tie.
Russia - Jewish Oligarch Linshits Wanted  [ 15 September 2006 ]
Prominent Russian Jewish oligarch Igor Linshits is now officially a wanted man, thanks to a prosecution case developed after a raid on a Linshits bank recently. Not all Jews are criminals but a lot of the very successful ones are. Linshits is just another. See also Liberal Supporter Put On Federal Wanted List

View full story at www.mosnews.com

Putin's Arch-Enemy Berezovsky Sells Media Business to Georgian Partner - Paper related news:

Putin's Arch-Enemy Berezovsky Sells Media Business to Georgian Partner [ 14 September 2006 ] - lost due to bit rot
Berezovsky [ Jew on the run from major fraud and murder raps. See Boris Berezovsky - Editor ]  sells Media Business to Georgian Partner one Badri Patarkatsishvili  [ also a Jew  on the run from financial irregularity raps - Editor ]. Murdoch [ not on the run - Editor ] has bought 30% of Imedi,  Badri's media outfit. See page 4 of Private Eye 1169 for more and better details.
PS     Ownership of West Ham is part of the fun.
PPS   You need a long spoon to sup with the Devil.
PPPS Berezovsky Declared Persona Non Grata in Latvia


Israeli police recommend Russian-Israeli billionaire be charged with money laundering [ 24 March 2006 ]
He [ Arkady Gaydamak ] must have been using the wrong synagogue. It was only  $50 million after all. Then there is the little matter of smuggling weapons into Angola  but the point of being in Israel is that they don't extradite criminals - or do much to help the poor for that matter. See the next one.
Mobster linked to Olympics bribe scandal has Israeli Passport
The man at the centre of an alleged Olympic figure skating bribe scandal, Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov, is an Israeli citizen – according to reports Thursday in the Russian media. Tokhtakhounov was arrested in Italy for allegedly fixing two events at the Salt Lake City Games. Police believe he may have contacted as many as six Olympic figure skating judges, Italian police said.
Russia urges Britain to deliver business tycoon Berezovsky [ 4 March 2006 ]
He has threatened to overthrow the Russian government and Putin wants him. He beat the extradition for fraud rap which is a pity.

Jewish capital is good for Russia, Jewish politics less so
The head line is a lie before we go any further. Jewish capital in Russia was obtained by robbing Russia and Russians of some 85%  of their assets. Millions of Russians starved to death as a result. It is fair to say that they were not the only thieves but Haaretz admits here to seven out of a dozen.
The Jews in Russia are, of course, concerned about whether there are anti-Semitic elements in the affair. Of the dozen or so Russian billionaires who made their fortunes during the past decade, seven were Jewish. Three of them have already been deposed from heading their companies and pushed out of Russia as well - Aleksandr Smolensky[ 1 ] , the crash of whose bank in 1998 led to the worst financial crash in the post-Communist era; Boris Berezovsky , "the Kremlin godfather," whose demonstrative conversion to Christianity proved to be of no avail; and Vladimir Gusinsky , who was not helped by his demonstrative Jewishness as chairman of the Jewish Congress in Russia.

How the 'Golden Horde' hoarded its way to top of Russia's rich list
From The Times and fairly low key but see the links.
Is "Yukos" a perpetual case?
Gives sources.
Forbes list of Russian billionaires features nine Jewish tycoons which may reinforce anti-Semitic stereotypes
The top three are  Jewish oil magnates, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Roman Abramovich  and Viktor Vekselberg. The wealth of Russia's 36 billionaires is $110 billion.


The oligarchs or how the virgin became a whore
A prominent Jewish journalist and politician tells more.


Jews On The Run [ 25 December 2012 ]
Russia’s Top Seven tycoons in exile
How long can a Russian businessman in exile escape justice? One of them has set a record of 104 months, according to Smart Money magazine.
Vladimir Gusinsky – 104 months, Spain
Back in 2000 the founder of Most-Bank and NTV channel owner Gusinsky was arrested on accusations of large scale fraud, but was soon released in his own custody. He didn’t hesitate to break the order by the court and soon left for Spain.

In February 2007 Gusinsky, who by that time was both a Russian and Israeli citizen, also obtained Spanish citizenship as he managed to prove himself to be a Sephardi – a member of a group of Jews whose descendents lived in Spain and Portugal. According to Spanish El Mundo newspaper, the country’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Miguel Ángel Moratinos assisted the tycoon in getting the citizenship.

Generally, Spain is a country not so eager to offer citizenship to foreigners unless they lived in the country for a very long time or had considerable merits, like Russian ballerina Maya Plisetskaya.

Boris Berezovsky – 88 months, UK
There have been plenty of criminal cases launched in Russia against this man, which include fraud and preparing a violent overthrow of Putin's government. In 2007 he was sentenced to six years in prison – in absentia. He was accused of embezzling $US 9 million [ Only 9 million? ] from the Russian airline company Aeroflot in the 1990s. Now he’s living in the UK, which gave him political asylum. Moscow has unsuccessfully applied for his extradition in order to try him in Russia.

Yuly Dubov – 76 months, UK
Dubov is Berezovsky’s partner and former CEO of ‘Logovaz’ automobile factory, also accused of fraud. In October 2003 he received political asylum in UK.

Leonid Nevzlin and Mikhail Brudno – 61 month, Israel
In August 2008 former Yukos executive Leonid Nevzlin was sentenced in absentia to life in prison for his role in organizing murders and attempted murders. He was found guilty of being involved in the deaths of the mayor of Nefteyugansk Vasiliy Petukhov, a bodyguard and a Moscow businesswoman Valentina Korneyeva.

The court found all three were killed because they got in the way of the oil giant. Both Nevzlin and Brudno are former shareholders of Menatep bank. Brudno is accused of fraud and embezzlement.

Mikhail Gutseriyev – 19 months, UK
The former president of oil company ‘Russneft’ is accused of tax evasion in February 2007 and illegal enterprise in May the same year. He was put on an international wanted-list. In October 2008 Russia filed the UK a request to extradite the tycoon.

Yevgeny Chichvarkin – 1 month, UK
In January 2009 former co-owner of Evroset
Play the game of Spot the Russian Among the Jews. Recall that Berezovsky was written up as a vicious criminal by Paul Klebnikov. Mr. Klebnikov was briskly murdered. Berezovsky would doubtless claim that it was not cause and effect.


Dmitry Rybolovlev
Got rich fast along with the rest of them. Sent the family to Switzerland to protect them from kidnapping et cetera. Did 11 months in prison charged with murder. The Wikipedia alleges this was a blackmail job, trying to extort his shares. Wife divorced him, setting world record settlement of $2.2 billion. He might not be a Jew. See Record Breaking Divorce Settlement.


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