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When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 various men made their moves. They had the connections. They knew the right people and they stole around 85% of Russian assets. They are hated in Russia and with reason. A lot of these  Russian Oligarchs are Jews but the Wikipedia article on them manages not to mention this detail. Khodorkovsky is one such and doing nine years in prison for trying it on with Vladimir Putin. Some of these links deal with Jewish crime in general rather than Mikhail in particular.

Jew Gets 5.5 More Years For Stealing Billions [ 30 December 2010 ]
Oil billionaire and Kremlin critic Mikhail Khodorkovsky was sentenced Thursday to 13.5 years in prison for stealing oil and laundering the proceeds, Interfax reported.  Minutes before judge Viktor Danilkin was to read out the sentence, he said Khodorkovsky could only be reformed via "isolation from society" after being found guilty of multi-billion dollar theft and money laundering.

He said that there was no basis for a suspended sentence for Khodorkovsky, whose second trial was seen as a test for the rule of law in Russia and has drawn sharp criticism from the United States and European nations.
It is nice to see that justice can be served in Russia. Notice that the phrase about testing the rule of law was used by his public relations people in the West as well as Israel. Jews stick together regardless. It is one reason why they give money to charity; bribing poorer sons of Israel.


Thieving Jew Convicted  [ 30 December 2010 ]  
A court in Moscow today found the oil tycoon, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, guilty of theft and money laundering in a politically tinged trial that is seen as a weathervane for Russia's future course. Viktor Danilkin, the trial judge, told the packed court that Khodorkovsky, 47, and his business partner, Platon Lebedev, 54, "carried out the embezzlement of property entrusted to the defendants".......... The two men have been in jail since they were arrested on fraud charges in 2003. A court sentenced them to eight years in prison two years later, but a new trial on fresh charges of embezzling $25bn (£16bn) began last year.
The Guardian does not bother to tell us that Khodorkovsky is one of the Oligarchs who stole 85% of Russia's assets when the USSR fell. It is alleged that one oligarch was not a Jew but it certainly is not Khodorkovsky. Having robbed Russia blind Khodorkovsky decided to go political. Trying it on with Vladimir Putin was not a good idea. He was not a KGB colonel for nothing. Vlad gets a bad press in the West but then it is controlled by Jews. Russians say he is their best ruler since  Peter the Great
PS Stealing $25 billion qualifies as really big time thieving.


Steve Kaplan  was charged yesterday with witness tampering during a 1999 investigation of his Atlanta strip club where  sports stars were at it with whores. They nicked his lawyer, one Larry Bronson too. Kaplan got off with 16 months last time.


Jews Will Attack Iran if America Will Not [ 1 October 2005 ]
There is a sincerity of evil in the Jewish management in Israel. They are probably bluffing because they control the White House so they control the American army. Here is another view from www.nationalvanguard


Free Jets for Israel: Bush OK's 102 Fighters at $45 Million Each [ 1 October 2005 ]
This is so that they can attack Iran but it is only American tax payers' money that is being used to help Jews murder foreigners. Source Israel gets new F-16I fighter/bomber


Israel is Number One Threat to World Peace [ 1 October 2005 ]
59% of Europeans believe that. The rest are wrong. The Israeli forces are greater than the Americans'. Most of their kit was given to them by Zionists who control America.


Corruption among God's Chosen People [ 27 September 2005 ]
Haaretz tells us that fraud in Israel is in depth, wide ranging and deep seated. They are there. They should know. God managed to sort Sodom and Gomorrah. Perhaps he will be moved to get a grip of this lot. He might care to look at their infiltration of the White House, Congress etc.


Bush Meets Jewish Thief on the Run in Latvia [ 24 September 2005 ]
Berezovsky is on the run. George's brother beat the rap. There is a tie in to Marc Rich, another Jewish thief who was pardoned by Clinton after paying a bribe. You need a long spoon to sup with the Devil and a media that is going to keep its mouth shut about you. Wayne Madsen seems to think that George is back on the booze again. See also Wanted Russian oligarch arrives in Latvia


Court Rejects Khodorkovsky Appeal [ 23 September 2005 ]
It let him off a year so now he is only in for eight. This is a pity. There was plenty more that they could have done him for. They did the appeal fast which stops him running for the Duma [ Parliament ]. He is in Matrosskaya Tishina which is Russian  for Sailor's tears. His mouth piece is being kicked out of the country too. See Khodorkovsky attorney forced to leave Russia  Oligarchs will be taking the point to heart even if they hadn't long ago.


Khodorkovsky is being a pain [ 26 August 2005 ]
Khodorkovsky is a Jewish thief who tried to get one over on Vladimir Putin. He came unstuck, getting nine years for fraud. Now he is trying it on from prison. The answer is the nasty end of Siberia or flogging. Ordinary Russians know that he robbed them big time so he won't get much sympathy there.


Boris Berezovsky and the murder rap [ 6(?) August 2005 ]
He hasn't been charged and the Russian police claimed that a Chechen did it. Some police are easier to bribe than others. If he is charged, extradition from England is the next step. He has plenty of money to throw at lawyers. He can always emigrate to Israel. Any extradition agreement with them is worthless. He will be able to meet Nevzlin and other criminals on the run.


Jailed oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky loses his oil empire completely   [ 6 August 2005 ]
Losing his marbles is possible too. Getting a better prison is the real issue for next few years because Vladimir isn't going to go soft on him.


Abramovich in the dock for the first time   [ 30 July 2005 ]
He has been accused of  fraud in the British Virgin Islands and a court has ordered him to reveal his assets. This order will be enforceable in England which could be embarrassing. Hiding Chelsea is not so easy as hiding a dodgy bank account. He has been accused of thieving before. It has been claimed that when communism fell, the oligarchs stole some 85% of Russian assets. It is also true that Western banks came badly unstuck with their investments. That translates into more billions.

Vladimir Putin has been getting a grip of oligarchs. Khodorkovsky got nine years. The rest are on the run or hiding in Israel which never extradites Jews no matter how guilty. This event will not cause many tears in Russia.


Hostility toward Jews in Russia `deepening,' report says   [ 25 July 2005 ]
Who is reporting? We are not told. What is their agenda? We are not told. The report gives  reasons which might or might not be valid.
The report's authors state that the increased hatred of Jews in Russia stems from several social processes, first and foremost among them being the growing nationalist and anti-American sentiment in Russian society. Jews are increasingly perceived as protégés of the United States and as partners in the looting of national treasures.


Russia Fugitives Mar Putin's Israel Visit [ 25 July 2005 ]
This could be the real reason for the hate in the previous article. Israel gives Jews refuge no matter how guilty they are and that means a number of big time thieves and murderers that Putin wants.
PS The source link is broken but archives will have it. Else contact me.


The Russian mob and human trafficking   [ 22 July 2005 ]
The fall of the USSR was a golden opportunity for comedians, fleet of foot and light of finger and a lot of them turned up in Israel working as slave traders and brothel keepers. Of course other made it to America, the land of opportunity. The author is a senior policeman.


Russian prosecution accuses Jewish oligarch Nevzlin of ordering 10 murders    [ 21 July 2005 ]
But he is a Jew in Israel so the extradition agreement is worthless. He beat the rap last time. Jews claim that Nevzlin is being leaned on for causing aggravation for Vladimir Putin. Nevzlin is pretending to be a good citizen in Israel by paying bribes, sorry giving to charity and it was only ten murders anyway.


Russian oil tycoon involves USA in serious international scandal   [ 17 July 2005 ]
Murderer and thief on the run is one thing. Rich ditto is another. Hob nobbing with the President? It was all right for Clinton so it is all right for George. But he does have views about Jews. Good ones are for Putin; The rest are bad. This might not have played well in Washington. But the end justifies the means. Oil matters.


Israel won't extradite Jew accused of genocide   [ 8 July 2005 ]
Jewish crimes are different. Jewish extradition agreements are different too. They only work one way. It seems that there is a statute of limitations for them but not for Adolf Eichmann. Anyway he only killed 1,500 men.


Israel not eager to extradite Yukos boss to Russia   [ 8 July 2005 ]
Here is another but this is just business murder rather than genocide or massacre.


Yukos defaults on $482 million loan from European banks  [ 21 June  2005 ]
The High Court says so. The victims will have noticed long ago. Will the High Court do anything useful now or ever? Maybe. Putin already has. He put Khodorkovsky in prison for a few years. It is a pity that he let the other oligarchs do a runner.


Every hundredth millionaire resides in Russia  [ 11 June  2005 ]
Things are tough all over? Perhaps not. But Vlad the Lad has sorted one squillionaire who got too big for his boots. Khodorkovsky got nine years and others did a runner. They won't be trying it on quite so quickly. Crimean beaches are the best that the Russians have. This is one reason why they like  Oz..


Khodorkovsky gets lucky   [ 1 June  2005 ]
He got off with nine years rather than the maximum ten. This is disappointing. There was plenty of scope for more charges. Vlad must have given him a soft judge but it should be long enough to learn him not to try it on with his betters.


Russian Tycoon Berezovsky’s French Villa Searched in Money Laundering Case — Agency  [ 18 May 2005 ]
Russian oligarch - Russian criminal. Of course it is big time crime - millions not thousands. Berezovsky did a runner and was given political asylum in England which is disgraceful. English judges swallowed the line that he wouldn't get justice in Russia.


Court Says Khodorkovsky Guilty   [ 17 May 2005 ]
This is good but he is only looking at ten years maximum but Siberia can be a major challenge. White collar crime is like that; steal millions and get a derisory sentence while decent thieves nick a few thousand and go down forever.


Khodorkovsky Team: Verdict Likely Guilty   [ 16 May 2005 ]
This will be a good result. He robbed Russians. Now he gets robbed. Trying to hassle Putin was his downfall but he could be out in twenty years. The rest of the oligarchs have done their runners. It is a pity that Vlad didn't get a grip of them too.


Khodorkovsky's High Stakes Gamble   [ 16 May 2005 ]
It didn't come off. It couldn't be allowed to come off. An appreciation from inside Russia. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikhail_Khodorkovsky for a fairly complete run down on the man. The Wikipedia has a degree of bias which tends to be in omission and obscurantism rather than the lie direct.


Analysis - punished for his political ambitions Jeremy Page (left), The Times' Moscow correspondent, explains why the Kremlin sought to destroy the Russian oil magnate Mikhail Khodorkovsky "The 11-month trial of Mikhail Khodorkovsky reached its climax today after the judge began to deliver the verdicts against the founder of the Yukos oil empire........

"Foreign investors and governments were shocked by Mr Khodorkosky's arrest, as he had turned Yukos into Russia's best-run company by hiring Western managers and introducing Western standards of corporate governance. However, the move played well with the Russian public, who see the oligarchs as thieves who robbed the country of its natural wealth.


Putin's Arresting Move [ 1November 2003 ]
A Jew(?) says Khodorkovsky should get away with it.


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